Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 26
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RARU '31 Model Cell loi tinwliit. Also 'iV Lowrcv d 173 (Antique Cars __ " "DOYOU N£E"61,K)NEYr "'"" CAR PAYMENTS TOO HIGH? vV« will (radt vour car w tquttv for nwtr priced car or buv H lor toot cwh CREST MOTORS 1335,LonojJgachUlvd. HE 1M9M WE NEED CARS!!" " Highest price* paKt lor 1950s Jhrouuli 1959^. See Norm Isaacs. C. STANDLEE MARTIN 170l_LonoJ3enclMityd. " "WE NEED USED CARS WILL I'AY TOP PRICL'S . See BUI Irwln SCVERIN MOTORS, INC. ljiq_J.qno Bcach_Blvd. Import Sp't Cars 173-A (WAKTCD) _ HEALEYS" All model*, wrtntrd. Cash In dunutci. Sec Lou Mlrobiie. JAMESTOWN A-l cond. UN 3-JM2 Soinet org*n. Import Sport Cars 174 VWs LOW MTUES VWs NEW SHIPMENT ·R I960 ·* VOLKSWAGENS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY AS LOW AS $25 DN. 'W PLUGtOT 403 Sect.. .$50 Dn. '59 AUS.-HLY.. Sprile SSO Dn. '59 M.G.A. Roadster .._ 550 Dn. '58 VOLVO - i5Q Dn. '58 VW Mfcrobub S50 Dn. 'IB MtlRCEOCS, 190 SL . 550 Dn. '!8 M G. Hardtop Cpe. . . S50 Dn. '58 BORGWARD Sta. Wag SW Dn. 'W S'/V.CA 4-dr. Sedan S50 Dn. '56 PORSCHE Hardtop .....S25 Dn. '56 VW Convertible _..S?5 Dn. '56 AU5-HLY Lc Mans ......S25 Dn. '55 VW b-eddn Dlx. 575 Dn. '5S MO TF 1500 S25 Dn. '53 MG, TD Roadster 525 Dn. 50 OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM FOREIGN IMPORTS '2330 LONG BEACH BLVD. OPFN SUNDAY GA_4-0797 V O L V O S $299 DN. LIBERAL TRADE ALLOWANCES LOOK! AT THESE NEW CAR TRADES '58 Fiat $999 '55 Triumph Rdstr $999 '58 Renault Dauphine.... $ 1 1 9 9 '59 Engli-.h Anglia $ 1 1 9 9 '56 KARMAN GHIA Immaculate. 'S9 Pc.j'j-ot . $1999 '57 Engliih Squire $999 ALSO '57-'58-'59 Volvos from $1199 ED BARBARI'S VOLVOVILLE WOO No. Bcllllowcr Blvd. LaKcwood TO 7-2731 I960TRIUMPH PRINZ-BMW Beit Deal -- Best financing BCOI Service Authorised Sales i Service GILLESPIE MOTORS 17056 t.*ktwood Blvd.. BcllHowcr 7Q 6331? TO 7-671J LOOK--'57 Jag 3.4 Sedan All bUck with black leather Interior, wtiitcwalls, radio, hc.iter, automatic, cic 17,493 JAMESTOWN MERCEDES-BENZ DEALER 1350 Long B c qc h _ Blvd. HE ?-7vlJi LOOK--'58 Karmann Ghia Hdrdloo Coupe Riirtlo, heater. Purrhiiscd new in Lono Bench. Low niilCtioc and looks new. Save, JAMESTOWN MERCEDES-BENZ D E A L E R , _n50_Lonu__Bc.ich_Blvrt. '!^_?^9J5 j '59~MGA " ~ " ~ l Ro.iditcr. Orioinol white finish. 6,000 .icludl miles. $1995 Hale Young Ford _?M1_r. Anaheim CL 9-0736 ATTENTION VW BUYERS " HOW AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANUIFS--VW C O N V S -- G H I A COUF'LS COHV - S T A T I O N WAGONS--TRANSPORTERS LEE CARPENTER INC. VW """ ? 58~Corvette" Hardtop 270 engine, Posltractlon. Rddlo ^healer low mileage. GE -ij962.^ TUESDAY"ONLY '56 Jan. "140" Comp. automatic. R.iriin. heater . 51,699 \VpQlncrl. 431 W. P.C.H. HE_5J91B '55 JAGUAR XKUO MC Roadslrr. Heeds work. fMAN6?8) S999 CORMIER LHtVROLEI -090 Long Beach Blvrl. H F 6 - 5 7 9 4 Station Wagons 1 75 Sllilip .11 dUPCONHHC iinmaculatf condition '57 CHEVROLET 4-DOOR, V-8 Kddfo, healer, auloniotic AIR COI-iDiTIONED '55 RAMBLER CROSS COUNTRY WAGON; f.tdio, lifdtn, MvdrdititiliCt white firci. A nice red and while 2-lone. BOB McCLURE PLYMOUTH CENTER I ong B7dch -- Lakcwood Atlantic at ilit GA ?-l!?6 '56 MERCURY "4-door " tginmytpr Station Wiioon. One owner, like new, low mileage, Equioncd with radio, healer, automatic Iriins., power steering nnd power brnkcs. I2?95. SUBURBAN PONT1AC 1/153 Brllllowcr Blvd. Dcllltowcr 1 0 6 - 1 / 7 5 '58" CHEVROLET Nomad Station Wrtoon. Eauloned willi I.Klorv -ilr condillonc', power steering, oower br .:··.«, i,,dlo. lie.ilcr. ( J Lsvcry;-de Jrans. Real sharR. Very poyular wagon. ^?395. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 1/153 Rellflowcr Blvd., Bcllfllwer ________ 1 0 6 1 7 7 5 _ __ T A K E O V t R HAY ML" NTS '56 Merc. MontUoir wagon. Bc.iu- Mul con.irv vcMow f. mahononv (run, full power, Mcrco. R.RH.. w - s w . Sh.iro. Low miles. Premium car si3 W k. JEFFREY Fl_NANCE _CORP. __ _NE 8JW5. '54 FORD 9-PA5SFNGER ~COUrT TRY SEDAN, ll's L I K C NFW. raojo, healer, Fordoniatic. REAL APPLEWHITE MOTORS _ 1 - s l. c l_jL 0 . l . 