Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 36
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i^ftf^ GIMKHKHKNTVW) PRESS-THEORM (PM Uit«Mci f caw;iM 4 JM.n,im cuumip HII-WM ) PORTABLE olllcMHjwd. IxlO t. lor "Itvpliml or construction site. UOO cscti or both tor 11000. on (213) BJ-MH Building Materials 4 Lumber 235 DISCOUNT LUMBER CALL NOW 422-0960 CHAIN LINK Fwce-Gslvanlied 4Sc ronnlnafl. ATLAS NE9-4011 ENTRANCE DOORS House Type W frame 535. Call 714-870-TO35 LONG BEACH PLYWOOD CO Panellng-AII Kinds 5974435 Electronic Equipment 240 HEATHKIT's Besl, Compl Ham out lit. In Unopened boxes. 70°t o . Catalog Price. Call 438-5458. Coins Stamps 250 LONG BEACH COIN STAMP EXPOSITION January 30tfi thru. Feb. ?nd 10am to 10pm-- loam to 6pm Sun. ducted bv trie Bowers Rudd Galleries Inc. 230 Reknowned Col Stamp Dealers. Free Education- a Forum World Famous Gordon Z. Greene Display ol Abraham L n coin Hems. EXHIBITS-FREE PRIZES ADMISSION SI.OO 4 DAYS The New Long Beacti Arena LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 436-1740 435-3800 CASH paid lor coins. Free pick up Call 475-5J39 Cameras, Supplies 260 PRE-INVENTORY SALE BARGAINS GALORE! CITY PHOTO 1719 E. ANAHEIM 591-5431 BUY THE BEST FOR LESS FIRESTONE CAMERA CENTER 9494 E. Firestone Blvd. Downey Miscellaneous for Sale 275 RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT 7X13' walkin freezer, Xlnl cond Must sell 421-2544,593-8931 UNLIMITED SOFT WATER S2.75 a month. Limited otter. ILL Now Encyclopaedia Britannica Direct From Publishers. Eas Budget Terms Available. 422-097 For Further Information AUTO DOol sweepers 549 healer S5Q Dump mtr SSO fishpond poo filter S50 poolslide S99 dive brd S30 poolvac S10 342 3rd LA 625-2648 HOYER Kartop Invalid $130. DW elec bed 5130. Wooden hoso type wheel chair 160. Commode $60. 21 433-6925. '( -t. Girl Scout Dress, Boys 20' Bikes, chlKJs rocker, rattan seat, J Misc. 213 926-4939 Cerrltos CUSTOM- FACTORY DIRECT Complete Line Ol Accessories G.T. Billiard Mfg. Co. 437-5413 KING Air Frame Water Bed, mat tress, safety Uner, pedestal $169. 6755 E. Carson, Lkwd. 425-3913 KIRBY VACUUMS. Hew 8. rebuilt Factory Authorized Dlst. 925-5531 Beware of Bait Switch Advertisers. used brlcks-lumbcr-sacks of ce ment mortar-bike rack 421-590B MOVING Sale-llv. rm. furn.. trailers bdrm fum, unused TOO cp. cotlee pol misc. 1702 Freeman. 597-d703 5TEEU New 8. Used Pipe, Tubing. Steel storage rack for bar or pipe M'. 300 amo Welder, Drill Press, Bearinos, Patlel Jock etc. KW SALES 1258 W. 16th LB CUSTOM DRAPERIES SI per width labor. Limited lime Please Call 433-0362 Miscellaneous tor Site V ESTATE SALE 1200 CaiioebrookRd, Apt 19-J Leisure World, Sea! Beach Antkwc Victorian chairs, two Italian marble lamps, marWe (OP Victorian type cod tables. Mahooonv bookcase. Brown Mahogany kng drop leaf table, ball claw Icet with A matching chairs. Lovely wlncback chair, wood trame all around. Mahooa- PV 7 drawer desk with qlass loo, chests, end tabtes, trundle bed, linens. books, 36" round wrought iron table, silver candle slk.K lots of misc. Starts 9:30 a,m, to 5P.M. THURSDAY No Admittance 3t Leisure World Gates bef beior 9 a.m. Apartment Owners FURNISH YOUR APARTMENT WITH CLEAN USED FURN TUBE AND CARPET COUCHES. CHAIRS, DINETT SETS, COMPLETE BEDS, LIK NEW REBUILT BOX SPRIN AND MATTRESSES. YOU CAN BEAT OUR PRICfeS OR TH CONVENIENCE OF SHOPPIN EVERY NIGHT TILL 1 PM TRY US. WE'LL LIKE IT Purple Hean Vcls Thrift Store 5 Pine Ave, Long Beach or 3315 South St, LB or 10135 Long Beach Blvd. Firewood 632-5123 CLEARANCE SALE Cftrpet. drapes upholstery Quality carpet S2.99 yard up No seconds, also Hnh carpet ALANDSON'S CARPET 3TO E. Anaheim, WH200 LINOLEUM «OS to 50«i OFF Linoleum Discount City 1JOJ RedondO, 597-2652, 5V7-JIII FIREWOOD: Oak Hickorv 3000 Ibs. 3XOC12" for S- 3XJXM" lor S50- Open ^^on·F^i: 8A/A lo 4:30PM i32-2322 or 432-9310 CIGARETTE \ / C K I r\i M/^ VtNUINb rAACHINES. ?13-t21-6B6(: ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNIC Comp. set Circ. '60. A Real good addition for a younger famil Value SJOO *, Make reas. o(fe 438-35?0 eves. POOL TABLES New 4xB with w solid slate befl compl. w-access. package $429. SECARD'S 692-210 POKER TABLE SALE 10% Ofl On All Tables THE LEISURE SHOP «B4 Atlantic, L.B. «4-J968 COUNTERS, Showcases, Racks Merchandise at reasonable prlc 1733 Wlllard St. LB. 1 III 5PM call (7U) B26-45i5 mornings after 6PM CLOCKS, GERMAN MOVb MENTS, KITS S. CASES. 714 B28 6081, WSJ KATTELLA, STANTO CA. FREE BROCHERE MOVING: dictating machines, good bad S5 up, typewriters, addin machines . desks, 50 wire recorc ers - etc. Musi sell 747-B194 Thrifties 265lThrifties , 26 q« EACH SDDITIOHJL USE TmimtS «E FOl SA1E 08 SWAf *DS PIACED H PHIVATE INDTOUAtS. All ITEMS SHOULD K PBCED. IOIAI PBCE OF AU rrEWS IN EACH AD 150 OR 1ESS. NO UMIT ON NUMMt OF ADS. S BUT ANT ITEM HERE FOR $50 OR LESS f 2-FLARED Rear Fenders for ' Later VW Nice. WO. Glass Rea Hood w-Scoop '67 or Earlier S Glass SCOOP over rear hood S Early VW WlndshieH $15. 