Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 9
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 9

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 9
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SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, I960 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Pentecost: Symbol For Lost Unity PUBLIC RECORDS JUSTICE COURT Alice N, Truman, Precinct t Clark 11. Johnson, Precinct 2 Norman E. Green, Precinct 4 --Citizen Photo KINDERGARTEN IN CAP AND GOWN Among 38 boys and girls completing kindergarten training at the Palo Verde Baptist Church were these ; six, modeling the white caps and gowns worn by the children. e children (from left) are David Johnson, James Stuart, Cynthia Landrum, Janice Vose Ijlargaret Peters; and Gary Lee Luker. The Rev. Dr. Earle E. Matteson and . T teacher (Miss) Carolyn Robinson complete the group. Palo Verde Baptists Set To Operate Day School x · * The Palo Verde Baptist Church,) North Palo Verde Blvd. rooms which last night promoted 38 students from its kindergarten, plans in the fall to expand its day school to include the first four grades of ·lementary school. .And that Is not all. The church is seriously considering, not just the full eight grades of the elementary school, but also a Christian High School and even a junior college. Last night Miss Carolyn Robin- won, teacher, presented the kindergarten to the Rev. Dr. Earle E. Matteson, pastor of the Con- gervative B a p t i s t Church, and Jack Snell, chairman of the church school board. To dramatize the hopes for the future growth of the Palo Verde Baptist Day School, the kindergarten graduates were outfitted in white caps and gowns. for a rather extensive day school, as well as the Christian worship on Sundays. Three structures will be ready for occupancy some time in July. The church sanctuary will seat 70ft. The office-library will house the church staff and will be dedicated to Chief WTiite Feather as a memorial. There will be also another educational unit. All the church buildings will be refrigerated. The present worship center can b« converted to a gymnasium for an e x p a n d e d youth program. There also is another educational unit. The Rev. Dr. Matteson, who became pastor of the now 22-year- old congregation in 1952. said the day school will open Sept. 6 and operate on the same schedule as Swain, director, and Charles By LOUIS United Press International burglary, preliminary hearing June «. Carol June Crowe, Isklns child 1rom cen*e for package vale of llquor. ' Phillip 11. K«*at*r. FJ Tanqur He*- t a u i a n t 6e Cocktail IxnmKe, 6.^)7*17 { Tnnqu* Verne fid . (m license for »sle i of all liquor In all fonm : Victor Ja.v. Vlr'jf (\vktrtll l^wiae. j MXH E. 3i*M-(lway, for lift-rise for *»!· j of a.)) Iltiuor in all form*. \ F,»rl John H r l n k . Karl's Liquor Sloie, j 3103 N. Oracle Rd.. for license Inr j j w U f t u r aale of ait liquor. j With H. Jay. Hart's IJiiuor Store. 131ft N. Main, for llf*n»«r for pArk*Re · brate the 1,930th anniversary of : ·the birthday of the church." The observance is known Cou ' SUPERIOR COURT as| lawful guardian, preliminary h c a i l n c June 20. Arthur Chavet. u n U w t u l powenlon . , ,, This Sunday Christians will celo-j of narcotic*, hei to ,n,wc, to *w ^ Vm« i^nch,..,,. 5711 s. r.u, Vcrdp. fnr llrrniw for ml* of n i l Minor in all form*. A l f r e d T. Bro«, 1PM \V. Ifocrr Hi1 . Judge John F. Molloy. Dlv. 1 i ionm""" ""' "" "' *" """"' '" *" Pentecost, from a Greek wordj Judge Lee Garrett, Div. 2 meaning 50 days. It commemo- j u d gc Robert O. Roylston, Div. 3 rates the occasion. 50 days after I j u( jge Herbert F. Krucker, D!v. 4 Christ's resurrection, when the] Judge Raul H. Castro, Dlv. 5 Apostles received the gift of thejj m | R William E. Ktmble, Dlv. C Holy Spirit and went forth to be-j Grayce Gibson O'Neill, Clerk gin the bold preaching missions Old Pueblo Transit Co, vj. Tucson Frank W, Stetl. 