Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 1950 · Page 11
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 11

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1950
Page 11
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The Washington Merry-Go-Round . . . Duff One Of ISinall Republican Segment i . By DREW PEARSON -HARRISBURG, Pa,, Nov. 1.-- The state of Pennsylvania, which has sent some freak senators to Washington in the past, this year can't.-very well go -wrong. It has two good men to pick from: Gov. Jaines Duff, Republican, and Sen. Francis Myers, Democrat. However, if -the tremendous swing which nominated Duff last May continues.- he ' ' I 'be the new senator In' Washing next'January. ;:ThIs--if': ! -it happens--will mark ·ojnething more than just a new cgxiatbr'-from -Pennsylvania. For DJiiff represents a new philosophy Inside the Republican party.which iteneeds more ,'of if it is ever going t* recapture the White House. He aJjo is a man who is sure to be considered a presidential candidate ll|he wins Nov. 7. ^Vhen Duff was. nominated to tike-senate 1 , last spring he received letters, .from al! over tlie country stating:. . "Thank God -for a change ''/ the 1 Republican .leadership. re . ^Democrats, but we ' ^vould '''JJepublican, if. tbe.-Hepubli- ' offered" something new." .. f-JVhat they referred to is the fact tiat.-Duff has/ not. tried to tear deJsTi/all the new deal legislation 3$DH;'builrup.' Nor' has 'he based rns'campaign on the Sen. McCarthy bdgeyrfiiat Communists lurk under state- 1 ' department desks. .' : Instead, Ire. has followed a policy not unlike that of : Gbv. Warren of 'California of taking' the best of the New. Deal program and adding some features oi' his own-- cleaning- up' on? of the chief,.rivers of his state, reforming the insane asylums,' improving the schools;. -and. putting the Pennsylvania · Manufacturers association in its place. 'years, been completely renovated. And today Pennsylvania is ahead of most states in its care of the insane'. Duff is a former Bull-Mooser, was a delegate to the Teddy Roosevelt convention in 1912, along with another eminent Pennsylvanlan, Harold Ickes., His disrespect for big business was acquired from Teddy and his fatter. "The general run of people," he says, "are not interested in, making the rich richer and the poor ·poorer." TURXS DOWN KETAI-VERS There 'is an interesting contrast between the life of Jirn Duff and that of Joe Hanley, lieutenant governor of -New York. When Duff was urged to run, for governor, he also pled; lack of funds. But a friend argued: ""You can get two retainers for 820,000 .and $15,000 that will supplement your, state salary." Tie f r i . e n d . mentioned, two Pennsylvania utility companies for whom Duff had worked in the S t a t e Tourist\B-29s Return To V. S. Bases Business Is Up A 37 per cent increase irj gross receipts in all types of -Tucson tourist business for September .1950 over September 1949 is reported by ;he business research bureau at .the University of Arizona. Gross receipts for Tucson motels showed a 42 per cent increase over thft same month in 1949. : All types of Tucson tourist business showed,a 16 per cent jump over'August" with 44 per cent occupancy. Motels had a 56 per cent occupancy. -. . Tucson trailer courts, while showing a 17 per cent increase per August, were down 13 both from Se~.."ember 1349. All Types Increase All types of -tourist business over cent the nine southern counties showed an increase of IS per cent for last month over the same month last year and an eight per cent jump over August 1950. The average increase for the entire state, al! accommodations, was 15 per cent ab-vve last year. The percentage N -increases ranged from a low of four per cent for northern Arizona hotels, resorts and ranches to upwards of 40 per cent for motor motels in Nayajo county and in Mesa. · ' . The figures give support to growing confidence in the tourist trade that southern-Arizona" is due for an WASHINGTON, 1. (U.R). Two groups of E-29, Superfortresses -- the type of plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan --are