Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on October 26, 2002 · Page 12
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 2002
Page 12
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Page 12 FAMILY Saturday, October 26, 2002 Scoop By LIZ SMITH Tribune Media Services "Irony is the hygiene of the mind," author Elizabeth Bibesco said. Irony is also something you must treat gingerly when writing a newspaper column, as most people end up taking it seriously. ***** ANOTHER COUNTRY to be heard from — now that Iraq and North Korea have both been declared to have "weapons of mass destruction" intent, isn't it time for Iran to also whomp up new grievances with the United States? That way, we'd have a triad of the "Axis of Evil" (so designated by President George W. Bush) and could decide which of the three of these international gangsters we wanted to first teach a lesson. Of course, we'd fight them one after the other, and that way we could spread ourselves thin to begin with and really make the world's economic markets crash! I still believe that the No. 1 problem facing the United States is its dependence on oil. We need an anti-fossil fuel "Manhattan Project," as we had in World War II, to eventually clear our polluted skies and make us independent of the nations and terrorists holding us hostage to oil. But there is the matter of holding ourselves hostage and having a pro oil-minded chief executive and vice president. ***** SPEAKING OF the above, there's BUI Mailer's new book, "When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden." Coming out Oct. 31, this is a handsomely illustrated and engaging volume with World War II-type patriotic posters changed to the current war on terrorism. And Bill's polemics on wh at we should b e doing to win this co nflicL Some of Bill's iconoclastic take is funny, but most of it is dead-to-rights serious. The book is an indictment against our greed, selfishness and arrogance. It urges us to do more than give blood, make charitable donations and put out more flags. It speaks to volunteerism, sacrifice and true security, thinking about the unthinkable, fair-minded policies on drugs, thoughts about religion, and much more. Maher insists on outrage! "I think we need to change that old saying, T don't need a building to fall on me,' because two did, and we still don't get it." I liked two of his other quotes as well: "This is a country that is always reluctant to raise the minimum wage because, my God, the cost of arugula salad at Le Crap might go up from 11 to 13 dollars, as if anyone who'd pay 11 dollars for a salad would notice." And this one: "When we don't bother to conserve fuel, and when we treat gasoline as if it were some limitless entitlement, we fund our enemies, like a wealthy junkie fattening the wallet of his dealer." ***** GET THIS! Reese Witherspoon, America's new sweetheart, will move to Washington, D.C., headquartering at the Watergate for her movie sequel "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde." (She again plays Elle Woods, the beauty who held her own at Harvard.) Army Archerd tells us that playing the doorman who will steer Reese through the political jungles will be none other than Bob Newhart. His character knows where all the political bodies are buried, who's who and what's happening on the Hill. ***** THE PHYLLIS GEORGE book party at Le Cirque brought out a gala crowd Tuesday to greet the former Miss America, who was statuesque in off-shoulder black and with a slim body to match. ("I've lost almost another person!" burbled the Texas girl who rose to be the wife of both Robert Evans of Hollywood and John Y. Brown, governor of Kentucky. And after those marriages, she went on to even bigger and better things.) Phyllis has written her first inspirational tome — "Never Say Never" — stories of how the famous cope with jobs, stress, health, fat and romance. Henry Kissinger complained, "I just had a photo taken with Ann Richards. Aren't there any Republicans here?" I sent him straight into the arms of Georgette Mosbacher and libby Pataki. I asked Henry to say hello to the mayor of New York. "I don't hang around for mere mayors," Henry said. "I may be a mayor, but I'm not mere," Mayor Mike Bloomberg said, shaking Kissinger's hand. He then took the podium and made a pretty little speech extolling Phyllis and her charms. And for all I know, they went off into the sunset together. Or maybe to Bermuda. ***** "Bush said he wants a change so that the people of Iraq should be allowed to choose their own leaders. Good luck. We can't even get the people of Florida to choose their own leaders," Conan O'Brien said. ***** ONE OF America's greatest, most divine e'migre's, Russia's Mikhail Baryshnikov, is selling his mini estate at Sneden's Landing across the Hudson River from New York City. He has owned four acres of