Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 34
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C-U-WDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Lw» (MCk, CMH., W*., J»t. M,,ltn HELP WANTED Medical uo ; NURSES AIDES Experienced ' CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL 4J1-0941 NUK^ts mtuci ORDERLIES CHECK THESE BENEFITS PAID WEEKLY NO FEE SHIFT i DRYS OF CHOICE HOMEMAKERS UPJOHN 4316441 NURSES AIDES 3lo11 Shift Experienced only Edgcwater Convalescent How ?S?5E.4thSt. LongBrach NURSES AIDES 7 to 3 PM SHIFT COLONIAL MANOR Convalescent Hospital Equal Opporlunitv Emplover NURSES AIDE 3 to 11 PM SHIFT INTERCOMMUNITY SANITARIUM ?62fi Grand AVe. L.B. iJ7-B91 NURSES- REGISTERED OPERATING ROOM FULL TIME-DAYS Pf-rformino 530 suroeripj, DC- month, mobtlv rr.aior. Require sui able experience availability lo call. 151 bed, privaio. non-prof Pi-nornl acute hospital. Attract! 1 . 1 salary E. benefit*, prooram. APPI in person: PERSONNEL OFC: DOWNEY COMMUNITY HOSP 11500 BROOKSHIRE. DOWNEY (Near Firestone Lflkewood) NURSES REGISTERED Medical-Surgical NIGHTS Full time position, motor nencra acute non-profit high inieqrit hospital. Please conlacl Mr. Rowe Personnel Deol; DOWNEY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 11500 BROOKSHIRE, DOWNEY (Near Firestone Lakewood NURSES RN; day relict, flexible schedule. LVN or LPT: part time, davs fi. nitcs. Work with children young adults in ociting new program. SEASIDE Long Br-ach 591-8701 NURSES RNS ALL SHIFTS APPLY IN PERSON 9am to 12pm MONDAY-FRIDAY PACIFIC HOSPITAL 2690 Pacific Ave LONG BEACH Equal Opporlunitv Employer NURSING ATTENDS Full time 3 to 11:30 8, 11 to 7:30 Previous acute Hospital ex perience required. Excellen salary plus fringe benefits. LOS ALTOS HOSPITAL 3JW Los Coyotes Diag Long Beach 421-9311 Ext 247 9 AM TO 12 NOON NURSING RN For The Operating Room APPLY IN PERSON Monday-Friday 9-12 Noon PACIFIC HOSPITAL 2690 Pacific Ave, Long Beach Enual Opportunity Emolovt-T M-F OPERATING RM. TECHS MUST be e*Kr. lull lime. 7-3 i . 3 n shin. Xlnt. Mian-, benefits 5. vNorkinooyid LAPALMA Intercommunity Hospital 7»?1 Wa ! ck.f St. LA Pa'ma (7U) SM-OtSOE.t. 3»; OPTICAL DISPENSER RECEPTIONIST For Ophthalmologist Office in LB Area Sfliarv. Open, Pleasant Wo'k- Wkencis. Please 'submit short re- j-urrw to Box A3325. iPT Casbified D^Dt, GJ Pino Ave. L3, CA. l ^SJi PHARMACY CLERK Excvrii-nccs V.usMvw. 5«l-3335 RESPIRATORY THERAPIST Progressive Respiratory and Cardio Pulmonary Department needs Technicians with grod ER, ICU, CPR experience. Will 'rain only in Cardio Pulmonary. Full and part time openings. Good salary and tensfits. BAY HARBOR HOSPITAL 325-1221 Ext 320 RN Dayshitt. A-.S1 Director ol Nufbci ApP'v *Aon thru Fn EMPRESSCONVHOSPITAL 1020 Termino, LB RN DIRECTOR (or TO B«J Sk;ilfd Nu'sino Facility RfrQuire* knowledge- svnipflihv. i«v thusidsm for work with mentaHv retarded. Exciting, talented tM.rv ina programs in progrc-i^. RN w mi! Rf-stinw to P.O. BOX A 464/ Classified Department Independent Press Telegram (04 Pine Ave. Long Beach 90844 CLAMIFII D HE I-SIit · HELP WANTED Medical UO RN CHARGE STAFF CVOCD jcwcu , n"sWitV xin?.'* viiarv"bnic('its * working cond. LAPALMA Intercommunity Hospital ' R N r-uii timr days. Good pay Xlnt GOLDEN HAVEN CONV HOSP 260 E, Market SUB 428-4681 RN FULL TIME DAY SHIFT COLONIAL MANOR Convalescent Hospital 1913 E. 5th Equal Opportunity Employer RN ICU -CCU. 11 TO 7 SHIFT 4 Bed Unil. Busy challenging position ICU Differential Shifl Differential. Good salary bene- tilb WOODRUFF GABLES HOSPITAL 17600 S WOODRUFF AVE BELLFLOWFJR RN Long Beach Hospital 1725 Pacific Ave. Are you looting lor a happv ton- qeniai patient- oriented atmosphere? it to, vou arc the nur;,o VJL nc-ed. Full or part limu. 3-11 11-7, ICU background preferred, or will troin. 