Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 16
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A-ll-- INDEPENDENT e=±=t. era, Tfin. rsrs t, an GO INTO BU5LYESS FDR YOUKSELF by looking in the "Business Opportunities" columns of the Independent Press - Te!egr«n Classified Mrtion. People Spurring Campaign Against Reds, Envoy States By GEORGE WEEKS The primary drive to combat Communists in Latin America is coming from the people themselves, a former Venezuelan cabinet minister declared here Wednesday. | MAKE YOU NERVOUSj! E"S«nio Mendoza reported tflthat resistance to Communist Does BLADDER IRRITATION n bats «»y icd au-bt. S £». Butictl . . tnt a'.d. ILrrt. dt. 1 . ibly in his country within the last two and a half years. "Three years ago condi- fc«s »w »«*" he said at CTVIXX u m«:u. Mb«ttarM.: a press conference in City .. . . d. Xa inch. trritatloa, CTSTEX tut. it! Hall. "The Communists prac-.American countries should tically had control of the university student groups. Now democratic parties are regaining control not only in the schools but among the people generally." ALTHOUGH emphasizing that Latin Americans must help themselves. Mendoza did not belittle the role of thej' originate in those countries," he said. -Private enterprise should be given a greater part in them. There should be committees in al) countries representing the government, private business and the alliance." Mendoza told of the suc- of a non-profit building /TV-»-----s.- S:-J;L-3 ·jyv^T*' ~' "jr'q '/\.,u:v* V : '/.t»-*'v^J. *V- Affiance for Progress, provid- forp°f»tion which he helped ed it changes its methSSs. "Projects to help Latin WOOLWORTH'S ^ gMLvTTi * 1 ·JM7T1 nis n ' v^ i i I L " i i Kif 1 i« ' i ' J »4 faiU44:LAy¥i,i:^;i4.i-y s2 4i LITTLE LADY EASTER BONNETS CbirmiDR »tj!ci ia ttraw cloti ire %ith frills lad tibtois i:l lace enocs^ t satisfy tbc znosl frrvolotis. Sone live txn v some lave streamers. Siriifht. ccn*ed or fluted brims. PRETTY COTTON FROCK · Easy-care plaid shirtwaist dress features A tilkd front reel and ilceves. 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'We have built 1,000 apart ment units so far and they cost only from J1^00-$3,000." Although known as a leading philanthropist, Mendoza refused to discuss that part of his career. Accompanying to the conference was Clair H. Johnson, general sec- of the YMCA in Long' and a long-time EUGENIO MENDOZA IRS Tax Take in 62 Totaled $102.4 Billion WASHINGTON OB--The Internal Revenue Service re- it collected J102.466,- JOHNSON, formerly sta- Individual taipayers ac- :ioned in Caracas, recalled counted for $65 r 377,533,00X that Mendoza gave two acres 'corporation income taxes ac- of land valued at $15 mfflion counted for the second largest in the center of that city for, . , of , m contributed $15,242,- a YMCA site--the largest ever received by the "Y." , nf Mendoza began his career! T"., as a bQI collector and is now. . v?* president of 18 corporations.l'"l t H! e ,.. ., He twice served as Venezue!-l withhold ^s . were M ^ e an minister of development! 21 " 1 Usability insurance taxes. andwasamcmberofathree-i iEstate - » ft TM* * XC1S * man governing board in 195S.J He is here at the invitation' . . . . , · of the city and the YMCA for! Ra J " a l retirement and un- a four-day goodwill tour 'employment insurance taxes, Tonight he will address a da-\TM* ind ? ded « -TM'^I 0 ^ ner in the Lafayette Hotel co- arnounted to $577,, 80.000 and sponsored by the city, cham-j* 459 '" 0 000 - respectively. ber of Commerce. World's Fair, Rotary Crab and the 1 Half Million Trees YMCA. I MEXICO CITY «V-A half million trees were planted in WHAT AN EASY way to'Chihuahua state on the Rio find the better job you wantJGrande in the past winter un-j Read the "Help Wanted* ads'der a national reforestation daily in the Classified section.!program. i Venetian Glass MUSICAL CLOWNS ».IVi" 'a Heigkl , · Asserted Colon ' Reg! $5.95 $ 2 EA. TABLE LAMPS f****"*- · For Fro»i«ciaJ · Complete with Shade BRASS PLANTER ,'.) Imported from England .' r · REG. * $4.50 EA. $ l SANGO CHINA · ASST. rATTERMS TO CHOOSE FROM . CriECI SET SERVICE F0» S · imn vw-ct · Set kickidn: S t«. Oinwi. Irua am ? unarv FrvtH, Saun. Saucan; Q Cons ·a. l- rtatHr. Diiiad t^at Sugar and Cavar and S cr«am«r. 80 SET OLD-FASHIONED CERAMIC PITCHER AND BASIN · LARGE SIZE · CRACKLE GLASS FINISH $100 · REGULAR J2.7S I set 5101 LAKEWOOD BLVD. ME I SMI H l-5:il UlEWOCB Santa Ana Fmwav to Lakewooa B!vd_ ngtit to Ltttwed Sheopins Cmt«r ... BjnkAnwricard. 6233 LAUREL CANYON BLVD. TI 1 5!IZ ' fa L HOUTWSOD ^onvwood Frcfwiv to Laura! Canyon, rigfrt to Vallcv Plua Shoctwnt Center, ryi Sloct " " cf victonr. CPEI HOI, TOTJ, THURS, F»l, l:3« TI JJJ, WUL 4 UT, J:30 TO 1:09, SHI, 11:00 TO t:00 BEST SELLER Tbocunds ef sntr-frmstors sf evtr thi vorld find tint the m«t ab»rbai( book Ibey cwa. Tfceir Ccmamlti pastboot becoous crtn mori trftml- mt «t Oit end ef erery qoirttr n they tee lie* t»Ur«« (rgw »t tit* anroal rat* ef 44%. And trcr/ Kcolj idied a m o u n t kit Iht lemf.l ef DA5.V i.lTtREST-- tninp tare froia the ttj tt- ttntS 1 Oxj rrraa'n t!iroc{h tbt end ef thi qaar- ler. Tbcu pcopl* a!w H« what ti*y rtad betweea tS biti -- th« safety tat cots »'4h i Community account Founded ia 1929, CaauaaOj has uUb- ( Community Savings Passbook) tilled «n octilaaditt financial rtcord. InUnri feas been paid 82 constcsr* tones. Finaaoa! ni:u{f- inent has rtauir.ed coo lerrare. Now Bembenki'a ia Hnaocial Ttitnta*. lac, nates C«mmsuify part cf » orfuzifioa will resosrces erer oo«- t»3 bJTioa dolars. Re'afarcki( this soT«£ty is the Vijoranti power ef the Federal Sirin(i »nd Lean lissrance Corponfjoa. N» wonder 33,000 safety- niadtd sartrs *rt sold oa this pasibopk. Yral fuid ysars waHiaf at year «ur»t Cemaatif; ttwt. T. mam erne*. C7 fa* Canwm l^t. 4.8^ cvrrvnt trmrnH r»t« COMMUNITY SAVINGS HAJ* DmCC / »771 Can«*aa tS«, rAUHOurr / ISD* f ··!»·» vtv' tOH« VMM I SMI MtaOc *«. JATB18AT, WIT I. t A.M. TO 1 fX.l '^

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