Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 19
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'No Comment* Is Comment . · on Liz in Rome, Hollywood ROME OW-Elizabeth Toy. lor nnd Richard Button, leading players In filmland's latest marriago breakup, said their lines without a hitch on the movlo set Tuesday. But neither had a word to say about Miss Taylor's bust up with singer Eddio Fisher, nor tho reported efforts of Burton's xvifc to persuade him not to get entangled In marriage with tho beautiful actress. Both worked as usual at Home's Cinecitta where 20th Century-Fox Is racing to fin ish Its expensive 111-starm "Cleopatra." MlssTaylorplay tho lead role. Burton, he Welsh kissing companion 01 and off stage, plays Marc An tony. A day has passed since an attorney in New Vork an nounced that Miss Taylor am Eddie, her fourth husband, hai come to the end of their three year marriage. But Burton, famed Shake spcarean actor, has erected a wall of silence around his ac 10 0 0 0-0 0«0 0'0 '0 -0 -0 Fox WEST COAST THEATRES S 6500° JACKPOT SO Eft POSITIVE £9U AWARDS TONIGHT AT 8:30 P.M. !©;!©.'©'*©','©·:© NOW SHOWING TWO COLOR HITS -., WILLIAM CLIFTON OPEN pj*^mtE PAUK I r-HOLDEN-WEBB .LtOUCMITI^ Advil Enntiwiinml IACK AGAIN · THE SHOW YOU'VE I IEEN ASKING FOR · me. cwi B-J. MC mn THOSE TWO HAPPY HITS SANDRA DEE "GIDGET" IN COLOR JAMES DARKEN DEIORAH WALLET "GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN" NEW SHOW Riulint Rtlltll-AlK I BELmonr STARTS TODAY "Majorify of One",^ "Millionairess^"", 1 ;!:" 1 · J . V T A';i/ rntR *.; ! 1 lt " "Curfain a! 8" ,,,,.,,, THE MAN WHO WAGGED HIS TAIL" DOORS OFEM 7:JO lf * llA iii»TiTl«" ill$l1 tivitles. London-born Miss Taylor has yet to say a word publicly about the break-up of her marriage with Fisher. Mrs. Burton, daughter of a Welsh mining engineer, flew to England last week with her 2-ycar-oId daughter. Her only recorded comment on the rumors rf her husband's romance is: "It's all a lot of nonsense." BUT TIIAT was before law- ycr Louis Nlzer, representing both Miss Taylor and Eddie Fisher, made the only public statement in New York: 'Elizabeth and Eddie Fisher announce," he said, "that they liavc mutually agreed to part. Divorce proceedings will be instituted soon." However, Mrs. Burton friends in London reportei she sent an old friend an mentor of her husband's t Rome in an effort to save he marriage. The friend, actor-playwrigh NOW SHOWING ROXY OPCNIIAJ4 - OPEN ALL NIGHT Garr COOPtB--B»« HAYWORTH .,« TWHUNTEH-01W They Come to Cordura LM TUKNEI--J«l*l DEE J«rn SAXON--our "PORTRAIT IN BLACK" ·Ml CAMERON--HUrr MUHPHV 'ELECTRONIC MONSTER* PAL ACER » PINE AVE. PHONE HE t-W!t "GIGANTIS" "FORT DOIIS" . -SOLOMON end SHEIA" lt»t Beoth Grk Ugh Open ·te X2«r CAST or ss April 5.4.7-8-12-13-14 Uni Bitch MMicipil Aatf. Uilik S«ti --Fill Orctatra ORDER NOW n.n. t s.i. . . . j i t . FrL t S«t. .... SI.SO I* S4 101 OFFICE MUNICIPAL AUO. HE 1-1S41 DOWNET NOKWA1X AVIIVf, Dmir ·Illtll III* T» Mill "ll«t H1K1II" It* HIDtlTt. 0»ill TO I.I1II ··LOTH (OKI lltt" or t.l. _ ( 01 4-1111 "CIBIIT IOIS KlMtllll" KfDONDO IIACH ITIAIt 0|li II liu Oil. III.till ··IIIIT ii mt mm "iieitiei ii miflOWEX «»i-iin "tltKT II Tit HUH- ··on. T«». Tumi" GAKDIH cxore n MIII ··IIIHT II TM mill" ·«iiu inm ir mi. MOII" Illlllt (Uinit HIM) II 4 1111 ··tientii nay itii" "111119 III" l. Hilt I. Virai* Til Illl ··Twitt Iligll t«I Ctl((" -KMIIIUOJ lllt«i" LA m»l AKilit-lmlnl III Mill -nun ii 111 inn" -mini mil" flllKIIII lllllf,.|.t. HI I Illl ··TII i itiiiti HUT niimii" 'Hit iniiiii tm- IDIIIlil III W. WHhiilM H«m» -uc«t ii tm unit-nun in T ut m linn it Tmi ii rff t rti i iini iM-iTIT ··MIMITIII mill" ··ion ir im mic win*" RftYMlUAND EDGAR ALLAH FOE'S DIABOLICAL CLASSICS ELIZABETH TAYLOR and actor Richard Burton entertain Miss Taylor's children at the Rome studio where they are costarring in "Cleopatra." Actress holds Michael Wilding, one of her two children by former husband Michael Wilding. In left foreground, back to camera, is Elizabeth Todd, daughter of late Michael Todd. Right foreground is Christopher Wilding. IMC*. ciu. w*. «*4 4, INI INDEPENDENT-hg* B-5 LBSC Offers Stage Drama for ChUdren "Beauty and the Beast," Long Beacli State College D r a m a Department's first children's production opens in the Little Theater at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. I The opening-night performance will be limited to mem-] bcrs of the