Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 15
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by HARRY FULTON THEY FIRED AWAY at James Arness, the Marshal Matt Dillon of "Gunsrooke," here Wednesday but, in true Western style, the big fellow withstood their, best volleys and escaped unharmed. However, the scene_was the Rotary dub meeting at the Lafayette Hotel, and they were firing questions; not lead, at the 6-6, 230-lb. TV marshal of Dodge City. "How do'you and Marshal Wyatt Earp get along?" asked one youngster, a guest for the day. The question pointed up the conflict between two currently popular TV shows--"Wyatt Earp," which has Earp as marshal of Dodge City in 1870, and "Gunsmoke," which establishes Dillon as marshal at the same time. ^ "Surprising enough," said Arness, "our paths have never crossed though we were both marshal of Dodge City at the same time." He admitted that Marshal Matt Dillon never really existed but "was dreamed up by the writer in a bar In Ensenada." Nevertheless, Arness claims he gets many, many letters ·from people all over, the U.S. who claim that their grandparents knew the real Marshal Dillon. "All I can say in reply," . he said, "is 'That's wonderful.'" * * * "GUNSMOKE," which has been rated the most popular show on television since last May, is now viewed by some 43,000,000 Americans each Saturday night. Its producer is R. W. (Bob) Stabler, a Long Beach product, whose Film- master Features Inc. also produces "Have Gun, Will Travel," the nation's No. 4 show, "Playhouse 90" and various films for motion picture firms. Stabler told Rotarians that he tossed out the old (and trite) Western formulas and cliches used -in so many fron- ,-tier films and based "Gun- wrioke" on "sheer realism" aimed' at giving an accurate, authentic picture, of Dodge City when it was "the end of the railroad, the beginning of the frontier." "It was an almost immediate *uccess," he said. "Apparently the people were waiting for it." "Gunsmoke" s t a r t e d on radio, and Stabler's fir^t big job was finding a suitable cast and adapting the show to TV. In radio, he said, the emphasis is on the dialogue which spells out the plot and encourages the listener to draw his own picture of the action. In TV, it's the action that's important, and the actors must look the part. Millions of Americans had heard Bill Conrad enact the role of Matt Dillon on radio, and many of them protested vigorously when they learned that others were being considered for the TV role. - "But C o m r a d , although great on radio, didn't fit the part visually and never could," Stabler said. "He is 5 feet 7 Inches tall and weighs 230 pounds." * * * THE Q U E S T I O N most asked of him, Arness said, is "Does Chester (his sidekick) really have a wooden leg?" The answer is "No." Chester'(Dennis Weaver) was an outstanding track athlete in college. He learned to limp for his TV part, and, according to Arness, only once has he forgotten and bent his leg. That happened when Chester was riding atop a stagecoach which was sent full speed across a narrow, wooden bridge. A rear wheel slipped off, and the "coach lurched to a perilous angle. "The rest of us refused to do the scene over" said'the marshal, "so if you watch closely during one of our forthcoming shows, you'll see Chester fceneZ his leg when we cross that oridge." Other questions asked Arness: Where is " G u n s m o k e " 'fumed?--"On a ranch near NewhalL People from Kansas ask us where we found mountains near Dodge City, but we just tell them there's been a lot of erosion since 1870." Is the doctor in "Gunsmoke" really a doctor?--"No, although he should be by this time after all the operations he's performed." Do you use a double?--"Not «s much as some. I wouldn't object to going off a high cliff. But the producer's afraid I'll, get hurt, so I acquiesce and let a double do it" Are you married?--"Yes, I live in Santa Monica, and I have three children." How long does it take to mak» a show?--"Four days. We rehearse one, shoot three." ' What's Kitty's telephone Humbert--'1 dont know my- ·elt" 'BOY OF THE YEAR' WINNERS Pour Long Beach Boys''Club members, presented "Boy of the Year' awards by the Exchange Club Wednesday at the Lafayette Hotel,, are'Henry. Codiamat, West branch; Robert Barry,, Downtown bjranch; William E. Cooper, East branch, and Allan Walters; North branch.. "Guest-speaker at the meeting was Melvin M. (Mike) Coppersmith, now-a teacher at Garfield Elementary School, who won a ,'.