Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1929 · Page 30
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 30
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30 THE AtTOONA MIRROR—FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1929 SEVEN SCHOLASTIC GAMES INTEREST ALTOONA FANS-* Maroon and White Goes to Johnstown In Feature Game of Conference Program Saturday—Four Games Arranged Also for Armistice Day. Scholastic footlKill ti-ams. inornljcr." of the western sort Ion of t.h«- Ontnil Pniinsylviinlii InI.r>i-Hch(il:i.stic Fontlmll conference, will pcrfnrtn In woven Barnes over a two clny period, school teams arranging tlircn contests Saturday with four going over to Monilny. 'celebrated :is Arnilstlci- day. The program follows: Siiliiriluy. .Altoona at Johnstown. ' CIciirllKld (it. Htiitc Colh'U'c. Jersey Shore lit Loch Ha.vcn. Monday. Lewlstown at Ufll^fonln. Tyrone at ITolllilayslmri . Mount Union at I'orltif,"'. Cresson n.t Huntingdon. And Altoonn football fans an- interested In practically nil of I he gumi's over the two (lay .schedule. Altooiiii holds wins over five of tlie rnntnHtlng teams. In addition Alloona iticcts another one. The big pump for tomorrow IH. of course, the Altoona. tfarne at Johnstown. And while Altoona fans ivgiinl an Altoonn win as a crM-liilnty Johnstown Is expected to put. up IV real scrap all the way and the score may he a lot closed than many fans expect, and also a lot more than Johnstown really looks for. Much depends on how long the A. II. B. va roily remains in tho game. . Cteitrflcld ami State College meet on the Centre county field and this game will he all-Clearfleld. Htate hasn't scored a single point all season. Jersey Shore iincl Lock Hiiven do Home real Hcrapplnj? on the Lock • Haven field. This giimo Is a toss-up with Lock Haven given a slight edge by reason of playing on the home lot. Last year the Bktieters won 7-<i from Lock Haven. The previous your Lock Haven won 0-0. Lock Haven also won 19-8 In 1020 with Lock Haven ahead 20-8 In 1925 <ind a winner 1(1-0 in 11)24. Both teams are likely to score tomorrow. Lock Haven lost 2fi-12 to Willlams- port tills year and Jersey Shore lost to tho Bll'ltown team 20-0, BO this game shows the teams pretty evenly matched. Tho Monday bill of fare among the .scholastic teams Is also a good one with the Tymne-HollldiiysIiurB "peace day" game the topnotcher. Theno teams previously met on Thanksgiving day. And Tyrone holds threu wins out of tho last five games played, Tyrone winning last year 19-0 and tho previous year 12-0. This season Tyrone has a record of three wins, two losses and one tie. Hollldaysburg won four and lost two. Lc.whitown and Bellcfonte perform at Bellefonte and it looks lllie Belli 1 - fonte is going to add 10 points to the Altoona summary by reason of a win. The teams played a tie game last season. Cresson Is at Huntingdon and Ores- son Is already marked down with the> eight suecesslve defeats of the season. By winning this game Huntingdon will lose just in conference- points by reason of Cresson'H three conference lickings nnd Altoona High loses the uaine amount. Mount Union is at Porlagn and this means another licking for the Shorty ' Gasull team of Mount Union while '. Portage will hang up the loams seventh victory. Portngo lost only to V/indbcr this season. In addition to the seven conference) games Saturday and Monday tho western section hail sixteen other conference games rumulnlng. Four are .' booked Nov. in, live Nov. 23 and seven on Nov. 28, Turkey day. MKTKO niJUKI'INS. Test Department and Metro Duckpln ' bowler:! turned in high match scores ' last evening but both teams lost dc' ciBions. Hei'spurgcr Assurance won two of threu games by margins of 32 /and 1(1 pins. Stanco won games by -• and 3 pin margins. Metro got a high > single game of 8-10, with Hussell malt- Ing a 222 score. Scores: IIorHpcrgcr ANNiiruiinn — ', Ahlborn ............. IB I 131 IM— 138 Norton .............. K>0 M« 14" -301 . Martz ............... Ml! 125 140-413 •Vaughn ............. »•' 'Lane ................ HO 181 107-408 130-207 'Hersporgor ............. 131 ' Totals ............. «13 711 US5 2011! ' Tent Department — Durborrow .......... 170 Ifi5 ]IM— 02(1 ' Burku ............... MV J72 81—101 'Anderson ............ 