Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 27
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A-28--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELE6RAM (PM) LMK *«* c«i»., ttan.. Ft* a. mi ROOM divider m a d e from shells and bottles decorates Reef restaurant in Long Beach harbor. From left are hostess Sally Phelan, er Stanley Cholota and Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Metge who drove from their home in Palm Desert to have dinner and admire view of city's skyline f r o m dining room's windows. By TEDD THOMEY A DAZZLING SIGHT BY DAY OR NIGHT -- I'm appalled. And I think the good citizens of Long Beach will be to when they hear what the editors of the new centennial edition of the World Amanac have done to our beautiful, thriving city. We've been insulted. By experts. The 912-page book, a bible of facts covering everything imaginable, devotes 29 pages and thousands of words to a special section called "Great Cities of America." It honors 42 cities, which it describes at length. Long Beach isn't included. But a lot of other towns -- smaller and less interesting -- are listed, including such rinky- dink communities as Hartford, Conn.; San Jose, Calif.; Rochester, N.Y. and Akron, Ohio. I pondered that outrageous slur the other night as I sat beside a window at THOMEY the Reef restaurant and gazed across the harbor at our impressive city of 380,000. It was a crisp wintry twilight and in the clear air our skyline was a proud work of contemporary art. On the west loomed the tall clean lines of the new United California Bank and the courthouse. Stretching handsomely to the east were such prominent structures as the Breakers Hotel, the Arena, resembling a giant round hatbox on the beach; the spires of the Villa-. Riviera, the International Towers, Pacific Holiday Apartments and many others. · - As the sky darkened, the city came alive with lights -- twinkling reds, blues, greens, ambers and lav- Anders, reflecting like jewels on the harbor waters. Above the skyline were three red-lighted 'copters, flitting about like fireflies. It was all a magnificent sight i I have a suggestion for our city fathers. Let's invite the editor of the Almanac, Luman H. Long, and his top senior aides, Vincent P. Bannan and Albert C. Aumuller, to visit our city some night soon. Let's take them down to' the harbor's edge. : As they stand there, gazing in profound silence at the sight I've just described, let's hand them a copy of the Almanac, opened to page 372, which is where their sin of omission begins. "A Gourmet's Delight" Reservations 424-1285 ^ROWER'S CONTINENTAIT Award Winner .Restaurant Writers^ i Association of Los Angeles County PACIFIC ATI. AT ZSR0 ST. INLONCBIACH, CALIF. DELICIOUS FOOD I FOR OVER 36 YEARS ... at sensible prices, food prepared to a tempting perfection to suit the entire family .... I doubt that a word will need to be spoken. Our skyline will speak for us. * * * * DEPT. OF DELECTABLE DRUMSTICKS AND TOURNEDOES -- The Reef restaurant's views of Long Beach are notable because of its unique location at the water's edge at 1200 Harbor Scenic Dr. Other restaurants, located in the city proper, offer interesting views of the water and harbor. The Reef, constructed on land- f i l l in the port, is the only restaurant offering unobstructed views of the entire city from across the water. Recently something new was added to the Reef's views -- construction on the Magnolia Avenue bridge, which will connect with Harbor Scenic Drive only a few hundred yards west of the restaurant. The project has closed the drive temporarily, but there's still easy access to the reef via Windham Avenue and Dike Road. Now in its l l t h