Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 3
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£-. By JIM PHELAN- Baby, It's Cold Inside! We have been called to task, politely but firmly, by an Iowa corporation for stating here that a San Pedro lady won a deep freeze in a slogan contest. . .The corporation asserts that the son who walks through a beautiful meadow to sniff a compost heap; "Vi- N · .word "Deepfreeze" is a registered trade j * mark and as such should be capitalized and placed in quotation marks. ·Although we had referred to a deep : 5f ; freeze and not a "Deepfreeze," the 1. letter sent us scurrying off to the ref- : i" erence works. We learned with almost ; ho amazement, that the words "deep" · and "freeze" w e r e · r o am i n g unbranded through the pastures of , riur language back in '.....the time of William iy, Shakespeare, long before the Iowa corporation was even a glint in some entrepreneur's eye. A c c o r d i n g l y w e question the right of a corporation to homestead a couple of old familiar words by "simply welding PHEtAN cious circle"--a rigged roulette wheel. Missile-Tow Those tiny foreign cars may get 60 miles on a gallon of gas, but they have their drawbacks. Fellow in San Pedro, who drives a little German bubble-car about the size of a golf cart, flooded out Monday night on Western Ave. during.the heavy rain. So he called his wife to tow him home with her big Detroit job. He tied the little bug to his wife's car with a piece of rope, and told her he would signal with his horn when he was ready to roll. He was just climbing into the bug- it has a door in the front, with the steering wheel hinged to it--when a driver behind him honked his horn. The Find Missing Coed With Negro Suitor ' , U I U A t l l M l l I C l l 1 H U 1 U 3 UJ , ] i n . j j » j . . i - . « - » ( 5 - - - H^-thcm together and registering with a- wife, t h i n k i n g he. was al set rammed governmental agency. We yield to the corporation on its proprietorship of "Deepfreeze," and promise to genuflect typographically when and if we trespass upon that homestead. But "deep freeze," like "low blow," "medium rare," and "high dudgeon," remains in the public domain. Or at least u n t i l we are served with a restraining order from some deep t h i n k - ing as opposed to Dccplhinking--fed- eral judge. Our Own Webster While we're up to our hips in words, here are some new definitions: "Medicine"--a stone flung down Pine Ave. at a dog on the Pike; "Censor"--a per- her car into'gear and took off. "I didn't even have my key out, so I couldn't turn on the lights, blow the horn, or switch on the windshield wipers," the man reports. "I couldn't signal with my horn, and my w i f e kept going faster and faster. I was like the tail on a big kite in a strong wind. I don't think I hit ground more t h a n four or five times. We wont through some flooded sections and I just skimmed over the waves l i k e a water skier. It was raining like crazy and I couldn't see a thing, and a f t e r a while 1 was glad I couldn't." They finally crackcd-lhe-whip into their driveway. As the man climbed out, weak and shaken, hi.s wife called out cheerily: "Gee, that l i t t l e car sure tows easy!" NEW YORK W) -- The teenage daughter of an Alfred University official missing for nearly 24 hours, was found in a movie house Tuesday night with a Negro basketball player, police said. Police said the blue-eyed blonde, Dorothy Lebohner, 18, I and Warren Sutton, 20, of Chester, Pa., were seated arm-in-arm in the theater. * * * * THE GIRL'S father, Edward K. Lebohner, treasurer o f . the university at Alfred, N. Y., and Mrs. Lebohner had said they were t a k i n g her to Florida to get over a romance with Sutton. They were staying at the Biltmore Hotel here when Dorothy vanished. She took no extra clothing with her, and had only about $2 in her purse, Lebohner said. Two patrolmen saw the girl and Sutton walking along 42nd St., and were unaware she was being sought u n t i l they saw the morning newspapers. * «· * * SUSPECTING the couple might have gone into one of j t h e movie houses on 12nd St.. :tlie patrolmen and two others · began a search. In the fourth |theater searched, police dis- icovered the pair in the hal- DOROTHY LEBOHNER Takes Trip of Own cony. They admitted their identities. As they waited at a police station for her parents, Dorothy and Sutton sat close to- together, holding hands and often hugging. It was the second time Doro t h y " had disappeared with S u t t o n , a basketball star at Alfred u n t i l recently. * * V * LF.BOHNFR said Dorothy disappeared d u r i n g t h e Christ- out of (he university about two weeks earlier. Lebohner said his daughter, a freshman a't Alfred, was a basketball fan during the three years Sutton attended the u n i v e r s i t y . When he learned his daughter was seeing the athlete, Lebohner said, he spoke to Sutton and the latter "promised not to see her anymore." Lebohner said Sutton left the university Dec. 8 after getting in a fist fight during a basketball game. The'father