Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 1950 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1950
Page 12
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S m i t h C l u b En t e r t a i n s For V i s i t o r f · .' · : Smith College cluo members'me Monday evening at the Potte school for girls to confer with Mrs Jackson 1C. Holloway of Seattle Wash., the college's western alum nae representative. ·'· Mrs. Holloway pointed. out th advantages for a ·western' 1 girl at tending ah 'eastern college and described the difference between liberal arts and vocational train Ing. She · also showed - a film "Smith Today." . · M e m b e r s -attending Included Mmes. Frederick E.' Sowerby, Wil Us Leenhouts, Prior Pray, Munro Montgomery, Winslow Sisson, Fred Webster. Theodore Dodge, Georgp Bright, -E." A..Davissoh, Misses Ruth L. Kennedy and Esther Smith. Presbyterian R i t e s Unite UA Graduates Mr. and .Mrs..John .Howard Ehr hart Jr.,\who.were'married Sunday afternoon in .Trinity Presbyterian church,'.'-are now. spending' their honeymoon in .Mexico City. They Will return early in December- Mrs. Ehrhart is the former Patricia Mauldhv.White, daughter of Mrs, Hugh.-Mauldin -of. Ardmore Okla.' Mr.Eurhart-is'tlie son of Mr. and Mrs.. John. Howare. Ehrhart of 1917 E. .Fourth" st. . . The - informal,' double-ring ceremony was'read'by Dr. Glenn C. Mtf- Gee. - '' , '_ .... .Wears ECTJI Suit .. .Mrsi" Ehrhart wore an ecru suit ·with' brown--and ecru accessories. Her corsage'.was of cream orchids and ..she' wore --an · ensemble of pearls,' a'gift 'from the bridegroom. Both/the bride^ and bridegroom are 'graduates of the University of Arizona. Mrs. Ehrhart was a. member of'Alpha Eps'ilon and Mr. Earhart's: affiliations included PI Kappa Alpha and Phi Beta Kappa.. During December the couple will be at,:home-at 2546'E: Sixth st. In January; they will leave for Guam, ·where Mr. Ehrhart is associated ·with Atkins, Kroll (Guam) Ltd. Mrs.'Ehrhart's young gon, Eugene White, will accompany them.to Guam. , . Sunnyside Records Over 250 Members Over 250 memberships have been recorded since the beginning of the Sunnyside PTA membership drive, it WB'S reported today by the chairman, Mrs. Andrew Sorensen. Sunnyside PTA is inviting, interested men. and women to join now by--. contacting Mrs.' Sorensen or sending memberships to the teachers In the school. The drive ends Nov. 18 and e prize will.be presented to the room ·with : the highest percentage of memberships. .The prize will be a hand-painted picture chosen b y - a committee after-the. drive ends. V o l u n t e e r s Set Meeting Tomorrow Pueblo Junior Woman 1 ! club Community Chest .volunteers will meet at 9 a.m. tomorrow for a "kick-off coffee" at the home of Mrs. James Mitchell, .3958 Louis lane. Mrs. J. .H. Feth, - civic service chairman, Is leader of sector 13 which is Frontier: Village. Instructions and campaign cards and kits will be given. ;. Assisting Mrs. .Feth. as sector chairmen are Mmes. Johnny Anderson, William Boudreaux, Jack Burris, J. P. Edmisto'n, Don Hummel, J. D. Hurst, Emma Miller, Carl Miller, John Molloy, Mitch ell,,Harry I.IcKeever, Ned Matthews, Martha' McLaughlin, Howard TPumphrey, Marshall G. Richards and N. G. Sakellar. --Photo by Senile Rusieli MRS. JACKSON K. HOLLOWAY Jright) of Seattle, Wash., western alumnae representative for Smith! college, met Monday evening with members of tha Smitji College club of Tucson. Shown; with her are (left to right) Mrs. Frederick E. Sowerby, president, Mrs. Willis Leenhouts, vice-president, and Mrs. Prior Pray, jacre- tary. _^^_ C a n a s t a Is Fun By GLADYS WTATT Prom The Mail Bag "Thanks for my copy of the book Jet of canasta -rules," writes Miss ;. M. "They are clearer and much easier to understand than the other rule books that "I have .seen. Ho\y- ever, I am a little" doubtful aboiii he meaning: of-rule number 44. 