Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 32
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um ·«·«., CMH. **. JM. a. im Bt By Johnny Hort I'll ABNER By Al Capp .wen,,MEN ME DIED, AS A, ^HepHeRD^ STICK. MISS PEACH By Mel! Lazarus P a MV DOESN'T WNPEfttTAND «e. ANIMAL CRACKERS By Rog Bowen DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Ketchum 'I #0 WASH 'EM! MAY6EI WUNO A NEW KINO Of DIRT." CROSSWORD PUZZLE 28 Gypsy 31 Sahl 33 They throw cubes 37 Wat flier 38 Malayan boats 40 Curved molding 41 St. Paul's architect 45 Where Sligo is 46 Irritate 47 Miss Gabor 43 Game dog 51 Spill 52 Hanoi holiday 53 Roman poet Solution to Yesterday's Puzzle: ACROSS 1 Tight spots 5 Ridicule 10 Vasco da -14 Concept 15 British greeting 16 Beasts ol buiden 17 Co'ortul diets, qi'ls in Eden' 20 \Vil : s' iirt 21 Dinly drinks 22 Bill 23 Bunch 26 Insect 55 Uris or Errol 57 Labor gr. 60 SonofSeth 62 "Blue Shoes" 66 Tricksy sprite; fine leathered chap' 70 Gl oHense 71 King Saul's witch of 72 Business 73 Annoy 74 Quiet: obs. 75 Stable tare DOWN! 1 Sails 2 Entrance 3 Nothing else than 4 Eminent Eqyptian 5 Greek R 6 Clodhopper 7 SKiing mecca S Done in 9 Sluggish 10 OKmpian 11 Plant pan 12 Arizona city 13 Once again 18 Slouches 19 Wine area 24 - Worth 25 Band 27 Cargo boat 28 "A Day at t h e - " 29 30 - badge 32 Records 34 Heron 35 Bailifl 36 French lawmakers 39 Some are scalloped 42 Sail - lartack 1 43 Whoopee? 44 Sit again 49 Uniform 50 Quoit toss 54 "Lorna -" 56 Skat feat 57 Tor 58 Ames' state 59 Old Greek coin 61 Does lawn work 63 Lamb 64 Thou shall not 65 Lamb's dams 67 Laid up 63 Down,' 69 Tiny trout MARMADUKE Brad Anderson "At least he liked the steeik." SEEK FIND Sports And Games T R U K Q U N S F I V E S B I L L A S B A L L G H T Q U R C N H I D E O I L E A P O Q O M P R D O M U O N U P E J E L E K Q E D S v O R A M A H A O R C N N O J M A R O D I J I A I G C f S M N J H O C C S E R E A E O O O R A U R N G O C C E D L F L R R U B S A B S K O P A L T L Q N T J R F P A E L J H A M O R R S R E K C E H C E S E N I H C A P C G G B A S B A L L E A P F R A G H Instnictions: The hidden names listed below appw forward, bickwud, up, down, or diagonally in the puzzle. Find each hidden name and box it in as shown: BASEBALL DOMINOES LEAPFROG CHINESE CHECKERS CROQUET MAHJONGG CRICKET HOPSCOTCH MERELS HIDE AND SEEK LAWN TENNIS SNOOKER Tomorrow: Statistical Terms t HOROSCOPE toy JESA-NEJ IDIXOIsr Forecast for Thursday Your birthday today: Diversity R'Gtures yoiir bfe this conv int year. Vocation;]] specialties are t h e r e for y o u r study. Hobbies become profitable for some. Relationships involve s u b t l e phenomena, s t r a n g e coincidence, and rcmu're vour unit lust care. Todav s natives tend to be pereruiially restless, sociable, fond of travel, given to the p u r s u i t of eccentric ' "nos (March 21-Anril 19): Surprises are the order of the day. some of them not as elegant as hoped. Entertainment is ballyhpocd, overadvertised: be selective if you're going out for I lie evening. Taurus lApril 20-May 20): Money is available, snb'ject to sjvcial conditions. Strong opinions art 1 stated by associates. Don't join in or take sides. Home life fan's better If you let well enough alone. Gemini ( M a y 21-June 20): Groups scatter, change directions. It's time to cultivate personal connections for j a t e r r e f e r e n c e . The initiative is \otirs for social activity. Cancer (June 21-J'uly 22): Operate in the open-nohodv :s going to quite understand wnat v e n t u r e s are delicately balanced; it's not what, but how, .