117 N. Church, for ; cenfte for aale of all liquor in all ' " WIU " '"'' Jo«ph Buiton L»on. ch«ri« Kopim. crown i.iquoTM NO J. " " '" """'" f " r p ' rk " Rapid Transit Co.. judcmcnt enjoining samuM Brnmetn. country cinh T«V. rn , , outhwrat -orn«r Valrncl. m.rt ! defendant. i Country Club, for Herns* for ·»!» of all liquor tn all forms. Abraham Schain el ux vs. Carl I. M1 , 1P ,. np j| om victory FV1 Holmes, dlMnlssed wtlh prc.nidlce. j M a r k e t MO S. Convent, (or llremo William R. Malth «t ux vs. Henry (or p Br iai;e ««le of all llnuor. Foley et ux. dismissed with prejudice. n«niarrt ·· Sloan anil Mary C. Sloan, Wllmot Inn, 3X S. Wllmot Kd., fnr license for salt of all liquor in all forms Leslie F. Cronk v». William Lazovlch et ux. complaint for foreclosure of lien, Tucson Federal Saving* Ac Loan Aium. . vs. Daniel CorvelU Jr. «t al. complaint · David F. Lo. Indepenflrnt M a t k n t , j for foreclosure. Gruncwald i 305 W. J9th St.. for liwn»« for p»ck- O f all liquor. G. Anthony. Ernie'a Slate which carried the gospel into every corner of the Roman Empire within a. comparatively few years. Because it recalls an era when all Christians were "of one mind and one spirit," Pentecost is a traditional time for taking stock of the present divided state of the church, and of the efforts that' are being made to restore its unity. ' Those who engage in such a stock-taking this weekend will find grounds for pessimism or Opti- ^u,. I O f all liquor in all forms. mism deopndine On how long Harold Eugene Ware v.. Ruben n. Victor J, Tronolone. Vic'. Place. »» misrn, ueptnuing uii imw iui. 6 1 ^^^ et ux complaint for damaues. ; N, Church, for license for puckase a view they take. · »283 ; sale of an liquor. TU U f ,,.,HTMV fnr I Slate of Arizona, ex rel William H. i Michael Marco K n d j a n . 103.1 R. «lh. Ine Short-range OUtlOOK lor wllleyi ,, ate engineer, va. Kalhryn H. | for license for aale of all l l n u n r In Christian Unity is pretty bleak. I Cetiwiller, judgment In condemnation. | all Inrmr.. , Jesus G. Miranda et ux vs. Irene i Monte G. Tlnvila ,lr., HB W. St. FORECAST Until Sunday M o r n i n g Figor»» Show Low T e m p e r a t u r e * E«fx»:e-ci - _ A P W l r t p h o l e Adam« Inc. v». Wil- 1 Ham S. Bradbury et ux. default Judg.- I Erne«l . . rotnt In favor of plaintiff In the »um I Lounite. 3M W. Conireu. for Of 5381.80. William T. Muczyrukl v Koberson el ux, et »1, complaint to ! for aale of all liquor in all forma. John Doe John C. Goodman and Abner Roberls, Left's Drive Inn Liquors, 923 S. 6lh nullify agreement and for damages, AVC., for license for packace sale of · 18.500. all liquor. ' W. A. Itstes »t ux v. Rudolph L. I John r. Mitchell. Club Oraele, 7-MB i Van Sandt et ux, complaint to quiet | N. Oracle Rd., for license for sale title. U. S. WKATHKR B U R K A V I'ORKCAST Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected tonight for the middle and lower parts of the upper Mississippi Valley and Arizona. Cooler weather is expected for South Dakota. The warm trend is cxpecicd to continue for the north Atlantic Coast, Kansas and from the Pacific Northwest to ihe western part of the northern Rockies. DEATHS WEATHER It is now clear, for example, that the Ecumenical Council which will convene in Rome in early 1962 will be an all-Catholic affair, with no Protestant or Easterij Orthodox participation. If Pope John XXIII hoped that the council would lead "to Roman Catholic Orthodox reunion, as he apparently did when he issued the call, he has learned that the hope' was premature. The issue of Papal authority, which has divided C a t h o l i c and .Orthodox churches for, nearly «. thousand years, is still so touchy that neither side can think of a formula which would 7 permit Orthodox bishops to sit in.'a council summoned by the Pope. Within the Protestant branch of the Christian family, the drive for reunion is going forward, but in low gear. During the past year, denominational mergers h a v e brought the Unitarians and Uni- versalisti together, and have welded three Lutheran bodies into one. Four other Lutheran groups