Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 17
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MISS PEACH By.Mefa. M05T PEOPLE nor IKA:.. -HE'5 ' AFRAlP OP ALMOST EVERYTHING BEINS AFRAID OF CERTAIN THIN65 OOE5MT MAKE ONE -W WHAT YOU CALL A FREE-LANCE -OK DARK A PLACES. OF CERTAIN THINS5- Double Bed Still Papula By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY--(std line . DEAR ABBY: I have a friend who works, part- time in a furniture store and he thinks he-knows everything. I asked him if he could get me at wholesale price, .a bedroom set and I told him I want ed one l a r g e * double-bed because the wife and I don't care for twin beds He s a y s that d o u b l e b e d s f w e n t out with h i g h - bu t- t o n shoes and that n o b o d y buys them any more. I believe that plenty of people still buy. double beds and wonder if you would print this to see if I am wrong, -or is' he? --FOR DOUBLE -BEDS. . . . DEAB DOUBLE: Of course double-beds -- unless my Information also went out with high-button shoes. . . » » ' * * DEAR ABBY: What do you JLACj^VlX AiJ.lP-1- · » ¥ ! * * * · · "'"' J « " » VVI1U WclO J i l WIVi -iiAifc ·»· w.iww-~' think of a father who makes jj e ca u s me up all the time, his son quit working after he's - - · ·· -"--' ---J -- ··- earned $600. .in one year because he wants to keep his son deductible dependent for as a income tax reasons? Our son is 18 and ambitious and has worked after school to save money for college, but his father made him quit. Pay Children for Work; It's Better Than a Dole! By DR. GEOBGE W. CRANE Case X-328: Jenny L., age 10, is a bright girl but somewhat frustrated. 1 "Dr. Crane, she needs something to do," her mother explained. "For she is very bright and gets her school work finished early. "Now she wishes she had a job so she could earn some money. And I feel it would be good for her. "But what type of work can I give her? We have a maid so there isn't too much housework available." Children need money. And they should obtain it by work, instead of by the inefficient "allowance" plan. For life makes no allowances for anybody, so we never should encourage youngsters to · expect "something for nothing," which is what the allowance inevitably means. The "allowance" plan is just a dole: And the dole psychology " .then develops. Your - children soon will gripe and argue with "you because their allowance .isn't as large as that of some other kid down the block. * * * * , ', '.SO PAY children for work ' Then they no longer will criti ' cize you about spending money For their income thereafter de- When they could typewrite at --MRS.'E. C. D. DEAR MRS. E. C. D.: .The father ought "to have a, long lo'ofc at the new tax law. A person who goes, to school (for five months or- more during the year) may earn as much as he Is able provid- ed'his father contributes half (or more) to his support. * - * * * , ' DEAR ABBY: I-met a guy who was in the AIR FORCE. To Honor Founder Long teach Navy Wives 'Club will 'honor Mrs. Gayhe Cutchshaw, who founded the-.organization in.;. 1931,. at a dinner Sunday. -.Reservations · for ..the affair, to begin at 4:30 p.m. at ' the'Chandelier Restaurant, may anything- that carries just be made with'- the president, hint of, spring. It's the'time to Mrs' Harold Koch. Among, hon-! try giving yourself a facial or a ored guests- will be' Capt. and 1 pedicure or to wear eye shadow · -- - · for evening if you!ve never done it before. It's a time-for looking for ward, to anticipating the good looks you can promenade in ,th The :last time' he called me he couldn't tell me where he was but he was AWOL.- I'd like to find out where to find' him. !