581-4863 MAPLE DESK $20. Hvy Duty Tab TOD S7.50. Maple Floor Lamp 51 Onax Book Ends S7.50. Wood C Rack $4.50. 439^036 ELEGANT Oble white sat bedspread Cost S225. Sac 550. 42 5078 FREE - Adorable Kitten. Ideal fo retired person or "Stay at home' GLASS Display Case $30- 6' Alum num Ladder 510. 2 Lge Slora Drawers, $5. ea. 439-JQ36 TWIN-SIZED 39" Folding bed. 6 innersprkig matt w-beddlng S25 UFHOL. Chair 535 TABLE SIS- 1500 E. Broadway see i EXTRACTOR exhaust for JOH VW S2Q. 1 for 1300 to 1600CC $30 2-CHA1RS Naugahvde Low bac Swivel Rockers Green. $25 ea. £: J-APPL Slotted Chrome 4 ho Wheels. 1-J" for VW $JO 2 Adaple 5-hole 2-4 hole 510- 581-447B Stand. S5. 424-7926 BEDROOM Set, 5 pieces, oood cond SSO. 925-76-59 B CYCLE GIRL'S Stingray $45. Lik New'. Call 598-2993 DOBERMAN PUP, 7 wks oJd. red SJO. {213) 537-KUO EARLY American Cot-ch. Green Plard. Good Cond. 530. Call 423-7761 FREE German shepherd PUPS. All white some black tan. 421-5350 FREE M. Terrier-Chihuahua Mix. Tan White. Call 599-27CS FREE Sml F. Docs to Good Homes. GARRARD Sychro-lab 7?B tumtaWe, SSO peri cond! 427-3709 KENMORE Washer. S3S. Xlnt Cond. 426-5547 MIRROR console set S75. STOVE 520. 563-0313 lopes. Like new. $15. ^29-27^3 M 10-*od aiKE-Yelsow almost NeA 1 £50 teO-1-03 ti^n $50. i3-i-£?3J aM 6cm OAK Office 1 DesK-S-iD. i Lamas. S" A . Cal'S45-4lii OLIVE iwjstwoe couch. c»ooa cood 1 - PORT. Air Cornc-esso' S?:. Swac Mt-O! Hems $30 all. -J22-2-W R.MAAN Glass TOO Ccfiw 7 awe. Rtf : RIG, Act. Look* Sha'D. So LiiVH Not workir.q-Sl? C9-S055 RFMlNGTOK' typewriter i stara, 5». 4:3-5976 ROUND Mapie dinene w-4 chairs SHELT1E AKC ADULT F. GOLDEN SSO, 596-9669 SINGLE 0* Sprir-q M-sn. $15 Dble S20- 4J2-6307 ISO. 213 439-9601 SURFBOARD 6' 10". Xtnt cond. Dia- mondtflilJSO. 375 1997 Ron SWAMP cooler, MOO cu ft per Xlnt cord! 150 472-M06 gas heater $15 1360 Newton UNDERWOOD ElK ddOer US S6S UNUSED Cflrnptr*!! B*eV P/vcV Sm Frame 440. Call 4W-0332 an Som U^hD Stove, nwju* itwtnio. I5. w- 6190. WCDGEWOOD Stove, ?7x?8". $50. jirktiTU 0 ·_ W TV MMxK WOfVJJfj 19" W TV with Hand S3S. 44-6W aft Apm ·). BIKES, 1 GIRLS 10 spd, as K. JM pm s «,F»D CMC jWvTi?* JJ^rtSn* 10 ' v 50 GAL. Fish Tank VY-equlp-ST^i Screens. SS All. 865-4144 ·54 VW eng $25. Double wall heat S25. 213 634-7777 ·66 VW front end S10. Video la projector SJO. 634-7777 AKC M. COLLIE 550. 863 0313 ANTIQUE desk S25. 434-2373 aft S BARREL Chair S45 424-3809 BED Chair 1 Lamp 550. 599-7909 COMBO Retrig-Freeier, SSO. 8*6-6190 CRAFTMANS palnl pol S35. 634-7777 DATSUN 2000 head S15. 430-5264 ELEC Typewriter $50. 428-5561 GAS Range 540. Call 421-9127 GAS Stove, like new $50. 421-1184 KENMORE dryer-Xint 550. 597-7592 KING BED 550. 439-4036 LGE. Elec. fan on stand 520 422-1050 LGE. Office Desk 540. 863-0733 MAYTAG washer-XInt 550. 5977592 POOL Equip-550 All 865-4144 REFRIGERATOR S20. 425-4113 REFRIGERATOR 550- 425-4113 SCHWINN Ladies 3 spd. 545. 42S-1024 SCUBA-pro let fin-unused-520 830-5378 STOVE, 545. Call 774-116 TOY Poodles, (2) 525. ea. S35-7929 WETSUIT535S45-3W3 VHIRLPOOLWasher-WS 421-9127 00 LGE Avocados. .20c ea. 531-3370. 125. RING guards 550. 421-5078 9" PORT TV UHF 530. 436-8059 V BOYS BIKE 5.18. M(nW39 1- COLOR TV 550 430-9434 V T V Works 520. 136-5055 NON «wrkjng TVs SJ2.50 432-0792 Sod WTlirlccoi Washer 52. 427-8023 303 RELOADS 515. 433-SOOJ Eves. PIECE dinette set SSO. 43S-0310 Merchandise Wanted 267 'USICAL instruments oonstea tc svcVe ct l| l anemia patients Oraan. banapnone. arums i Guitars Tax tree exen-ption. 599-7316 Door: Elec ocorated-at leasl'"'^ wioe. W twipnt Details: 4330543 or Whirlpool washers !. orders M5- JW7 LL FURN WANTED Call or bring in 110 E. Arwheim 437-i;il-Luc.y UY JUNK GOLD-RINGS. DEN. TURES. JEWELRY, ETC 436^025 BUY PORT, TV ANY COND ANYTIME. PH 437-604; rhing ol value 425-2297 flnv Ye Otde Booke Shoooe 436-4457 We pick up. Top Cash. 677-5937 ORRUGATED sheets steel or aiu- DE A BED frames tor reupnolitcr- ing. 925-5(j7 CALL 5W 5445 LAPIDARY EOUIPMRriT RlENTAL RUGS WANTED (Used) Pvl Pt» 33;-)030 'T PTY WANTS TO BUY SILVER ANT »"*cety«ne equip Hand Power roots (used! C.ish IK 231S ANTED li.ce «ffrio; slovfs 431.4741 t7-C3l; 4334*65 VANTED: Good rcrsturant i butcher emjipmwH21315»li5« mach. A Norilakr China s KM f; wy ivlablr TVs workina No iunk. Bring to Chick's TV 3?fl F; ;tn Misctllineeuil«r$tl« ]7 TRASH CANS (Bewlllul) Ml. LW«I lor L.B. Free delivery 4343311835-7640 CEDAR FIREWOOD ANTIQUE DESK, tamps, TV. Owl vscwm, iklK. MM PARA BURGLAR «lmn:"Mevw wet. Prkc, 597-0783 or W-SB1 therm DOUGHBOY Pool 15x50,. all «lr« $650 or best ofler. Kino site wat bed. complete 51 SO 614-6266 GARAGE SAL6I Friday, Saturday Sunday. Freezer tots ol mist 16422 Gravstone, Norwdlk fortable nauohahide recline/ chal 560. Lakewood 425-2477 made' stand, (liters 60 Ib. oyst shell gravel, S125. 