5W-3551 Ext. 39 RN LVN P. W. bhill. Full part time. WILLOW LAKE CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL ?61S Grand Ave. L.B. J76-61-H RN OPPORTUNITIES CONTACT PERSONNEL PACIFIC HOSPITAL 595-1911 RN P.M. Shift. Exper in Geriatrics. Top Pav! Benefits. An excellent Position for right person. FOUNTAINBLEAU NURSING CENTER (714) 826-8950 RN'SLVN'S ALL SHIFTS FULLTIME!. PART TIME Convalescent Hosoilal. L. B. Conlacl Mr. Jav 5S7-88I7 RNS-LVNS ALL SHIFTS California Convalescent 3650 E. Esther. Long Ocach NR PCH TERMINO RNS LVNS Charge, IV, 8. Team Leaders ALL SHIFTS AVAILABLE Xlnt shift difieriential ICU -CCU -RNS 8, LVNS -·-·3-11:308,11-7:30 Xlnt unit 8, shift differientiai PIONEER HOSPITAL 17831 S Pioneer Blvd Artesia 865-6291 Ext. 406 (Nr Cerritos Shopping Center) RN's-LVN's CHECK THESE BENEFITS: PaidwL-eklv No Fee Shift 6. days ot choice HOMEMAKERS UPJOHN J32-fri4l RNs LVNs. full time PM nites St Mary's medical Center 435-4441 RN'S-LVN'S 173 Bed acute care adia- cent to Long Beach has immediate positions available all shifts. Contact Nursing 598-1311 Ext?03 LOS ALAMITOS GENERAL HOSPITAL 3751 KateMa Ave. Los Aiamiios Equal Opportunity Employer RN SUPERVISORS All shifts, full time. $50 per shift. Clean, new facility. Bell Gardens Convalescent Hosp. 5MS E. Gotham, Bell Gardens ??7-?641; 771-4448 RN iiPM ,0 7 AM APPLY BETW 9 4 3 . Mon-Fri Twin Palms Sanitarium 11900 E. Artesia Blvd. Artesia 865-0271 RN 7 to 3 Saturday Sunday Edaewater Convalescent HOSP 26:5 E\ Jth St. Long Beach Office 165 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK P E R M A N E N T Apply in Person BERKEY PHOTO 3400 E. 70th St NLB ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE Bii'irw clerK. Minimum fc months, experience 7 30am to torn (J13) 774-7750. Shirley Sinvns Equal opportunity employer Acct'g Supvsr $14,500 Annual COMPANY PAYS FEE iorv c»«f. Will R'wrvive 16 in Acct'q Dcct. Handle a'i DTIAS?S a-i ti controller. Many juper bene- ' V.ANY OTHER FREE FEE O'NEAL EMPL AGENCY DO* 1 . KEY TSOfi E . F l(x*-ncc 9?7-w« HUNTINGTON PARK A C C T S PAYABLE 5*75. PoM in lodgers J. iournai. Pay buts hie tvpiriQ 'w local Co. NEV/MARK AGENCY 3M3 E. Inwerio' HAV f^-iO5 C C T - T A X PREPARF.R Fu!l-!irw. We have nice ott.ce i cwod pay it voj Mve rvcof aDUitv. tei-tJH ACCTTAXPREPARER Hiah Volwmo Ta» Oltkc. Hiohoil CarnlrtfTS E«r*er Only. 9IS-«,31 HELP WANTED Office US SERVICE CASHIER Cxprrlcncca. Atw PDX. Itour^? lo 6. S day wwk. Salary COLETTOFORO PH. 832-5315 BILLING CLERK S650 Tronic exp. figure am. type GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine SuilcW HE 7-0501 BOOKKEEPER F.C. Thru TB Pit, acclg cxp prcf to yyiw r,v« I'irtn, Lkwo. ji-/4/0 BOOKKEEPER F.C. $700 Up FEE NEGOTIABLE S-ml olc-lvpe 40 - book^ thru P8.L A E A AGENCY 40U Lonq Beach Blvd J?4-0771 BOOKKEEPER, F.C. 5750 ALL JOBS 100% FREE Employment Service Agency 927-3385 BOOKKEEPER FULL CHARGE tor rapidly grow company. '·*u*' *» (dmilar with computtr tKcountinq procedures. Prolit loii. Salary based on experience and ability. Excellent bone-fits. Apply in porwn. L1ENETT COMPANY 377? Cataiina Los Aiamitos Bookkeeper (Full Charge) Parl Time. Hours Fleiiblc. Cy- ores^ area. Send resume to: ATLAS AMUSEMENT CO. 4353 Via Largo, Cypress vOUO BOOKKEEPER · Parl Time 842-2131. So. Gate Area BOOKKEEPER- SECRETARY Exper. nect-swv. LB ,irc ( i. Wholesale Nurvcry. Send resume salary requirements to: Box R3906 1 P.T. CUisilied Dept, 604 Pine Ave., L.B. 90« BOOKKEEPER S37Q. Small congenial local Co! Genera ledgers, balance 8. some typ- iny. NEWMARK AGENCY 35-13 E. Imperial H*v 639-W35 Book'pr-Gal Fri S7-800 F-Ctiy thru P L. 1 girl ofc. car. CO PAYS FEE (FEE JOBS AVAIL) GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pino Suite 309 HE 7-0501 Downey 86J-J51? CLERICAL WE'RE HIRING STENOS, TYPISTS , CLERKS, BOOKKEEPERS, GEN OFFICE, POX, ALL CLERICAL JOBS YOUR A R E A - NO FEE ONE TRIP TO APPLY THEN-ON-TO-WORK S.I.S. TEMPORARY SERVICES 11561 S Paramount Blvd, Downey 953-0373; 634-1970 CLERK STENO $588 Plus Benefits. Work Sun Thru Tnurs Midnight to Sam Federally Funded Program, Must be Unemployed or Under Employed for 30 davs to date of Hire. Requirements: Type Minimum 50 WPM, Xlnt knowledge ot English Grammar Punctuation, Prior exper in transcribing from Dictalion Mach is desirable. Apply at Signal Hill Police Dept; leoo E. Hill St Signal Hill Prior to 1-26-75 CLERK TYPIST Immediate opening in oor Long Beach business office. Prefer previous clerical experience. Good benefits. Call personnel, (213) d29- 2473, Ext. 236. FAMILY HEALTH PROGRAM 2925 N. Palo Verde, L.B. An Equal Opportunity Emplover CLERK-TYPIST MUST HAVE CAR. BRAINS LITE TYPING NEEDED 52.75 per Hr. -12B-2B40 LB Area Computer Term Trne to $650 Type 65 ' WPM lo qunlify-xlnf co. A E A AGENCY 40H Long Beach Blvd , 424-0721 Customer Service Manager Must be able to talk with handle customers by phone S. correspondence. Exper. Preferred. Good Personality. Use 10 Key Adder. Lite Typing. Good. Working Cond. Write Box A5054 IPT Classified Dept. 604 Pine Si: LB Ca. 90W4 Dictaphone Sect'y $600 COMPANY PAYS FEE Local Co. want* a sharp girl who has }ood typing skills good work record w-dictaphone exper. Super r^NEAL T EMPL AGENCY' DOWNEY 7BOS E. Florence 927-4466 HUNTINGTON PARK 6217 1 ? Pacific Bl. 582-8141 documentation elks to $1000 marina personnel 117 e 8th, 432-8911 EMPLOYMENT Counselor Needed FREE Technic'o Call 869-4J20 EXEC SECRETARY Needed. Good typing, S-H. S700-S800 start. FREE Technico 869-4420 EXEC SECT'Y (3) .