prime riverfront and a great understated house there since the early '80s; there is nothing else like it in the area. If you've got $9.5 million, you might search out broker Diane Smith in Nyack. ***** PIERCE BROSNAN has been making those "I'm through with James Bond" noises for several years now. But like his most famous predecessors — Sean Connery and Roger Moore — he is always lured back for "just one more!" The latest Brosnan Bond-age, "Die Another Day," is due Nov. 22. Pierce says he is now so relaxed in the role that "I can even go back to my dressing room and carry on painting, writing letters, reading and getting on with life." (This actor has made being suave his career stock-in-trade. He was just as smooth and deadly in the "Remington Steele" TV series and in the big-screen remake of "The Thomas Crown Affair.") Mr. Brosnan is not blind to the fact that "the Bond villains seem to be getting younger. Toby Stephens must be the youngest villain in the 40- year franchise. (He's 33.) One does become aware of one's age. I cannot help but look back at myself in 'Goldeneye,' seven years ago. But I'm still enjoying every moment of it." And why not? There's the popularity of the franchise, the money and as long as producers can lure quality leading ladies like Halle Berry (she is the Bond girl supreme), Dame Judi Dench as M, not to mention John Cleese as R, Pierce Brosnan will probably be content to utter those immortal "Bond, James Bond" words at least one more time around. (Sean Connery, now a god of movie maturity, eventually made a 007 film called "Never Say Never Again," a nod to how difficult it is to refuse Bond blandishments. With "Die Another Day," we also have Madonna's throbbing techno rendition of the title song, which is getting massive radio play and looks like another hit for the star who never seems to go wrong — with her music. ***** JUST HAD a chance to see the rough trailer of the Jennifer Lopez-Ralph Fiennes movie, "Maid in New York." This Cinderella story of a hotel chambermaid turned into a "princess" looks delightful, reminiscent of those madcap mistaken-identity comedies of the '30s and '40s. Maybe you'll even see me in the finished product, as I "acted" like myself in this film. ***** BEATLEMANIA! "She can be a bit bossy because she's so single-minded, f sometimes say, 'Wait a minute, I'm here too! Wait a minute, you're bossing me around." That's Paul McCartney talking about Heather Mills lo Barbara Walters on tonight's "20/20." Heather defends herself on the show, saying, "This is a man who has had his own way his entire life. You become that famous at 19, it's sometimes hard to, you know, listen to other people's opinions. So sometimes, we have our heavy discussions." Heather is unapologetic about her own forceful ways. "Men need to be bossed — all men. He's just another man. But he's special." Well; it sounds like "The Taming of the Shrew" in the McCartney household, only who is being tamed? See for yourself, since they discuss all things marital with the perspicacious Barbara, and they address the ongoing stuff about how Paul's kids don't approve of Heather. Student of the Month The Indiana Junior Women's Civic Club has selected Melia DeVivo, daughter of Ron and Sarah DeVivo of Indiana, as Girl of the Month for October. Melia is a senior at Indiana Area Senior High School. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has been a member of the color guard and band front for four years; she now serves as co- captain. She has also been a member of the French, Seinfeld, Guitar and Key clubs and Future Business Leaders of America, with which she participated in a regional competition. Melia has maintained high- honor-roll status throughout her career in junior and senior high school and was awarded the Lewis H. Shaffer aquatics scholarship in 2001. She has participated in YMCA summer-softball and sand-volleyball leagues and is a member of the U.S. Figure Skating Associa- MELIA DeVIVO ... Indiana ... tion chapter in Mount Lebanon. Melia has volunteered with the Indiana Free Library, the Indiana Ice Center's Learn to Skate program and The Salvation Army and served as an usher for graduation this year. She is a member of Zion Lutheran Church and works as a lifeguard during the summer. She plans to attend college and major in a medical-related field. Student of the Month Melissa Kern, the daughter of Vernon and Joyce Kem of Saltsburg, was recently named Student of the Month for October at Saltsburg High School. The honor is sponsored by the Saltsburg American Legion Auxiliary. She is the senior class president, student council treasurer, theme editor of the yearbook, student representative to the school board, a Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership ambassador and Saltsburg High School's 2002 homecoming queen. She is also a member of the