Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 20
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14 · NoHHwMt Arkansas TIMES, Tu*», April 20, 1976 Fuel Conservation Raised To Equal Status With Energy WASHINGTON. (AP) -- In a policy reversal, the Ford administration is raising fuel conservation to equal status · with developing new sources': of energy in the effort to rcduce-U.S. iJcpcndence on foreign suppliers. · The Energy Kesearch atid Development Administration in* eluded the increased 'emphasis on .conservation in an updated plan for energy rose; an upda search/, ssub- milled to Congress.on Monday. The updated report estimated that conservation could .save (ho nation at least one-third of today's oil consumption by, 1985. ERDA Administrator : Robcrt Seamans Jr. said Ihe update "reflects widespread public reaction lo the , initial '.plan," last .June- downgraded conservation in'favor of dcvel oping new energy sources. · The administralion said then lhat significant fuel savings would require mandatory conservation measures that Con gross would not pass. ' However, early Ibis month 1 Mrs. Hurley Smilh of Dallas, Tex,, has an a f f e c t i o n a t e pat for Old Buriilie who is alrimsi 35 in h u m a n years but lias en- dureg (lie ravages of 175 Old Buddie years in horse time. Toothless, half blind arthritic'" and lircd out, Old Buddie h a s spent the last 18 years on a five-acre' spread in Dalhis, Texas, hut in younger years : he was purl of n shcviff's ; posse M'ho'helpeil cliase down criminals anil led hmirtreds n( piirjules. (AP \VirephoicO Chimpanzee On List i World's Monkeys Threatened With Extinction Reinforcements Arrive To Clear Grain Schedule NEW ORLEANS {AP Fresh reinforcements have arrived in the federal government's war to clean lip the export grain scandal. For ly fede ra1 i nsp cctors, fresh out of a five-week training course, reported for duty Monday and should : be scattered at duty stations up and down the Mississippi River by Wednesday. · Another 30 federal inspectors will be here by midsummer, boosting the total lo 180. By contrast, the.US. Department of Agriculture's grain inspection division had only;ljfl in- i spectors last year when allegations of bribery and routine shorlwci ghting begati face. "This will enable us lo some things \ve haven't been doing and lo tlo more of what we have bnon rloing," said Harlati lyan, chief of USDA grain in- pectors in New Orleans. Surprise spot inspections will e increased, he added. The inspectors \vi)l look over iie shoulders of some 200 pri- ate and. slate grain graders vho operate from Baton Rouge o Golden Meadow, Hie export errttory of the New Orleans ofice: In addition, another 60 veighing inspectors of state and municipal agencies do:ible- check the licensed weighers: The hurried USDA expansion s being financed by an emergency §5 million congressional appropriation. Over Hie entire operation the government 'reported ·'. a steady drop in energy consumption since .1973 due; at least iii part, to conservation. SoammiB said, in outlining Ihe new plan, t h n t tiis agency has not worked out lie-tails of an aggressive conservation pro gram. But he said it will include development of b e t te r ways to insulate homes \ anrl buildings, and'elimination of pilot lights ;for gas stoves ; arid heaters., ' ' · ; ' '· The report said conservation is much ' less : expensive ; . than production and can be effected more rapidly. · -:.-,··'· : l "ll '.typically 'costs less, lo save a barrel of oil than to pro-i duce one through llic develop-, ment of new technology," · ihe report said. "Energy conservation-generally has 'a' more beneficial effect,un the environment 1 . Ih'an. (Joes energy pro- (tuccd and used." Seamans said, "I believe it impossible, to exaggerate the need to, make more efficicnl use of energy. Each barrel saved means one . not imported." ' ERDA's new plan estimated that improving the efficiency of energy use could bring savings of 5.3 million to 7.3 million barrels of' oil per day by 1985, ' a n equivalent of one-third to one- half the nation's present total oil consumption. Seamans said his agency. will ·try to improve energy efficien- * and generation of electricity, where much of ttie energy waste fakes place. cy in factories, buildings* transportation, and iti' the WASHINGTON (AP) - --' 'About 35 per cent of the world's monkey species may be