432-J016 3IHING TABLE pecan finish S7S. 2 433-0705 alt 4pm F 1 R E W O O D FOR Sale 2 (ace elec clock for bus ness or bldg. $250. 591-7624 FOR SALE: Reblt Sewing Machine In sml cab. 597-3058 Call 213 439-2374 8' 595. All Xlnt. 598-2927 Xlnl. 5150. 423-5959 or 422-6060. GLASS SbX34X104" J250. Call 430-3710 GOOD Clean used Furniture sorry antiques 9571 Artesla, BelHlr. HOSPITAL Bed In Good Cond. Bes Offer. Call 925^878. HYDRAULIC LIH Bath, commode chair, Bed table. Like new. 635-66 OVER 100 CANVAS TARPS 9am-2pm PET STORE Equip, rack, gondola POOL Table. Bar-sized. Cotn-o Good cond! 5300 421-391213 421-391 SMOKE DETECTOR-ALARM 520 Call 714 870 9035 SPECIAL 57 Gal FIBER BARRELS reg. 54.50. Sac 52.50. 213 423-2560 STOVE with eye level oven broile gas. while. S125. 6303661 SWEDA REGISTER-Llquor slo type. Call 435-1639 Wall Cabinet 55. Misc. 591-6276 WATER Softener purifier. 5150 Best Offer. (714) 893-0993 WHEELCHAIR 565: Hosp. bed 540 BEELER'S 2700 E. 7!h 439-798. WORLD BOOK, like new. 428-3153 mornings only or a(t 5 pm etc. Besl offer. 599-7210 makers. 1342 W. llth 437-4524 12 FORMALS, Sizes 8 10 14. Wo Once. Reas. 633-7431 2 ROCKER RECLINERS good Con Call 597-8441 24 CU. Coppertone refrlg, sfov tables, many ofher misc. 692-6328 Carpets 2; CARPETS SPECIAL AT LACEY'S Hi-Low $2.89, Shag 52.95 Used SI JO, 1327 Loma Ave, L.B ...CARPET... Surplus carpet $1.99 yd. Remnan SI .00. Used SOc yd. Dlr 638-9311 CARPETING, very durable, blu preen, xlnf condition. Removi from 4 BRs, living rm. hall ent · wrong color. Reasonable. 439-797 TESTED and approved bv millions cleaner Is tops. Imperial Har ware, i37 Long Beacti Blvd. CARPET LAYER SACRIFICES H Lo nylon or shag S2.99 yd t insta CARPET Close-out S2.99 yd 8. up 5903 E SPRING ... 47-2J59 Handicrafts 27 signmenl. .138-0555 or 433-5934 eve Bicycles 28 10 SPEEDS from 569.50 Free bi WHEELHOUSE 228 Redondo Av LB SCHWINN Varsity 10 speed 26 frame, 27" wheels, good cond, S7 BIKES For Sale. OO-spd Incl) MAN'S IQspd Pacer, yetlow, nev ridden. SSO. 213 B32-3170 MEN'S Schwlnn Con! 10-spced. Ye PEUGEOT PX 10E, man's, like new Call 599-686t 26" COLUMBIA Tandem. Hvy Du Spokes. Good Cond. 868-3174 Jewelry 28 Engagement ring '-j karat, yclkr oold band. Never Worn, must se by Feb. 10th. Ask $475, or bes offer. Paid $775. Call Dwight at 86 A561 LEISURE WORLD JEWELRY, E tato personal sale. Diamon rings, bracelets, watches, pearl old pocket watches, etc. Must be sold. 213 596-5202 days 429-4921 eve WEDDING Set. Pear shaped 0.33 solitaire diamond engagement rin 8. wedding ring holding 0.02 cara S. 0.01 Diamonds, Certified apprai at S57S. Call 433-4072 NAVAJO Jewelry Squash blossom necklaces. Turquoie beads, fin cabs. 25 cents a ct. silver bead wholesales retail 841-0102 FREE Indian iewclry for hosting tu quoise party In your nome. Phon 43J-8S44 or 43S-0540 Sporting Goods and Recreation Supplies 29 BROWNING 9 mm auto, SS.W 38 w- 2" barrel, Winchester 30.06. variable scow. 865-7179 behv 5pm-7pm KASSNAR M Gaae 3" Magnum Dble bbl, side by srde Nr new Best offer. (?13i 436-8455 aft 5 P.m. LIKE NEW, MARLIN 30-30 Winchester. $60 or Best Offer. Call betw 8 , 5om. 426-7001 TOMMY REMINGTON model 700, 30.06. Xlnt Cond! 599. 213 64-J243 VALLEY Poo! table. Good cond w- cue sticks, «00. 213 598-2718 15 PIECE Gun collection, new old, for sale. Cal! days only, 213 421-4220 Furniture for Sale 295 FURNITURE DISCOUNT 1 Piece-l Room-Houseful SHOWROOM SAMPLES FACTORY CLOSE-OUTS up to 50% OFF 3 COMPLETE ROOMS 5399 DELUXE HOUSEFUL Hiis 11 pitxe king sizo bOrm toi tall wood! w i t h king $i:e Simmons nvin ser; 7 piece sota !. law seat: 5 K wood ccmbo din A, oame set REG $2275 NOW ali at $1595 BUY ALL OR PART Terms it desired Long Beach Furn (Since 1941) FREE DELIVERY CASrKREDIT 6fti Long Beach BI 136-7231 :CTIONAL Naiwrryde } Piece S19S 3UO Pacific Ave. bed Recl.naer. O3-16I? GOOD Clean used Furnllure i some DE A BED. Live EVA' W! Artes.a, Bc'IC-cwer. 925-5637; .7-S218 ETCHING set C' ! i-rwoie s!er. erd t.tbli-^ i ;cHeo t jhie M4 il.'s rtvilie o''er *;j-7e94 or J77-J31S ETW. fr'rnvn Bf. set, ir, c.irton. Jcilwu-sUiSL.B. CK"J. 4S-I1X. lEIINBru'l. C c t Scun-AVO INS Jevfr u«x1 itxl m,itl. box 43?-7j l i MS l"w ,« Del Amo, Crrrilm uriCD FteMl So'.l. Mirror. Otftco Oi.vrs C.ill )»i.ll« ' AOV.IRAL Coir TV «*c-^n 'i.^itft stcrec,'e W3 JC-JA Furniture or Stic V B F TRANSFER STORAGE OUTLET · WAREHOUSE PRICES Spanish Group $399.00 lamp-,, s-plece Wroufth! IRON Din Ing set, Mr. Mr*, dresser and mirror, 1 commodes headboard bcdlrame, sprlna i mattress. 