$775 COMPANY PAYS FEE Local Co. wants a top notch secretary tor one of their VIP's. mis is a super Co. w-above average bcnc- ' MANY OTHER FREE FEE O'NEAL EMPL AGENCY DOWNEY 7S08 E. Florence 927-4Ji6 HUNTINGTON PARK 6217' 7 Pacific Bl. 582-8141 F.C. Bkkpr $750 Up Local Co. wants a girl w-a good track record able to 90 thru T-B incl. P L statements, taxes, et all. Reduced daily used product discount (save SSS) Free hot lunches. many many other super "o'NEAl EMPL. AGENCY DOWNEY 7SCSE. Florence 927-4466 HUNTINGTON PARK F-C BOOKKEEPER $800. Suoer local! will be only bookkeoo- t' r . Must haw exptr thru Irial balance. ZOE AGENCY 17S20 LKWD BL LKWD 925-3702 FULL CHARGE BKKPR to S750 Free, thru P-L, F-S. taxes, also fee iobs. Jane Allen Professional Agency 4130 ATLANTIC AVE 427-5443 sal friday. posh l b ofc, free $700 xlnt rais*s. also toe marina personnel aocv, 117eWtt J32-89M iat tii. fig apt, free S725 marina oorsonnel aqcv, also fee jobs 117 e 5th, 132-6911 GENERAL OFFICE CLERK otsn transportation. Applv: 1530W. CowlcsSt., L.B. GENERAL OFFICE FITTING MODEL Up to $600 Co Pavs Fee. Also Fee Jobs VOGUE AGENCY -J7S-0 Atlantic Ave. LB J27-J277 GENERAL OFFICE Handte busy phones, kno-viectqo o f (xoVVoepin^. Lite tvpirig. 10 Keys. tVBlvd Wardlow 426-2503 GENERAL OFFICE Part timo qirl tor light tvpinq, til- ifia. etc Sal open. Call 43M810 rx General Office-Part Time Evenings Some wecKcixis. '/.ale or Female, sonw typing necessary. Please Call for appt. ELECTRO TV 1741 E WardlowLB. 424-0404 GENERAL OFFICE Person to work 5 fl.iv week, 2 to 6 PM tor WestSidO ProiOCt Arc A Committee OH ice. Must drive. tpe Apply WesKiclo Neighbor rtwxl Center 1372 W. Willow. 59$-l6l3 Mr. Netiri GENERAL OFFICE Snil. Co. needs congenial nv»tu'c i post tier.. Typing Reovirixi, Sot.w Own Call y*)Q11Q phonos. FREE Technico fe9.J4?3 r\v.t i v\* i yon tviu j io wptsKApg e»o. btjjrp. car. (.0 | NO Fit: NOFKL- NOFEF, Call Terry At PACIFIC PERSONNEL 3TOE. Angiwim. UB Ka-au \sst Bookpr Trne S433-J50 Alert, rcl.rtblc. m.V NLB, 110 Pine uilu309 Ht IDSOI GENERAL OFFICE S575 Free! Tver 3i, lite tigurcv Good Co. Fee iotrt .w.iii. QUINH-ftOBERTS AGENCY WJ4 Telcqraoh, Dfiv 869-33^1 SLN'LOK P7 $? «0»" Lilo (vpoorlvc co (rtr-?S Hr v.h JOULonvDcriChBlvl JMO/21 HELPWANTED Office US GEN. OFFICE $600 fKHXis Nationally known local Co. f. office duties, which irtcF. heavy phones, lite typing. OuiManding Co. benefits incl. Proiil Sharing! O'NEAL EMPL AGENCY DOWtJEY 7808 E. Florence 927-4446 HUNTINGTON PARK 6217' j Pacific Bl. 5828141 s* i ru r-n l r» » w UiKL TMUHI BOAT YARD. Exper necessary. Call for appointment: 597-0313 GIRL FRIDAY Child Counselor In LB children's prrxiram. Hrs l-$pm $5?5 Pro mo. Gloria, 531-1533 GIRL FRIDAY New L.B. Office Need a Mature Person to Run the OH Ice, Bkping Exper Required. Typing 8. Gooc Phone Personality n Must Shir ley Corv/in 596-5458 GIRL FRIDAY 5550 30 - type, keep records, public con! GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suile3W HE 7-0501 HOTEL MIGHT AUDTIOR needed in Downey Corp. office. Must have NCR 4200 exper. will read 8, recorc D reports. Good salary Profi sharing. FREE Tochnico 849-J429 INSURANCE Office, typing, filing, telephone, 10 Key Adding Machine. Full Time. Reply P.O. Box 316 Long Beach, Ca. JR ACCOUNTANT FREE S700MO DOWNEY ALSO FEE JOBS CALL MR FAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD AGENCIES 7847 Florence Ave. Downey PH 927-A483 582-8251 Jr. Clerk Typist $455 Xlnt local Co. type- 45 - , LB, car GOLDEN WEST AGENCY KEYPUNCH FrreSSSO- CMC B. 129 for local Co. (also IK- iobs) NEWMARK AGENCY KEYPUNCH OPERATORS CALL TASK FORCE No Fee. WOO Lakewood Blvd Downey, Ph 869-3033 KEYPUNCH OPERATOR 10,000 Sod 6 mo experience Stall Builders Temp Personnel 437-0806 AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING BETH GRANT (313)531-3900 KEYPUNCH OPERATOR 4:30PM-1:OOAWISHIFT FULLTIME PERMANENT MINIMUM 2 Y E A R S EXPERIENCE Applv in Person 9AM-12NOON.MON-FRI Personnel Department LONG BEACH COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 1720 Termino Aye. Long Beach Equal Opportunity Emplover KEYPUNCH OPERATOR Senior. 