Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 3
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^t; Walrus-Witli-Wlieatie -Eaters THE OLD FOLKS AT NOME The Eskimo, he's'never missis' A Leisure World--a place like tha'n He play* no fhufjlcboard nor bingo (He wouldn't even know the lingo): AS through ha autumn years he goes Sans cribbage. quoits or dominoes; Instead, far hit retirement day* ' He valrus-Jumt* the ancient way*. Or /ishes through the Arctic ice; By gosh, you know, that might be nice. ' ' --5FRAGUE O. SMITH Poet Lowrate V Thant Tries for Peace UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. 1-U.N. S«crtUiy-Gener»lL mOTertslr( ; edb y theWfst . Soviet, Cyprus Talk of Airline Assemblyman Tom Bane of North Hollywood the other day raised questions about Long Beach State College's proposed nine-story Theme Building. or less earthquake damage in the little over a century since California has It might involve earthquake hazards. Bane suggested, since "Long Beach is on a fault-line." The assemblyman thus picked up and passed on some more of our earthquake folklore--that the only danger f r o m earthquakes is along a relatively few fault-lines. Famed seismologist Charles F. Richter discusses this and other earthquake myths ia the current issue of the California Institute of Technology Quarterly. There are faults almost everywhere ia Califor- WELLS nia, Richter says, and every part of the state is shaken from time to time. "The popular press," Richter writes, "by continual emphasis on active faults in general and the San Andreas fault in particular, gives its readers the idea that risk is concentrated near the faults. This is not true. In any large earthquake, the damaging shaking extends to long distances from the fault which has moved; and in California * there are so many active faults that in the long run every locality is exposed to the risk of heavy shaking. There is no "safe" area. AH the older centers of population have had more been a state.' About 'Positively' Mrs. Carmea Warschiw, chairman of the California Fair Employment Practices Commission, thought she had a commitment from State Democratic Chairman Gene Wymaa to support her for national Democratic committeewoman in California. Howsoever, she says Gene now tells her the commitment isn't binding because it wasn't in writing. Carmen showed up at the California Democratic Council convention at the Lafayette last weekend and passed out big buttons to her friends. The buttons read: -Get It In Writing." Just Tins Side of 'Taps' According to the Courier, publication of the Long Beach Public Library, a young boy showed up at the library's record section the other day and asked to check out a recording of bugle calls. Librarian Helen Kennedy asked him if he were studying the bugle. No. he said, he was a paper carrier and had several younger boys assisting him on his route. He wanted the bugle call recording to play over the telephone to the ether boys to let them know its time to start their routes. NICOSIA, Cyprus (UPI) --jNATO system and that Prest- The government announced dent Makarios' hand is be- Sunday that a Soviet !elega-:ing forced by growing Com- tioa has arrived in Cyprus to munism in Cyprus.) negotiate an air link between' The Russian-Cypriot oego- Moscow and Nicosia. It was tiations are expected to start today and to be completed in a few days. A Soviet Embassy source said, "It is likely there will be an Aeroftot (Soviet airline) test flight before |'finding countries to make up velopment ia the Cyprus i'aa international peacekeeping'crisis. I force for Cyprus, even if hel ^ , » Of all the countries 'that min Soviet delegation. Greek J might generally be accept-.Cypriot Finance Minister *|able for such a force,'only Renos Solomides said the ne- | Canada so far seemed willing(gotiations "were not connect^Jand able to supply troops for td with the situation on the ·J" it. Thant. meanwhile, brought together Cypriot Foreign Min- island." the negotiations are ended." At the moment, only British European Airways. Mid- w e s t Airlines, the Greek Olympic Airlines. Israeli El Al and United Arab Airlines operate out of Cyprus. Some other .Western countries, including the United States, have landing rights which INDEPENDENT-?«g. A-J Lv* 1«K». CWL MM* Ft*. M. t*M Fall Injury j 5 ARCADIA (CNS) -- Jti Heatoa. a 15-year-old Alhaia- bra boy is ia serious condition, at Arcadia Methodist Hospital after falling 60 feet · down the face of Stordevant FaHs in'the AngeHis National they do not normally use.. {Forest Sunday. But the arrival coincided he imminent showdown British Chief Delegate Sir Pat-j^puc^to UnlTeT^-l nek Dean for the first tome Uns Security Council to ap- as he continued his search e catl ^ of M - mttn3 tion-' for agreement among_Cyprus,^ peace-japing force on Britain. Greece. Turkey and Cyprus members of the S e c u r i t y Council. (London newspapers said · · · » the move showed an increas-j THE TWO men. after anjing Soviet influence over Cyp- hour and a half in Thant's of-|riot affairs. The Sunday Mir-' fice. told reporters they could ror said an air link would not say anything. Thant said.! strengthen Russian influence | "I think the picture will be'ia an important part of the clearer tomorrow." The coun-' cil is escheduled to resume its Cyprus debate Tuesday. S o u r c e s i n f o r m e d en LONG BEACH Thant's talks said there was a deadlock on whether any c o u n c i l resolution on the force should mention the 1960 Flight Harmnl Nehru j NEW DELHI l*V--Air travel was responsible for Prime, Minister Nehru suffering'a mild stroke Jan. 7. three eminent physicians of an Indian Spring Special! treaty of guarantee concern-! system of medicine were ing Cyprus in addition to call-) quoted Sunday. r ing for respect for Cyprus ^independence and territorial *i