Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 28
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17* FORD 1 Hard to Find '60 FORD t . tixfor hardloo Is extra tvc* ,. , agio. - trtr.),, P/stetr- radio, htaltr, WW tlrei: btve --; with |lk« iTtw carpeted bit* Interior. A-l $899 A-l ·; MEL BURNS FORD XAS Long Beach Blvd. CT1-331S '·BRAND NEW FORD "C-500" «r. Town Sedan; no! stripped, bill with V-l, Crulse-o- mafic, smoo device, 2-tone paint, radio, neater, cower steering. .. Wat $3215.70 Today's Special : NOW $2499.00 · (Slock ft 118!) · Mel BURNS--Ford MM L-B. Blvd., I.B. CT1-3311 TOT Autos for S«U MERCURY '64 MERCURY Montdalr 2-dr. hdlo. sir. brakes, R*H. wtw, all vinyl trim, ties. $2/rt- KAT - .Aercury-Comet, 176ir peir- flower Blvd.. Belltkmer, TO {-1761. ·W MERCURY Montclalrl VI auto..R-H, p/sleer) AI3; *}WA; »Hh f-Yr. Warranty _ lllTW Beach City Chevrolet 3»1 E. Pac. Csl. HWV. GE3-7«1 -I Merc. Monterev conv. Cars stored rear 170 L.B. Blvd, See bank rep. Rudy, HE 2-M4 45 MERCURY Parklant Il.T. Full power S JIM SNOV/ FORD mid Paramount Blvd. ME 4 METROPOLITAN : .CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '61 FORD 2 door sedan, automatic. ' · " '611 FORD GALA. Conv. V8, auto., RAH, pwr. str., near new wsw, liuerlor A exterior like new. Gel set for Summer Fun. S699. RAY FUADEBOE, Mercury-Come*, 17617 Betlllower Blvd., Bellllowir. TO MUSTANG d. RIH, lllck »20» lustanB hflp. cpt. Artk while, RSH, Jlkk, V-l S32» '45 Mustang IK M. shift. Honey Kid. R H. N9W Firestone tires ?i?p '6* Mustang 28? conv., R,H, aulo. Popoy Red. Sharp '65 Mustang 2OT. RIH '60 - FORD s : $699 Sport Coupe. V8, automatic, power steering. KGY 7U. CORMIER CHEVROLET tt\ Lena Beach Blvd. HE 6-SKS _»2599 ',",' JIM'SNbW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-26M Moonmlst yellow " WSNOW CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '65 Mustang Hardtop, Factory Air Conditioning, V-8, Automatic. Pa. dio. Heater, Power Steering, elc Absolute!' '63- FORD $1199 Falrlan. 500 4 dr. VI, standard trans. Stk. »»4. CORMIER CHEVROLET 601 Long Beach Blyd.' HE 6-5295 '64 FORD Custom 500. V-l, R. A H automatic, power steering, facial air. License * RCH 921 ._ " ENOCH CHEVROLET tTX L. B. Blvd. SO Gate LO 7-2120 1101 PL; B. Bl. Lvnwood L07.2»» :lorv .«» ·MSSfoflMP'?"" 'aramount Blvd. ME 4-2600 MUSTANGS '65 Conyerl. V8 power »2175 '65 Coupe V8, power enulopcd J2175 C. BOB AUTREY 1B60 L.B. Brvd., L.B. 5?1-1373 '45 MUSTANGS; 3 lo choose fro Yellow, red, black; priced s-ll. . . ·,, jz Beach City Chevrolet 3M1 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3-7« IMPERIAL .CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '60 Imperial Crown 2 door, factory air. conditioning, lull power, ratfo, heater, power steering, etc-_$995 !· RAY VINES Corner of Willow Lakewood Bl . 426-7301 -- Long Beach JEEP ' NEW 1966 JEEPS ALL MODELS -- ALL COLORS. . For a better deal, see -· BURGIN'S 4001 CHERRY GA7-HJ7 JEEPS-- Unlwarsals, wagons, pckps. Fac. alrtnor, dlr. Sales service. RANCHO J^EP SUPPLY GA 3-0548 6309 Paramount Blvd. " ' ~ WJEEP St. Wag. 4 wheel dr. Warn nirbs, tow bar, healer. Excel cond. S7S5. 