®oy of the'Year" plaque'in 1948.H-(Staff Photo..). fa The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper **** LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 13, 1958 t Page B-1 ACCUSED OF THEFT RunaivayBoys Afraid to Face Their Parents L.B. Base Gets 4th Carrier Like* a gray ghost, Long Beach'i fewest aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, moved in through ; the fog Wednesday morning and tied up. at-Municipal Pier E. · : ·'. The 40,000-tpii flattop' is the fourth .be assigned Long Beach 7 as home 'port. On hand to greet..her were civic'.leaders, 1 the Long Beach Municipal'Band and families of crewmen, who had'come-here from Bremerton, Wash., in advance of the ship. . *i '.* . *· * .-. THE YORKTOWN, .Com' manded -by Capt, James C, Cobb,. recently, completed · an overhaul, at .Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Her, -previous borne port was .Alameda. · . The flattop'6 (equipped with the angle: deck; 6ne ; of the Navy's newest '-developments f o r carriers. . ' ' . ' " ·The ship's'designation recently was changed from .attack carrier to antisubmarine carrier;. · · ' · , · : : . Planes.of a n t i s u b m a r i n e squadrons at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station are expected to conduct' operations from the Yorktown's deck. The ship, is the first angle-deck carrier to be, assigned, to antisubmarine work. ' ,, · · - . ; . - . . The angle ·* deck, which · is canted about 10 degrees from the main flight deck, permits planes to'be launched and recovered simultaneously with much greater safety. Afraid to face their parents after they were accused of stealing a pack of .cigarettes Tuesday, a 16-year-old muscular distrophy victim and his best friend did their best to run away from home. They made it as far as Paramount There, muddy, discouraged and hungry, they were picked up by sheriff's deputies Wednesday. David George, a Jordan High School sophomore who has been confined to a wheel chair all his life, told Juvenile Bureau officers he left his home at 400 E. 63rd St."at 4:30 p. in, pushed by his buddy, Victor Wrye, 16. * » » · "WE -WEREN'T 'thinking," said Wrye, 418-E.-63rd St, at i'e Norwalk sheriffs station Wednesday. "We didn't have any place to go, or any money, or anything. "I was going to try to get a ob somewhere and support us. : guess we knew we couldn'.t really do it. We tried to run away last month and they picked us up 'after we hitch- liked to Huntington Beach." Wrye- pushed his friend's wheel chair along a jouncing path to the Los .Angeles River channel and then forged '\ stream through sand and water several inches deep.' POLICE WERE alerted by USS Princeton Due Today After Tour in Far East The. antisubmarine aircraft 1 carrier USS Princeton is scheduled to tie up at Pier 2, Long Beach Naval Shipyard, about 5 ·'.p.m. today, the Navy said Wednesday. The ship was expected to arrive in San Diego Wednesday afternoon to. offload planes fol- owing a tour of duty in the ^ar East The Princeton was relieved another Long Beach-based arrier, the USS Philippine Sea. The Princeton's return home was' delayed when the ship was 1 dispatched to Ceylon to -aid lood-stricken people of that :ountry. DAVID GEORGE (LEFT) 'AND VICTOR WRYE the disabled youngster's par- ·nts when they found a note aying the boy was running away because he was "too much of » burden." Patrolmen searched the Los Angeles River area for several lours after they found tracks eft by the wheel chair in mud along the'bank. . When the boys reached Cener St, they made their way to ^amount, where they spent the night in a service station restroom. 4 They were picked up by · sheriffs' deputies as Wrye pushed the wheel chair along the sidewalk at Jackson we. and Paramount Blvd. * » » * "THAT ,NOTB about being 'too much of a -burden' was just a lot of hooey!" George said. "I thought if I said that, my folks wouldn't . call the police to soon." George said he and Wrye, who. attends the ninth grade at Hamilton Junior High School, were grabbed by -an employe of a North Long Beach- supermarket Tuesday and accused of shoplifting cigarettes. v "It' wasn't like they said," said George, shaking his head. 