Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 17
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Oswald Jacoby Shorf Bid Is Slam Feeler When you employ the ihsrt suit game try, there li no reason why you must use it any time your partner raises you and you feel like rcbidcling. Thus, South could have . jumped right to four hearts after his partner's single raise, but he chose instead to bid three clubs as a short suit try. He hoped for some slight chance that North would · have just the right cards for a slam and South was one of those very slam conscious players. How would North show interest in a slam alter the three club bid? He would bid four clubs or some new suit. As it was. North had a sound raise with nothing in Let's Explore Your Mind TO C6T MONfi N WSINESS, RRSt RIGHT a VKCNGQ, NORTH 4 4K78 V Q I 8 * » J 4 + 10885 WEST EAST AQJ10 A985O V73 . V108 + K1083 »S71 *AJ43 *KQ1 SOtmj (D) A A 2 V A K J 3 2 »AQ55 + 82 Ent end West vulnerable Wot North But Paa 2 V Fus 3* Pass 4V Faa Fsa Pis* Opening lead--*Q Away With Brotherhood AZEPEWOMAL REOOM- laoAnoNs useful? Y=sa NOD rSNTONLV RESTRICTED TO ^Zgl SEHrWIOfc! ^^-^. TRUED FMSED By SYLVANUS AND EVELYN DUVALL 1. To get along In bust- ness, first know the company policies. Wrong. Stated policies may be only "window dressing." The real policies are determined by those in actual control. Therefore, the first essential is to know the "power structure." This isn't always easy. The real boss is not necessarily the one supposedly in charge. It may be his wife, or someone .else who has "influence." In any case, you. should find out who really has the -"say-so." 2. Are personal recommendations useful?Yes, but they must be used with great caution. For most Americans, a recommendation is like an obituary -- you speak only good clubs and n o t h i n g that looked like a possible slam. Therefore, North s i m p l y jumped to the heart game. · * * · SOUTH had only considered the slam as a bare possibility and when North could not show more than a good raise. South passed and played for gams. South had no way to lose his game contract. He had no losers in trumps or spades, two losers in club* and a possible loser in diamonds. Since West held the king of diamonds, the possible loser became a sure loser and South could only make four. Chapter to Aid Library Observance Long Deach Chapter of Drandcis University National Women's Committee is participating in the fifth annual observance of National Library Week, April 8-14, according to Mrs. Irving Schneider, chapter president. The committee, which supports the library at Bran- dcis in Waltham, Mass., through its 118 chapters across the country, is one of the sponsoring organizations of National Library Week. · · · * LIBRARY WEEK campaign is sponsored by the National Book Committee, Inc., a non-profit educational group, in cooperation with t h e Library Association. Keyed to the theme, "Read, and Watch Your W o r l d Grow," the week marks the climax or inauguration of many year-round, continuing programs designed to bring about a better-read, better- informed America. Riverside Site of Episcopal Women's Confab Currently attending the annual three-day spring conference of Episcopal church- xvomen from the Diocese of Los Angeles at the Mission Inn, Riverside, arc 12 Long Ccach delegates. They include Mmcs. Charles E. Lee, L. A. Sap- pcnficld. Harry McCord, William E. Hummer, Harvey Barr, Anne Kimball, Ivy D. Harriett. Kathleen Hamctt, J. K. McCall. Fletcher H. Dart, James R. Wheeler and Jon Vreeland. More than 400 women from the eight counties of Soutcm California arc attending the session, Tuesday through Thursday. SHE RE-GREW HAIR of the person. Therefore, if you are thinking of hiring someone or even of choosing friends, be cautious. It is so easy to say, "He is a great guy, a wonderful fellow." You should also know the basis for the recommendation. 