4!1-44!«L A-l cond. mr.'XInl. cond. TO I 'of INT'L 120. travel 4 Mted, 34JMQ ml. LINCOLN ·5i .LINCOLN Premier, black, air cond., full pwr., good cond., UOO. Orlg. cwn. S3600. · MERCURY JIM SNOW .FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ,*AE 4-2600 '57 ME! RJ.H. C. Monlclalr, 4 dr. hardloo, Pwr. Str. Clean. $250. 421-2571 1955 MERC. 2-dr. hdlp., R8.H. Very good cond. 5225. . 436-9448 JEEP EASTERN BANK REPOSSESSIONS Ca'rs sfored rear 1740 L.B. 81yd See bank reo., Rudy HE 2-343 1H5 MUSTANG sell or trade. Bur gundy. white Vynll. 4 speetf Irans. 13,000. Taka oyer payml S2.236. 434-23SB '65 MUSTANG, I owner, sllll In r.ew car warranlv, 299 V-8, pwr. sir autom. trans.. Ilka new, owner must sacrlllce. Call 862-5954 '65 MUSTANG. G. T. Interior. 2W 4 spd. Low ml. Priced to sell Sail The Toledo, GE 9-5057 '65 MUSTANG, S cvh, *GA 2-120 OLDSMOBILE '60 OI.DS Super ; M. Fact. Air. Ful WW pARKVVrjOD"CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07; '63 OLDS 83, "I doer, hardtop, goM, 4 speed hyro, Buick WJJJ wheels w/new Rreslona 500 I Xtnt conil,, 39,000 miles. 633 . ...tKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-078 S ~ LDS--4 dr. sed. J«t Star " cond/ 81800. 1302 E. 3rd, and. Best otter. Ml-! 923-575 174 OLDSMOBILE TMs week's Sc*clat 'MOLDS .. "DELUXE F-M SEDAN" oiiU, »iii.l, l-urv, ii*6Ht, EZI plass, padded dashj clean flw body wrfi iratcMnff, carptltd Irv tftar. Fresh clean ihrouflrwjt. A-l $1399 A-l MEL BURNS FORD ass Long Beach Blvd. M1-33IS 64 OLDS F-85 $"1899 Cullass 2-Or. Hardloa. V-l, aulo- mattc, power sleering,. radio, healer, elc. Real sharp. Hensley-Anderson Ford «?3 Easl Alondra TO 7.2734 4 OLOS Dynamic 88 Holiday cpe.. alr-cond., full pwr. Invnac In ever/ way! Llllle oVd man from Pasadena . J1975 ADVANCE MOTORS 1740 Long Beach Blvd. HE 2-3M 62 OLDS Startlrei l-owner; all power; FACTORY AIR «1K» C. BOB AUTREY IMP L.B. Blvd., L.B. S9MJ7J EASTERN BANK REPOSSESSIONS ·63 Oids ea conv.. fac, air --11383 Cars stored fear 1740 L.B. Blvd. See bank rep., Rudy HE 2-34M SM9 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0751 Antes for Sol* 17* Aur*t for Sol* PONTIAC CHRYSLER TRADE-IN ·63 PONTIAC, Crana Prix J door hardtop, factory air condlllonho, automatic, · radio, htafer, power Corntrcl Willow Laktwod St. 426-7JQ1 -- Long BtacTT^ ........ $999 w*. -V8* wto- '60 PONTIAC Bonnevldc soort c CORMIER CHEVROLET SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP 830-5100 _ '63 PONTIAC Grand Prix; VI auto, R1H, p/steer; «S168; wllh 1-vr. warranty sriw Beach City Chevrolet 3»1 E. Pac. Clt. Hwy. GE 37«1 '65 PONTIAC GTO, 4 SPEED $2599 NERO MOTORS UOO Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-CTi , hard '62 PONT. Bonnevllle. 4 door, h. ·-- - - · - str., fad. -- blve w/malch- irecl. ' lop pwr. brakes str. cond.. btaut. Hotil bhw Ino Int. Mutt see lo appreciate. 