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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 14, 1966
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--AP Wrwtot* PRINCE PHILIP CHATS WITH GEN. EISENHOWER AT PALM SPRINGS VISITS FUJI STUDIO TODAY Prince Philip in L.A. After Visit With Ike By WILLIAM COLEMAN LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Britain's Pririce Philip visited briefly with former President E i s e n h o w e r in the Palm Springs area Sunday, then flew here on his tour of the United States. Upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport, he was given a key to the city by Mayor Samuel Yorty and pre sented with a book by Lt. Govi -Glenn Anderson on be- hair'flf Gov. E d m u n d G. Brovvn. The prince, in good humor, chatted briefly with newsmen. He answered rather c u r t l y when he was asked what seemed to him a silly question." · ·# * ft, * A REPORTER noted tha Philip was scheduled to visi a movie studio today anc asked him if he ever sa\ American movies. "Where do you think come from, 'outer space?" wa the Feply. "Of course, I se American movies." He" was asked also to com ment on British trade with forth Viet Nam and Red :hina and said, "That's politi- al--I'd rather not comment, 'ou can get comments from le consul." Then he took off n a limousine for the Beverly lilton Hotel to attend a pri- ate reception sponsored by Chamber of Commerce. His schedule was private hbwer home for only about five minutes. The general accompanied him to the door as he left and they posed for news photographers. Then he motored to the airport where a crowd of about 200 persons saw him off. + * * * AT E L D O R A D O Polo Irish Blast Remains of Monument DUBLIN, Monday,(UPS) r-, An Irish Army demolition squad blasted the remaining 80-foot stump of'the Nelson Monument into dust today. Thousands of Dublin onlookers roared out their approval by singing their independence song,;"A Nation Once Again." A huge pall of smoke covered the center of the city as the piller crumbled and broke into large chunks of granite onto a bed of sandbags spread up O'Connel Street. "It-was a heat, smooth job,' said Col. R. G. Mew, officer in charge of "Operation Nelson, 1 the name given to'the task of removing the battered 80-foot stump of the famous Dublin landmark. The piller had been blown in-half by an extremists' bomb last Tuesday. , * * * * · . THE JOB of sealing off the area for the demolition work was the biggest evacuation of the heart of Dublin since the 1916 Easter rebellion against English rule. The once-imposing 134-foot memorial honored England's naval hero Lord Horatio Net son. Specially-erected arc lights flooded the historic scene and hundreds of tons of sand were heaped outside the general post office, birthplace of Irish PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Unpublished Riley Poems Discovered grounds before he left, Philip or the rest of the evening and presented a trophy to a Mex- IB hosted a dinner at the hotel or a few close friends. * * * * IN ADDITION to the movie itudio visit today, he will make a speech at Charter Day ceremonies at UCLA. At Palm Springs he was guest of honor at a barbecue and also attended a charity- 'und-rising polo match before visiting Eisenhower. The prince stopped by the Eisenhower winter home on Eldorado Country course on his way to the Bermuda Dunes airport where he took off at the controls of his twin-jet plane shortly after lean team which defeated a U.S. team. The barbecue was held 5 p.m. He was inside the Eisen- Names Demanded in Canada Scandal about noon at the home of oilman Louis Taubrnan where the prince spent the night. It was a private 'affair. This was the same home occupied by President Johnson when he visited here, in 1964. After t h e b a r b e c u e "brunch," the prince motored to Eldorado polo grounds. There he was escorted into a western stage coach; pulled by four calico horses, and circled the field. He.alighted at .the. royal enclosure where about 400 persons had gatli ered.' Those permitted in the en : closure paid $50 for the ilege. proceeds go to 1 the Variety Boys' Club fund. . Entertainment world celebrities who paid the 550: fee ncluded Mr. and Mrs. Cary independence, which fronts the battered monument to England's hero. More than 3CK uniformed guards were detailed for evacuation work. Dance halls were ordered cleared by 11 p.m. and hotels and guest houses and business premises were told to keep guests and staff away. Visitors and Dubliners, out by the thousands, swept close to the 300-yard closed area roped off by police to give elbow room to army experts. They were hunting souve- niers of the controversial monument which was erected in 1809 to honor the one-eyed, one-armed hero of England's Navy for his resounding victories at sea. S(rvkt Several previously unpublished poems by poet James Whltcomb R i l e y have