Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 16
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Engagement Rings; Wedding Belles Ur. and Mrs. John F. Kagy, Long Beach, announce (lie engagement and approach- Ing marriage of their daughter, Karen Marie, to Lt. (|g) John Alfred Ilarbc. USN. son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer D. Barbc. Wellington. Ohio. A graduate of Poly High School, the bride-elect attended Long Beach City and State Colleges and is a member of Bachelorcttcs of Long Beach. Her prospective b r i d e groom, who attended Purdue University, is s t a t i o n e d SALE OF EASTER HATS VALUES TO 12,98 $, Mostly One-of-a-lind Samples from Famous Maters Worthmore H 4 West First St. aboard the USS Uon Homme Richard, based In San Diego. The wedding date has been set for June 30. BeUu-Brunlng The betrothal of Roberta Marion Bclau to Robert Crandcl B r u n i n g is announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Belau of Long Beach. . He Is the son of Mrs. James Conroy, Long Beach, and Capt. Fredrick \V. Brim- ing, retired, of Coronado. « · · · MISS BELAU, an alumna of Lakcwood High School, will graduate this June from LBCC, where she is studying in the college's dental assistant program. She is a member of American Dental Assistants Association and is president of Phi Delta sorority. · An honor graduate of Poly High, where he edited the school paper, Bruning now attends Claremont Men's College. He will complete his schooling at Stanford University. The wedding will be an event of June, 19GX Gocbcl-Gregory Mrs. Francis J. Goebel, Wilmington, announces the engagement of her daughter, Shirlee Anne, to Lee Gregory of Long Beach, son of Mrs. Zclla Hunter, Manteno, 111. A graduate of Harbor College, Miss Goebel is a senior student at LBSC, where she is majoring in elementary education and is associate teaching in San Pedro. Her bridegroom-elect, an electrical engineering graduate of the University of New Mexico, is employed in Inglewood. Smith-Allen The engagement of Cynthia Smith to Richard Allen, Seal Beach, is announced by lier parents. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smith of Corona del Mar. The prospective b r i d e groom, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Allen, attended I.I1CC and is a member of the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Miss Smith, a graduate of I, rVIA M*SU«ION I » I Dramatically direct! to wonderful, wonderful Visit all Europe. Up to 19 extra cities, including London and Paris, at no extra fare. Exclusive SAS Maitrc de Cabine service. FlySAS, enjoy the biggest travel bargain to Europe. See your SAS travel agent or wrilo 8323 WiUhire Blvd.. Bcvci!/ H.:ls. Cjlif. OLejndcr 5 £600 or OLympi.) ? fltOO f RCt: Sf nd me the SAS Europe .in Tr.wd pinning package, including eitu City foMrr. ADOHIll. errr Cynthia Smith Orange Coast College, is a senior at LUSC. where she is majoring in Spanish and is a member of Alpha I'lii sorority. No date has been set fur the wedding. Earl-Foster College students Pamela Mae Earl and Lawrence Foster Rizzo have set June 27, 1903, as date of their forthcoming wedding. The engagement is announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin F. Earl. formerly of Long Beach and now of Huntington Beach. * * * CURRENTLY a student at LBSC, Miss Earl was graduated from M i l l i k a n High School, where she was president of Tabu Service Club. Her prospective b r i d e groom, son of Mrs. Thomas Inston, Canuga Park, and Tulio J. Ri«ci, Long Reach, was al«i graduated from and allend.i SoiUh- crn California School of Dentistry, where he is a member I REWARD If tli.o lodr-ii'Woillng r«oj- ing tKii od will kiiil th» ntw and t i c i t i n 9 Motherhood Shop jutt cptntd at aZl Pin* Are., iht will b* rewarded by bein? obit lo purchait lh» »»ry toteil aid ·icHina. l o l h i o n i for Spring and toiler. Pamela Mac Earl of Delia Sigma Delta, professional fraternity. Maddux-Kces Sheila Kuy Maddux and H.irry Nevon Rees Jr. will exchange wedding vows on May 20, it is announced by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Jones, Palos Vtldes. The bride-elect was graduated from Lakewood High School and attended LBCC. Her prospective bridegroom, now employed as a draftsman, was graduated from Poly High School and attended LBCC. He is son of Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Nevon KITS. Garden Grove. The couple will make their