integrity. Britain, Turkey and the Turkish minority in Cyprus .ijwant the treaty mentioned. Nationalists Bar Red Chinese Envoy From Paris Embassy PARIS (UPI) -- Sung Chi- Affairs Section of the Peking relations between France and kuang. Communist China's] Foreign Ministry, was accom-j China would lead to greater first diplomatic envoy ^panied by five other Chinese! mutual understanding through France, found the embassy; when he stepped from his building filled with National-]train in Paris. ist Chinese when he arrived. ' . . . here Sunday and had to go to HE.ARRIVED from Bern. They interpret it to mean that Britain, Turkey or Greece can send troops ia on their own if necessary to protect the Turkish Cypriots from the Greek Cypriot majority. Gas-Line Rupture Starts 100 Fires AUSTIN. Ter. CSV-Minor fires were touched off in 100 or more Austin homes Sunday when a gas-line regulator was ruptured by a crew laying underground equipment. The minor blazes occurred in stoves and water heaters where pilot flames were tern- commercial and cultural ex-jporarly cut off by the break- changes." He d e s c r i b e d age of a regulator governing France and China as Switzerland, where most of the preparation for opening a hotel. Song arrived in Paris atji tee same time Claude Chayet, diplomatic relations between French charge d'affaires to; France and China took place Communist China, landed at at the Communist Chinese Peking Airport to take up his'Embassy. "sharing'the flow of natural gas into 'homes. Too. Teo. YfiS Like LINCOLN PARK PARKING GARAGE · COVERED PARKING frotrcf 7*ir C«r · PARK IT --LOCK IT Kg O*c flit Ttvclrs If · HAVE IT SERVICED W7fl UiFoi O3 rreticti Wiil* r* Art Got J-.TST KCITN ·! Lm luck llbran. CMTtANCES: Pacjfcc A¥«. « Itf It. MTwt«m r«ciflc and CM^r DECORATOR DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS:.. 30% OFF Hundreds of fabric styles and weaves in magnificent colors to choose from . .' . to give your home a fresh look for Spring. IN-THE-HOME SERVICE FREE Yours for the asking . . . a phone call ·Rill bring our interior consultant to your home uith fabric samples, to take measurements and give estimates on madc-to-order draperies and rcupholstcry, entirely without obligation. Then, if you wish, have your made-to- measure decorating done in our workrooms. Long Beach, HE 6-9841 or SP 5-1I9I; Santa Ana, KI 2-6262 or collect; Pomona 623-1321 or collect. duties there. ;Sung's first order of business here will be to establish Peking's title to the embassy building on fashionable Avenue George V, just off the Champs Elysees. dim? In addition to Chinese, Sung speaks English and German. His French is reported to be po° r Sung's arrival was quiet There were few police about the station and the only flags flapping in the light rain were French and Italian. The latter out of its building, a Nationalist Chinese delegation from b^^'rSs tSU ^« ^ «£ France recognition ~of"the~"Peking! Deputy French Protocol Of. regime Jan. 27. i^cer M a n u e l de Casteja .Although the Nationalist greeted Sung and his party. Chinese embassy staff cleared About 100 persons, including newsmen, stood by. M, i,.^ Two Iiltl * Chinese girls in the United Nations Educa-jEuropean frocks gave Sung tional, Sdentific and Cultural ,^rge bouquets of flowers -O r g a n i z a t i o n (UNESCO) red roses and 1 illies. moved in immediately with) * * * * the words: This building be- REPRESENTATIVES of the locgs to us." A delegation Albanian and Cuban delega- spokesman said last week the tions here were also present Chinese Communists would' There were no Soviet diplomats at the station, but officials pointed out that the ar- longs to whichever Chinese'rival of a charge d'affaires government France recog- does not require the protocol of an arriving ambassador. In a brief statement he read in French. Sung said he was "certain that the establishment of normal diplomatic not be allowed in. la theory, the embassy be- nizes. Legal quarters here ex-' pect the case to end up in the French courts. Sung, former deputy director of the Western European Libya Won't Renew Pacts for U.S., British Bases CAIRO. UJLR. ( U P I ) --1 (In Washington, an L3ya will not renew agree-!force s p o k e s m a n ments permitting the United wieelus is not used as States and Bntaia to maintain military bases on its ter ritory in North Africa, the semiofficial M i d d l e East News Agency said Sunday. Somber base for the Strategic Air Command. He said F100, FI02 and F104 fighter planes attached to North Atlantic In a dispatch from Tripoli, Treaty Organization units are MENA said the Libyan cabinet met Sunday and then Is- socd a statement saying the government "affirms it has DO intention to renew or extend agreements with Britain and (hs United States." "Foreign bases in Libya wiH never be a base for aggression against the Arabs at rotated to the base through-! out the year to practice bocnbing and strafing techniques ia the Libyan desert Marine Dies SAN DIEGO CP--Pit. Jack D. Ashbum. 19, of Cleveland, whatever price." the state- Ohio, a Marine Corps recruil.l ment said. collapsed and died from bron- The United States has chial pneumonia during a phy- maintained W b e e l u s Airjsical conditioning run Satur- Force Base near Tripoli since day, an autopsy showed Sun- the end of Worid War II. (day. desire for peace. OVERTURE Vftth variations En crisp little Straw Dance Riyon Linens ... all tone and texture . . . that greet the season with soft figure deftnement So pert, so pertinent to Spring. Fitted skimmer with its own contrasting floral ring scJif... in Nivy or Wheat, sizes IO20, 12.95 Godet front panel, belted back in Laikspur Blue or P«is Pink, sizes 1018, 14.95 Budtet Dresses PINE AT BROADWAY* MON. AND FRK 9:30 TO 9:00 · OTHER DAYS TO 5:30 « HE 6-9841

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