Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 35
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 35
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P«,, C-ll--INOffENOENT tan taack, Catt, Uhrtaf. ··» U MM k- PAID ADVERTISEMENT " bo Television Log V,-; ' -"···· ·' , , . ' O «/ Oaoel I mv Ctanel n KCOP pane el U KM I Ctamel M*Z ft I I *M-1 CUmet t irLA CUnM 1 «A»C Camael the tadeevel m liaMiiea M resMn*uilv tar ctarwe* fcv itaneais. SAIURDAV, FEBRUARY 22,1944 4 ly/nhoe. Roger Moore 5 Design (or Learning 7:45 1 The Christophers 3 Sacred Heart Program S.-00 AJ»L , 2 Captain Kangaroo ·4 Marketing on the More : -"Small Companies" (pt 2) 5 Hopalong Cassidy. B. Boyd 9 From the Ground Up · 1 Mr. Wishbone. Jim Allen 3 Movie: 'Hidden Guns," Bruce Bennett (tfy . 830. 4 (Color) Ruff and Reddy 7 Cartoon Capers 9 Cine Mexicano (Span.) 9:00 A-M. ' 2 Alvia Show (cartoons) '4 (Color) Hector Heathcote ·7 Movie: "Dead by Morn. ing." Diana Dors (Br.) 11 Superman. George Reeves II riiirini litii. Sptclit * rrislint. Joittoi Mittos IT C«l(itl-'i1ailil Ci. MO 2 Tennessee Tuxedo (cart'n) · 4 Fireball XL5 (puppets) 15 Movie: "Flight Nurse," ^ Joan Leslie f53) t Ramar of the Jungle i » - 10.-OOAJM. · Quick Draw McGraw . «5eanis the Menace ' s \5lovie: "Gunmen from _=*aredo," Robert Knapp F ° % f inta Anita Preview, Bill arr. Inten-iews with jjjTSfners. trainers and y^jkeys of Santa Anita RAT ndicap contenders. j j^eting of two Presidents «,«^vhnson and Mateos). - · '-- Palm Springs and Top Viewing Today tM Pit--A NAHON AT WAR on Channel 7. Documentary oa Canada's participation in World War 1L 7 JO PAL--JO STAFFORD SPECIAL oa Channel 9. The Long Beach singer, in her hour special, has British comic Peter Seders as i guest. TERRY YtRNON Jackie Gleasoa would be, ing of talents. In connection the first to deny that he's » with the "KangarooT record, for. example, there was i 4 (Color) Agriculture. USA "America's Nurserymen" 5 TV Bowling Tournament 9 Championship Bowtiij' II Comedy Hour Three Stooges, Laurel Hardy 4:11 2 Santa Anita Feature Race Santa Anita Handicap, $145.000 guaranteed. 4:30 4 NBC Sports Special. Bod Painer. Taped highlights of the International Motor Contest Ass'n sprint car races and the Hurricane HeUdrivers Thrill Show, both at the Florida State Fair in Tarn pa- 5 IRAOL Flimi KILLS * Iki Ciptr! 'Til li( ' Bfljdll'M AtTlOI THEATRE Pedro Armendariz f 57) , . . . . 13 Movie: "Devil Dogs of the time he wasn't a*!e to aroM to cool the pamung. modest man. He has the image cf an actor and a comic and he lives blending--result of an accident--of Harris* talents as a SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22,19« SPF-CIAL BROADCASTS-3 pjn, KNX--Mexican Fiesta (Sports Arena). Presidents Johnson. Mateos 8 p-m, KMPC--Basketball: UCLA at Stanford 8 pjn, KNX--Basketball: USC at Washington State 8 JO p-m, KHJ--NBA Basketball: Cincinnati Royals at Lakers it to the hilt. · 'palter and musician. "fm not suggesting a comic He had done t painting oo ought to go around trying to a fiberboard rectangle and cn-L be funny all the time." Glea- wittingly placed it on a radia-[ K)1 son clarified. "In the first place, that's impossible. The people who and the painting got hot. expect it, you avoid." Harris rescued it and with Which reminded him of a fan-like wavings, attempted IKABC-^ 7.00 A-M. KF1_» B-CKX» teoort KABC--Mews Around world KK~Red Uctivaine lie 101 r NX--World Newt K-tauo KFOX-Oierti* Wiltarna K.GEJI--Sster Svtvle KFl--Mt the Road ConoVlit KABC--W' I C E R - M _ _ . _ . 