3 ROOM GROUP JW Box Spring S Lamps and tables ill ea Dinette Set 5 Piece J27 Hide-a-beds $59 Modern bedroom sets w? Bu^k set com W-Matt M Stove, guaranteed W RtilrtytfratOf , yoar $50 TERMS AVAILABLE ' 1131 Gavlota, L.B, 591-7653 OPEN DAILY V A.M. 10 5:30 M. FURNITURE FOR SALE Bedroom sets, mattresses, table 1 chairs, stereos, televisions, washer dryers, solas, chairs, toveseats tables, lamps, bunk beds, chests desks, 20,000 SO- FT. SHOWROOM Warehouse full must be soldi 1830 E. Artesia (at Cnerrv) NLB Dally 9 am to 8 pm. Sun 11 to5 rm. sets, china cabinets, sofas, re diners, bookcases, maple bun beds gun cabinet. Much misc. JOHANA'S 5365 Long Beach Blvd. 428-1130 NEW USED STOVES, Refrigerators, chests, living rms, bdrms, dining rms. 5588 Atlantic Ave. 423-052 end tables, lamps, bar stoo , ol desk, both queen t, double slz mont, 414-3733 MR. BEAN BAG 57.88 UP CUST Made bar, Frigadalre washer 1 tundle bed set. Sgl bed, dresser chusl ol dravrers. 513 849-6361 all 5 Table. 8, Pads 6 Chairs w-Lighted China closet Ph 421-1128 FRENCH Prov cabinet w-beaut, an tiaue mirror S1SO. Call 591-2574 be 10a.m. HERCULON Sola B. Love Seat Never used. 5175. Kinq size Spanis br set. Never used 3175. 537-8208 Furniture Appliances for Rent 298 $7 RENT NEW $7 Washer, Drver, Refrig, Stove Color TV, Stereo BRAND NEW FURNITURE OPTION TO BUY ONLY AT 434-3055 Antiques 300 WHOLESALE RETAIL Fine Quality-Large Quantity OLD SCHOOL Hse. Wall Clocks Also 7 Vienna Regulator Wall Clocks 1 Weight Movements. 926-4929 WANT For cash illustrated books bookcases, general antiques. Cal 3 ROOMS ANTIQUE FURNITURE $4,000 or best offer or separate Call 439-9041 aft 6pm OAK China Cabinet. Xlnt Cond. W25 213J25-8737 After 5pm. WORKS Just $200 Pvt. 429-4324 Furniture Wanted 305 WE BUY GOOD USED FURNITURE LIVING ROOM-BEDROOM DINING ROOM STOVES-REFRIGERATORS WRINGER WASHERS COLOR TV'S ' WORKING OR NOT! PIANOS ORGANS HOUSEFULS ANTIQUES WE PAY CASH 437-1914 We Serve all of Orange County (714) 541-4531 TOP PRICE " PAID Furniture/ ApplisncBs Antiques, Tools, Misc Household Goods TREATMENT ONE PIECE OR A HOUSEHOLD BOUGHT OUTRIGHT OR SOLD AT AUCTION REPP MOTT INC. 2501 E. Anaheim St. L.B. GE 9-02/7 Sat., Sun Eves. 425-7077 Furniture i Piece- Room- House! ul Appliances-Antlques^OIfice furn CASH PAID 428-3676 COLOR TVS Nol Working. Household Appliances 310 Reconditioned Appliances · Ranges 549 up Refrig. S59 up Washers $89 up Dryers S79 UP Completely Guaranteed FREE delivery Installation Bond Stove Works 965 E Fourth St. 432-8757 OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK GUARANTEED BUYS TAPPEN ranoe, nice guar $53 HOTPOINT rcfriq. guar S5S FRIGIDAIRE 2 dr frost free . SUS GE refrig auto ciefrost suar . . Sl-i{ MAYTAG auto washer, reblt, liko rtt?\v, 1 vcar quar 59S V.AYTAG auto washer, tale model 2 speed, 1 ear guar . . . $12: HILLS 5450 Atlantic 422-0908 CLEANERS. Like new. 2 wars guarantee, take over payments. ElectroluxCorp. . Call 5«l-2!5/ motchina 9as riinoe. buv both 5J4C. Guiir., terms like rent. Bakers. 4S Pacific Ave., L.B. HE 3-JfiJ range. Never used. Woo on game show. S«fl or best offer. 86-Q5W after 6 pm. JEW Hotpoint washer · gas dryer, buy bolh $377. Guaranty, terms like refit. Bakers. *$ Pacific Ave., L.B. HE 3-3934 COLDSPOT ? Or, FrosHree, Jtemak- cr relng. 30" Gas ran*; 213 438."=60 ' :LEC Cast iron slove, authentic asxica of old range. Won on game fJvw. $450. S*7'CM7 att 6wn GOOD Used refrigerator $59.95. Giw . terms like rent Bakers, WS P.VMtk- Ave. L.B, HE 3-3934 RE PIG'S !. STOVES $49 UP GUAR CLEAN 438P63 3317 E. ANAHEIM. L.B. nPRIG. 3 door, lamlly apt size 1 Vl aft s all day Sat Sun. .O'i'.IRAL" Upright Frco/er 18 Ctj f t 3 : Mos Old. Sx. $375. 439-37S5 PT fire rrlfiq 14 cu ft. (ILWrflnteed M BW -466 M sife stove guaranteed $t»0 834- t l IH Siihw.-ishiT like M-* SS9H oet. A fluar. PJ4 5AM · HWMMM AfpliMMtl «!' OLX ot titartr w-mmi Mswt. J75 DRYER - O.S. 0000 CONDITION! US, 431.5J44 Evm. Only GAS elec. dryerj. 3S. to JW.». 7U 6914160, 826415! r/AYTAG washer das dryer SISO. Hint COW 7U-B94-OIOU three limes. C«ITJ5-IJ88 O'KEEFE MERRITf Gas Rarr^; · 1 Hotpolnl Washer. 591 -8524 O-KEEFE tferrm Slove, like new, 2 ovens, 1 yr. 1225. 213 «7-4133 REFR IG 2-dr Washer Gas Dryer Slove, Good cond. 8M-62J4 SIDE-BY-SIDE refrlg. color choice S200834.S4W STOVE i, REFRIG. Like New!! S200. both !21 3 427-5491 All Guaranteed. Call 835-5540 WESTINGHOUSE 12.5 cu H refrlg. New, In carton. «171 ph 4334211 71 WESTINGHOUSE Refrlg. Yellow. Lge Ireezer. 160 848-5243 Musical Instruments 315 FENDER Quad Reverb 9 mo old $SM.CaM433-7343 LeBLANC VITO Alto Sax Used twice! $575 or offer. Alan 7KW7- ROGERS Concert drum set. 6-drums ' ncl. hard-shell cases i cymbals, all access. $900 Mike 714 995-8564 VOX Buckingham amp, Bass guitar. Vox lead guitar, Mlc's, cord, etc. Sac! 434-7730 2 FENDER BASSMANS Need some tubes. Pre-CBS $100 Ea. Ph 4394013 Shure Mike + stand 5250? 438-4876 AMP SUNN Concert lead. Bottom speaker. 5600 213 867-6190 DELTA Classical Guitar Case $85. Ph 531 -3651 HAND made Mexican Paracho Ml- choacan classical guitars. 