Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements .OS L-A.C. .......A-2 Classified ....D-2 Radio-TV D-8 Comics C-C Snipping D-l Death Notkes .D-2 Sports C-l, 4. Editorial B-2 Women ....B-4, 6 The Southland's M Finest Morning Netvspapcr Phone HE 5-1161 -- CUuIf td No. HE J-S?5? 32 PASES LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. MONDAY. FEBRUARY 24. I?M VOL 26 -- NO. 154 WEATHER ; Sonar today with tome gusty winds late tonight and tarry morning boors. High about TO today. Comp7ett weather on Page D-l. . HOME EDITION -- 10c' LBJ Bids Southland Adieu CDC Backs Cranston; Engle Won't Quit Race rrtst WIrtohoto CALIFORMAN'S REACH OUT to shake hands with President Johnson Sunday at Palm Springs airport just before his takeoff for Washington, He spent two days in the Southland conferring with President Lopez Mateos of Mexico and a third day like any other tourist--basking in the sun. Unions to Keep Wheat Boycott MIAMI BEACH, Fla. CSV- cerning International relations. Negotiations between Secretary of Labor W. Wfflard Wirtz and union officials to end a boycott against VS. shipments of wheat to Russia collapsed Sunday night. The return of Wirtz to Washington ended four fruitless days of talks with maritime nnioa leaders. There appeared little hope of any early settlement following the union's broadening the U.S. balance of trade and other problems. George Meany, president of the AFL-CIO. continued his full support of the maritime onions. "I think they are absolutely right," Meany said on television. '· The maritime unions contend that the wheat sold to Russia is partly subsidized by taxpayers* funds, and that Johnson Returns to Capital Roosevelt Ran 2nd, Senator Poor 3rd By BOB HOU5ER f .:»icK Ifl.tor State Controller Alan Cranston won VS. Senate endorsement of the California Democratic Council here unday but his principal Democratic competitors--Rep. James Roosevelt and incumbent Sen. Clair Engle--gave no sign of quitting the race- In fact, Engle telephoned the closing session of ;he California Democratic Council in Long Beach Arena ie*s convinced that Democrats opposing him on health grounds will withdraw when they learn he is Fit and able. Engle is recuperating from brain surgery. The 49-year-old Cranston, Tounding president of CDC, got 53.4 percent of the coun- coTs votes. Roosevelt 33 percent. Engle 135. The count was Cranston 1,197, Roosevelt 727. Engle 281, pension leader George McLain 6, and Orange C o u n t y electrical worker Harold E. Fields I. DESPITE Engle's persistent outlook for speedy return to fighting trim, Cranston told newsmen after his endorse- Wrt ttnXn PALM SPRINGS -- Presi dent Johnson, after a Sunday a the desert sun. flew back to Washington Sunday night * * * 'Disputed* Positions Restated Biting the host city's hide in an oil-grab resolution was _ for three busy days at the sufficient evidence of ____ __ · * .. * . i _.:,«jul lt_«1*. ·'·MA+ »« -*rn ment victory, -It's not cer- one of a score of controversial tain Clair will be a candidate;resolutions and policy state- and I think there's a possi- ments th e California Demo- bility he will not be." \critic Council convention Cranston said he is in the pa SS ed in its weekend sessions race to stay although he said h« would re-evaluate the situation if Engle should present tounced through the conven- of ' its demands to indudejthe grain companies should be required to use as much all iron curtain and satellite cations as well as Russia. American shipping as possi- The unions demand that 50 b!e to provide more jobs for percent of an grain shipments to the Soviet bloc be sent in American vessels. Wirtz said the issue of shipments to Soviet satellites White House before setting out on another speaking trip.] The chief executive and bis wife took; off from this South- 1 era California desert resort at 330 p.m. About GOO persons gathered at the airport to see the President off. Before departing be US. workers. The unions also say they want to make sure that grain shipments to Russia are cot passed along to satellite raises urgent questions con-;countries such as Cuba. ^ained health, "not in appearance, but in substance and to me. not to others." He added, icxever, that once a candi- late files it is impossible to withdraw his name from the allot. Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosfc. 51. who said he did not seek shook hands with the police- the council's endprsemenj men who bad been guarding him and their chief, A. D. Kettman J o h n s o n ' s n e x t announced speaking date is Thursday evening at a Demo(Continued Page A-4, CoL 1) Across the Nation 2 Robbery Suspects Found Slain MIAMI, Fla. WT--Two University of Miami fraternity brothers under investigation for bank robberies in California were found shot to death Sunday. " o f Florida. Temperatures plunged into They were Avie Celender, son of an Indianapolis, Ind, mdustralist. and Arthur Tepper, son of a Scranton, Pa, businessman. Both were 21. The boys were sprawled on the front seat of Celender's red sports car. Both were shot in th« chest by a .38 revolver found between them. Police said it was either a case of murder and suicide or t suicide pact. Tests were being made to determine who fired the shots. Metropolitan homocide detective Wallace La Peters said a note in Tepper's pocket expressed sorrow for something he had done, and added he was ashamed of himself. In Los Angeles, Wffliam G. Simon, agent-in-charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation there, said that in a telephone conversation from Miami Ute Saturday eight, the two men admitted prill in connection with bank robberies. He said they promised to turn themselves in. In Los Angeles, it was reported the men were being sought as suspected confederates of Warner Edwin Loftns. 32. who was arrested Feb. 12 after a telegraph office holdup there. Loftns, who had been an $S50-a-month field worker in New York GOT. Kelson Rockefeller's California f*rrrpiign_ -was charged with participating in a dozen bank robberies netting $61,669 since November 1961. Cold Hits Florida 91 Vitftof Fran teftrviflwut An arctic cold wave dropped temperatures wen below zero in the Northern Plains Sunday and pushed frigid air as far south as the Gulf Coast Frost warn ings were posted for northern and interior southern parts the 20s in northern Florida, and a low of 25 was expected. Frost was expected, but observers said they would have to wait until morning to see if citrus fruit crops were damaged. Temperatures must fall to the mid-20s and remain for several hours for frost damage. Collision Kills 5 GRAND FORKS, ND. UP -- Five persons, including two Episcopal clergymen, were killed Sunday when a passenger train ripped into a foreign- made station wagon. Three children were hospitalized in critical condition. The victims were identified as the Rt. Rev. Richard R. Emery, 53, Fargo, NJ3, bishop of the Episcopal diocese of North Dakota; the Rev. Edwin L. Bigelow, 39, Grand Forks, his wife. Phyllis, and their daughter, Pamela, about 7; and Sharell Simmons, about 18, Mandan, NX), a student at the University of North Dakota here. 300 Hunt Pastor's Son EPPING. NIL (UPI-More than 300 persons, aided by helicopters, b l o o d h o u n d s and walkie-talkies. combed the snow-covered woods near this tiny *'«'u"n"!rnty f Sunday in an anxious search for the 8-year-old son of a local minister. The boy, John Pennmgtoo, one of three children of The Rev. and Mrs. Lcther Pennington. wandered away from the family's back yard at about 4 pm. Saturday, wearing a red Jacket. dark ski pants, and overshoes. ' Temperatures in the area plummeted to near zero Saturday night, and the mercury hovered in the 20s Sunday ALAN CRANSTON IS pinned with a Cranston button by one of his supporters The tidelands resolution Sunday in Long Beach Arena after the California Democratic Council endorsed him for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Clair Engle.- .----;· ;; tion despite an appeal by Assemblyman Joseph M. Ken-' nick that it would interfere with legislative consideration of the matter already under way. IT ENDORSED State Sen. Virgil O'Sullivan's Senate Bffl 33 to make the State Lands Africa Terrorists Slay 2 Teachers Syrians Say Riot Crushed f le for lands and minerals! DAMASCUS. Syria UPZ-- to the convention, appears to e still of a mind to run. A pre-balloting statement announced, "If CDC endorses a candidate other than Sen. Engle, then I will shortly make ray future course emphatically clear to alL* Politi:al observers saw scant likelihood Mosk. leading all candidates in polls, would bow out. gation supported Kennick and the city in the voice vote but was swamped by visiting dele- 1 gate strength. CDCTs resolution supports the idea of taking away the half of the tidelands oil revenue now accruing to the city for use under state-specified trust purposes. Just before the tidelands CONGRESSMAN R o o s e- issue, the council reaffirmed :lt, 56. who -mi_ topped Cranston if the deci- sial positions taken in sion had been made on the i years: Viet Reds Wound 3 Yanks have its support of five controver-h" 0111 " 1 " 1 S'^d^y in an opera- LEOPOLDVILLE, The Congo (UP!)--Hordes of immunisMed terrorists killed two Belgian teachers in an attack on the Be'^n-'^^^d^^^.^t/ern- mission in Kwilu Frounce, reports from the' ment ^ t ^ the city'of nbms. area Said Sunday. (Damascus Radio said a state The reports said the ter-' o f emergency had been de- rorists. led by Peking-trained c !arcd throughout the nation. Pierre Mulele. surrounded the! (Baghdad Radio, quoting mission 30 miles south of thelreporti from Syria, said 25 provincial capital of Kikwit'personj were killed and 85 Friday and attacked Saturday' ot hers wounded in Saturday's jjust before a Congolese armyViots at Horns, 110 miles platoon arrived to help. [north of Damascus in Central The platoon drove the near-:Syria. It said martial law was SAIGON (UPI)--Three US.TM* 01 ^ you*'"' _marauders proclaimed "in the face of Army advisers were basis of CDCs concept of pure liberalism, faced Cranston's immense popularity as a CDC to-founder and its president for its first years starting in 1953. Roosevelt c o n g r a t u l a t e d Cranston and praised the Continued Page A-5, CoL I) * * * Murphy 'Shocked* by CDC LOS ANGELES UP) -- Former actor George Murphy -one-time Republican Party state chairman and cow can didate for Clair Engle's US. Senate seat -- assailed the California Democratic Coun ciTs endorsement of Alan Cranston. The apparent planned po- I. Abolition of capital punishment. 