426-9561 KEYPUNCH OPER Temp Lonq 8. Short Term Assign T-Girl T-Man 437-2846 KEYPUNCHES 10 Hr 4 l ? Hr day (or union Co. NEWMARK AGENCY 3543 E. Imperial Hwy 639-4435 LEGAL SECRETARY Calif exp. Personal inlury. Snlarv open. Benefits. 436-V7B1 LEGAL SECRETARY EXPER. PI WORKMANS COM PENSATION. Busy, small Wit- minalon OHice. SALARY OPEN, CALL ROD: 830-2121 LEGAL SECY TRAINEE Young woman w-good shorthand S. typing skills required. Artcsia Cerrltos.arca. Call 213 665-5311 MANAGEMENT LONDON-PARIS-ROME The world is vours. Our client Co needs career minded person lo assume lull charge of 1 ol their int' 1 offices. Make your decisions count Call: ANCO Personnel Agency 3711 Long Boa'ch Bl. 'Suite 201 595-4481 MEDICAL BOOKKEEPER SA50. Thru trial balance general ledger ' knowledge ot medicare medical for local Dr. NEWMARK AGENCY' 3543 E. Imperial Hwv 639-4435 OFFICE CLERK EXPER. S3 t PER HR. Call Mr. GODRE lor eppt. NORWALK 921-8663 OFFICE CLERK to $520 PBX relief- file-mail clerk A E A AGENCY 401 4 Long Beach Blvd 424-0721 ORDER DESK CLERK Experienced in air compressors paint sorav equipment preferred. Company paid benefits. Call 636-1767 Payroll Clerk Typina, filing general office experience required. Use of adding machine calculator. Excellent Company benefits. 833-2411 Equal Opportunity Employer Figure time cards 8. enter on in-put she^t for computerized payroll · some tvping. (also lee iobs) NEWMARK AGENCY 35J3 E. Imperial Hwy 639--U35 PAYROLL Free $330. bftinish speaking, some college £. exper w-comouterized pay roll . (also feo iobs) NEWMARK AGENCY 3543 E. Imperial Hwv 639--U35 PAYROLL PBX OPERATOR Cord board. Good typist. Call 6330331 between 10 am 5 pm. PBX-CORD60SDExp $530 Gaylord Employment Agency 1S36 Atlantic Ave. L.B. 599-; U3 PBX-TELEX To $550 Busy cord board. Telex, It type GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7-050) PERSONNEL ASSISTANT Must have at least 2 yrs exper Admin Seniority other Provisions ot Union Contract. Ability to type routine corres perform clerica functions w-Hi Degree of Accuracy Nee. Please submit Resume of Qualifications lo IPT Classified Dept Box AJ478 604 Pine Ave LB PHONE RECEPTIONIST Net'd dependable person to answer busy phones, lite clerical. Must liVe dealing with public and be able to tj!k with people ot all aqes on incoming calls. 1 Full time and 1 port time. Pacific Driving School Phone for Appointment between 10 AM l PfA. 427-0910 RECEPTIONIST Free $525. Nice personality for front desk iob if you er.iov moeiinq people! Some typing (also fw iobs) NEWMARK AGENCY 3543 E. Imperial HWY ^39-4435 rt-cept-Dbx SA50 marina personnel tioencv M7 o 81h 432-$911 SECRETARIES-TYPISTS ' VOLT Temporary Services 35*0 LOfi^ Bosch Blvd L.B. IDS SECRETARY Free to $900. St.vt At the trp: Prcsicterl needs help correspooctoncr i KiYP- inq his scrf\tuit' orMniiod. (also SECRETARY rrNrr tocn UA t r\i_u vwv n'v UNION SHOP-VtRNON ALSO FEE JOBS CALLMRFAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD AGENCIES 7847 Florence Ave. Dowriey PH 927-U83 582-8251 " HELP WANTED · Office · ; US SECRETARY Adverting Pnyrvjlk!" Oep! j^wmi'rjs company, fm, accu dwk S-H desirable. Salary, com nx-murgte with capability INTERFORM. IMC 16744 So. Reyes, Compton HUB area · (213) WMfy-' SECRETARY : Gal needed (or busv two girl oHice '"sfi'arp^ quick" learner. Much variety duties. Salary open. LOS ALAMITOS AREA 213598-5504 SECRETARY LEGAL EPX* for Torrance Trial Firm Shorthand, slenorttle, IBM type ·writer, salary open. 530-3990. SECRETARY Our Long Beach District oflice has an immediate opening for a slall secretary requiring ' shorthand 80 wpm, typing 60. plus a minimum l vr, experience in general clerical f- stenographic work. BLUE CROSS . 3605 Long Beach Blvd Suite 100 Long Beach PHONE :595-aill Equal Opportunity Employer M-F SECRETARY to $650. induct park. Recent exper nc-cess. Call today! ZOE AGENCY 17620 LKWO BL LKWD 955-37W SECRETARY-TYPE GIRL FRIDAY Good typist smart. Interfiling job in trade shovjs. TAYLOR SON DEC. CO. 1501 Oregon 435-5491 SECRETARY 537-3880 SECTY (LAB) A San Pedro based Medical Lab is seeking a Secty for ils laboratory services division. Thi5 individual must have a B A degree, type 55 WPM accurately have recent office experience, prcferrablv with a medical orientation. CALL KAREN RICHEY 548-1473 NICHOLS INSTITUTE sc-ctv, I b ofc S750, neg fee marina personnel agcv 117 e Bth 433-8911 SECTY TO VP FREE S750 . LONG