438-6550. HOHNER Elect. Piano. Xlnt playing Pianos Organs 320 BILLINGS BALDWIN'S ANNUAL JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE ' Nev/ Baldwin Pianos Orqans AT LOWEST PRICES! BIGGEST SAVINGS EVER! Also New American made console piano. Italian Prov ncia! walnut with bench S729 Guaranteed Used ORGANS at CLOSE-OUT PR ICES. Hammond Chord Organ $195 Hammond M-3 Spinel 5595 Lowrev Holiday Spinet S595 Hammond M-100 Spinet 51095 Gulbransen - Full consoles Choose from 2 at S995 Wur itzer Console 5795 ELKA, New spinet organ $895 LOW DOWN. YEARS TO PAY BILLINGS BALDWIN 3913 ATLANTIC , 426-7610 6906 Westminster BI. 714-893-3581 Open Mon. Frl. 9:30 to 9 Other wkdays Sal. 9-.30 lo 6 PIANOS. ORGANS 8, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR RENT WE TUNE i, REPAIR ALSO TV STEREO SETS MOREY'S MUSIC 343 Pine Our 51st yr. 436-2929 HOURS 9 TO 6 DAILY RENT 3 mos w-optlon to buy or lease for 1 year. If you wish to purchase convenient terms available. PENNY- OWSLEY-LONG BEACH 2188 Lakewood Blvd 597-3618 CHICKERING BABY GRAND BALDWIN Acrosonic Spinet Piano. Sells new for over 51500. Like new. S895 436-9439 days; 426-2661 eves GULBRANSEN Spinet, Mahog. Xlnt Cond 428-6049 HAMMOND-Gulbransen-Thomas Lowrey, for your price, dlr 437-2271 LETS Get the Piano Tuned. B.C. Piano Service. 591-1926 24 Hrs. PIANO Wanled from Private Party 272-3128 PIANO TUNER HAS PIANOS PIANO Uprjght. plays good, looks UPRIGHT Piano. Good Cond. Refln- W LL BUY SOME ORGANS 8, PIANOS FOR CASH 437-2271 WULITIZER Console Ebony. Good cond. 5600. (2131 434-7B08 Musical Instruction 325 PIANO Instruction. Beginning or advanced. Guaranteed. 421-2519 WANT Expcr Hawaiian Guitar teacher Interested in pvl lessons 435-5072 Sewing Machines 350 News At The Top! PRINTED PATTERN § .. j\ The SPRING FOCUS s on the wide collar worn open or topping a urtleneck dickey. Below, easy lines can be sashed or not. Sew this now! Printed Pattern 4595: Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 12 bust 34) takes 2 yards 45-inch. Send $1.00 for each pattern. Add 25 cents for 3ach pattern for first- class mail and special \anilling Send to Anne \dams, Independent, Press-Telegram. 74, Pat- em Dept., 243 ftest 17th St., New York, N. Y. 0011. Print Name, Ad- ll't-SS, Zip, SlZc uuu oij'iC lumber. Radios! Television 33 · v CROWN , Rent TV-Stereo . $10 PER MONTH PLAN OPTION TO BUY PLAN ' 2-YEAR LEASE PLAN D6LIVFR ANYWHERE - OPEN»-» NO DEPOSIT 437-2971 ALSO SALES SERVICE AMERICAN TV RENTAL $9 PER MONTH FREE DELIVERY, NO DEPOSIT Armed Forces-Pensioners Welcome CALL 432-0510 RENT TO OWN NO DEPOSIT-NO CREDIT CHEC 4K-2/158 (7U) 543-4444 AVIS RENT A TV - *in PPP win ivufifl? MAGNAVOX stereo theater, CO 0 TV, AM-FM stereo, turntable. Xln cond. S525. Call Carol, 432-9959 wkends aft 6, wkdays betw 5 6:3 color set. Reg S629, Now S4W.9S Terms like rent. Bakers, 845 Paci icAve. L.B. HE 2-3924 TV RENTALS 437-471 COLOR CONSOLE TV, GOOD COND. S100. 424-1364 COLOR .TV 9' console stereo AM-FM COLOR TV'S $88 8, UP MUST SELL 25" lale model COLOR TV Pvt. party 587-1530 MUST SELL, Conso e Color TV Xln PORTABLE COLOR TV. MUST SELL. $150. 435-2736 Good Cond! S250. offer 213 433-2171 working. Also all color. 439-6014. 19" ADMIRAL Color T.V. Port. 5100 21" RCA Color. Beaut, maple cabine picture $100. 427-B544. 25" COLOR TV Spanlsh-Medlt. Pvt ply. S19S. Ph 422-0310 RCA 19" COLOR TV 213 597-5185 aft Hi-Fi STereo 335 CLEARANCE SALE Sylvania Stereo Components at near cos , while they last! A-l-A 4524 Los Coyotes Diagona , L. B. 5530 Lincoln, Cypress PROFESSIONAL Quality Dual 1015- F Turntable. Ca rad 202-M FW. Multi-plex tuner. Nlkko TRM-40B Slereo Amplifier 5 speakers 5350. 425-8062 AMPEX PR-10 stereo recorder, SA 10 amp., 2 remote controls S400 422 4397 RCA STEREO THEATER Color TV, AM FM turntable radio. 5300. 213549-0314 CURTIS MATHIS stereo 8 track AM FM record player.597-8441 LLOYD'S portable 8 track stereo tape recorder, 590. 438-6550 PL-12D, Pana Cassette, Nikko Amp, Bookshelf Spkrs. $400. 498-1212 Pvt. Pty. 924.5361 TV Radio Repair 345 REASONABLE 2401 ZAND1A AVE. LB. 597-2260 HONEST 8. EXPER. Repairs In your home or NO CHARGE. 424 Belli TV Repairs-All Makes 8 to 8. 7 days GM TV 1410 E. 4th 437-4842 Sewing Mach nes 350 10THPINE SINCE 1929 SALES-REPAIRS-PARTS WILL FIX ANY SEWING MACHINE 510 COMPLETE. 423-1090 PAIR IN YOUR HOME 59W936 PARKS. 5361 L.B. Blvd. 422-3007 Office Equipment 360 NEW 4 Drawer File Cabinet $68,95 30x60 Exec Desk $109.95 Exec Swivel arm chair $59.95 USED , . 4 Drawer File Cabinets .' Desk Wood Metal ..... From 530 Exec swivel chairs From S15 RENT V New or used office furnishings bv the month with purchase option. B F -·OFFICE FURNITURE OUTLET 1131 Gaviota, L.B. .591-7658 LOWEST PRICES in CALIF Manuals-Electrics: from slo-- S49 Bonus: FREE SERVICE POLICY "We love lookers" RENTALS per mo $5 SPECIAL: Clean-OI -Ribbon . . . 5 6 MR. TYPEWRITER 432-0238 705 LB Blvd. Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 Sewing Machines 350 Quickie Trio! M S^WTt^r^fiTTrfc ^IpjalhlLg/ A^H 1 . V 718 / "** Send her snugly to school or out to play in this set. QUICKIE trio! Crch chet coat from neck down all in one piece, ncluding sleeves. No seams to sew. Use bulky yarn. Pattern 718: scarf, jeret, coat, sizes 4-10 included. $1.00 for each pattern - add 25 cents eachpat- Icrn for first-class mail ind special handling; Send to Laura Wheeler, ndcpendent, Press-Tcle- sram, 67, Ncedlecraft Dept., Box 161. Old Chelsea Station, New York, V. Y. 10011. Print Patno** KT«t»Mli4fVM KfntMn Ail Ircss, Zip. 1 office Ewtiwnmt 3M 1ST w»IW. ·*/·'« *»lngi Hcrtteria desk, w-flass fop nutchma tvpt- writer return. R*M. 42»-64S Wkdays- 219 E. Broadway LB W-05M Zi 1 ***^?*"** AKAI portable video tape set, com- pleleS1400. 4T8-CTO OTxCsT75. Call 714-5«-290(f . Livestock 365 Western. Xlnt Disposition. Wester Saddle, (213) Ml-1145 PONY for Sale. Brown Whll Pinto. 8 Yr. Gelding. Gentle, bu Spirited. (714) 897-9B15 3 YR oW Filly, well bred, 16V4 hands very classy. Xlni English prospect S2SOO. 438-0252 Vfi YR GELDING Vs Thoroughbred Red Roan. Great buy $450. 213 4341404 betw 9am-4pm 7 YR old thoroughbred, gelding, w papers, saddle lac. $300. Mus THOROUGHBRED ", horse w-tack 5425 or offer. BM-3M2. 423-7060 9 YR old Gelding, well trained, Eng lish i Weslern. $300. 430^3344 Pets 370 PUPPY HOUSE 1660S Paramount Blvd Paramount AKC pure mix pups. 634-0488 TIKI'S TROPICAL FISH 10th ANNIVERSARY SALE 3 Locations. Consult the Yellow Pages for location nearest you. PET WORLD, mixed AKC. Open Eves. Chihuahua. Tiny Poodle Pekingese, Pit Bulls, Yorkies AMERICAN (Pit) Bull Terrier Prime male, 5 mo, $135. Call 6521502 alt 5:30pm, Al, Jr. AUSTRALIAN Shepherd, 6 mos. Fe- home. 424:5467 BEAUT. Poodle pups, Min. Tiny TOYS. All colors. Also Poms. Sally's 868-1200 , DOGS, Sales Training. Obedience. Guard, i Attack on Command. Reas. (213) 437-4440 24 Mrs. ENGLISH Springer Spaniels. Liver white. No papers $15 each. Wean- FREE - Adorable Kitlen. Ideal for retired person or "stay at home" 437-5316 after 5 PM GERMAN Shepherd AKC F. Lge Boned. 10 wks old Black 8. Sliver K-9 PROTECTION 8. obedience classes. Trainers Dan 8, Jeri Bowier 320-3297 - - PITBULL Pups. AKC ADDA. Red nose. Fine stock, good quality. 21: 634-4615 POODLE Puppies M.8.F. Mini or Toy. AKC $50 575. Call 866-2133 (213) ST Bernard F. 7 mos. Shots, Papers. Dewormed. Obedient Trained. $125 or Best Offer. 925-9483 WANTED: Kittens other small animals. We can find good homes: AFGHAN PUPS $75. UP Colors, AKC. (213) 921-5400 AKC Golden Retriever pups $75. 8 wks old. 714-897-7046 AKC IRISH SETTER PETS 9-wk. Under S100, B66-8070 AKC IRISH SETTER PUPS With Shots, Call 927-0146 AKC Lhasa Apso puppies, gifts of · love. 5150 up. 213 357-3848 lovebirds. Must Sell! 213630-5469 DOBERMAN PUPS, 6 Wks. 428-6762 ENGLISH Springer Spaniel pup. AKC, shots. 213 598-3929 GREAT Dane Pups Adults AKC "HUGE" Reas. 598-3777 GREAT Dane PUPS AKC "GIANT" gold Brindie $100. 714-557-7480 RISH Setter Puppies, AKC Champion Line. 666-9083 or 634-7986 IRISH Setter Puppies M.8.F. S25 10540. Call 632-5611 RISH SETTER PUPPIES. AKC. APANESE Spaniel, -AKC, exclusive breed. Good family «ts. 597-9632 SCHNAUZERS, Mini AKC Champs Reas. SHOTS 423-3048 SHELTIES Oiamp. sired AKC 7 wks beaul. M F, 714-636-4165 SHEPHERD, 1 vr old. Watch dog. 550. Call 92M012 KYE TERRIERS Skye AKC Champ background 3 mo 714 494-9859 STUD Service AKC- Registered DOBERMAN (213) 422-8354 aft 6pm ST Bernard Pup, 5 wks old, Purebred, $50 or trade. 868-6078 0 GAL Corner tank w-stand. Access. 8. fish. Fully compl. 436-2677 ·IB Miscellaneous for Rent 400 MINI WAREHOUSES sizes. Low as S8 mo. 4x6; 6x12: 12x26. 3750 E. Spring LB 426-5555. 2100 E Market (Candlewood) Lkwd 531-6870 GARAGES Storage only SIS 1st Lasl. 1068 E 17th 591-8675; 2036 Atlantic 591-5066 GARAGE for storage or car. $20 mo. 746 Linden Ave. Quiet Safe.area. To see Call: 594-0183 mo. Nr Artesla 8. Woodruff; Also Paramount 8. Rosecrans. 867-1270. Yard, S10 per mo per vehicle. Garden Grove Area. 714 521 8223 ROOM for rent, close to 3 fwys, working man or coll student 213 TORAGE Bids Space Avail for rent. 160 sq ft to 378 sq H. Call 422-0712 or 328-8026 )BLE Gar. new overhead door, $24. 1454 Henderson. 591-8420 GARAGE FOR RENT, S15. 1620 CHESTNUT.LB 213 633-4452 GARAGE Pvt Entry w-Elec. Dwntwn Area $20. Call 435-6874 GARAGE. CAR OR STORAGE. 515 RIVATE Storage Spaces. $14 Up, U-Lock 8. Store. 549-2791 8-5 pm RENT space to build boat, also vehicle storage. 547-3062; 831-3943 STORAGE GARAGE-3 MO for $45 2007 OLIVE No. 3-Clean-437-2610 TORAGE Garage. 735 Rose. SI 5 a mo. 439-5898 TORAGE Rm. 15x20. $22 Mo. East Lkwd Area. Call 860-1423. Wanted to Rent 403 SINGLE Business man 42 wants Sleeping Rm. W-Batfi in Los Altos. Call George 598-2591 TUDIO 2 BR. BA. above, llv.-kitch- 1 ? BA. below-cpts-drps. bit-ins. Adults - No Pets 1981 Chestnut Hotels Motels For Rent 405 S35WK:TVMAID 1770 PINE Ph 599-6477 BERDEEN HOTEL-432-9IS! Daily 55 up wkly 515 up monthly $60 up DLX Apts. Nr. golf 8. par*, pool. TV, linens. $35 WV up 4(00 E 7rh LOVITT Hotel. 