Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 30
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174 Airtot fw Sal* ( THUNDERBIRD '63 T-BIRD .:.. $2099 Rill KMT, FACTORY AIR. Ont- ewntr ear. WtArnd spcdaj. - Honilay-Anderson Ford . nt Eill AlMldri ' TO 7-CT '65 T-BIRD f-uii power, air-cortctlHonlna. ex. eel. cond. prlv. Dirty. Going over- «ai. Mmt Mil. Bisi oiler, ftum *« T-BIRD cujlfxn' ruHy^eoolnoed rMTalllaw. slereo. luck/roll vitar- 50TUCi alr, wiw. $1095. See 4-4 ' T ii f-BIRD. hd!o.. fgll pwr.. air. '43 Chev, tmoatii, lull pwr.. air. '55 T-BIRD. Vtrv flood cond. Slick w/o°rdr. tm. HA ?·«»;. '57 T-BIRD; real sharp. 7. _TE 5-3MO ailtr S p.m. '61 T-BIRD/ all power, factory air Sacrifice. »1099. HA 1-U17. '43 T-BIRD AM-FM, air, fvUt ExcH. cond. Mmt sell. 41\- THUNDERBIRD for Safe 174 THUNDERBIRD '55 T-BIRD "CONVERTIBLE" Red body wllh uhlle top, black white Interior; auto. Irani., PAIccrlng brakes, radio, healer; P/wlndows A beat. An extra nJc* oni throughout. A-l $1099 A - l MEL BURNS FORD MSS Lono Beach Dlvd. 591-3315 '63 THUNOERBIRD; full v power, faclorv air: IMMAC. cond. . SJIW C. BOB AUTREY 1t60 L.B. Bl«d., L.B. 5?h!Jl '62 T-BIRD, FULL PWR.. AIR. $1699 NERO MOTORS 7M Lona Beacli Blvd. HE '55~T-8IRD. Como!et«ly rebuilt. Alt Beit olter. 7U, MM315. 1961 T.B. convertible. Good condl lion. Call HA9.1081. THUNDERBIRDS 10 cf 'Em I957i tliiu l?65i 1958 HARDTOP : - Wt Runs real good. 1961 HARDTOP $1499 Beautiful black wifn matcnmg inltricr. Full powtr, FACTORY AIR. 1945 CONVERTIBLE JAVE A liV« n»w «x«cutiv« car. Sdv« hundreds of dollars from flaw KOTT SMOLAR FORD-ESTABLISHED I?3C--TE 5-6424 336 WEST ANAHEIM WILMINGTON Ante* for, Salt THUNDERBIRD '61 T-BIRD ··...-.. $1695 FACTORY AIR- CONDITIONING, FULL POWER, chclrlc wllrfowj Mml Condition!' . LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN S»I5 Soulh St. al Wgcdrull Lattwood Dylch.Village TOM141 ·wVifiRD Full oo*tr s"i3» r-AflKWOOD CHEVROLET Mi? U^cnoixi Blvd. _ME_3 l» VALIANT H6 T-BIRO. Xlnl. condlllon, all power, air cond.i private" parly. PH. GE 3-03S4 or HE 2-1M9. .. .. BIRD Conv., full power. JI37S or besl otlcr.^ Parqmoynt. '5» T-BIRD Hdtp. «W JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-3600 '57 T.B., [minac.. both foos.' new In. lerlor, red, S157S. U1VW '64 T-BIRD Lanndeaw. Inirnaculalel Red/wlllle. toaded, evervlhlng Incl. faclorv wire wlice'i. warranty. W-3703 aller 5:30 p.m. ·61 T-B1RD Full pwr., air ixnf. JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME" I-IUX ·5» T-BfRD," toe." air," »lnl. llres. Vdll take 6» cash. ^5^^8 Atlantic, Complon 'ANTED SolT'Ti -- ' wiir ·M VALIANT VKO RH., Aulo. Air S4» -i JIM SNOW FORD 1S5SO Paramount Blvd. ME -2«» '·»" VALIANT conven. Autom., redlo. Iwnler. 30,000 nil., warranty good to 50.000. Pcrf. cond Beloe/ while loo. SUM. OE t-931t all. 6. '43 VALIANT hdlD., bucket seals, aulom.. R/H. 14,000 ml. Orta. owner, perfect, no trades. -J1S95. 17«L M AKV1PSSI.= tf.' ttt- 'A '« VALIANT FJarracuda, 4 cvl., auto.. RH. p*r. jlrg. Cash or assume conlracl. 