11425. 'St PONT. 2-fr., aulo., full pwr.. 1-owntr. Im-nac. Steal S4M. No cash needed OAC. Walker Molor Sales. 331 W. Anaheim, 437-6814. ·it PONTIAC Star Ch!el 505? Lakewood Blvd. ME 30781 PLYMOUTH AIR-CONDITIONED Xlnl. traosp. for onfy l!». '58 Plymouth 4-dr. hardtop, push [yjlton aulo. trans., power sfeer- Irvg, radio, hcateri wttlc wall lir«s. Privale nartv, GA 8-1354 or GA all. 6 p.m. wwWavi CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '62 Plynxmtrt Station Wagon, VI, automatic, radio, healer, etc. Va- callon Special ___ S1055 RAY VINES Corner of Willow 4 Lakewood BL 426-7301 -- Long Beach CHRYSLER TRADE-IN '60 Plymoulh 4 door Sedan. Auto- malic Iransm'sslon, radio, heater. F "RA7 VINES--" 95 Corner of Willow LaXewwd Bl. 436-7M1 -- Long Beach '63 PLYMOUTH Valiant Slor.el 200 !Sfer: s«n!!sTM 1r ^±_ r ?. do RANCHO RAMBLER 2160 Lona Beach Blyd. 5?l-3341 '63 Plvm. Bel'/edere 2-door hardtop, power steering, a'jto. $1199 NERO MOTORS T70Q Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-J2S6 '64 PONT. Bonnevltle MrT'hT., all extras + lac. air. Xtra nice! «B5. Olr. . 5M-6525 '64 GRAHI brakes. ierlng S2.275. brakes win. RH, autom. trans!. air cond., 11MO mil. 43I444|.; hi. IP '. 17«4 Bellllower Blvd., Belli '{9^ PLYM. '05 Fury III [V-«._Warranly. Auto., p.s. Pr]y.. '61 PLYM. Belvedere, aytoni.. power slro., air cond. Excel, cond. Sac. 1585. 434-7684. '56 PLYM. Belvedere, autom., fwUy NiXp. Good cond. 1 owner. Stax mites. t?75. 422-1611 5721 Lakewoca 1 ^ ^. _. --. - - mttes. Beautlfu'. S1.80Q. _ 'M 4 DR. sta. wag. Aulo., RH, Make offer. 421-3442. PONTIAC ·65 PONT. Bonne. 2-dr. tldlp. aaua, ^-150. Take clean '60-'63-7 trade. ^-4759. 9210 H. Comoton, J!32. '» PONTIAC, aulom., ml. on motor, ?00. '64 PONT. Le Mans. 4 sod. RAH, Prlv. ply. S1,62S. GA 3-71?? '53 PONTIAC Hurst. See to aoorecl- ale. 1400. 4M-3818 '63 PONT, convert., pwr. sir. A brks^feRTaulom. S14SO. 4P0174 .-- V-6 WflGONEERS GLADIATORS UNWERSALS ^ PARTS SERVICE ALWAYS A BETTER · DEAL AT BURGSN'S '65 LEFT OVER SALE ·65 VALIANT V200 4-Door. AutomaHc, R 4 H r powe ileering. 2 inor to ctioos» from. SAVE $700 '65 BARRACUDA V8, AIR CONDITION, RiH, power steering, etc. SAVE $800 '65 FURY III ··.-Dr. Hdtp. LOADEDI I SAVE $1000 OH list price '65 FURY III SAVE 2-Dnor Hdtp. LOADEDI! 1000 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 LAKEWOOD BLVD. LOOK ME 3-0781 BRAND NEW 1966 CHEVROLETS ·1966 CAPRICE CPE $2725 I 1966 CHEVY II $18B9 j 1966 CHEV. v, fon P^up $ 1789 : 1966 CORVAIR CPE $1890 · ; |J 1966 CHEV. 9-PASS. BEL AIR WAGON $2375 I 1966 CHEVELLE 2 OR SED $ 1990 ·1966 CHEV. 4 PR SED $2099 1966 CHEV. IMP. CPE.. $2399 $199 DN. O.A.C. FACTORY ORDERS PARKWOOD CHEVROLET ,5029 LAKEWOOD BLVD. Aerott from iht MAY CO. ME 3-0781 shape. Prlv. '« PONT. Power braYei fc itecr. owner. Xrnt cond. 57DO. 30-656Q 17* AirtwforS* PONTIAC 1965 EXECUTIVE CAR CLEARANCE SALE B.oTJlfvlllt Sports .Coupes. Bonne. TM« 4-Dr. Ha,dlops/Cr»n» eilH, caraflna Sport Coup**, 2 + 7 Catalrna Sporfs. New car iuar- anlee. Tremendous savings. JOHN P. LAMERD1N · PONTIAC '60 PONTIAC $99? Bonnevllle Sport Couve. VI, au- b CORMlER 4 CHt=VR : OLET' 601 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-! '64 PONT. Grand Prix. .