being returned to this country from Korea because no suitable targets are left for them. An air force spokesman'said last night that the first of the big planes arrived on the west coast Monday, and the rest will follow soon. One group, the 22nd, is based at March air base, Riverside, Calif. The other, the 92nd, operates out of Spokane, Wash. Both were sent to Korea early in July as the units dispatched to the far east in the Korean crisis. The air force spokesman both bomber groups were relieved from their war assignments by Gen. Douglas MacArthur "when strategic bombing had been reduced to the extent.that their services were no longer required.^ A.si " ~ ships be under the operational control of the strategic air command as part of the United States' worldwide striking force. East Germans Release Yanks B E R L I N , Nov. 1. ' (U.PO--Two American soldiers taking a short cut home after a niglit club jam session were arrested in the So- 1 viet sector of Berlin yesterday and Italian Red Party Leader Under Knife ' ROME, Nov. 1, (ff)--Palmiro Togliatti, Italian Communist party leader, was operated upon for a blood clot on the brain last night Two of Italy's brain surgeons, Cesare Frugonl and Pietro Valdoni, performed tlie operation and. said it was "satisfactory."- Candidate, Mate Buy Totnbstone Property TOMBSTONE, Nov. 1.--Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Landln, who own considerable property in Tombstone, have just purchased two lots;' adjoining their home in Coronado Heights. . Mrs. Landin Is the Republican candidate in the coming-'election Togliatti,. 57, was taken to pri-for councilman In the -Fourth vate brain clinic four days, ago. ward. ' Sitllij ffiillztn Wednesday Ev«nins, N»». 1. 1»W Pintek Heads Bubee 1951 Red Cross BISBEE, Nov. 1.--John , Blsbee attorney, was named, to -head the 1951 Red Cross drive for .fund's^ during March in-Eisbee.' '· ' -»· · v ·- ' Pintek, long associated with J3ed, Cross work in the area as a board member, said he hoped people, would be as generous in-giving to 'the 1951 drive as irrthe-rast. ,. , Pennsylvania was ' , , ruled- bv the barons of 'coal, steel, gas,« and oil.' .What they wanted, ' they, largely got. And' the normal GOP-governor' in .Harrisburg usually .did, their bidding. Gov. Duff, Jiowever, reversed this -and, ; in so doing, won the undying enmity of that insatiable' disciple of the high tariff, Joe Grundy, plus all his fellow manufacturers. They did their best to defeat Duff at the primaries and, believe it or not, they are JIDW' conspiring with a Democrat, ..Sen. Myers, to try to defeat Duff ' In November. · ; ' PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL, Jim Duff is big, barrel-chested redheaded, .rides horseback at tin sge 'o.f 67 two or .three times week, works late hours, reads till 1 or 2 a-m. and drinks water in · cessantly. If ; -it -wasn't for his age !heiwould, be excellent presidentia timber, though. :in these days, with Ma'cArthur 71, Gen. Marshall 70 and HarryTruman one year young er-than Duff, he can't be counted out. · . : - ' ' . Duff inherited gome of .his era Mding belligerency from- his fa ther,- a Presbyterian minister-in ·Westmoreland county, .near' Carnegie. ,'His father supported 'five children pn an" income of. $3,700, and "Sent .all of them to'college. When Jim Duff was a boy, he remembers an oil company, drilling ·wells opposite his father's farm ·nd offering-to buy the Duff place --for a song. His father refused. · Instead, he drilled eight Avells ori his own land;' But when he could not get the oil company to buy his gas; the elder Duff simply uncorked a well, let the gas gush out, thus lowering the pressure in the wells ; aeross the ^ ne After-that the. oil company came to. terms; : --· v ' ' - · · ' - That "was when Jim Duff got his first taste of. bucking big business ' and he-has been:bucking the-barons-most-of-his life. ' , ...