threatened with extinction bucause of such human pursuits as war, farming, logging, medical research and pet : keeping, accord- Legal Notices ing to the Interior Department. It proposed on .Monday that 27 monkey .species he added to the" list of endangered or threatened animals, raising to.55 r the tofal number of listed by the r of p.i United ! Irimates Slates:. Legal Noifces tlEPORT OF CONDITION, CONSOLIDATING DOMESTIC SUBSIDIARIES, OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FAYETTEVILLE IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON MARCH '31, 197G. ' P U B L I S H E D IN RESPONSE TO CALL M A D E BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, UNDEK 8 , ASSETS Cash and due from banks .-.....' ..... .·'. , ......... . $15,904,000.00 TITLE 12, UNITED STATES CODE. SECTION 161. Charter No 734G ' National Bank Region No, U.S. Treasury securities-/: Obligations of other U.S. Government agencies and corporations ' Obligations of States and political subdivisions .... Federal. Reserve stock and corporate stock .... Federal funds sold and securities purchased u n d e r agreement to resell 'Loans, Total (excluding unearned i n c o m e ) '. .. 41,531,000.00 Less: Reserve for possible loan losses 192,000.00 Loans, Net '... -- --;. ..i... 1 ........... Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises Other assets TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Remand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations -. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United Stales Government Deposits of Stales and political subdivisions Deposits of commercial banks Certified and officers 1 checks .etc TOTAL DEPOSITS fa) Total demand deposits 29,312.000.00 (b) total time and savings deposits .. Other liabilities · TOTAL LIABILITIES 2,316,000.00 2,098,000.00 17,652,000.00 .1,500,000.00 41,339,000.00 9X7,000.00 8GS.OOO.OO The Fede e - p ral roposal published, in the Registrar followed a CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Common stock a. No. shares authorized 50.000 b. No .shares outstanding 50,000 (par value) 1,000,000.00 Surplus Undivided profits 6,000,000.00 Reserve for contingencies and olher capital 2G6,OQO.OO reserves TOTAL EQUITY CAPITAL 9J75.000.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY CAPITAL .. 83,632,000.00 MEMORANDA Average for 15 or 30 calendar days ending with call dale: , Cash and due f r o m banks : . . . : ,10,361,000.00 Fed, funds sold and securities purchased under ; agreements to resell 4.000,000.00 Total Joans . . . Timo deposits of $100000 or more in domestic offices / 8,382,000.00 Total deposits ; 73,0^1.000.01) Time rTcposits of $100,00 Oor more in domestic offices: 8,382,000.00 Time certificates of deposit in de-nominations of $100.000 or more ; · T, John M. Lewis. President, of the above-named bank do hereby delcarc t h a t Ihis report r.f condition is true and correct lo the nest oT my knowledge and Etelief. .Tohn M. Lewis March 31. 107fi We. the undersigned directors allcst the correctness of Ihfs statement of resources a n d liabilities. We declare that il hns been examined by us, and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. George E. Shclton, Maupln Cummins, Hal C. Douglas, Directors survey of the 150 living primate species by the department's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "About 35 per cent o'f ihe world's monkey species are- in deep trouble,", according to the survey, ..Among Ihe Ihrealened species is Ihe chimpanzee, described in the. World Book encyclopedia as "Ih(?;m6st intelligent of all n n i nials/ 1 The decline of foiir In dochinese species was blamec on "military activities and oth cr habitat disruptions." It was proposed thai 12 of the species be listed as omlangcrcc - a category that means they are in imminent, danger of ex Unction in the wild. Fifteen o the species would be listed as threatened, meaning they likely lo become endangered in the foreseeable future if no ac fiOlOOO.OO lion is t a k e n lo reverse t h e trend. ' Endangered species receive complete federal ' protection None can be~ killed, placed inU commerce, or possessed with out a special permit, which i: given only for scientific pur poses or to enhance the 'propa gallon or survival of the ani mal. Threatened species rcgu laiions are written on a case by-case basis depending on thi needs of the animal. Ten of