Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 5
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Jim« ./or OMEN Wednesday, April 71, 1976 · 5 iniiiiDuiiiiniiiiH^^ Learning Disabilities Council Hears Reports Of Convention To Observe Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. B. L. (Nick) Nance will observe Iheir twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Sunday, April 25, at the home o f - M r . and Mrs. Darrel Samuels in Welling- ton Wiinrfs, Highway IB West. Mr. 'and Mis. Jhn Ferguson will also he hosts. Friends and relatives are invited to attend from 1 until 4 o'clock in the Ktlcrnoun. Symphony To Play Last Spring Concert The Washington County Council of the Association for Children, with Learning Disabilities met earlier this month to hear reports of the ACLD convention held \it the Medical Center in Little Rock named an advisory board and adopted goals for the coming year. The next meeting is 'set for May 20 at. 7:30 p.m. and the place will he anounced. ;. Ten persons.from Washington County attended - the ACLD obbying for support ot funding n the legislature; compiling lome -management technique, 'or a parent workshop; -cstab lishiug (earning resource room in each school anct working wilh the Ozark Guidance Ccnte (OGC) to establish it as i.n arc; diugnoslic and prescriptive center; The Advisory Board will |re- scnl Ihe program May 20. The Board consists of Dr. Laura Koehn, Faytltcville allergist; Boy Gets In Trouble 'Playing'.With Stepmom The North-Arkansas Syinpho- ~ n\ will plav its final conceit of Z Ihe spring semester at 8 p.m. Friday, in the Men's Gym will Johnson con- religious influence homL'lown of heard Dr. : Campbell ducting ... this Danbury, Contl this use" o p I The'program. features pianist ' Rano Papini of Rogers, B junior music major at the. University, ~ and music by Mozart Brahms, and . Charles Ives. Papini will lay the Piano Concerto No in G minor by Felix Men i- delssohn. "X The Charles Ives composition, :~ "The Sacond Symphony." is one ",, music ot Ives. Dr. Johnson said, ^ Jlnce it: gives b full picture of "!. Ives' as a composer and as a *,, man. Compared to Ives' other , works Ihe sjmphons is « o I fragments from hymn I u'n e s such as "Bringing In the Sheaves," and "When I Siirvej esourcci, md f implementing ct 102 ' t h e special education ct- passed by the Arkansas egislature in 1973. Mrs: Morriss Henry, presi- ait of tlie group, ^told of her meetings with Faye'Ueville atid pringdale superintendents of cbools and supervisors of spe- ial · educ'alipn. The school eqiiesls for additional services o implement Act 102 have been -in the due to the.Wonderous Cross." The Mendelssohn 'Concert was written in 1831. The c o m p o s e r , w o r s ·- complicated until the end of Ihe ~ last movemcnl. where "sud- denlly everjlhmg goes on at -~ once in an exciting and un " forgettable mnture of musical tunes, Ives 1 Dr.' Johnson: said; begfin to 'compose Ihe ^» iVCO uv. b "" ·" nl u- -__ jjmphonj when he «as 27 He -- was quite impressionable Dr Johnson said alv,a\s wanting "* to capture m music the imafes and ideas that impressed him the most He was influence: highly bj Ihe music o cultivated · b m a n t i c of self-indulgen sadness, wrote much of : h i composition in minors Johnso said. He wrote two .pian concertos in tho minor key The opening seven bars of th Concerto rise chromatically bringing the piano m with oc lave and figuration passage leading to the first theme! Th second ." theme is a 'Son Without Words 1 played O\P onvenlion, and hcurd various Dr. Travis Jenkins, Springdale a\s of utilizing learning child psychiatrisl wilh OGC; " ' r. Wade Burnsidc, Fayclle- ille pediatrician: Dr. Mitchell ingleton. Fayellevillc oph ahlomologist; Dr. Dan Tibbitts, dordmator of the speech anc earing clinic al Ihc University f Arkansas; Dr, Sahra Hasscll 'aycllevitle cliikl psychologist, udge Bob Mayes, Juvenile Court Judge; Mrs. Feriba IcNair, president FaycUcvillc chool Board; Jimmy Willelts pecial education 1 supervisor Fayclleville schools; Mrs. Mar ha" Boles, Springdale specia Beethoien. Brahms. Wagner and the folk music of New England. From these master com posers I\es used the famous staccato figurations:; A ;clodn fanfare played by horns an trumpets; ^connects the U\ movements, modulating" lo E. major. Out of the fanfitc motif develops the main theme of the second movement- Again the soloist, plays a Song Without Words" melody -accompanied