1:00 PAL N--«T JAanltor (t» J Fl*r Xecorn an Fran Cod H Air." James Cagney f35) one such person. 5.-00 P- It was a nightclub emcee at 2 Scholarquiz, John Condon:'! plush satoonery where Paramount High vs. John j ac k; e had gone to relax. Burroughs (Burbank) . . IX--»ys* Powell Newt ,. I in ** T KFI News; Seons Someone turned on the heat tA » c -?" rn S£L'' ?"" KNX--KNX WeeVeno KCER--rtoward Xutiol fcOO A-M. KFl-JIws: dano/i. Tories 't soom; I ioo Crane Snow » Wl KCE«--Wtn. NicAtrsoa r*BC--*agl Condvn* flighty Mouse Playhouse ^Tsyiry, Bobby Diamond Jjyie Jetsons (cartoon) steelovte "Whistling in e." Red Skelton (42) 5 Movie "Son of Frankenstein." Basil Rathbone 7 ABCs Wide World of Sports (tape): Daytoaa Continental Sports Car championship (Daytqna Beach) and all-America n water ski championship (Cypress Gardens). II Cinnamon Cinder 34 Farewell Ceremony for President Mateos. International Airport) 530 2 Movie 'Tarzan's Desert Mystery," J. Weissniuller II Top Star Bowling ScSO 9 Frank Carroll. News . 6:00 PJVL 4 MIC REWS-- US * U6EUJ REPORT-- Color News, Sports Weather. I STRAIGE TALES if * SCIEICE FICTIOr. ·BUST Iron HiUITEO CAVE' =aR in-Tin-Tin. Lee Aaker } Sgt. Preston of the Yukon _i Californians, R. Coogan /7 The New Casper Show 13 Variedades. R. Ingle sias 34 Presidents' Arrival Johnson and Mateos arrive at , UA. International Airport from Palm Springs, and travel to Lincoln Park !l£0 2 The Roy Rogers Show 4 (Color) Buliwinkle Show 5 Movie: "Sundown," Gene Tierneyf41) 7 Beany Cecil (cartoon) 9 Abbott and Costelto 12:00 NOON 2 Sky King. Kirby Grant ; 4 (Color) Exploring. Dr." Albert Hibbs: "Man and His Architecture." · 7 The Bugs Bunny Show ' 9 Movie: "Colditz Story," John Mills (Br.-'57) 11 Movie: "His Brother's Wife." Barbara Stanwyck 13 The Provocative Woman 1230 , 2 Do You Know? Bob Maxwell: "Monetary Systems' ! 7 American Bandstand, Dick Clark and Shelley Fabares, · folk singer Jody Miller 13 Fore Golfers 34 President Mateos arrives Hotel Biltmore. 1:00 PJM. ' 2 CBS News, Robert Trout . 4 (Color) Armed Services 5 Movie: "Woman They Almost Lynched," Brian Donlevy f 52) 13 Bowling with Art Parra 1:30 2 Tell It Again, M. Taylor 4 Teacher '64: "George Washington, and the VS. ' Constitution" 7 Tombstone Territory . 13 Movie: "Vicious Years," Tommy Cook ("50) 9 Nswr.GolfTips(li5) 2:00 PJV1. 2 As Others See Us. Foreign students view teenagers. 4 licomi Tn Tips--Ciltr ir Tnasiry Fi!« Sptciil 7 Ttle-Sports (Army) 9 Movie "El Alamein." Scott Brady f51) II Movie "Lady in the I.ake," Root. Montgomery 34 FJla, Yo y Alguien Mas fcSO ' ' 2 Repertoire Workshop: "River Deep," Tommy Norden. Philadelphia- produced original drama of a boy who tries to prevent a man's suicide. 4 Pn/i! (San Diepo SQ: "William Faulkner" · 5 Movie: "A Man AVone," Ray Milland ("55) 7 (Color) Crullerce Golf Jackie Ccpit-Paul Harney vs. Arnold Palmer-Gary Player (Valley Club of Montetito) 34 Pres. Mateos leaves Biltmore to meet Prts. Johnson at Sports Arena. 