Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 6
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* · Northwest Arknnsni TIMES, Wed., April 21, 1976 U n i q u e Program Planned When Metropolitan Dinner Club "of Northwest Arkansas meets 'on Monday, April 26, at the Holiday Inn, Tom Powell. j tlv: only pickpocket in America who has the approval of police. · v e r y w h e r.e , will be Ihe. speaker, Powell is one of the most u n i q u e - entertainers on the current lecture circuit, both by reason of his colorful background and his many- diverse talents. · The social hour begins at 6:30 p.m., and dinner will be served at 7:30 p.m. * ; The son of a dentist, Powell was born In Cincinnati in 1938. At an early age, his parents and friends discovered his abilities as . an entertainer. Young Powell played the drums at age five, was a singer and imoressionist at age eight, and a consistent winner in amateur competition throughout. his t,?rma(!e years. By the time he was 18, hs had been elected nro^'dent of a. large chapter of 'he International Brotherhood of piiicfle loomed on the ' -"izon. and " Powell debated " entertained throughout his · ' · *s a*. XavEer University and f"- : o Slate University. He - ··lasting Corporation, wrote two hooks, became a nswcasEfir o n WCET-TV, the first educational television station in America, and studied dentistry. IIHHIIP^^^SI^IHHIH ^^^^^^^··Mj^^B^^B ^^BT^^B ^^^^^^^^B|r*j| !*"*·" ]^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^·L * ^^^^^^K ^^^^^H^^^EL^A^^^^nH^i ^^^^^H^^^HMB^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ·^·^·^·^·^P 'JB^B^B^B^I ·^·^·^·^·^KT ^^^^^^^HB ^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^f^^^^S ^^^^^^^^^^L^^^^^^^^HB ^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^l ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^B ^^^^^^^^^9^^i^^H^HH ^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^EB ^^^^^^^^EtWV^^HH^E ^^^^^^^P5»T*'^^^SB^^H^B ^^^^^^^·Xtf* \ '^m^BB ^^^^^^^^^BH^L^sflH^B3| ^^^^^^^^^H |9^B^^HB|jj| ^^^H^^sH ^M^^^B^H^^H^Hil ^·-V^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^H| ^V^. ^^^^^^I^^^H^^^I^HIJBK y - . 'PICKPOCKET . . .Tom Powell to speak at Metropolitan Dinner Club He' appeared on numerous radio and television programs during this time, as he traveled across the country between classes giving pickpocket programs. When he appears here,' lie will demonstrate the tnultufiicetcd skills which makes him well ·cnown in Europe, North America atid South America, r iViiu PowoM graduated from );;ntnl school' in 19G3 and now practices cosmetic surgery in C i n c i n n a t i . HocenUy he e s t a b l i s h e d Video Slar Productions, a television a n d iriolionrpEclurc p r o d u c t i o n company. : He is a "-most unusual pickpocket iii that he {Iocs not "play for keeps." Therefore, it will not be necessary For tiny one to count lus money or hide h i s watch - lie always gives them back after filching them. IE promises to be a most unkuie evening, according lo Phillip Taylor, club president. ·· A n n o u n c e m e n t s There will be a 'Fund-raising p e t i t i o n signing bluegvass benefit at St. 'Paul Commimils Center at 1:30 p.m., Saturday spunsored by CEASE. a Madison County organization concerned with Ihc banning o: the use of phenoxy herbicides winch are - used in aeria spraying. Registered voters are asked Park Hotel Sale Includes Did Items V U 1 1 V I M J . ; · · ; Jaycelfes To Sponsor Team The Anril J rn h e I i n g- .of Favcllevillc Javccttcs'w'ns hold a t ' the Klks 'Ciub. . following SILOAM SPUIN'GS - T h e «in.nor, ;i pustness niMtinfi was Senior Activitv Center lor West C01 «'wclc* ''V Mrs. Nelson .lle' U oW C pafk^ l Iote'l' KhJam » 1 -°' ubor ' s aml ? gue ; sl ' All * s ' V aa Springs on March S under a K ' ncr .' \\crc |prcscnt v l federal funded .program, will'- tJ^vcclt,'?s. voted ,-lO sponsor a have u White Elephant M!C on vl . s . soft ball team this simrnicr Friday, April 2!I from 8:30 until 4 p.m. '· .