154 1M 12S-4K Reed ................ HI 81) 12S--32r 187 Kill HII-4UI Totals .. Staneo—. Woods Mitchell .. Mallory .. Kanner ... . Dougherty 770 082 0(19 2121: 1B1 151 Kill !)•! Ifiii 120 Hi) Ml 147 220—491 »2—H41. 1511-42' 145—:i8l 100—418 Total* WI7 (illll 722 20.V Metro— Boldt 212 180 Ifill—551 Hammers 1»S 13» 138—38:. Piper 131 177 1711—4H7 Rusnell 134 101 222—457 Plug SO — 80 Stauter hi) 148—234 Totals «B2 «H3 840 2171 CONTltllllJTK (i AIM US. Anglo-Suxon contributors to the games of the world nre rrickcit, rugby and soccer by tho Knglish, anil bane ball, baaketbull and football by tin United States. Newest Fall and Winter PANTS of every description for every occasion w« MATCH voi K COAT ANi> VEST Whipcord C'urduruy BREECHES Waterproof—MulenUu $1.95 to $4.95 NATIONAL PANTS STORES 1129 llth Avenue Opeu E BELIEVE ALTOONA WIN WILL BE LOW SCORE ONE Although Altoonn. High has at least a fid-point, advantage by comparative scores, In the annual game with Johnstown High on Saturday at Johnstown, folks over Johnstown wny figure that the maroons will do well to win the. game by B, 14-0 score. "For reasons loo numerous to mention," say the Johnstown critics, we believe Unit Altoona does not rate more than 14 points better than Johnstown and, with the advantage of playing on their own Held, Johnstown High's team might cut this margin even smaller. "If Johnstown gets Ihe breaks tomorrow, Altoona, High Isn't going to win, "Coach Harriett's team has no reason for cockiness and over-confidence, but they must realize that their case is-far from hopeless. They don't know what they can do against the Rrnanuel team. Odd* favor Altoonn. hut Johnstown ca,n Htirmount 'em." Hut tomorrow's game will tell the tale. FOOTBALL GAMES. Sal unlay. xAltoona at Johnstown. xClearlleld lit State College, x.lersey Shore at bock Haven. Meyersdaln at Windber. Stcelton at Willlamsport. Ferndale at Everett. Roaring Spring at Bedford. Ebensburg at Patton. College. Penn Slate at Pcnn. W. & J. at Pitt. Vlllanova at ISucknell, Scriinton. Duquesne at Catholic U. P. M. C. al Dickinson. St. Marys at 1*'. & M. Muhlenberg at (lettysburg. Allegheny at Grove City. Swarthmore at Johns Hopkins. Lchlgh at Princeton. Oallaudet at Temple. Husqtiehamm at Urslnus. Junlata at Upsula, N. J. Duliois at Bellefonte Academy. Maryland at Yale. Rhode Island at Worcester. Case at Woosler. Ohio Wcsleyan at Wittenberg. Detroit at West Virginia. St. Johns nt W. & I.,. Idaho at Washington State. Stanford at Washington. V. P. I. al Virginia. Georgia Tech at Vanderbllt, Georgetown lit Navy. Niagara lit Syracuse. Northwestern al Ohio State. Draho at Noire Dame. Georgia al New York U. Bethany at Muskingiim. Harvard at, Michigan. Centre at I_.oulsvllle. Rutgers at Lafayette. Heidelberg al John Carroll. Army al Illinois. Boston U. nl Holy Cross. Alfred at Hoburl. Hamillon al Haverford. W. Va. Wcs. at Davis-Elkins. Western Hes. at Cornell. Colgate at Columbia. Wisconsin al Chicago. Dartmouth at Brown. Fordham al Boston college. Tufts at Amherst. Monday. xTyrone at Hollklaysburg. • xLewistown at Bollefonte. xMount Union at Portage. xCresson at Huntingdon. Morrl/i Township at Phillpsburg. x Conference games. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN WKHTEKN KLECTUIO. Tigers were high In Ihe Western Bleetrlc tenpln league at Ihe Melro ast evening. Tho lenm scored a 2075 total to defeat Wildcats and Lions. Tho alter two teams showed a single pin nargln, Tlgn, Reagan 134 171 138—4411 Dl Oroot 1B9 141 157—407 Roberts 1311 115 154—408 Poffeiiberger J35 120 95—35( Kaufman J42 146 129—417 MV Votl -rvu-r aiVJo T3I0 oSKoulS as ALL • TM QOMlkiA STAlLlP TbR -^ -THIS A "TASK I inA-rtl' Al*riC -T6A Aid" 7 MUFFlAiS OL." 7 BEAR-BAIT UP, I'LL CARRV -TrU-f -TRtl/aK -To ATTiC ALL I'M sucM criuMP! SAMSONS US f CATHOLIC HIGH TO OPPOSE SPANGLER Altoona Catholic High school yellow jackets will be In action on Saturday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock at the Cricket field, the orange and blue of the Altoona school to float over a Spangler orange team, This will be the yellow jackets' first appearance at the Cricket lot this season, Alloona has been pointed for the game as the yellow jackets must win from Spangler In a rather decisive style. This same Spangler team beat Johnstown Catholics, Altoona's real rival,' by a touchdown some weeks ago. Altoona wants ah even bigger margin. Tho Spangler record to date follows: 0—Portage ...; ^ 61 0—Funxsutawney 54 0—Altoona J. V 18 6—Patton 14 0—Carr'olltown ^ 27 7—Johnstown C. H. S 0 0—Ebensburg 13 That's a remarkably heavy schedule for the Spangler team, but the squad has learned plenty of football In opposition to'those teams and Spangler Is playing the best brand of ball right now. Altoona Catholic played a 7-7 tie against Carrolltown. The probable lineups for Saturday ollow: Spangler IVagner n ronza Hogue "oaack JcCombie.... Brown... Miller.... 