339 P_U 2 CBS Golf Classic: Art Waa-Jack Burke Jr. vs. Dow Fmsterwald-Bob Goalby (La Qumta.. Palm Springs) 4 International Zone (UN) 13 Movie: "So Soon to Die,' Richard Baser-art C57) 34 Mexican Fiesta (Sports Arena) JiO . 4 (Clr) World Ornamentals j 7 Pro Bowlers Toon New Orleans (La.) Open . , 9 Championship BowEnz I ' 4.-00 PJVL « 2 Post Parade, BiQ Keene with Michael Forest f59) NOW JACKIE would have no objection if the emcee wanted to merely introduce him. In fact, the comic probably would have felt slighted f he weren't introduced. But this particular emcee wanted a performance. In introducing the comic, he said: "Folks. Jackie Glea son's here tonight Maybe if wej give him a big hand. hell, tavor us." | Gleason rose and retorted: "Ladies and gentlemen, we also happen to have with us tonight one of the greatest plumbers in Newark. 'Maybe if we give him a big hand heU fix the sink." And away he went MULT1* TALENTED Rolf [Harris needed for his " garoo" song. "Hell demonstrate t "wobble" painting tonight The manipulations made a -wobble" sound. It was just JKESSS1 «££'. »u the kind of "wobble" sound Vet ·-*»".* : S i in KNX--We**. k« Business S.OO A-M. 'KFI-NWV s«;nom' Year* i KABC--New* KNX--News; Orees Saerls; Boo Crane Snow It TO KG£ R--B*1Mmr Chaod KHZ-- (C.HX W«*»x«n* IFOX-JJ tyfl« (to « lCitH-U*«i Viricy CX ftmu%, worti 7.-00 P.J.L c«; *«*«nt Can it itQ D -R-- Oun^orrt- Answ tr» k Wt KCEK-- Mom«nfi w FM iriGHllGIITS | LOOSING fOR » business? Andre Previn in multiplexjTura to "Business Opportuni- tt9»m.onKRHi!...Hfnryi t i t s » in classified today to Mancini h multiplex it H'find the right one for you. - a-m. on KMLA... . . Berlin]. Symphony Orchestra at noon f oa KFAC . . . Johnny Mathias I in multiplex at 2 pjn. on I KGGK . . . Davjd Rose in multiplex at 3 pun. on KMLA . . . Machito Orchestra it 5 p.m. on KNOB ... Melachrino ! it 7 pjn. on KBEl. .. Opera. Donizett'* "Don Pasquale," at 5 pja. on KFAC . . . Count Basie in multiplex at 10 pun. on KMLA . . . A) Caioli in multiplex at 11 pm. on KGGK. '"-*",» KABC-*en Hunter (to K.MX-K.«X f »* CFS--M KNX weetenit (7JS) K.CCR--*«. Victor CMrw 8.-00 P-M. K-Bask^lbal: UCLA i. STanford (Pala AJto) JC Ngeir Scorts «X- Quake in Peru LIMA, Peru WV--An earthquake shook lea. 200 miles southeast of Lima. Some windows were broken but there were no reports of casualties. J 3.-00 P3L RFl-- Sjtvrdw Ftv«rtt« t ABC-- New-- frn. «***»» 1 LIJ «fc«n FintA, SDOTTI , K.«s_Sun. Scnool Unio» KGCR--Jotui Brown Hour t f U KABC--Moments In Mknic t.a AJrt . !KFV-NW: Swiro-n- Y«ars .KABC--*tws | r^l--Cal miner Ita n SUNDAY TIPS "Light of Faith" at 8JO am on Channel2has Rabbi WolE Kaelter of Long Beach's Temple Israel and the Temple Singers directed by Mrs. Edith Gates. 7P.M. " F r e e d o m s Foundation Awards" (4) has actor Ronald Reagan making the presentations. ; 8 P.M. "Basketball" (11) has the Harlera Globetrotters meeting _ nl ^_ the Atlantic City Seagulls in £ Bob cr.r.J!j»w Santa Monica. . * " 8 JO P-M. Cary Grant and KAl tact welli Shew OX-J^rm M..TI t tB-- R.»mom Mc 111 KABC-- *« Hunter S*o* ---- - -. £00 !