516.50 wk.. up 339 W. ANAHEIM 591-9390; 591-7383 EWLYNFORD $6 DAILY ALACE Hotel $17 wk. Clean. Air cond. 2642 E. Anaheim Ph 438-9117 ARK HOTEL $16 Wk UP. 3712 E. OUIET DONNA HOTEL . 516 Wk. SHERRI MOTEL Only 515 wk-up 1875 Cherry Ave - 591-9265 Rooms for Rent 415 NEW BACHELOR UNITS QUIET Pvt Baft! Rcfrli) 525 w«* EAUT. HOME. Kitchen prlvlwaes. Cerrltos. Employed person. 313 ftAfj^ 0161 ekxjs. klfctvn privileges 560-65 mo. J043 E. Broadway, LB. *M 6137 LEEPINO Rm. norm Prlv. Work. Ing Man or' College Student. 435. 0748 EACH Frool W mo. Jl?wk. Clean. DOUGLAS 1 Blk. 570 w*. Mod kilch 4430V«la«. 429W7I. WMI5JI BMmferHwt « 0( ! 2 i H E E ^Si«fl l iS L "** Bi 155-CUE AN-QU 1 ET-HSKG-MAN njMRafw^fflira. 1 * Room Board 425 PVT ROOM W-MEALS (or MAN 43S-2393 or 43M528 RM t, Board for men women oye 2 Rooms for middle-aged 1 congenla Rentals to Share 440 MALE Roommate, betw 20-25, S7i BR. Unfurn Apt W-same. Refs. ex changed. 920-3144 Noon til 5PM with same. Belmont Shore, Nr Be 433-2137 aft 5 pm. 531-2002, aft 8 pm 4244403 MALE has 2-br, house to share In RETIRED Lady to share home wllh 1 27 MODERN .house lo share. 3 Br 1 child ok. Call (213)926-9636 3 up 1 exes Flats 445 lagoon. AdulTs only, no pets. $200 mo. 433-441 7 $110. PART FURN. 1 Br. GARAGE. 1054 1056 Mahanna LB PARTLY Furn. Xlnt for students. 1323 E. Broadway 435-7142 1 BR. Newtv Painted 5135 Mo. * Deposit. 2195 Linden 438*8416 1 2 BR. 3 mi to naval shipyard. S130-S150. B31 W. 4th St upiexes piais nv (UNFURNISHED) · 2 BDRM DUPLEX Clean with new paint, kids o.k. Hawaiian Gardens. S130 per mo. 425-8865 , No Rental Fee DELUXE Apt! Avail Feb 1. 2 BR, 2 bath, upper Extra Lge. All elect. Washer, dryer, refrlg, stove, dishwasher, disposal, intercom, wall vacuum, elect gar door, fireplace, crpts 8. drps. Adults only. S310. 4275097 NLB 1 Child OK 2 BR. W-Den, Fenced Yard. Pet OK GARAGE $235. 667-4202 NLB. 1 BR. Rear. East 68th Way Pref. Older Cpl. or Older Adult. No Dogs, Avail Feb 7th Call: 868-9676 after 5PM UXR10US 2 Br; Duplex. Garage. W-W Carpets Drapes. Westmm- 8R Dup. . Partially Fum. Utlls Pd. Crpt, drps, 2 kids Ok. S185. $75 Sec deposit. Cal! 422-9824 refrlg. Air. $100. 920-1959. LEAN 1 br, NLB, Available Now! GE 1-Br Duo, Cpl. 1 srnl child. Feh. .GE 2-Br, Bel Shore, slove, refrig, LB 1 br, new paint, ww crpts-drp. Adults, no pets. 213 423-8844 BR. Child OK. Close to schls. $115. 375 E. 16th LB. 591-1261 BR Duplex, rear. Stove refrlg. Call 436-0268 £125 Util. Pd. 432-0602 B65-B476 BR $110. lOlh fi. Walnut. Lower on Bus Line. No dep 436-6185 eves dQ. Upper 3 BR. 1st mo. rent. Dog OK. Long Beach. 422-5922 2 BR. Fenced Yd. Child OK. Lkwd Area. $175. 864-1925 BR, S135. w-w crpt, stove, drps, fen yd 1712 Cherry 423-6057 aft 1pm BR, 5150-mo. Older Adults Pref, No Children, No Pets. 4560 E. 15th, LB FURNISHED APTS. Alt Areas 460 ' THE BEST BUY- INTOWN!!! .. FURN: STUDIO APTS. AT OAKWOOD' THERE'S SI, 000,000 JN Recreation, Tennis, Swimmfng, Health Clubs, Saunas, golf driving range. Color TV theatre parties, BBQ'S, Mid-week dinners, complimentary tennis lessons St Sunday Brunch, Sorry, no one under 21 And no pels. OAKWOOD GARDEN APARTMENTS LONG BEACH MARINA 333 First Street SEAL BEACH (213) 598-6647 LONG BEACH 647? ATLANTIC AVE. · 428-1243 MODELS OPEN DAILY 10 AM TO 7 PfA SAVESSS' · WALK TO SHOPPING BUS . $40-UP WEEKLY RATES LARGE 1 2 BDRM. Util Pd. Swimming Pool. Private parking. Child OK W-W Carpets. Low Mo. Rales. 625 ISLAND WILMINGTON 830-20K · .585 SINGLE SSO ROOM BEAUTIFUL OCEAN VIEW Quiet Secure Building Utilities Linens Furnished ADULTS ONLY NO PETS 449 E. Seaside 436-5167 M if\ i on 5140 1 BR UTILS Paid, pool. Nr. 7th St. Bus. Adults, No pets. Nr. Vets Hosp. 5525 E. Pacific Coast Hwy BAY Al RE API'S. Pool S. Patio. Baby OK. Summer living all year around. Singles. 1 Bdrm's. 2 Bdrm's. Fum. Unfurn W-W Carpets Drapes. Call 4352143 or 431-7826 or 435-0303. PATIO GARDENS 1010 East 7th St 436-7817 1 BR, Danish Modern, walnut paneled, w-w crpt, drps, all elec. S37 WEEK or $138 MONTH 1 br, utilities linen turn., disp. Off-street parking, adults no pets. 2175 Atlantic Ave, LB IVE FEEL BETTER in warmth of natural wood walls ceilings. Pvt paiio. Sgls $130-5140. No pets, adults only 1765 Locust 599-7126 lilf^l A 2 L B | R2FULL. e BATHSS165 | yiw, utils pd, no cleaning chge. Bv the wk or mo. Sml ch Id, no pels, close lo Navy. 213 437-1796 UXURIOUS J Br Apts turn !. un- turn. Pod. bit-Ins, crpts drps, storage locker. Good location. SI50- UO. Adults. NO PETS. 424-1529 LUXURY LIVING! Free utll Free parkins. POOL, ETC. INGLES, S10S. Utilities paid, ww carpets, drapes, disposal. 