--VIRGINIA DEAB V I R G I N I A : So would the U. S. AIR FORCE. Forget him. ' » · » · ' DEAR ABBY: Should I have my head examined?. For two years my husband (who -is six years younger than I) has been introducing me as Mrs. Cunningham at -the few places we frequent for entertainment. I have gray hair- but I had gray hair when I met him' and I was only 33 then. He dominated every conversation in a most peculiar way and never asked ,,. ml ~~j , r anyone to 'sit down, at our ta- the rate of 10 words per bi e with us and never, allowed me to open my mouth. I now d i s c o v e r - that e v e r y o n e Jttida JJart Assist Your Saggy Spirit This is the time of year when beauty- seems to ,bog down: Spring is on Its way^but it's stm some. Distance .off. The fun of the holidays has evaporated, leaving us all with a let-down feeling. Winter wardrobes look shabby and droopy even though they're really ! not, * * * SO THIS IS the 'time for a new point of view. This is the time for' a new hairdo, a new shade of lipstick, .a brand new perfume. It's the time to experiment with' color, to buy a new dress or a hat or a scarf Mrs. Robert' Clark.'- '·'*' Indianola Lunch Gladys Shuler Griffiths will be : hostess when the -Indianola Club meets for covered-dish luncheon ^Friday at 12:3'0 p.m. at 301 Mira Mar Ave. . . * * * * Move to Pasadena Former Long Beach residents, Mr.' and Mrs.. Richard Doyle, recently moved to'Pasa- dena. Mrs. Doyle is the former Josephine 'Brown. warmth of spring if you do your beauty homework now. Handy Hjnts ·fiwfa' Homemaker ly JANE CARVER, In daily use should be folded and laid away in a drawer or on a shelf. Hangers are taboo for sweaters, since hanging causes stretching and.' loss of shape. When not in use, have sweaters cleaned -or washed and store, in mothproof containers. TUNA SALAD Mix a 6%- or 7-oz. can tuna coarsely flaked; %' cup -diced celery; % cup coarsely ch'opped almonds or walnuts; 2 tablespoons "sweet pickle V. relish mayonnaise to moisten. "Serve on slices of pineapple on lettuce. Makes 3 servings.. Good with French fries or -chips. ' INDEPENDENT--Pag. B-3 (.·of »».h, C.llf., Thori., F»fc. U, .JfM moved from a wooden floor by wetting with ammonia,- then scrubbing with, hot water and soap. · . · " . ' - .··-. WATER SPOTS can be removed 'from- varnished 'furniture by .rubbing the surface with a.cloth or feather "dipped in camphor. ( s- · ·* * * *. GREASE SPOTS can be re- .TAKE CARE, of your good, all-wool, sweaters,' even if a little outdated. They may be hard replace. Sweaters that are Dollar Days at ZUKORS downtown Long Beach - S«« Pag* DD1 Picture Framing ~ Oil Paintings » CLIANED * USTORU . binder's Art Shop SIMM 1*17 :·· 19 AMERICAN I PhMW Hlntock *-B4ti DACD'C HOUSE BACK 9 OF FURS feotiirei Fine Furs for Less 252 E. 4th · HE 6-6755 · Remodeling · R*poin 525. .pends solely 'output. upon their own There is thus no ceiling on ' their weekly income. They can ' obtain 51 to §10 depending on '·how much elbow grease thej " -wish to expend. " Simply see that plenty o jobs always are available. Post the pay chores on a chart or " the kitchen wall. And reward ' them properly. . Don't over-pay your kids rbut don't undercut their wage 'either. They can do special paj ·jobs, like mowing lawns o shoveling snow; cleaning win dows or ironing the flat work. They may polish your shoe. or the automobile and even give you mothers a lot of relie by massaging your scalp o, rubbing your tired back. Mrs. Crane told our fiv children that they should a: learn to typewrite by the touc! system. So she fastened a wal chart in front of them. minute, they were entitled to !5. ~ And for each additional 10 words per minutes, up to the 0-word rate, they obtained anther $25. Thus they earned 100 when- they reached 40 /ords per minute. Another form of mental work ery desirable for children, is 0 pay them for reading good coks. * * * » WE OFFERED our children 1 apiece for each book they ead in the Bible, i if, for ex- mple, they finished Genesis, hey earned SI. And another $1 or every additional book. There, are 66 books in the ·Cing James version of the Bible, so they could reap 566 in hat fashion. Arid it is a splendid idea to 'ncourage ,children to memorize gems of poetry or famous quotations from literary masers of the. past. It' enriches their minds. And t will prove a the soul vhen they can quote such beau- iful thoughts as Lincoln's hope that his biographers would, say of him that he planted roses where thistles grew before. At the bottom of about 200 pages in my college textbook, "Psychology Applied," I thus included great quotations from the past. So pay your, child for each choice quotation he memorizes. The money