1 j?_Beflch Blvd^ L. B. $100 DN. ON YOUR TRADE '58 FORD RANCH WAGON Ovcrdfivc nc.iicr, S59.30 ocr mo GE_9-3J76. Dlr. "1957 FORD Ranch " Wagon ~~F o "rd6- nuitic, pwr. itecring, Thundirhird Pitr. Sflfetv ddih, Igc. radio, wsw Owner. 515/5. GA 4-?9?7. '58 CHEV. Nom-ad. "?-Vonc. ~Dwr brakes slccring. Turbool. trans., Autos for Sole 176 CADILLAC 'HTCAO do VIUE--J2299~ Pink ^Illi * IOJ. Locol 22.000 ilctyat nilte^. Local owner. Like _OSBORN'S, 20TH *_CHERRY '55 CAD "62 4'6'f.--jib"??"" Orlolnnl InviiAculdte local (^i. OSBORN'S. 20TH J CHERRY ·55 CAD. cbube de vliic. Take over lor M7 f, c.-ir povinenls of $15.6S per week. Cnll crrdll tnnnooer. "IJ;2?.?I CHEVROLLT Autos for Sale 176 STANDARD TRANS. '56 FORD FAIRLANE ClUB O I G M O I O R : mdio tie.itcr. BOB McCLURE Plymouth De Soto Long lic-jr. 1 ! -- Lokcwood Allnnllc at 5ISI OA 2-1296 '57 FORD F-' Club Sedan. f : of(Jom.illc. lieiilcr. oowcr stcenng. Al wlnlc. Autos for Sal* 176 IMI'KIUAL " TAKE~~~OVE R~PAYMENTS '56 IMPERIAL Southomoton Cot. Lo-idcd with cvorv c^tiii. I Ike new. 112 v.k. JEFl-'REY FINANCE NT B'875S -- _ O P E H SUN. '60" IMPERIAL 2-door hardt'oD," com- Diclcly equiopcd. 1.500 miles. Must ictl. need money. Will accept traUe. HE 9-7W7. 31 Santa Arid. "'57 Crown lmporialConv."jT?50 All uower Bfftutllul original Ciir. _OSBO_RN;S.JOTH J I;_ CHERRY JEIiP i , ' - ' f l n e ,- _opu. 1 owner. HA 9-2868. '59 F6"Rb~Ranchwagon. ordoniatic Like new, low mi., trade equity best '54--S6 cor. Dlx. couin PHv Dtv. Don'[ iniss this. GA_ 3--JB55. '57 PONT. Catali'na " . , 9,000 brakes. _R 55 PONTIAC i. Power '59 CHEVT "Station" free. Tflke ov _o. __ LE 6 ??^K " VVanon" [lauitv er pymls. S102 if CHEV. 4-rJr. V-B P'fjlidc" RH" Will sell fiouitv or ttikc older car In trade. TO 1-3734. Parkwood Chevrolet ME 3-0787 l__apprnvrd Credit ion,~Y899~ "~ 3-07S7 '58~sTU5rBAkEFrScotimanr"RH". Aufos for Sale 176 JWISCELLANEOUS $AVE" AT HARRISON '57 Chew "710" Club . .11799 Radio, healer, Powcrnllde, V-8, whiter. Re til b.irgjtn lod.iy LOU HARRISON Mercury 1/617 S Del H lower B'va __Bcllf lower TO 6 1761 Open Sunday ' " T A K E " O V E R PAYMENTS '54 CHFV. DEL AIR Srorl Comic. Bc-iLtlHul'Jflrin red ivoi v (iimti. Power glide. R.5.H . wow. riiK is n orennuni f nr. 110 wk. J E F F R E Y FINANCE CORP. NF 8-8/H -- OP : N SUNDAY '56 "CHEV! V 8 onelnc "comolctc. Re c"itlv f ebuill Ountov t.ini, Ed* 1 '- brock nuinifoid with three Ws. All ddttolrjrs lor early Ford. S. '·'-'. gages with Moon dash onnel, S-iOD or mnxc o f f e r . GA 7--16W alter 5. '59 CHFV."" lmnal»'~*Convert. ""Fi'il'i pov/cr. Low mileage. $75 hond'c';. GA\AC tontrdt-t dvnilable. Call Mr. Rooland to arrange t e r m s . Dlr. _ HE 6-5291 "'58 IMPALA 2-DRl HARDTOP Aulomotic, R. H, Dv/r. ^teer. S2I99 T-12 MOTORS 1500 L. B. Blvd. HE? 2-0610 ASSUME PAYMHNTS Chev. '56 V 8 2-dr. club. P.G.. RH. Very sh.irp. ?39 mo. Cii!l credit dCDl. TO 6 UW or ME 4-1133. _ '57 C H E V ~ : 6 ' . PwfoUdc., new' cnc'. V/IH sac S190 lor cuuilv. over navmts $50 ino. fin'. S950. _ H f c 27744 '57 CHEVY Del "aJr H,irdlo"p"Si)Ort Scdfln. 51,495. Parkwood Chevrolet. ME 3-0737. lOO" 1 - lintincin_t) o rtnomvrri (rrdit J i'56" CHEV.TM 6. "pVroifdr"," j'dr S19 f l dn , S9 vA Coll trcdit itujr NE. | 6-6136. 4?l So. L.B. Blvd., Como t ton. I ''59 IMPAt'A'srit^. c n c . ' f i c s t oMer i I over 52100. 2131 Long Beach Blvd. | HC 7-030-1. '5d CHEV. Hlon. ' Powerglide." new tires, 30.000 mi. Priv. ptv. i725. _ G_E 1-5113. _ ] '50" "c'HEVV ~S~Dori Sedan."