Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 3
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Gosifidencb Shown As Primary Hears Northwest Arkansas TltftS, Wed., April 11, 1«7* · Expressway Forum Is Low-Keyed 'B J THK ASSOCIATED-PRESS Despite a modest campaign Effort in Pennsylvania, presi- ·Ucnlial hopeful George C. Wai-. J'dcp says lie expects a "good ^showing" in .the state's Democratic primary election v ncxl week. ~ Wallace, campaigning Pittsburgh Tuesday, conceded Jie has Hot been doing well his bid fur the Democratic nom- jnatiou. But Ji» said !us cam- ·paign is viable and solvent. - . . T w o other presidential camli- Stales, Washington Sen, Henry Jackson and former Georgia Gov. Jiiumy Carter, spoke to S100-a-plale fund-raising din- jiers Tuesday evening, Jackson, ·in .Philadelphia, arid-Carter", m Pittsburgh, each forecast victo- ·y 11 the state next Tuesday. Wallace said he expects' to spend two or three days campaigning in Pennsylvania be- 'ore the primary, . · All three candidates prepare*! /or more work in Pennsylvania in-person campaigning. i warned thai the Social Security Both Ford und Keagan have programi is a Eiscul oaiamuy A NEWS ANALYSIS TIMES S f a l f Writer By PEGGY KRIZXBLL The auditorium was not done a greal deal of work in :*"d could collapse in 30 yearsi packed with people Tuesday Texas in-advance of the May J j unless it's completely over- night. There were only-a few primary there, ami 'Reagan hauled. | jeers and hisses. Applause spent 'Tuesday in New Mexico. no inlet more than 2.000 sup-1 came periodically, .in spurts where GOP convention dele- porters at a rally that revamp* rather lh;hi in wave?. The air gales are picked in. party caucuses, Wallace spent part of Tuesday taping radio and television shows and planned campaign stops to Jay tn Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Eric. "I'm not doing as wyll as ii ing the system would uc a top priority if he wins the election. ::That program 15 $2.5-lrillipn balance," he said. out or "About three decades or so down I he road I he young people .oday. Another of the leaders in the was not thick with tension and people did not jump tip and Scranton andM ' J f f a y arc going to find the I roof falls in if our generation i.... HI* UV .., K a* «y« .,, , J ^.A »1°-something about this 1972. that's academic," Wallace program. told a news conference. "But) According to Social Security I'm not doing as bad as you-analysts. Reagan's estimate of newsmen imply. Some of you- irn.;a.anccs In ihc system is un- lend IQ write me olf. I hope the realistically high, and is prcdi- ."?acc for the Democratic norm ·lalion,··Arizona llep. Morris K. .Udall, was in Colorado to lobby ,tor support in the state's May 3 ·precinct caucuses. He made a : s»rics oE'appearances in Denser and at the University of Colorado in Boulder. " Ronald Reagan, who is chair 'lending President Ford for the ·Hcpublican nomination, vas ;dne in Georgia today. Voting 'there is May, 4. . The former California gover- "rior scheduled a lull day ol .campaigning, with rallies, news ^conference and television appearances in Macpn. Augusta 'and Savannah on his agenda. Ford planned to spent: by -telephone today to a dinner in 'Mllledgcvillc, Ga.. honoring Secretary of Labor W.J. Uscry. 'a native of nearby Havdwick. "The President is sclvjduled to fly to Georgia Friday for some voters will show you're wrong." Wallace has .cut back bis campaign because of money problems, but be told reporters Tuesday. "We arc solvent. "We're not going into debt. I believe in paying off what you owe. Home of the other candidates are in debt." A committee of more than 50 labor leaders who claim to represent 1.5 million union workers in Pennsylvania announced support of Jackson. Carter, meantime, called the April 27 Pennsylvania primary "the most important primary of the year. "Public opinion polls sho\\ cated on the continuation Q[ obligations without-including proj- cvted revenues, from people who will be joining the work force. ; In other developments on the political front Tuesday: --The Federal Election Commission said candidates turned in another $1 million in campaign money requests this week, even though there Is no guarantee when, or if. they will get the matching funds. -The new submissions pushed to $2.37 