BEACH ALSO FEE JOBS CALL MR FAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD AGENCIES 7847 Florence Ave. Downey PH 927-4483 582-8251 SECTY $600 Mo · Type 60 wpm. Medical Terminology necessary Medical research setting in Downey area. Contact: Nancy Weideman 922-8111 SHIP-REC CLERK to $650 ' FREE: Heavv Phones, type accurate, good voice o- vocabulary, some heavy lilting, growth potential. Call 866-7001. FLO BAILEY AGENCIES 5/87 South Street. Lakewood Or Call Our OHice Nearest You STENOGRAPHER Bi Lingual $700 5600 E. 71h St. 433-5761 Ext 17 STENO-RECEPT $600 Friendly ofc, lite S H, varied iob GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7=0501 TEMPORARY JOBS OFFICE OVERLOAD TEMPORARY 520 BONUS FOR 1ST JO HOURS WORKED SECRETARIES KEYPUNCH TYPISTS BOOKKEEPERS FIGURE CLKS DICTAPHONE Please lee! needed! We need you lo help busy bosses. Long or short rl assignments. Top wages f S20 bonus tor 1st 40 hours worked. NEWMARK RESERVES 3543 E. Imperial Hwy 639-4439 Typist-Gal Fri $500 Type SO- 1 . phones, learn Telex, LB GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7-0501 TYPIST Must Type 50 w.p.m. Accurately. Full Time. Call 638-4160 JYPjSTS oBsi Work by day or wee!*, never a tee CALL or COME IN PROMPT Temporary Services 17813 Lakewood Bl. Lakewood 630-1017 VAULT TELLER ROUTE ACCOUNTANT Coin county experience prefer- roit, tO-Vey S. route accounting exuer helpful for Shipyard office ol N it'l Food Service Co. Good salarv £. benefits. Must tv bondable. For appt call Mrs. Shurte at 634-S100 betw 9am 12 noon. SERVOMAT10N CORPORATION An Equal Opportunity Employer Professional 170 DIRECTOR Of COUNSELING SERVICES Please- Submit resumes to: Downtown Neighborhood Center 601 Pacific Ave. LB. Cal. 90802 DEADLINE Feb. 10. 1975 JO? DEVELOPER Bi Lingual 5700. 2600 E.JIh St. 433-5761 Exit? ktAl. ESTATE SALESPERSON EDCO Really 435-5363 SOCIAL WORKER Full time. MSW required. Inter- community Center, 2375 California Ave TEACHERS: English as 2nd Language Gen Education Bi Lingual 1-850. ?600 E. 7th St. 433-5761 Ext 17 Restaurants Clubs 175 BAKER -DONUT SHOP Part Time, 2 nights a wk. S3.2S hr. WINCHELL'S 1176 E. Artesia, NLB · 422-6B60 i BAR GIRL Days. Exper. Apply before noon. The Annex. 4300 Stearns. 597-9)76 BARMAIDS. Bikini. Make $750 per week. No experience necessary. Apply in person, ABNER'S 5, J200 Lakewood Blvd . 425-7708 ottractive women. Good money 638- J712 Hrs 4pm-2am. Closed Sunday. BARMAIDS Youn] 8. Attrac. 52 to « Per Hr. NoExper Nee. Call 432 8606 BARMAIDS -$m50Hr. HALLORAN'S TAP ROOM 6110 L.B. Blvd, LB 423-5730 son. Carson. BARTENDER Attractive Female. Apply 10-12 Noon 3908 Atlantic Ave. LB. BARTENDERS female. Top Pav. Apply In person, 10 AM to 1 PM. Saratoga, New Yorker, 30 4! So. Pltw Ave.. L.B. BEERMAIDS2 1 Bikini. Good b,v 423 Looq Beach Bl. 432-WOS BiKiNi CumBG Top WY · Top working corxt. THE HOLIDAY · 944-4584 C v ocktaJjJJ/3itress neceswry. TOP wv. HELP WANTED ' HELPWANTED BA«»*IIMM*C t TllthC 17t lestiurintstClvbs 175 «»«··· ··...-»..-» NEW BOB'S "HOME OF THE BIG BOY" WAITRESSES V WAITERS CASHIERS : COOK TRAINEES DISH MACHINE OPERATORS NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY INTERVIEWS 9AMto4PM Jan. 19 to Jan. 22 6405 E. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY LONG BEACH NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE Equal Opportun tv Emplover M-F HELP WANTED Restaurants Clubs 175 COCKTAIL WAITRESS No exper necess. The Algiers, 1-10 E. 1st SI. LB 437-371! COCKTAIL WAITRESS Exper. 8. ATTRACTIVE TURC'S 16321 Pacific Cst Hwy. Sunset Bch (2)3) 592-9159 COOK Convalescent Hospital Experience Required. Apply: Community Convalescent 3850 E. Esther. Long Beach COOK-FRY Experienced. Fast dinner shift. Must be good with eggs. Apply: Hamburger Henry 4700 E. 2nd LB · COOK-PIZZA, ETC. Young man, no experience necessary. Apply after diOO PM: MARRI'S PIZZA . 