Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 41
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 41

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 41
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*. cuit.. Fn.. mrci. it. m« INDEPENDENT (A/d) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)--C-13 PRIVATE Parties and Business Affairs Are WELCOME Call us for Reservations for your next private party . . . We cater to your every need and desire, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it costs no more! for t/jt 1 finest in dining think o f . . . rancot* an tUKCH · DINNER . COCKTAILS IJ:i909 EAST FOURTH ST. al Cherry, Long Beoc 436-0620 MiKy CrM.1 Cildi AcceeUd YOUR GUIDE TO 4 with TEDD THOMEY A Garden Setting with Harbor Vistas · Renown restaurants and lounges . . . Gourmet dining in the Wine Celler . . . Continental Cuisine in the Marine Restaurant · Live entertainment/dancing nightly · Enjoy a few days . . . the NEWPORTER VOYAGER II or TENNIS HOLIDAY packages « Experience the luxury living of Newport Beach JOHN WAYNE TENNIS CLUB 1 10? J.u-rhOKK'nodd · NOV*IO*T Uaach, Cjl'o»n.a 026GQ 1/141 644 1700o« TuM F r«o .n C.tlifoimd L800I 4 2 2 4 2 4 0 it the Pier, Hunlinglon Beach, Calil. NOW PRESENTING MARKO DAVID Wd 4 Ihn SK I A M "· 8 » » I B » DON RAYO Mon. Tue». 8 lo I P.M Famous SEAFOOD. FINE STEAKS « GOOD SPIRITS. Also DelkkxK Sunday Brunch from 10 A.M. to! P.M. 536-2555 Tha Shops and Restaurants of tho Queen Mary Salute Iho GRAND PRIX CONCOURS d'Elegance A Selection of Elegant Antiques. Classics and Sports Cars In Competition for Trophies. Sunday March 21 10 AM to 4 PM Queen Mary Shlpside Parking Lot I8PI 'concern Celebrate the Grand Prix weekend with the Queen! FRI. SAT. NIGHTS, MARCH 26-27.8:30 PM Join us for Victory Parties and Dancing In the Queen's Salon, $1 admission. SPECIAL SUNDA Y RACE PACKAGE MARCH 28 Come to Ina Queen Wary, park your car in the General Parking Lot, lake Ihe Queen's Special 10-cent bus rldo lo the race course, and have Iwo Ireo drinks at any of our five bars aboard ship before or aflor Ihe race- ALL FOR ONLY S3 PER CARI · For Your Convenience the Many Unusual Shops, Bars and Restaurants aboard the Queen Will Be Open All Weekend! · Take the Long Beach Freeway to the End and Park In the Queen Mary "General Parking" Lot. For Parking, Restaurant and Shop Information, Ring [213] 435-567 -, THE QUEEN MARY WHiRi. III!. LONG Mi ACM F R F I V V A Y MIUS Fill MA. UCutn Arthura "' STEAK HOUSE "The Efegon* World of Prime Rib" OLD MOWN EYES IS BACK HOME DICK CARR AT TOE OBGAN NITtLY JOIN US FOR THE FINEST PRIME SIRS · STEAKS · SEAFOODS FOR LUNCH OR DINNER COCKTAILS. BANQUETS St. it MHtow BM. lttMlU5-9113 DANCE TO THE BIG BAND of 1 B orch«ltra Admission $3.00 Diner* who 14 EA dk,« 1.^1 ........ I ,9U P/XXM (of INN SUNDAY BRUNCH Children «3.50 Long Beach's Most Beautiful Restaurant and Banquet Facilities WED. FRI. NOON FASH ION SHOW ond BUFFET DAHCt NtOHTlT 10 RAW SUGAR 6285 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. LONG BEACH PHONE 430-0585 r?.-I--' EVERY DAY COUPON , FILET MIGNON i CTFAIf soupo.soiod I J I KM IV POIOIOB v^totv I Wrapped with Bacon immmmtfm i IXPIItS MA«CHJ6rti 2/5 95 SINOUS $1.99 Carriage Trade · Restaurant . Idtll WESTMINSTER AVE. ·»! lucio GARDEN GROVE Mi-fill t A-M.