million the total requests submitted since tile-funding was cut oft by the Supreme Court. Congress down, interrupting and rebutting one another. Rather, ihe program largely was low-key, orderly and unlike any other recent meeting on the proposed Northwest Arkansa Staged in the University c Arkansas' Science-Enginering auditorium, the form on the expressway attracted about IOC people. Judging from when tin applause cyme, the' majority o the audience seemed lo agre with (he speakers who oppose program Arkansa this expressway. Tuesday night's sponsored by the Union Symposium Committee ,vas set up so that two me 'cpresented t h o s'e person wanting this expressway bni a tid two m en re presented tb population opposed (o th "" " " ipartmcn Arkansas Higl plan. opposed ;liway D I'm ahead m every part of (be restart the flow of money. state, but we havp a problem --First Lady.Betty 1-o.d cam- patgn/jd for her husband in San Antonio, Tex., through the Rio Grande Valley and into Corpus Christi. She planned lo' head Into southeast Texas today. Nancy Reagan, meanwhile, spoko on her husband's behall in Denton. Tex., greeted campaign workers in Waco and ·moved on to Odessa. Her schedule for today includes more work in,Odessa and then Kerrville .before going to San Antonio in tbe afternoon. getting people who support me lo f!o lo the polls." At a meeting of Denver's icmocratlc Central Committee, Udall said the public should de- larid specific "answers from :ic candidates. "Make sure we're talking is- ucs," Utlall said. "The func- ion of these middle primaries s to test us out. Don't pick andidaie idly. Let's insist be details -- the specifics." Reagan, in. Albuquerque. NEW YORK STOCKS Opening PrjCM ?urnUh*d tty Speakers- for Hie highwa included Stu Prosscr, gcnci' manager for the Arkansas Bi md Truck Association, and R Clinlon, a member of 11 Northwest Action Coitnnitti which is working for the e pressway. Speakers opposii this road were Ted Guhma a . retired engineer and member of the Citizens E p r e s s w a y ^Coalition whi organized against this bighwa and Den F. Johnson. IV student and a member of t Western Ozarks Conservati Council. After each side presented it ;Ark Best Corp "Amer. Tel Tel SS'J '/Ark. La. Ga s 247 ^Baldwin ..:.. 10=! XCampbeH Soup ........I... "Central £ S.W. .Del Monle · · - · pillards Wtt "Easco 18 I A. G. Edwards '17 3 rs -'Emerson i... 38 Frontier Air G'ifc -Gen. Growth 19% t Gordon Jewelry 13W * Inlt. Harvester 251£ M-T-E Imperial 24^i Jury Selection Expected Today In Governor's Trial ." Leyi Strauss, 5Hs j Marcor .,'... 36% £ Penney s ST^i * Pizza Hut -30 iKalston Purina 50U' 2 Raytheon 53ft} : Sambo's 1?| -'Scott Paper 21 "ft -Sears . - · - - · · 78 ^ ·Shakespeare 9^ ^Union Carbide ..: 71M -- Victor 5}'s * Wai-Marl 15V4 .-·Ark West Gas 20^-21 £ Kearney Natl 6Vi-7 " M i n u t e Man 3 .-\-\Yt, ·« Pioneer Foods 5'/i-6 2H.K. Porter 37-38 SSW. Register .,'....... 17W-18 i .Tyson Foods CHARLESTON, W.Va. CAP) I -- Completion of jury selection in the trial of Gbv. Arch A. Moore Jr. and a former aide was expected today.. Nearly 100 potential jurors were called for the first day- of the trial Tuesday, and -15 were ordered lo reLirn today. - Moore' and his former aide, William Loy, are accused of conspiring to extort $25,000 from Charleston businessman Theodore, R. Price, who -was seeking banking charter in 1972.when the alleged crime oc cur red i · U.S. Ally. John A. Field 1TI said be would have a 30-minute opening statement, after the jury is empaneled. Attorneys for" Moore .and Loy said thej would put off their own opening statements unfii later. U.S. District. Court Judge Jo eph Young repeatedly asket prospective jurors if they hac ·cad or heard anything abou Moore, Loy or Price that migh prevent them from pud g ing thi case on the evidence. Nearlj all said they had read some .hing, but could not rerneml details. One man, who was dismissed, said the Watergate scandal i AVERAGES ···Inds · iTrans t Utils ?-Volume up 4014 up 9.