been found scrawled on the flyleaves of library books in Shortridge High School in Indianapolis, it was announced Sunday. The poems were written In the poet's oiyn hand in the flyleaves of volumes of Rlley*s poetry which Riley presented as gifts to his nephew, Edmund Eltel, a 1903 Shortridge graduate. All the poems are In a light vein. Most are verses for the Christmas season, such as this one: "And the mince-meat I'm a mixtn' "Is perfection, mighty nice-"And the poundcake is delicious rich "Who'll eat'em? T says I." Or this one: "Whiles ye old burthen rings again "Add yet ye verse os due-"God bless you, merry gentlemen, "And gentlewomen too!" Principal Robert Schultz said he learned of the existence of the p o e m s through a letter written by Mrs. Nell Sharp, who retired as librarian at Shortridge in 1942. Mrs. Sharp,, in a letter to JAMES WHITCQMB RILEY the present librarian, Robert Cronkhite, said she removed the books from the stacks at the library and .placed them in a safe, where they were found. R i l e y apparently presented, the books, to his nephew in 1893. Eitel operated an employment agency in Atlanta, Ga., until his death, about six years ago. He apparently gave the books to the school. PRAY FOR VISIT . Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski said Sunday for the second time in 24 hours, that Pope Paul VI may visit Poland in May. He u r g e d Catholics to pray for it. The Polish primate celebrated Mass in Lowicz, 50 miles west of Warsaw for a crowd of nearly 5,000 persons overflowing the col- legiate church.. Reporting on plans for the May J c e l e b r a t i o n of Polands Christian mellenium, he de. clsred: "Many c a r d i n a l s will come to Jasna Gora (southern Poland) and we are confident they will have no obstacles. And perhaps , . . the Holy Father (Pope) will come . .." The primate made similar statements in a Saturday night Warsaw sermon. HONEYMOOHERS Crown Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands and_her German husband, Prince Claus von Amsberg, have arrived in Mexico City on a supersecret honeymoon, local press reports aaid Sunday. _; Official confirmation of the reports could not be obtained immediately. 'HE MADE ME' Mother was sleeping and there's nothing else for boys to do Sunday morning anyway. So Kevin Thrasher, 5, and his brother Charles, 2, went for a ride in the family car at Quincy, Mass. Police said Kevin "started the car in a parking area near his home and drove it in a circle, nicking another car.. The car keys were on a kitchen refrigerator a n d CARDINAL WYSZYNSKI E the youngsters had reached them by climbing a chair,.;-: police said. . 2: : The trip ended when the .-. car stalled. Police said that when young Kevin was. asked by his mother why he did it, the boy replied, "Charles made me . . ." ,; ARRIVES Defense Secretary Robert S. MacNamara arrived in G e n e v a by plane from Washington Sunday for a vacation i n Switzerland. . U.S. sources said MacNamara plans to spend a week in the ski resort of Zermatt. . McGulloch Chain Siwi GiMTilin C i l l l i l C k l l l l fir ill Mlk» SPRING SPECIAL PACIFIC COAST HARDWARE 111; L, I. IIVD. »H. «» Mill OTTAWA (UPI)--Opposition leader John Diefenbaker demanded Sunday night that Prime Minister Lester B. Pearsons' justice minister "name names" to back his charges o' a sex-and-security scandal involving Diefenbaker's former cabinet colleagues. accompanied by his onetime ustice minister, E. Davie Ful on, who declared: "If the i-iberals c o n t i n u e on thi course there is a grave dan ;er of Parliament itself being destroyed." The Conservative P a r t y leader, grim and tight-lipped, flew back to the capital to lead his party in today's crit ical parliamentary debate. He will call for Justice Minister Lucien Cardin to substantiate his charges or resign. Diefenbaker was f i s h i n g 3,000 miles away in the wilds of Vancouver Island when the case broke open in the House of Commons Thurs day, setting off two days o frenzied debate. * * * * CARDIN charged that a l e a s t two ministers who served in the Diefenbake cabinet were involved roman tically with Gerda Muinsing er, a blonde divorcee fron East Germany. The opposition leader was * * * 'Sex-Spy' Girl Sells Her Story MUNICH, Germany G*P) -Gerda Munsinger, mystery girl in Canada's sex-and-security scandal, .