Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1929 · Page 28
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 28

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 28
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THE AtTOOtfA MIRROR-FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 8, **> SOCIETY SHELVED, AS HORSES PARADE First Time In Forty-four Years of New York Show Fans See Horses Instead of Viewing Style Display. »>• in.v.vK OKTTV, Stuff Correspondent. NEW YORK, Nov. 8.--"Thfi show," Insists Bob Clari>, who lins aeon nil forty-four of the.Mo ;innnnl national exhibitions, "nln't what it. usnd to be." But limn, neither is the horse. This fnct remains tliaf: HIP forty- fourth annual national show IH under way In Madison Square garden today after a send-off as colorful and enthusiastic—(and br-tti.T attended In- ,<!ldentall.v)—as any in the history of the event. Society, In ermine, xeril and \veber and heiibroners, turned out in record numbers. .Five army teams lent un international fillip to' the alTirir. The United States got away to a. .splendidly earned victory in the opening Jumping competition. California entries began a, concerted raid upon the blue ribbon counter such as cast consternation among the eastern exhibitors two years HK<>. Altogether, this horse show started out like quite a show. .The old timer's complaint Is thai Madison Square garden -the new uptown variety of a venerable .showplace—has no promenade. "The show ain't what it used to be," Air. Claro maintains. "In the old days, they had the promenade, and these society people could walk around and seo each other and dfiy: 'Hello, there.' and give thn rest oC us it look at them and their Jewels. "Now they have'to go in and Hit in their boxes and look at thu horses. H'H all different.' While the annual natlonul horse show unquestionably tins served In the past, the purpose suggested by Mr. Clare, its appeal in this automotive ago Is extraordinary. 'I'lint thero should be a record opening night attendance of nearly 10,000 In the garden Is Indicative of something. First honors went to the United .Status, as was only lilting and proper after the splendid record made by our Army team in Berlin, Paris and Dublin this year. In tho' event for pairs of inlernn- •tlonal officer's jumpers, feature event of tho opening night, Proctor mid Gcorgo Williams, tho nges among the American horses entered, easily won the biuo ribbons. Ridden by Captains Bradford . and. WiUltin.-t, they swept over the obstacles on the figure eight course with pnly a single fiuUt. Another United States team tooli second place, with tho Jrlsh ii-eu state onIranta third. Ben Meyers of Beverly Kills carried off two "blues" In thn harness pony class, to thu disappointment ol eastern exhibitors, recalling a slmilai . success scored by California entries in 11)27. FASHIONS AS SEEN BY FRANCES PAGET By VnANCES PACiKT. (Copyright, 1029, by Style Sources.) NEW YORK, Nov. 8.—It won't be long now before that Christmas 'list must be prepared. Not such a task either, for there, ore ever so many things to wear which arc fashionable and foolish a.s well as sensible and sane. For instance it has been quite a few years since one could conscientiously add neckwear to one's list, unless by neckwear one implied a, scnrf. Thero are still myriads of good looking scarfs, but there Is also neckwear of quite another sort, dnlnty Idc.y things with and without match- Ing cuffs. One extreme Is the lace bertha, which Is again at homo on a velvet gown. A belt Is another revised gift poa- sil.lllty calculated to please no matter where tho wearer decides is its proper resting place. Hells range all the way from suedes and reptile skins, (o metals and wooden bead novelties made to match up with bracelets, or what not. They are either wide or narrow, usually the former, but in some ultra smart cases afc much us four inches In width. There are also buckles for either belt or slipper. It Is rather fun to know that one may give or take a muff—of course you have noticed that they are in again. The tiny barrel shaped muffs are being carried for evening also which brings to mind that evening gloves ar« morn than acceptable as a gift since they are essential to the modern costume. To cap the climax of these In