Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 12, 1972 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 12, 1972
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PETTING ZOO PROBLEMS OF LETTERS FROM ENGAGEMENTS CONTROVERSY POOR PAINTER THE READERS ' AND WEDDINGS " P a g e S Page 3 , Pag* 4 Pag* 5 HOGS WORKING ON OCTOBER Page 8 ftmsmtsiimemWKmmii^^ ! .- . , ' · ' ' , i . · ' ' ' , ' · . , ' . ' :: ,' .-,' : , ,- · . ' ^^^^J .JP i A. ^ *^M^^__ * «~ Etlllgi'tal ..., a ..,,.,,,,,,,,., 4 Forewomen , . . 5 Chuich , 6 ?ports 8 0 Comics 10 ^ n5Sltlcd l l i 2 " The Public Infcrwt if The Tint Concern Of This Newipaper Entertainment + , . . 1 4 VI 3th YEAR-NUMBER 51 FAYETTEV1LLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1972 Continued warm through' Sunday; b a r o m e t e r 30.20 steady: winds loulh, toulh, westerly; sunset today 8' 13, sunrise Sunday 6:34. High Low. Expected today 93 6» Friday W «T. Weather map on p»ge 6, PAGES-TIN CCNTS Jy County Judge Vol Lester f Action On East By-Pass Route Sought J f _ "" . - r Washington County Judge Vol' ester disclosed Friday af- ernoon that his meeting 'hursday with state Highway Commissioner Jake Patterson nyolved a plan to Tejuvenatc he iFayetlevIlle-Springdale east y-pass project." The partially completed bypass is' designed to relieve leavy Inter-city traffic ' on congested U.S: . H w y . 71. Drlginal plans called for the route to be placed In use before work started on widening Hwy. 71. - , Judge ,Lcstcr and county puichasing agent L, B, Gilbow m e t with Patterson at Charleston to discuss highway problems, plaguing this area. "One of the main'things we talked about'was'rejuvenating the Hwy. 265 by-pass," the judge said. "This project has comfe to'a standstill, and I want to get back on It and get something done." He called the by-pass project "one of the most important, pieces of work we need other lh#n the Hwy. 71 project." Judge Lester said he will schedule a meeting within the next week or so with Curtis P a n g e 1, district -Highway D e p a r t m e n t engineer a t Harrison, "to -go~ over the problems which stiH exist" In the bypass project. One of the major problems involves a one-mile'stretch just south of the intersection 'of ; Hwy. 264 with Hwy. 68, he said. Th a t stretch, relatively densely populated, has only a 60 foot right of-way, while the rest · of the. unfinished: by-pass has an BO foot right-of-way. The state will take an area with a 60 foot right of-way into jts system "only if the parrow stretch Is curbed and guttered, the judge said. That work would be*done at the state's cost, and the highway department isn't enthusiastic. The only alternatives are to acquire 20 feet additional right- of-way, , along the problem stretch or to convince the state to curb'and gutter the right-of- way as* it stands. Under present rules of- the Highway Department, the coUn ; ty is obligated 16 acquire rights- of-way where any improvement Is to be made in the county, a About 600 feet of the narrow road falls in the Springdale city limits, with thd rest of the mil«, in the county. : Judge Lester said ho hopes that momentum of the project will be 'speeded up once that and other problems are ironed oul. The half-finished 'by pass, about five and a half miles of it still unpaved, has been under way for about lour years. McGovern Maps New Campaign WEEKEND? FAIR; HOT Hot Air Giant Soars 'Cumulo Nimbus, the world's J)iggest balloon, rises.from ;a : field near Bristol, England, 'on maiden flight. .The hpt;air giant !s 1ZO feet high and attempt first hot air balloon holds 40,000 culiic feet of air crossing of Alps next week. Builder Don Cameron w i l l i(AP Wtrephoto) NEW YORK (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern, apostle of the iso called "new politics," plans to break tradition and campaign during the opposition party's national convention lal- thisimonth; The" South. Dakota senator, ho Is ' trailing badly ,in the ublic"opmioh polls, is mapping ans for a. full'Weekyof :on-the- oad campaigning during the .epublican convenlioti'Aug. 211 in Miami .