-His next brush came when he was attorney- rgeneral of Pennsyl vania and closed the legal loopholes permitting dumping in Pennsylvania rivers. Later, as governor, · he-, started the almost revolution- · ary project of dredging out- the Schuylkill river. DREDGES RIVER For years · the · coal companies along the'river had been dumping their waste coal- and culm into the, Schuylkill until its' channel was choked to a height of IS feet. This is now being dredged out of the river, the channel restored and about one-third of the coal reclaimed. At first, -business was opposed. But; the other day, Revelle Brown, president of^the Reading railroad, told 'the' 'governor: "They've been rapping you .over: the Schuylkill river, but I think' .it's one of the best things the state has e v e r done."" i , Another Duff project was .to clean up.the state asylums, long one of the worst scandals in Pennsylvania." The jyberry asylum near Philadelphia, was. so filthy that holes in the floor were used as toilets and inmates were chained to the .walls. But with the help of former..Supreme Court Justice Owen Roberts, Life magazine and a group of Quakers, Bybsrry has now past.. Unlike Hanley, Duff.replied:" · "Not. me. When I work for my state however unusually 'good winter season this ' year and that the north may -ex- take ·or my government, I don't money from an outside source. 'After conferring with Mrs. Duff, however,-..they decided to curtail their.domestic budget and thus run f o r office, ; . ' . - · · ' Gov. Duff belongs to-a small but growing school ^ within the Republican party, including GOY. Warren of California, Gov. Driscoll of .New Jersey, Sen. .Ives of New York and Morse of Oregon, who believe that you don't' win votes merely by criticism. You've · got to lead, DUild, construct, they, believe, not tear, down. And if sometimes your program overlaps or coincides with he .Democrats', they also'believe that's no reason for shying away ifrom it. That's why the prospective senator from Pennsylvania says: "In this fight the Republican party cannot go two ways at tlie same time." '. (©. 1950, Bell Syndicate) Kingman - Topocfc Contract Is Let perience a milder than usual winter decline. ' . ;* Special Tabulation A special tabulation.''of-summer vacation travel in Arizona. by;the bureau of business research reveals that a seasonal peak of- 465,280 was reached in .'July. Of this: number 235.T79 visited the Lake Mead recreational' area, 127,621 Grand Canyon national park'and 101,890 vis- '.ted-16 other areas. · August witnessed a modest dro of six per .'cent and as the summ vacation season zieared-its-end ·: September, a 33 "per cent drop too place. Three areas located in the nort ern part of. the state -- Lake Mea Grand Canyon and Petrified fore -- accounted for 90 per cent of th -acaUp'n totaMrrAugust. PHOENIX, NoVM. (a)--An additional five mile sector'of the new Kingman-Topock highway is-to be built under plans announced by the state highway department, A call for-bids to build a new road foundation" over a new align-j ment and provide for proper drain- j age was- Issued by the. department yesterday. " - .'' ' . . - The work will begin seven miles east of Topock, eliminating a hazardous portion of the present reute. Bids will be opened ?ov. 16, , * BUSY Al 90 - WHEELER, Mich. (U.R) -- Mrs. 'F. 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Buy Extra Strength Zomo ' ------ ~ Liquid 'for stubborn ~ . Any drusstore. ZEMO WESTBEND v STERILIZER For Baby's Bottle 495 . "Remember! Our XMAS LAY-AVAY PLAN now iu effect Gel your lay-away early Women's Comb, Brush S MIRROR SET Gold, bine and pink BAYER Westbend Aluminum t f QE CORMPOPPER O · Westbenfl Automatic' ELECTRIC $095 FLAYO-PERK ' A S P J R I N Have Your Doctor Call Us Your Prescriptions 3 Beglstercd PhaaTnacists to giro yon f accnrate and quick' 'serrice WE DELIVER Sizes 29c--5Tc--S3c Puiversal WAFFLE MAKER5Q98 Kow only . -*· GREENWALD DRUG . - . , ·· . · - . S. SthAve.atBensottHliraj'-- FREE . . 21-6-Z1 held for IS hours. wqrs Pfc. Delbert Bailey, East German police released them ESCAPE MADE EASY LYNN, Mass. (U.R) -- While Police source in Tokyo said the big man Fred Form was trying torun tangle a couple of locked bumpers, In this country, both groups ivilliescaped in his police cruiser. for Pajamas-36". 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