revived gift possibilities there are headdresses anil "theatre caps." TEAMS READY FOR RED CROSS DRIVE The following list of representative citizens, under the leadership of General Chairman Harry Welkert, will open the annual Red Cross drive In : Tyrone on Monday, Nov. 11. The j workers have all received thelf Instructions and credentials, In readi- iiens for the general house-to-house ciiuvas.i, which will be made during the three days of tho drive. In order to expedite this work and assist these volunteer workers In ev- ! ery way possible, nil citizens are urged to keep the drive in mind and to have their subscription to the Red | Cross ready, when the worker calls, the first time: Ward J—Mr. Mathers, captain; Wll- Do you have frequent headache? Sec that poisonous waste is cx- pclledfrotn your system promptly. Keep the channels open with Epsotabs—the safe, efficient laxative that doonn't inconvenience. Epsotabs arc sugar-coated tablets compounded with Epsom Salt*. Pleasant and easy to take. Refuse Imitations. Write for free sample to 25 In a box for 25c in a box lor 50c The DIM, CO. Norristown, 60 i BANKING DAYS IN SCHOOLS IRVING SCHOOL Miss Pearce $ Miss Hoover Miss O'Fi'iel Miss M. Thompson.: Miss Shoup Miss Rhodes Miss Bolts; ; Miss Greaser Miss A. Thompson Miss Delbnrt ' Miss ' Nlcodemus •t.iU S.71 J0.27 fi.TH •MO ((.fill n.ia 11. OK fi.M Total IS . Total to date $1,1)28.03 For Real Blankets and Comforter Filler WATERSIDE WOOLEN MILLS Waterside, ]'a. TRAVERS SHOUT OVERCOATS Thousands of men make every nickle count in clothes buying and we are here to help them save as they never have before. OVERCOATS — him- dreds of them and what beauties — the best all wool fabrics, patterns and shades- — in all sizes. We ,want the chance to serve you and make you a TRAVERS BOOSTER. Guaranteed All Wool Guaranteed Satin Lining SUITS The best long wearing hard worsteds, serges, cheviots and overplaids — the values speak for themselves — immense assortments in all sizes. 1109 Eleventh Avenue llam Mlnary, Rev. Stanley, Mlsa Harriet Crouch,, Mrs. Rodger Bayrd, Mrs. Harvey Kennedy, Mrs. T. A. Mathera, Mrs. Gordon Luke. Ward 2—Billie Lytle, captain; Miss Elizabeth Bateman, Miss Anne McConahy, Mrs. Sue Woodbrldge, Miss Ardls Albright, Mrs. D. P. Ray, Mrs. William Fuoss, Miss Elsa Dietrick, Miss Anna Kllmartln, Mrs. Harry Mills, Mrs. Harry Bowser, Mrs. Robert Miller, Mrs. Foster Barr. Ward 3—Mrs. Russell Candy, captain; Mrs. John B. Keatley, Mrs. Richard Wlngate, Miss Helen Merritt, Mrs. Boyd Panncbaker, Miss Dorothy Smith, Miss Nineveh Kirk, Miss Emma Murray, Mrs. T. B. Middleton. Ward 4—H. H. Magdovltz, captain; Miss Dorothy Rupert, Miss Marj^ Stry- kcr, Miss Sophia Little, Mrs. Catherine C. Klenzle, Mrs. Raymond A. Hfigerman, Mrs. Fred Giles, Mrs. Lucy Payne. Ward 6—Mrs. Harry Faust, captain; Mrs. Victor Wike, Mrs. Clark Cox, Mrs. Walte Lewis, 'Mra. Fred Imhof, Mrs. Bert Ellenberger. Ward fl—J. F. Smith, captain; Mrs. John Dwarsack, Mrs. Martin McNeal, Mra. Frank McCahn, .Mrs. James Warrender, Mrs. C. M. Baldrldge, Mrs. George Wands, Mrs. Samuel Aurand, Mrs. Joseph Smith. Ward 7—Rev. 3. R. Snyder, captain; Mrs. J. W. Campbell, Mrs. Frank Lykens, Mrs Rufus Cupper, Mrs. Samuel Brlsbln, Mrs. Mabel Long, Mrs. Joseph Fagley, Mrs. Margaret Uhl and Mrsi David Christine. Surplus oil, for -which there Is Insufficient storage, can be pumped back Into the earth, to remain there for future use. ; Majestic Radio Sold by • TUB .1. JB, ' SPENCE ELECTKIO StOKE Authorized Denier* 1310 13th Ave. Dial 4191 JPBlttCB fitlS Of INJCfttES. OODSl'ONB, SuMsay, England, Nov. 8.—Prince Eugene ot Schaumtmfg- Lippe died late yesterday of Injuries received in the crash of a Lufthansa commercial plane, making the toll of deaths In the disaster seven. SAVE lOBB 'ETES Tour eyes should ba examined at least once «, year,' especially after you have reached the age of forty. Orthogon or Tlllyer, wide angle lenses, fitted to correct any defect you may have. . . < MACDONALD'S Spectacle Bazar On the corner of llth St. and Green Ave. over 20 years. 