· · - · -- · The. Center is In need -of items »n Uio ten . t o 13 year - ok! division, , A report concerning the May for re-silk 1 , and will appreciate State Board , Convention was all contributions. They may be Riven. The club will enter 20 Homemakers Consumer Tips By M A U Y H. G1LWKHT '. jasscs through hoses from the Clean the plusLfc surface with Count v Kvlu'Hsioii Agent, '{ solution lank to the cleaning A solutioil of nillu soap 01 dcLei Staff ClmlrnKin CLKANING CARl'ICTS A question frequently asked by consumers is '.'Should 1 have my 'ciirpcl', steam cleaned or ·shmnpoocd? 1 .' .The cleaning technique is only MS .gooJ as the equipment used mid the skill and ability .of the equipment operator^ s very misleading. - A ' iiiu.'e I ' v l r - i H i n i i A fa\v vr»'ir; Wn 'i sent or brought to the 'center different projects in state 1 ii'nchinn " « i : rfovnlniuvl ' i n at any lime. Moticy derived from the sale is to be used for n o w floor coverings in the dining rooms winch will cosl $175. Pcrsotis who do not have a cash donation, it was. suict. 1 | in ' ijcrs ?" s ' - j - ? p ' i s r f ° - Ih i ' \ h t 1 f ' served at noon to those persons 65 and up, on Momruy thru Friday, for a mere charge of fifty cents. If the senior citizen caiinot .pay, they will be welcomed, also. ·The center has 'been 'a boon for many elderly persons' who are lonely, who like to make ticw friend s, for it is a Center where there is a large living room area for- meeting friends, -or Visiting, a . game room, and to attend. (classes aro held in ceramics, Music will be provided by bead work, and oilier crafts. cciirj-tition. Tlie convention will (2 held May 13-lfi in Little Rock. Jaycecs and Jaycetlcs will hold a cornbrcad-boan Casino Night lor an On-To-Stale convention project on April 24. F o l l o w ! n g th/j meeting, dessert was served at the home of Mrs, John Martnoni. A n n o u n c e m e n t s Kansas Club of Northwest Arkansas, will meet at 1 p.m., Sunday for a covered : dtsr, luncheon at Oxark Electric 01 Wellington Drive;" in ' Fsyell- levillo. All former Jayhnwkei's arc invited to attend. sale there will be some antique items from .the old h o t e f. also new quilts, afghans, h o c spreads, -as well as mimeous Sugar Hill Express. In the 'planned white elepliiinl items. · ' · I'udyo upholstered turnilurc in boilitig \valer lo get improved dye penetration, and it \vis ohsprved" that tho stoani lntien with water produced cleaning. wand. .It then is blown mlo me carpel pile in a vaporized form, Almost iniiTiuhatcli ti iHige lorlion ot thi, solution ib gent and l u k e w a r m water An ammonia and water solution can also" he used. All cloths and crvmitft: Kbnuld be soft and free vacuum E'Kh of these steps |0 f g r ,t ninse thoioughly and reduces Ihe tempeiatme of the ^ bj , bi 0 n m g \vu], a soil, cleflinug solution cic'in cloth Hot watct extraction \u!l r 0 no i use abrasive clcaneis remote a laige amount of sot with little or no texture change. On deeply soiled carpet, "-some action ' mav be ' · necessary. Several machines have u' brush attachment . or : the shampoo Do not ;usc. Furniture poiisti. bleach, solvent, or alcohol. When jtlusttiig, use a damp lathei than a di Joth to cut down the rubbing friction. This also lielii? reduce ,slntic ( eiec;.L- machine ma be used first C]lj \\hich altiacts and holds Wilti steam cleaning there . is t i,| 5 i on rnany p.Msties. no danger of detergent buildup. In fact, this method is. often used to clean carpets which suiter from soiling due to soap Tlic machine \viis liicn used 10 residue clcVih rugs' in the furniture plant;' The next stop \vas " to bp lakn ^ into the lioinc Thtrc nicichin'cs do not produce true slciim, but the name carried over from the original upholstered furniture dyeing machine.. Today, many of these machines no longer Iftivc heaters in 'them, and the temperature is determined' by the temperature ot me 'Water used .in the -lank. Somc.mnctiinea do have heaters lo maintain the' temperature 61 the , cteaningi solution, and several machines do produce solutions' with high lemncru- lures. ' , So if you are sc'aiching for Ihe answer' of -the ciucstion '-'Is steam cleaning better than shampooing?' 