3. Morality Isn't only restricted to sex behavior. True. To the social scientist who studies moral behavior, it is defined in broad character terms. The moral man or woman is dependably h o n e s t , responsible, loyal and good because he sees such behavior is for everyone's well-being. He or she is as concerned with the welfare of others as he is with his own. Furthermore, he reacts with feelings that are appropriate to the situation. ABBY WHY GROW OLD? Regardless of Worry Try fo Avoid Tension By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: First I'll tell you about me. Then her. Then him. I am considered a pretty stable guy. I am 33, own my own business, have a car, a boat a n d money in the bank. And I am hopelessly In love. She Is In her twenties. Beautiful, intelligent and goofy about another guy. He is a good- looking, penniless, drunken bum. She has me call him in bars all over town, because she's afraid he won't answer if it's a woman's voice. She admits she picks up the tab when she's with him. I met this bum and can see right through him. Why can't she see? I would marry this girl in a minute, but she thinks of me as a Big Brother. She is the most beautiful creature on this earth. I want to scream in frustration and kill that bum. Should I lay it on the line to her and make her see that he doesn't want her, but I do?--DAVID. DEAR DAVID: You could "lay It on the line," but that wouldn't change her feelings for you--or the "bum." When a woman Is "in love" with · character she knows to be worthless, she Isn't thinking--she Is feeling--so the has no use for logic. If she comes to her senses on her own, you might have a chance. But you can't kill love. It has to die by itself. » · · · DEAR ABBY: What would you have done if you were a boy and you took a girl to a formal and this girl you took was very pretty except for a lot of freckles on her back? And during the evening you noticed your white Jacket was all full of orange stuff which turned out to be the make-up this girt covered her back with to hide her freckles? --ALL MESSED UP. DEAR ALL: 1 would have my Jacket cleaned and forget It. · · · · CONFIDENTIAL TO BJ^ No one would think of hold- Ing a delirious pneumonia INDEPENDENT-?^* B-3 1M iwct, ctm, wt*, AMI i, IMI patient responsible for his actions. Why should a manic depressive be blamed for what he does because his Illness has lodged In his mind Instead of his lungs? * · · * For Abby's booklet, "How To H a v e a Lovely Wedding," send SOc to Abby,, Box 3300, Beverly Hills, Calif. ! DVRWa LUNCHEON 'Sad Sod/er' ^rrancoij MANHATTAN ItOt fail 4ik HE t-0420 Irltlt lllilliM T.df tin lilitli; FAMOUS "TOWN ft COUNTRY" FRESH FRYERS Whole, Split or Quartered.. KNIFE JOINTED -- CUT UP.. "VILLAGE PRIDE- BONELESS! ROUND. SWISS GROUND ROUND STEAKS "VILLAGE PRIDE" BONELESS! RUMP 7Qt TOP ROUND / / a ROASTS STEAKS THE HOME OF "VILLAGE PRIDE MEATS" · Wter. Fr!..% Mtolc.Htr. XtoHf Jtr»t To. Q · O0O330G MAGNOLIA at WARDLOWO«OO VliniE PARKINSON 1077 E. MARKET ST., N.LB. GRAND OPENING SPECMLS S 6 95 *COLD WAVE *COLD WAVE * Includes: Cut, Shampoo and Set ... Compltt* 'COLD WAVE s R ,'oV. S 8' s MO 95 · · ADDITIONAL SERVICES · · Haircut ! 2" Shampoo Set ..'2" Coter Rinses 50' Tinrc '·""·c I mis in.,,* .'6" ALL SPECIALS GOOD WITH THIS AD ... CLOSED SUN. t MOM. FOR APPOINTMENT Ph. 428-1756 I A.M. ta i P.M. By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN No one is free from worry indefinitely. M o s t people have their problems. These may be financial, or they may be due to illness in the family or to trouble with human relationships or a career. However, many folks arc harassed by tension even during the happy, lucky periods in their lives. In his helpful book, "Live Longer and Enjoy It" (Prentice-Hall), Dr. Peter J. Stcin- crohn says, "You sec, freedom from real trouble is no guarantee of freedom from tension. The wide difference between tension and relaxation is greatly out of proportion to the small amount of planning that makes the difference." Dr. Steincrohn feels that the mastery of time is essential to relaxation, that we should be boss of our hours and that fatigue and tension often arc due to living at too