11 says that a player who draws-.a red three as the last card of the stock-pile may: meld what 'he can but may not meld out. Suppose that all of his .cards are meldable, what lappens 'then? Must he save one .of hem? Or may he play all-of them and not get the.bonus for going )Ut? This seems-to be-a very arbi- rary rule and I must confess I see no reason for it Would you please discuss this in the Citizen?" Kule Is Quoted For clarity's sake, I had better uote In full that part of rule 44 efe'rred to by'Miss I.M. "If the ast card of the stock is a red trey, the player drawing it may not dis- ard; and after he has had an op- ortunity to meld, play ends here can be no score for going out nd for concealed hand." If you draw the last card of the lock and find it to be a. red trey, ou play that card at once face up- vard. Usually, you would take anther casd from the stock to com- lete your draw. This time you an't 'do' that since the stock pile s gone. Therefore, you can't draw nd your hand is one card short. The . rules· permit y o u - t o meld vhat you- can--all your cards If ou can--but you get no bonus or going out since you did so with me card , less than you should ,ave held. .Note that for the same reason ou may not discard at the end f .this turn. You did not take a ard by drawing at the start of this urn to 'play. Therefore, you may lot reduce your hand by discard- ng at the end of it. And, since you. an't discard, play must end.. It must always end with any player vho falls to discard. Scores are otalled as at the end of any,other and except that, In the words of rule 44, ".. . there can be no score or going'out and for concealed and." Canasta Tournament "We are going to hold a canasta ournament 'with a few friends nd would all like to remain riends when it Is over. Therefore, e .want to agree beforehand on a definite procedure." So writes J. H He lists a number of technical questions for which there Is room today .for only one. He wants to know what happens If a player deals put of-turn.' If it is discovered before the first play.is made, the deal must stand and'the-correct player plays first and deals the-next hand. If the wrong player has opened play before 'it is found that the deal was. made out of turn, the correct player must deal over. . Sodality To H^ar Talk On Missions Rev. John Joseph, OFM, will present an illustrated lecture on Indian missions -at 'the meeting of Our Lady's sodality of SS Peter Paul's church slated for 8 p.m. Friday in the church auditorium. Miss Marguerite Hillas, program chairman, will introduce the priest. , Miss MaryGiHogiy Is in charge o f refreshments. . . . . Prayer For Peace Ffqm 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday he sodality will conduct an' all- day .rosary "in the church. The pubic is invited to join the "group : at any hour, during this time to pray 'or peace. The .sodality will receive communion, in a group at the. 8 a.m. mass Sunday.' Mrs. A. F. Burke, iresident, has" invited' all women of he parish to attend.' The Tucson Garden' club Is.spon- soring a rummage sale Friday and Saturday at the corner of" Court street and West Broadway, just west of La Hazita. Selling will jegin at 7:30 a.m. Rummage may je-brought there from 1 to 4 p.m. ;omorrow or on Friday or Saturday. It will also be collected by he following committee 'members: Mrs. Annie Ellison, chairman; Mrs. A.;W. League or Mrs. Katharine ~ ' Antoine Stylist Reports On Newest Trends For S e a s o n By DOROTHY M. PAGEL Extremes in hair-dos are definitely out this season--so says Andre Muzet, "ambassador", for. the world-famous Antoine. Muzet is at the Antoine salon in Levy's for. a limited time and .brings with him the latest hair styling news from Paris'and New York. Muzet's philosophy of hairstyling is one to gladden the hearts °f|~~ T most women. Not a fashion dicta-' tor, but a sensible stylist, Muzet says that he wants Ms customers to be happy as well as fashionable-with, the accent on happiness. Casual For Daytimo For daytime he advocates a casual style--so dear to Tucson women. Off-the-face hair styles are popular this year,-featuring more waves anc! less curls. The "small head" 'is THE thing. Healthy hair is a MUST this season^ Fbr glamorous evening wear Muzet recommends chignons of hair pieces which the'stylist .tactfully calls "hair ornaments." The days of the · tight "permanent" looks are gone. Muzet gives his