- . _ . . . . . ,1ir. pwr. slrg.. brakes, windows, R8.H, aulom. transm-' «lr cond. 31.000 ml. CE «-37C3 ·65 PONT. Bonnevllle, 2 dr. . r. sir. brks. New 'car war- I2995. Weekends or ey«. BSfca." '«, PONTIAC 2-fr., aulo,, R8.H No* clsh H eSierb"Air~/vir3:753 BELLFLOWER~AUTO STORAG1 ·59. PONT. Calallna. RH. Power 8, brakes Nr. battery. Clean. G . ME 4-14»: '64. GRAND PRIX Full Pwr,..Air B;?. 1 Coni 1555Q Paramoui 47 up H FORTS . Blyd. ME X-26M ·65 PONTIAC GTO. -4-SJxl., red W, ' ·50 POHTIAC. R. htr.. siood run nlr.g car. SI25 or best offer. 633-4185 '64 PONTIAC Le Mans, pvl. parry SUM. 4M-4a7a alter 5 pjri. ·59 PONTIAC 4-d Burke's, IB10 IM2 PONTIAC Catallna. Excel. _.. dlllon. Orlg owner. $1395. 43B-0/0( . cond. 433-4572 '57 PONT. Hdlp. New llres. brks. ball. Good cond. HJ01M. NEW 66 MUSTANGS B R A N D N E W FULL PRICE $ 2396 JIM SNOW FORD Corner rAIAMOUNT and ALONDRA PARAMOUNT ' ME 3-1107 174 Autos for Sate. RAMBLER « RAMBLE ·aJin. - -- .4-door Serfan.'Realry ler Buy. StocK «2542. "*RANCHO RAMBLER. 2IJO Long Beach Blvd. 591.3341 63 RAMBLER while Classic. 77t. RAH, wsw, laclory air. Xlnl. mlleate. standard sMtl wllh overseas. Set lo aporeclate. after i p.m. or 32J419I 44 RAMB. CLASSIC V8 «0, 4-dr.' sedan., auto., pwr. sir., RH, wsw, Ihls car. Is like r mileage. H499. RAY'FLAL Mercurv-comet, 17617 Bel 0 H AMBLER American 2-dr. sta. wag., RS.H. o'drlve, orlo. thruoul. 29,000 Or D. m . J477. ' VALLIER MOTORS 240 V7. Anaheim . 32-34tS M ,.{JfS5 s L A B?.?.,? u1 cW : 5-- v^e^^ss^s^ 6-- Good condition. Autos for BRAND ntv« IfW RarntXer "ZJO", 2-door sedan. stock » ;iH. $1795 RANCHO RAMBLER _31». : Long Beach Blyd. '» RAMBLER Amb., dl «iulp., RtH, air ccnd., au nniw glass, nest rn to I45 E. P.C.H.. GE "- n ' uc . .. dash, elc. Cleanest rn t owner. «9i. JI45 E. . ..t-WMi eves. HA 1-3516. " RANCHO _ _ 3166 Long Beach Blvd. 591-3341 '"RAMBLER "200" 2 door sedan. Todav'J aest Buy. Stock * j«]. RANCHO RAMBLER 2IM Long Beach Blvd. 5?l-3m 9 RAMBLER Amer., rww tires " ' TM '61 RAMBLER · Page III 174 RAMBLER Big Car Comfort... · al SMALL car erkt. ·64 RAMBLER Classic 660 4-Dr. Sedan. l-owner 8. very clean; has ra*'o, healer, aulomallc. PCO M7 11399 Verne HOLMES--Dodge Jilt! t Mlanllc · 4M-7I3I .H t exira W710S STUDEBAKER tft STUDEBAKER cotp«. Rt bail It wolnt.' Good Iransp. JSO taitu S250. «7-US9. '53 STUDEBAKER, bfack hdfp. 5TUDE. GoWtnhawX S2 fXt'3^ 1110 Cherry, L-B. 439-2361 TEMPEST New IfW DODGE Dirt 171 3-Dr. Glenn E. Thomas Co. gives 5-year/ »XrOO-mite warranty; 32,000 mllei between grease Eobs; 4,000 miles belwccn oil changes, at NO. extra cosl to vcu. 1*5-HP engine, air cleaner package, 6:50x13 black tires, variable sp*ed wiper/ windshield wajher, pacfded dasfi, cu!