-Beach'; 'McGovern ampaign strategists said Fn- City Hospital Wing Tagged For Medical Use . Fayetleville City Hospital will 'Use facilities in a new east wing, now under construction, to accommodate acute medical patients rather than as an addition to its facilities for housing geriatric patients. This was announced Friday by Chairman of the Board Alsey Holland. . T h e hospital administrator, Kenneth Sanders, said this will raise . the capacity of the hospital section from GO to 87 patients'. There .will be nine private rooms' and nine semiprivate rooms in the new wing. -.' The wing will also house a new therapy department, . including a heated pool. Patients may use the therapy facilities without leaving the wing, and a rehabilitation program will be available. .iSorne 50 to 55 employes will be "'added at the hospital, .bringing the total to 240 to 25( p e r s o n s . Employment anc training are now under way. 'The p h y s i c a l therapy department is to be openec within two weeks, and the new wing sometime the latter par of next month. 'Charges for private rooms in the new area will be $36 a day with a charge of $30 a day To: semi-private rooms. In t h section now occupied, thi charges are $31 for private rooms and up to $29 for a semi private room. Thirteen . of the new rooms ave been furnished by private onat'ions and by the City [ospital Auxiliary. Holland met Friday with Party Invitation LITTLE ROCK (AP) -Th state Democratic party's Exec utive Committee voted Fridn to invite a representative of th party's presidential ticket t address the State Convcntio that will be held Sept. 8-9 i Little Rock. m e m b e r s of the Public Relations Committee of which John Lewis is chairman; Ad minislrator Sanders and his assistant, Gary Bien. NEWS BRIEFS Transport Crashes i SAIGON (AP) -- A U.S. Air 'orce four-engine transport crashed today from mechanical ailure ^shortly a[te r takeoff rOm a Mekong' Delta base, the U.S. Command said. " ·' · j Initial reports indicated six Americans and seven South Vietnamese were killed/., the command said. · It said five Americans and an undelete mined number of Vietnamese were injured. It was not immediately mown how many persons the 130 transport was carrying. The crash occurred after .akeoff from the Sow Trang Air Base, 95 miles southwest of Saigon. Assassin Fails NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -President Jomo Kenyatta survived an attempt on his life Friday and apparently escapee unhurt, according to reliable reports. The reports said security forces at Egertpn Agricultura College, 150 miles north of the capital, foiled the assassination attempt. Kenyatta was visiting the college. There was no official com ment on the report. Kenyatta, 82, led his country to independence in 1983 and be came Kenya's first prime min ister and later its first presi dent. Musk Oxen Wei) ;' PEKING (AP) -- Matilda and Mi|ton are well and thriv ing. . : ' . - . · ·;· · The two musk oxen are Pros idertt Nixon's: gift to China Both arrived-ill, Matilda" with case of -pneumonia and Milton with-a stubborn skin rash. Matilda recovered.' quickly but Milton's rash was not curec until': he iwas bathed severa times in Chinese herb med cine, according to their keeper Ou Wang Kan. The two have their own''nous next to the pandas and are bL attractions at the Peking Zoo They also receive loving car from Mrs. Ou. "Milton was a little shy a first," she said, "but he is a right now." SCA Commencement CON WAY, Arkv (AP) -record 433 degrees -- includin 212 masters degrees -- wer awarded Friday night at sum mer commencement exercise at State College of Arkansa here. AUy. «en. Ray Thornton, th commencement speaker, to the graduates that cclucallo and responsibility go hand-i: hand. He said the more educ; lion n person has, the more r sponsibllity he must bear. Thornton Is a former studcn at SCA. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Arkansas is back under'the Influence of a large high pres sure system 'over the southeastern portion of the United States today and fair weather is expected throughout t h e weekend. Th'e National ' Weather Service said the forecast called for warm temperatures over the state through the weekend with widely scattered afternoon and evening Ihundershowers.'The extended outlook called for little change through Wednesday Highs ' in the- state Friday climbed into the 90s'with very little range in temperatures. Some light scattered shower activity developed in the northern portion of the state. , , In th« 'recent' past, nomi- lating' conventions