faculty and their children. Hegular performances will be presented at 4:30 and 7:30] p.m. Friday and at 10:30 a.m. and 130 p.m. Saturday. Admission is 50 cents and reservations may be made by call- ng the LBSC Drama Department, GE 3-0951. YOUR "FOR RENT' signs come down fast when you use' Classified. Dial HE 2-5959. j Herbert he play. Cambum directs L flKELUOlTIT HA 5.JS30 in. i inn. OPEN 4:11 -- FREE PA«INO Emlyn Williams, was in Rome last weekend. He admitted he had spoken with Mrs. Burton and then talked with Burton here for two hours. "I DIDN'T TALK with him abouL this Liz Taylor bus! ness," ho said. "I decided It would not be very tactful to mention it." At Burton's villa, a scant 500 yards from Miss Taylor's, an around-the-clock secretary was installed to ward off telephone callers. A woman' who described icrself as "a member of Mr. Burton's staff," said: "Mr. Burton does not want to talk to anyone because he has noth ng to say to them." HOLLYWOOD CIV-Every, body was talking Tuesday about the final split between Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Msher--but not for publica ion. Debbie Reynolds, whom 7 isher left for his two-year, 0-month marriage -to Liz. said: "No comment." Twentieth Century - Fox, ith its corporative future resting on the success of Miss Taylor's film. "Cleopatra," declared: "No comment." » ; * * · EVERYONE had his own analysis of what happened. 'Nobody can tame Liz," went one theory, "except a tough guy like Mike Todd. And there aren't any Mike Todds round." "Eddie was overmatched," OPEN 6:15 ATLANTIC GA7-JU1 - 1ND COLO* HIT- DCIORAH KERR "THE INNOCENTS" ART «· » J "6E*I »«JJ «***+**** RKt HUDlON-D4Tlt DAY "LOVER COME BACK" {"PLEASURE of HIS COMPANY"! ; SIVTM rim Aium r, OPtN 6:30- : P. M. j '********* THE .MAGNOLIA THEATJ^E declared another school. "H was washed up the minute h started sitting on the set am holding her makeup kit," There were three majo questions discussed over th coffee cups and cocktai glasses: Q. What will the scandal d to Liz? A. The general consensus is nothing. "In a less sophisticated era she would have been castigat cd In the pulpits and press fo discarding her husband fo another married man," said one observer. "Dut her caree only boomed after she stoli Eddie from Debbie. Nothing seems to harm her." Q. What will the scandal do to "Cleopatra"? A. "It will have the biggcs: want-to-see factor of any film In history," said one hard lieaded businessman. "It has already had the greatest pub licity campaign of all time Everyone will want to see the romance of Liz as Cleo am Richard Burton as Marc An tony." Q. What will the scandal do to Eddie? A. "Personally, he will bt devastated." said a close friend. "Eddie has great pride only his love for Liz allowet lim to overlook his pride in :he last two years. Now thai ic has lost her-"Professionally, he's in trouble, too. As long us he can sing, he can get jobs in Las /cgas and other night spots But his long suit was his youthful, llghtheartcd spirit He may not sell so well as Pagliaccl." IT WONT WORK? Don't swear at it! Check "Call an Expert" in Classified for a reliable serviceman. SHOW TIM I'] Here are starting times of features at Long Beach theaters as listed by theater managers: Fcrt Do6bl" 10.00. l:3f. »:l|, j-« "ifllomon ftnd thtba.-' |;07, «':44. lj;2i STATE Oif it* t«nn CIUOM rut." MO. I MOW! WARNER Drive-ln WAXNCR WEST OF IEACH ILVO. - Pft. VI MIII "CHILDREN'S HOUR" A d»K "TOWN WITHOUT PITY" r,, van WARNEK -- IIJl PER CAR LOAD LINCOLN Drive-In LINCOLN WEJT OF KNOTT - PH. JA jmj "PARRISH" AII John Wayne "Comanchcros" Color LINCOLN -- tl.SI PER CAR LOAD JERRY LEWIS "ERRAND BOY' IrtntilM rrwe ·*·· il «!»«-*« 5 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS .WIUJMM iiivmln AUDREY I SHIRLEY HEPBURN IMACLAIIME JAMES GARNER CHILDREN'S HOUR SmMB HTM.VU NOW! PLUS 2ND FCATURE IN COI OR "Roman Spring ol Mrs. Slone" WUOtEtJKHWJ DOVBUtfttSOfcJ! MUEittfcf LOVEl' ·A. NOW SHOWING! IN THREE THEATRES The INCREDIBLE becomes Real! The IMPOSSIBLE becomes Fact! The UNBELIEVABLEbecomesTrue CC M3M (m £ · « "THE MAN CALLED PETERTM [ SPECIAL FEKFOIIKANCE APRIL 4 I I I - T I C K E T S AVAILABLE LAKEWOOD IMPERIAL L 0«ANiMrAMOI!CANj B^ "m» ^4 DRIVE-IN ORSON it CH£KST CUI3JI , The picture * that gives you a front scat to the most jolting events of TOMORROW! PLUS--2ND "ACTION" FEATURE O'Neal"""""'' l ""

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