*rrfe mrrror, back-up lloht, CC vent, NO heater. Stock «43. Cash Or terms. DELIVERY TODAY. A new car at used car wtces. $7QM *» 48 Months your payments on this I9io DODGE will be $39.64 a 'month for -48 monihs. No' SURPRISES. These fermi IncWe Calif, sales tax, licenso facs, and financa charges. Equal payments. NOTHING MORE TO PAYI When ow VOLUME gois up, your cosf gocj down at GLENN E. THOMAS CO., DODGE. OF ALL '65 RAMBLERS! «01 CHERRY AVE GA 7-1827 4919 CANDLEWOOD ST. LAKEWOOD CENTER 634-7530 '65 CLASSIC FULLY FACTORY EQUIPPED 65 AMBASSADOR FULLY FACTORY EQUIPPED $ 65 MARLINS FULLY FACTORY EQUIPPED E. I. FINANCING TOP TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE WE NEED LATE MODEL FORD, PLYMOUTH CHEV. CARS. WE WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR. WE APPROVE YOUR CREDIT COME IN TODAY FOR THE SAVINGS OF A LIFETIME Buy A New 66 Rambler Now! New '66 Rambler 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE: NOW S 1795 Boulevard Buick DON'T SWEAT IT! A Nice Place : to Do Business | ***************** * V \i* ·65 CHEVROLET IMPALA COUPE * B a I a e--Automatic, radta, X heater, power. $9f OO T ·leer. IFDU 117) AAJJS* " - '64 PONTIAC STAR CHIEF 4-DOOR HARDTOP While--Automatic, p o w e r steering and brakes, radle, healer. $1QQA (HCL 21«) _ *O*»«f '61 BUICK LE SABRE 4-Dr. Hdtp. Wh|}« -- Automatic, power sleerljiB A brafces, radla, air conditioned. 14 « QQ (KNZ 111) - . * * *'·' '62 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE Air conditioning, autatnltlc, . radio, power sleeting and brakes, leather interior. Elua In color.. $9^QO (OSH J4S) ffVt^S '62 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX Automatic, power brakes A steering, air cand., elect. seats windows, SI COO -V cream. (JRR 3!1) A355» ^r '64 CHEV. IMP. SUPER SPORT while. (OSR «1) '63 BUICK SPECIAL DELUXE STATION WAGON Blue. V-I, automatic, radio, healer, p o w a r steering gffL _JI549 \^ \^ '65 JAGUAR 3-8 SEDAN Aotomatlc, powtr *te*r[tw/ rJdn. Mcattr/ )*.t^QQ maroan. i?7n-- ^^^* IX 1 JX . '63 BUICK RIVIERA B e I g e--Automatic, power steering and brakes, radia, factory air con- r dillcn. (KHL 770) '64 BUICK WILDCAT 4 DOOR { Bronie. Automatic, radio, £ heater, power steering and jf ^- brakes. ^1939 £ '64 BUICK * SKYLARK COUPE J Yellow. Aolomatlc, radio, ·* air condllionlna, p o w a r * sletnng and brakes, bucket ^ seats. S4QCIQ 4c (HXZS07) *aU5» ^ '63 CHEV. IMP. * SPORT COUPE Automatic, po-«er steering, radio, heater. $ Brown. (KHP»12 '65 BUICK T WILDCAT CPE. ^ * Aulomallc, radio, a!' con- * * rfilionlng, power steering A ^ brakes, electric seats and ., windows. * (MPA 871) '63 PONTIAC CATALINA COUPE Automatic, power ste« _ . Slur. IFLW M3) '65 BUICK SPECIAL DLX. 4-DR. Sliver Cray. Automatic, radio, lieatsr, Mwir steering. (SI*. N». lit) _ . 1 HQO *«»«*·' CLOSE OUT % 1965 j OPEL KADETTE t -******+***++-**in * BOULEVARD ! BUICK $ 1881 $ LONG BEACH * * BtVD, . * 591-SMS * 591-5616 5 1r****************J

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