the species proposes for the list live in Asia, 11 Africa and six in Latin Amer ica. Threats lo Ihe survival of the Asian primates also includet the destruction of forests foi plantations, collection foi bipmcdical research and pets and use of some species as food by m a n . T h e African primates a r threatened because of extcnsivi operations, h u n t i n g fo h u m a n food, the collection o sonic o f . the more colorful spe cics for zoological display, agri culture and scientific research. And in Latin 'America, · in monkeys are threatened by ih loss of forests to f a r m i n g am $83,632.000.00 24,535.00 33.469.00 225.000,00 1.957.000.00 22fi.000.IH) 73,430,000.00 1,027,000.00 74 ,5 57,000.00 Carter Prepared To Borrow For Campaign Funds NEW ORLEANS (AP) -Television campaign ads are so i m p o r t a n t ' t o ' J i m m y Carter lie was prepared to personally borrow $100,001) to pay For some in c a s e political contributors didn't come through, "Voters get a candidate's altitude on issues from those ads rather Elian from the news media," he told a fund-raising reception here- Monday during a s topovei- in his race for Democratic nomination. , "That's why tbe cutoff of federal !matching -"Funds is so serious," he added, standing on a "chair so he could look around the cocktail hour crowd. : ,' Matching money snugged on a U.S; Supreme Court- ruling last month -- a stiff financial jolt to all candidates.. . . Although Congress may unsnarl things later, that's no help now because a political candidate is not looked upon as a good credit risk by most advertising executives; tliey' w a n t cash in advance. A Carter aide estimated that the campaign, due to the malchingrfund shnlott, is about $375,000 short of the money it had counted oh for ads. ; "But we have raised $160,000 iii the past few "days and that puts us oh the tube in Pennsylvania," he said. "We're the only ones on TV up there." Most of the cash - was; gathered at a meeting of 250 members of his national ^finance committee in Atlanta, Ga.' They brought in $108,000 in satchels .and boxes. Carter said t h e Pentisylvnia primary on April 2? looms as a 'Baboon Standoff' Declared] At King Island Amusement Park KINGS MILLS, Ohio (AP) -Fitly ta boons were on the out- sWe looking in again loday at Ihe Kings Island amusement, part;'White Ihe h u m a n side was inside looking out in what i one official declared (a be a baboon standoff." ' : · Most of the runaway baboons critical; showdown with Democratic,'candidates. ooms the shadow of Cpnj vhich is consi egress, idering vhether the federal m e n t : should take over all inspection and weighing of Amer- can export grain to prevent Further scandal in the §12 bil :ion business. Abuuf. 10Q indictments were; landed up on charges involving ihe grade of grain, weight of the grain cargo, 'and cleanliness of the 'ship carrying the grain. Sixty convictions have been returned. Approximately -10 ' Elvis Begins New Business MEMPHIS. Tenn. CAP) -Entertainer Elvis Pr.esley plans to develop racquetball facilities in Memphis, Nashville and other cities. Jt is the first business venture outside the entertainment fteld in which'Presley has authorized use of his name. Presley. Cunler Courts, Inc., will break ground iti Memphis at 10 a.m. Tuesday for Us first facility, said' D'r. George G. Nichopoulos, 1 'a : physician and close friend of. the entertainer. Nichopoulos will be the president of the firm arid Presley will he chairman of the board. However, Presley will not take an active part in day-to-day management, NichopoutoS' said. Other principals are Joe Esposito of Los:Angeles, Presley's road manager, and Michael McMahon, a real estate developer. Both men will be v i c e presidents and McMahon be the general manager. An announcement was made last December that a racquetball firm would be started in Memphis, known as Racquet- hall,of Memphis, Inc. However, Presley, who started playing racquetball about 18 months ago, was persuaded to become a principal in the corporation and permit the use of his name, At an earlier news conference here. Carter said he had sighed a note authorizing h i s ' campaign director to borrow $100,- 000'on Carter's name "if he fell it was necessary" in order ; to buy TV time in Pennsylvania. Asked if he would'have to put up his peanut farm as security, Carter replied that his personal credit standing is good enough to' get a:loan'oh his signature. Black Leaders Asked To Support Jimmy Carter r.ITTLE-ROCK ( A P ) -- A Idler was s e n t Monday fo black 1 ea d'e r s in sas' asking them to Jimmy Carter for President, despite his recent remark about "ethnic purity." Thomas Harlaway of Little Rock, president, of an advertising agency and one" of three chairmen of - Carter's · committee in Arkansas; signed the letter. " · " ' · Harlaway said ho did not be lieve Carter's .statement would damage the candidate's position among blacks in Arkansas. "There are few men big enough to say, 'I am sorry,' es- " the Picking Up Litter Student's Hobby MIAMI (AP)' -- Old .