--Soectnrn. UiA, 4:00 PAL i --j, s - KFI--PoUia FarV lie 7:3O [KABC--feen_M^ter Stow RGER-- R KOER--Rofiert Wells KABC--Myron 1. Bennett KOER-- Sunshine Mission KCFR--RimJa for Christ K«x-- crs New lie SB 1I«0 A-M- KFl--News; Monitor KABC-NWS.T ~ KGER--World Lrt Crusade KASC--»trd. West: Wilson K t E R -- X C T U 5HX PJ IJ ' I looterTannr. I. Haves 'KFU-»arHj time, C. CrcM ER--*ewj;_Javce« .K.CR--New Testam. Llofrt K N X -- K N X Weekend 10^M PJVL IKFV-*redav uaitia Orch. I KABC--News KH--Stan Ricftard* [t« 121 KNX--10 ··ctoc* W'e KFOX--W»vne KerrtD KA»C--«ewi; Mind. Wed [KABC-Ben Harris is the composer and Mansfield star a the 19o7 singer of the best-selling movie "Kiss Them for Me record Tie Me Kangaroo on Channel 7. Three combat 13 (Color) Rocky Friends 34 Varicdades (musical) 4 (Color) Bob Wright, News guests on "Hootenanny" to- 1 630 : - v ' ' 2 Saf_ News. Jerry Dunphy. Expanded format today only to cover LRTs meet- in' with Mexico's Pres. Mitcos, plus the CDC convention in Long Beach. 4 (Color) News Conference Guest: Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Minn.) 5 World of Jimmie Rodgcrs 7 A Nation at War (premiere). Bud Knapp narrates 1336-194S films showing Canada's role in World War II. both on the battle fronts and at home- Opener covers period to March, 1940, as war clouds gather, Germany re-arms, and Canada makes its fateful decision to enter the war. 11 Chiller (movie): 'Invaders from Mars," A. Franz J3 Bourbon Street Beat 34 Blancas yNegras (musical 7:00 PJM. 2 Sea Hunt, Uoyd Bridges Buried Mayan treasure. 4 (Color) Freedoms Foundation Awards Special. Ronald Reagan emcees as Gen. Lauris Norstad receives the foundation's Down, Sport." · Navy P* 10 " £«' * four-day The Australian entertainer.San Francisco pass. IO-JO P3L night. 1 Tyrone Power and Ann la addition to being a BIyth star in the 1951 movie singer-composer, Harris is aJTll Never Forget You" on sculptor, cartoonist, accordi- Channel 7. American scientist onist, comedian and painter, is transported back through Sometimes there is a blend-'time to London in 1784. 1t:3L KCER--Re*. Aoe Jcrme'der 11 O K6E R--Rf». C. T. Wrter KNX-DaWine H £51 1Z.-00 NOOV WoniTw KFOX--Sou*akin* OcKon KGC R--Aut^r* te« ILABC--Jotin W'lson Show KNX--Tadw hi i-A. KMX-- In I* f r Politic* , »;c-«-«-- 5uii*n at Fftim I n !*JlBC~-H»r.ncn; J. Wlltofl RKX-^uefi HftcCav; Ntrw« G^X) FJVL*: fl*\r Rrcort KNX--New»; Th» World ThitW*** (4:101 KEK--Back to Jh« · 4 U *ABC--JatiB Wirjon: Sotft. KFOX--R*c» Rt-r«*rjort» KKX--KKXWerkend KGE ·--Ctrc't J-M«9im KFt--Partv Time, C C»cS RFOX--O*on» WiChM-l KABC--Fij Harvey. Km KNX-Weaauner (· 25) KNT--*joon Kews I 4-3* KCER--Re». VWorClenn K»»C--Jo»n Wilson Show I1M P31 KFI--Johnny Catron 1 KASC--Ai we See tt KFOX--Jemr "Mrs tl:ll KABC--Ben Hunter Shi tVM KNX--Music Tz'blwn 12.-00 UIDMGHT KFI--Ron UUXn TO S) KABC--«a*e Theater KHJ--studia X tmusicl. to 1 NEW FACTORY-DIRECT FORDS · Fwef Dears ea SJnoit Unrti · C Z lana Tarml · Me H-Br) Pressure · See te Coed Cuy« LIMLINNEU. WALT JENSEN ED COUSINS 3580E.Pac.Cs».Hwy. Pkou ct «-«m A Orvtsloa ot Ha!e Tounv F«r9 BRICK WALL-NO EXTRA CHARGE ... with Screen Enclosure on Our ... Flexaium PATIO COVERS «r eilstTflj reofi..^ y e - ""^ pay cost ·! tfie screem ee- cToiUTe Iron tTie sToa bp. If trici »«H is optional ot a« extra coit. 3700 E Itb, LONG BEACH N O M O N I T D O W N 1 TIAtS TO fAT for FREE ntunatot PHONE GE 3-0946 AKT TIMf AST BIT highest award, with KNBC (for "Happy Birthday, USA") among the 5 other recipients. The Pepperdine CoHece Choir performs. 