Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 25
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A.2fc-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Tl ""»- F " »· "" From 9 to 5 EARL WILSON LIVING THEATER Community Playhouse Will Celebrate 40th Anniversary By RALPH HIXMAN JR. Around the Beat -- hi- iial reminder ihat Community Playhouse holds its 40th anniversary cele- OPEN NOON MICHAEL CAINE "PLAY BOAMOM I ' U " ' WEST COAST DIRTY" 333 E. 0: HE 6 4209 Well Disney's "SWISS «°«TM l »«" MC " / FA WILY ROBINSON 4275 Allintic Ate. GA4-1619 ' 630-10.00 "CHARLIE, THE tONESOME COUGAR" X50NLY OPEN 6. li Wall Dismr'i .ltH SWISb ilOSSMOOR FAMILY ROBINSON" "CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR" 1:45 ONLY WWNTOWN IMPERIAL 1171 Ocun Slid. HES-3973 B«l|iM P TONY CURTIS "BOSTON STRANGLER" OPEN 6:15 MICHAEL CAINE "PLAY DIRTY" ItUKWT SHORE BELMONT 491! E. Second ;t GE 8-1001 OFEM-.30 A W A R D W I N H U "THE GRADUATE" "HOT MILLIONS" BOTH IN COLOR tM. MICH MY MHimSt 4JM551 bration Saturday night in Lafayette's I:uerna;ionu! Ballroom. For look-back-in-plea. sure entertainment they'll : stage playlet, skit or shon I drama, "Those Were the Days." reliving episodes I from the past. . . . l-'orum XI to hold over this weekend -- and possibly nexi -- their current success. " I h e hiiua.v ticks." Some of the largest crowds in new production group's experience have been coining to fifth floor playhouse in Morgan Hall. CALLBOARD A new Hampton Theater will read Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights for upcoming "Time of the Cuckoo," to be directed by Gladys Manu. j Required arc five males, one aged 12-16, the remainder 20-60, and five females. 20-GO. Auditions will be in Hampton's new playhouse, · which, I'm told, "is the while building north of 1-1 !/;; I'-M .'II [ GCIA.V JBIBiHIBB NOW SHOWING NOMINATED BEST 4CTRESS PATRICIA NEAL CO-STAR BEST ACTOR JACK ALBERTSON 2nd COLOR HIT "IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" . RT ? "A MAN AND A WOMAN" * ·» « Clltrrr* PLUS 2ND COLOR HIT! "INTERIUDE" + OPEN J J 6:45 *| + P.M. Jl *»*·******·*! Mature Audltncu · TONY CURTIS I "The BOSTON STRANGLER"! w.S d f. v "PRETTY POISON" I "STARTS TOMORROW NIGHT!" R P A C I F I C I N D O O R ^^ ODEO AMERICA'S BEST FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT LONG BEACH ARENA FEB. 28, MAR. 1-2 PRICES: 52 mm M. Jrt. u ind under U *ri« iit. Mat. inn kolh Sun. »trf:. licltls it ill WallkM Muslt Cilr Sloru t Muluil Ticket Agencies s comoutcr Ticket Outlet: TOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS CALL LOHO BEACH ARENA 31-lKi Madrona and Carson opposite the Madrona Elementary School in Tor- lance. If lost, tail 371- LijGl." OPENING Tonight Through Saturday: or.e- aci plays, "Red Cross," ··nightmare behind society's toothpaste smile." and "Keep Tijjhtly Closed in a .Cuul D i v ri:,i-e." iliealer til' impruviuuiioii tech niqnes; California Suite College at Long Beach theater arts department, lower campus Studio Theater, 8:30 p.m. 'I" h r o u g h Sunday: "tveryman." updated version of medieval morality play; Chapman College drama department, campus auditorium; S:30 p.m. today, Friday: 2:30, 8:30 p.m. through final days. Friday Through March 23: "Death or a Salesman," Willy toman s t i l l pursuing' meaning in life: South Coast Repertory. 1827 Newport Blvd., Costa : Mesa, S:."0 p.m.: Friday- Sundays. "Lost Horizon." immortality found and lost in Himalayas; Palos Ycrdes Playhouse. Malaga Cove Plaza. PVE. 8:30 p.m.; Friday-Saturdays. "Volpone." Ben Jcmson's Venetian con man still cheating widows and orphans; California Stale College at Dominguez Hills theater arts department, in just-completed campus drama facility, 1000 K. Victoria St.. 8:30 p.m.: o t h e r performances Saturday, March 6-S. One performance only: Nifty Players in their "Re- \aie No. 2." DC-Irvine students doing free experimental production in cam', pus Fine Arts Building , 178. 8:30 p.m. CLOSING "The Night of January 16th." Rancho Community Players. Mission Viejo High School Little Theater, Chrisanta Drive, Mission Viejo: final performances Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. "Plaza Suite." Huntington Hartford Theater. Hollywood: final performances today. Friday. 8:30 p.m. \INFLATION! HUMAN BODY WORTH §3.50 ; EVANSTON. 