Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 2
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Pag* A-2-INOEPENDENT ·«*· «"" **" **· * lm -L.A.C. SAYS: When Everyone Gains The lease of Seaside Memorial Hospital has been signed by the county. It takes effect next June when Seaside will move into the new Memorial Hospital. At that time Seaside will become a 400-bed county hospital to care for chronic and convalescent patients. This will relieve the congestion caused by caring for these patients at the L. A. County General Hospital. : * * * ; It means the county will acquire 400 beds at a tost over 15 years of less than $2 million. If this were not so provided it would require an expenditure by the county of an estimated $10 million. Thus, taxpayers will save at least $8 million by the arrangement. At the same time the L. B. Memorial Hospital will receive--over 15 years--$1,800,000, which will be Used for equipment of the new hospital. This is one of those rare occasions when everyone gains and no one loses. Actually, it is all public money because the hospitals will be owned by the city nd the county. Long Beach will gain a new payroll Of 300 to 500 persons who will be operating the county facility. In addition, many Long Beach cases now housed at L. A. General will be cared for here at home. * * * ; Credit for this realistic use of facilities already available goes to Supervisor Burton Chace with real help from Supervisor Frank Bonelli. There has been great pressure to build a new 400-bed county facility fit a cost of $10 to $12 million. But after careful engineering surveys it was found the Seaside facility could be adapted to this restricted use. Long Beach may well be proud of its new hospital program. We hear claims that we are overbuilt in hospital beds. But when one reads the estimates of population growth for the next 10 years we can be thankful we will have adequate beds for the present and foreseeable future. It is the result of far-seeing plans by dedicated citizens who voted the bond issues and then raised $4 million from private contributions to make this possible. * * ft The general public should appreciate the hundred or more leading citizens who man the boards of directors of these hospitals, and the volunteer women workers who contribute so much of their time, to serve in the hospitals. They are tireless in their efforts to provide good business management. The City Council showed confidence in this leadership when it placed these groups in charge of management of the facilities. Politics have been kept out of the procedure. No one makes a profit from any of these hospitals, The boards of directors are concerned over the rising hospital costs--as are those who use them. The local costs are lower than in most areas of the state. But nursing and technician costs have spiraled all over the nation. It is a problem recognized by the board .members and the administrators. One thing is certain, Long Beach and county taxpayers have saved money by this arrangement for Seaside. It is an example of good business judgment and dedicated services by the men and women who have made our hospital program possible.--L.A.C. (LA.C.'i column, by L. A. Collins Sr., lile other coli/mni is an expression of pertoml opinion and doll not nictnarily reflect the considered opinion of this newspaper.) Find Pilot's Body in Jet Wreckage The body of an El Toro Marine Air Station pilot was found Tuesday in the wreckage of an F4D Skyray jet fighter which crashed southeast of Yuma, Ariz., Monday night. He was identified as U. Larry B. Thomas, 21, of Kan sas City, Mo. He was attached to the 314th All-Weather Fighter Squadron which was on a two-week, air-to-air gunnery mission at the Yuma base. Plan 208-MUe Canal TOKYO W)--Peiping Radio said Tuesday work has begun on a 208-mile canal that will carry the waters of the Yellow River to irrigate the arid regions of southern Inner Mongolia. INDEPENDENT Published dally oxcopt sundxy at Sixth St. and Pine Ave., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entered as second class matter Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Beach 2, Calif. Adludlcated by Superior Court. Lo». Angeles County, Oct. 6, 1941, Decree No. C.10280. Per Per Month Yeai Carrier Delivery ?2.00 $24.00 By Mall . 