-l P.M. nta SOU" 1 WUD, CHOICE Of POTATO. HOTBRE40.JELLO, Excellent Cuisine served in a Beautiful setting . . . featuring PfllME RIB * STEAKS · LOSSTEB · SEAFOOD · PS1ME RID · TOP iWtCXN STEAK · S£AFOOOPLMt Served 4 to B p./n S y l v i a Gionfridrln Skinner is owner and No. 1 chef al (tina's Haliimn R e s t a u r a n t on Seal Bcarh Boulevard n e a r Rnssmoor Center. She is also known as "Ihe Godmother" and is shown with one of her "bodyguards," actor Edward 0. R o b i n s o n . L a r g e photos o( other actors iire on walls. -Staff Photo By TEDD THOMEY RriUuranl Editor IF YOU BREAK A RIBBON, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? -- This is, in a wny, an cngagemcnl-wedilinK column. But it's nnl the kind nf story you'll find in Ihe LifcStylc section. I've got exclusive details on Ihe engagement parly of Kilty UriRRs at Gina's llaliano Restaurant in Rossmoor Center. 1 will confess right off that some of my details are based on gossin and eavesdropping. Tlinse, of course, are questionable newsgnOicring techniques. My wife and I happened to be dining at fiina's (he other nighl when Kilty was honored with n parly attended by a dozen of her co-workers. Gina's is a wonderful roslaurant, but not very big. Kitty and her girl friends were al a table in the center of the dining room. They were lively, talkalive ana seated so close lo Ihe other patrons that we cnuld hear every word they said. Is that eavesdropping? I suppose so. But we didn't feel guilty about lis- loninfi in, because we couldn't help it. We heard Kitty mention that she wasn't wearing an engagement ring, because a thoughtless jeweler had delayed delivery. Someone then brought up a provocative (bought, asking: "If she doesn't have a ring, is this REALLY an engagement parly?" Piled on a table nearby were many beautifully wrapped gifts for Kilfy. During a discussion of (he wrappings, one of the girls said brightly: "If you break a ribbon, that's baby No. 1." I hadn't heard that one before. I can assure you it caused a flurry of comments and giggles around Ihe table. i do have one or two real facts. Kilty,'who lives in I/is Alamilos, wijl wed Jeff Ray of Pasadena on April S. They will marry in I-ong Beach and live in Oxnard. Bui I musl gel back to thill fascinating superstition aboul breaking a ribbon and baby No. 1. When Kitty opened her gifls, did she break a ribbon? Did she eagerly break a dozen ribbons? Will she have one child or none -- or 12? I know (he answers In those rtuestions, bul I refuse to divulge them because Kitty might punch me in the nose. / am rfcJjphfed. however, lo reveal a prediction from my favonle seer, whose Initials arc Josmc Schultz. She said that Kitly and Jeff will be the lirst California couple ever lo celchrtile their 100th wedding anniversary. L E M O N CHICKEN SO DELECTABLE THAT GOURMET MAGAZINE HAS BEEN TRYING FOR MONTHS TO GET THE RECIPE -- Gina's llaliano Kcslaiminl is at 1215!) Seal Beach Blvd. just north of |hc main section of Rossmoor Center. It's a good-looking little place, very friendly, (he kind of romantic Italian spot cifton featured in love stories in women's magazines. Gina's doesn't have the traditional Ilnllan red- while checked tablecloths. It's smarter than thai. The cloths are red linen. The immaculate while linen imp- kins, folded to resemble larijc flowers, are displayed on (he tables in huge, shining wine glasses. Oina's is owned by Sylvia Gionfriddo Skinner. She's also the No. I chef, and I've mentioned more lhan once thai she ran rook llaliano belter lhan many of (he most expert male chefs. Her recipe for lemon chicken is such a treasure thai Gourmet magazine, a slick national jHihlicalion, wants to prinl it (or Us epicurean readers. Sylvia, also known as Gina, has been loo busy lo send them the recipe. While chatting with her Ihe other night, I Inld her: "Don't send them your recipe. Keep it ami make a fortune with 11. Why give il free lo your competition?" Actually, Sylvia doesn't have an accurate recipe lo send in. She makes tier lemon chicken the way her Italian mother taught her many years ago in New Jersey. She uses "a little of this and a little of thai." Nothing is really mcasiircd. She puts it