5 Blks lo new City Hnll. Nr. bus. AdulK - No Pets. 435-5448. NEW 2-BR, NICE FURN 1 Child ok. 5160. i!79 Elm 59M3IO 1 B R - 5 S 1 2 5 Upper, ckvin, nr shoos I4H Obitoo 1853 CHESTNUT, 1BR $150 month. Pool. 591-4S91 TTRACTIVE KEDEC. tarwIM 1 IWffiaffi'.TJBtoS" 11 * T T R A C T I V E upper I l» near evcrvrhtrtg, $125 Adults no pels. 530 LIME 43(.3| M CUBMISHEDAPTS. All Areas : ·-'· "««·· LAROE 5INCLE f"OW« ( B"'Ji 1 ? -; Mary's Hospital* ·"· '" ^' - ^V j*.aos?ln*lH° P «MP4 * : ' · · . . ··-: NEAR the beautiful ffiffi^ff', pels' 10W E. lit St. «8-3179._.j- 9,, « NLB 1 BR bit-Ins, very clean, aauns, . no pels, 5562 Dairy Ave. «B-«64, , or22-l$57 , "·'. 'l i BR Aot Pasadena Ave. Back *·" Irwit yards; Partly lum. tm mo H30 SHARP!! Immac 1 Br Duplex · WWcrpt, Panelliro,dlsp/nlce turn. . Respon W NO PETS 435-7943 .... (18.50 WK. CLEAN SGL.^ApK^Utl '^.S'MrfFF^N 5 * 0 TM."' LARGE clean singles utll pd, WO TM · . 836 MAINE 436-5300. closets. 1902 Locusl 415-1014 ' b ". LG 43 E 5i8?4%8 0 MAiNE Xvet" ""T" 1 GE 1 Br, dining rm, nice rurn., shag. SI40, bahy, pel 426-4613. P ^hfm r s°50, l pS'4?I«1"°' '' ° r ' SI 72?LfME 43M95' ! 1623SHERMAN 439-1906 SINGLES S90 540 E. 14th 599-5243 1-BR fum. BLTINS, ww, POOL, BB} area, Sml Dog OK. 431-1406 1 Br $115, vfrw, clean, good turn., nice area, nr park, pet 427-0775. . i.. ·*! 1 BR, S125, ulils paid, quiet adolt. Cheerful upper, w-w. 437-8634. 5100 OFF RENT manage apts. 1 Br 5125, 2 Br SI45. 1242 Cedar ·. . 5115-5125 MOD Clean Quiet Adults 1762 Chestnut 599-6349,599-8596 .,1465 ELM Sgle. $85 Utll. Pd. Take" baby. Ph 437-7864 . ' 2 CHILDREN OK. 2-BR. S13S. · Carpets, Yard. 735 W. 4th St, Apt D 5 RMS 2 br, adults, $97 M H. S60 UTIL Pd. Bachelor Duplex. N,r. Memorial. 432-8503; 597-3002. 75 SINGLE, ulils pd. No pels. No 1 children. 2688 Long Beach BI, LB ,S85-INCL UT-AdUltS-QUIET SOL S80-FRONT BACH-Clean 437-26)0 . S85. SGL. W-W. Redec. Utlls Pd. 587 includes utll., ww, attrac, studio 90. AN especially nice 1 BR apt Water pd. 431-7933 591-1856 90 SGL Nr Von's Market. Utils pd Adults. 930 LB Blvd. 437-2076 ... S90 8. UP-CLEAN SINGLES 1130 RAYMOND 433-7724 S90. 1-Br. upper. Utll. pd. Sr. Cilliens. 124 W. 21st St. . 95 SGL. Utlls paid, clean, quiet Adult. E. 3rd nr Cherry. 437-8634. Alamitos Bay Naples Islands - 465 S260 5966 Naples Plaza 439-9922 Bel If lower 480 BELLFLOWER'S FINEST NEW SPACIOUS APTS Security locks, .shag crpts. heat pool. Tiled entry w-guest close! Home-like storage cabinets, Set din area. Marble Pullman baths Thermoslat controlled heal. Cover ed parking wlih storage. Decor fur nlshed. No pets. Adults. FREE UTILITIES 1BR Furn $190 .. BACHELOR APT $140 PLAZA REAL CREST APARTMENTS I 2-BR. Clean, Quiel, Air Pool. Infant OK. No Pets. 9854 E. ALONDRA 925-171 PATIO POOL APTS 1 2 BR, Ige rms, cpls, drps, bit ins, pool, $145 up. Adults, no pets new decor 8608 Artesia, 531-0522 , 2 3 BR furn unfum, heated Pool, FAH, adults-- No pels. Utlls pd. 15357 Bellflr BI 866-7400. - ·' Carpers. 9307 Artesia. 866-1014. . $135; 9545 Flower St. 86^5702 130 COZY Single, crpts, drps. PooL 9910 Raroona, 867-7038 - ', Belmont Heights 485 PALLAS ATHENA The ultimate in luxury living Total security, decoratbr coordlnat ed. Pool, recreation room. Adults no pets. 1 br available. 212 EUCLID 433-7513 crpt. Very clean. Retired man. No cleaning charge, l blk So. 1'^ Blk E. 3rd 8. Temple. $85. 2901 Vi Marlquita. 434-0157 BR. 2 BA. Owners Lower Duplex Comp. Facilities, Avail aboul 2- for 2 or more months $495 . Mo. includes wkly cleaning.' Adequate References required 434-0098 LL ELECTRIC, 1 br, furn, 1 blk to Blxby Park. Adults-no pots. $150. mo. 237 Kennebec. 439-6578 PANISH 1 BR gar. apt. Light, airy Mature employed person on y 5130. Call 439-2202 LX Apts Family units. Nr golf TV, linens. 540 wk up 4600 E 7th GE 1 BR, like new. $160. Adults no pets. 1755 E. 2nd St. 435-6244 BR. newly redecorated, upper, no children- pets, $165 210 Belmont Br, 500 Junipero $190. Child, pet welcome. 439-B475 or 439-7730. 3811 East 4th St. Sharp Single. Utili ties paid. PH 436-7981 Belmont Shore 495 E an INDIVIDUAL, live betler'tn EXCLUSIVE singles, wood panel ing, pool, sauna. 'Adults, no pets 5150 per Mo. 231 Belmont. 439-6375 shag, Idry, sundeck 431-4684; 431- BR on beach. .Pool-patio, newl* New red crpt. $140. 439-3914 " BEAUT 1 br, across from beach: 5233 E. Ocean 439:9464 434-1352 All Areas 460 r ' ^ OAKWOOD FIGHTS INFLATION . Thf price of everything is , jMing up. Now CXiU'ooJ . Garden Apis, helps you fight inflation by offering an exclu.*.- sive "No Rent Raise Guaranv' tec!" We guarantee- itut your " rent will not be raised for oni'_ full year and you still havf" the flexibility of month-iti-'- month occupancy. Plus you gc-t more for your^ money ai Oakwood, including $1 million in recreation facilities, a lull lime activities director who plans parties," BBQ'S, trips more! Fr«.'. Sunday Bnanch Plus beautifuh singles. 1 2 Ixdroom apts.,-. furnished *: unfurnished." Models open daily from '10 to" 7. Sotry, no ptts or children.'* OAKWOOD GARDEN ' APARTMENTS : 1/2 n'l'k. Smi'lli ofl'i-ioln" M79 Atlantic 428.12.18." LONG BEACH MARINA' 1 ' mFirrt.Slrm s^ ' !3)98 "^ n ^

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