are tentatively set to unite in 1962. The Methodist Church and the United Evangelical Brethren seem to be headed for early consolidation. Becksted, teacher of music a n d : Several other negotiations are Nearing completion is a build- the public school. Teachers for ing program that will give the I the section for the first four, church at East Seneca St. and' grades will be Mr*.' Dorothy SUMMER TRIP McGee Departing Soon To Africa, England English. If there is a demand for grades 4 to 8, another »ection will be created, he said. The church was started as a mission in 1938 with 20 people in attendance. The church was organized in 1945 under the leadership of the Rev. Chester Cording, now a pastor at Somerton, Ariz. Before going to the Palo Verde congregation eight years ago, the Rev. Dr. Matteson had been youth and music director at the First Baptist Church. He came to Tucson from Minneapolis, Minn, Supervising fte church expansion program is the board of trustees headed by David Daer. Albert Alice Holland, executrix of the estate of Mary's Rd.. for license for package Anne E. Jones, deceased, and admin- istratrlx of the csttte of Jeff D. Jones, deceased, complaint fnr judgment on creditors claim and for dam- ares, $1,706.81. Pierre Rally, dba Pierre Rally Co., vs. Brutus C. Brent, complaint on debt, 1366.06. Howard B. Snow vs. Max Knees et ux, complaint on debt. »J94. H. W. Batrd Floor Coverings Inc. vs. Ace Upholstery Inc., judgment in favor of third-party plaintiff. Ace Upholstery Inc., and against Charles J. Syracuse, Nob. Eight granclchil- · (Iron, Funeral services will be at | !·" r^T cAllc f.;. 73 ' VTM S'np.m. Monday at firing's Funeral Chrysler S(.. died yesterday at his ' · fc """ home. Came to Tucson eight " ' '° r i years ago from Canon City, Colo. | A r n u l f o F. Pens Geraidinc j. Fitepatrick. Flu* cock-; Retired engineer for Northwestern j A r n u ) f o ,.- Pe 75 of Grcal . ill Lounge, aino s. Aivrmon. for n- Bell Telephone Co. Husband of ... .. , ,,~ . . , v ;n « for sale of .11 liquor In all forms, i M l r n - m F , t h c r of Robert CrV1 ' le ' d ' Cd n u l r s c l a y i n ' i m a John E. Jacob, ciub ». arc N.otr.. | TM n f*"TM- /'" " " , TM T*"' Counly Hospital. Native of Great- of n i t Honor. Walter B. Swarlz. Frontirr Llqtmrn No. 2, 3640 E, Ft. Lowell, (or license for package »nlc of all linuor. Hy Lav;n. .u S. ,". :, i;; lii-i ·ale of nil liquor In iU forms. Gcraldlnc uil ! H i g h r s t t f m p . v n t c r r i f l v ,, 1 l l i i i h r ^ l t e m p , \-f,\r «co . .., rrrnrtJ f«r d a i r HCit i f t n p . *· t*x1rirlav \jf\\v ii*inp. ,v«r sen . . . l^ciw rri'orrl for cl.iir- I5^s . . , MS-RM t**mii. vr.mtTday M-an temp, v r n r flcn . . , . Nnrnifll t e m p ( h i s cUlr M u n i M l l y 5 ,io p.m. vr-nirriay . . . . K n i n l f l i l y 3 .V) M rn. tK]f«i Sunrts** 5 ; t f l Sunsrt D a t a f n r 24 H n u n E n rt i n o it 5:3(1 A , m . ( T u c i o n t i m e ) . STATION' Mn%f M i n P clc. for license lor rule of. n i l In all form*. Donald Clayton Koie, HI Tin B*r. r. 4th. for for «i.ii- or MI liquor In nil forms. Jack W. Polnon. r.ranr. t V n t i a l Maint-, j Market, a* S. Slonc. fnr l i r r n s r lor xale of n i l U q u o i . N n i l h I Conjtnntlnt 1 Brady and Isabel Brady in the «um of 1800. Jay M. Simpion vs. Leah judgment in favor of plaintiff In the j package aale of a l M l q u o r . itum of $371.90. " '"" "' " ' Sears Roebuck ft Co. v«. Alex Slcfa- nov et trx, Judgment in favor of plaintiff in replevin. Jack E. Young et ux «t al v«. Won- tle L. JFurr «t ux et al, complaint for declaratory judgment. Clinton Holing, dba Boling'a Garage, v«. Gus Jameson et ux «t al, complaint on debt. 4441.09. Puerto Rico. Stepfather of Mrs. I Cou " y H °' p ! ta , , . ,, , E. F. Fink. W a l n u t Creek. Calif. e r v i l l c a n d *"£. rn " chc( ! |" lha Four R r a n d c h i l d r o n Friends m n y ' a r e a most nf hls l l f c ' 1 a t h c r of call al the Adair Funeral Home this afternoon and evcninp. 