-shoes; discarded clothings beer cans and cigarette butts. It's all the same to 17-year-old Wendy vStevens: litter. And picking it up is her hobby. "Somebody has to do It. This city should be kept clean." says the high school honor student who has been collecting other people's refuse for two years "1 just 1 saw it all-around ahc figured that the only way il was- going to ' change was il people gol into cleaning up in stead · oof throwing t r a s h around." - . · · ' ' ' " Miss Stevens said she .spends about three hours a week pick ing jp trash and putting it h the proper containers. : S!ie concentrates on smaller items be cause city , sanitation workers usually take care of. the larger no's. : · ' : "Sometimes I'JI lake aflernotin and just pick trash," she said. ."Anytirr have some time' to kill I'll jus start picking up. 11 In two years of: carrying big shopping bag and collect in? *»1! types of refuse, Miss ,Stc yens says one category of litte is her pet peeve, -- cigarctt butts. She's gathered up 2 pounds of them since bcginnin her litter-collecting hobby. , "It's " a l i " disgusting, but think cigarette .butts are th worst. -There's .such an abtir dance of thenv and the; the greenery a n d - g e t a! gy,"- she',explained. r . , Miss'Sfevens said she wanl the city to give her a job talk ing to high · school 'studenl abo-jl^ litter arid .singhig th songs'she" has written about i Young people,'she said,- are' th "\vorstYoffender s. , -, ·-' - , f "I've made informal survey of young-people and they're no even conscious of'their action when they litter," she sail "That's the ' most disturbin thing." ^ . . S!ic conceded that her Tamil a n d friends "' think 'she "-weird." But she said she's n Arkan- Eiccd a change in'sbme of (her support lately. ' "My friends help me a litt how," she said. "None of the: litter any more." other bu: sog re caught Monday, but park icials'had to let i h e m go, ain after six of the a p e s rambled over a newly etec-; tied fence that didn't: work.;, 'ark publicist pan Edwards d park -officials, .huddled mday night "trying to figure L our options, what wa are ing to do next," :· .".. j 'You can say we|re sort of at baboon standoff." - ,:.":Edwards said 30 of the n escapees were lured back o the compound with fruit lite 19 of thp Olive baboons inaincd outside the 12-foot ice. ·' . , - - · - . . . . " . - . - k Kather than keep,the 30 ha", ons inside the fence, park of- cials decided to let them go in j*?s of eventually getting em all hack. - · -.·_? We were afraid the ones-in- de might send out distress gnats to the others and ttiey ould panic' and .run away, 1 ; dwards said. · · ' . ' - · "' The baboons have plenty oE wd in the wooded hill area, 1 eat "leaves, -grass and rdV eggs. . / 'We are giving them fruit as treat to keep .them . Inter- sled," Edwards said. The park . eeds them back.insWe before lening Saturday for the sea-J The baboons escaped Wednes^ ay but remained on park land arcly in sight of the com- ound, , .' - ' . ' _ ' / One baboon - became scna: ated from the others and'was eported traveling eastward.'11 'as sighted near Morrow, Ohio; londay. - . : Edwads said one of th« pn- ons will be to keep the Lion ountry Safari, where the ani- ials arc kent, closed on Satitrr ay. The oVily view ttys nimals is from a monorail. -·; "The monorail might not run aturday; This is one of the possibilities," Edwards said. ' Director Fired ; HOT SPRINGS.'Ark. (AP -^ nez Brown off Hot Springs has ccn fired as director of the ·arlaml County ;,Revenue Ofr ce, according-, to Richard leath, director of the'stale Finance and Adrhinistration De- lartment. ' '.: ·? . Mrs. Brown - has not been harged with any wrongdoing, ut an Administration -Departs nent a-jdit has revealed that here are funds missing .from he office. , . / . ni help with your ireddiTir. e ecerrLblac !