Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 44
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C-l6--INDEPfcNUtNl (AM) t'Kt;J- By TEDD THOMEY NEW PEACH VARIETY BLOSSOMS OUT (Cont. From Preceding Page) Mildred Elce, Mildred Elce, Mildred Elce, Mildred Elce, \I ildred Elce, M ildred Elce, H ildred Elce, M ildred Elce, Mildred Elce, Mildred Elce, Mildred Elce, Mildred Elce, \1 ildrcd Elce, M ildrcd Elce, M ildred Elce, VI ildred Elce, Miidred Elce, Mildred Elce. Plus one in capitals lo make sure: H ILDRED ELCE. Plus one in capitals with an exclamation point: MILDRED ELCE! ·' " It's a so/Id name with a solid ring. I like it. · VALENTINE'S IS CIX)SED FOR REDECORATING -- The many friends of Valentine's, 2923 E. Anaheim St., will be disappointed by the news that it's closed today (or .redecorating. But they should be cheered by the news that it will reopen Wednesday, serving luncheon, dinner and cocktails It will be closed for five days. Valentine's has been owned for over 31 years by Hazel Koons, who features steak, prime rib and seafoods of high quality at low prices. JOTTINGS OF A TABLE-HOPPER AND NAMEDROPPER -- Speaking of steaks, there's nothing more delectable or impressive than a double steak for two persons. Especially if it's th£ choicest beef, broiled by an expert chef, accompanied by epicurean sautecd mushrooms. The place for such enchantment is the Jolly Knight in Garden Grove, long one of this depl.'s favorites. It's at 8666 Garden Grove Blvd., a few blocks east of where Beach Boulevard intersects the Garden Grove Freeway. The double New York steak for two persons is $8.95 each. The double filet mignon for two is $9.95 each. The other accompaniments include relish tray, soup or salad, baked potato or French fries and warm French bread. Also served are fop sirloins and New York steaks for $.95, the finest prime rib au jus, roast rack of lamb, scallops, shrimp, halibut and salmon steak. Try the prime rib au jus luncheon, $3.95. Superb! Here's a wonderful taste combination -- steak pica- do Mexican-style with Mexican beer or a wine Margarita cocktail. Try El Comedor Mexican Restaurant, in Ihe Lucky supermarket center on Spring Street just west of Palo Verde Avenue. El Comedor is owned by Jerry and Virginia Chase and their son Ken. Their No. 1 chef is Arniondo Maiitccon, who creates steak picado with small pieces of the best beef in sauce with green pepper, pimentos and onions.-It's $4.40 on the dinner with soup or green salad, Spanish rice, retried beans with cheese, corn tortillas and coffee. El Comedor is a large, colorful place which has deluxe Mexican dinners for $3.70 and combination platters for $2.40 to $2.95. Among the tasty creations are beef and red chili, chili vcrde, tostadas, burritos, such appetizers as bean dip and guacamole, hamburger sandwiches and children's plates. It Is open for luncheon and dinner. Always a lop recommendation. ENTREES WORTH RECOMMENDING TO YOUR BEST FRIENDS: When you're in the mood for pizza, go lo the house of experts -- Ln Rizza's Pizza House, 1837 B. Seventh St. at Gardenia Avenue. It's owned by Nick La Rizza Sr. and his wife, Ann, aided by their large family. Try the combination pizza of sausage, mushrooms, pcpperoni, tomato and cheese. You'll love Ihe crust, the toppings and the hot freshness. It comes in four sizes, from 10 inches to 16 inches, $3 to $7. Other pizzas arc $2, $2.50, $2.75 and up. La Rizza's has a big l.ikcoul depl. Also served arc delectable fresh salads, hot Italian sandwiches, spaghetti, rigaloni, meatballs and manicolti, all al