\ou go about it. Ix-o (Julv 23-Atig. 22): Expert extra work today, concentrate on m a k i n g p definite effort along conventional lines. Routines predominate, need an e.x- nnrt l«..«l. On.... V-!.._J.. .!.,,,, " THE ADV5RTISIMS CLU9 OF LOWEST, w .,_;. By Tom K. Ryan- TUMBLEWEEDS 'THAT'S THE * TRUTH, POSSUM...' HE LOOKS MORE VOU SAV YOU CAME HEBE V YOU KNOW IVHAT ME FISH...WELL I DON'T BELIEVE ) 15, POSSUM?..HE'S ONE YOU AND ANYHOW I DON'T rf 0' THEM LAND THIEVES YOUR LOOKS/ x--k'' S COWE ''^S .f jAUNT O.AUDIE.' V A V ACTUALLY, I'M HERE TO HELP AUNT CLAUDIE.. MOT A DEVELOPED.'.. MY BUSINESS-IS WINS IVILDLIFE PICTURES AND WKITIW6 ARTICLES' ABOUT THE OUTDOORS.' DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney" AEEN'TVOU I -^~_-^'·_ KINO OF OLD Sf DON'T 6E\ ^" FOR TUAT SORT TOO 5URE, 1 ^ EB and FLO By Paul Sellers" WEU-,EB? WHAT PIP Y?U THINK OF OUf. WOMEN'S IT WASNT AS I,THOUGHT IT WOULD BE STEVE ROPER By Sounders Overgqrd lor iat:: leisure iimc. Virgo (Aug. 23-Scpl.'»): Progress involves expenditure of both lime and money to support neglected areas of work. Hobby interests are fascinating: tuke notes, collect special materials. t.ibra (Sept. 23-Ocl. 22): Friends have several theories, and once you've heard them you'll know more surely what you want to do about personal questions. Lei career matters ride. Scorpio (pel. 33-Nov. 21): Cooperation is all-important as voti now collect the returns 5n long-past deeds. Put out foolers for more openings: think in terms of building for the future. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You're in for a bit of passing I conflict. Be helpful and see that I everybody concerned gets a j fair deal.' Put more emphasis on checking prices and quantities today. I Capricorn (Dee. 22-Jan. 19): I Be sociable, but don't let pleas- I ant diversion distract you from i Matching your budget. Children ' dc.--erve full attention--you can ; leam from them. loo. Aquarius (Jan, 20-Ffb. 18): Nothing, goes exactly as planned, so leave schedules flexible and simple. News Imrn for and near is stirring, touches your | interests. Kind out more v,1iile i you can., ! Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): | Declare optimistic feelings de-1 spite doubts or n-vrv-titioas · near awav long-Mantling hindrances. Leave free space in THE CLAMORIN6 GOH6 HAS DRAWtJ A ffAP/DlY GBOW/N6 CROWD TO THE DOCK--AND THE ALARM HAS BEEN H£ARDATAH£ARBy FIRE-HOUSE. /- DONT SHOOT HIM, HAWK THERE'S A FIRE-TRUCK COMIN TWO. COPS ARE 6ETTIW OUT OF THAT 5QUAD-C/A JACKSON TWINS AND JILL FEELS J BUT CON'T THEVOPENEP N THE COOOS THE VAN POORS I LOCK WHEN ONCE. THAT'S GOOP, TOO? THEY HAVE EADO CONTACT WfTH THBP BS6E .' VES. BUT tTSl WHEN -iOU EiSY-TO ^ VVONPER I STEB-SJfXS (?EPCGT5 HEAdNS A CALL FOOM THE \ANR3? A PPER41C TPLCkf HOSTAGE BV 1 T DO vou\ PAINT I I'LL TAKE V FOR / THIS SMALL Y * J OIL BRUSH.' /HOBBY? NO.... I'M A PROFESSIONAL.' I HAVE A CXWWUSSION... FROM MR. LODGE/ NOW.... HOW A60UT PAINTS? TWO GALLONS OF BARN REC WEE PALS By Morrie Turper\ lenm. ONE MINUTE BETWEEN'Y'.. THE LAST ROBIN NP ' "' THE FIRST 5NOWFLAKEl'I: nr '

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