Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 14, 1966
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WEATHER Night and morning low clouds and fog but mostly sunny in afternoon. High about 68. Complete weather on Page D-2. ,.5223222 Phone HE5-1 i61 --Classified No. HE2-5959. 34 PAGES LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA90801, MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1966 VOL 28 --NO. 169 AUTOMOBILE CAUSES GIANT RAIL WRECK --Story, Picture A-3 HOME EDITION--IOc I, P-T BOY FINDS TREASURE Jewel in Paper Bag By DICK EMERY There's an early morning world that's familiar to the boys who carry morning newspaper routes. It's a world of cily streets empty of traffic, of sidewalks still waiting the first hurried footsteps of go-to-work people. It's the time when night moves off and lets daytime come, witli fog sometimes, and lazy dawn sounds from neighborhoods waking. Edgar Aliviado, 14, of 1103 "E" Court, Wilming- ton, riding his bicycle along one of · the Wilmington streets where he delivers the Sunday Independent, Press-Telegram and The Independent on w e e k d a y mornings, heard a sound Sunday morning that he knew shouldn't be there -at an empty street corner, in the fog and half-light. He heard it again, and he turned his bicycle back and stopped and searched. The sound was a baby crying. Edgar searched near the sidewalk in a weedy lot, then heard sharply the thin, shrill voice. On hands and knees now, he peered into the opening of a storm drain at Gulf Avenue and West D Street--and found a paper shopping bag which moved and made sounds. He reached his hnnd down to the paper bag, pushed the paper open and saw a baby's faco. Edgar pounded on a door at 824 West D St., awakened the people there and phoned Harbor Division po- lice. Soon Officer J. L. Monaghan lifted the shopping bag from the dark gutter drain and an ambulance took the baby to a hospital. Edgar, who found a 3- hour-old boy and gave him a chance for life, kept vigil later Sunday at Harbor General Hospital. Word was brought to him at times that John Doe, the six-pound foundling, still was "doing Ok" in the hospital's intensive-care unit. "I hope he lives," Edgar said, over and over. Sukarno Aides Seized by New Army Regime -Slaft Pholos e/ CURT JOHNSON EDGAR ALIVIADO PEERS INTO DRAIN WHERE HE FOUND BABY, KEEPS HOSPITAL VIGIL (R) Wilmington Newspaper Carrier Discovered Abandoned 3-Hour-Old Boy While on His Sunday Route Reagan Hit Again by; , Influenza LOS ANGELES UP)--Actor Ronald Reagan's campaign for the Republican gubernatoria nomination was interruptet again Sunday by influenza. With a temperature of 10 degrees, Reagan was placec on antibiotics and ordere to bed at his home in subur ban-Pacific Palisades. Reagan first was stricken two weeks ago but seeminglj recovered. He began feelin badly again Saturday after re turning from a speaking tou in San Francisco area. .The actor, bundled in a overcoat, had left his bed Sa urday night to address th California Council of Adu Education. .The candidate's schedu for the balance .of the wee has been placed on a tent tive basis, his press directo Lyn Nofziger, said. BEATEN BUT ALIVE Otf : DuiyOfficer Battles 3thugs · - . -.:·-..·· ?'·;··-.-···. . . . v - r 1 - - - . ';··'·-·: -··y-.-r- 'Everything Fine'for Gemini 8 Top Deputy Is Among Those Held ^ An off-duty Anaheim policeman narrowly escaped death Sunday when he struggled with three men robbing a liquor store. · . . 'During the scuffle, Officer Charles Horton's .25-caliber.. automatic pistol fell to the floor and one of the bandits grabbed it and attempted to shoot him. The bandit squeezed the trigger repeatedly but the gun didn't fire, apparently because he didn't know how to use the pistol. Horton, in civilian clothes, stooped at -Wonderland Liquor/ 1178 W. Katella Ave., to buy cigarettes and walked-in on the robbery at 3:55 p.m. The bandits were holding clerk Daniel B. Mascara, 27, at bay with a sawed-off rifle. "GIVE US YOUR wallet," one of the bandits ordered Horton. Remembering his badge in his wallet, Horton instead tried to give the robbers money from his front pockets. But the bandit insisted on his wallet. Opening the wallet, the bandit saw the badge and, pointing the rifle at Horton, said: "You've had it." The 30-year-old policeman grabbed the muzzle of the rifle and tried to take'it away. The bandit's two accomplices joined the struggle and Mascaro sprinted from the store to a nearby self-service laundry to telephone police. HORTON began throwing bottles of liquor at the robbers. Finally, one of the bandits hit him on the back of the head with the rifle, knocking him to the floor. The bandits, described as between 19 and 23, took an undetermined amount of cash and fled on foot east on Katella. Horton, a policeman since August 1964, suffered head bruises, a deep cut on the right thumb and a sprained right wrist. CAPE KENNEDY (UP!)