The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 27, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS EOUSSEALT MacBeara, embittered, brooded 'over tils wrongs. They assumed monstrous •rpportions in his mind. He was al-! -aready approaching fifty; he believed *h«t at death the soul perishes with •4tt« body, and the thought of Ms gl- brain being obliterated filled frenzy. He wanted to make • lasting mark upon the-world. His first Idea was to use his solar. energy plant to produce simultaneous •mptidhs of the volcanoes In Italy and Iceland, Japan.and California upon an unprecedented scale. A lava 1 desert- •honld cover nil the tilled fields and dties, .burying man a thousand feet 'under Its' surf ace and obliterating civl- iHzattonr ; The science and , art of nlrieteeri- twentieths of the .world would disappear. MacBeard' not only bated the world, which had made him an outcast, but he intellectuality as beyond redemption. He wanted to bestride its ruins as a superman, a wxi.-; l However, his scheme had several drawbacks. It was utterly beyond his financial' means. He could not fore- eee exactly the results of It. There were disturbing possibilities, .and he. .was not the man to .act.withput mathe- -matical exactitude. His vengeance must take'other forms. He-wanted a less academic plan,.'one which reeked less of;, the midnight lamp.. He wanted a more concrete, personal triumph. He wanted to lead , «n army to victory, not to sit back and'- watch the working out of blind forces'that he' : had : set in motion. Besides, destruction must be fol- iowed by construction, to satisfy his scientific mind. ', His second thought was to produce a race of men, somewhere in the icebound wastes of Greenland, that should grow to maturity in a few years; a race organized for war,*a primal blend of man and tiger. It bad been done with the plants. But he was too old. He would be seventy before this plan could be carried to perfection. And then it was Improbable that the details •would •work cm* P.S he anticipated. His final idea came through . Masterman. Masterman was one of the many men whom he had broken in his days of power. But Masterman was of a different caliber from the rest. Mas- ferman had tried to come back, and , had almost succeeded. MacBeard, at-first contemptuous of the old dreamer, came at last to watch Masterman uneasily. He knew that 'the old captain was crazed upon the subject-of deep-sea life; but he knew, too, the facts that underlay his letters to the newspapers. He had sent a paper embodying this subject to the-magazine of the Inventors' club. Unfortunately, Hnlfield had won the ballot for the editorship that month. Masterman's scholarly . . contribution had been consigned to the waste basket, and the articles in the magazine had been as follows: "A King in Masquerade," "King James I .as Universal Man," "Shakespeare and the JIM cipher," "Bacon find the MIJ . Cipher," "What Civilization Owes to James I." When Mnstermab's proxy ballot won the editorship during his absence, the printers, instead of inserting his latest paper, as he had requested, used a quantity of his old, unpublished ma• terlal. ... ' ' Secretly MacBeard had known that the carapace which Masterman had brought back from the North was not that of a stegosaurns. His attack trpot Masterman had been inspired by envj and hatred. He had, examined th< relic, an'd admitted to himself that 11 , was ., that of an unknown deep-watei Animal.' . His respect for Masterman's abilities increased i. enfold. He had begun spying upon the cap. 'tain. He broke into his house whllf Ihe was away and read his papers, wi th. -out, however, learning anything of 'as« .'to him. Incidentally, he stole a gold ^presentation watch, a Chinese vase oi '-the Ming dynasty, and a pair of lapis- laznli earrings which had belonged to . .Masterman's wife. When MacBeard heard the first rumors to the, effect that Masterman'8 •ship had been wrecked, and that all on board had perished, he planned to •fit out a secret expedition to go to the scene of the disaster and see what was to be discovered. Then he had seen the captain in the dining room of the club. >~. He had been thrown off Ms guard by Masterman's unexpected return, had followed him and Donald to the door of the card room, and had heard :the greater part o£ the story. He had l>een 'unable to restrain his eagerness, '.and had. been detected spying. Balked in his scheme to get possession'.of Masterman's letter, he had followed Donald to the house in Balti- .more. There he had assaulted him •and'.-taken the papers from him. He 3iad had no Intention of killing Don- jiald, whom he despised heartily.. CJnce .