5 The Jack Barry Show Guests: Phyllis Diller. Lionel Hampton, John Gary. Slim Pickens 7 Have Gun. Will Travel 134 Teatro Familiar (drama) 7:30 2 The Jackie Gleason Show with Horace McMihon. Alice Ghostley, Frank Fontaine. Barbara Heller (repeat) 4 The Lieu tenant, Gary I/ckwood, Dennis Hopper Don Marshall Rice tries to solve the problem of two Marines who hate I f _ _ . , - . It each other because of the LeO/C IT color cf their skin. (Segment will be aired despite withdrawal of Seal tf Cooperation of Dept- of Defense, which maintains both bigoted principals S30 2 The Defenders, E. G. Marshal], Teresa Wright. Edward Binns. Pharmacist has been giving narcotics to several users because cf his deep sympathy for his own addict wife. ·4 (Color) Joey Bishop Show. Joey's ego is battered when his comedy writer (Corbett Monica) wins the TV Critics* Award. 5 Movie: "Fighting Wildcats." Keefe BrassellefS" 7 The Lawrence WeOc Show The Mills Brothers offer a medley of their hit songs J C»RT GRAIT! UTIE MAISF1ELD! Tki ki I aril it mil lirisiei ·! S.F. ·IIJS THEM lor Mr COLGATE THEATRE--CU! with Suiy Parker. Leif Erickson ("57). Fun-bent Navy fliers on -day leav in San Francisco. 34 Brindis Senorial (music) 9:00 PJM. 4 (Color) Movie: "Story of Three Loves." Kirk Douglas. James Mason, Leslie Caron, Pier Anpeli ("5.VIst run). Flashback stories of three passengers aboard liner. 34 FutboJ (soccer matches) »30 2 New Phil Silvers Show. Harry goes about ia the wrong way to patch up a fjuarrel between his newlywed neighbors (Anne Whitfield and Charles Dodds).^ ' The Hollywood Palace, Gene Kelly hosts singer Delia Reese, dancer-singer Joey Heatherton. Bill Dana, the Tangier Brothers, Ford and Hines, Anden's Poodles, xylophonist Roger Ray, the Women Folk and next week's guest-host Efrem. Zimbalist Jr. 10:00 PJM. 2 Gunsmoke, James Arness Robert Wilke. Warren Gates. Wanted murderer, handcuffed to an unconscious DiDon, claims it's he who's the marshaL 5 Dan Smoot Reports 1 News, Larry Burrell :3 Mo\ie: "Shadows of Chinatown." Bela Lugosi day, channel 5. Id 15 S Dean Manion Forum 1030 S "THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE" Kiti Scrriil E«Jinririd! Dorothy McGuire, George Brent, Ethel Barrymore 1 HRST TIME 01 TV! "m MEYER FORGET TOtr-- TTHC1E POWER, All BLTTH! with Michael Rennie (51-Ist nmX Lightning transports man back 2 centuries. 1 Naked City, John Mclntire. Series of slayings of expectant mothers. 34 Bailen Todos los Sabados 10:40 t JOHH WATITE! SOPHIA LOREI! ·LEGEIO if Ihi IDSr BIG SHOW--COLOR: 11:OOP.M. 2 Jerry Dunphy Report II Movie: "The Outriders," Joel McCrea f 50) 11:15 I LA. Tilimiti frtniiri! * CART 6RAIT! Eckorik Kirr, Walter Piifiot It "DREAM W1FT .... 1st run film 1130 4 K K I C HEWS--10$ t AICELES REPORT--Color 3 News. Dan Riss 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 11:45 3 Movie: "Story of G.I. Joe," Burgess Meredith, Robt. Mitchum f 45). 12:00 MIDNIGHT « BRAID ACTIOI THEATRE "Tki Ollaktna Cr--Oily 4 CDmaircIs iri«j Mirii! Humptirey Bogart, James Cagney C39) 12:15 5 Movie: "IH Be Seeing You," Ginger Rogers, | Joseph Cotten f 45). 