sensible prices. Do you like Italian \ecr? La Riraa's features Peroni, as well as Harp from Ireland, Carlsberg from Denmark, Heineken's from Holland and the best U.S. beers, by bottle or tap. I like to mention (he cooking skills of Lenny Que- bral, because he has the knack of making everything taste so good, from lerivaki steak lo German saucrbra- ten. Lenny and his wife Ruth are owners.of Lenny's restaurant at 16427 Bcllflowcr Blvd. in downtown lietl- flowcr, open for breakfast, luncheon and dinners. It's a family restaurant, friendly and sensibly priced, featuring superlative pies, made by Ruth, as well as Lenny's famous torpedo sandwiches with his special sauce. The leriyaki steak dinner is $2.95 with soup or salad, vegcla- blcs, roll and butter. Sauerbraten with potato pancake and salad is $3.95. Lenny's also roasts splendid prime rib au jus, $4.50 on Ihe dinner. Lenny once cooked in Washington for President Harry (Give 'cm hell!) Tniman. But the president didn't give Lenny any hell; he liked Lenny's cooking. For a really generous dinner of numerous different dishes, hot and cold, try Sweda Smorgasbord, 1975 lxng Reach Blvd. It's a great place for families on budgets, because Ihere are low-pnced children's plates and the adult dinners are merely $2.45, including everything except beverage. Sweda is now managed by Myra Micklo, an expert who was on the staff for 12 years when the restaurant was owned by Margaret Wohlsterit. Also back on Ihe staff is chef Danny, who cooked so well for Margaret. The dinner includes many salads, as well as marinated herring and such hot entrees as barbecued beef ribs, Swedish meatballs, fish and beef in gravy. The price includes dessert of cake or pie. The luncheons are $1.75. Open every day, Sweda is owned by Aou Do Chu, aided by his pretty daughters Aunipcc and Juney, L.B. area (lining plan who are from Formosa. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Chinese dishes are included among the selections. Jean Bulls is Sweda's No. 1 waitress, and she's excellent. Sometimes we're in the mood for a breakfast in the afternoon or at night. That's when we head for Terry's coffee shop on Atlantic Avenue al San Antonio Drive. Il's owned by Terry Blackstad, a pleasant fellow who serves breakfast all day, as well as luncheon and dinner. His house specialties are two breakfasts, and each is $1.29. You may choose two eggs with Iwo slices of bacon or two sausages, accompanied by home-fried potatoes, toast and jelly. Or you may prefer the French-loasl breakfast with two eggs, two pieces of bacon or Iwo sausages. Also featured are fresh hot sandwiches and tasty salads. LIMERICKER MIKE CURRY OF DOWNEY PICKED UP THESE VIBRATIONS FROM OUTER SPACE: A VFO creature named Eeeep /s dying to have Mm a peep At the people of Earth, To see if we're worth His losing 10 light-years of sleep. IUCKMAN (fl -- The sharp eye of peach grower Merle Fountain led to the discovery of a new peach variety which now bears his name. Fountain, an orchardist for 25 years near this foothill community cast of Modesto, has received a U.S. patent for his peach tree. The new variety was found growing as a limb mutation of another variety, he said. D u r i n g the blooming period, Fountain said he recognized the flowers as being new and distinct- blooming with large, pink, double-ruffled flowers not common lo convenlional commercial varielies. A local nursery agreed to reproduce the mutation, and the tree now bears medium-size, yellow-flesh fruit, he said. While Ihe tree is listed by Ihe patenl office as being an "ornamental" variety, Fountain says the fruit is superior to many commercial varielies tor use in desserts, canning, freezing or drying. Fountain has 50'o'f (tie new trees at his 100-acrQ · orchard and says the variety may find commercial acceptance amo'ng'' growers. .. - Iliiie Out FAMOUS ENTERTA/NER THE PLAYBOY CLUB m CHICAGO Tuesday thru S^^^X Your Host · - ' THE WILDER BROS, "THE SOUNDS OF SUNSHINE" ntl. m, «»T. ·k '' · V'fl-lrt »te K . . m--mm. mm. (7I0.4M-3SW.'