51 JO Long Beach Blvd. NLB COUNTER HELP Nighl work IS 8, Over Onlv TACOBELL 8000 E. Rosecrans, Paramount DISHWASHER Musi be 18. Call #1-8855 FRY COOK Fast, Clean Dependable for combo evening graveyard shift. APPLY 9-11AM Hambo's 4101 Lakewood Blvd, Lkwd NIGHT BAR GIRL 2630 E. Spring, LB 427-W68 SNACK BAR ATTENDANT Part Time Help Evenings No exper. necessary. Ability to add essential. Mature, over IB. Own Iransp. Free movie privileges. No phone calls please, apply Men. thru Thurs. after 7 pm. LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN ' ' -JlOO CARSON, A Lm?G BEACH SNACK BAR GIRL 11:30 AM TO 8P.M. Full'Time Good Salary and Benefits. WOODRUFF GABLES HOSPITAL 17300 Si WOODRUFF AVE BELLFLOWER THEATRE work, lull or part time. M. or F. Apply 8 sm-J pm,.5832 Atlantic Ave. L.B. " , WAITRESSES GIRLS for fast toad take out dept. Apply Phillip's Chicken Pie Shop, 73; Pine Ave., between 3 5 pm WAITRESSES We are looking for a dependable exper waitress Tues Wed J PM- 12 , Thurs. Fri Sat 12-7 AM. If interested in this shift apply: ORBIT RESTAURANT 590 E. WILLOW Interviews from 1 :30-3 PM only WAITRESS Experienced. Age 22-30. Efficient. Afternoon Eves. Good tips. Apply 4:00 P.M. MARRI'S PIZZA 5140 Long Beach Blvd. NLB WAITRESS Or waiter, experienced. Applv Bob's Restaurant, 33 Pine Ave. LB. WAITRESS Wanted also hostess lor coffee shop. Apply in person. Stox Restaurant. 9518 E. Imperial Hwy, Downey Retail Stores 180 NEEDANXTRA INCOME? Work in our store in your neighborhood on a part time basis. 20 hours avail, for weekend work starting at S2.25 per hour. Drop by 1 of our stores for an application instructions or call: 595-5542 STOP-N-GO MARKETS 3450 E. Spring St Suite 218 Long Beach Interviewing 8 AM-8 PM weekdays 9 AM-5 PM Saturdays An equal opportunity employer HELP WANTED HELPWANTED Retail Stores 160 LIQUOR CLERK Experienced Only. Local Rcfs. Apply: 311 Redondo L.B. RETAIL SALES $535 FEE NEGOTIABLE Linuo^rsup^rk^exp 4014 Long Beach Blvd "424-0721 SALESPEOPLE MONTGOMERY WARD SPORTING GOODS High Schopl Girls wanted. Part time. No exper necessary. ALL AMERICAN BASEBALL CENTER 3216 SOUTH ST, LONG BEACH TELEVISION COMPONENT SALES Xlnt opportunity for exper. person. Free lite maior medical, paid vacation, spiffs, etc. 973-7373' KEN CRANE'S MAGNAVOX CITY .VETERANS Skilled or? Young or? Strong or disabled? . Need a iob?' Apply: 529 Pine Ave, LB between 2-4 PM Sales 183 ASSOCIATE REP · MEN WOMEN WANTED FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT tt vou are new lo Long Beach or L.A., temporarily, dlsconlinuing your education, recently discharged from the service, or lor any reason seeking temporary or career employment, consider this unique opportunity. The people we arc looking for may be tired of folding papers, warehouse Jobs and working for a limited income. , Work wlfnvounq people. Rapid advancement possible. If you are IB or over and would bo available to slart work immediately, Call ;.. (213) 436-3289 ' AT HOME PART TIME Well known local firm needs people over 30 lo do telephone contact work at home approximately 3 hours per day-hourly wage. PHONE: MRS, MCDONALD · '422-6522 WEEK-DAYS ATTENTION! · Huge Profits Distributing Organ c Face Lift. Results Guaranteed CALL NOW: 438-1291 AUTO A5ST. SALES MGR. Large volumn store needs aggressive, neat appearing man capable ol motivating sales staff. You will be highly compensated and given numerous benefits. Onlv those with successful auto background need apply. . Bill Barry V.W. 3V40 Cherry Ave.; L.B. 595-4601 AUTO MECHANIC Import experience preferred! Apply in person at LONG BEACH HONDA 1760 Long Beach Blvd. - L.B. AUTOMOBILE SALESMAN To Sell NEW AND USED . (With some basic selling experience) LIKE most dealers we pay good commission and bonuses and nave a demo insurance plan. UNLIKE other dealers, we have n 40-year reputation in Southern California a large repeat business. We make only one promise "An excellent days pay for a good days work." Contact Mr. LaMar. « ^^^^ MOOTHART || *f ^^W CHBYSlER-PtYMOUTH s| d919 Candlewood St. 531-2601 At Lakewood Shopping Center AUTOMOTIVE 5ERV SALESMAN MECHANICS Needed lor our British Leyland Dept. Xlnt. Pav Plan Fringe Benefits. Contact: Loyd Coats BOULEVARD BUICK 591-5611 Classified Advertising Call HE 2-5959 Retail Stores 180 LOOKING FOR A NEW CHALLENGE? STOP-N-GO MARKETS is a nolkonol Corp. operating over 800 markets in 13 slates. We are currently recruiting individuals who wont a new challenge with on aggressive organization in retail management. Positions as store managers, assistant managers ond port time employees available. No experience necessary, with a paid formal training progrom. Full range ol benefits including major medical, hospitalizo- tion, life insurance, paid vacations profit shoring as well as a 60 Hour work week. Coripensation for store managers starting at $750 per rrcnlh up. Assistant managers starling at $650 per month up with opportunity to advance to store n-onager based on performance. 1! you have a desire to get ahead, let us outline our progrom in a personol interview. HA'ift'.liM.'Ji'iLlilMJ LONG BEACH . 