· en**are (be tm; I,1n«ns, silver, crystal, cte ie fMinlnlTis. 3 Locatfpn* (R Sprinidale, FajeJUvHlej; C 33"i. " ' · "All Rents And Sales Centers" America's export grain cent of passes through the Port of New Orleans, the "world's third largest port. ' Racial Incidents Plague Boston BOSTON, CAP) -Gangs of black youths in Boston's Roxbu* ry section heal a white '· man anrl stopped a long-distance passenger train and stoned its crew in tly? latest in a series of racial incidents in the city, police -said. Rchard Poleel, 31, of Boston was dragged from his car Monday right and was kicked a n d bealcn'on the head with bricks by 15 lo 20 black youths, officers said. .lie was on the danger l i s t - a t a hospital early lo- day, officials said. About the same trm,o, a gang mile away stoned t r a i n m e n trying lo remove old tires ami tree limbs piled on the tracks. NO passengers or trainmen were injured, an Amtrak spokesman said. Police reported no" arrests in cither incident. Ston ings of ca rs passing through the predominantly black Hoxbury seclion were reported throughout the evening. Police said at least four wind shields were smashed. said Espositp. Presley liked the sport. : so 1 . : well, said Esposito, that he built a court, at his Gracelarid 1 estate. The . 10-court facilities will have an average cost of $700.000 each, including buildings and l a n d , said Nichopoulos. They will include a pro shop, child care facilities, sauna, locker., room, .weight and, exercise room, equipment. rentals and racqu»lball lessons.! The Memphis facility .will be an 18,000-square foot unit built on , 1.25 acres. Opening l is planned for early September. Another facility is being built in Nashville, and will also open ncxl fall. McMahon said the company is,' considering Chattanooga and Knoxville as possible areas for future locations- Tie said that all will be company-owned, with no franchises logging, and collection of the animals for the U.S. pet and zoo trades. NEED A CALCULATOR HOME OR OFFICE TRY MARCHANT (Ocuiifvmnt · CALCULATORS ·TYPEWRITERS · ADDERS · COPIERS SUPPLIES · SCM PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS 200 A DICKSON ST. PH. 521-4545 Loran Combs -- Gene White -- Fred Laney , pecially if he means letter said. "I am stumbled, not yet saying Carter I do want to point o u t - the possibility of a variance of expected behavior," Ihe letter said. "If this is all that I can find, and it is, in his character, this is a man I can live; with. As I view,the po : litical arena at: the present, Jimmy Carieris myichoice for President of the United States." Carter, a Democratic candidate, used ' t h e term "ethnic purity" in describing bis position on federal housing regulations. : EVEREST JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" xutuuttua T»ytHevUleI«» E. Silfo Square Buy a DELUXE Central Air Conditioner now for add-on or replacement and get a cash refund direct from General Electric. You get cool air at a cool price! SAVE NOW ' with isT ULTRA STEAM CARPET and FURNITURE CLEANING Any *ir« Living Ronn We am SJtaaed «nd n and n*tl feodoriKd CALL on\j NOW $19.95 Ph. 521-3620 NATIONAL MANUFACTURER 8 LOCAL BUILDER · · . NEEDS IMMEDIATELY THREE RESIDENTIAL LOCATIONS FOR DEMONSTRATION SWIMMING POOLS H E R B IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN AMERICA'S FINEST SWIMMING POOL AT A GREAT SAVING! . . . as advertised In House, Beautiful magazine , · · CALL 756-6293 DAVID ROBERTS INC. FROM $50 TO $100CASH REFUNDS on DELUXE Central Air Conditioners, depending · on model and capacity. Make your best buy now and get quality cooling at a moderate cost. March 1 through April 30, 1976 is refund time for GE DELUXE Central Air Conditioners at all participating GE'dealers. All units have two-speed fans to control outside noise, and they are available in capacities of 24,000 to 60,000 BTUH. Equipment must be installed by May 31st, 1976. Your Refund Will Be: UNIT CAPACITY REFUND AMOUNT 2-2/1 TONS $ 50 3-3j TONS * 75 4-5 TONS ' $100 CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE AND HOME SURVEY. H E L T 0 N A L E S E R V I C E 451 E. Township Rd. Foyetteville, AR 442-9340 Doyle Shelton (Offer void in areas where prohibited, Mxcu or restricted by law.)

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