The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1957 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 11
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and Bra«oria County, Monday Jun« 17, 1957 YJ../ i.v v;ivu$ . KfEP ASKING WtW HUSBANDS Question? BUT WHAT IF SOME Mt'AN - MU5BANP SHOULD ANSV/eft.'NO, IDON'tLOvE THEY MUST CONSTANTLY BE REASSURED THEIR HU38AMOS APE THEPe TO PROTKl THEM I'M TAKING A BATH THB FACTS Area Women At Art School BLONDIB GRANDMA, OUR LSPT FIELDER HAST'TAKEHIS MUSIC LESSON T'OAY.,X' WILL, YOU COME OVER AN' PLAY IN HIS , PLACE?| VV-E-L-L...O.K..IF YOU BOYS WON'T OBJECT T' ME DOIN' IT MY WAY/' •<*.-• X GRANDMA B1XTLE BAILEY The Rockport School of Fine i sludenU are her*, they will Arts opened last wees with j paint two canveses a day, three people from the Freeport I roughing m trie outlines and area—Sarah Swann and Pmii-'mniti features, to be completed ine Powell rrom *rt f port, and ! from memory later, for Michael Sybil Bedingfleld, Braroria —ibelieves in work and lots of it among the 2* students setting'to make an artist. up their easels among the live! Hence, before the session of oaks that surround the studio, I school is ended, practically ev- under direction of Simon G. • eryone attending it will have MI.I...I |twent or more paintings under- weeks the I way, which, when they arc fin- I Ished, will be shown at the fall Ij art show, given on the spacious I grounds of Michael's studio in || Rockport. The artclasses, new to Rockport six years ago, have become a familiar sight each summer and the sketches and paintings I tend the three sessions taught by Michael in June and July. Michael. During the two NOW SHOWING DESIGNING WOMAN GREGORY PECK BACALL Stale Park, Port Aranpas, and [the countryside around Rack- Inort snd Fulton are all visited, 3tt nth(* ic If ft oh PC arjH p?!nti^K- t ' run the gamut from shrimp boats and sand dunes to the lined faces and hands of some Latin-American grandmother. Student 1 : nrver know when they star,, in the morning what their assignment will be. Michael leads the ravalcade and takes them to two new locations a day. New Mexico was first discovered by Csbeza de Vaca. The caravan of cars, loaded with artists young snd old, ranges far afield. Old Ingledde, Aransas Pass, Goose Island WE HAVE A WIDE SELECTION OF PERSONAL STATIONERY DP TO 1150 VALUB SPECIAL BBB PRICE 89' Wide Of SMITH CORONA And REMINGTON Portable Typf-v.-rirtcrp. Various Sizes And Colors. • PARKER "21" PEN ft PENCIL SETS — WIDKST SELECTION AND VARIETY OP PEN * PENCIL SETS IN BRAZOSPORT. MANY COLORS *• STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM. Ronson Lighters • Leather Billfolds Book Ends • Desk Lamps Complete- Line Of Office Supplies KRAUSE 123 W 2nd. OFPICE SUPPLY PH. 3 2634 1/ELflSCO NOW SHOWING Sting Is Fatal ALICE, Tex. — HP— An au- opsy performed Friday on the body of 2-year-old Blancs Alicia Hernandez of Alamo, Tex Page lit; by the "extreme tOTle shock" of a w» ? p rtlng. Th* jrirl collapsed in a yarc in Alamo Wednesday. , revealed her death was caused BRA'S BROKEN SIZES REG. $2.60 ft $3.98 $1 00 B B B SPECIAL | BLOUSES REG. $3.38 BBB SPECIAL 2 00 ONE RACK OF DRESSES PRICE AIM 'BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES" NOW SHOWINO "NAVY WIFE" SUrrlng - JOAN BFVNETT Also - JOEL MtCREA •WICHITA" TARPON INN VILLAGE FREEPORT PHONE: 32921 TELEVISION LOG ONETH*T!WSTHe ENTIRE ARMED TOfOS WORW 'BOOT THET MONSTER.T- MAH MM4MV DOME 4^ TIME TO USE MS WEAPON'THAT KIM KIU.AMVTH LIL' ABNER WATCH M€ 00 A BODACIOUS OVE.JUSHAIO WHAT'S SO ALL-FIRED BODACIOUS A80UT OOIN' IN FEET FUST AN' HOLOIN' YORE aUGHAIDH WHAR IN THUNDER BMUFFY SMITH ALWAYS >OH \OU 00Y4 P«AW TH6 CHAKACTEtZo SO EZACKLV ALIKE IH EACH LEBTLg aORDO WE WONT BE UNDERSOLD!! WHY GO TO HOUSTON WHEN: WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL AND PRICES OR LESS TTOUTTON 95 FULL 1 H. P. Air • Conditioners Just Check These Features: * 20 To greater cooling. ~k Thermostatically control. * Air diffuse grill. Vomado 1 H.P. $1QO 9& S100C—2 10 7 Vornado 1 H.P. 110 $lftn05 Volt D-100C—1 Vornado iy z H.P. D160C—2 189 $ 259 9S -k Single knob