'Hie j Ilosttin ; I l u f f n l n DIVORCES Johnson, Nelson Go To Synod In Rock Island, 111., for the in progress, but mostly they are tentative and exploratory, and no one looks for dramatic results any time toon. This record Is not very encouraging to idealists who are impatient for immediate results. But the picture looks "brighter when you view it from the long perspective of history. Then you are struck, not by the snail's pace of the Christian unity movement, but by the fact that there is such a movement For the first time »ince the Reformation, four centuries ago, Christians are more concerned with drawing together than with pulling apart. They have recognized that their divisions are a scandal to man and an offense to God, and they are beginning to recognize that neither side is entirely to blame for the situation. The most fashionable word in church circles these days is "dialogue." Jt simply means that] Catholics and Protestants are talk-' ing to one another in civil tones, trying to understand their differences. So far the dialogue has Abba Lee Pruett vs. Wyley E. Pruett, dismissed with prejudice. Irene Drall vs. Caslmer Drall, decree. Helen G. Kordia vs. George A. Kordis. decree. Nyal Burcham vs. Bernlce Murcham, decree. Mary Josephine Mapes r». Joeepn Charles Mapcs. decree. Peggy Louise Alley v«. Perry C. Alley, complaint, Anthony SpannoU vs. Phyllis C. Spaimola. complaint. Betty Pearl Bates Barker vs. H a r o l d James Barker, complaint. Sylvia Tuchman vs. Kenneth Tuchman, decree. M. Carole Warren vs, Howard B. Warren, decree. Leova B. Sawin vs. Claude G. Sawln, decree. Joan M. Devlin vs. XdwartJ H. Devlin, decree. Harley M. Ore** v». Jeanne Creif. "au'ine M. Briffs va. Willaon T. BrlKs, decree. Ruthe G. Davidson va. JCdwaro «. Davidson, decree. Kayden'e D. Mlllwr v«. Damon J. Miller, decree. Stono Cocktftll .Ixiunar, moo N. Ston*v for license for sale of all llquor in all forms. Arthur Goldliaum. Art's Liquor Store. S. Aivcmon and Drexel, for llctnse for pacafie aulr of all llquor. Ben H. Solot, 4«59 E. Broadway, for license for package salr of all llquor, Maurice Benjamin Sllbcrman, sllber- man Wine and Llciuor, 4018 E. Speedway, for license for package salt of all liquor. Larry Fishman, Van Bum) Liquor Store, Speedway and Van Ituren Shopping Center, for license for package sale of all llquor. George W. Jacob. M n o t e Vlula I n n . MO! E. Spedway. for license for sale of all liquor in all formx. Wallace Jacob, Desert Inn Uriitalt- rant, Inc.. 3443 E. Speedway, for lltrnse for aale of all llquor In all forms. Harry Goldstein. CA.T Enterprise*. ]nr,, .1143 1C. Speedway, for license for sale of all l l q u o r in all forms, John J. Maharak. John's Place. KSO K 17th, fnr license for aala of all llquor In all forms. Samuel Kalmanoff, a southeast corner of Speedway and N. J*fferson, for license for awla of all llquor in all forms. Robert T. nhlnesmlth, Bison Bar and Grill, northeast corner Speedway and Oraycroft, for license to sell all liquor In all forms. Skl Ahee, Drexel Park I n n , Prexel Terrace No. 1, for license to sell all liquor in all forms. Howard C. Smiley. Of* fret north of Huthrauff R1. on K a l n Ave., for i body will be sent to Red Oak. Iowa for funeral services Robert B. Garner Robert B. Garner, M, of 75 W. Mrs. Alicia Kclloj;j:, Tucson. Brother of Mrs. Ortenria Yanr-y., Nopalcs, A r i z . A rosary will br a n ( j j recited al S p.m. tomorrow al: i Urine's Funeral Homo chapH. i Requiem Mass wi! be said nl 10 n.m. Monday at San Aj;usiin Cathedral. Burial in I Inly Hope Cemetery. Friends may call the fu- 75 T Jacinto, died yesterday at St. Mary's Hospital. Came to Tucson 12 years HRO from Hanibal, Mo. Veteran of World War II. Father of Mary E. Garner, Chicago. Brother of Mrs. George Strirrs, , ,. Hannibal. Friends mny call al i t. 6th St.. died yesterday at her the Arizona Mortuary from fi to neral home from 4 tn 11 p.m. tomorrow. Anna Rubin Miss Anna R u b i n , SS, of '22-16 . fith St.. died yesterday at her ! home. N a t i v e of Russia. Came lo 9 p.m. today. The body will be i Tucson eijht