customers modified permar.ents, concentrating the strength around the 'nape of the neck. Hair colorings, something between a dye and a rinse, will" bring out shining high- complete job of styling--much like fitting a dress, he says. He wants the woman to bear in-.mind th* finished' product--and to have tha shaping, permanent wave and.de- signing all at the same time.. Muzet has been with Antoine'in Europe and America for years--he refuses to say just how long, but will admit to making his first visit to America for Antoine in 1933. He served with the "French army 1 during the war. Four years ago Muzet became an American citizen --and he's more proud of that than of his hairstyling achievements.' lights. Practical And Pretty Muzet gets very articulate when he discusses hairstyling--not jus because he's In the business, eithei He .wants his hairdos to be prao tical as well as pretty, well-ba; anced and well-proportioned. An, not only does he consider th shape -of the customer's head and ler features. But he studies the type of clothes she wears, her per sonality and her mode of living. Muzet reminds his customers that they can. change their cos .umes and even develop new per sonality. traits, but they only have one head of hair--and it's up to them to make the most of it.. This 'act Is so'obvious that,many wo men don't even realize it, Miwet re marked. Complete Job In order to have a really happ customer, Muzet recommends a Summers In Paris Every .summer Muzet goes 30 Prizes Given In Costume Show Thirty children received prizes for costumes during the Sunnyside PTA carnival held Saturday eve r.lng at the school. Winners included: Prettiest cos tumes, B o n n i e Welshenbaugr Nancy -Pray, Barbara Galloway an Marie Marmion; scariest, Dean Pecanic, Shirley Edge, Linda Maj Music and Larry Berson; funniest Ronald , C?ox, Wallace Cotes, Mar; Mabor and Jones Gross; Othei; Winners Most original, Joyce Phillips Roger Lee Taylor, Mike Hoveland Arneli Green , and Jaclc Towsen preschool children; Peggy Hower ton, Butch Pray, Cathy McKihzie Sharon Cain and Bonnie Berson best couples, : Richard Richardson and Deaana Brown, Deanna ani" Jon Nichols, Barbara Barnhart am Susan Church; visitors, Clark John son and Ina Lorena Sorenson. Sidney Neilsen, PTA president, re ported that-over 5500 ' was clearec Paris. , He. returns here iri the fall, stops briefly. In. New York, and then. goes.to San Francisco..for the beginning of tie opera season. Then he works his way eastward --that's what brought him to Tuc- from the carnival. Proceeds will b to used for visual aid for children am to supplement the "budget. PRACTICAL A R T C O U R S E S Dififn . . Commcrctil A r t . . Drtts Dtilgn . . Interior Deiign . . . fjr^ion Illustration .. Dnwinj fir Pilntinf VETERAN APPROVED DAY AND EVENINS CLASSES MILAN STUDIOS ?JJO J^OTH J C O T T T U C f O N A R I Z O N A T I U f M O N l J-7«»1 P I A N O S EASY TERMS HARMONY HOUSE 204 N. STONE (Planning a Wedding? The Haute of Brides will tolve att your problemt Gowns 59.95 to 200.00 ' Veils from 19.95 . : Catsrina to bridal.- parties, showen and receptions. A home eway from homel Evening! or Sunday by ' Appointment Phone 3-5091 Between First and Park Ave. The Temple Unmarried set'will meet at S p.m. tomorrow at Temple Emanuel, 225 N. Country Club rd. There will be dancing, refreshments and a program. For transportation call the temple. ' N A t U R A l " H A I R J D R Y E R with the amazing jrew son. With Muzat is Mrs. Grace George, Antoine's west coast supervisor. 'Hollow out .the pulp from'or- anges and use'the pulp for a fruit cup. Fill the orange shells with vanilla ice cream, top with meringue and serve very cold. GUARANTEED AT ALL GROCERS In responte to our many telephone requeitt Our 4Mk ANNIVERSARY ^Continues for enc more week OUR GIFT TO YOU--IS A '15% DISCOUNT ON EVERY PURCHASE .'. Com* In and help ui celebrate! .Our original tagt remain --and after tha sale all merchandise will be sold at original prices. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to complete your wardrobe at this timely ial«. 