3umm... Liowmaster Shroyer.. •letrick.. WILLIAMSBURG IS' GAME WINNER 47-0 Wllliamsburg High handed out a 47-0 defeat to the Orblsonla High team al Wllllamsburg yesterday, Coach Dan Kulp using his second string candidates throughout three complele periods. The home team scored seven touchdowns. Long runs featured the game and Captain Ralph Whittaker, Blair coun- ly scoring champion, added two touchdowns, both coming after long skirts around the ends. Hoover and Shaffer also added louchdowns, several scores coming on forward pusses. Williamsburg win be idle unlll Nov. 16 when Ihe team travels to Saxton. Hollldaysburg Is met Nov. 28 in the llnal game. Yesterday's lineups: ALTOONA HIGH PLAYERS ALL FIT FOR HARD BATTLE AT JOHNSTOWN WlllltimsburK 47— .. LE Funk .. LT Sutcrs >t LG Singleton '.". C Lee ,. RG Appleman .. RT Lower .. RE .... H. Gannatle ... QB Baker LHB Dewey .-.. RHB Myers .. FB P. Gannalle Totals 709 693 673 2075 J.IOIIN— Hiichmnn 108 103 106—317 Slattery 100 Ifil 87—.'144 Baer 146 154 184—48.J Goodman 86 01) 89—244 Wllmot 151 138 140—435 Orhlsonla—0 Ulsh D. Miller Gaston Galbralth Harlo Fltzhucs , Hoffman . ; .,... Allcnder .'. Parish Carolhers F. Miller Period seoro: Williamsburg 0 33 14 0-47 Touchdowns: Whittaker 2, Hoover 2, Shaffer 3. Points afler touchdowns Whltlaker 3, Hoover 2. Referee, Carl H. Cddenbaugh. Umpire, Craig. Head linesman Fay. Periods 10 minutes. Subslllulcs—Williamsburg. Roush, K. Campbell, Blddle, G. Campbell, Frank, Snare, Hoover, Klfer, Whil- taker, Schultz, Shaffer, Comate. NEW YORK, Nov. 8.—Manhattan college's football team went through a light practice Thursday before en- ralnlng for Atlanla where it will en counter the Oglethorpe eleven lomor- row. Del Negro, Injured end, prae- Iced for the first limo Ihls week and nay start Saturday Totals SOB 015 (1121823 Wildcats— Albright 144 89 136—369 Noel 358 150 129—442 Kalston 310 101 120—340 Hnrtmuu 100 110 132—342 Bender 11>9 111 01—331 Totals (1-11 iiflO 017 1824 WKKHTM'! fOH TITUS. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 8.—Tho heavyweight wrestling championship of tho world will be at stake tonight al the Arena when Dirk Hhikat, recog- ni/ed MS world's champion, squares off against Rudy DuseU, Omaha "iron man". The big German, who now lives In Philadelphia, has been a busy man slnco ho won tho title by virtue of a victory over Jim London hero a few months ago. Beat the Johnnies Grizzly Overcoats llcltur grub yourself one ul these jillu cuuU before theru'h u bliortiiKc uf iiimcls. They're M'lUug plenty fast ut $50 Altoona High's football squad, thirty- three strong, tore up the sod at the Cricket field last evening, staging the final practice session prior to the annual game with Johnstown High at the Point field, Saturday. All drills this week have been at the Cricket field, tho maroons giving up the Maple avenue park due to the mud out there. And for the first time this season the maroons are in perfect shape, not a single mishap marring any of the Cricket field practices. Altoona High players, coaches, cheer leaders will' leave by train early tomorrow morning for Johnstown. The squad will take up quarters at a hotel in the Flood city. The Altoona High band and the cheering delegation of 800 students, together with the citizen delegation of more than 1,000 will leave by special train at 12.30 noon tomorrow. The train occupants will parade from the station to the Point field. The Johnstown High band will lead tho march. Altoona High players are expecting a hard game. Followers of the team look for an easy win, based on scores during the season. . But the maroons have been carefully coached this week, coaches stressing the fact that Johnstown will be