years aj;o from SI. Louis. She was a music teacher. Sister of .lack, Si. Louis. The. body w i l l be senl to SI. Louis by Reilly's F u n e r a l Home for f u n e r a l services anrl b u r i a l . County Jiiiilding PfTmits Down County b u i l d i n g permits were issued for 87 sinclc f a m i l y resi- sent to H a n n i b a l tomorrow mnrn- inp, for funeral services and b u r i a l . Sen. Raymond Gillespie Stale Sen. Raymond Gillespie, 69, of Wintcrset, Iowa, died yes-! tcrday »t St. Mary's Hospital, i Native of Charilon, Iowa. Came to Tucson six weeks a^o as n ' visitor, and was stricken wilh B heart attack 17 days apo. HII.S- band of F.dith. A win also stir- T)r* Moinf'* .. . Kl I'.-m' F a l r h r i n l n . . , r i n c s t n f f F t . W o r t h f ' . T a n d C'anyon . H o n o l u l u I n d l a n a i i i i l l s Kansrtfi C v v v . . . 1..J1X V e p y s , , . Menipl 1 ^ Mliiuil Hfjirh. F' Mtnnr.iln!i* New Orleans N e w York O k l a h o m a C i t y Omaha T ' h l l i i r t r l t i h i a . . . I ' l t t a l i u i c h r ' n r l l a n o . Me. .. r o r t l n n t l , Ore. . H/.pltl r ' l t y S I . l x i u l » Salt L a k e C i t y S u n Dlriin Seiiltlf . ! Toronl" TUCSON 1 Wichita , . .. Turnii, A r l / . »7 H IM . 71 dl an ins 71 ftft «7 in fil M 4-1 AH "2 B.1 ft! M NO 7H M MV fill 73 V, llconie to Mil all llquor In alt form Leo P. and Peggy Anne M a r e n t r l t p . , !,,,,. vr ! * 7IW Tanque Verde lid., for llcen»« to Janice C. Valeniuela vt. Jnua M. _ _ , , _,, ,, ,_ ,. .·___ Valeniuela, complaint. Lola Hlguera va. Arnold Mlguara, complaint. LIQUOR LICENSES APPLICATIONS John J. Ayup, OK Cafe, » W. Con- grew, for llcenae for Ml* of »H liquor In all forma. John J. Ayup and William D. Ayup, Jo Jo'a Liquor Store, 1«7 W. Alameda, for llcen»« for packag* Ml* of all liquor. H«rman C. SmlUy. Sandy'a 3100 Z. Speedway, for lic«na« for package a«la of all liquor. Fred J Axend. Catalina Llquora. 3813 I. Grant Hd.. for llcenw for package aale of all liquor. Michael Jacob, Princ* Llquora, corner Flowing Wella and Prince Ho 1 ., for UCWIM for package aale of all liquor. Charlea Edward Bradley Morrin. Morria Llquora. 70H B. SZnd St.. for llcenae for package lale of all liquor. Edward Congelll. Iddie'a Liquor Store, 3001 N. Oracle, for license for package sal*! of al! liquor. Lutheran Church next week is the Rev. Earl S. Johnson, pastor of Lutheran Church of the King, Congo Independence. They later j and Gordon Nelson, a lay dele- will visit Ghana. ; fiate " In England the Rev. Dr. McGee centennial synod of the Augustana | been confined mostly to scholars and theologians, and it has been concerned with clarifying rather than settling disputes. But both sides are trying earnestly to ex- I pand and deepen the process of Preaching his final sermons tomorrow before leaving on a three- month study and preaching proj- S. i RJ!f lI Dr" I GlS? 1 ? d lvfcGSi wi11 have * SChedulC ** P reach -|1860,Tt'jefer7on^^^^^ pastor of the Trinity Presbyterian ' ing services in an exchange pro- J The centennial synod will be ! tions, and in the long run it may The fifth largest Lutheran body | mutual re-acquaintance, ; in America was founded June 5, i There is another, little-publicized ;gram, conducted each summer a general church convention. Pres- aell all liquor tn all forms. Klla Mae Rubin. Thornydala Lounsr, 7JOO Thornydale Hd.. for license to aell all liquor In all forms. John J. Gekas, niver Rd. Liquors, southeast corner of R i v e r Bd. and Oracle rtd., for license for package sale of all llquor. Sam Lena, Hlehway Liquors, 3823 Benson Hwy.. for license for package aale of all liquor. Sam L. nich, southeast corner of Oracle Hd. and Hardy Rd.. for license for sale of all liquor in all forms. Paul Wayland Hawkins, on Pennsylvania near Country Club, for license for sale of all liquor In all forma. Alan H. Spector. AS Bar Grill, northeast comer Casa Grande Hwy. and Prince Rd., for license for sale at all liquor in all forms. of 547 N. Park Ave., and Phoenix, died this morning at St. Mary's Hospital, following an automobile accident on the Nopales Highway. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hardill, Phoenix. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Reilly's Funeral Home. William Merritt William Merritt, M, 2618 E. Prince Rd., died yesterday at St. John Paulos, Tanque Verde Inn. | Mary's Hospital. N a t i v e of Lin- Tanque Verde Rd.. Jor license for sale I ,,, »,,. /-,,_., ,, T..^,«_ r-«~ of all llquor in aii forms. coln - Neb - C a m e to Tucson f r o m Henry Nelson Patterson. Minute New York City eight years ago. Lunch, Inc., southwest corner Ina Hd. and Freeway, for license for sals of all liquor in all forms. vives. The body has been sent I denccs d u r i n g May, the by Reilly's Funeral Home to Win- value being $1,155.!X)2. terset for funeral services and | This ficure ix below lust year's i burial. ; amount, whrn M8 permits valued j ...... .. · . . . . ! at $I,'12!),7'II were issued. H n w - j W i l l i a m H a r c l i l l \ f v C T )he a c t j v e co ,i n ty building William_HardiII, 1R, UAjrtudcnt, | area was reduced by city annexation in the meantime. The permit total, including nil types of construction, was $1,3!)2,551 compared with the May, 1959, total of J 1,748,477. arn Salesman for Acme Steel Corp. Husband of F.lcanor. Father of Truman, Seattle, Wash., and Mrs. Anthony W. Diamontopoulos. Tony's j ^^ 10I jj ccnM . f or p. c j, ai( , , t ), of all ' Ruby Wilson, Tucson. Brother of Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. «ll j j lciuor , '' S. Erie, for llccnae for aale of all , It will be his second trip . by the National and British Coun- ^ Jordan to see the places memorable to the life of Jesus. Cullman, famous Swiss also have a brief visit to Holland, i gre gations will be present. ! out that Jesus did not order His liquor in all forms. Ralph W. Kintncr. Store. 3«28 Z. Speedv for paekafte sale of all Jlquor. Ralph W. Kintncr. Ralph'* Steak House. 362« E. Speedway, for license i for sale of aU liquor In all forms. Donna Rae Nugent, Donna's Place. | Ml N. th Ave.. for license for sale j of sll liquor in all forms. Zelda M. Rollers. Over The Hill Bar. | J u n t 324 E. Grant Rd.. for license for sale of all liquor in all forms. ,,,,. Ida O'Nora Pavone. La Cucina. M25 W(JO(] T. Speedway, for license for sale of all liquor in all forms. Maurice H. Jay. Maurice's Liquors. I M44 T. Speedway, for license for pack- Alfred Kaufman. TTie Hula Hut. _ Fred, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; northeast comer of'jand anri Prudence j George, and Mrs. Jane Harris, ntner. Ralph s uquor , ^ f )!,,,,,, for M i e 0{ 1M i| quO r T inr-nlir anrl Mr« Pn«:p 'Rnnwpll Speedway, for license I (n lU formt H ! Lincoln, 3nQ Mrs. KOS6 BOnWCII, De Luxe $151!) Delivered PRECISION Motors Dcdicated ^^ Ba ^ |HH| to the best in service with every effort to minimize expense. DignHitd F«neral Service* Have Been Conducted tor Over 50 Yean BIRTHS TUCSON G E N E B A L I Mr. and Mrs. Gcronlmo Caslrillo, ; 382S N. Walnut, · boy at «:Z! p.m. ST. M A R Y ' * HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finn, 4407 Elm- prove to be the most important of all. It started with a suggestion by | ** H ,roid r' BrasfieidT EI sahuaro Tav- Kirl al 11:34 a.m. June 3. MT. and Mn. William Flty.Kcrald, ] 2444 N. Columbus, a girl at 4:05 p.m. ; June 3. i Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cratzcr, 44fO K. '· E. Hewitt and the Rev. William F.! Oberammergau. Dean, associate ministers. Accompanying the Rev. Dr. McGee on the journey will be Mrs. McGee. They will be joined In about a month by their two Kins, Dann «nd Mike. The boys will visit in ! Denmark and Germany. They in- j While the Augustana Lutherans have is limited, and the present meeting will be the first general synod since 1948. Tomorrow at Jefferson Prairie, at 3 p.m., the exact hour of the centennial will be observed. There 100 years »go 18 pastors The Unitarian Church of Tucson j and M l«ymen, representing. 49 will go on summer schedule to- i ^^^'A*^^ 1 **** of FSitii. Sweuisn /»!