-Gemini 8 astronauts N e i l Armstrong and David Scott spent a rainy Sunday getting set for their rendezvous, hookup and space-stroll mission while p r e p a r a t i o n s rolled along smoothly toward blastoff Tuesday. "Everything's going fine. We're in great shape," said a space agency spokesman less SINGAPORE (#t -- Sixteen Indonesian cabinet members, including First Deputy Premier. Subandrio, have been arrested by Indonesia's anti- Communist military regime, travelers from Indonesia reported Sunday. In addition, the army leaders seized some leading poll ticians and a .score of Intel ligence 'agents identified as having · been m e m b e r s -of Subandrio's internal spy network. Subandrio, also foreign minister, was President Sukarno's chief lieutenant before the Indonesian army launched a crackdown on Communists and pro-Communists. * * * * THE informants said most of those under arrest two days after Lt. Gen. Suharto took over control of the sprawling FISH, FISH, FISH Highway Hazard h a Real Stinker CHERITON, Va. AP) -- A tractor-trailer hauling fertilizer-to-be up Virginia's eastern shore Inadvertently dumped its cargo Sunday morning, spewing six tons of assorted fish over a quarter-mile stretch of U.S. 13. As motorists picked their way through the slippery, nose-wrinkling road hazard In the predawn darkness, the truck's driver,:William Hamilton of. Chesapeake, discovered that a rust-weakened side of the cargo trailer had given way, leaking more than one-third of his 18-ton load. From shoulder to shoulder, both northbound lanes of the highway were-aswim in fish as far as the eye.could see;'isvery-'species'from shark'to porgie was represented. It took 10 men with shovels and a front-end loader two hours to clear the highway and sand it down. Later, a motorist noted over a cup of coffee: "There's nothing that wakes you up quite like seeing a shark in than 48 hours before the start of the ambitious three ay flight. Showers pelted the cape Sunday, but weathermen continued their predictions of satisfactory conditions Tuesday morning at b o t h the the middle of the road." ^ nation are Communist or pro Communists. The travelers quoted army officials as saying "Subandrio will not be allowed to remain in office even though Sukarno is continuing to defend him." Other officials reported to launch site and in Gemini's ocean landing areas. GEMINI rendezvous FEMININE LOGIC TRAPPED is being in a line at the bank behind someone holding a big, fat canvas bag. --JEANFLYNN TOM/S lNO£f£flD£NT PRINCE PHILIP gets royal greeting in Los Angeles after arrival from Palm Springs where he visited former President Eisenhower, Page A-2. i MORE THAN 400 "investors" who have turned over $500,000 to the Cup of Cold Water Ministry, Inc., for which Dr. Clarence Walberg made fund-raising appeals by radio, can't find out where the money is. Page B-l. MAURY WILLS says he's ready to sign and will report to Dodgers' camp Tuesday. Pg. C-l. rocket and the Torrance Man Booked After Crash Kills Friend A Torrance man was booked on suspicion of felony manslaughter Sunday night after his open-topped 1957 sports car rolled over on the Harbor Freeway in San Pedro, killing a companion who was his lifelong friend. U.S. Seeks 'Contained' Red China WASHINGTON UP) -- Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey Sunday defined U.S. policy toward Communist China as "containment without isolation." The.way he explained it seemed to put heavier than usual emphasis on the aspect of U.S. policy which advocates not isolating C h i n a trom the rest of the world. He'said also that it would be profitable for the U.S. to develop in Asia the same kind of readiness for contact that had been true with tho containment policy of Russia n Europe. · · » * I DO BELIEVE that containment of aggressive militancy of China is a worthy objective, but containment without necessarily isolation," lie said. "Containment of its militancy, of its military pow- be under arrest are Third Deputy Premier C h a e r u 1 Saleh, Information Minister Achmadi, Basic Education 8 s Atlas-Agena M j nister gymarjo and theelec- Titan 2 booster with the two man capsule atop it were being readied by crewmen at launch complexes little more than a mile apart. Armstrong, the 35-year-old civilian command pilot, and spacewalker Scott, 33-year- old Air Force major, spent much of Sunday morning in their quarters at the space agency's new moonport reviewing the plans for their suspense-filled flight. Later planned the day they climb into a 14,043 Ask Curb of Child Molesters SACRAMENTO (UPI)--Assemblyman Newton R. Russell, R-Tujunga, expressed concern .Sunday night over ute spacewalk by Scott as he high repeater rate of the Gemim 8 circles the S lobe (Continued Page A-4, Col. 2) mockup spacecraft to practice key parts of the mission that calls for two rendezvous attempts with the Agena satellite, four hookups with it and a 2-hour-and-IO-min- tricity minister and the minister for posts. The travelers did not recall the names of the last two. Sukarno shuffled his 99-mar. cabinet last month. * * * # AMONG the politicians seized was AH Sastroamidjojo of the Nationalist Party, the travelers said. They added that Suharto's regime appeared to be firm- y in control and that the nation was calm. They reported groups of Indonesians 'were singing and dancing in . the streets of Jakarta, the capital, rejoicing at the army's take- ver. Earlier, Suharto moved to halt the downward trend oi Amusements C-5 Classified D-l Comics ..C-6 Death Notices ,.'