111. I/Pi -. A Northwestern Universi- i ty chemist said Wednesday the value of all chemicals in the average adult '· human body has risen to ! S3.50. i This represents a 257 per cent increase over the same chemicals' estimated i depression-era value of 98 cents in 1936, s;iid Donald T. Format!, assistant professor of biochemistry in the university's medical school. In percentage terms, I Forman said, the adult j body is composed of: oxy! gen 65 per cent; carbon 18 I per cent; hydrogen 10 per ' cent; nitrogen 3 per cent; calcium 1U per cent; , phosphorus I per cent, ! and other elements, including traces of gold and silver, ]\' 2 per cent. Chorines Kick for Money "We \vere engaged until last week. Then he began teaching me how to drive." Tax Change Aids Film Employes LOS ANGELES -- Elimination of the property tax on film inventories was credited Wednesday with preventing a seasonal layoff of Hollywood movie industry employes. Councilman Paul H. Lamport -- a chief booster of the tax change -read into the ciiy council record a letter from Donald P. Haggerty. business representative of f i l m technicians u n i o n , local GS3. praising removal of ihe "discriminatory" levy. HAGGERTY said Ilia! in the pas! iliere had been a "virtual shutdown" of all local film producing and processing during December. January and February. This is because, up to now. all film inventories on hand were taxed as of the first Monday in March. "A year ago, there were IS movie films and 39 television scries in production for this period with Mule film processing being clone locally." the letter said. "This year. Hollywood- based companies now have 51 movie films and 45 television series or films in production while some of these are being made out of the state or country, almost all of the film processing, titling and editing is being done in Hollywood." * * * * THE UNION said that last year tit this time only 15 per cent of local sound stapes were in use. "This year there is production activity at nearly 50 per cent of them," the letter reported. Attached to the letter was a communication from Howard D. Fabrick. director of industrial relations for Columbia Pictures, reporting a 20 per cent increase in employment over a year ago. I he price .f gals is going up. Is a chorus girl entitled lo S4UO a week? Should a showgirl gel S-150? T h a l 's approximately \vhut the actor's uiikm. the- American Guild of Variety Artist*, is demanding for girls in Las Vegas, threatening a strike if it's not forthcoming. The Vegas beauties now gel $180 a weel; (S50 a week niotv than tin- New York girls who wont on .strike here and closed the Latin Quarter). The Vegas hotels offered them an pi-r ceni package raise which would bring them in S215. The union declined. There'll probably be a compromise with the gals getting S300 a week. My opinion is that if I ever took out a girl making S300 a week, I'd expect her to pick up the check. Can the now dead Latin Quarter, last of the great girlie night clubs, come back to life? . . . E.M. Loew, the Bostonian who let the club close for nonpayment of rent, dreams of i L' u p e n i n g with SI. 000.0(10 he hopes 10 win from thf union in his lawsuit charging an illegal strike. He feels that the Manhattan Center near Madison Sq. Garden would be a great spot lo get the banquet trade. And the name "the Latin Quarter" is not for sale. * V * * Old jokes keep coming hack. Georgie Kaye told the VIP chapter of Deborah Hospital meeting at Whyte's, "President Nixon left on a tour of our friendly allies in an armored car. He'll be back tomorrow." (How many years old?) . . . Two s t u dents: "I don't know what BARBERSHOP QUARTET SHOW FRIDAY t SATURDAY MARCH 14 15 LI. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM FOR TICKETS CALl 432-8047 lo lake- this semester -the Administration Building or the Library?" tlla Logan and Have Medford \vcrc in a delicatessen when a Russian customer protested a bill. "The extra is the tax." a clerk explained. "Tax. tax, what tux? In Russia we don't have taxes." the Russian said . . . And Ella and Kaye swear that suddenly every American iis the place, normally bitter against taxes, vehemently exclaimed lliat taxes are wonderiul and ihat everybody hero i j delighted iu pay them. l-lthel Merman's friends think she can be wooed mio doing another B'way musical though she's kept saying no . . . Dinah Shore, now at the Vegas Sands, is proving one of the town's most loved stars . . . The Waldorf Lmpire Room reports that Robert Goulet. doing two shows a night. cOLild fill the place four limes if he wains lo work t h a t hard '.'· if '.· V . . . Jill St. John, recently divorced from Jack Jones, married him on the advice of her astrologisi . . . Peg Murray will join the Ann Miller Horida company of "Manic." Charlie as he did on the Johnny Carson show. Jean-Paul retorted, "Who cares? In a few weeks, 1 will be an American citizen." T O D A Y 'S BEST LAUGH: A new baby food is half orange juice and half garlic. It's not only healthy for the child, bui makes him easier to find in the dark. --Roweevil Billurtiuui. WISH I'D SAID THAI: In tlii- old days if a kid was in the principal's of- flKEUJOOD Opm»:lS P.M.