~ilT/W i Parkwood Chcvrolcl Mb 3 0/B7 | ; 54~~crrc'v~~Ber~Air~ndTmr~'F;A"H" Poweroilde, dec. windows and | ^eafs, S67_5_. XlnT cond. GE 9-059-1. | '53"CHL : V. "Bel Air. Pov/crglldc, RAH, power btccr, w-w, ton- tinenlfll kit. Pert tond. HA 5-1C89. Hale Younn Ford 2WI C. Anaheim __ " 01' ' Ort? $AVE AT HARRljoV'i -I I/6I/ .S. BClMlowCf DKd. Bfiillov/nr TO 6-1/61 Oooi Sunday :"AV-'Af""HA!V»'y "S7 FORO Ci-M. "?00" SIM9. f oidom-ltiC. V-S, Hcoler. 2 lone, Lil-c new IdCri faniilv (iir. L^ J ,-JAk.jSON i-.-ucury I/6'/ f Bolttlowcr Blvd. Rri-l'n.'Vr 10 6 1761 Onrn Sund.w '57 f : ORD V-8 500 Victor 1.1 Counc, Yellow 4 Ivoiy, in.iUhlriO itilc'ior. whltcwii't tires. ».:.·.--. -Ir^r ma. UOACr br.lkcs, r.iciio, he.itei. S16J5. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17153 Bcllllowcr Blvd.. Bclldowcr T 0 6 1 77.S '59 FORD Cuiloin, 300. ?-dr , V-B. Rll. nulont. T,in wtntc. ?6l,0 nu. SW1 dn., Sfrl nw Will Like tr.idr No t,ix or li(.fn-,c. r O_6-96?9 '55 FORD Fairlanc lurdtOD!' $37. ',-0 dn 537 W mo. Bcnuttlul cir. CiiM credit iiigr. AT.r. Rilcv TO 74?1S or JA 7-7451 (01 Iree home demo. __ __ __ NO MONEY DN ALL TYPES JKGPS. DOSSUR M010K . 00i C ANAHEIM GU 8-4560 LARK "CARK CAMPBELL Au»os for Sale 174 OLDSMOBILE SPECIAL PREMIUM TIRES '56 OLDS SUPER "88" HOLIDAY Fully caulDiicd--Immaculate. BOB McCLURE PLYMOUTH CENTER Plyiiravllh i DC Solo Long Ufacri -- Laktwood Allanllcjll 51sl CA J-IW6 LOOK-- r 54"OLbS"". $995 Supn BB 7-Duor. DC luxp i odlo, liratcr, Hvdrfl-Mallc, uower slccr- ino, power br.ikes. This Immdcu* tale one owner cor trndcd on n new Mercedes-Beni. JAMESTOWN MERCEDES P.F.NZ DEALER 13X) Long Bench Blvd. HE 2-751S '55 OLDSMOBILE 4-door" "88" Sc- dnn. clciin cm. Mas new valve Itflers. EQUlpDCd with rndlo, heater, power brakes, Hydra J89S. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17153 Bcllllowcr B ! vd., Bcllllowcr T06-U25 LINCOLN PACKARD Ling liach, Clllt.. TmUiy, F«b. X \m INDEPENDENT, -I Autos for Sal* 174 STUDEBAKEK __ r^irlanc sedan. ·55 RAMBLER stalion Wng Parkwcod Chevrolet. i sell !! PUBLIC NOTICE !! FINANCE CO. MUST LIQUIDATL HUNDRUDS OF CARS BY FEB RUARY 10, 1960. BIG DISCOUNT TO CASH B U Y E R S OR TAKE OVER LOW MONTHLY PAY- JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. Open Daily 4_Sun. till 9 too TRANSPORTATION CARS ALL MAKES 1 MODELS Mo dn. Wo Carry Our Own Contracll CAVIN USED CARS JIM V/. PAC CST HWY OPEN V to 1 HE 6-5560 T U E S D A Y ONLY '55 Triumph TR-? Rdstr. tJcw nalnl. nc.v upholstery 5999 WpgjPCrt. 431 VV. P.C.H. HE 5J918 '59~OPf:~SEDAM. L0 7 .'.'"/vM. 51,500. Sec at Ocean Ccnlcr Bldo. oarage, 110 W. Occon. HirSDAY ONLY '54 MGTF Rdstr. Clean. LI,199 Wcolperl, J3I W. P.C.H. HE 5-891B TurSDAY ONLY ·SB Volvo Dlx. 2-dr. R.H. 51.299 Woolneil, -t3l W. P.C K HF 5-B9IB "i960 VOLVO, take o7cr~tor 585 car pavmls. ot 513.65 per week. Call credit manager, Rl_8-??71. _ ""·39~F7AT~200'' 4~DR. SEDAN REAL NICE -- S1595 Brcwbter Gray 3515 Atlantic 1952~~HTLl MAij convertible, good condition, 5375. 5002 Rachel Ave., Lakcwood. TO 6-2279 1960 VOLVO--2-dr. 4-sneed trnns. R.H. W.w.S. Black. 8809 E. Rosc- cra»s, Apt. 30. ME 4-2031 TUESDAY ONIY '53 JAG. Mark 7. Very cln. S599 Woplpcrt, ^31 W. P.C.H._HE_5-89_1S ASSUME nvmts. '59 T'R-3. Black, ww^ wire wheels. 1542 V/. 151h. ; !S7 VOLVO--AH the exlras. Xlnt. rond. TWInonks 3-732^. Import Sport Cars 174 RENAULT PEUGEOT! J Sales -- Service -- Parts * * 100% Bank Financing ^ Jwhcn You Think of Renault* * Think of J $49--TO--$149 tin Down Payments (A.c.) 50 cars for your choice .MELODY MOTORS SALES "You'll Drive Out Whistling" li_VV. Annhclm HE 3-303? CHHYSLER Roy.ll, 1950. Owned 1 dtlvrn bv lilllc nrav tinlrcd lady on E. 2nd SI. TOD tond. Good tiros. R.H. Ideal Mmlly far. S300 GE J0?52 BUICK '5? BUlc"K~SDccial Hardtoo CounV Real sliaip lulonc orccn with vvlKiL'^iill lircb. Dvnfltiov;, radio, liealor, etc. It runs like a watch. SUBUflBAN PONTIAC 17153 Bcllllowcr Blvd., Bcllllowcr _ . _ T 0 6 - I » S T A K E "OVER ' PAYMENTS ·M Buick Rlvlcra COUDC. Slick slult. New 2-tonc Imlsh. R8.H, w^ v/ S19 mo. J E F F R E Y riNAHCE CORP NE. »J!S5_-- JPEN SUN. '57 BUICK i-Or. HdlnT'Takc over lor i/3 ca- povnients of J1J.73 '56 BUICK sUoer Hdlo. Full 'cower A real beautv. 