'It , wasn't our intention to steal the cigarettes.- 1 ,.j "But we couldn't explain that to our parents.". The-boys were released to their parents by Juvenile Bureau officers to do some explaining. Hancock Declares 4 Per Cent Dividend John W.-Hancock has been re-elected president of cock Oil Co. and the firm has declared a 4 per cent .pass A and B common stock dividend, the company announced Wednesday. The dividend, will be distributed next June 30, or shortly thereafter, to .stockholders of record at the close of business on June 10. In addition to Hancock, other officers re-elected 'were. William T. 'Hancock, executive vice president; Bernard H. Dresser; Percy T. Martin and Newcomb Seal Beach Flood Plan Due for OK Plans for a flood control sys- em for Seal Beach was scheduled to be approved today by iie Orange County'Board of Supervisors at Santa Ana. Estimated to cost $72,992, he channel will be lined along Slectric Ave. and Bolsa Ave'., mptying into San Gabriel liver; and along Electric Ave. rom 13th v St to the ocean, where there will be a pumping plant to handle the idischarge. D. Taylor, vice presidents; Havelock Fraser, 1 secretary; E. Paul Ludman, treasurer; H. Ferris Dangberg,- assistant, secretary; Denver V.-Kissinger, assistant secretary and treasurer; and Sanford V. O'Neil, assistant treasurer. Re-elected directors were Dangberg, Dresser, both Hancocks, ,Ludman, Martin, Taylor, Charle* Reid Gaylord -and Frederick C.'Moore. HISTORIC VASES . ^ Mrs. J. Hall Reed explains history of two vases that held flowers at the-head and foot of-Abraham Lincoln's casket as body lay in state.--(Staff photo.) · FROM PRESIDENT'S BIER CaKforhia City Chiefs j ·. in Session ' More than 250'city officials, chiefly : managers and administrators, converged on Long Beach for the annual spring meeting, of the City Managers Department, League of .California Cities, which opened Wednesday for a three-day session at the Lafayette Hotel. For many of the visitors it was a case of pleasure before imsiriess', the -program' opening with ,a cruise through Long Beach Harbor and i golf, tournament at Recreation IJark. But. the more" recently .appointed city managers got down to business later in the afternoon at a. question-and-answer session-with'a panel'of veteran officials. . » · ' · : « · . ' MODERATOR of the session Jor new managers was Charles Martin, city' manager of San Marino. .'· ' Other panel members'includ- ed City' Manager 'Samuel E. Vickers, Long Beach, the host official .for the meeting;' Richard Carpenter, executive'direc- tor and general counsel, League of California Cities; R o b ' e r t Huntley, adminiitrative.'officer, Santa .Paula; Ernest,Marriner; city manager, Pittsburg; Robert Sheltbn, city manager, Newport Beach, and Orin Nolting,.executive director, International City Managers Assn. * * * · THE MEETING wui open formally today with greetings, from Mayor Raymond C Kealer arid Vickers. Ted B Adsit, city manager of Riverside and president 1 , of the · department, : will officiate. Among .the speakers scheduled for today and Friday are Dr. Lome D. Cook of Po mona. College; Theodore Bur nett, president of the California Taxpayers Assn.. . ' Lincoln Mementoes Lincoln's birthday has 'a special significance for Mrs. J. Hall Reed, 94; ;of 2128% Florida St. . She has the pair of royal Bohemian ware vases that held flowers at the head and the foot of Abraham Lincoln's casket when his body lay in state in Chicago on its sad journey from the nation's capital" to his home in Springfield.. · · ' ' · ' The vases became the property of Charles C. P. Holden,. alderman, of Chicago's 10th ward, who was'marshal of the day. TJji- vases were passed on to his widow.'Upon Mri^ Holden's death in 1953, they were given-to- Mrs. Reed, her sister.. : '-~ ;.