have been a ime' for the other party's' can- lidates , to stay out of the potlight. During the Democrat- c convention last month, Presi J dent Nixon was on a working 'acatlon in San. Clemehte, Ca- if., making relatively little news. B u t s c h e d u l e r s a t McGovern's.; Washington cam- iaign headquarters plan a vote- seeking tour r : that -would take VIcGovern and his entourage nto the Midwest and South while' 1 the' GOP r i is in 'Miami Beach nominating Nixon for reelection. TO VISIT LBJ McGovern · tentatively . plans to visit former .President, Lyndon B. Johnson in Texas Aug. 22, appear at an American Le- Senate Hears Decision On Weapons Accords ' . - ' · * ' Sen. Fulbright Seeks To Kill Amendment \ convention in ·23, and speak Chicago gion Aug. -23, and speak at ? the American" Federation of .Teachers convention in St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 24. The AFT is expected to break vith its own tradition this year and endorse a presidential candidate, presumably McGovern. The senator also hopes to appear in Southern or* border states other " "" Republican but details were not yet avail- Reds Mount New Attacks In Vietnam SAIGON (AP) -v A resurgence of Viet Cong main force and guerrilla attacks was reported across, South Vietnam Friday. Growing coricerrrwas-evident along the central and.northern coasts, among the key targets of the Communist assaults. The withdrawal of'American forces from both regions has left large | gaps Flare ups of fighting also were reported in the Mekong Delta. Military sources reported that the enemy 'was still drawing on .-hidden ': war materials and also was' getting both reinforcements and fresh supplies from the north. B52 bombers made their heaviest raids in four months above the demilitarized zone. More than 30 B52s, each carrying up to 30 tons of bombs, hit what the U.S. Command described as supply caches in the southern sector of North Viet- .han Texas during convention week, able. McGovern .Friday concluded a two-day swing into New Eng. land, his first major campaign trip. He appeared in Manchester, N.H., Hartford, Conn., and Providence, R.I., .before flying to New York City Friday after^ noon to appoint former Mayor Robert Wagner as his state campaign director. McGovern and his wife Elea nor spent today in Kingston, N.Y., at the home of friend and supporter Bclmont Towbin, a Wall Street broker. · ' McGovern plans an appearance Sunday on ABC's "Issues and Answers" and-.will stump for support next week in Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. Splattered Across Barn Wall Stolen Red Cross Blood Found Romney Quits After Tiff With Nixon WASHINGTON* .~AP · v " George Romney'says"hfe's'qi ting ' as secretary · of housing and urban development as soon ·s he cleans up 'some%Bt-trilrl ute asslgnments'Irom Presiden Nixon. Of Nixon's 12 pfigtrfal Canine appointees, ei^ht^ have alread; quit, although s6me ha,ve takei other roles in the adminis tration. -r , r' With Romney's' departure only Secretary of State William P. Rogers, Defense Secrelar Melvin Laird , and Tram portation Secretary, John t Volpe will remain of the orig nal Nixon Cabinet. Hejdecided to leave the-gov eminent several months;; a g Romneyisaid Friday;-but Nixo asked him to stay, on: Romney, a former Michiga governor and aUto v company ex ccutive, met with NixOn to dis cuss HUD's efforts;to find Hous ing for flood victims m~Penn sylvama He told 'a news con ference later he also : brough up his desire to leave the Cal net. nam. North Vietnam charged that the B52s hit three hamlets and a village, killed or wounded 34 persons and burned homes and crops. The US Command re peatod that' the "targets were supply caches, and made further comment. The biggest enemy assault, by Viet Cong local forces, hit near Duy Xuyen district town, 15 ,miles south of Da Nang, a region from which the last re maining U.S. infantry battalion in Vietnam was withdrawn only "I discussed.with the Pres dent months ago my, desire', t devote myself in the years jus ahead in a private capacit rather than a public capacity, he said. "The President aske me to stay on and deal with th problems of housing and th cities. I have" SOUGHT DIRECTOR Romney said.he recomment ed that Nixon appoint a federa disaster , director to superyjs relief efforts in Luzerne