536 dn.. 536 mo TRiA C1 " Mr ' CO ' C ' F R C E HOME ·57 "BUICK~!.'5Fr"RI^~Real~cfean tar. 540 dn. SJO mo. Call credit TM« r - Up- R'ley. TO 7-4J18 or JA . V/.w. Orir. Stick 8c?t offer. ____ HA S-0-M6. '55' CHEVY Bel Air -f-doo'f, 5^97 Parkv/ood Chevrolet ftAf. 3-07117 lOOJojI^nancing on dDDrove^credit. 7 50 CHEVY "hordloD " w"- : nll "(ir.ccs- sories. Good (.cntJ. Good rubacr. _ '^_'i c '_ S Z11- __ T'.V 3- 1??7 '57" Cllf-'VY. Strttijn'wapon, S1~?V9. P.irkwood Chevrolet ME 3-0/57 lOO'i ftiidiiciiKi on oputoved crerlii. '"58 CHCV' Be"l"~Air"^dr7""HrdlD~ Turbglide. Pvsr. tiirr. R.H. ____ TE _3-9/74_ ·'bo LHUV1 Uibcavne 4 aoor, iljij. P.irkwood Chevrolet ME 3-0787 _H)02o__llnandng on anorovcd credit. FOR SALE "or" trade. "Clean" '58 Im- Dnln. SJM tor equity or trade lor PickUD. ____ _ __ ME 07561 1"959 CHEV. 2-dr. lniDa'l"a." FulTpwr. RH. Clean lliruoui. Sell or Irodc. GE '^'iL-G^JIiL?? 1 - _ _ '56 CHFV. .f-rir". sod."p"'glidrr RAH. __6yl. V; \\\J i n d in_C_c._S97i . M E 0 5790 '5-1 CHEV. 2i'o~Td7~snck'. R^H. __ _ __ ____ '50 CHPVROrET " Nirr,~oood~sn7rMr, S?£S._3?62_S,in O n jL pMno i_ HA _ 9 . * OJ I- ; 54 C'HEV. "2-ddor S375. '60 "tags. .1063 Dililsy Avc^GA -t L N66. '56 CHEV. f3"eTAI~?83~cu7in:"si'tOO: P_rlv. D.irlv. NT 9-15?.(. _ ; 9~ CHEVROLET 2-dr. M;S.~Good nieeh. cond. GP 3-1115. CHRYSLER - . Etcer., brakei ie.its. Air cond. ?Xn«" M " LitI 'TCI, inanv extras. ^,030 mi. Necds^cn^ri. Gb" 3-5334 '57 BUTc'K Cent. HardioD Very d cond. Low o/mts. Call RngUind to iirrdnpe terms ' pood '58 Buict Ccnlury Hip. Cp. $2099 Powpr -.tcerinu. Itnninc loc.TI car _ OSBORN'S. 20TH S CHERRY '57 BUICK. Full cnuiiJt. "A-l~concT ' Older car tor cauitv. Take over _pyts._UN 5-691? or UH 5-6161. R.H. P/eouio. W.s.w.' 51,395' TE 3-86J7 '55 BUICK Suoor lidlo. Doctor's second car. Priv. ntv. 5995 FR 5-1903 1950 BUICK X-dr. Perfect cond7~New _lires. $400. _ GE 9-7?6? CADILLAC r 5 CADILLAC Couoe de Vlllc, 4300 actual miles- lull power, priv _! P a r ' Y-- TOpdf I-4J3S. __ '55 CAD. Couoc de" Villc. Tike over h , r akei steer. 1 torr.ilv car. See __iiL-3?OjJ_Salnion (off 2?3rd St.). '58 CAD'. Couoc de Vllle. F"a7t"orv ?'A' . Fr/ ?, 0 -, w ^, AtDinc white. Sacri. __CA_4-H13 3551 E^ Carson, Dmnoi BY OWNER. 1955 Cad7' eonv. New ' 5 «^ A jP' *'° r - HdlD - T ^ ke °ver for r ca - ? a Y mls - ot 516.35 week. _ SUL_S-!£ 0 .' 1 Manager, Rl 8-2271 1?53 CADILLAC convcrtib!cr~S45o! MEtcalf 4^2?7? '55 CHRYSLER WINDSOR DELUXE NEWPORT The Hardloo 2-Dr. Local, 1 owner. In Tip-Ton Condition. BOB McCLURE PLYMOUTH CENTER Plymouth De Solo Lono Beach -- Lnkewood _Ananlic at_5^st GA 'l-Wfo " T A K P OVER PAYMENT'S '56 Chrysler V-8 Windsor Scd. Full power. PoA'rrflitc, R.8.H., v/!w. All bharo. t.ov/ miles. 510 wk. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NR S-E755 -- OPEN SUN. CHRYSLER Royal iWO". O'wncd A driven bv little aray haired l.idv on H. 2nd St. Ton cond Gotnl tires. R.H. 'deal l.iniilv Cii r 5300. _GE 4-0257. '"5/ CMHYSLCR'Wintlsor ?-dV. hdtoo" All power. Perfect SI595. TOKC trade for^caul^y.^CE^^l?^^ HEW '59~CrY-iler Windsor J~d"--r~Fx cor. Fully equip). P. xtras. Save 51,000. TE 3-9776 DE SOTO '56 DESOTQ 2-dr. Hdto. R.S.H. Pwi. itcer. J. brakes. Xlnl. cond. Priv. nlv. Must sacrifice, S895. _ 'Si DODGE Custom Kovfil Lancer. 2 D. HT. Full POWLM wm. seals, brakes steer Private plv. Alter 3 o. in. 1371 So. Sloneacrc, Como- lon_ N£:_J?