*· Mrs. Holden lived in Long Beach at tft*. time of the 1933 earthquake, and one. of the; vases was broken. It was^mended so skilfully,; that not' even Mrs. Heed knows-which on* was broken. ' ''·'',- CANDY FOR SALE Janet Williams is one of many young girls who-are selling chocolate candies to the public this week, and next Sale is by Salvation Army Guards and : Sunbeams. Profits will be used to send deserving jrirls to the Salvation Army summer camp. Sunbeam activities are Tor :girls 6 to 10; Guards, 10 to 18. . . · ' Jinxed? Landlord Hit Anew Julius D«nker, owner -of, the jinxed duplex at 210 W,' 31st St., has suffered a newr blow. ,. He can't e v e n rent the' building as a single-family; dweling unless he remodejs-; it so it will no longer be a' .duplex, City Atty. Walhfred- Jacobson s a I'd in a written" opinion. . '..' ·.. "There is neither, sense n* ; authority to inspect and ap^- prove one-half of the build-; ing as a one-family dwelling- unit arid ignore the femaii-; der," the opinion said.' VUn£ · der such a construction^ ; hotel could be approved 'as -a," · one-family dwelling unit"- '' · ' ' Iran Navy Chief Inspects Ships Vice Adm. Habibollah Shahin, chief of, staff of the Iranian Navy, inspected ihips of. the iline Force, Pacific Fleet, Woman Hurt When Hit by Car A' 71-year-old woman suffered fractures of an elbow arid xth legs when she was hit by a car as she walked across Magnolia Ave. at Burnett. St. Wednesday evening, police reported. The driver of the car, George Panos, 33, of 3219 Daisy Ave., was cited by police for failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian.. The pedestrian, Mrs. Georgia Kahler, 2279 Daisy Ave., was treated at Seaside Hospital. Wednesday at Long Beach N* val Station. He called on Rear Adm. Robert L. Campbell, commander of the Naval Base, then was briefed on the Mine Force, by Rear Adm. Victor D. Long, force commander. ' Adm. Shahin is making a tour of naval installations throughout the United States as a guest of AdnvArleigh Burke, chief of naval-operations. ^Appliances Stolen Eight portable^TV sets and two portable sewing machines valued totally- at $1,026,' were stolen from the Hadley Furniture Co.; 1334 Alamitos- Ave. early Wednesday. Police said the burglar entered through a skylight. v HOWEVER, the; building could be approved · if remodeled to remove sep^ arate kitchens and separata meters for utility services;. according to E d w a r d M. O'Connor, superintendent 61 building. . -··. Denker was issued a build-- ing permit last summer ,and the duplex w a s practically, ready for occupancy w h e n city officials discovered that. the site does not conform to the minimum requirement of 2,400 square feet for each dwelling unit. He was then ordered to, stop construction and was refused a certificate of occupancy. Gunmen Get $178 at Import Company BELLFLOWER -- Two nattily dressed gunmen robbed th« Holland-American Market, an import company at 10343 Ar« tesia Blvd.,,of $178 Wednesday night. .The two ..bandits, wrio also took a carton of cigarettes; were described as being from 20 to 23'years of age. -. -: Stores Expect Record Crowds for Downtown Dollar Days LOOK OF AN EAGLE " ' ' Proud dad, Harold W. Arnold, Scout executive of area council No. 1, iholds son Steven's Eagle Scout badge. Steven, 15, is a sophomore at Wilson High School.--(Staff Photo.) . Downtown pathways wilLbe cleared today, Friday and Saturday for expected record crowds shopping for record ·bargains .during Downtown Dollar Day*: Downtown Long Beach Associates have asked store em- ployes to park outside the downtown area to make way for bargain'shoppers. Park and Shop lots are prepared to handle 50,000' cars a day. Thousands are expected to take advantage of DLBA -free bus rides home. And the Mu nicipal Auditorium parking area will honor Park and Shop validation for this special event * *· * * DOLLAR DAY bargains are detailed in a special lection of today's Independent. The sections will include a special two- page listing of small box advertisements pinpointing -an outstanding 'bargain/from each of the m a n y participating stores. Today and Friday the Press- Telegram and Friday and Saturday Independent'also will carry box ads with bargains. DLBA will reimburse'-the Long. Beach Motor Bus Co. for free rides home which It provides. The bus rider, oh corn- tag to the downtown section, must request a "shopper's tick- et" from the driver. When a purchase is made, the retail firm will place a Park and Shop stamp on it, makingJt valid for a free bus ride home to th« · value of 16 cents. SPECIAL ATTRACTION - ' Cheri Jones, 18, strikes this pose beside huge dofc lar to call attention to Downtown Dollar Days her* today, Friday and Saturday.--( -

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