Count and .other, areas Tropical. Storm hard-hit b Agnes thi a day earlier. Ten miles farther south. A pint of human blood missing since onrly this week 1 was found at 5:45 p,m. Frldny splattered across the onsl wall of tho Washington County Sale Co. hara ncnr Government Avenue, police said today, Police sold another pint and tho cnrton wore found on lop of H building nt tho s a l e compnny. The Amcricnn Red Cross hnd been scorching for tho blood ilnoe Monday, when It was ·hipped by bus . from HID Regional Blood Center nl Springfield, Mo., to Fnycltevlllo. Officials of the Red Cross said four pints of blood, one of thorn a relatively rare pint of AB positive type, were missing, nlonj! with a spccjal shipping cm Ion worth about $20. K;ich pint of hlofld wus worth about $11. S p r i n g f i e l d officials hmt traced the blood Thursday to the delivery point at the Jefferson Lines Him Depot nt 015 S. School Avo,, where nn unsigned receipt for tho Wood -,vns found, Red Cross officials said. Thoy then reported tho ship- ment stolen, Police pnrcnlly suit) stole somcono np- tho package without realizing whnt was Inside, but n Rod Cross official snid Mint would Imve been unlikely, Tho carton hnd numerous red block warnings printed hi rctl block letters on all sides, the Red Cross spokesman snlil. "Nobotly could mistake it. They couldn't hnvo thought they ' · · · · - - · · they Phil wero could Inking use, something snld Mrs. Phillips of Springclalo, executive secretary of the Washington County Chapter of the American Red Cross. , . . . , . , She said tho blood was a regular shipment to replenish 1 n v o n t o r I e .1 at Washington General Hospital. There wns no emergency use for the blood when it was .shipped, she snld. ' M r s . Sandy Marlln, . a laboratory clerk nl Washington Ocneral Hospital, said It was the first shipment of blood lost through theft nt Fnycltovillc Two such Incident!!'' hnve OC' curi'cd at Springfield, she said, South Vietnamese forces continued to battle to hold the Que Son Valley that leads toward the populous coastal lowlands. In northern Quang Tri province, 80 miles above Da Nang, South Vietnamese marines were reported still trying without success to cut a secondary highway .which the North Vietnamese troops are using to resupply their troops Inside the city of Quang Trl. Also in the northern sector, field ^reports said that two South Vietnamese gunshlps col lldcd in the nir over Phu Thu district, 10 miles southeast of Hue, killing three crewmen find wounding five. Along the central coast, enemy gunners hit the Cam Ranh Hay complex for tho third time this week, field reports said. A sapper and shelling attack on Cam Ranh City and its sub year. He said Nixon agreed I do so-and asked him to hel find the right man. The Boston Globe said toda that Romney's decision to leav was prompted by a "coldly fo mal" memorandum ' from th President Monday ordering him to lake personal charge of di aster relief in Pennsylvania, The Globe said'.'the,'mem randum was signed by Nixo without "including any so cning touch, such as 'best r gards'." . · i . . The Globe said the mem randum referred to "burea cratlc haegling" and tape." s'.id orOered Romney "end the delays in providin aid." . DISARMING SITUATION CLEVELAND, Ohio AP Sheriff's deputies were about to put David Mixon of Cleveland into a cell to begin ser- jmgjime_yrtien they discovered, tieayas Dairying a loade " revolver. When informed that Mixen 'JjadHh* gun with him during his courtroom hearing F-rlday 1 , Common Pleas Judge Bernar Friedman' remarked,: "Scary isn't it'" Mixon was found guilty c assaulting-his wife and ha been free on bond prior t the hearing, Pet Dog Aids Lost Child A 3-year-old 1 Fayetteville boy who became lost Friday morning was returned home -after iis ; dog provided the clue ' to lis identity. City police said the child could not tell yvhere he lived or show officers the location of lis home Edward E. Barnes of 961 N. Willow Ave. noticed the child wandering around his neighbor- lood early Friday morning, asked who he was and if he s' lost, Mrs. Barnes said oday the child would o n l y identify himself as "me." " 'I'm me,' he would say," said Mrs. Barnes. "He was. really friendly and sweet." Barnes took the child around Ihe neighborhood in an effort to locate his home, but without success. i He was finally identified as the son of Mr. and Mrs. ClaUde A. Verne Farque of 1108 N. Washington'Ave., when Barnes checked: the'dog's vaccination tag 'number with an animal hospital and records there carried the parents' address. Police said the child was taken home, "to some very worried parents" about 9:40 a.m; Friday. 