controls. •k ii year warranty. * Tecumseh compressor. Voruado 2 H.P. M200C—2 Vornado 1 H.P. Thin- line W-100C-2 Vornado 1U H.P. Thinline W-150C—2 S29 96 239" REGAL SERVICE INC. WE SEEVIOE WHAT WE SELL AND SELL AT HOUSTON PRICES OR LESS1 602 N. OULf BLVD. PHONE 3-8781 N- PBEEPOET MONDAY ! *:00 <:i Star Performance (131 Kitirlk's Party 4:30 (21 Looney Town (11) I Led 3 Lives |8> The American Scene 5:00 12^ Roy Rogers i8> Featurette • III Range Rider U3> Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 illi Sports and Weather 5:45 (11> Doug Edwards and , the News 6:00 '2> World" At "Large" '8' The Friendly Giant <U> My Little Margia in i T. V. News 8:10 113) Weathergal <2i Today In Sports 6.IJ (13) John Daly and th« News '2 Channel 2 Newsreel ',8) Magic Doonviys 1.25 '2> Weathrrrast 6.30 (Hi Hobin Hood <:> Nat Kmi? Cole (13> Voice of Firestone Mi To Be Announcrd 8:45 '2i NBC News 7:00 (III I I.ove Lucy '?< Twcnly One HI' All-Star Theatre <3> The Wriltcn Word 7:30 i'.li Robert Montgomery i'H> Deconiber Bride '131 Lawrence Welk Tern Show Ui Houston School- 1:25 (in Newi Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn TUEIDAY «:23 (11) Morning Hymn 6:30 (2) Morning Devotional* <11> Rural Reveille 6:35 (2) George noesner 6:45 (2) George Roesner 6:55 (13) Sign On 7:00 (2) Today (11) Captain Kangaroo (13) Soundtrack 7:30 (S> Life Sciences 7:« (ID HVideo Lane 8:00 (2) Home (11) Garry Moore Show 8:15 '8> IndustryOn Parade 8:30 (11) Arthur Godfrey Time <8i The Latin Americas 9:00 (2) The Price Is Right 18) Values In Literature 9:30 (2) Truth or Conse- . . r!.30 '2' Wells Karjjn 'I!' Talent Scout* (13j Slate Trooper 9.00 Mli Studio One '- •$«' Lancelot '!»' Celebrisv Playhouse 9,30 '?> T'xas In Review '!'<> Wire Servu-e 10:00 >2) Badge 714 Hl> City Detective H3i Movielime U. S. A iO.Sfl ,21 final Edition News <H» Late Show US) Movietime USA 10 4n ,3, Weathercasl 10:45 (2> Mann About Sports \ 11:00 12) Tonight " '' 11:55 (13) Late News 12:00 (2) Sign OK __ (13) Sign Off ; I (ID Strike It Rich (13) Romper Room : 9:45 (8> Sign Off 10:00 (2) Tic Tac Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10:15 (11) Love of Life j 10:30 (Ji It Could Be You (11) Search For Tomorrow (13) Hollywood Theatre 10:45 111) Guiding Light 11:00 (3) Movie Date (11) Amos 'n Andy ; 11:30 (11) As the World Turns ! 12:00 (ID Our Miss Brooks 1 (13) Tumbleweed Timt "12:30 1 2) Tennessee Ernie (1H Link-letter's House Parlv j 1:00 (2 1 Nix: Matinee i Theatre 111) The Big Ptyoff (13) Afternoon Film Festival 1:30 (11) Bob Ciusby 2:00 (2i Queen i'or A Di" (II) Brighter Day 2:15 ill) Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night (13) Action Calvacade 2:45 (2) Modern Romances 3:00 (2) Comedy Tim* ~ (11) Early Show J:30 (2) Nothing of Value (13) Kraiy Kat Theatre The Community Calendar 17 Jackaon MONDAY, :3D p.m.— L i o n < Club, Houst. Litn Jackjuo •:3D pjn.— Lake Jaoksori Jaycees. J»yce« Clubhouse, i :00 pm.— Lake Jackson Alcohollc-5 Anonymous, for plac« of meeting call 7- 2MO Tl'ESDAY, JUNE U 9:00 > m.—3r&iosport Wo- meni Golf Asjociaiioii, I'reepurl Golf Course 11:10 am.- Like JKJUC»I Kiwariu>, City Cife, L»ke 7:00 p.m. — Lak« Jickson Aaitrican Legion, L#£ior. Hail 7:00 p.m—Briiotixwt Optt- ini»t Club, Dow Hotel 7:00 p.m.- Ladies Auxiliary, Veliwo Fire Dept, Fitt Station. Velaico 7:SO pm.—Velatoo Maaonic Lodge, Vcl&_ir,a 7:30 p. m. — BraiiOtpcri Camera Cluo MeeUng, Lak* Jacksou Mctoodljt Chiutii 1:30 DDL — VeUtco Luxu Club, Yeluco Coouuiiuity Haui* 1:30 pia. -- Pyliuon Oulf Temple No. U2. f. of P .ii'-g. Freeport Hall, VelJsco CaJl trupotl 1-1311, Eittmion U4 for U*U*I Presented as a public smvi.ce by The Dow Chemical Company Taxa* Division 1:30 p.m.— We»t Columtu Americaji Legun. Lsgion HaU, Wt»t Columbii .30 p.m — Fyihun Ststtrs, iraefMiit Ttmple. No Iti Uecuug K ol P Hall, Freeport AiUNOAY, JINK II :3d p.m — Rainbow Giile MtetUifi, Masonic Lodge. Freeport :30 )>. m Mothers Met I ing, r'recporl :00 p.m.— L*k. m Sui«d Jaxk&ou Hail :00 pm.—Fieeix^ 1 Oddltl- luia LjJ»< No. Bii, 1OOK — Girl Scouu kr.J Leaders Lillle House, Meeting, Masonic

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