-7_i63. ______ 1755 DODGE Coronet 2~dT. hiird- toD. RAH. nwr steering. V/-S--M, trl-tone. r,harp. Must sell. S775. GA 6JW. ___ __ '57 DODGE hardtop. Ordinal owner. No reas. o f f r r refused. Won new car. 35S9 Cedar. GA 4 0224 . '57 DODGE V-8 2-dr. sdn. torque"- flite htr. 5246 cash, we mo. S W 6 b a l . Priv. Dty. HA 5-S181. EDSEL FORD '52 f-OKD. Good cond. Runs good. 3;55 Pine GA 7-471S '55 FORD VICTORIA. SHARP. GA 23206 359 L. MARKLT '56 FORD -dr.. s'cvl. RS.H. autom". Jrans. Bv_ow_ner._S850. HA 5-3835. SURFFR'S! '39 Ford"sla!ion vv.lgon'. Good wood. GL 3-D265 "'51 FOR'b7"S95 ARER 3 P.M. I60S HACKETT '57 FORD Fflirldnc 500. Gd. Cond. RH. Priv. Ptv. GA 7533' ^MiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiuTiiiMiiiiiii:: BRAND NEW FORD '60 Club Sed. IMPORT AUTOI ? Oldest Renault Dcrilcrship J In California ^t j * 1460 Long Bcoch Blvd., l,B. Jl *HE 2-89)6 HE 6-8525 J 1 = *!1 $ Import Sporf Cars 174 = 295 NOW AT SUBURBAN ^100% FINANCING On Approved Crcd't on the Fabulous RENAULT Douphino -- Carovcltc PEUGEOT--MG Austin-Hcalcy Sprite -- Morris 34,000-Mile G u o r o M r d SUBURBAN MOTORS 44S E. Anaheim St. ] WIIMINGTON Tt «.85«! 1 M?ggoooTmff tmcgos BANK TERMS II you arc ihort ot cash, or If you think YOU owe loo much on vour car- sec us! We ti.ive neloed hundreds with Ihpir down R.ivments or monthly payments «md wo can help YOU. We Undersell Fvoryone in Every Way , PER MONTH i IF YOU WANT A ... 5iac'°Wa'l| ld Tlf'i-il 5]," lcr - sl ' il; Powcr SlMring-tt.«; white r ' 18-103 S. PIONEER BLVD. ARTESIA UNdcrhill 5-1266 = Open Doily 'til ? P.M.--Open Sundays = i '56 FORD Aulom. IrariMnisvon, nwr. slper- Inn, R.5H., v/.-,v.. 1-Bird molor. Ruiii like .1 wrtkli! St,095. Pflv. D.irlv T t ' 3-1100. '58'FORD Fdli-Mnc" Vktorln. ' Extel". cond. FU!' nrirr can be fin.incrd. C.iM /Ar. Rdgi^ind to arrancjc _tcrrni. Dlr _ __ H ^_ 6 ^? 71 '60 FORD 2-DR.-- $2099 "" Onlf 179 miles. Won in content, OSBORN'S. ?OTH C H E R R Y '57" FORb'"FAfRLANC "5i30 7 '" Cus" loni Dflint. lo-.vcrcd, stick shift. R,;0 A nc.llcr. Pipes. V/.5.W. _?l.500. 16A Grntt. GA 7-1976. ·5/ FORD Convcrr. Take over tor SJ9 r.dr pvmts. of S13.65 ucr v^cek. Call Credit Moniiocr. _ Rl B-227JI_ __ __ ; 5S""rORO "rairMnc" Coube." full cciuiDt. A rPGl bc.iuty. 577 dn. *?7 mo. Dlr. Call Aj\r. Cole. FRbti _ HOWL 'IK | _ A ^" l .P_6i 9/ .? 1 : _ _ '57 " FOR'D""j~drT~Ful'i~cnDl~w6~d"ri. SJO mo. Hurrv on tlii^. C.ill credit nigr. Mr. Rllev. TO 7-4?'6 or JA 7-7J51 lor (rcc home demo. ; 53 F-ORD Custom. Fullv "cobf/'siJ dn. ft S?3 nio. C.lll for Ircc home trial. NF. 8-5169. 1313 No. L.B. Blvd., Comoton. Dlr. 1940 FORD' ro.j(ic "'S/'bld-T'cngmcT w.w, tucKcd rolled uohol., bodv per tec.! Nc.v chrome. JE 4-0184 rill .I.JO. 1)361 Robert Ln., Gar G. '59 "FORD" v-a" custom' "300." ? dr. RAH. Forriomatic. Leaving Motci. _\\Cik':_Cffci-. __ _ HA _9_4p43. J j2"FpRO_"v-8 .cylto , ,., . " 1 : ·56 LINCOLN"Prpi.iicrc .,,,,,,. . ,,.. Dower. A rpnl bcoulv. W dn . 547 nio. Dlf. Coll Mi. Cole. FREt: HOML T R I A L . TO «»"|^ '55 LINCOLN CilDrf tl'tp. " ticco tiona'. Alr-.cond , full power, clcc. windows, oood motor, llres. Priv. olv. Sl.OiO. GAJ.M61. '54 LINCOLN CflDri"^ dr ««"F P 100^ Fin. Cnll crcUil mor , NL- _6-6ljl6 : _J?l S. L.B. Blvd.. Coniplon. U'.r. . U!Y ,^^~c;7Ti Cllr - New Ddttcrv. RMt. HA 5-1566! | PLYMOUTH '56~M~ERCURY A^ontc·rcv ?-dcor hairiton Aulo- 11 'ranynission, radio, healer. -jrccn and while linish. Like new $1195 Hale Young Ford ?frll E. Anaheim _ GE 1 90236 '"5S " A/TE R"C~ W-'onkQ r" C'TIC!" ' 0 1 1 P'. owner. While, bpollcbi. R.fvH. W-v;. Aulom. Iransm. '60 lie. HA 9-03.W. altfr 6 '55 MERC." 2-dr.~ 5695. "rAorconiatic, R3.H. good condition, orjvatc ply. HA 9-0962; T0_ '-E007._ '49 "MERC". "?-drr^R8.H/~overdrivc. _ ) 9 W 5tefirnlec_ _ __ GE 9-4961 " ' "iKEtROPOLITAN ..... '58 Yellow '. r iO FORD J-dr. R.8.H. Runs, good. S1J5. W 1 - dn. 510 wk. L. A. Anderson, 13-17 E. An.ihcim '53 HUDSON "$395~ Hudson Hornet clb. Spijrkltdo red while matching tc.ilhcr ir.tcnuf. Beit cl mci.ti.iii- icil cond. Full 1 vr. pjrls labor ou, iran tee. MANNING AftTRS.JOJB L.B. BLVD. '5? HUDSON "Hornet coupe. Rfi.H, w w, dual r.nnnc hydra. Clean. S??5. GE 0^973. _ ____ ^"HUDSON. "Xlnf mccli. coiid. '60 Pl.ilcb. $100 i,nh. GA 7-SV/O. CPE.--SI 099 while. Immaculate. , ZOTH CHERRY "NASH '55 NA~SH Aniljtiiiddor. Full power. A real beauty S?V dn.. S?9 mo. Dlr. Cnll Mr. Cole. FREE HQMH T R I A L . T^O 6-9771. '5'^ NA$H.