bj strings woodwinds and horns:" The -Concerto' comes to 9 'close in typical Mendls^olm fashion, brilliant and exciting, Dr, 'Johnson siad. The Mozurt- -"Overture" · was ut across, Ihe board tale by 0 per cenl -he present revenue situation. In Fayetteville this means only the teachers now giving lelp for specific learning dis ibilities will be continued ani t is doublful at this time tha tiny additional leachers can he employed in this capacity fo the coming year. In Springdal one person to teach children with specific learning disabili ties will be hired. Goals discussed and adople included; compiling a lisi of al existing learning disabilitie resources in the - county working with the schools on' LI workshops · for all leachers supporting (lie- volunteer lulo now · in existence , education supervisor; Mrs Henrietta Holcomb, FayeUevill school elementary school super ; Bill Mandrel!, director o School; H.P. Prim Jr Springdale optometrist; Mrs Anita Cooper, special learnin disability teacher in Prairi firove; r and Mrs. Sarah Burn side, director of volunteer tuto program in Fayeltcville arc\ who is chairman. The Northwest Arkansa Charity Horse Show to be he! in Bcntonville at t h e Fai grounds, indoor arena April 5 was also discussed. Proceed from this show will 'go lo he: ACLD. Dance To The Husic Of Area Bands And Contribute' to 'Fight Cancer' f o u r opening notes Beethoven s Fifth Sjmphom, fragments from Brahm s ' First and Third S\mphoni«.s a n d W a g n e r s Tristan and Walkure." He -also used patriotic songs such as America The Beautiful," and "Columbia the C f e m of Ihe Ocean and popular tunes such as Old Black Joe l u i k e j in the slraw (.(Swanee Ruer ' C a m p t o w n Races," a n d "Long, Long. Ago." The strong BiiiiiuiBJiiniiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiKiiiiiiBiiiiiiin EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS written during one of happier moments in Mozart s life. The Variations on a theme by HaV'dn, Opus 56a, was Brahms' first, ambitious work for the symphony orchestra. Admission by season icket or by tickets purchased at the door. When local,residents dance lo ( local group the rhusii: of'three popular'area nlerested in bands Thursday al the Rock- woud Club here, they will also be contributing . local ... ,, ..... ------ ,, . ^ 'Fight Cancer" drive. _ The- public^ Benefit 'dance, sponsom! b' members ; or Fayelleyille's five Beta; .Sisma Phi chapters, is-part.oF a.Hrive to obtain : an early cancer CLUB Cranford Receives Merit Scholarship Dennis CranFord, « senior at Monlic'ello HiBh School, was named recently as a winner of an Arfcasnas'Opportunity Merit Scholarsliip, awarded .by t h e Scholarship screening and detection facility at the Washington Regional Medical. Center. The three bands, Hiver City Kasmir and Gary Justus and the Miniilcmen, will provide a yarioly of fnlisical sounds for canlin'umis dancing from 8 p.m tii midnighl. · The Rockwoot Club is located just olf Hws 71 S. on 24111. Street (also known as County Club Road). The benefit dance, organized the Gamma Xi chapter of or organizali ,,, ... Ihe infoivnalio Ttifi program can be schedul ay eonta cling Mrs. Ma Patrick:at 442-6558. . Mrs. Jena Berlus of Gamma Xi is general dance'chairman; 'Mrs.' Kalhy : " Logue. Gaoima Xi 1 ?. general-'service chairman and Mrs. Pal rick of Ozark Celebration Planned At Library The Ihird annual Ozark clebralion is being planned by ic Kaycllcvillc HiRh Scliool ibrary "staff for May 3-4. Hours ' ' T 8:?'l ·' m . m'.il p.m. Th; arm of Ihe program to stimulate interesl and waincss of Ihe u n i n u e culture f the Ozarks niul lo help insure s continued existence. The "Celebration" will fn- lude exhibits and demon- Iralions by local artists and raitsmen as well as musicians nd storytellers. The event is pen to the public and the entire school system and provides an pporlunily to display and sell Tlic high school cafeteria w i l l serve from 11:30 a.m. until 1:15, ).m. ·' ' Coordination of the exhibition .. heinfi handled by 'Joan- Bulled! ami-Sherry Price. For norc information call tha ibrary staff al 443-3481, ex- ^nsion 25 or 2S. , . vwrcs. The library be open By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I know I've done wrong, bul please help me because I'm in such a mess I don't know what to do. I was 15 when my mother died, so my father and 1 "batcher il" for nearly Iwo years. My father f i n a l l y decided to m a n j Neva who was 37 and fairly nice-looking. Dad was 57. Everything would have beon fine if I had had any sense but I started fooling around with Neva when my father was a' work. Neva gol pregnanl. 