2309 Broad Atenne Phone 9765 f f f I. I Ally Adult Can Win) $300 In Caih Prizes SIGEL MOTOR COMPANY Super Service Station Distributor of UNITED STATES Tires and Tubes 833 *4th Street Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest *-\ I I Kcrun Harry Absolute and Final Disposal of Our $1OO,OOO Stock We are closing out our store. Our entire stock from the Grand Rapids and Jamestown markets. The finest furniture and rugs made will be offered at unheard of prices. A sale without reservations. Every customer will benefit in these big reductions. Store Will Remain Open Monday and Tuesday Evenings! A Bonafide Reason For a Great Sacrifice Sale... Going Out of Business! Floor Sample Mattresses $35 Slightly Soiled Stearns & Foster, Simmons Famous Mattresses, slightly soiled from use as floor samples. Some as low as this special price. \ 12 $20 Simmons Metal Beds Every beautiful S.immons bed is offered at the most astounding low price you have ever seen. , $39.50 Beauty Full Sleep Spring Mattresses $C|A.50 The World's Famous Spring Mattress at this low, unheard of price. $3 Card Tables , $, Good substantial card tables, in red, green and black, with leatherette tops. 1.39 Pictures Onn lot of ple- lurCH that formerly sold up to thrrn dollars. 89c Foot Stools The bent foot stool you have ever seen for 1 mo n«y. $ 1 .95 We will not use pictures in our advertising. Come see the furniture itself, you know we always carry good furniture. DINING ROOM $40 Spinet Desks For years we have led in spinet desks, and now is the time you can save money by selecting one. 19 1.95 $12 Desk Chairs This is the first year you have had an opportunity to buy a good desk chair at such a price. $35 Cedar Chests $()-f .00 The name Harry Kerlin has stood cedar chests in Altoona, and now these prices—well come. at 21 Harry J* Kerlin Is Going In Gas Heating Business After January 1st, I will be taking orders from the Roberts Gordon Appliance Corporation and if ever you had an "opportunity to save you will take advantage of these wonderful prices. $200 10-Piece Suite. ...;.. $225 9-Piece Suite..........:... $120 $250 9-Piece Suite .$145 $275 9-Piece Suite. $195 $295 9-Piece Suite $195 $350 9-Piece Suite , $210 Bed Room Suites No picture could even show the beauty of these fine suites in this great sale. $190 Bedroom Suite. ..... $110 $210 Bedroom Suite.... .$120 $240 Bedroom Suite "........ .$135 $260 Bedroom Suite .......... $145 $300 Bedroom Suite i.;.... .$175 $325 Bedroom Suite......,.;,,... .$195 $440 Bedroom Suite $210 $530 Bedroom Suite ,$300 Living Room Suites Come at once for our stock of living room suites is gQing fast. Every one buys that sees them, because the prices are right. $200 Living Room Suite ,\. $99 $225 Living Room Suite .$129 $250 Living Room Suite........ ,$139 $265 Living Room Suite .$145 $275 Living Room Suite .$165 $300 Living Room Suite .$175 $315 Living Room Suite. $195 $350 Living Room Suite ,.$210 900-02-04 8th Ave. End Table Smokers <jj A charming attractive end table, in red, green or black, trimmed in- gold, with three-piece smoker set.' 1 .50 $4—27x54 AxmnisterRugs$i .95 Many times you have paid even niore than $4 for a small throw rug like these. Come early. . . 1 $49-9x12 Velvet Rugs No better velvet rug was ever offered in Altoona at this price. Positively marvelous. . 29 ,00 $69 9x12 Axminster RugsjE For many seasons this high grade ; Afc- mister rug we sold for $69, now in this sale. • • 40 .00 Clothes Trees Mahogany, oak , walnut, good and strong, Stair Treads Real rubber stair treads with or without nosing at this, low price. Each 16c $1.50 Printed Linoleum If you even thought of linoleum next spring you would save money 1 by getting it now at this price. 95c $3.50 Inlaid Linoleum 'There is only one'answer to it and its Armstrong A grade and you never bought it at this price "before.. ,• $3-00 HallCarpet Genuine Wilton Velvet hall carpet in nice attractive patterns, a quality that's a bargain for this price. j SALE OF ODD PIECES $110 Walnut Buffet to go aU, «. b .... M . : .,.$50 $90 Walnut Dresser, to go at... „.. .... .,.$40 $35 Reed Desk and Chair to go at $15 $40 Chifforobe Lounge to go at. $19 $45 Tea Wagon to go at $19 $45 Leather Ink Couches : $25 $60 China Closet to go at ,.. '.'. ........ .$25 $170 All Porcelain Refrigerator..,.,. . H .$70 $45 Couch Hammocks ........... .$15 $87 Oak Buffet to go at $30 $65 Oak Table to go at ,... .$30 $15 Pillows to go at $5 Impossible To List Ail Items Here

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