~"'60 "license. S95."'Gd. motor. HE5-J?51, 85 P.m. priv. Dlv. _ '3'.' NASff Ainbfls^iirior f~ Rfi,'n, _H_ydr-fl., $150. GA 7-6809; HE_2 ?693. OLDSMOBILE ASSUME" PAYMENTS OlOb. '54 9B Holiday CPC. Full nov/cr, innnac. 537 mo. Also '56 86 lull nower S3B mo. Call credit tier I. TQ_ *J5"l_or ME 4 - 1 1 3 3 . A 'c."!"bc--.·!·,'. *.:?'!··.. K/ r.-' Dlf. C,lll Mr. Cole. FREE HOME T R I A L . TO 6-9771._ '57 OLDS. SUP. "86" Holiday Cpc. P.irkwood Chevrolet ML 3-07B7 100'-._fliianciriB_on dpproyed_credlt. 7 5J OLDS'.'Tdr. sdn."S30 dn" 530 mo. Real v,i!ue In this, dill crcd.t rrcrr. Mr. Rilcv. TO 7-4218 or JA 7-745] tor frc£_homc dcino. 7 59' OLO:S~ T: P8"~silv~er~Conv.'." fun OT.ver. 6.000 ml. Priv. ntv S3 ir-o - ^""r:!, corilroHed ool.__GEi_j 1S3/. r 55 OLDS 98 4-dr. sedan. | ov/ncr". RC'-I Offer. _ _ HE 8-7477 '53^ SUPFR" 88 Holiday. Fully uph Very i.176 Albfvtictrl.J_.B. OLOS""'5-l-B8 bticki nrlv.' pdrlvl Xlnt rond FA 8-860? '"57 "PLYMOUTH "6" 2-door «dan. Lauinocd wllh radio, heater auioniotic trans. $995. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17153 nellllower Blvd . Bcllllowcr T 0 6 - I 7 2 S '57 PLYM. Belvedere Radio, heater! Aulorndlie transmission $1099 T-12 MOTORS 1500 L. B. Blvu HE 2-0610 '57 PlYMOUTH Hdlo. Take over lot S69 t, car ovints. Ot 113.65 ner week Call Credit Manager Rl 8-2771 '59 PLYMOUTH Bel. 2dr.'hdtp. V-8, RH, aulorn.. v w silver fL urcv. 10,000 mi. V295 dn., ^76 mo. No tax '53 Plvm. sod. 5299 F.P. Loaded | ?. sharp M7 mo I JrllK-v rin.-"c Coro._ NE 8 B7S5 I '5-t "PLYMOUTH webon.' Fuiiv"e"aut. 513 dn. A S?J mo. Cnll tor tree home Irial. NE 8-5169. 1313 No. I I B. Blvd., CornrXon. Dlr. | '55' PLYM'.""" Belvedere"" j-drr""v"8 ! Auto. lic-nsniibsioM, RH, J699. P.irkwood Chevrolet MC 3-078/ 100% tinaiiclna on app_r_oved_crcdit. 1950 " PLYMOUfir'sBo! l~owner CdT. HE 2 7706. PONTIAC $295 '51 Ponliat 7 dr. Original Iddv owner !Md., htr. Hvdra Oooi- less. Full 1 vr. oarts £, labor yuarnnter. * MANNING MTRS. 11M8 L.B. BLVD. '57 PONTIAC C.ilalirui. Full eauml! A real beautv- ^6 dn., S46 mo. Dlr. Call Mr. Cole. 1-REU HO.. TRIAL, TO 6-9721^ '55 PONTIAC" 3-rirrhardFopTExirnv $35 dn. 5. 535 mo. Real buy. Can crcdil m 3 r. t,\,. R.lcy. TO 7-J718 or JA /·/·'il_|or_trce home demo. 7 55 PONTIAC 2-di. Fully" eopl. '$13 dn., 578 mo. Call tor free home trial. NE 8-5169. 1313 No. L.B. Blvd., Comr)lpri._pjr._ __ __ '57 STAKCHIEf-'Ponliac.'Orlg. oV/n'r. GA 3-6833 RAMBLER L A R K S WE'RE WHEELING DEALING $299 DN. LOOK! AT THESE NEW CAR TRADES 'S'i Sludo, 4-dr j?49 '53 Dodgo Sadan.. $249 '53 Slude. 4-dr J299 '53 Chrys. 4-dr., p. iteer $499 '54 Sludo. Cpu J599 '54 Studs. Waggn $599 '60 Corvair $2099 '54 Plym. Wagon $599 '55 Studn. V-8 Pickup $699 '55 Criovy V-8 Convert. $899 '55 Merc. Cont. Cpo $999 '55 Oldi. "88" Hardtop $999 '55 Chsv. Bel Air Wgn. $1099 '57 Chov. 4-dr. Wagon $1797 '58 Plym. Wagon $1799 MANY OTHERS ED BARBARI'S STUDEVILLE 6200 No. Bcllllower Blvd. Lnkewood TO 7-2731 $175 '51 Sludc. economy Champ, con- v c r t f b l c . BrlDhl red ncnr new w-w tires very, very clc3n Ihruour. Full 1-vr. pnrls labor ou.irunt-je. MANNIMGjMTRS^ IW8J-.B. BLVD. 1948 STUDE. Chnmrjion. '60 plafes". Spate No. ?. Ird Bvrd allcr 1 p.m. S50. 16337 Atlantic PI., Paramount THUNDERBIRD '57 t~HUNb~ERBfR'D~h'ard'fDD. 57899 Orlolnal. immatijioic 1-owner Full Dower. Orlomal while finish RH whllewalls Thunderblrds with this low mileage arc as scarce as hen's teeth. PIONEER FORD 18403 PIONETR IN ARTES1A _UNdgrhin 5-l?66 -- Open Sundays HUGE DISCOUNT 1959 BUICKS EXECUTIVE CARS Hardtops---4-Doors--Station Wagons Factory Cars That You Can't Tell From B r a n d New -- Very Low Mileage. Equipped with Transistor Portable Radios, Heater, Dynaflow, Power Steering Brakes, 2-Tone Finish, Whitewall Tires, Tinted Glass -- in Fact, Most Are Fully Equipped with All Extras. SAVE HUNDREDS OF $ $ $ at PEAIRS BROS. BUBCK ALONDRA at BELLFLOWER BLVD. BELLFLOWER TO 7-1781 '56 T-BIRD Fordonutlc, radio, healer Full ' DD'Acr. Both tops, portholes All . wnltc. A real buv $2395 Hale Young Ford 36J1 £._ Anaheim " on 9-0736 '57 TifjIRD Hdlool'convcrirm'll mvr. RH. S74CO D,ws, HE 6-5914; cvcs.._ORiole 39106. '59 TliUN'CJERQIRD ha7dt6ori)0wer itcctmn, seals, windows brakes, low nilleaoe._S3595. GE_ I-5J53. '59 I.BIRD. AM pow'c-'r. Air condl _noncd.