year of operation, the Reef was the first atmosphere-view restaurant to be opened by David Tallichet, Long Beach entrepreneur whose m u l t i million-dollar dining domain now includes seven establishments in Southern California and two near San Francisco. Down through the years David and Ralph Fulton, manager of the Reef since its opening, have improved and enlarged the restaurant in many ways. Tropical in motif, it is luxurious throughout. Guests can dine at luxury prices, if they wish. But there are also non-luxury items on the menu, such as the $2.75 southern-fried chicken dinner, a splendid family special served daily from 5 to 7 p.m. During our visit, this department discovered that the Reefs cuisine is better than ever. Mrs. T and I tried the Tahitian Drumstick, $3.95, and Polynesian Delight Tournedoes, $5.25, while our small daughter enjoyed the children's chicken dinner, a royal feast for $1.50. No. 1 chef Kurt Widmer, who received his training in Switzerland, has a masterful touch. The drumsticks, ribs of the tenderest barbecued pork with sweet and sour sauce, were true delicacies. So were the tournedoes, including exquisite slices of beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon and topped with mushrooms and Bearnaise sauce. Waiter Stanley Cholota, formerly a butler in the British embassy in Rio de Janeiro, was charming and alert. Our dinners included relishes, elegant salads, double offerings of hot cheese rolls, baked potatoes with sour cream and beverage. Verdict: Superlative in all respects. We offer our sincerest congratulations to David, Ralph, assistant manager Don Miller and t h e i r staff, including bar manager Augie Chibucos and hostess Sally Phelan who've also been there since the Reef opened in 1958. LIVE MAINE LOBSTER AT HOEFLY'S -- Hal Solomon, one of the brightest young restaurateurs in town, has done it again. Now he serves live Maine lobster every night at his distinguished establishment, Hoefly's, 4911 E. Second St. Each serving includes a whole l 1 /-.pound beauty, boiled, broiled and stuffed with oyster dressing, accompanied by soup or salad, choice of four different potato styles and beverage. The tab is $8.25, not prohibitive when you consider the quality of that delicacy. 1 know lots of people who will cheerfully drive 100 miles just for a taste. DEPT. OF ELEGANT CULINARY FRAGRANCES: Next time you're in L.A. and looking for a truly superlative restaurant adventure, visit Dale's Secret Harbor, 674 S. Normandie Ave., a half block south of Wilshire Blvd. Dale's, a prize-winning establishment, isn't inexpensive. But the service and a la carte cuisine are well worth the tab. Deviled crab au gratin is $4.95; beautiful sallimhocca Romana is $5.75. I also trot out my best adjectives when describing the cuisine at Peppy's, 584 W. N i n t h St., San Pedro. Host Peppy Pielago's restaurant is so super-popular he keeps enlarging it to meet the demand. Now he has an entertainment lounge upstairs featuring dancing to the music of George Hallas on Fridays and Saturdays. Peppy's $2.95 special steak dinner is fabulous; so's the roast duckling, $3.65, and steak-lobster combo, $4.95 -all on huge dinners. NOT THE KIND YOU WEAR, FOLKS -- A recent Action Line item mentioned that hot pasiies are available at the London Bakery, 2212 E. Fourth St. I'd like to point out also that superlative pasties are baked for 40 cents and 75 cents at Bob Arnold's take-out Pastry Kitchen, 3641 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos. Some sophisticated people think hot pasties are something worn by semi-nude show girls. That's indeed true. But gourmets from Wales and certain mining areas in the U.S. are aware that pasties are also