(,····'-· · Unitarians Set Worship Hour vjun- travel by planes to London to morrow, the Rev. George C. Whit-, nar Hultgren will be among speak-1 tant join their parents. ney, minister, announced. I ers at the centennial. Another followers to agree on everything, but He did explicitly command them to love one another. The Rev. Dr. Cullman proposed that Protestants undertake specific acts of kindness and charity toward Catholics, and vice versa. Some European churches have put the plan into practice, Protestant congregations, raising funds for Catholic charities, and Catholics taking up collections for Protes- j em. «M1 I. 22nd St., for license for He)l ^ gtrav _ ,, ^ , t 3 M a m _ J u n e t sale of all liquor in all forms. Ntdc D. Kotosonaros, Nick's Wine Cellar. 100 E. Broadway, for license for package sale of all liquor. Willis Eucene Dudley. Command Post 2001 S. Craycroft, lor license 1 for sale of all liquor in all forms. i Christ T. Hoetis. The Falcon Inn, 1350 E. Benson Hwy.. for license for sale of all liquor in all forms. Joseph Hassey, Ariiona Liquor Slore. Mr. and Mrs. Euilbo Ruiz. 520 W. 17th. a boy at 4:07 a.m. June 4. Mr, and Mrs. Manuel Cfirdinos. ft24 W. Pelaar Dr. a boy at 4:14 a.m. June 4. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood, 4043 E. Grant Rd.. a itrl at »:17 a.m. June , 821« E. 22nd. for licen*e for package Restaurant. «11 E. Alturas. lor license for sale of all liquor in all forms. Rose Torchin. Torchy's CocKtaU | Mr. and Mrs. Gulllermo Gallardo. »2i W. Roger Hd. a boy at 12:45 a.m. June 4. MEDICAL CENTER lie of all liquor. j Mr ^ a Mr , Frank Giles, S133 S. Joseph ·R-_B«« ch ^. p .-.. Be ^ C «T*Ji Hampton, a boy at 9:24 a.m. June 3. Mr. and Mrs. JJmmle Hill. 615 Z. Seneca, a (Irl at 9:53 a.m. June 3. Mr. and Mrs. James Fair, 200« N. Van i Kuren, a boy at 7:28 p.m. June 3. Mr. and Mrs. Jacquct Monaghan, 3432 X. Und Kd. a (Irl at 1:01 p.m. June 3. \i.\ *na Mrs. .vflchac) SenonlcU, 2823 j N. ISta AV«, a boy at u:14 p.m. June i J. .,, . . i ., . , ,, « r, J -, . I The Cullman approach has now In Africa the McGees will be m i The morning service will be will be the Rev. Dr. Frednk A. j crosse( j tne Atlantic. Protestants Leopoidvilre, Belgian Congo, on Jun* M for the celebration of Rev. White Delegate changed to 10 a.m. Sundays for \ Schiotz of Minneapolis, president of The American Lutheran Church. At Rock Island the centennial open Monday the months of June and July. The minister has just attended i the meeting of the Pacific Coast i ^th the Rev. Dr. Malvin R Unitarian Council at Berkeley, Lundeen, of Minneapolis, president of the church, giving the opening Calif. He is a member of the board of agency. the administrative i se rmon. at Yale University recently gave a special offering for the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor, wi order of Catholic nuns. Americans have always beHeved that deeds speak louder than words. They might take to this (idea in a big way. Rev. J. H. White, 1520 East 10th St., Nazarene pastor, will be an j lif-arnnr iill F"r»r official delegate fo the 15th inter- 1 lw5«Hridl T Or national' quadrennial General Assembly .of the Church of the Naz- i arme to be held in Kansas City, I JVC'x, Jtme 19-24. i He will be one of eight delegates j from the Arizona district of the Rail ·"·«« 1 The cause of Lutheran unity i in America will be furthered by I a report urging Augustana Lath-j 1910 Graduate erans to join three other large j Lutheran bodies in a proposed i J[ O "Lutheran Church in America." | The same report will come later Hyman Myerson, Consumers Market, j O) W. Valencia, i°r "license for psckafe rant and Cocktail Lounge, for license . for sale of all liquor in all forms ' John Amllcare Bajrallni. Bs«altni'i Liquors, JH1 E. Valencia, for license for , package sale of all liquor. Georte Nick IMarnos, The Arcadian, J73» E. Broadway, for license for sale of ail liquor in all forms. Roy Desm Burch, B*D Liquors. 