1 -, reinonibcr that regardless . of the ' cleaning method used getting a carpel propei ! cluincd \\ill depetiii upon the skill and abihtj of the person "doing the job und the Ijpe ol used CARE OF PLASTIC FURNI1UHK you h a \ e a piLce of plastic fur iiiluic in our houhc There ib also a good chance lhal u sometimes- is mistreated. Here are pointers on taking care ol For some plastic surfaces a thin coat ol automobile wax will iclp hide scratches. Toothpaste can also be used to smooth out some scratches. For additional information on care of furniture, c'all Iha Washington County Cooperative Extension, phone n u m b e r 442-982 1, and ask for a free copy of Evtension Circulir J12, ' Take It Easy Gleaning House", Announcements W a s h i n ' f i l o n C o u r i t y Republican ·X^n's antl Women's Club \\i\\ h a \ e a joint iiiccUrig at 11 SO a m fhui scla at Bawcn's. Restaurant in : th The hot cleaning "solution plastic, f u r m t u i e rJorumesL M*.HU*«* L-W TOPMOST PHARMACIES LOOK FOR YOUR TOPMOST' PHARMACY LISTED BELOW Friendly service-speciaT attention to prescription needs. APRIL 21 -22-23-24 HAIR m I SPRAY 1301. I NATURAL PROK1.LAHT =r-Kr-. . . For men... from Clairol Unique portable cordless quick beating Hot Lather Dispenser 10.98 THE SKIN mCHiNE A SOFT-BRISTLED, BATTERY-POWERED FACIAL BRUSH by«airol Model «SM-1 ·Ma.llstS16.49 rmrror mirror by Clairol THE ALL PURPOSE UCHTEO MIRROR QLAAE-FREE AND FOG-FREE · 12.98 Neo-Synephrine" 1/2% DECONGESDWT ^ ^U^ W V ^i^» by CLAIROL THE HIGH POWER HAIRBRUSH SLIM ROUND HAIRDRYER VW^'FIVE'EXCLUSIVE CUMROL XTMCHMENTS .ubriderm* .otion or dry skin with FREE UbridanrCrean 20.98 LACTONA ADULTNYLON SI TOOTHBRUSH I .Pepfo- Bismol KM UPSET } STOMACH il 8 K 1 Mlg. list J 31.59 FOR BABY AW YOU M $1.59 prvtein Norfonns FenhilM DeoifofMt Suppositories Ji2» 1.29 * * * * * * * * * * hair, spray I ·REGUURHOUJ* ·HXTRAHOU) . # -SUPEBHOLO n n. lg. iw 52,39 1.73 ftvailath HAIR GROOM Crwne SINE-AID. for SINUS HEADACHE 1.1 Johnson's DENTAL FLOSS WAXED ISOjat* 99 CUTTER INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY la.. CREME Barnes-Hind 9 "'"· WETTING -^ ' " ' · ' SOLUTION ·»,,, For Hard Contact Lanscs STICK 3/4 B. Absoifetne ARTHMHC PAM LOTION 99 asm FLINTSTONES 5 Multlvitamin Supplement 60s »i\h lion ft SCH1CK HOT LATHER MACHINE* REFILLS I.REGULAR* \ MENTHOL, , LEMQN-LWt* HERBAL j MtJ. IW $1.39 M* 99* A.R.M: ! 20TabMs Ml|. list S1.J5 *- ·me' :Milk. * * * * * * * n? 12 w. Kaopectate AntidiarrfaealSK. : Mycitracin* :AntibMic R§ · OMimot 0= Vicks' FORMULA r*i ,44-D'" Cough Miuve 2.09 Vicks medicated cough drops Vicks NyQuil I _ .jT * 7ZT«SlETSin I Seltzer M FOIL PACKS ' Mlg. KM 51.50 Vaseline INTENSIVE CARE* BABY POWDER H ' 9 02. ,77c Unicap* PLUS IRON 2.99 1-29 · Regular · Super · Gentle ·Body QUARTET PERMANENT 199 ADORN HAIR SPRAY Mfg. lia 52.49 Vaseljne INTENSIVE CARE" 4oz. BABY (ML a WHITE RAIN NOM- .AEROSO HAIR SSPfW I to. EARTH BORN 1 Shampoo · APR IWT -AVOCADO 1.69 1^ o;. Earffi Born' Creme fi inse Kia Availa We 69c M)g. list 9SC THE SHpER fnflSSflGE by Water Pitf 27.98 Jlf5.1l«S24.M WfeL-HOUNT MmlelSM-2 I FEMININE I SYRINGE fa. IW $5.38 4,49 I SUDDENTAN (BRWCWCLOTroN 4 «. WHW 53.25 ARM IN ARM] Spray Deodorant wWi Baking Soda I Wetting | Solution IktUt 2 02. 1.60 1.35 SSS' Mfg. 51.98 1 Gillette ATTENTION INSULIN USERS! | FREE OFFER FROM B-D] available-- a free illustrated -tiy-slep'^uide on' properly uii- rs1anding U-100 insulfn. Includes-- : injection techniques ano* inlormalion about InjecUon, PLUS as an, added bonus ,. .a 2Qc coupon good w\ your next purchase ol B-D AlcohoF Swabs. Supply Is limited. See yow pharmacist today! SETTING GEL J38li reouun 8 n. ^^ EXTRA HOLD M(J.11HS1.7S BALSAM 1.49 pr Qukk- OINTMEWT 2.69 ft* relief if Sin 1.29 TAME Creme Rinse and Conditioner Mfg. UU $1.55 ' In. 1.09 16 or. Sire Also, Available Clear eyes eye drops W5.KstS1.7S 69 Johnson's h DENTAL FLOSS p: JNWAXEO --I 200 ]f Mis. Mfg. lilt $2.98 SPRAY LIQUID FOR ATHLETE'S 1FOOT Su M%.Ut)$2j9 Ben-Gay REGULAR v FAST RELIEF FROM ACHES AND PAINS DIAL VERY DRY 1.39 I »n(l p«««JO I S M . 97 M%. IM $1,29 | YOOR (CHOICE selsun , blue, snti-dandniff 2.69 Vafcj* pricw *re sugMMwf, b***d on a MTVW by an ifrf»p»ndnil audKng concern and my wy. THESf PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE AT MOST TOPMOST PHARMACIES LISTED 8EIOW. ECONOMY DRUG HuntsvilU FAYETTEVILLE DRUG SAV-ON yALGREEN DRUG Springdale

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