^Like^new. 7401 Daisy. 'S6 T.niRbT~Odr con5.~S2J957 OE 3 : 3?Q» GT£ j. 64 j2 '60 T-BiRD. Tr,ins(. to ruroDe Mini -scrir. In..ned. Jtjl V.Mir.jl. _ .. nblcr Cross Country w.iqon. Automatic, t.idio, tilt, new tires. Sec credit mor., 244 Long Beach Bl 'd. GA 7-7506. CHEVROLET CO. Famous for Clean Cars Best Used Car Buys in Town AT PRICES YOU WANT TO PAY WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS '59 Chevrolet BEL AIR J-DOOR. V-3, Power- glide, radio cinri heater. Low milcdoc. You r e c e i v e iUOQ stamps. 54 OOO (Stock I2JO-B) ..... lyya '58 Chevrolet 2-DOOK. Standard trdnsmi^icn. radio and hciilcr. lmmiK.ui.iie throunhout. You rctm-r 1000 . ( P G R 5 5 5 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . '58 Plymouth IOOR. Ra^in t -.nct hrnic.' l- 0 sianio?. ' S1| oiao ock 8-27D5) l*.3t» '57 Plymouth BELVEDERE J · UOOK. V - 8. automatic, tr^niiinssicn. r^dio and heater. You receive iOOO stamps. 5 (Stock Bl-116) 5 1199 '57 Chevrolet 2-DOOR BUS. COUPE. V-3. .,, dio and heater. You receive 5000 stamps. (MNR 1J4) .... '1099 '57 English Ford 4-DOOR CONSUL II. Moji expensive ricdci. Has cvervii-.-o. You rcteive 5000 $GQQ Stamus. ( M B R 9 6 I ) . »7*7«/ '56 Buick (Slott B-2705) '55 Dodge ROYAl. SPORT COUPE. V-8, mjlonidlic Iriinsitlii'jion, mdio and ricalcr. You 5000 stamps '55 Studebaker STATION WAGON 6-rvlinrtfr. V door, overdrive. You MOO it.inips. (HRC386) '54 Chevrolet "53 Plymouth HELVEDFRE SPORT COUPE. Automatic trflnsnnviirm receive WO it.miDi. I 1 (HSS 124) . 5 299 PLUS MANY, MANY MORE $ LOW AS 00 DOWN (with approved credit) rviiiTi CHEVROLET CO. Famous for Clean Cars I Ifh and Long BenCii SI. 6th nnd Long Beach Bl. HF. A-SW4 fr HF «-S7?S OPEN SUNDAYS AND EVES. A Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy (optional) Good Anywhere in Ihc United Slalcs. '59 CHEVROLET Impala Sport Coupe 3-sOi.ed s l i c k Iiaiunmsioi Choice of 2, cither 305 or 33 engine. Both Exceptionally Nic« nnd Priced TO SELL '55 FORD CUSTOM 4-DOOR Automatic transmission. ridio nnd hcnter, 1-owner. Original throughout. '59 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR SEDAN Factory equipped. 1-owner, - vcry low mileage. '57 PLYMOUTH SAVOY CLUB SEDAN '57 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN (STATION WAGON) y-8, i : ordomatic, power steering, radio and heater. Looks and drives like new. 1599 '57 CHEVROLET Bel Air Convertible V-8, Powerolldc, r,idio and heater, whitew;ilI tires. TOD Almost new. Shows excellent c.ire. '58 FORD 4-DR. FAIRLANE VICTORIA T-Bird c n q i n c, Fordoni.ltic, power stccnno. radio and heater. 1-owner, Like new. S J699 Down Payment Your old ear, paid for or not. Low a$ $25, or your good credit, including out- of-stalc. Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pacific Cst. Hwy. GE 3-7428 '59 CHEV. 8-CYL. IMPALA HDTP. CPE. Bcmc finish. Lie. Ho. RTI 177. uowerglldc, power " steering, power brakes, rntJlo, hca '59 CHEV. O I S C A Y N E 2-DOOR SEDAN BdiutHol Ivory linish. St.indtird fssr" 1 TM- S 1899 '58 CHEV. 2-DOOR SEDAN 6-tvlindrr. ivory silver blue linr.h. I Ir. Ho. c PXI 753. SticS, s h i f t , he.ilcr. "'56 QLDS~ 83 SUPER HARDTOP COUPE I v o r v ( Lit.. No. MAM A30. Hvdr,i-Md!ic, pov/ci power a;r Fi3dio, heater! S 1599 '58 PLYM. 8 CYLINDERS--1-DR. SAVOY Red m color. Push buMon a-jto- m.ilic, hc.iicf. Licence No. NZJ 165. S 1499 '57 BUICK SPECIAL R I V I E R A HTP. CPE. Ivnry and hlue. Dvniitlow, power ilccfinc, power, dio, hedtcr. $ Llcensr No. MSV 557. S 1599 '57 FORD d-CYL. CUSTOM 300 4-DOOR Bcriuliful ivory and blue, f orrto- S 1199 m,ilk rfld'O, healer. '56 CHiV. 6-CYL. 2-DOOR SfcDAN Ddrh grrcn. l i e . fJo. MVC 131. 