will help Jenny now but the cultural benefits will pay dividends all through college and her later life. For - further advice on the subject, send for my booklet, "Ways by Which to Earn Spending Money," enclosing a stamped return envelope, plus 20 cents. A child should earn and budget money from kindergarten, onward: It is good insur- (t h r o u g h 'h i s conditioning) thinks I am h i s MOTHER. What would you do in a situation of this kind? --CUNNINGHAM'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: H you have pray matter as well as gray hair, you will let your husband k n o w (quickly) that you are on to his little game and let HIM make the next move. * » * # C O N F I D E N T I A L TO HENRY 2: You'd make an Ideal husbana. Cook with her--garden with her--clean h o ITS o with her--but-.- don't mop the floor with her. * * * » IF YOU HAVE a problem write to Abigail Van Buren ir care of this paper. She will be A Legitimate Offer for. CUSTOM DRAPERIES 10% DISCOUNT ON CASH SALES ^v^vs~s~~~~v~v~~^X ,^~s~»~-~~--~*-~s*~~vv PLUS -- POTS -- PLUS UP TO · . . - on CUSTOM DRAPERIES TERMS UP TO 24 MONTHS ATLANTICfin OPEN FRIDAY AND MONDAY N1TES -- 7 - 9 P. M. 5620 Atlantic Ave., N.L.B. GA 2-4440 ance, too, for happier marriage: * * * * (ALWAYS WRITE to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long 3-cent stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) Harvey Wood's Valentine to Skiers!.. a Sweetheart of a SKI TOG SALE NAME BRAND SKI CLOTHING FOR MEN AND WOMEN X 40°/ o OFF MEN'S AND WOMEN'S SKI PANTS Regularly 10.95' 655 Others to 19.95 - Also 40% Off HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY TO LIVE IN REDUCE IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME with the STAUFFER HOME PLAN of effortless exercise and calorie reduction. Stauffer's Magic Couch, the Posture-Rest®, helps-take excess inches from waistline,- thighs, hips, legs, improve posrure and reproportion your figure into more youthful, .lovelier lines. MNT IT FOR A MONTH-BUY IT FOR BOO A DAY FOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION Call GA 2-2122 Mirnl Mail Coupon \ 1TAUFFIR HOME flAH I 31X7 Wllihirt Blvd., Loi Angtln S, Calif. I HHI ituHtr rijniintitlvi 4 wnbct mi (or FREE HOME ilMOHSTMTION without obllptlon. Plume No.. Dtpr. L82-1J I AdflniJ. Closing Out Discontinued Numbers Men's TOASTERS Women's OHIO-JACKS .·All nylon, quilted nylon^ lining, ip length. Reg. ft.95 H 95 Figure-flattering nylon "shell, dacron fleeca lining. · · Reg. 24.95 _----- -- | 4 95 WOMEN'S AFTER-SKI BOOTS, Reg. 9.95 ...._....;.-..--....----5-95 WHITE FUR TRIMMED STADIUM BOOTS; Reg. 7.95_..__...4.75 BEAUTIFUL ANORAKS, Many Patterns ..:......_...-.....--.40% OH SKI MITTS, Reg. 3.95............. ....---2 35 4129 Long Beach Blvd. GA 7-0997 - Mrs.: 9:30-5:30, Fri. 9:30-9 Freo Parting · NEW PUMPS SAVE UP TO $ 5 A PAIR C.H. Baker DeMilos, 3 silhouettes, op«n, modified, or pointed toes. Thin, exquisitely - shaped heels. Complete ^election of sizes. Black patent, black suede, black, brown, navy or red calf. Regularly 10.98 to 12.98. 641 PAIRS OF formerly sold to 14.98 Pumps, sling-backs, sandals, mules--everything for everbody's.taste--at tht most tremendous reductions in C. H. Baker history. DRESS SHOES Best selection in sizes 7-10 Or 4 or 4ttB samples. NEW SPRING . . : VAGABON DS SAVE ' 2 A PAIR . ' regular 6.98 The softest; lightest shoes you've ever slipped your foot into. Five-ounce featherweight wedges molded of buttersoft glove leather. Black, vanilla, indian tan, red or. white. S A V E UP T O *6 A P A I R FLATS 681 pairs of flats. Formerly sold to 7.98. .Everything under the sun in your favorite styles. Broken lines. Hurry, hurryl T A B L E S P E C I A L ! SLIPPERS Values to 5.98 1 y° urs «' f ' from our tabl * jpecial. These are fabulous buy*. Only 487 pain to choose from. SAVE *2 A BOX'* COMPLETE SEAMLESS HOSE A nationally advertised brand, firjt quality, guaranteed perfect. No seams from top to toe. Sorry, we can't tell the name of this famous brand, but you'll know it immediately. 99 REGULAR 1.65 2.95 a box--sold by the box only 325 PINE AVE. °p* n Mon - Fri - Nighti

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