(7M) «7-l "^*T*. .T!-^^C Oprn 11:30 A.M-.fiir luotdw**ui ·i'y'' E ''"'-. "^-" : 5 P.*t ; for .Dinner "'. ; Cloiid Monty^ American Express Co. has targeted (he greater l,ong Beach area for a u n i q u e m a r k e t i n g program directed al the rest a u r a n t i n d u s t r y a n d diners. A feature of the pro- g r a m is that American Kxprcss credit card holders receive a $1 credit each lime they charge more tlinn $5 in participating restaurants. Each diner taking part in the plan is given a special "rccord-of-chargc which, when returned to A m e r i c a n E x p r e s s , is worth $1 applied against the cardholder's balnnce," a c o m p a n y spokesman said. Participating owners or operators and staffs take part in a weekly "sweepstake" w i t h prizes that will include a new automobile, a vacation in Hawaii, sports event tickets and travelers checks. PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE TO CRUPITORS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OK CA1 .IPORNll FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES F.tute t! § LOLA BELT, PERRY. DtYrjwd NOTICE IS KKRFflY GIVES In At rreditsra of IV above nir,tc4 ikci*0tni that all perjom hjvir.j( el* urn ajair,«i ihcnv wrth tfce wwi**r \o-xfceri. n rlv office of iSe clerk ivf lh* ab^e *wi- td Marl, or (A pr«eru them, wiih tfce iv-rrtj.iry vouchers lo Ltv* L:*1er signed Mir. Cjlil Wrtii. »h.Kh i« iho pt-Kf nf bcsL-itu «f the ondersijpeJ in j'l ruv ten pcrt.air.iri,! lo ibe eitatf nf *J*! J« - w drni, *ilKin (ior ir.ontfci ifier Cfcf fust DatM K*rth]7.'l9:6 !»' E [MV CARMAN jMK]1d!£ ltMr '" CITRIII 4 MlixrlrM \curwjri ftrPedikwr Fjb yir R AFT. ].9.l*iiliLBI PUBLIC NOTICE NftTlf K TO CREDITORS - CREATION Bali Ttatlff n ir hijk transfer dricntal t*k»w Is ccm Yiue U Vrcby jLi*s IhM J buU a'.tff *! '- aho-jt u be ma.1t. ibe name of irw ,lrt,t.r i Fl.lCKINViF.R CO . the ZM.i r.v.iffrnu A \ e . Unj tV»ch. Call- CaU.irr.ia. IV unit t «j' ihe «curcd piny LI NATIONAL \CCfcPUNCK CO NIP ANY 0V fALIFORNU l!* b-J.ii rwss aJdre)) gf iJw lec-jred, pan* 11 JH" WUh,re RM . S-j'.le 301. R^erl) l:ll». Cakforn-j. ja fir at ii b:j«t :o ihe iff-irrd party, iihl dtbVr hn me*1 Itv- foHn*i!it o'Jrr bumxif nnri irxl jd Jrf\ci »ilhir thrcf r»rJ LjU piit PurJ.fn Namti S'ONK PI:BLIC NOTICE itTMnty i»(frfit ^ now kh-i:H at 2*10 CjlifiHTi.1 A k f , \m Be.Kh. Cililoniia; ar»J 773 CunJry. Stjm*) lUll.Cal'/oioi*. Trv property (J tx- juhj«thl lo IV j^ftrrtr wKrfit may b* dy'tfrjNfJ jrecfrally a all [unniurn' l-ini-i-hin^, nach'.ofrjr. rqjipmrm. l*^t. toolyijj. tn- luTf i. nwtor vehicles. InJ^n. invnrc*' (v( materult. vork in p root is ai.1 ficisli fj g.xiiti. acj jenrrAl ·JilaB^iWf j, 4l [{* Ml irjBjitr by wij of rrtiuwi ot t reur.1v LnlerfJl \\ to t* cwMiiinnnlM ai iSr office fi NATIONAL ACCEPTANCE COMPANY OF CAUFORNU. Mi: ».l- Califorr.u Mlil! on or aller JJjrfh 30. PaiM March H, W NATIONAL ACCi:?T\NCK f O B P A V Y O F C A L I V O R V U H) LAWRENCE J PU\CEK. Valbnal AftvpUicr f wapaBj xilT ffiKhtrf BI^.Sil^JOl B*rrlj Kith. CilkfifiU Mil I'Lb )fjr l^ li:4 Id URI PUBLIC NOTICE IUK NOTICE TO cREnrroM or BULX TRANSFER AND OF INTENTION TO BENTRAf.E LICENSE Vn »tiuii7 irr. »«d.'V j**rirUpi NOTICE IS IIF.RERY GIVES lo thr Crrd'tftT* of LOIS R V « N WINKI F, K* KljOYD L \ANWINK1.E S«u1 S«w1 lyNoA «"l-2f?:«ioil7JI*-W70. THM- !ITM 11 HU E Broidwav. 