1 was scared out of my wits, bu Neva said she could make my father think Ihe baby was his so 1 shouldn'l worry. Neva, lir.d-lwin boys, ami tny falher was the happiest mai earth. Everything "was working out fine until the Iwihs wer nonlhs-old Then, wilh no warning, my falher had a hear lack and died. Neva and I were in a state of shock for se' al days and didn't know whal lo do. My falher left enough insurance, cash and property for N. a and the twins to live comfortably and for me to go to co ge. Now Neva doesn't want me to go lo college. She wan 1 e to marry her -- and help her raise Ihe loins' She s a j ey are as much mine as hers 1 want lo do vilril s right bu don't want to live with Neva the 'rest of my life. Please he TRAPPED DEAR TRAPPED: The twins could he your father's -- "nd gall)' they are his sons, so don't feel duU bound to n i a r r v cva'and sacrifice your college education to sU home and elp raise Ihc hoys.' Keep a respectable distance Irani Neia, nd wilh a little luck she'll find another man. DEAR ABBY: Whenever I attend a double-ring ceremony, wonder if the bride and groom realize that there is no justi icalion'whatsoever for a man's wearing a wedding ring The wedding Ting is a SMnbol of bondage of females in marriage. It's the last relic of the collar and shackles with vhich captive and purchased brides were (and in some parts f . the'world 1 still are) bound to their male masters. I quote from an old German prayer book.C18B8) "The wedding ring is for the bride onlj and is a si tnbo! of ler bondage, subjection to and obedience to her master; a sign hat she is now no longer free and independent, but that she s bound and chained under the masteu of her husband HISTORY BUFF DEAR BUFF: Thanks for pointing out Ihe progress we've made since 1888. DEAR ABBY: My husband says that I snore, but I know ~ don't. One thing I know for'certain is'thai HE snores; and if don't fall asleep before he does, .t am up ail night. He tells ML thai HE is up all nighl because of MY snoring which is n diciilous because if he were up he wouldn't-be keeping ME up wilh his snoring. How can we find out the truth? Don't suggest we have a third party sleep with us as I am verj old fashioned HATTIE DEAR HATTIE: Buy, rent or twrrro a tarn 1 recorder an turn if on when you both retire. Whoever is awake while t h other is snoring should saj, ' I am awake, so YOU must be snoring!" And thai should settle it! junday, May 2, for craftspeople vhq need lo set up their exhibits in advance for Ihe )zark Celehralion on May 3 or 4. The lower east door will be open al 2 p.m. Localed at 1001 Vest Stone Street, visitors larking will he provided in th ower east parking lot. Craftsmen can schedule for ill of both days or part of cilher lay. L u n c h e o n arrangement should be made individually Announcements The Northwest Arkansas Bee-. eepers Association will m e e f e u Thursday at 7:30 p.m., at t h e Huntsville Community Center to elect officers for the Madison County Chapter of this newly organized .community project. Joe Parkhill will show a film.' Tne public is invited and thera is no admission charge. Fork Jaycces w i l l sponsor a car wash from 9 a.m.. until S p.m. Saturday at the First National Bank parkins! lot in West Fork. Proceeds will he used to p u r c h a s e equipment for the playground at West Fork elementary school Daily Calendar Of Events Tonight University Faculty Trio, Fine Arts Concert Hall, 8 p.m. Alcoholic Anonymous, VA Hospital, 8 p.m. Transcendental' Meditation Lecture, 530 N. College, 8 p.m. Thursday Everyone has a problem What s yours' For a personal ply, write lo ABBY: Bos No. 69700; L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclos stamped^ self-addressed envelope, please (C) by Chicago Trihime-N Y " SMiTH'S Communication 2-Woy Radio Your 2-Wsy Radio Headquarters . In Electronic* sine* 1929 S20 N. College !3-2i For Your Prescription Needs Sea Us QUAKER DRUG 22 B. Cemler -- 41Z-4246 ,CKj Parking Lot In Hear Mother s Morning Out, Urm ersity Baptist Church, 9 a m -It noon Daughters of Demeter, 4-H House, 9:30 a.m. Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, Public Health Center, M .m. Sigma Nu Mothers and ttives Club, Mrs George Gearhart, Washington County Republican Men's and Women's Club faint Meeting, Bowen's, II ^0 am Altrusa Club, Dtmnlown Motor IxxJge, 12 noon Hotar Club, Holiday Inn, U 05 noon Senior Citizens Bowling, Ozark Bowling Lanes, 1pm. Weight Watchers, 'Gott Building, 1 p.m. Marion Chapter, BAR. Mrs Charles Kirehen, 1 30 p m Alcoholics Anonymiios Student Group, Arkansas Union, 6i30 p m Washington County Wheelmen, High Roller Cyclery, 6.30 p m. Weight Watchera, Goff Building, 7 p m Jaycees, t t jail's 7 p m Goshen Eastern Star, MasonK- Han, 7 30 pm DAY Chapter 1, VA Hospital, 7 38 pm Rolhe Hudson Organ Concert, Ramay Junior High School. New Singles Group, Spnngdale Legion Hut, 8 p m . Apha Epsilon, 'the general c h a i r m a n of the : Memorial Fund.' A l s o assisting ' . the National Merit Corporation. The Arkansas Opportunity sent"; of projects and events ------ - - - - - - that have allowed the l o c a l ; f r e d a Kelly YOUNG HOMEMAKERS Mrs Ceceliu Tu ' served - ·- Chinese'dinner to 10 members and guests at the April meeting ; held at the F a r m Bureau Building. Mrs. Tu was guest speaker and discussed her work with " the Cerebral Palsy Foundation Scholarships which lie awarded by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, provide a medium for participation by Arkansas Beta sponsored by Phi, and co- lh/ city's other is only one in a organization' of the dance a r e : Mrs. : Joyce Stafford, Mrs. Joan Ray and Mrs. Caihy Hale of Xi A l p il ,1 Epsilon: Mrs. Merrily Cooney and Mrs. Mary Klingaman of Upsiloh;. Mrs Connie Williams and Mrs. Linda Sigg of Delia Chi; Mrs Corrinne Lewis and Mrs. Faye Sannders of Preceptor Zeta and Mrs. Nancy Harris, Mrs Marilyn Burkelt, Mrs. Alice Jefferson. Mrs. N.eila Gilbreath Mrs. Cheryl Ledford. Mis women's service organization to raise $13,500 since June, 1974. 'Gfal in the fund drive is 527.000 which w i l l - , obtain a ther- m o g r a p h y machine for Jvingstbn, Mrs. Patsy Murphy and Mrs. Lorclta Synder o ramma Xi. ' M r s . displayed appliqued . Sarah · Adderholt and wall c\plamed hanging s h e IClliailDn ay mKaiian*- '.".;· =».. " ' * . .. scholarship progr.mi'! Washington Regional. made from-fabric scraps..Mrs. Janet Heckathorn, Mrs. Carroll heith and Mrs. Adderholt were appointed to the Nominating Committee in preparation to | election of officers al [he M a y , meeting. Tlie next meeting will j be held May 10. ' C.HERRY BELLE The April meeting was-held last Thursday at Wy.atl's Cafeteria. The occasion was farewell 'get-together for Mrs. Louise Sensintaffar, w h o . is moving to Columbus, Mis6. Mrs. Helen Peters, president, gave Ihe club molto. The program on friendship opened with the Bible reading on. the friendship of Ruth and'Naomi, chosen by Mrs. Foltz and read by. Mrs. June Lewis. Others reading appropriate . poems were . Mrs. Nola Foncannon, Mrs. Marie Farris, Mrs. 'Julw Reed and Mrs. Jucl Giles, Mrs. Beulah Beavers was a guest - The club signed a card and presented Sirs. Sensintaffar with · Book Of Memories. The May meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Heed and the prognim will be on poinccr women.'Each member is ackcd to bring a picture of a pioneer ancestor. STONY .VALLEY ' M r s . Bob Palmer of Springdale was hostess: to 17 members'and three guest. Mrs. Francis Hull was co-hostess. Mrs. Doris Russell opened the meeting wilh Easter devotions. At . t h e conclusion of the liushiess meeting conducted b Mrs. Jerry Hinshaw, president nn auction was held as I h e f n n d · r a i s i n g · method fo- ehariUhle'projecls of the club. Th« May 20 mcetirrg will he keld al the home of Mrs. Jim Reed in Fayelleville designed to make available higher education- lo Arkansas high school seniors of abilily and character. Ten seniors who wish to allend Arkansas institutions of higher learning are named winners each year. The -sou of Mr. a n d Mrs. Cornelius Cranford of Monti=el!o..he is grandson, of Mr. . .and Mrs. V. Fayetlcville. , . K a y of ' Facilities, such as the ther- m o g r a p h s ' machine which provides for early detection of cancer in soft tissues of t h e body,, are not now available in Northwest Arkansas. In an effort to acquaint tlyj public with the need jnd USDS of a devise such as the Ihcr- mography machine. Beta Sigma Phi offers a program and film explaining the project for any SMART SHOPPERS WATCH TIMES ADS 7 DAYS A WEEK! EXPERT- WATCB RCTAIX SWIFTS THE SCALE, THE LJNEJHE GRACE OF TRADmONAL.STYUNG AT ITS MOST MAGNIFICENT! 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