7 Movie (12:25): "Mating , of Millie." Glenn Ford 12:45 9 Movie: "Beachhead." Tony Curtis. Frank Lovejoy 054) 1*0 11 Movie: "Flight Command," Robert Taylor f 40) l:li 2 Movie: "Fuller Brush Man." Red Skelton f 48) 2:15 9 Movie: "Bandits of Corsica." Richard Greene (S3) HIIMJ tAtHT TOUt Tear, l«nca. Mmnm. rVlz*s -- TVCS^ FEI. 33 linl at »:» A-M. - CTM CemgleK MERRT MAC TOORt -- SS fAClFIC AVX, IDNO If «XH 6A 4-1(71 -- 61 1-iUI We Now Have Parts To Servfce Your VW 1500 RICKETTS MOTORS Acici-jei VoTknrajca o=i Pcucie D«der iez tie LB- Hariiar Aim 993 LONG BEACH BLVD. SERVICE HE 5-:«SC SAILS KE 7-7(39 GARY GRANT * NOTICE * PARTS AND SERVICE -- OPEN- MONDAY EVES. ·TIL 9:00 P.M. ·AITS AND SEIY1CC OH ALL (UrOtTEO CAM SINCE 1IS4 IMPORT AUTO I PARTStSERVICE] H40 LONG BEACH BLVD. Opto Sunday--HE 2-8914 are presented in bad light.) Larry tj LARKY MEDER HARBOR CHEVROLET I t i t e m i r.rc » l rrunj 7 Hootenanny, Jack Link- Jetttr, with the New Christy Minstrels, \Vill HoU. the Phoenix Singer! Rolf Harris. Naomi Brossart. the Even Dozen Jug Band and comedian Jackie Vernon at Fordhara: I irriiT i AtiTL- * 19 STAFFORD JHCIIU S»»e. Suit--HTM SULEM "The Language of Lan- jruase" pokes fua at both the VS. and Great Britain as it explores their differences in the English p e o p l e »rc [tiling d i n c in/; I e i s o n s w h o n e r e r la at East-West triaDcIe witt only one siltrtioa! ' DREAM WIFE WalterPidieoa Delorit Ktrr, LssAnjeles Teleihioa Premiere cuTteFaldoisSZ! TONIGHT 11:15PM 51 r a n pd j nocch, a mire a bst tnd ti"k first frize ,»,«i. s (rat tirt£r_ He nocr toot, a Inton ia hit I.ft, r £j h:5 ft. I isteJ hfm hi» s«rct »nJ vrrr rcfactantr/ he toU me Uut before the contest he tool kit J t* *.**!.*» .· ».»^ m^ftff^f-r" I . 1 « t t_ language. Other guests are mfc out to ext and they both Patricia Hayes. Jimmy rojoyeJ a fine dtr^icr ft Insh Grern and Graham Start «cw ot SHED'S. I islrd fcim urul citing jfcw hiJ to 'Jo with m-inrufl · i UafO anj he rcflicd--"Trot'i! e a s t lo jnsmtr, tetJuse. "IT TAKES STEW TO TANGOr FoTLi, vhr Jua't YOU J c w n a n d v* trf now, AT HARIOR CHEVROLET. 3770 CHERRY AVL, GA i-1341. for i rcil fcil m a new Che\-j or fine purinffed o«J at. . . II Deadline. Paul Stewart 8*0 P-U 5 Leave It to Beaver n Sfirts Siiefar-Knirtiss! V Harlia Clitttnttirs vs. Atlantic City Sea Gulls, taped Friday night at Santa Monica Ciric Anditornim u -us WESTERI Monr * I / W O R T H I I S T O J B O B 6 E (Cclor) "Brimstone," Rod Cameron f43) 34 Noches Tapatias (musical) 'SAVE AT BURKS 356 Lent Beach Bird. RCA VICTOR Portable TV Sirt's r-rici K If jtraduraUj ieft£:9itrti repi'r - (rt jar. rnpvfissitc nzatl ct cbriEi ft crate. USO IK OUR SLEEP SHOP da TI«S irieoto GENERAL ELECTRIC ParT TV lark's tni* 99 1964 23" TV $ Cikfiil ·l Tnii 148 POSTUREPEDIC in CK u5 1st U*»tn cr tci tyfrj P l e a s e A S K f o r L A R R T MEDER. WHY PAY MORE? 19M I COLOR TV) $ 318 win Teer eeaOfM TraOe BURK'S 356 LOBJ Beach Bird. 53T2 Long Beach Bird. · amiMrei aMn m»mn ""!. ·e MeM erSl ma7* ALSO IT SCUT "EXTRA YAIUE- UATTRESS 29.95 iro IAILI re« trr** -T IGH3 JMATTIESSCS _Pr. / « · rURIITUKE 4134 ORANGE AVE. GA 4-8131 Tanrn mi «· Ltwnl pncn an

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