5527 East 6tH St. -- No Parking Problem Dick Drachma n To Talk To BPWClub Referendum measure, 308-309, relating to workmen's compensation, will be discussed by Dick Drachman at the meeting of the Tucson Business and Professional Women.'s club at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at the YWCA. . Mary Maroney, legislative chairman, will report 'on the present status of the equal rights amendment as it awaits congressional action. ' - ' · ' . ' Workshop discussion will be directed by Mrs. Freda Botkin, president. Plans will be made for a reception for Dr. John Harvey ·Fur- jay; .who is being co-sponsored by BPW at the Sunday evening forum next Sunday. ' i Wedneidiy Evtnlna, Nay. 1, Daily Reminders The Alpha Phi Mongers' club v meet at 11 a. TO. tomorrow at'th*f- Ranch Canoa, home of Mrs. C. (V Parker. Mrs. S. L. Cordls will b« cohostess. Davidson PTA will meet at 7:30 pjn. tomorrow at the: school. Dr. Boris Zemsky will narrate an edu- catjonal sex film, ."Human Growth.** Children who are accompanied by their parents are welcome. Tom! King Surges will present th«" school band In a concert. Refresh- 1 ments will follow. Roskrugc- PTA meeting/will b« at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at the school- It was announced for tonight er-' roneously. ^^·^Tww JTSMLAW Winner mH H»» IfM MINION ACAKMT AWAM VELVETEEN WINGED BEAUTY . . . Charming date dress in soft Crompton velveteen.' Twink-" ling rhinestone buttons, butterfly sleeves, jutting collar tnd' cuffs «nd skirt, sizes 9-15 $17.95 Another Shipment I NYLON Slip-On Sweaters. Light and Dark .Color* OPEN TOURS. TILL 9 PM Ute Our Lay-a-Way Plmt ·s 1020 NORTH PARK It pourmq ^22 distinctive HallrriDrk Christmas Cords $1.00 Ho!!mark'» Bij) Valu* Box a o,' . ·wonderful awortmenf of 22 dif. ' ftr«nt cordi;. It includti formal ond informal, gay ami -'uridut tordj-- «ach ont tayt ."Mtrrf.- Chrijtmat" just lh»;way you want to icy it to «om«6n« on your liih it dries without heat! PRESERVING THE P R E C I O U S NATURAL OILS THAT KEEP YOUR HAIR RADIANTLY BEAUTIFUL Imagln* .T. th« Penfluln "eareiiej" your hoir dry with purified comfort-. ' temperofure oirl NO jcolp icorching ... NO honti blowing .. .NO nets, - ear pads or jhoulder foweli,, Th» Penfluin doei not bake dut the predoui ' natural oilj... it leavei your ,liair lutrou», monageable, lovttier than «y«(^; All this for only 25cl Moit-of th« better^aloni hove the PenguiiK " -~^ I N S I S T ON'"l»ENCUIN" r AT Y O U R N E X T ' A P P O I N T M E N T These beauty salons offer you fhe new Penguin "Natural Dryer" GIFT SHOP 254 B. Concress . t«» djuorttri /or Hallmark CarSi Andree's Broadway Village Beauty Salon Bonnie Bess Allen (Harper'Method) . B'mshia's Beauty Salon Edna's Bearity Shop El Conquistador Bcanty Salon Gcller's Ccstom Hair Dressers Louis Kurt Hair Dressing Salon Martin Scanty Studio Tloneer Hotel Beauty 'Salon " Santa Rita Beauty Salon Sartin's Scanty Salon Speedway Beauty Shop Tony'* Beauty Stndio TJnlTersfty Beauty Shop Vivian 1 * Scanty Castle Valley" Salon ot Be'anty Penguin-Hair Dryers Are Installed Without CoifrTo The Salon Distributed By: VcndoniiiticConijiaiiyv 2823 '. Campbell Are., Phone 6^1261 more "Ever ilnce you got that new Chase Sanborn; you've hit the.-spot with every cup. This coffee ha» .real character!'-' "Llit*n to him whistle! And do I love to see hit face light up when I pout his morning cup of Chase Sanborn! That good hearty flavor keeps him coming back for more. 1 ' NEW!.;.new even in the way if was created I You thiaK you've tried Chase Sanborn? Oh, no you haven't--unless you've had some recently! We've created a new Chase 'Sanborn--based on your taste! Yes, thousands like you helped us compare blends . and roasts. At last we found the coffee-most people liked better than any other leading coffee tested.. This, we said, is //.'And you'll say so, too. Because here is coffee that has even th'e coffee experts talking. , Enough strength to make character and enough character to make friends! ' " * You can count on it every day, for we maintain the same high quality in every'single pound. Try it,,, the new Chase Sanborn, AU. 7W£ FiAVOR YOUR CUP CAN HOU

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