2. Abolition of the House (Continued Page A-5, Col. 5) , r-._. . an immediate evacu-j (Reports reaching Be.rut, na s t tion against Communist guer- lt . lon °* the Roman Catholic;ubanon, said Syrian .police in the jungles of Binh mission s wmte personnel, in- had arrested as many as £00 Duong Province 35 nuWcluding 30 Belgian and Cana-, eadcr , o f Syrian elements Idian citizens. w ho support President Gamal The dead were Jacques A bdeI Nasser, bitter foe of north of Saigon. Military sources said the THE US. b e l a t e d l y recognizes new, leftist government of Zanzibar. See World Around. Page B-8. SONNY LISTON is picked by 43 of 46 sportswriters to knock out Cassius day Tuesday night. Page C-l. , men were with a ranger bat-l Bo!laerts ' 25 -° ( , s ^;. Tr( ' nId ., s ' ril ' s Baath Pcrty £° venl - talion seeking Communist 1 Robert MirachaL 24. of Liege. ' mKlt . troops near the town of Ben! 7 *^^^ c ' ^ / ef ,^5* s '! f T r » v ' e l e r s arriving in Cat when the battalion ran Accompanied by the Beirut said Syrian business- into a nest of booby traps of ttie two telcliert slain ty men were restive and threat- and footspikes plonteJ ia th-' reb *j » rrow f. »rrived here'ening to strike in protest over njje [Sunday. With them were 14 ih e economic and foreign ex- T w o Americans were! other M** unzik » » i * * · ° » change policies of the Baath wounded by flyin s shrapnel. worke "' . . , . government.^ from exploding booby trapsl _,_ _ ,, _ _ . , , , . ! In{ e rior Minister Dr. Nur-. while the third stepped on a! TM E THREE wounded C*- IClia Auass j said seven ring- which pierced his foot.i All three were taken to Sai-; gon for treatment. ^ d ^ nl $tlcks ind knrv ' ei - . , - .leaders were arrested "in IJ «"- Horns and that their weapons i tified on 'y »' Father Bruno -'were confiscated when they A number of Vietnamese w *_? woun ^ d .'1^*TM:.._.i" 1 ^ citizens to go on strike troops s u f f e r e d similar A T Or TOO ROUGH L.B. Very Lucky as Winds Romp Dry northerly wind romped.ia sight, the bureau said. v , ,,. ,, the 120 Consolese'durins celebrations marking wounds, a military spokesman 'students at the schoo tried th . « ir ., h anniversary of the *^ .to fight off the rebels and ur .-on b»tv.-etn SjTia and the I averted a slaughter of all thej united Arab Republic. Jwhites. j Syria severed the union 1 The Congolese army mis-^.^ } e a r s »po jsion was accompanied by Ca-i -- · .rtadian U. Col. Paul Meyer' jwho said nuns were evaoi 'ated from a school barely a' irrule away. He said the army! .unit would return to rescue | the students. j The murders brought the ( death toll of missionaries in. Kwilj ProTince to six since: . Clair Engle by Alan Cranston California, dusting some areas and bis henchmen is the most and skipping others. While 80-mile-an-bour gusts were ripping limbs from trees only light breeze Long litical extermination of Sea. »_»« Sunday over Southern! Mrs. Helen U Kerfoot, 43. Mulele's -jeunesse" group; 1 '·"'* Golden Ai-e, escaped began their anti-government minor in juries. Sundayjuprising several weeks ago. when a 300-foot roof was The terrorists are now said to control at least a third of the central Congolere province, shocking and borrifj-ing political maneuver ever to be wit nessed by the people of California," he said. 'By not honoring Sen. gle's own statement that be is physically able to campaign Onarto. reached coastal cities. THKKrc HUKT CURING TOT HARD WAY NEWTON SQUARE, Pa. Vft -- Ten-month-old John Catania rucked a prctrel ,1 in his mouth and then he gasped for breath, The pretzel was V«5;ed in his throat. Police were called and started to a hospital with fcirTof'wh^^^i «he baby and his moth,r. ^ Hs^~V««fl7"lte*.lS$ ^» T«i"u-^££i M^Vmeent Catania More sunny weather, with norther?* gusts in the after-' Duarte, and was released. _ 'i 1 _ for re-election, the CDC in'noon fcelo-w mountain effect casts doubt on the integrity and honesty of a i who cntil recently was considered a prime kader Democratic circles." yens, was forecast by tures win range fron dawni Brush Fire Out RIVERSIDE WV--A wind fire in a back. He was under care) ,, . c.-i« ia|40f to afternoon 60, ^^^"^"^^li^tTS'MW covered the coast, and there's no rain' (Continued Page A-4, CoL I) Ibraihlind in focr hours. ! the way the police car and another auto collided. The trash dislodped the pretzel and the baby was pronounced in gnod condition it Haverf jrd Hospital. Three persons, how- tver, suffered rr.tnor injuries u the crash.

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