801 E. Arlella, H.L.B. CA11701 WILLYS ; i3 WILLYS O.D. ovcrrugled. Good tires i cond. SIOO. ME 0-1M3 PRESTIGE 'HT-Blrd. lull p»r., a r £3 T. BIRD, faclorv air, full pcwe · CARBURETORS, DISTRIIUTOR CAL1B. · EVERY PART LUIED OIL CHANGED · UPHOLSTERY CLEANED · HAND POLISHED · COMPRESSION TESTED · TRANSMISSION AND REAR END TESTED · NEW RINGS, PINS, CLUTCH If NEEDED · ALL WHEELS BALANCED · NEW TIRES · NEW BRAKES · NEW BATTERY · NEW SPARK .PLUGS · NEW POINTS (LOOK FOR THE MURPHYIZ6D STICKER) MURPHY LINCOLN MERCURY · 1940 LAKEWOOD BLVD., LONG BIACH _ .. _ · · · i i v i i r - i . x i U V I I p M E r V S ' M m 1 1 TL «*«-.» «i ··-!· · L v A p W c ~.t * LL. · U/Mit'll umi t«a«vf ,-ifroudly presents .' . . in person: "THE MIXTURES FOUR" . . . Those music throbs of 'i6 . . . Wait'll you hear wipeout '. : . If that doesn't send you, nothing will . . . ,.,,,.....,, .,.,,_,". In cqhlunetion with our March Clearance Sale where the money you save will be your own . . . SATURDAY, MARCH "12. SHOW TIME 1:00 P.M. ... EMCEE, WOODY AIKIN. O V E R S T O C K E D W I T H T R A D E S $ '60 Ramb.'Cus. 4-Dr. 0r .o l p Y a c y u c par! h' er ' Automatic, Rll. (QGY «2) $21 $21 $399 ull price '63 MERCURY COMET 2-dr. Deluxe. Au!o., RH. $899 BRAND NEW '66 CHEVROLET HARDTOP COUPE NOT STRIPPED, BUT FULLY LOADED!! $ 00 2349 Stock No. 6540. Plus Tax License. Includes Freight and Delivery Handling. '6O BUiCK INVICTA HARDTOP Fullv ea/jlppcd. $499 '64 DODGE SEDAN Aulo., Rill, PS, faclorv air. Priced lo sell! $1099 62 OLDSMOBILE SUPER II HTP. Full power. $1299 · Tinted Windshield · Push-button Deluxe Radio · Air Injector Reactor · Whirewall Tires · Undersea] GEaie · Dual Arm Rests · Delcotron Generator · Dual Key Locking · Full-Flow Oil Filter n Deluxe Wkeel Covers · Cigarette Lighter · Padded Instrument Panel · Front and Rear Seat Belts · 6.000-mil* Lufaed Front End · Self-adjusting. Irakes · Electric Windshield Wlpcrl '· Magic Mirror Finish · Powerglld* Transmission IMMEDIATE DELIVERY]!! Full dn. pymt, . .Full rno. pymf. dn. Incl.' T a x . Lie. All Carrying Chdrses For On I/ 30 Mas. NEW 1966 COMET 2-DOOR Equipped with padded sun vison, padded dash, windshield washers, seat belts front and rear, o u t s i d e m i r r o r , back-up lights, emergency flasher, 3-speed manual irans. Down SEC PER FULL Payment 99 MONTH PRICE $ 1988 Paymcnti Includlna All Carrvtoo Charaei Pkn T« t Llctnse DcUvernl In Long »e»th Band on « Ha i rr -r D:^J f^^^n^ri Or I [ You Prt for oy I -bird (_onverr. topavcssti VI. Aulo., RiH. P.5. (KUZM3) $24 - $24 $499 Full dn. pyrnt. FuHl rr.o. pymf. ' '61 Falcon Dlx. 4-Dr. ^oV^aS!" Sllcfe, Kir., W.S.W. (LNJ 261 j $27. $27- · $599 Full dn. pvniL Full mo. oyml. rin. Incl. Taif, Lie, i All Carrying f,i I nrirp Charges For Ofilv 30 Mos. IIJ " f JM{ - e '62 Comst 2-Dr. Sed. prl ^c F £r! f Aufo., RAH. Dlx, Irlm, OGG192- $32 $32 $799 Full dn. pvmf. Full mo. pynif. , ,, ' u|1 '63 Sunbeam Rdslr. 3 sod.. R1H. (FMR !M) $37 $37 ll tfn, pvml. FtHI mo. pymt. ' $999 price NEW 1966 MERCURY 2-DOOR Equipped with padded sun visors, padded dash, windshield washers, seat belh front and rear, o u t s i d e m i r r o r , tactc-up lighfs, emergency flasher, 3-speed manual trans. $ FULL PRICE 2588 '61 Olds. 98 4-Dr. V-l. F. Pwr. F. Air. (KEEMS) $37 $37 $999 Full dn. pvmf. Full mo. pvmt, , , tfn, Incl. Tax. Lit. All Carrying ft ill nri Charws For Only 34 M«. lul1 pfl ,,_ I '62 Buick Inv. 4-Dr. Hdfp. or ,i r p Ya ^c pa 7h' cr V-S. Aulo., R1H, P.S. (ITF50O ' $ 4 1 $ 4 1 Full do. pvml. Full mo. nvrnl. $ 1 1 9 9 full price '62 Corv. 700 Cl. Cpe. m ,X£!?