'Mrs. Barnes salt' a search was being conductet In their o t h e r neighborhooc to locate the missing child. WASHINGTON (AP) --'Senate leaders'are-steaming 'to» ward a* shc-wdown vote on the U.S.-Soviet 'offensive-weapons pact, pressing for \ a' weekend agreement on, whea ' the - vot« should'be takqn, ,, : , ,' Senate.Majority LeadenMik*/ Mansfield called off a session scheduled toddy, after prpcedur- al arguments [led to, a deadlock on when to put the question to a vote. , At issue is )Sen. Henry M. Jackson's amendment to urge/ the United States to 'seek equal 1 jty in .any future arms accord With the Russlap, , .. ," 'Jackson, D-Wash,, picked up support from Conservative senators as deba\e op'entfd 'F.riday and he pressed for an up or« do\yn vote on the merits of tht amendment. , *' But Sen. J. W. Fulbright took; steps to |block that kind of vote when he served notice he \YIU offer a motion to table and thus ill the' Jackson amendment without further debate or alterations in wording. .. The Foreign 1 Relations Committee, which Fulbright heads, opposes the a'mendment on grounds it would imply that the Jmted States accepted a bad deal in the agreement. ' SYMINGTON OPPOSED ? Sen Stuart Symington, DJ VIo., said'he \yas unwilling to agree to a debate limitation be; cause h e ' w o u l d ' w a n t ' t o offe'r revisions to the Jackson lan- uage should the tabling motion Mansfield offered the Senat» a "choice" wi(h an amendment of his own endorsing the larf. uage of a joint declaration signed in Moscow May 29 toy President Nixon and. Soviet Communist party chief Leonid rczhnev pledging both .countries to "exercise restraint" and "avoid military con! frbhlalions" In their mutual re- aliens. The declaration wa» (CONTINUED. ON PAGZ. TWO) Write-In Election WARREN, Ark. (AP) -- Th* vacancy in the Bradley County sheriff's office wi 11-bp-filled by the winner at a write-in vote,in the November general election, Joe Purccll, chairman of the state Democratic -party, said Friday..;,;,..., , ' v -'· ·'' :'· The winner will succeed Sheriff Wess Davis, who died last week. He had been unopposed fpr re-election. - . At Senate Hearing On Practice Washington Defends Bank Account WASHINGTON (AP) -- The administration says its crime- fighting effort would be hurt If any restraints are placed on the government's nearly unlimited power to peek at the on lytllll i\uuii v^ny mm its auu- iivw yuwci nj jj^-v^ «* **- urbs early Friday killed and spending records of people with wounded 100 Vietnamese, field reports said. Cam Rnnh was once considered the most scciiro spot in Vietnam during tho American presence there, hut tho security sltunllon has rapidly deteriorated In recent weeks and the Viet Con# are again reasserting themselves, . . . . . , . bank accounts. Top' law-enforcement officials from two government: departments testified ,ito · a. Senate honrlng Friday 'that sucjh, j-e- slrlctlons would sharply slow the efforts against white-collar and organized crime. Under present law, lh« Inter; nal Revenue Service, tho ury Department and other agencies may look at bank records as long as the banks don't object. B u t ' a bill by Sen. John V. Tunney, D-Calif., would permit examination when the o! bank account records holder agrees, when a court subpoena Is Issued the account holder, or Jf the government can show In court'thbre Is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. '· At a Senate Banking Com m 111 e e Treasury hearing, Secretary Assistant Eugene Rossldcs said -there Is no ger that the privacy of Individ ual citizens would be Jeopard-, In' n sharp exchonge Tunney, who testified for hi* , bill, Rossldcs said the need to obtain court orders for/bar* records would bo too cumbot- some. Tunnoy snid that w» "outrageous. , / Tunnoy sflicl protection of bank account« In no different than requiring March w»rr»nt» when police think they m»y find evidence In Kirrieotn · home. . · · , ' · . . '.·,'

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