Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 15
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Make a better salad and serve more tempting fruits: you can be assured of getting the very best ingredients at Cole's, "Your Hometown Grocer Since 1920." , The tendered, fasiiesi USDA Choice Graded very best THE VERY BEST CENTRAL AMERICAN FRESH UNMATCHED USDA CHOICE (jlUALITY ROUND STEAK SWISS STEAK GOLDEN BANANAS Delicious CENTER CUTS Boneless ROUND STEAK IN TOWN! Superb Delicious Beef Delicious -- Golden Ripe Center Cufs... 77 USDA CHOICE SCRUMPTIOUS RUMP ROAST Boneless 77k 67* USDA CHOICE BONELESS Sirloin Tip ROAST 79 o. GROUND MEATS Cole's Ground Meats Unmatched for Fresh Qualify irount 5rount jrounc ieef 35 Jhuck 55 Round 65 ib Ib USDA CHOICE BONELESS Sirloin Tip STEAKS 79 ib. CALIFORNIA GROWN PLUMP STEWING CHICKEN GRADE A Whole Body cut UP 18 U,S, NO, I BEST QUALITY RUSSET POTATOES pnnnnnnniiniiiiiiiininininniiiniiiiiiiiiiiHiininiiui cJJcar OUR CUSTOMERS 1 NV» dart {!)· flnctt Catfomtn tSaf ccn fc» = loond cfiywlitrt. 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S 1 =SIMPLE SIMON -FRUIT PIES » -CERTI-FRESH- BREADED SOLE_,o,, FISH STICKS _u~ Breaded HALIBUT ,0., Breaded OYSTERS ^ BREADED SHRIMP _,, 2 55 1.49 WONGS FRIED RICE, EGG FOG YOUNG, PORK CHICKEN CHOP SUEY SHRIMP CHOW MEIN Your choice KW Jv ea SWEET SOUR PORK EGG ROLL MORTON'S --l-ot. Macaroni Cheese CHICKEN OF THE SEA TUNA PIES 49!, SIMFLOTT POTATOES CRINKLE CUTS HI VI CONCENTRATE ORANGE JUICE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE WILSKItE DOODU DAKOT 12 OZ. JAIS WHOLE SWEET PICKLES . SPAGHETTI SAUCE MIX... ONE FOUND FACIAGE ANTHONYS SPAGHETTI . ONE FOUND fAOCASE ' A A* NABISCO GRAHAMS Z9 C FAOFIC ONE rOUNO FKS. A A » THIN FLAKE CRACKERS . /. 23° FISHEU UI6E FACtAGE Of A Aft PANCAKE MIX 29° U»SE Ji oz. lonu A T A COLE'S QUALITY SYRUP ...25 e 2 FOUND CAM ONIT IJJ PA* HILLS BROS. COFFEE.. , I L S9 C KU$ HOS. 19 OZ. IJ1 "f A ik INSTANT COFFEE »oz.79 c SNACK TIME FAVOUTE (7 LL IAS) BUDDYBOY POPCORN PEANUT BUTTER 16-OZ. JAR FRESH I Jack-Bean Stalk NO. 303 CANS CUT GREEN BEANS.. NO. 303 CANS SLICED GREEN BEANS NO. 303 CANS -- SEASONED GREEN BEANS 5 NO. 303 CANS SUPER SWEET PEAS. NO. 303 CANS PEAS AND CARROTS. 5 5 5 s 1 R o ! o R F o R F O R Dollar Days Again at Cole's E O 5 FRUIT COCKTAIL NO. 303 CANS PURPLE PLUMS rr-. NO. 303 CANS RED PIE CHERHIESr. NO. 303 CANS--Cr»ia SfvT* GOLDEN CORN:.'.... NO. 303 CANS -- Who!. Kerarf CORN SLICED BEETS-.... NO. 303 CANS O R F O R F O R Ns. 303 Cars BLACKBERRIES Na. 303 Ctrt BLUEBERRIES APPLETIME APPLE JUICE 29-IZ. Cms No. 303 BOYSENBERRIES No. 303 Cam Dork CHERRIES No. 303 C*n« ROYAL ANN CHERRIESl] 4» $ 1 IMPERIAL MARGARINE 3c Off Dial 61 ANT SHI r ft. 'ALL' DETERGENT 59 C T10Y--S FOUNDS OF A A f CAT UTTER 39 ( .jror THE YE»Y IEST OUAUTT -- V4 6AL RICHmJID ICE CREAM ...49 e OOEU 29 e and L^conomu Woitr ^Hoincloiun Lsrocer" Cilice 1920 ·ALSTON'S t OZ. H. RICE CHEX tALSTONTS 12 OZ. FX6. OF WHEAT CHEX CEREAL IALSTOWS t OZ. FKG. OF CORN CHEX CEREAL.. DOG FOOD , t ,_ XIHNSONTS--14^1. c.« rA JUBILEE 59 JOHNSON'S-T-«. CM TA PLEDGE 79 JOHNSOW i-1* GLADE .. . c.. lORfl IUCH 1018 IlitH 1C IB MICH UU ItlCH UIS ItiCH COMfTOI UKEWOOO CUO» 6RCVI lltlE.4tkStrut IMUtliitic ATI. 1411 LAriisIi ATI. JIJI AtdiHeAT*. 4101 Ut Cijitu C[ir.lJilE.AIii/n S5«W«rt«Ait. UStt SirillSnilllt. JOHNSON'S-- :*«. C« KLEAR ...... 79' MR.IJLEAN. 33 C IcOFFDEAl A A CASCADE 39 C THRILL JUUIO SOI-JS. OFF VIM TABLETS.... H-n. C«« »f lOIwi A F 4*19 Hi Life Beer .. O?!" K v» i.'. it.«. i.n) A F ye A DOVE SOAP ..3?43 C [iiiiipiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiiM ^iiiiiiiiiiiiinniiniiiiniiiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiininiiiiinii Fninnniiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiH -- MOTT'S FIGURE CONTROL APPLESAUCE ,^ 6 r,,, SLICED PEACHES,^,, APRICOTS KTTV CHANNEL"!!'.' Advertised Specials LUIZANNE COFFEE Ufa. INSTANT COFFEE LUIZANNE-- 6t J«r INSTANT POTATOES FRENOfS -- 7oz. Pig. _ 29 C PUREX BLEACH Cenccrtfrift OC» Rtg-w. OD C HAIR SPRAY FASHION CURL REG, 99e SPECIAL 49 CHIC-EE --No. l/ 2 Cam PET FOOD_ TUNA LUCKY STRIKE No. 1/2 Can r.'. rr t. Jb,i :i-n. ft. A F A A Morion's Sail. 2 °»23 CREST TOOTHPASTE FAMILY SIZE Reg. 83e Special 69 WORRELL'S PRIDE ALL MEAT FRANKS _ 49k COLE'S OWN ALL MEAT OR BEEF SLICED BOIOGNA- 45° MOHRELL'S PRIDE--lO-oi. Plj. M Af ALL MEAT SMOKIES. 49 CANNED PORK LOIN U.nox 3-Lb. Nei A Aft Imported from Holland £:ivO KRAFT NATURAL SLICED CHEESE _6-oz. 33" -im Monterey, Mellow BIG EYE SWISS GARDENIA--l-cr. Mozzarella Balis

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