fighting with Its back to the wall, which means a much tougher fight for Altoona. Johnstown selects Altoona as tho winner from 14 to 21 points. Altoona coaches ask for at least a two touchdown margin. A scrimmage was held last evening at tho Cricket field and every player on tho squad saw some action. The varsity tried out some new plays. Altoona High is seeking the eighth straight victory of the season over Johnstown and the maroons also look for the first win over Johnstown in seven years, no Altoona team beating the Light Plue and Black since 1922. Teams played scoreless ties tho last two seasons. The probable lineups for the game tomorrowvf ollow: Altoona Positions Johnstown Rush.... left end Lumnitzcr Hoenstine.... left tackle Kawchak Lieb left guard Dixon Albright center Wendle Adams right guard Kondor McClellan.... right tackle Crelll Calderwood... right end Keating Clifford quarterback ... .Berkebilo Weld left halfback Rishell Thompson., right halfback ....Terebus Milton fullback Cox Altoona SUTIS—Miller, Burchlnal, Dillon, Sipes, Fusco, Shively, Fuoss, Lobro, Winegardner, Rouzer, Campanero, Dlnges, Clprlano, Pittman, Buck, Gaines, Neugebauer, Hamilton, Kennedy, Kerlin, Wilson, DeStefano, Shar baugh. Johnstown subs—Jacques, Treden- nlck, Marshall, Beas, Wesner, Jones, Good, Pewrach, Rigby. Referee, Duncan McCallum, Leechburg. Umpire, Butler, Klttannlng. Head linesman, Easterly, Pittsburgh. A FINANCIAL PROBLEM. A man went into a hat store to buy a hat, which he did for $7.50, giving the hatter a $10 bill. 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Aigner 167 154 157—461 Delozier 136 126—261 !ulp .; 155 156 133—444 Endress ^. 124 —124 Totals 691 756 676 2123 Privates— Bettwy •*.... 166 136 143—445 Frischorn 135 161 158—452 O'Connell &.... 106 —106 Casey ' 184 161 142—487 Dughi 208 176 153—537 Jones .,,... 170 160—330 Totals 799 804 754 2357 Giants— Shope v..'.... 211 180 232-^623 Fellinger 165 : 132 195—492 Connelly 128 140 98—366 Hoyer 123 123 144—390 Kelly ..3 154 197 202—553 Totals ,«.»:.>. 781 772 8712424 Tigers— Beckel .....-.-.-.- 98 91 92—281 Schnaubelt 100 133 160—393 Grimme 140 136 177—453 S. Gulp „ 185 141 147—473 J. Klesius 186 194 191—571 Totals '. 709 695 7672171 WILL POST SCORES. The score of the Altoona-Johnstown football game to be played at the Point, Johnstown, on Saturday, will be given to all local fans who are unable to make the trip through the courtesy of Joe Cohen, proprietor of tho Young Men's Shop In the Masonic temple building. The score will be posted In the window, giving the period score, together with the player making the score. The first bulletin will be posted .about 3 o'clock Saturday. The service is In keeping with Mr. Cohen's policy of keeping the fans informed on Altoona High events. PtAY. Millvllle and the Tyrone Moose will play on th,e Millville field at Thlrty- flrst street, on Saturday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. The first game between teams was a scoreless tie. Coach Harry Conroy of Millvllle has L. and S. Porta, Schraft, Dolby, O'Donnell, Plowman, Drobst, Elmer C. and J. Hamas, Smith, Bunigardner, McCoy, Burkholder, Estep, Wesley, Yingllng and Green. PHALANX TEAM READY FOR FOURTH SEASON The fourth season of basketball for the Phalanx club of the Altoona Y. M. C, A. will be launched this evening when all candidates are asked to meet at the "Y" at 7 p. m. Manager Hauser wants to see the following present: Harry Sommers, Fred Stere, Harry Mohler, Robert Moore, McFalls, Har- niafi, Ovens, Hesa, K. Landis, R. Landla, D. Perry, J. Kell, M. Lantz, Curry, Charlesworth, B. Forsht, Won- derllch, Szlnk, Wertz, Hammond, Bodle, 'Snow, Gracey and all others wishing a trial. Anyone wishing to book the Phalanx team will be accommodated by writing Robert Hauser of the Altoona Y. We will be glad to demonstrate to yon the • Pilot Ray Driving Light Thia light turns automatically with your steering and puts the light where you need it. ' American Garage 800-806 Green Ave. Topcoats IN EVERY NEW FABRIC AND SMART STYLE ) UPERBLY tailored in a generous assortment of fabrics, we present for your consideration the season's new* cr style* and smarter patterns In Foil topcoats *'Dr««« /o<r the Occasion** 1304 ELEVENTH AVE. i. 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