2.00 24.00 Single Copy --~----- 10c Council in Hot Debate Over A-Waste Blame The forthcoming congresv sional campaign touched off a radioactive debate Tuesday in City Council over a resolution apparently aimed at disarming Councilman D. Pat Ahern of one of his verbal w e a p o n s against Rep. Craig Hosmer. Introduced by Councilman Charles M. Garrison, the proposed resolution declared it to be the "sense of this Council that no member of Congress was in any respect responsible" for establishing an atomic- waste disposal facility in Long Beach. In the ensuing hassle, party lines crumbled. The result was a stalemate--a 3-3 vote that left the resolution unapproved and still possible topic for future salvos. * * # * A FELLOW Republican, 'harles R. Dooley, and a Democrat, Virgil H. Spong)erg, backed Garrison in suppport of the declaration exonerating Congress. Two Republicans, Mayor Raymond C. Kealer and Councilman Robert F. Crow, joined Ahern, an announced Democratic candidate who hopes to oppose Hosmer in the November election. Garrison asserted that if anyone was responsible for the four-month foulup in ousting Marine Disposal Co. from its atomic-waste storage depot at- 2100 W. 15th St., it was city management and not Congress. * * * * WHAT followed included a shifting of city hall lines amid the Congressional political storm. Ahern, one of the most f r e q u e n t and outspoken critics of City Manager Sam E. Vickers, stoutly defended the manager's handling of the moves that led to a belated denial of Coastwise's license application. The prospective Democratic candidate also made the most of the occasion to repeat charges that Hosmer, as a member of the Atomic Energy Committee, shared the blame for not requiring that such storage depots be isolated outside of concentrated areas. · * * * MAYOR Kealer said he didn't consider Hosmer at fault--"but neither is Eisenhower. What we ought to do is find out who was responsible, not who wasn't." Spongberg b a c k e d the resolution, he said, "because I don't want the City Council brought into a national political issue. Some people have gained that impression from Mr. Ahern's remarks." The only point of complete agreement was that no one on the Council wanted the atomic waste to remain or return. COMPLETE WEATHER Long Beach and Vicinity: Mostlv sunny today and Thursday but Increailno hloh cloudiness Thursday High today near 69. Mountain Arui: Mostly sunny today and Thursday but Incr*RSlng hlqh cloudiness late todny throuoh Thursday. Locally strono, oustv. northerly winds and slightly warmer most sections today Interior and Desert Regions: Moslly sunny todav »nJ Thursday but In- rrensing high cloudiness Thursday. Slfghtlv warmer today wltfi hlph temperatures of 55 to 48 In the upper valleys and 68 to 73 In (he Offshore Wind and Weather Forecast (PI. Concspclon to Mexican Border): Lloht variable winds nloht and mornlno hours becoming wesi to southwest lO-to-20 m.p.h. In the afternoons today and Thursday. Mostly sunny both davs but Increasing high cloudiness late fodav throuoh Thursday and some early morning foo Thursday. Not much change In tempera- lures. COASTAL WEATHER SUMMARY J , , u A high pressure area extends from western Orcoon southward off the California coast. A few showers are reported from Oregon north but generally fair weather prevails along the coast south of Eureka. SUN, MOON AND TIDES Sunrise: 6:49 a.m.; sunset; 5:25 p.m. Tides: S High, 4 "feet at 1:47 a.m. and 3.1 feef a) 2:05 p.m. Low, 1.6 feel at 6:3B a.m. and 1.7 feet at 7:53 p.m. TUESDAY WEATHER REPORTS California Lono Beach _ A 53 Long Beach Airport 65 52 Los Angeles 67 53 Avalon fi5 54 Bakcrsfleld ___- 60 45 Blythc ,, --. 71 5J Fl Centre _ 77 59 Fresno .,, _ ,, 60 43 H. L. Pfllm Sorlngs - .- Rlvenlde ..,, 60 Newport Beach . Sacramento San Bernardino San Dleoo . -.. San Francisco . Santa Barbara . Victorvllle . 60 54 Across the Mellon 59 67 51 AS 55 TM"T~~HZ 60 50 ..._. 67 51 57 41 Atbuqueraue _.. Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck __ _ Boston ,, Chlcaoo ,,,,,, -Cleveland _ Denver ei Molnes H. L. Prc. 42 33 .16 ,, _ _ 28 15 -66 4\ -32 23 .10 ,, _ 30 27 .03 _ _ 29 32 -24 19 .01 37 23 -32 29 -Detroit __ _ 25 19 -Fort Worth ~ 61 50 -- Holeru ,,- 43 2/ -- 35 28 -- Indianapolis. _ M Kansas OtY -- Lns Veons Memphis ,, _» Miami . __ "51 33 " _ _- 59 40 -. 57 34 -- H. L. PK. Milwaukee . 26 33 -- AAlnncflofilli-StPaul 29 21 -New Orleans , W 46 -New York 34 76 -Oklahoma City , «0 39 -- Oninhri ,, 33 29 -- Phlliidolphla 34 26 -- Plioenix ,, _ . « 4V .03 Pittsburgh J9 15 -Portland . 51 44 .15 Reno -.._ 45 26 .26 Richmond 45 26 -St Louli 34 31 -Salt Lake City' 38 33 .36 Seattle 47 4? .30 Spokane.TM"'TMZZH.-~ 40 35 .31 Washington Lc.vut tcmcerature In the 4P adlsecnt stales Tyesdcv wn? " below i»rr at PcllsUm, Mich. 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