8-CYL. f - A I R L A N f 4-DOOR lyo^V A heitn 7rcen. Lie. Mo. TAA 335. Fordonirttir , r i d i o tiealcr. A new rebuilt cnome and Fordomrihc done In our shoo. '54 FORD 8-CYL. V I C T O R I A HDTP. CPE Rlur liriif). Lie. No. HSD 936 Over drive, radio, hcatei. Cur tomued. Big tnolor. " ~ ~ Hr.iw rtulv trin5mir.sion. S 599 '55 CHEV. 8-CYLINDER 4-DR. SEDAN Ivorv .ind orcy Imis.'i Powcr- gl'tlr. ho.itcr. SfAA I ncntc t.'o. KV«I ' O II DPI. '54 METRO CONVERTlflLF Turauoisc finish, · 5 . HARBOR CHEVROLET All Our Locrflinrn Arc tiffed! 1860 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-329* Atlantic Anaheim OPEN SUNDAYS HE £.2484 CADILLACS L O O K FORD - CHEVY - PLYMOUTH BUYERS 2-DOOR SAFETY HARDTOP __ TURN LIGHTS = WHEEL COVERS = UNDERSEAL = GLAZE TINTED = WINDSHIELD = OIL FILTER ~ V - 8 = 8ACK-UP LIGHTS ^ I $AVE $$$ $AVE AT | MERCURY = 17617 SO. BELLFLOWER BLVD. = BELLFLOWER TO 6-1761 = Open 8:30 to 9 P. M. Daily -- Open Sunday = I959 - s-Fine Selection . budnct. Some have AIR CONDITIONING. A l l s e n s i b l y priced slnrllno a! 84495 Coup 1958 e dc V i l l c AIR CONDITIONING plus lull makes this liotil blue po bcj . The liahl blue I n t e r i o r rimmed In matching leather Is spotless. S3995 1957FIcclwoo«l Liaht blue finish, s n o I l e s s leather- trimmed Interior ot black, 6-w all tires $3095 J 956 Linht blue and while vvilh " ' AIR CONDITIONING, oowcr · ' windows, /mcJ 6 way ad- · i luslmcnt. The bloc mtciior 15 · 'n HKc-ncw condihon. . 82495 : j Coupe de A'ille I \ in green Ic.lthcr. No liner '5S · lohrtounrl cTnvwhrrc. Afiolticr » Long Reach'? Only Aulnoiiicd CADILLAC DC Oldsmobile Dealer -'59 Sta. Wgn. I'LYMOUTH. V-E, PC uowcr slccnno, r .1 d r o iincf hcflter, r t c . wlnic Mn ibh nnd like - new mtoncr. Very low mileage cirtd ihow. the cdrclui cote ol owner. A S?600 Vflluc lor only '2399 '56 Buick R I V I E R A 4-DOOR.'O ,ind tiertler, Dvnfltlow, power -.Ircr- Ing, D o w c r DraKcs. rlc' 'nr window lift-,, ctt. S10QQ Orlalnol ? lonr- l£tf? '58 Chevrolet IMPALA HAkUIOH LOU Mb. Fullv etiulDDcd Indudino »ow- cr slcenna tind power Uii^Cb. Oriomnl 7-tonc reef nnrl wh-tc finish wllh nirilUimg Sec it, buy It 1*1 4 OQ tor only *.A»Ji7 '57 Mercury MONTCLAIR H A R D T O P -Idi. with radio and heater. MCTO rn.itir. nowrr slcenno. DO.VOI broken, orlnmiil ? tone lmi;,h A low-milCiioc C'lr-thcLV 1 , uui ' every flct.i ' " 30 Years Same Location WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS '57 Corvette Fuel Injection H.i!. both uotl ind tuirit top,. ·Moped tr.niMmiioti, toniocii- lion suspension onct brake :.v'.trins. Potitriictton r c ii r ·ixlr, Tr.ichon Milkier rodi. I irc'.tonc '.uncr r-oort-. tirr-, .ind lubes, M) '^-lonc bMLk ,md - M v n - (innh with led in- i\'s-ioripi. To lullv .mprr-ciiile TM ,l" usl '2699 tor 1499 '58 Oldsmobile "93" C O N V E R T I B L E . Pow steerina and brake-,, elri " beat nnd window adiu^ln radln. boater, orlgir.fll mist linish wllh while .too An out^tiindmo car oulilandino value .it icni. '2299 '59 Oldsmobile '54 Ford R A N C H V.AGOtJ 1 l.c r'.o- t'OniiL,ll 6 ivlindor Will) r.itJiO. hc.itct and O V f l R D R l V f ? A ^.^"n"^;".!' 1 only '499 '53 Chevrolet -SfOAN ?-tone hliic .ind \vrvlr lini',!]. H.i', Powergl-de. r.iflro .ind hr,Hri. PO'.VFP S T F f - R - ir.i., rtc. A vciv good f v . Snir'^dcr 1 .,," 5 499 For Classified Phone HE 2-5959 HOWDY Register Now for FREE TR L A S V for!wo Buy Nothing, Write Nothing, just see one of our representatives for registry,* or come in to P A R K W O O C H E V R O L E T 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 Open Sundays * Watch for us at your neighborhood shopping center on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 - 1 2 A.M.

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