together by instinct -- and it's delicious. The baked lemon chicken wilh wine sauce is $3.99 on Gina's large dinner. My wife and ! enjoyed the lemon chicken and Gina's peppers wilh sausage, $, another dclcctahli! entree. They came with many courses, including a little anlipasto of cheese, salami and garbanzos: crocks of fine minestrone (soup); big, fresh green salads with bleu cheese or Italian dressing, spaghetti with rich sauce and hot, fresh garlic bread. We accompanied those delcct- ablcs wilh a generous half liter nf Cribari burgundy, $2. Maybe il was Ihosc huge wine glasses ihal riid il; anyway, the wine tasted smoother and heller (him the Cnliari we enjoy at home. We had fine service from waitress Pat McLean. Sylvia does jhe preparation for her entrees in Ihe afternoon. The dishes arc put together at night by her perl daughter, Colleen, a system which enables Sylvia to lie a warm and friendly hosless during Ihe dinner hnur, strolling from table to table, dialling wilh the cuslnm- crs. S o m c l i m c s she w e a r s h e r broad-brimmed "Godmother" hat, lipped at a rakish angle. Her "bodyguards" are such macho Hollywood leading men as Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra and Edward G. Robinson. They arc represented by huge photo blowups on the walls. Quite often, Gina's also has live entertainment. Among the other enlrccs nn (hose large dinners are eight varieties of spaghetti, $2.75 In 1125, and mostac- cioli, cheese manicolli, ravioli, lasagna, stuffed cannel- lo. stuffed eggplant, potato dumplings, chicken cacciato- ri, veal scallopini, veal parmigiana and sluffed beef rolls. The majority of the specialties are $3.50 to $1.75; only one entree is $5.50. Also fealured are the most scrumptious fresh pizzas, made from scratch, 11 inches (Conl. Ncxl Page) 730 E. BROADWAY. LONG BEACH ac* 435-5361 »r ^DANCING 7-MIGHTS* Now Appearing Mon.-Sat. the Lights FAMILY RESTAURANT DAILY DINNER SPECIALS MONDAY -IIR THURSDAY A 75 1/2 Chicken |'° Breaded Veat Gullet I FRIDAY -Top Sirloin Steak :1 75 1 85 SATURDAY TUESDAY Hamburger Steak WEDNESDAY Swiss Steak . -- - - - » ,, SUNDAY 965 Combination 2 8-B-Q Ribs 2 PCS. Chicken £ Delmonico Steak '65 Specials Served Days Shown 4 P.M. lo 10 P.M. Open Doily 5 A.M. to 10 P.M. 429-4212 2955 Bellflower Blvd., long Beach MONDAY thru THURSDAY SPECIALS IFri., Sit. Sunday 'I/ISP.M.I - ExcludingHolidir- dinners include soufl or a/id, hiked potato or rice RED SNAPPER 2.75 MAHI MAHI 2.95 GRILLED SEA BASS 3.25 TOP SIRLOIN 3.75 NEW YORK STEAK 3.05 LOBSTER TAIL 5.50 STEAK AND LOBSTER 5.95 LUNCHEON jlso served daily until 4 p.m. 16278 ftii« Coj« Hi»y · Munition tkh . 12131 59? 1321 T90I E.Conl M/v · Coionj D«l Vir · 17141 67SOOOO tMieU ^OFIOKIUCII ·AMOvrrs i MKUtO MON. Hm 5*T. COCKT4UI.* . DAMCHM 3333UKEWOOD8LVD. at Lof« Btach Airport -- EnfrJnc* Phona 421-9494 COMPLIMENTARY FRESH FRUITS Served wilh our dinner tpoclals FRIDAY GRILLED SEA BASS . . *4.75 FILET MIGNON ,, Bordclaise ouce * SATURDAY CORNISH GAME HEN $ . 0 . PoJetto tauce D » jfc J Co-Quille Sainf JEAQUES ... '4.95 ..Mi Atlantic at 43th Street Long B«ach 423-6438 ^W^f i«cl tn/ tn\ft* 'rrxn o«x Ovi' 'CKt CrMT(»j(jr^r*3 (X Dji'y 1 · prif) *«1 gel rt« wcc/y)« /. 'Awl*^ ih^u S-fFurrjj/. 0/f0 /W( Jp*dofCwpco 4 EMTREE for a for I PARTY of TWO! G"ff opm Apr) 30,1776 Copy* wi b fawned. 1UINAMIK (714)995-1111 cowmmoN CENTIR HOTIL ·t Kwtfl l«rr 1tim,HHCnutnl K.n. «Trrrf-rprrciIP THis couPON Cora/Room LAKEWOOD'S FIKEST RESTAURANT i. LOUNGE UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP ,^ «ft ! V,DINING AND DANCING Prime Rib · Steak* · OPFN Fl tonny Inwln 171 Oryyi ft Ov*n Dor^ 10 o m. to 2 o S^ 4IM Paramount Blvd. at Carson, Lakewood 420-1 » 7

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