%£' e Slick, RH, W.1.W. (qiK Ml) $ 2 ! . $2! $399 Full dn. pvmt. Full mo. pvml. *· ' $ ' m i a ° full price '65 CHEVELLE MAL1BU S. S. VS. RH, aulo.. cower cerirta. TMs weekend only, $2479 '64 CORVAIR MONZA CPE. Fully eqjloped. $1399 mf^^mmm '62 FORD R A N C H E R O $799 wm^mifm ·65 CHEVROLET Van. Low Mileage. $1599 Week-End Transportation Specials '55 FORD Wlwi pickup, Runs good. $199 i \ '55 CHEVROLET $75 '55 CADILLAC CO-JM deVillc $99 '58 VW PANEL $299 '56 FORD Sed. Automatic $99 ·········· '56 DODGE 2-Door HarcJIop $139 BRAND NEW '66 CHEVROLET 1 2 TON PICK-UP NOT STRIPPED BUT WITH BED $1849 Plus Tax and License -- Stock No. 7134 00 · 232 {-cylinder Engine · Directional Lights · Full-Flow Oil Filter 41-qt. Throw-away Type) · Air Inlector R e a c t o r · Door Locks · Magic Mirror Finish · Seat Belts · IS) Tires ana* Wheels · 2-specd Electric Wipers · Back-up Lights · Oil Gauges · Heavy Duty Spring! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!!! GEORGE SAYS- DOUBLE DIVIDEND DAYS ON THESE FINE SELECTIONS OF OVER 150 OK USED CARS. 58 OF THESE MUST GO THIS WEEKEND TO CONTINUE TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW CAR TRADE-INS. ALSO JUST RECEIVED NEW SHIPMENT OF USED '66 VW'S. LARGE SELECTION OF COLORS. 1962 CORVAIR Sport 2-Door tn platinum finish. Power- glidft, radto and wheaUr, whit* $JLQO sidtwalli. Can b« your* for TM * * LiceniB OYY 627 1958 VOLVO Ebony finish. 4-speerJ, radio arid" healer. Can be your, for FULL PRICE $4OO plus tax arid liceni* A** Lions. No. LJD 693 1963 CHEVY II 4-Doar Wagon in ermtn* whit* will] controlling Inferior, radio, heater, $000 6-cyl., iHck, Extra ntce for only *** No. 098 '56 CHEVROLET 1962 CHEVROLET -Door Biicayn* Sedan, ^-cylinder, Power- glide, radio anrj heater. In blu» SC0O Liccnso No. KHL 160 finish 1960 EL CAMINO V-8 r 3-speed, radio and healer. In ermine .while finish. The most sought- after pickup Licens* No, 8 2 3 9 1 1966 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL COUPE FULLY EQUIPPED - INCCUDIHO AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. RADIO, HEATER, WHITEVMLL TIRES, POWER STEERIHO AND B R A K E S AND MANY MORE. Boy VOW Where you hav« lereclfftn. See ant ·! lh« rMM compIeK drsplays of new IrU Conlinenlalf cflered on Tnc West Coasl. TERMS ON OUR LEASE PURCHASE PLAN DEPOSIT C A S K OR T R A D E PER MO. 1965 CLOSE-OUTS , 400 1777 SAVE UP TO S ' '85 Comet 4-Dr, Sed, $ v vw Full '62 Cont'l. 4-Dr. Sed. '',!!£?{"' F. Pwr. F, Kr. LeaUi, (MDG 175J $59 $59 $ 1 899 Full dn. jwrnf. Full mo. pymt. dn. tnd. Tax. Lie. i All Carrying | n nrlrP Chnrgen For Onlv 30 Moi. IU " RJ'LB USED CONTINENTALS '*7 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 4 DC, jed *\r COdrfiliunirTg, {ull power, 1 lealhcr trim. rfMDC 17S _ MERCURYS-COMETS ON "MAININ r"n7I,' r i n ^ M ia1n; '65 MODELS whilewain, demo. C-144. AT THE TRAFFIC CIRCLE | '64 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 4 Or. SetfrUi. fedorv air contftlion-flg, full power, JO | CIQ Irim. -IEX 70\ . - . .