595-5542 lirttFYiwinj t * M -9 PM *Mki«i*»M-!PMSolurdeyi · An equal npporK/niry emp)oy«f · MfVP WANTED 3 k,l« ' . 1M SALES . . 'NEWS : Classified TELEPHC · ' · ; · ; SURE! ADMiNiaTRATiVE resporisibi sales staff. Liaison with produc for person with right qualific salary. Excellent benefits. ; Submits West Orange F 13261 Cen Garden Grov 'Attention: P (A Knight-Rid HELP WANTED Sales 183 AUTO PARTS MAN w-EXPER. to help run Off-Road Accessories Manufacturing Business. Call DICK or NORM 869-7919 DOWNEY AUTO SALES Experience preferred, free demo pan, high comm., free closing assist., bonuses, paid-vacalion, hospi- lali ration, lirnjted sales force. New car agency. Call Don . . . 925-2251 SALESMAN Professional salesman with desire to make money! Combo., all fringe benefits. For long eitab!iih«d Buick - Ooel dealer. Contact John Capanna or BUI Pealrs at PEAIRS BROS. BUICK AUTO ·' SALESPERSON Experience preferred bul not essential. Exceptional pay fringe benefits. Contact -Bob Grabhom HOLIDAY AMC 1«7 Long Beacfl Bl., 599-132] BEEL1NE FASHIONS · New 2 wk training, no investment, no exoer. Car nee. Pay while training. Call for appt. - 213 869-(5805 or 866-7226 BEST Sales Job In Southern Calilor- nlaCall537-2«2. . . . S S COSMETICS $$ , · AVON EARN CASH WITH AVON for all tne "exlras".you need and want. It's easy and lun! For details call: 7I3427-U63, ma4-sai DEPARTMENT STORE ·. · . CERRITOS. Has Opening in: Cosmetic Sales MUST BE EXPERIENCED Applications accepted 2 pm lo 4 pm AAon thru Fri 300 Los Cerritos Mall Los Cerritos Center INTERSECTION OF ' 60S FRWY SOUTH STREET Equal Opportunity Employer M-F DISTRIBUTORS needed tor nail weight control products. Leads furnished. Call 867-2937 . EXPERIENCED ' .. Carpet Salesmen WANTED. Honest sincere person with sales background. This is a permanent, position with an ex panding company. Ton pay, good chance of promotion, health benefits provided. APPLY ED SIGEL Banner Carpets 925-5044 ' 773-9242' FREIGHT GIRL, Needed for Local Trucking Co. Salary l Comrnts- s on. Short Hrs. Must Have car. Exper Pref. Call J21-3109 FULL OR PART TIME EASY HOURS GOOD PAY Start Immediately Musi have reliable trans. .· For Information interview 592-2277 bet. 2 5 p.m. Only FULL OR Part time. Sal or comm, wh ch ever is greater. Nr Los Cerritos Mall. For interview 'call HELP! S150 wk to start. Must be over 18. Help service estab Fuller · Brush customers, . Call 432-1602 Part time avail also. HIRING NOW SALESMEN . ' (3) MANAGER TRAINEES (2) To staff expanding office in Los Aiamitos. Interested in earning $800 toS1600 A MONTH while training with an increase while you learn? Those chosen would receive complete training. Car necessary. Permanent full time position with the WHITE CROSS PLAN C.L BRIDGES · ? AM KM: 30 PHI ' 213-596-5040 · OR 6 PM TO 1 PM 714-540-5082 ' ICENSED REAL ESTATE. Salos- MEN-OR-WOMEN Over 21. Part time work from home. 12-30 hrs a week. To S216 per month. Call 10 a.m. to 5 p m (213)592-1811 or (213)598-6540 NEED A JOB? Earn w to $10 an hour. TOP ieweirv NEED MONEY? Be a Sarah Coventry Rep in your area. No investment. Phone car needed 431-J569, 430-0036. ORDER DESK 5500. Are vou a self-slarter. Do vou have exper? This one's tor you. Hurry wod'l last! ZOE AGENCY 178SO LKWD BL LKWD 925 3702 PERSONNEL COUNSELOR Musi be people oriented and dollar molivated self starter SERVICE PERSONNEL-AGENCY 2360 Pacific Ave LB 426-7181 ' PERSONNEL SALES MGMT TRAINEE HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOOK FOR A JOB THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOR SOMEBODY ELSE? Opptv unlimited if you arc interested In a career In the em plovment profession.. We will train vou to interview interview, screen evaluate A counsel potential em p oyecs. For, nan, int'l Co BENEFITS INCLUDE: Major medical, Hospitalization, Life Insurance + Paid vacation profit sharing. · _ Cal.l IJ.D. Dornan U2-8JOS ucnnis A uennrs Personnel Agency iUW.Ocean Bl Suite 814. L8 PHONE SALESMAN-Earn S3.50 to SS.OO oer hr. 12.50 gaar. Parl Time An oqu.ll opportunity employer. REAL ESTATE SALES New_ A o*pcrlene«J ^le* wopte Ccrriioi. Too commi«ton, advcr Using support 4 bonui i rrwdica plan · iLtilirHfrASirREALlv' ' HELP WANTED "··'.'" sifo -.··'·""·'·· ·'·-·-'- in PAPER^,,,;;^';. mS^ '···· WISOR :£ ties, hire, train, mofivafe..pnbne tion. Rewarding iwork exjaerience ations.and potential, negotiable esumeto: · . ;' i' : ?. 