home in Long Beach. Women of Moose Party Tonight Six charter members of the local chapter will be honored when Women of the Moose 500 celebrates the national nrpani/atinn'"; 4Gth anniversary tonight, 8 o'clock at Moose Hall, 1200 Atlantic Ave. They arc Ella Miller. Annie Fletcher. Delia Earley, P a u l i n e Nevcau. Grace Kricgcr and Victoria Thompson. Refreshments will follow the special entertainment. Sheila Kay Maddux Lady Lions Plan Easter Style Show U e I m o n t bliore Lady Lions will have its Easter Parade of Fashions Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Lions Clubhouse, 5107 E. Ocean Blvd. The style show will foe preceded by a 6 : 3 0 p.m. cocktail hour followed by dinner at 7 p.m. Tickets for the event aie available at DuBrock's. 5203 E. Second St. Melba Jean Miller w i l l be commentator for show which w i l l feature latest styles from leading Belmont Shore shops. Hclene Fromlath heads the committee in charge of arrangements. Music will be provided by Louise Tripeny l^ikoff and Dr. Judd North. Teri Lyn Miller, 5. and Steven Yarborough, 7. will model children's styles. K I C K I N G OVER the traces of their all-work-and- no-play tradition. Friends of the Museum, to date strictly a service organization, had a first party Saturday. And they made up for ' lost time with their sip, eat and conversation night at MIml and Dr. Martin Garron's elegant Park Estates home. Had such a' ball, In fact, you can expect some repetition in the fine art of having fun In the near future. Members flocked around Veronica and Marv Tincher. no particular credit to old Marv but to tell Veronica how glad they were to see her back in circulation and so well recuped. Friends who haven't been around John Weeks during the growing season had a field day twitting him about his new Van Dyke type beard. Many learned for the first time .that Jim Green will go to Japan in June for a three months teaching stint, specializing in handicrafts. Understand his trip is partly under government auspices. That's about how the night was framed with P*geJ-2--INDEPENDENT plenty of good-natured arguments over this and that plus art to give it entertaining perspective. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest I. Searle Golden Year for Searles "Although we were married on April Fool's Day, it was no joking matter and we've lived happily together for 50 years." says Ernest I. Searle who, with Mrs. Scarlc celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday at a reception at their home. 1501 Bailey Way. They were married in Vancouver, B. C., and lived in Seattle until they came to Long Beach 10 years ago after Mr. Searle retired. They came both because of the climate and because their children lived in California. WE,THE BORN IN England,. Mr. Searle liad been trained as a coach builder, but since cars were taking over when he came to the U.S. in his mid-twenties, he turned to carpentry and building. Mrs. Searle was bom in San Francisco (she was there during the 100G earthquake) and is a member of Native Daughters. Hostesses at the reception from I to G p.m. were thi: Searlcs' daughters, Mrs. Wilton Colbcrg of Stockton and Mrs. Kenneth Jones of Walnut Creek. The Searles have six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. "WELLLLLL," said women's reporter Mary Nclh. Then she kind of "hmmmed" not unlike Pooh Bear solving a great mystery at Pooh's Corner. And then she came up with a solution. She asked me If I'd correct a little mistake she'd made In her feature story Sunday about Maria Corvallan, American Field Student in Long Beach this year from Mendosa, Argentina. Maria is a lovely visiting scnorita on the Jordan High campus--not at Lakewood as Mary inadvertently reported. Lakewood would be delighted to claim her but Jordan "discovered" her first. OUR CHILDREN Definitions Are Keys to Learning By ANGELI) PATR1 STEAMED CUMS IH THE SHELL ATlANtIC AVtNUf ' Take off wax without This wax remover really works! Simply spread Bruce 5-Minutc Wax Kemovcron the floor. Take a r-mimile rolfcc break while Hrucedm* the hard work /' for you. Then wipe up the ( old, dirl-cinlieddcd wax. There's no need to rub. Makes any non-wood floor look clean as new again. It really works! Bjf tht tntktn of limout Bniet i Cltinlng Wtt tnd Bruet ; Floor C/eintr for wood floort ' MEDICINE AND YOU Tenth Baby No More Dangerous Than, First By BEN ZINSER Research lias dashed cold water on another commonly held