( up .35 COMMODITY OPENINGS :-May Corn -'-May vSoybeans *'Apr Eggs - '·May Pork Bellies i'May Wheat gunient, a panel of four per-l ns questioned Clinton, Pros- r. G u h m a n and Johnson. The ,nel consisted of a r ei present a:e from the Grapevine, two -m po shim committee mcm- :r.s "and a reporter from the udent newspaper, the Trave- When (he panel completed list ot questions, the idience was invited lo parti- pate. As the first speaker, Guhman ovoted much of his preset it a on to answering the cpicstior What ro ad arc w G rea ll alking about?" The program ucsday night was focused ic proposal to construct orth-south interstate-type faeil y (four-JanP. high-speed, limi ed-access) through Norlhwes Arkansas. Toward this goal, the Ark; as Highway Department, ha iiiblished a Draft Environ mental Impact Statement o: uch a road between McKissicl 'reck {near Bentonville) aii he norlSi end of the Fayette villc Hwy. 71 bypass. Guhman contended that In expressway has, heen pushed : several different forms. He sai the state highway deparlmei wanted to use federal fuhds t 1973 to build an inlerstatc-typ facility from the Misouri staf line to Van Duren. But the federal intcrslatc-pr gram was winding down abo this lime. Gnhman .said, a: money io build such a road w limited. However Congress d authorize a study to determi whether an interstate w needed in seven corridors. T Kansas City to Baton Rou corridor was one of these. CJuhman said the Arkans Highway Department conduct this corridor study, but wh the report was relumed to I s Department of Transportatio at agency decided against an .crstate through this area. TOLL R O A D LN'FIiASIBLE Wilh this iivumic of E i n a n c i n g it off, Gnhman said highway -oponcnts looked to the loll ad idea. Bui a consulting s«irieerin(j tirtn studied this d hi January of this year, cchircd a toil road lo be c omically inEcasiblc. Now, Gulnnan said, highway roiKincnls and the shite h i g h ay deparlmenl are trying to el some discrelionary funds appropriated I h r o u g h Int. luiual Federal Highway , Acts) i he set aside as seed inone ir the Northwest Arkansas .\pressway. Guhman said he gave this 'ackground so that t h e udience would be aware tha' iic road discussed in the Drat' Environmental Impact State mont, is not an "innocent litle oad designed to meet urban raffic needs from Fayettevilli north to Bella Vista." Prosser, who lives in Littl took, responded to Guhman' stalemenl by saying that th road never has been promote as a "little urban expressway. 1 Prosser contended that the roa s always heen meant to b Kansas City to Baton Roug expressway. Ho labeled himself' a lobby for the trucking industry an said that the industry does ha\ a personal interest in the roai "We will have "economic uen fits from this road," he said ,He said he felt the estimate of increased traffic flow a!ot the present Hwy. 7! was anol er. good reason for building th road. Prosses said the truckc could "muddle through" wit out this highway, and said t industry would listen lo alle natives lo the proposed express- it anybody, would present cm. - '· ' · · '' ' ·' DRAFT FOH S K G M E N T During the panel's question eriod, Guhman said that the ·aft Environmental Impact atemenl is for a 23-mile seg- cnl of the road, rather than full length of the road -- om the Missouri line lo Van uren. Gnhman said the Department Tratispprlation prohibits rc[iarii;g impact, statements short stretches of proposed oads and insists that impact latements be prepared for the ilal project. Gulunati also said (he pro oscd highway has been toutcii Ihe way to solve urban raffic needs in Norlbwesl \rkansas. Ben Johnson pointer lit 1 that the highway depart lent wants this road to bi ual-purpose: lo lake care o urban traffic and lo move ii rough interstate t r a f f i c . Johnson contended lhal tbi wo purposes require differen kinds of roads, making it in easible to use one road for bot purposes- Roy Clinton discussed North vest Arkansas' growth, used it as the basis of his argu ment for the road. He pointe out, too, that in the past yea' Deadline Tonight JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Th Mississippi Legislature faced midnight deadline tonight fi passing appropriations and re enue bills . us lawmake: ·orkeci to wrap up their 19' session. Both Ihe House and Senate had several appropriations measures to clear away, but .ore tourists vtsilerf North- est Arkansas than any other · ace in the state. Of people coming lo the area, linton said. "We can't keep icm out." He said the road ill be built, and it it's bnilt ow, it will cost less, Clinton rgued that interslale-type-Uci- ties