-fr«t ME Of THE FINEST FILMS OF 1HE YEAR! ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE IEST ACHESS -MTR.ICUNEAI BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR JACK AtlERTSON MGM pieatnts mi Pulilni " t'ice it m e a n t the kid was in trouble. No. it means th? principal's in trouble. REMEMBERED QUOTE: "It's a common mistake of yuulli to expect too much too soon, for too little." --Arnold Glasow. EARL'S PEARLS: Comic Morty Gimty worked at a Miami hotel catering to an elderly crowd, and had to change his schedule a bit: "for instance, we began the second show at 6:30 p.m." PACIFIC WALK-IN TffimMS M.US2.1JIIG COMEDY HIT! MY FATHER IS IMPOSSIBLE... WY DAUGHTER IS IMPOSSIBLE, B U I . . ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN.,. PANAWSION* METROCOIOR FOR ALL SINGLE ADULTS Sunset Room Pacific Coast Club 850 East Ocean Blvd 9:00 to 1:00 a.m. MEMBERS 52.00 GUESTS J2.50 COCKTAIL DRESS HA 9-1865 N E I G H B O R H O O D BELLFLOWER HOLIDAY (Smoking Luge) To 7-7721 "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" "HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" DOWNEY NORWALK MERALTA, DowM/ TO 1-12SI 4:10--"RACHEL, RACHEL" "HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" NEW AVENUE, DOwnEV WA 3-1711 «:JO--"SUBJECT WAS ROSES" "IMPOSSIBLE Y E A R S " FOR A HOLE IN THE ROOF OR A WHOLE NEW ROOM check the "Home improvements" in todav's Classified Ads! NOR WALK, Norv/alk 848-4771 4:30--"SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" "WITH 4 YOU GET EGGROLL" SAN PEDRO STRAND, 1035 So. Pacific TE M6S1 "THB SUBJECT WAS ROSES" "HEAD" WARNER S32-7J27 "BOSTON STRA.NCLSR" "JOURNEY TO SHILOH" TORMNCE UNITED ARTISTS 32M2J? "THE BROTHERHOOD" "BARBARELLA" Rollins Hill:, PCH-Crenshaw 325-7JM 7 P.M.--THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES" "THE SANDPIPER" Li Mindi, Alondri, Fireslon* m-!4M "THE WRECKINO CREW" "Live A Little, Love A Lime" THE WORLD'S GREATEST TRADE MARKET PULSATING - ULTRA GRAPHIC IN COLOR PARAMOUNT, 11711 Pjramt "THI IOSTON 5TRANOLIR "PRETTY POISON" "EXCITATION GIRLS AS YOU LIKE THEM" For further information. contact your school representative ... or Call Jane Schwarz... 435-1161 INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM Fr.G.n-3.70.10 MARCH S 1 Auditoriuml 4109 Carson Ave. Price: 3 SESSIONS including a luncheon on March 22 - OPEN 5:43, STARTS 4:15 Sugieiled for MJturi AuiHtncii' JOANNE WOODWARD « COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" "HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" COLOR OPEN 4 P.M., STARTS 4:3» Suggested fir Mltun Audiences! Elliabeltl TAYLOR · Ml» FARROW "SECRET CEREMONY" Plus Frank Sinatra · PJJK'I W. 11 '* "LADY IN CEMENT" LONG BEACH STATE E. Oc O P E N NOON suotjcsted for Milure Audiences' JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOF "RACHEL, RACHEL" PLUS --"THI HEAKT IS A LONELT HUNTER" 14 A A ittsuis m 49Curst«mf | ~ f T H T l l l l i ! ^ RIVOil Lon( Beach Blvd. it 6th St -436.3207 OPEN t P.M., STARTS «:» JOHN WAYNE · COLOR "HELLFIGHTERS" PLUS--SEAN CONNfRY "SHALAKO" COLOR DRIVE-IN THEATRES IONO BEACH CIRCLE DRIVE-IN wyand A »dM. f ·»813 j 101 Hiwi] Liknrind IM. { 439-J513 ADULT PROGRAM! RA9UEL WELCH · COLOR "THE OLDEST PROFESSION" PLUS--NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER" Suggested for Mature Audlencttl JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" PLUS--"THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" PATRICIA NEAL IN "THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES" COLOR "IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" Suggested for Mntun AuffrHKHI Elizabeth Taylor · Mil Pinw "Secret Ceremony 11 "COOGANS BLUFF' 1 Suggested lor Mature Audiences) ADULT PROGRAM! R A O U E L WELCH · COLOK "The Oldest Prpfession" Plus--NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "Inside Daisy Clover" Sugiuted for Mature Audicncuf JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR 'RACHEL. RACHEL" PLUS-"THE HEART I] A . LONELY HUNTER- ADULT PROGRAM! KAOUEL WELCH ' C O L O R The Oldest Profession" Plus-NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "Inside Daisy Clever" Mitura Audiinetii MICHAEL CAINt · COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" "TRACK OF THUNDER" FOUNTAIN VALLEY DBIVE-IN Itinntri lor Malurt AlrtlHlcell JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR 'RACHEL, RACHEL" Suggtittd IK Miiur« Audlennii MICHAEL CAINI · COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" "TRACK OF THUNDER" SuNium Hr Matura AudientMi MICHAIL CAINE « COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" I "TRACK OF THUNDER"

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