'ublishing Corp. **r* -, fury Blvd. . . - - . . , e, Calif., 92643 . ersonnel Dept. . . .· · i - i der Newspaper) · HELP WANTED Sales. ;'"Q83. REAL ESTATE ··: SALES $JOO-S400WEEKDf?AW Qualify? Call today if YOU match ou r profile. Sates training, leads Real Estate Salesmen Wanted Ambitious person for active office. Also handle foreclosures. Lois ot floor time. · · LANTING Rltrs. 86M265 R.E. SALESMAN WANTED ' If vou need a company with' s^cpr.i- tv ol xlnttocalion feputallgn, """""'REGDUPUY I Gallery of Homes, 426-3324 R.E. SALESMEN, Top Commission CANNON Realty (7W WUM ROSE HILLS; NEEDS MATURE AAFN WOMFN^ i FOR COUNSELORS · -: Experience unnecessary. We. hove a free comprehensive 'training.- pro- . gram. Counselors representing f Rose Hills have the added. advan- i tagc of prestige, stability and as- : sociation with a 60-year old local firm. Many earn 5900-S1200 per f month discussing a product which t everybody needs and which Is.dis- i cussed daily in the media. Benefits t include reliremenl plan and hospi- I talizatioii. No investment. For possible openings in your area, . . see: L · · Monday through Friday from , 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ; Mr.. SethBritton at Rose Hills Memorial Park, 3900 S. Workman Mill Road, Whirtier '· - ROUTE SALES PERSON Experience Necessary Apply at: 1061 E/Artesia, LB :- SALES,Auto Sales Leasing ' Part time rep, no interference with current employment. Earn good money in spare time, no exper- cnce necessary. You can even work (rom your own home. 11 vou are · eager to earn and willing to learn Cal Worthington Wants You.; f · You can drive 'a new ford · \ your personal, demo, once you qualify ,- Sell and lease all makes . . models (Mercedes, Cadillacs, Fords, Ptc.) ! -. Wo Irain you, supply all. selling material personal ,'busi- ". . nesscars; free .--. '.' ' · Incredible opportunily.'lo, advance into management. : !· · · , . -Win -greal prizes, tntfs, to -· . Europe, etc · · * · ; · A great new social life for you and your lady: f you're clean cut and seek prestioe. money and the good life, Cal's .new · program is designed for vou. We ' :ven help you get your license. 'Apply n person, after 10 A.M. or call for appointment. . 2850BellflowerBI,' , Long Beach 420-3333 SALES CLERK +s 639-1100 Full-Part Time Drive In Dairy/ ' SALES . '. . . ' I EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society is. looking for an Agent. Call Chris ior appt. 714-835-1545 Ext. 265 Equal Opportunity Employer M F | SALES: Exper nee, woman betw 3555. Technician to work in facial salon. Pleasant personality. 634- SALES-Fuller Brush. Established routes. 541-7146 or 925-8J?6 . GO-GETTERS Sharp people who want -to -earn SSS's. Introduce new Jack LaLanne Physical Fitness program. Be a Jack . LaLanne Home Counselor. Full Port time. Management:, div. open. (71d) 542-7393; (213) 675-0484 SALES: Ladies would YOU' like to earn 5150 in 25 hrs.,Aged 25-50. tf SALESMAN^ j Must have clothing experience. ' TOP salary, permanent. APPLY 'LONG BEACH uNIFOtfM 200 Long Beach Blvd : SALESMAN - . Earn 5800 lo £1600 while -learning ; Payday every day if qualified. Con: tact Max Markovltz for 'personal : inlerview. B68-1731 (9-1) - , · SALESMAN Neat, Aggressiva-Young { Man. Parl Time. Exper in Men's [· Clothing. Flexible Hrs. Co Benefits. Ph 213-930-2310 . , { SALESMAN, professionals. 'Qualified t !eads furnished. Xlnt. financing. C SALESMAN · Stapling Eqi/ipjnent for packaging, office, industrial use. Straight commission-profit. Steady, repeat business. Car necessary. 639-9301 . ,,, SALESMEN MANAGERS S825Min.toS2200Mo,_ Guaranteed commission ,of -quai tied, selling wholesale meatv^rod- ucts directly to the public- Ambi- hous self motivated people only. 5 day week, canvassing -soliciting rewarded by high* repeal Business Company vehicle, earn while teaming. Profit sharing, weekly i monthly bonuses. --- {· FACT IS EVERYONE BU^ | MEAT! ,",,. ~ f. CALLMRTUMEY,,": ' Davs533-313Q . "Eves; 775 -7663 f ! SALES-MEN WOMEN"" 1 need help." S100 Comm. per - sale. Call between 9 AM ' -Noon? only. (213) 592-5325 Rich Davfc t SALESMEN ;'"-,·,, 16 years and over with car tb.serv- FULLER BRUSH"" '- mj) 99M970 or (!!3) 915-8436 SALESMEN,!: Manager Trainees 2 . Earn $800 to $1600 While Learning ;n Complete Iralnlng it vmi 'chilly. " ,?_·_,.... '.. .. 1 Looking for sales oriented pertonsf lo provide llnanciw service*. Our" GSIgrourS 1 wjffi ** Kuufm , '

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