National Honor Society, marching and concert bands and Who's Who Among American High School Students and Athletes. Kern participated in Kiski School's aquatics swimming for 11 years, was a four-year member of the high-school varsity swimming team and was a five-time swimming champion in districts 6 and 9. She is a district record holder in the 200-yard individual medley and a four-time PIAA state swim- MELISSA KERN ... Saltsburg ... ming medalist, with Ail-American consideration. She is also a volunteer for state Rep. Jeff Coleman's Youth Constituent Action Team, an acolyte for the Saltsburg Presbyterian Church and a counselor and lifeguard at Camp Breathe EZ, a camp for children with asthma. She plans to attend college, major in international studies, and pursue a law degree. Student of the Month Kelly Wolff, daughter of Brian and Karen Wolff of Clymer, was crowned the 2002 homecoming queen at Penns Manor Area High School. Kelly is a member of the National Honor Society and participates in volleyball, basketball, concert band and Ski Club at her school. She is Student Council president, editor of the yearbook, co-captain of the silks squad and secretary of the Varsity Club. She plans to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania and major in elementary education. Her goal is to become a school principal. KELLY WOLFF ... Clymer... Student of the Month Michael McDonald, son of Michael and Nancy McDonald of Clarksburg, was recently named Student of the Month for October at Saltsburg High School. The honor is sponsored by the Saltsburg Lions Club. He is a member of the National Honor Society, the track team and marching and concert bands, in which he plays saxophone. He was also in the school musical "Anything Goes," served as a homecoming-queen escort and was voted best dressed in the senior class. He plans to enter the U.S. Navy after graduating from high school. MICHAEL MCDONALD ... Clarksburg ... Alarm-clock styles span many sleeping habits By FRANCES INGRAHAM HEINS Albany Times Union The way we want to be awakened varies as much as the timepieces we use to get us up and going. Invented in 1787, the alarm clock has become a necessity. "Alarm clocks are a very individual thing," said Neil B. Kavey, director of the sleep-disorders unit at New York- Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. "Some people have very strong preferences when it comes to alarm clocks. People who are sleep-deprived need an alarm that will wake them up instead of the sound of a chirping bird." But some people don't like to be awakened by jarring bells or having to jump out of bed when the alarm sounds. Some people like to sleep an extra hour and therefore set the alarm to go off an hour early, and others like to hit the snooze button. "Snooze alarms are helpful, but you get an interrupted sleep," said Kavey. "It's best to get an alarm on a clock that you can live with and set it for the latest time possible so you can sleep straight through till it's time to get up. "If you are getting enough sleep, you may only need a quiet or soothing alarm to wake you. But young people are such intense sleepers that they often require a loud alarm clock." Stores are filled with clocks from those that wake you with your favorite music to those that "ring" with die sound of ocean waves, rain, a babbling brook or a gentle breeze blowing through pine trees. Some clocks even simulate the rising sun by gradually increasing the light from a high-intensity bulb during a period of 30 minutes. Shop & Compare -TATE'S offers theBEST meats anywhei NEW CROP SHELLED WALNUTS POUND 99 IN OUR PRODUCE DEPT. 5 LB. BAG FLOUR 79* LIMIT 3 W/ COUPON 1 LB, SOLIDS OR QTRS. BUTTER 1 29 • •••^r LIMIT 3 W/COUPON KITCHEN QUEEN SLICED WHITE LOAF BRUCE SYRUP PACK CUT YAMS 29 OZ. CAN 48 OZ. BTL. CRISCO OIL 1.99 LIMIT 2W/C DEL GROSSO 26 OZ. SPAGHETTI !* UMIT4W/COUPON MUELLERS SPAGHETTI Or ELBOW MAC 3LB. PKG. 99 HUNGRY JACK 78 OZ. SCALLOPED 01* AU CRATIN POTATOES BEEF OR CHICKEN BOSTON MARKBT BROTH 27*1 MRS. WEISS 16 OZ KLUSKI NOODLES * A.D.C. 39 OZ. CAN MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 3 99 • 99 LIMIT 2 W/ COUPON SUNSWEET CHOPPED OR PITTED DATES 10 OZ. PKG. RED & WHITE 8 OZ. CHEESE LIMIT 3 W/COUPON 1LB. QUARTERS IMPERIAL MARGARINE LIMIT 4 w/ COUPON NANQA MANDARIN ORANGES 110Z.CAN GALUKERS SUM TRIM 12 OZ. COTTAGE CHEESE GAUJKERS GALLON FRUIT DRINK TURNER REG. Oft DIET 2/88 PILLSBURY FROSTING 16 OZ. CAN 1.19 LIMIT 3W/C MUSSELMAN'S SAUCE e 240Z.JAR CARNATION COCOA 10 OZ. PKG. UMTT2W/C GREEN GIANT 15.5 OZ. PEAS, CORN, 1.29 12/88 • •^•^^ • • k$3a i IMIT K u//rni in UMIT6W/COUPON DOMINO 2 LB. BAG BROWN OR POWDERED 1.19 I UMIT2W/C DIAMOND 18"X37' FOIL LUVNT2W/C BATHROOM TISSUE CHARMIN PK. UMTT2W/COUPON GALUKERS ICE CREAM HALF BALLON PEPSI COLA 2 UTER TURNER OMON 12 OZ. 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