fast a pace. In trying to crowd more than we can easily accomplish into each day. * · · · ~ HE SUGGESTS that one way to leam to live without tension is to start the day in a relaxed mood. It is true that most people, feel hurried when they first awaken, even before they get out of bed the pressure of the day is felt in tension. You cannot possibly begin your day in a relaxed mood unless you plan to give yourself enough time to dress leisurely and cat breakfast without hurry. If you have been cutting the time for these too thin, you may find that setting your clock for a half-hour or 45 m i n u t e s sooner will be well worth I lie loss of sleep. After all, you CAN go to sleep that much earlier. · * * * IF YOU begin your day in a leisurely fashion the ' mood of relaxation is likely to follow you through the day. Every effort should be made to rid yourself of tension since this is a robber of energy and leads to fatigue. If your tension is chronic your fatigue will be also. * · · · If you would like to have my leaflet, "Pep," send a stamped, self-addressed en-' vclope with your request for leaflet No. 5G to Josephine Lowman in care of The Independent, P r o s s-Telegram. For Dramatic Story See Page 12 of Section A RESTAURANT OJ-Lakewood Country Club CATERING TO BANQUETS CompUU facilitltt for large or imoll banquets, dancti, bufftft, wtddingt. reception!, · thibiii. golf parties -- in an !n?it!ng, pltatant atmoiphtre. Suptrb service, friendly management, modett prices. Lorgt ballroom, ttage, sound system. Frr» parlinq. for over 500 cars. AIR C O N D I T I O N E D FOR YOUR COMFORT. FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS. 3101 E. Carson HA 5-6447 NE 6-4592 WHAT DO 3 ° 0 ?4 DOCTORS _ .RECOMMEND for TENSE, NERVOUS HEADACHES? ASurvcy Also Hcvcals What Many Doctors,Themselves, Toko When They Have Headache I'ain. tfew T«fk, N.T.- Medial report* confirm tense, nervous head- aclws arc by fir tlie mint mm- man kind and are caused liy tcniion that presses on the nerves. Hut fortunately, one get remarkaMe relief in minulff with a tablet not only relieves pain '"it also the emotional tension, mental fatigue and depression that usually accompany iuch headache*. Trine, nervous Rill for the stronger yet taffr medication in Anarin*. A survey reveals 3 out of 4 ilorlor* recommend the fast, pain-relieving inxreilienf* in Anarin. In fart, manyrloctnr* themselves relron this tame type relief when they have a heaiUthe. Aiurin TulJels r ive fa«t, pro- longed and --more complete relief than aspirin or buffered aspirin. You toe, Anacin i* different and contains special medication not found in aspirin or buffered aspirin. It'* this extra medication that not only relieves pain, liut also relates its tension and release* painful pressure on nerves. Despite their drength nnd effectivenes*--Anacin Tablets cnntain no narcotic*, do not form n hahit or leave one deprrstiL Anarin Tablets are *n *afr, they may tip Liken ns directed as often ·s needeil without urncttinf or irritating the stomach. See if the eilra medication in tlrnnfrr yet tale Anarin doesn't work belter for you. Chance In Anacin for fast, lonc-lulint and more complete relief. Flameless anges o There never was a better time to discover the joy of owning a gleaming, new flamclcss electric range. Perfect heat control mokes a delicious didcrencc in cooking. so's easy to keep pots and pans bright ns n smile. Walls and ceiling need far less scrubbing--a fact husbands will be happy to hear. so can cook looking your prettiest...never hot and harried. Your kitchen stays noticeably cooler. so Edison's low rates, about 5f a day is all you pay to cook electrically for a family of four. You hnoiu the future is all-electric. Why not change now to tho belter way of cooking with a flamclcss electric at reduced prices! Service on your electric range is free for Edison customers, after maker's warranty expires. The only charge is for parts, if they are needed. Southern California Edison Company

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