1c th« City of l«r.j B^arh. Oour.ty rl !*i Aftgf!**. Sialf of Cjltfonu MWJ. tlut i bulk Imvilcr, ii ahcut la t* nt.'.e (o Van IfTft. vhos« busLr.ets td^ttts l» US foro^**1a Am.u«. in (S* Cily of Uag I^act, C«ur,iy of Loi Aojef. Su:* ol CaliIonUi^L4 TV propftty a dwrribfd m fifiwril 41: All lUitk n trade, fiitum, e-V Jl p" rr«oi aad jc.»d will of i rtrtatn o!( *a!e honor cNitinftt Vnowa ti Vin'i I-K'-wn City .»/ Ixxif R*a t -h Counij of l^t Aa iHfi. Suie of CilJornij. ird tractor (Kl^al* C/«Tii Numlxr C-10fr)l-B. new KufJ (o premuei locitH at Jiw E PUBUCNOTKE Iroidwif. LAB| BtJeh. Ca for thf f* City of U« Beaeh, Countj if Ui ^nr/kJ. Slate of California That th iitxmnt of pjrc4f« pfke or raufer oJ utt Ureaie aad latd buti- w«. iBfl-jilrjj IN- flimalr.i ITU rrt.irj , ii th* 5-j.Ti o! Hi. POO iX). vhictiforiLiu of Ch^c^s i»ix-d by Ru:hL Coopfr .. ( 100 00 rrplacfJ by en\ Df lkcTii B3.70Q » rVmiod Notf, ti he rrpljctd by S^eanly AfTKrr^rJ poor to AU olStr bcuineii irvJ a1- drciift KKd by tb* Trivferon l n:^^.'Jl lh:« yfin lau pa it w Tar ii tw*n to OK TraiffrM ire. taat, That it ui b«a irrwii Vt^wa laW llfrojwi itri UtrodfJ [r»ii!fr« n ^ qur*J by 5w. HJ7* of O-.e Bturwsi loJ Fro/*iito!» Code, (bat tit* rcuid«ralkt for IV irjnsfer of in-1 bu«ivis aM PUBLIC NOTICE crjufer »f laid lic*t« u to be pj*J otfy if^rr sad traaiffr b*l b«n ipfn»v«d by urf Opartmfal of AlwSwlic Btveraje Cortrol Tial i )al*. Uiatfer and ittlnc-.trt of Ihe aforwiid iT'xk w irj- 1 !* fiiiurrt ^utprarn: pod wd] of uu boiiMii ·j. ill T* tn a le. a Td Ihf f or.^nl* ralwi ·*TTffiiT tofflrvr wrth IV fOfuJerat»3 hr il# trini/f- a*J juipir^nt ftf lJ» jforr.*atd l*n« it to be coarjinautfd "n or alrer IV ixh day o* A?ril. 1»T8. t( the ricro* depannfct of Lau; Ei- «TM»i Irw . at ;» PanfK Awsw. ia (be City of l*v.j[ B«ci Courty of L« Ar,!l«. Sive j[ Cahlvau. proved A( the tVpirlmral of .Ootulk Berrr- lie Control bai approved u*4 trasi!*: oliaid Ixvae Dated Uarcb 1 19?t IOIS8 VAN WINKLE FLOYDL VANWLNKIX Traajferon isd Li«oie« VAN iNnvsTKici. INC . i Cal^rtu Corp By RLTIi L COOPER. Pr*»W*ni iWPadflf An. Pub Mar. |5. 1?:* ilt v LRI PVBIJC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTKE , ." I1MS LIFE AND ACCTOEAT AND HEALTH SYNOPSLS OF THE ANNUAL- STATEMENT-YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31. ^9^5 OF STANDARD MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMTA-VY ilk It Vtr»*al Strt*U, (^wrfMV. Kami CUK4 fj Tola] jumiltH l.*«U(Paf#3. Un*»l . .. M3.107.MT rj To'jl h.ihilitw* iPa**e 3. Lm* Ml HjSX.«T P rftmignH funil* nurpliMMPjip 1 i. Unf 2*Bi l.4lft^flfl H C.aiml^*' from ofwrathwu iPJppe 4, Un* 3H . . ftl.TO P lixrrr ate ·noT«*a«r: in Cawul an.) Siirpln« dunn*l9f;jiP*er3. U-v in. ins minus ISTtJ . . . . - ) M6.M2 (J Irnuranc* ir. Forrf Nalio^^hl* 1 Pa^r l.s. I-rw B. Col 10 - Whole, doflanl 46.0SI.OO) H AcfwJfnt jrt rK-illti premiums · tvt 1J» Ifti. Schedule H. Col. H . . . . -* (J Afcklrnt »nj fK-aith premium I · Ihret CaLJonu* Bu*in*" Pi«e* JS. Cot Ti · -* We hereby ctrttfy that the above iumi are Ln accx-rdia« »1lh tl«- AruuLi! SlaiKinent for lh£ )^ir ende^ tVc*mber 11. 1775 made lo 'LV lasura^of Connmilooer of t.V SUte of Califomii. puriujcU Ui law. J.DONCR.A.NE NORUAN'E. DANIEL Pub V a r IS. 1«. 17. I!. V. I57S iSli LRI C ' ' "

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