delectable Cornish pies containing beef, onions and vegetables. They aren't very practical as brassieres -- but, wowee, what a tasty mouthful! DINING ROOM CAFETERIA 120-126 E. FIFTH ST., Downtown Long Beach Closed Saturdays WITHTMIFIHBTDINNttYOimiVlMNJOTI A 4inn.r lhal hoi .v.rythinj . . . F'oTM |? Ch Q mpo,n. to Crepe. Sui.Ht-Ar.0 .o ·.oionobly ptktd you'll mok. oW» out at Al(c»d'i a frequent habit! DISCOVER . . . A whole new world of uVlcclahle continental dining, served in an intriguing mediterranean atmosphere overlooking the beautiful Long Beach Shoreline Tea«e the Appetite From the HorS D'oeuvre! Tray ThenSoupoftheDoyoiSolod Chiffonade BROILED FILETMIGNON SHORELINE RESTAURANT Fresh Mushroom Sauce Bardelaist Potatoes with Cheese, Anna Vegetables Du Jour CREPES SUZETTE CHAMPAGNE 5*(v*d Sundayi thru Thund 700 E. 45th St., Long Beach F.ituring INI Clark Nightly «t Our Piino Leung* UM E. OCEAN BLVD. PHONE 437-MM "Lobby Floor Pacific Holiday Apartment*" NOW LIVE MAINE LOBSTER EL ADOBE LUNCHEON ond DINING DAIIY IN AN ATMOSPHERE 01 iARLT CALIFORNIA Both Locations Under Same Management SAME EXCELLENT FOOD and SERVICE ..140 LINDEN AVE., LONG BEACH PHONE 435-4831 4911 E. SECOND STREET Belmont ShoPe LONG BEACH GE 8-4965\ istheexcellentCuisine and Atmosphere . . . a t w.r+s^ ELEGANT DINING 700 HENRY FORD AVE., L. I. RESERVATIONS HE 6-4222 STEAKS · LOBSTERS · SEAFOODS Uimmi.m /Mi 5305'E. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY 597-1331 South' from Anaheim street on Hcnrv Ford Ave. to Draw Brido* at Soulhwind Marina. tainment Nigbtlr th* Ciutom Styled rVlrar* MNQUET foel/ifiei Luktwaod Blvd., Likiwocd An Admiturr in Dinhif iot i/ic Eulirr Tnbr S? INDIAN VILLAS LUNCHEON--DINNER--FIREWATER POW WOW ROOMS Open Dally From 11:30 A.M.--Pko»t 37I.M41 4020 PACIFIC COAST HWT., TORRANCE GET HERE ANY WAY YOU CAN ·' ' . Come by boat or aeroplane, Try a surfboard or a train. 'Cause you'll look in disbelief At the beauty of the Reef. Fami Served Doily 5 lo 7p.m. Soulli.m F.icd CHICKtN 9S.7S Child's Plole $1.50 Mixed green lalad, country gravy, french fried potato*), huttPierJ gi.en beam, fiuil itierbcl. pi(ieKpBE.H 1200 HARBOR SCENIC DRIVE C PORT OF LONG BEACH ^:«fV- Prime Rib $1.95 on the dinner Welch's Restaurant features this tremendous dining bargain. Only ot this excellent restaurant you may enjoy the finest in dining at prices so unbelievably low. Visit us soon. WELCH'S. San Antonio Dr. at Atlantic. GA 2-1225 ServiiKj 7 Days a Wcik ORDERS TO GO PHONE GA 4-3005 Open Doily from 11:30 A.NOo Midnight REAL Mexican Food THE FAMILY RESTAURANT Yaw Hails: TONY and TRINY GUILLEN 3503 ATLANTIC AVE. LONG BEACH LONGHORN BARBECUE 8567 EAST ARTESIA 2 BLOCKS WEST LAKEWOOD BLVD. FRIDAY-SATURDAY--SUNDAY N E W Y O R K C U T S T E A K Tossed Green Salad, Chioce of Potatoes, Onion Ring Dining in Cocktail Lounge Same Menu . *2 95 OPEN 4:00 TO 10:00 P.M. TURKEY PLATE DINNER $1.00 Phone 634-1108 for Reservations Cantonese and American Cuisine TROPICAL DRINKS BUFFET and MENU LUNCHEONS Tuesday thru Friday BANQUET and Fashion Shows TUESDAY FRIDAY NOON POLYNESIAN FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY LOUIS REED at the ORGAN 4:30 p.m. to 1:30 Tuesdar thru Saturday Cocktail Hour 5 to 7 P.M. ComDlimentarv Hon D'0euvr« 4645 EAST PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY XESfXY4TlONS 597-43S7 Clow* Mei BEST CLAM CHOWDER IN THE WORLD The finest in Sea Foods from th* five corners of our Great U.S.A. -- CAN'T FIND US? Just tm · brisk t/i ~i!« w*H( ti Iht vtrv tml tl Tht fish yewTit'hir* today slept in the ocean lost nitt. .NOW .SERVING IEER AND WINE IS PUCE AND OCEAN, LONB IEACH BELMONT BUOY 411-HI7

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