are safe road . R E V I E W NEEDED Johnson said ho thought lh« ighway department needs to cview the traffic estimates in gbl of Ihe 1973 energy crunch nd the current drive lor ncrgy conservation. "Whether we like it or not." ; said,, "the economic facts f life will mean that people vill shop together and commrri« o work together." Johnson also questioned tht ie of highway department money on such a road when he highway department funds vere so low that highways are- 'wearing oul" 30 per cent aster than the money ii coming in to repair them. ·Speaking of th financial situation. Prosser '*'·' i possible thai ' Congress will repeal the four cent federal £JS tax, and let states collect it themselves and use it for their own programs. He also said Arkansas might be able to Jtet .-ortion of th Highway Trust Fund if special legislation could be passed. While Prosser said he did not want to see a higher fuel tax, he said there probably will b an across-the-board license (et increase. . / Guhman rebutted Pross*r_*a comment .that ' tbe truckinf industry would pay, a large p«r- centage of Ibe road costs .by most of these and the remaining revenue facing the deadline were routine proposals. . pointing out that the industry would pass this -- in lh« . f r o m of freight rates -- ont» ' the consumer. made him "question govern ment in general." Young told the "55 persons not o read, listen to or watch news stories abo'jt the case and not o "discuss wilh anyone any aspect of the case." The jury will iot be sequestered for the trial, which Young said he expects to last about two weeks. A group of diversified officials applied for a state bank charter in 1972 and, the · indictment alleges, Price contacted Moore and Loy about Ihe application, then delivered cash lo Ihe governor's Capitol office. Moore conveyed his interest 'in the bank charter to Ihe stale Board of Banking and Financial-Institutions, the indictment said, but the board refused to grant the charter Officials in four slates ordered DMC, an uninsured industrial savings and loan chain, closed in 1974, and Price was charged with 37 counts of defrauding customers. . Price pleaded .guilty to one count and talked to the federal grand jury (hat indicted Moore and Loy. He begins a three- year sentence May 3, after his trial testimony. give you try the new coffee with fresh aroma, 266V4 ·187 % 46.55 7.40 3-3 9 Vi ·I Shockleford Signed · SEARCY-Jeremy S h a c k l e 'ford, an all-district baskctballcr "from Slirevcporl, La., has * signed an Arkansas Intcrcol- -Jlegialc Conference letter ol Jinlcnt wilh Harding College. 5 according lo Bison head coach 'JessBncy. * A 6-5 lorward, Shacklcford " was named lo the all-rtistricl · ind all-cily learns ' i" Ine '· o\igh AAA district in Shrove- ion. He carried an 18.5 scoring ·vcmfie. Shackleford is the second rospccl .to sign with the ··Kons. Bruce Binklcy, a G-3 ; .-nlor from Tulsa, Okla. was · first signee. I ^H ^H ··· ^^ ^^ C O U P O N -- m FOR THE · FAMILY... 1 Ken's Pizza Parlor * 409 WEST DICKSON FOR NEW Instant Maxwell House BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE! Void WHh Any Other Special (Net good on delivery o^arn^ul^^ ^^ i iear Them Fold i NATCHiTOCHES, La. (AP) : - "You could hear those Irail- ; ,'i-, folding up," said Jessie ; .larsh, who lived in one nr Iwo · ,-ailcr parks devastated by a : irjado wliich W1M on ; ijlirctl 20. ' - · The twister rampaged along : i ' 100 yard-long palh throusii · lie narks Tuesday night, tic 'slroyins or heavily d a m a g m j tat least 20 house trailers and ^snr.ishing a number o( cars. Biliye's Maternity Shop, Inc. "Everything for the Expectant Mother" Open 10-5 Mon.-Sat. S02W. Emmi, Springd!e 751-1474 NORTH ARKANSAS SYMPHONY Campbell Johnson, Conductor ^Spring Concert Friday, April 23 - 8:00 P.M. U of A MEN'S GYM FAYETTEVILLE · M«nrt--Ovtrturt to The Abduetl-n from th« Seraglio 0 Brahms--Variation! on a Th*m« by Joseph Haydn · Ives--Symphony No, 2 · Mendelssohn--Piano Concerto No. 1 in G-minor. Rano Papini, Seloist TickeH: Adults $2.; All Students SI Tickets are en s*le at Room 104, Fine Arts Building, U of A, and at the door. on Maxwell House* Instant Coffee. G«ed only upon MVMnMiwi |9 v«e« tn purcHM* ¥ Mf iJn In o* Urn* HwM Imunt CV~. Vtr oM» uw

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