denied he had exerted any pressure on Sutton to leave. * * # * ON THE DAY a f t e r Christmas, Dorothy went to Newark, N. J., ostensibly to spend some holiday time with a girl Friend there. Actually, Lebohner said, Dorothy was joined there by Sutton. Police at Wellsville, N. Y.. listed Miss Lebohner as missing-Dec. 2 9 ' b u t their search was called off Jan. 3 after the girl returned home. The parents then planned a trip to Florida to help t h e i i daughter "gel over the ro mance." M o n d a y n i g h t , they stopped at the Biltmore en ! mas holidays f o r a rendezvous'route to St. Petersburg where j w i t h Sutton who had dropped : the girl and her mother in- ended to spend some time, 'he father described the girl s excited about the t r i p and nxious to get to Florida. INDEPENDENT-- Page A-J Long Beach. Cilil., Wtd., Feb. Skouras in Cyprus NICOSIA, Cyprus I/I')--Spy- THE DAUGHTER bade hcrjros Skouras, Greek-American arents goodnight from oom adjoining theirs. a ; head of Hollywood's Twentieth Century-Fox arrived Tues- About 8 a. m. Tuesday they:day night for a two-day visit, ailed her to join them for i He told newsmen his main reakfast. She failed tn re-lobject is to see Archbishop pond and they found her one from her room. MakaVios, Cyprus president- elect. EVERY NITE YOUR COMPLETE DINNER ONE DOLLAR EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT SUNDAY 4 P.M. to 8 P. M. THURSDAY NITE Home Baked Ham, Sweet Potatoes Halibut Steak, Tartar Sauce French Fried Shrimp Hamburger Steak, Onions FRIDAY NITE Fried Chicken Breaded Pork Steak Halibut Steak, Tartar Sauce French Fried Shrimp SATURDAY NITE Roast Turkey, Dressing Baked Swiss Steak..... Halibut Steak, Tartar Sauce Grilled Ham Steak All Dinners Served With Soun, Salad. Vegetable, Polatocs, Home Made Dinner Rolls, Cotfce, Tea or Hoi Chocolate and Dcsserl $[00 sjoo $[00 MARY LOU'S CAFE Oni fit the Highest Ratings (or Cleanliness in Long Beach 5705 Atlantic Ave. No. Long Beach FREE P A R K I N G IN REAR SAC Commander Renews Warning on Missile Peril WASHINGTON (UPD--In t h e face of c o n t r a d i c t i o n by his civilian boss, Gen. Thomas S. Power Tuesday stuck by his warning t h a t .inn Russian R-17, should hn coming along missiles f i r e d over a 30- m i n u t c period could demolish t h i s country's m i l i t a r y s t r i k - ing power. Power, chief of (lie Strategic Air Command (SAC), lold Congress t h a t Russia at present docs n o I have the missile s t r e n g t h to m a k r such which he said would become obsolete in the mid-1960s. And he said the B58, replacement for (he medium bomber faster. Me said the Air Force now has onlv one R58. POWER the opening witness as the Senate Space Committee and Preparedness s u b c o m m i t t e e b e g a n much-heralded i n v e s t i g a t i o n l i n t o U. S. m i l i t a r y strength as an a t t a c k . But he made c l e n r i i n t h a t he believed i t would he- . fore t h i s c o u n t r y , lagging i n compared w,th Russia s. the missile racr. would he fully prepared to nirot threat. the AS A CONSEQUENCE, he · t · i · t · C O R O N E T V S Q BRANDY /' straight... '\ superb in ', ·'· mixed drinks! ·'· A f t e r hearing Power, Senate Demoeratie leader I.yndnn B. Johnson (Tex) said it was "difficult to understand the sudden burst of optimism" urged Congress to incrcasel w "ich the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n had President Eisenhower's mili-| s l l " w n :ll)out l h e nation's cie- 'fenses. He said the administration's view was "baffling" when mercunr Dealers t a r y budget so t h a t "the highest possible percentage" of SAC bombers could be k e p t . . . , p airborne al all times. Such a compared with Power'.s dis- force would be immune to satisfaction "with the ade- hallistic missile destruction quacy of our forces for the and poised for instant retaliation. Only Monday, Defense Sec- 1 rclary Thomas S. Gates .Ir. ; said Power was "unrealistic" in his appraisal of the Soviet threat. Power said t h a t SAC at present "is the most powerful m i l i t a r y force in the history of the world" but t h a t admin-' i s l r a t i o n plans for increasing i t s f u t u r e strength are "not- adequate." He also challenged the administration's cutback in the program for developing the supersonic B70 bomber as a replacement for SAC's B52, foreseeable futuie." BRANDS H'ST TOR p ^50 FIFTH A V f . N V CALIF GRAPE 6RANDY. 8J PROOF KNOW YOUR BODY i Pcr.nn,i//y . JJo, W ff, 2)- C 936 Pine Ave, HEmlock 2 - 8 9 1 4 I I K A I.TII i : X A M I X A T I O X I i n l u i l c s Ears. Nose,, I.unp, Hc.irt. Slnm.iih. Colon, Liver and G.ill Madder. Kidney* Ncncs, Glands Blood Counts, Urinalysis COMPUHT: SX.HO No /l/lfifi!i/it fit Ai'i r.i.v" y Monday, Wednesday. Friday -- 9 a. m. to · p. m. Tuesday, Thursday -- 11 a. m. to 7 p. m. Saturday -- 9 to I p. m. BIG-, CURRENT RATE 1/2% INTEREST PER ANNUM PAYMU YEAR ACCOUNTS FULLY INSURED TO $10,000 'SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 349 LONG BEACH BLVD. 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