The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1957 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 5
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U<>3pOTi andJfrasoria County, Monday June 17,198f tiss Victoria Geo tarries In Houston I Memorial Baptist Church Houston was the scene of June II candlelight cere- r joining M1M Victoria Goe ou'ton and Yf. R, Johnson reeport In marriaw. Loreta Rasmussen of Iton «nd Howard V. Goe eport are the parents of t>rid« with Mr. and Mrs. nond Johnson the groom's Ms. service wan led by Ihe . B. Sloan before an flanked by four candelabra 'baskets or wnlte gladioli and slock banking the iSbra. her wedding the bridf a gown ot disphonons" trimmed in chantilly lace, original by Areten was cre- with an open sweetheart line «ppliqued in lace melons, with the short tulle e* being complimented by Hal mitts. The r-lenglh skirt bouffant. .featured I of chantill;- lace and me Blond. ler finger-tip veil of dlk jj. n W»B held in place by a demi-coiffc embroidered |bridal jewels. She carried a rade bouquet of white Iris N a purpla orchid In the MMV 1 of late matching her dress. MM, T. K. Isabel, matron ot honor, wore a ballerina leti|th 'jouffanl dress of blue chiffon, .'ea luring t portrait nacMtne, .'ap «l«eves, snd a sculptured iheer bodice. She v.-orc match- ng accessories and carried a bouquet of pink roses. In dresses identical to that if the matron ot honor, in pink chiffon, Mrs. V. D Adams and iMss Carolyn Goe, sisters of ihe bride, and Miss Bettye Janice Walpole served as bridesmaids. They carried nosega>s ->{ pink roses. Miss Lesley Cosier of Houston was flower girl. Acting; as best man to the troom WHS D. H. Morton Til, of Freeport, with Thomas E. Johnson, Glen Heath and Clyde f Nelson as groomsmen and V. D. Adams and Thomas E. Johnson ushering. Rine bearer ! was Howard I,ee Goe. Assisting at the reception which was held in the church immediately following the ceremony were Miss Jeanlta Dudley and Miss Bobby Jean Mill- When the couple return from I Ma \veeks in Miami Beach, ' Fla., they will mak* their home in Freeport, where the groom •s an expedltor in the Dow Traffic Department. T]B« PACTS Page 8 Dr.; William Tan Wart Lake Methodist WSCS Circles To Hold First Meetings Of Year Mfss Kathryh Loui?e Ramey i/t Lake Jackson and Dr. William Haley Van Wart of Houston exchanged their wedding vows in a Saturday night ceremony at St. Mark's Episcopal Church In Houston. Mr. and Mrs. .John Ramey of Lake Jackson are the parents of the bride and Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Van Wart of Houston are the parents of the groom The seven cirles of Ihe Lake Tuesday in the home of Sut Jackson First Methodist Worn- Greer, 339 Masmolia. an's Society of Christian Serv- Circle 4, Phyllis Whittirttfon, ic will meet for their first chairman, will meet at 10 a.m. table was the tiered wedding return the newlyweds will r e- !m erting of the new year this Tuesday in the Whittington cake and a centerpiece from the; side in San Antonio where the w ^' . , . ,_ . residence 57 <~ai!>dium Ct bride'* hanoiiet Servino »t »h« • , . ,- j I Tlie date and no ' ] r for each;' 6 ra cc ' a( - alilQ1 " m LT - biidesbsuquel• Servmgat the jgr0 om is presently stationed as' ting , and the hostes are ; Circle 5. Sue Posey, chair- recephon were Mrs. Robert E. ; a first lieutenant in the United Us follows: 'man, will meet at 10 a.m. Tues- rerricone, Miss Mary Adams,'states Army. I Circle 1, Mary Reed, chair- day with the chairman, 53 Caland Miss Virginia Hopkins. j The bride is a graduate of | man, will meet at 10 a.m. Tues- i adlum Ct. The couple chose New Or- Brazosport High School and da >' with Nancy Smith, 112 Circle 6, Frances Courtney, leans, La., and Biloxi, Miss., as has attended the Univevsity of their honeyrroon spots. Follow- Houston. The groom graduated 'ng the reception tfe