3000 T. Sewdwwr. for license for jwciiaaie s*le of all liquor. IJm Win« Xon*. WAL Market. HU jf. Main St.. for Uoeroie »or packare sale of ill liquor. Adam A. Byrd. HoUAay Tnn. 1010 S. rreewny. for license for sale of all liquor In s3l forms. Hym*n Myerson. Conxuroers Market, ,W55 E 5th St.. for license for package sale of all liquor. Daniol J. Swnmons. «ei« N«^ ihire Dr., for li«ns« tm s»le of liquor tn all forms. Robert John Vulce. »n! Kt. FIRE CALLS (Calls In M Heurs to * a.m. Today) »:4»-ll:00 a.m.--Engine 12 to 4«« E. J-t. Lowell, brush ftre. (Cityj. | 11:01-11:13 a.m.--En«lne 618 to J* I. i Con«re». ra« leak. (City). 12:13-12:34 p.m.--En*ine «1» V 11» W. I i Centre**, gu leak. (City). | i 2:31-2:50 p.m.--.Rescue 1 to South- I j gte Snopplns; Center, first aid. (City). | | 3:51-4:10 p.m.--Engine 14 to 6200 S. ! 1 Southland, brush fire. (City). ' 4.12-4:24 p.m.--Engine 8 to *400 t,. i Broadway, car fire. (City). | 4:11-4:57 a.m.--Engine 22 to tjniver- , ; sity of Arizona tennis court, storage ' : ,' shed on fire. (City). j -T*. T-- / 'TIT 4 * O 11 -Ti -TM...~ . - j «.,,.- . J J I C J\CV. 1^,. J-fc. ^CflJIIArlUa, W H U ! The Rev. C W. McCorkle will, i n ^ year ^tort The American|graduated from T u c s o n High ".in « cnpnal mawmATTal *£Tnn,*» r « ·..-.*.-, **« . _ , » _ ; _ . . _ _ ^ T m ** f f , o e r . . .The Rev. E. A. Seamands, who j j erT je Blvd., for license *w save ot »ii . . * * a a l "' emonal Evangelical Lutheran Church, the '.School in 1910 «d was a Meth- ·o v , r »·- n W ^ AJv i ^mnish Evangelical Lutheran j odist missionary in India for 38 denomination. 5f* el ' f aptist . ( ~ nrch '_ vSo f h Church of America, and the United I ye »rs, will be the spemker *t the Tlajority't* Uie 700 delegates i Prarrrer Ave. and East I5th St^ LTrtrYeran Chwch in America. | First Methodist Church vesper also wiil take part t n three pre- at n »- m - tomorrow. - . . . The merger has been under j service at 6:45 p.m. tomorrow. assembly conventions that will be To be honored will be deceased study for W years, tend even ! He is in Tucson for fh« 5Wh an- Treld JtnK IM8. The «mvenfjons i members of Unft No. 63 «f OK ! if ratified t»y »H four groaps fhfs! mveTsary of the Tucson High are: awn* ScrJooM, Foreign Mts- Na-6on»l Assn. of Railway Veterafl; year, wvfl rwftnre a cotfp'Je of ! School clas*. Tw» brothers live j fof sron'i'ry SocSety; taiid Bit Yotmg. Employes. The meeting is ope* '· years 'to Ittfnch the ·new chwch Trere. They ire Roy arid Lcwreflce '' Two Fined, Jailed For Drunk Driving Two persons drew the usual $100 fine *nd lft-6»y jail terns in City Court yesterday for dim* driving. Sentenced were WiT!i*m Leroy *^_ - «-- i Blakemam, 59, of 1136 Cts* Grande B ' *T-T* rt V?** ! Hwy-, md John N. Ct**»Wff, 22, * University wf Arizont liquor in all forms. Robert John VoVe. JMO N. Ar«K«a , St.. for lic*ra» for -paKkas;* s»»e of | all liquOT. \ Ton JUymoTxJ Thomptwn. The Don s , HCTtaomnt «r Cocktail I/ownce, MM £. ; 2ird tit., for lictrat tor *£* at sffl j lieroor Jn aill forms. . Sinvm . Gannon, 8y'». **« f - rt IxmwB 1M.. for license for strle of aH } Htroer in atfi fomar. FUNNY NAME t/OsV-ttWUtf SPOT FOOL HOLLOW RANCHES IN THE COOL PINE COUNTRY 2'/2 and 5 «cre ranches right in the heart of the Sitgreaves National Forest, just ZVi miles west of Show Low on State Route 160. This is the ideal spot for family fun... for camping out, building t cabin, enjoying ihe outdoors. The air is dry *nd invigorating -- the nights are cool and made for sleeping. Nearby Fool Hollow Lake is full of fighting trout, and » grazing deer is a common sight. 5 ACRES only $150 DOWN $39 per mo. $2975 total 2Vi ACRES just $50 DOWN $25 per mo. $1795 total leave the hea), noise »nd confusion behind . . . drive fo Fool Hollow R»riches. Follow US 60 fo Show Low, then lurn west on S f a f e Route 760, i m/7es fo Fool Hollow Ranches. REPRESENTATIVE ON TRACT 7 DAYS A WEEK. HOLLOW MffCHES (El£V. 6,600 FT.) SHOW LOW 16fJ fftr a week ("id SOUTHWEST PROPERTIES me rtOfEHTfES WITHIN YOUR REACH · 3300 NORTH CINTRAl · Ct 9-4134

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