belief: A mother who has had many babies must e.vpect complications if she gives birth to more children. Not so, say two obstetricians from Israel in the journal Obstetrics and Gyn ecology. These researchers ZINSER examined the records of 23,528- deliveries between 194D and 1958 at the Ram- bam Government Hospital, Haifa. Of these deliveries, 1.G77 i n v o l v e d mothers known as grand multiparas --those who had had babies seven or more times. Finding: There were no more complications in the m u l t i p a r a s group than among other mothers. Infant m o r t a l i t y was no greater, either. Is It old fashioned to teach definitions? If it is, it is too bad because until one defines the limits of the idea he is to work with, be it a world, a problem, a thing, he will wander far afield and waste time and effort. To define an idea is to set order in the mind of tlic student and that is the very first step study demands. Order and law. A boy in an elementary school was trying to do his homework and s h o w i n g every sign of trouble when his father came along and asked, "What's bothering you?" "1 have to write the name of each angle on this sheet and I don't know which is which." His father sat beside him and the first thing he said was, "What is an angle?" "He--meaning the teacher-didn't tell us." "Nonsense," said his father. "He must have and you've forgotten." nj not Know wnat an angle wus and could not tell one when they saw it? · · · · CHILDREN, all students, have to have certain keys to learning. They are test stones for the learner. A noun is a name word. All right. Look for all the name words in this sentence. That's fun. But if you have no test stone, no key for what a noun IS, where are you? L e a r n i n g a n d r e c i t i n g word for word seems to be frowned on lately. Is it bad for a pupil to leam and recite, "An angle is the opening between two lines or spaces that meet?" That bit of knowledge might make things easier for the beginner in geometry. The definitions, the rules of grammar, committed to memory, recited each time before the problems concerning them are set, can make all the difference in learning. It is not possible to take shortcuts in teaching. Tho longest way round can be the shortest way home. Attend to your definitions. Women who like like Girard's! You f/liter lh» milt t;a whtn yoa itrrt * si/jd tmttd with Bin rift--I fit Original Fnrit ft Vitality. (Hi think* you think ht's* goumtt!) Tht fnsh. ting/ tlivfrii ttctusirtl/ Cinnft... crtilfd from * itcttl eld Sin rrancltco recipe... t tinigui lltnd cftgtd rintjirt, tin htrtt tnd fifth-ground tplcti, riant talidoil (pfty-vntifii' tittd), · filnl eftrrtfi girlie-- »nd niYir tny tuyir tddtd. Dltlinctittl Ciclvsirt Oirinft tliratl You'll wint la ft* it tlrrtft. THE LATEST research on fingernails shows: · The nails on the middle finger grows the fastest · G r o w t h rate on the right side of the n a i l is slightly faster than on the left. · Men's n a i l s , on the average, grow slightly faster than do women's. · Nail g r o w t h rate is s l i g h t l y slower in vegetarians. · Growth rate for habitual nail-biters is 15 per cent greater than normal. The report is in the Indian Journal of Dermatology. THAT MIGHT well be. But the fact remained that this boy, an "average" pupil, knew no definitions. He He knew none in elementary Superior Court r ^ Judge fo Speak The Honorable Shirley M. Hufstedler, judge of the Superior Court, will talk on "Justice is a Blindfolded Woman," at meeting of Chi Omega Alumnae of Southern I go along with him--could not understand ' how this could foe. We wondered how an elementary school pupil, to whom all such subjects are r-i-t~~*t c · T-I a kind of puzzle made by . ? Ilfo . nii! L S P nn S Eleusm.a. adults just to make life miserable for children, could get along at all without knowing their definitions. How were they to know the nouns in a paragraph if they could not say what a noun was? How could they deal with several kinds of angles when they IHCIIt HUB. fit ilium SHEER DELIGHT . . . DINNER AT HODT5 FOR ALL THE FAMILY Venetian Room, Ambassador Hotel Saturday at 12JO p.m. Ono of two women now Superior Court judges, Mrs. Hufstedler is a member of the California Bar Association and was president of the Greater Los Angeles Women Lawyers Club in 1950. Mrs. Howard F, Myers of Long Beach will be general chairman of the event. 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