couple ; from Lamar Hl?h School and Laurel, as hostess. Circle 2, Charlotte chairman, will meet at i chairman, will meet at 8 p.m. Childs. ; Tuesday, with the chairman as 10 a.m. ihostess. at 419 Gardenia. ! left with the bride wearing a attended Rice Institute and is j Tuesday at her home, 224 Cal-; Circle 7, Rayneda Weber, (navy Italian silk suit with navy'a 1957 graduate of the Unive-ladium. chairman, will meet in her The double-ring rites were and white accessories and wear- i si ty of Texas School of Den-' Circle 3. Jeannette Bilbrey, ho-ne, 813 Azalea, at 7:30 pjn. conducted by the Rev. John K. jing an orchid corsage. On their tistry. chairman, will meet at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Angetl, pa&tor, before an altar * • - —~~ Values Good Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Only. 1711 W. 2nd. Freeport WILtlAM HALEY VAH WART —Photo br Chgdwiek Miss Warren Is Honoree At Friday Afternoon Tea In Freeport Home holding two arrangements' of wnite stock, gladioli and asters. flanking the altar were two pedestal arrangements of white asters and gladioli. The church aisle was lighted by wrought iron candelabra entwined with greenery. The bride wore a gown of tulle and Chantilly lace over satin. The gown, an original design by Marie, featured a deep V neckline fashioned of pleated tulle with appliqued lace medallions emoi'oidered in bridal jewels. The semi-princess lints of the dress were complemented with a lace bodice fastened with coveted butions and traditional long bridal sleeves ending on petal points at the wrists. The lace panels extending Ifom the bodice into tne hem of th« tulle skirt were created with embroidered lace medal- iby a lace tiara. Tne eriM car- rled * white prayer book with 3 bou 9 uet °' slephanotis and ^h/te^rd' d^' ""'^ ^ The a i,. w h ite wedding theme was camed out in tne C03[urn(!s of thc matron of honor Mrs fj ^; Mist Mary Stuart Warren, was covered with a floating „. 1 bride-elect oj Charles Hfney of jrangement ot white magestic i Victoria, was honoree at • tea daisies with pink centers. Iheld on Friday afternoon] All of the prominent floral from 3 p.m. until « In the Free- j arrangements were the white port home of Mri. C. P. Ken- daisies which were »rranged dall Jr. Along with Mm. Ken-i in silvcr containers, dall. Mrs. Sam Bast Jr. also. 1 . Streamers of pink satin rib- acted as hostess, jbon extended from a lovely ! Jac k M ./u!U;rlon Jr., of'Hous- ' Receiving with Mcadames !" oral "f ranecment °' the P lnk ton. and the bridesmaids Mrs Kendall ami Bass was Mrs. ia ! ld . white majestic daisies with i^,,, . , ... . Ol A lt ' anu Mary Warren, mo'.htr of tho;P lni< «•"">« and pink gladioli \ Mrs _ fc.cja.a ri. i^anm oJ Hous- pro<;pectlve bride. i' n an oolong silver bowl on the i l0n _ The duty of registering guests ' !icn ' lrp 'j> bl »- Three tiered sil-j 'i he,atitndants'dresses were for the pvcnt was assumrd by! v " calaelabra which held white ; aU ol wnite chi( f on crea ted in Mrs. Frank W. nteevens Jr. of (ca ,'" * e ™ "*° " sc , d to a< =-! wallz lengtii and they carried Anglcton. The registry table 1,™ ,;" ' 5 • bouquets of reii glainmullias. silver ?crvicc.- fna n ower g,,-), Margaret Ann jWhHson ot Laxe Jackson, car-liver pitcher r ied a uaskei of garnet r«c_s. Chai-ies n. v,.n >vart oi iious- Stevens To Speakim For Youth Night ,"" dl " * e ™ ,£ , u? __ th ' Uble v ' as a • ll * t ; , ., .. A tall antique the entrance hall also was used as a container for another 1 ton, served as best man with arrangement of the white dais- Cnar.ej Oonaid van Vvan ana ^r'ergas Van Viarl Jr. of iNew j squares topped : Oricans, La., as groomsmen.! ^ Wlt . h whlt « lcln * alld P" 111 ro!e - i The usnc-rs I0 i t.