.B-8 Editorial B-2 Features B-3 Radio-TV ..:....C-8 Shipping D-2 Sports C-l-4 Women B-4-« 'cured" child molester. Russell said in a letter to jov. Edmund G. Brown that 18% of the child molesters treated at Atascadero Mental Hospital later were reconvicted for the same crime. Russell said he presented the governor with 14,043 signatures from Sunland - Tu- unga area residents who were demanding more effec tive state treatment of those convicted of such crimes. He said a series of child-molestation cases has occurred in that area. the nation's economy and ordered provincial chiefs anc businessmen to help speec up the flow of food to the nation. PANDA FINDS NUPTIAL BIT DISTRESSING MOSCOW (AP) -- Chi- Chi, from the Ixjndon Zoo, has pre-wedding jitters, her English chaperon said Sunday. Dr. Oliver Graham-Jones, chief veterinarian of t h e London Zoo, said "Chi-Chi is distressed about her new surroundings. She n e e d s time, to settle down and calm her nerves." Chi-Chi was flown to Moscow Friday to be mated with An-An, the Moscow Zoo's giant boy panda. They are the only known giant pandas outside Red China and North Korea. The two pandas have not met. Chi-Chi is in' quaran tine until she gets used to her new surroundings at the Moscow zoo. Thomas Trudeau, 38, of 221 Fifth St., Santa Monica, ather of five children, was ead on arrival at Harbor General Hospital at 5:30 p.m. Arrested after the accident ,t 5:05 p.m. was Bernard D. ^aginess, 38, who today was o have moved into a new apartment at 1840 Torrance Blvd. Hatbor Division Officer N. . Cowie said Laginess was southbound on the freeway a mile north of Battery Street when he lost control of the vehicle and it overturned. The small car came to rest on its :op, mangling Trudeau's body. Laginess escaped with minor cuts and scratches. Ambulance attendants ex tricated the victim's crushed body from beneath the over- Vietnamese firing squad executes Chinese millionaire businessman for profiteering while his wife and eight children try to break through barbed wire. A-7. er -- just as we had to do in the postwar years in Europe, relating to the Soviet Union. But at the same time not trying to isolate from the family of mankind." Humphrey, on the television program "Meet the Press," indicated there has been no change in U.S. opposition to U.N. membership for Red China, nor had there been a change on U.S. policy of non- recognition of the Communist regime. + * * *· HUMPHREY- also said/ "It, is in the interests of -inter-, national peace that China'he brought to ··understand that aggression is not a policy that turned vehicle. Police said the victim and suspect had known each other since childhood in Michigan. Trudeau m o v e d here five years ago. Laginess, a forge press helper for Harvey Aluminum Co., had been in California only a few months. THE STATE POLL Brown Well Ahead of Yorty Gov. Edmund G. Brown maintains a comfortable lead at this time in the contest for the Democratic nomination, The State Poll reports. Last week a cross-section of California Democrats were asked for whom they would vote between Gov. Brown and Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty. The results of the interviewing by The State Poll, conducted prior to Yorty's announcement of his candidacy, were: Total Soulh North Brown 49.2% 48.0% 53.2% Yorty 27.8% 30.1% 24.5% Don't Know 23,2% 23.9% 22.3% In a head-and-head survey last January, Brown had 55.7% of the Democratic respondents in his corner and Yorty had 22.6%. More than 21% didn't have any choice to express. The most important factor to consider in the outcome of the question is the high "don't know" factor. Almost one-fourth or the registered Democrats in the state do nui. know at this time for whom they will vote. Brown, as a two-term incumbent, would normally expect strong support among Democrats, but at the time the poll was taken his budgetary proposals were undergoing the close scrutiny of the legislature. The increasing costs of financing the activities of the nation's most populous state have detracted from Brown's support. Although Mayor Yorty had not yet announced at tho (Continued Page A-3, Col, 7) * can be pursued." He said the United States is ready to stop bombing North Viet Nam if the Communists halt^ their terror raids in the south.' "Major powers obviously are involved in this struggle in Viet Nam," Humphrey said, "We're prepared to sit down with anybody that wants tp^ sit down and try to find a peaceful solution." LBJ, Nixon in B.C. Talk WASHINGTON MV-President Johnson discussed inter« national affairs with former Vice President Richard M. Nixon for an hour Sunday, then attended services at .St. · Mark's Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill. Press Secretary Bill D. Moyers reported the President and Nixon talked informally about Nixon's recent trip to Europe and various I other matters.

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