- - *'**'*' '*! LINCOLN CONTINENTAL ConvtTlible, FiiClorY «rr condiTionir.Q, full power, leather Jrim. SFTT fill . . %. '"·'·'. '60 MERCURY f'Door Hardloo V3, aulomaltc. power steering 53 OLDSMOBILE 1962 FORD 4-Door. V-8, Criris-o-matic, r c d i o and hoator. white sidewalls. Ther«'i a $.QQ Ford In your future VJf No. LEZ80S 1964 DODGE POLARA 4-Door in gorgeous ihell biiga finish, FULL POWER, FAC. AIR C O N D . S1AOO Many mil=i of fac. wrnty. left. I TTT Lrcini. No. ONX060 1964 CHEVROLET Impala Super Sport Hardtop Coup* in C r o c u s yellow {fnisti, 327 engine, radio and heater, power steering, while £ 1 JLOO ilJewalU. Can be youn for only · TM * * LicensB No. F N C 4 3 9 1961 FALCON FUTURA 'In Baniff blue wilk contrasting interior, bucket leafs, c o n s o l e , outomalic, radio and healer. There it a Ford En Y O L j r $COO future. Full price plui lax and lie. ^f* Licence No. PWD 552 1962 CHEVROLET Va-TON Fleetside. Heavy duly 3-ipee'd. Big "A" · ngina r radio and healer, In 2- $OQQ lone green firviih. Extra nice one. "f * Liccns» No! 2 5 1 [7 1960 CORVAIR 700 DELUXE 4-Door, Super Turbo engine, automatic, ro- dio and heater, platinum finish. For FULL PRICE, plui fax and lie. | L;ceme No. PNJ 229 , '58 PONTIAC Sf^rchitt Sednn Ron; ex Ira oood $289 '58 CHEVROLET Bel Arr Hardtop V!, automatic, ri»d : o, healer. $199 ·HMB^^MHH '49 FORD Coupe $89 mmarn '57 PLYMOUTH 2-Door Hardlco M69 LAKEWOOD ; 'T*» Volam* Corner" Acrou From May Co. 6069 LAKEWOOD BLVD. ME 3-0781 OPEN SUNDAY 1961 CHEVROLET Ermine while v*ilh contrasting inferior, stick ihiff, radio and heater, many miles of service left on (hit one. FULL $CQQ PKICE plm fa and license rfTT Licens. No. FJH 339 1963 MONZAS ( 1 5 ) Sports 2-Door. Choic* of eolori and equipment. Exomplc: Sport 2-Dr., 4-speed from., radio ond healer, turbo engrne $QAO and real nics in ermine whit« I MM Liceni* No. FLJ 191 VOLKSWAGENS "28" USED '66. '65, '44. '43 models. Choice of colors and equipment. Immediate delivery. Example: 1964 $|QOO in blue finish, custom interior .. · U *T License No. FMP 883 1960 IHC T /a-TOIM L.W.B. 4-spd. irons., big "4" en- $COO iber red finish. Like new. ifff License No. K I 3 I I 7 8 1962 CORVETTE Convert. 327 4-spd. w/reverst $1OQO chrome wheels, R«H. Like new. I OTT SlocV No. I 171 1965 PONTIAC LEMANS GTO. Equipped in daziling Phoenix beige Finish, V-8, Hydro.Malic, pwr. $OTOO sleer.. FAC. rjfrig. Like new .. -*»77 License PBr 676 1959 FORD Vs-TON Slyleiide. V-6 3-s p e e d. Fully $£00 equipped. Eytra nice %f*f License No. K4 I 80 1962 XKE by JAGUAR Stunning provincial v»hite, wir« wh*ell, radio and hearer. ThSt one refFecti mericulouj care. . . . FULL PRICE plus tax $4£QO and license '. *9f * Licence No. NMZ 156 1965 CADILLAC Coupe DeVille in dazzling whiff Vtodec lop and Tahoe blue with genutne loathir intt'ior, 6-way seal, FAC. REFR1G, Tht moit beautiful appointed one ev«r teen BY GEORGE!) Sfock No. P!067 NO DOWN PAYMENT PROBLEM HERE!! OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. DAILY INCLUDING SUNDAY WA 5-2251 · SP 3-4190 17000 LAKEWOOD BOULEVARD, IN BELLFLOWER

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