-pent the weekend barricaded in her Munich apartment, talking business. A Canadian reporter spent Saturday night stretched out on the floor outside her apartment door while 29 other newsmen swarmed on the stairs and in the lobby. Emerging from the conferences, lawyer Heinrich A. Kutzer said Mrs. Munsinger, a blonde and lovely 36, had sold exclusive rights to her story to West Germany's Ferency feature agency. He said she would not be allowed to make any other statements to the press, Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Birig Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. Bob ·tope, producer Jack L. Warner and composer Frederick Loewe. PRINCE PHILIP arrived at Palm Springs Saturday evening, piloting his British iwin-jet from Dallas, Tex. He taxied up to a waiting reception line and algihted wearing a brown business suit. During an informal airporl Many N.Y. City Babies Are Dope Slaves at Birth NEW YORK (UPI) --Hundreds of babies with the symptoms of narcotics addiction are born annually in New York'City,- the Department of Health said Sunday. ·· The department-said babies born to addicted mothers often have "neonatal narcotics addiction." Poisoned by narcotics taken by the mothers during pregnancy, they 'suffer all the tortures of sudden drug withdrawal," the'de- partment said. If untreated, many of the "neonatal" addicts die. The health department has called a conference later this week to draw up plans for improving the care and treatment of "infant addicts." Fulton, now a resident of K a m l o o p s , B.C., demanded anew that Pearson's government permit him to re-examine the Royal C a n a d i a n Mounted Police files on the Munsinger affair. "My recollections of the facts in that file are quite different from the insinuations raised by Mr. Cardin," Fulton press conference that lastec only, two minutes he quippec that he was "still trying to recover from the effects" of a simulated space flight he made at the Manned Space Flight Center in Houston. He was asked about the influence of such singing groups as the Beatles on teen-agers and said, "[ wouldn't know Soviet Official Visits With Toure DAKAR, Senegal (UPI) Deputy premier of the Uzbek Soviet Republic, Sarvar A. Azimov. met with Guinea President Sekou Conakry Sunday, Toure capital declared. Diefenbaker c o m p 1 a i ned that the Liberals wailed until he was in a remote comer of Canada and out of touch with Commons before springing their charges. He said it was "significant that e v e r y o n e knew I would be away and it was impossible for me to come back" when Cardin made his charges. More than 50 newsmen met the returning Tory leader at Ottasva Airport. His return set the stage for a face-to-face clash between Pearson and Diefenbaker old political foes -- on the floor of the Commons today. The issue could eventually topple the Pearson govern ment. Conser- to filibuster until Cardin backs his charges or withdraws them and resigns from the House. about that." the neighboring Guinea Republic. The meeting w a s a n- nounced by Radio Conakry, |but no details were disclosed. SOME opposition vatives threatened Untrapsgas in the stomach that makes indii so ill Multiple action discovery does more than plain antacids to stop gassy build-up INDEPENDENT Ptiblfihed dally except Sunday at Sixth St. and Pine Ave,, Lona Beach 12, Calif. Entered ai iccond crass matter Mar. 27, 1«3, at Luna Beach 2, Calif. Adjudicated by Superior Court, Lo» Angelet County ree N Oct. 6, 1M1. Decr Carrier Delivery .... »2.75 By Mall _____________ 3.35 Single Copy ------- C-10280. Per Year 133.00 39.00 · 10 Silicone-antacid combination gives more complete r e l i e f . . . dispels gassy discomfort fast. Excess acid is not the only cause of indigcstion. Build-up of gas can cause stomach discomfort that antacids alone cannot dispel. Di-Gcl a based on a formula many doctors recommend. 119 millions of siliconc molecules "tin- trap" the frothy bubbles of gas in liomacb tha! ours* Moating, .ruin. Then Di-Gel's antacids are abks to work more freely to give you "all-through-the-stomach" relief. The resvli: quick relief of gassy pressure. Sour, upset stomach is relieved. Your nauseous feelings go as db'tenlion i eased and excess acid neulralized. Fiery heartburn distress is soothed away to give relief that's thorough and fast! DKiel comes in pleasant lasting liquid and soft, chewable tablels (in "tear-off" strips for carrying in pocket or purse). Get Di-Gel today. You saw Sty by gelling the large size. GUARANTEE:Di-Gel most give you the most completely satisfying relief you ever had from gassy- acid indigestion, or moocy back from Plough, Inc. TABLETS or UC1UID £Zi4£ Rate DRUG STORES flLPHn BETH WHY PAY MORE?" HIPHH BETR PRICES EFFECTIVE ON. AND TUES. ONLY MARCH, 14 AND 15 U.S.D.A. CHOICE OR HIPHfl BETfl BEEF ROUND STEAK BONELESS ROUND STEAK EXTRA FANCY · RED APPLES -.aois 2 29 C . : ; · · ; · · · - · · · · · - . _ . : g., GARDEN FRESH · TENDER ' ' : 4^ ' g^ ^k*' BROCCOLI 2-29 c ALPHA BETA'S OWN · IDEAL · FROZEN · 1 -LB. PACKAGE · SAVE 6c ^ 4^f FRENCH FRIES ~ 19 C HEINZ · FAMILY SIZE 20 OUNCE BOTTLE · SAVE 8c ^^ Hj| TOMATO KETCHUP 25* RED SOCKEYE SALMON 49 BUMBLE BEE NO. '/z CAN SAVE 20c MACARONI AND CHEDDAR CHEESE 10' GOLDEN GRAIN 7»/ 2 OUNCE PACKAGE SAVE 7c MTISMCTWI HWWM71EO OH TO* tfOKt KlWSeO « Ml£S TW eOlUCTTO CN TMAM.E TOW · «U tHW IWlTtD TO JTOM OH HM» DERMA FRESH HAND LOTION 6-OZ. 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