-.e weadmg John F R.mev of Free ! : Angel cake ill i, . , will be buds also brought out the pink F R.m and Herben the'jr Jame-s H Olnev and also 'B Walker, aU of Houston. \ to at-jren, and Mrs. R. ternated at the MM. W, H. JOHNSON —Pholo by Johniton .frs. I. E. War- Rockford House in Houston. W. Loomis al-; t ' w o pcaestal arrangements of w. j.^.m.ivM ni. titir Silver Service , «lnc'k l/lAriiril' anri actfrc i\*r There will be sport., and eth-|.rid Jamie Andrew,. Mary An-:^ Th e hail ^n ^ er types of recreation for thc|lta Pcs.sara and Mrs C M • i enjoyment of those present. Re-1 Thierfelder assisted with the jfreshmenn will also be served.(hostess duties Mr. and Mrs. W. K. McEl-l All the members of the I haney will be in charge of thejhouwparty were presented with ' pvcnt - I corsage* of the white daisies. y Home Movies 7 Is Program Topic In Kappa Delta Meet Miss Eleanor Del Oonis wa> I hostess for a meeting of the Kappa Delta Chapter of the Ep.Tilon Sigma Alpha Soriority which was held Wednesday, June 13. i The business meeting for the I evening wu» conducted by Mn.! Frank Goldapp. Due to many conflicts the first social date i of the season has been changed to June 19. "Home Movies" was the interesting program pretented for the enjoyment of the group by Mrs. H. J. DavU. Brilliant color slides of Panama, New York, Washington and many ponits in the East were shown. The highlight of th igram was the showing of on old film complete with titles. Dessert was served ta each' guest by the hostess at the, close of the meeting. j Several tribes of South Sea . Islanders, we read, wear high-; j ly decorative tattoo designs jr j j stead of clothes. Could be kind j of chilly—but think of the I saving they fust make in laun- II dry bills! FOAM RUBBER ENSEMBLE (MATTRESS & BOX SPRINGS Bill and Tom with — 20 YEAR GUARANTEE REGULAR $129.00 SINGLE SIZi NOW $ ONLY $69.95 LOCATIONS COMPARE OUR PRICES RAMBO'S th» Arc* 24 HOURS A DAY I 1M N. Pukljif. L. J Ph 7-:«S lit W. Brad. Fnepurt 3 41U2 Fut-Fret Fickup * Ur.Utwy MWT FURNITURE PHONE 52151 Be jiUei eri aa duly at »U Uiae*. ji riiouet; 7-6191 iilll or 7-2*27 Tarn GARRETTS' PHABMACIE3 I At W« Slid U»t Thursday ... MORE AND MORE THRIFTY HOUSEWIVES ARE ARE SWARMINS TO WEINSARTEN'S WHERE THEY SAVE NOT "TRADING STAMPS" BUT "REAL MONEY"! And Htr«'i Just » Tip ... TAKE THE MONEY YOU SAVE AT WEINSARTIN'S AND BUY 2 OR I TIMES AS MUCH OF THOSE LITTLE THINGS YOU WANT AS YOU 6ET WITH THOSE FREE(7) TRADING STAMPS. Food Club Fruit Juk» Sale! New You Can Mix 'Em or Mated 'Em! MODCU " ^ YOUR CHOICE PINEAPPLE JUICE ] YOUR CHOICE ORANGE JUICE TOMATO JUICE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE TOf WOST FROZEN Orange Juice or Lemonade TOP FROST FROZEN TOP FROST FROZEN GRAPE JUICE 2: 33c LIMEADE 2 6-Oi. Cam 23c The Aristocrat of Ail Green Beans KENTUCKY WONDERS 12' NEW RED POTATOES -" MU N.5e Ideal for Canning at This Wonderfully Low Prict or Serve Them with Potatoes! Ground fresh Several Times Daily/ GROUND BEEF 35 C 99c FIRMER BROWN BACON FRESH, SMALL, MEATY LEAN PORK RIBS TOP FROST FINEST OCEAN PERCH FIILETS £ 35c ORANGE COCONUT LOAF CAKE D«tcious loaf c«k» with frtsh orang* julca and 7-min. icing of toait«d coconut! for 39 Chocolate Bar Cake 39c Craamy Chocoldta F^j'Hge Icing! Cinnamon Rolls Light, T«ndw VanitU Ic.d.. .12 i. 25c Pa!o»pPcpi Treats from Candy! P;a* m E*ch, -_ ^m 2 ta 15c Daisy Brand WHIPPED BUTTER S*..l Cf 8-Oi. Slightfy S.lttd Crn. 45c Hormel franks Ut'i H«v« Lb. 1Q Hot Dogi! Pkj. ^/C SWIFT'S Couirfry Smok.d SAUSAGE ,2«c SAVE UP TO 49% on ALUMINUM COOKWARE! Fin*, Polished. Mjr-Creit Cooknira of V*ridti!« Alumi- Crwt Aluminum Cookw«(. Lin.I Now «v«ilabl* *t your num! Se. Our 5 tor a Display and You'll v>ant io bt th. VV«ingai1»n'i tier*! An quality gift for ik* Jun. proud oxntr, of tK. nianyfinepmoi cf'-_rcd in th* Mar- Bride! CASCADE FOR AUTOMATIC WASHERS 5 43c *M8S»H! *W KM ZiST TOILET SOAP I 29c LI COMET CLEANSER ot 15c ZEST TOILET SOAF 2 t h 39c tax

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