Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 10, 1966 · Page 24
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 24

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 24
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SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH THIS BEPROOM MIRROR. HI AND LOIS EVERY Time I ArtOVE I LOOK DIFFERENT. A · 1 WONPER H WHICH ONE B A f THE REAL ME.' LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS PAGE 25 THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1966 ACROSS 1 DOCTOR--THERE'S A LITTLE GIRL OUTSIDE--SHE VVANTS YOU TO CURE HER HICCUPS LET'S SEE-WHICH DR(J(y SHALL I USE -L 'aoiviava '? 'MOJoaavDS ·£ 'VU3WVD 'I 'XNIHdS 'I--UMOQ "HDHOl '8 '31GOOd 'L -i--«°-«Y : s«3MSNv NAJMCY PUT A RAIL Of= iVATER ON TOP OF A POOR WAIT FER THE KIMS. PAV ATTEMTiON, --YOUR BASIC IDEA WAS HOT ISKiDSTUFE WHLZARD OF ID IM SCARED OFMY6IRL, TO. AND $HE'SA$ SWEET AND YOU 5E£, / WAUT TO $OFTA6flKlTTEU- =^ MAPKY HK AUD I'M THATS YWP TKOUBLE-l IT MOWS ISUTtT, BOSS? x-~N. THAT MUCH, MOW. HOW COULD IFOSSIBtf BE SCARED OF A LOVELY G/PL LIKE gpENDA STARK? ^A EASf, SCARE? SILLY SHE'S NOJGOIN6 W Y£S WHEN L RENDA STARR WHAT WATER? IS MV WATER f WOUUD VOU PLEASE GET ME A GLASS OP WATER? BLONDIE 60T rt\Y FIVE THOUSAND I YOU SHOULDN'T DOLLARS OUT OF THE ^ BE CARRYING \~\A BANK...IN CASH/1 r^WITH YOU, MY DEAR/ | HAVE IT WITH ME//IT ISNT SAFE/ AS SOON \ 7 AS THE LECTURE IS OVER, I'LL TELL YOU WHERE TO I MEET ME.' SELMA, MY PEAR...I THOUGHT YOU'D BE SEATED UP FRONT/ OKAY...rLL GO UP AND MAKE YOUR INTRODUCTION/ WATCH ME AS I WALK DOWN/ HLSPEAK TO WHOEVER IS SEATED NEXT TOMRS.BENNINGTON'5 RIGHT/ REX MORGAN SEE, SAKGE? . _. , GIVE YOU A BAG TO ^ KIDDIN TAKE HOME ANYTRlMS VOU DOMT EAT HERE I 6(JB5S WMAT 1 ' LEARNED IN TOWN TODAY BEETLE BAILEY ANP ON COMMANP THE CHOPPERS PROP SMALLER POPS OF aUICK-HARPENINS EARTO ON THE COLUMN OF WADIMS MEN... THE VIET COM TROOPS ARE 50 INTENTON CAP- TURJN6 KAYf THAT THEY NOT SEE TOE TELL ME WHY What Are Cultured Pearls? Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Britannica Junior, 15- volume encyclopedia tor school and home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" w i l l select the winner. Today's winner is: DENISE HOPKINS Dudley, Mass. Wouldn't it be nice if every time you opened an oyster you found a pearl? Of course, they might not be so valuable if there were so many of them, but they would still be beautiful! Now most mollusks, or shell- covered water animals, line their shells with nacre or mother-of-pearl. This lining is to protect their delicate bodies from contact with the rough covering. This lining is made by deposits of a series of milky, satiny, transparent films. When they harden, they produce that beautiful mother-of-pearl. A pearl is really the result of a mollusk, or oyster, being sick. What makes it sick is mat a grain of sand or some other foreign' substance gets into the shell and irritates the animal. The animal can't remove it, so it covers it with layer after layer of that substance--and a pearl is formed! Genuine precious pearls are produced by various kinds of pearl, oysters called "Melea- grina." Sometimes the ordinary type of oyster we eat produces a pearl, 'but it is of inferior quality. You see, the type of shell determines the quality of the pearl. The ordinary oyster has a dull kind of shell, so it can't produce really beautiful or valuable pearls. There is a family of fresh water mussels that produces fresh water pearls. These are often valuable and are called seed pearls, the smallest type of pearls known. "Cultured" pearls are r e a l pearls. They are made by inserting some irritating material, plus some nacre-forming substance, into the body of the animal. It is practically a surgical operation! Artificial pearls are hollow glass beads lined with a substance made from the scales of certain fishes and filled with wax. They can be quite beautiful, but, of course, are not as valuable as real pearls. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Jane: What did the boy have after he ate 3 apple pies and six cakes? Sue: I don't know. Jane: A stomach-ache. Joe: There were four women under one umbrella, but they didn't get wet. Why? Jack: I don't know. Joe: It wasn't raining. Make up an original crossword puzzle. You may win a Britannica World Atlas. Send it to "Crossword Puzzle," Tell Me Why, Tucson Daily Citizen, with your name, age, and address. ACROSS: 1. Opposite to close. 4. Yell. 6. Frozen water. 1. Consumed. 9 Frying utensil 11. Small body of water. DOWN: 1. To leave out. 2. Before. 3. Negative 5. Small insect 1. In addition 8. To make a mistake. 9. River in Italy. 10. Article. Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for *he letters selected each week. 86EK S7VWN6 P5K75 FEET ANP INCHES AMD OZZK AND AND FEET, BUT I'M 600DONOZZE5ANDLI05.. '50 I'M HERE...AND I FBH. UKETHE MAN WHO PRBEP Vj£ W RJSHT UP TO WE WJ6/W5 NOOSE--* THE Noise WOKE ME- BALLS O'FIRE!! WHY DIDN'T YOU X SNUFF/ VARMINTS WAIT PER ME AFORE VE STARTED TH'CARD SAME? SNUFFY SMITH GENERALS DIAZ, CUESTA, LOPEZ ANP GARCIA. THE SECURITY POLICE HAVE ORDERS FROM THE TOP TO KEEP HAMDS OFF. NO SUPPORT FOR ACADA. BUT THERE'S THREE OR FOUR TOP GENERALS I THINK WE CAM RELY ON, BOS. BUZ SAWYER KIM '^O' IMAGINETH' SCENE, WHEN} AH POPS UP IN DOGPATCH, ALIVE AS A ROACH 1M A BL.UEERRV MUFRN? MILL10M AVEAR" THAT'LL TEACH VOU - " MONEY.'.' M CUTTING YOUR. ALLOWANCE OF A MILLION A MONTH- WILLHAFTA.G/VSALL THET INSURANCE LEL ABNER f I'll $hpw you! It takes dimes,nickels V or quarters.' £e!f-6ervice! A email edition of the bfq I've designed it I I 11^3 1W IJWL4I ^B M I U P W I I W l U i t W Vlh{I *~ * " " --· -- --· ---j- - · "baby", Gideon? A doughnut machine, primarily for supermarket6! / work? GASOLINE ALLEY VOU NOT ONLV HAVE TO LOOK LIKE A DOCTOR-- VOUVE OTT · -- EANWHILE,THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN A LITTLE PAN EL TRUCK PARKED BEHIND THE HOSPITAL. WE'RE NOT HERE TO QUESTION YOU, MAAV. WE CAME TO GIVE VOU THE LATEST NEWS. YOUR GIRL FRIEND WAS DEAD ON ARRIVAL.. VOUR CAR LOOKS LIKE A WAD OF METAL HAMBURGER OKAV-- GET ON THOSE GOWNS. DICK TRACY Copyright 1964 STEVE CANYON Heroism Pays For Bus Driver NEW YORK -- (IP) - Frank Randazzo, a Queens bus driver, lost $232 in wages last fall because of his sense of civic responsibility. He went to the aid of a policeman under attack by hoodlums and later testified at a trial that led to their conviction. Now, thanks to the generosity of three strangers who read of his heroism, Randazzo is getting back some of the money he lost, It was revealed yesterday a South Carolina housewife, a Wisconsin paper manufacturer and an anonymous New Yorker contributed $40 to him. OKAV, MAC ».THIS I5NT A RACE TRACK, THIS 15 THE 0(6 crryi SMIDGENS PULL OVER IN THE FIRST PARKINS PLACE V'COMI TO! I'M THROWING THE BOOK AT YOU! IftlfeR ALL RISHT,,. OSiCE MORE AROUND THE BLOCK. 1 IF WE CANT FIND A PARKIN6 PLACE THte Tl ME, FOR6ET IT.' APARTMENT

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