-'the secret, in which he now firmlyj her Sieved, :. was in his possession, there come, no..reckoning, .for. the ap. MLLE.,fHELENE LANDRY ' * vJl t> f ^ "•'*< i sault. M.e saw ms way to" Immediate rulershlp over the world. / . To do MacBeard justice, he had be'en scared away, not by fear of the monster, but by the realization that Masterman's terrific story was true. After Donald had left the house. MacBeard crept back. He discovered tlie monster upon the floor; where It had precipitated itself in its death iigony. It had been disrupted .by the Intermit pressure, under a normal atmosphere. He made a Quick examination of it, sat down in the kitchen, and spent tlia remainder of the night poring over Masterman's papers. ' In these' he learned much that was-essential to his success.. • . .•.-', He read that the "creature In the tank was a young one,, which had not yet acquired the power of'resistance ordinary atmosphere. Nature was still in process of modifying' her creation, and, as is always the case, the young retained the atavistic disabilities, just as the young of flatfish swim like other fishes and have one I eye on either side of the head. The, modifications in the physiological structure come witb maturity. . : • v The . adult monsters, MacBeard learned, bad already acquired the ability to exist for an indefinite period upon the surface of the sea. While the young BaH'gills, these became modified into a 'specie? of lung, capable of breathing both above arid : under"water. This was a new adaptation of nature. MacBeard hurried back to the dead monster, and found the lung al-'ready partly formed. 1 That satisfied, him that Masterman was an accurate observer. , The captain bad spent weeks on the Island. He had put all the results of his investigations into his letter to Donald. He described elaborately the structure of the monsters, tracing the modifications of the gills, air bladders, fins and flippers. Lastly, he told Donald the secret of controlling them. And this was so amazing that MacBeard almost doubted it. Unfortunately, two pages were missing, and these contained part of the instructions for keeping the monsters in subjection. And, what alarmed MacBeard, the manuscript ended with the statement that the irruption was not likely to prove of perni!inent.-in- jury to humanity, because— However, MacBeard cared little for this in his supreme- joy. His tlrenms took definite shape at last, rushing into the concrete with a violence Unit sent him into an ecstasy. He saw the man of the future, the superman, whq was Mile. Helene Landry, who has been appointed an attache to the French ministry of marine by her father,'.M. Landry, head of the'marine department In the 'Millernnd cabinet.' This is. the first case of a woman Holding such an appointment in France. The new at- tache has the necessary qualifications for-the post. She Is a. licentiate in philosophy and law and well informed oo,matters of marine law and procedure. B . j _• •'• ••• .. ;7 ' ( ." '' ". ~ DentaF Plate Cpriilbrt Powder , "/.; "Sprinkled Lightly on Dipntol Plate '..' Holds False Teethr :Firmiy in Place . . .'. ' Previsnts Imtift'tion'ah^l;Spre-Guin«;;' ••-'•"•:-.-- 1 ;-" •' ., Absolute Comfort''Assured, - Healthful •;',.- Sainitary .' Antiseptic In Sanitary. Sifting Top Gins, 35o, 50oi and $1.00 ' Manufactured by; the CoregiChijmicalCoi,''Cleveland;' Ohio Recommended and Soli by the following Local Drnggiits OPERA HOUSE DRUG STORE, HEWlTT'S: DRUG STORE, FOX'S DRUG STORE, SEIBERT'S DRUG STORE, or manufacturer will mall trial pack* ge for t«n c«hU. : Pleasing FUMING DUST BURNS GIRLS Explosion at Manitowoc, Wjs., Sets Workers' 'Clothing on Fire—Four May Die. Mnnitow'oc, ..Wis., Feb. 27.—An explosion on-the third llonr'of the plant of tue Aluminum- fjooils. .Manufacturing f'mnptiny of ,:tlii.s .<;lty.-resulted in -the injui t of seventeen girts, four .of - whom. mny die. The explosion resulted'' from the clogging o£ a dust the. K'atin finisliinK department' of 'the plant, where more•• thmr three-score gills wore employed.. "-:«'•• . When the explosion"occurred the clusr was set <jn:'flre'»nil:thrown upon the. girls with tlie-resiilt- : tlnit--1-7 were canried from, the huiicliug with;, their clothing in flames..''Fire wliich followed the explosion.'caused little damage to Hie plnnt. " • ' :!; -"• -_T '•> •"•••• ;' CALL ARMY IN FRENCH STRIKE Government to Run Mediterranean Railroad With Military—Other- Lines Are Affected. ^ Paris, ' Feb. 27.—Milltiir.v measures- to deal \vitli the rallwiy strike on tlie Paris, Lyons & 'Mediterranean rail- roixd. which with strik* bn .-other French linos is seriously iifCecting thu i country's transportation, were decided upon.. It \vas announced iifter ;i cqnsu'lta- tion lit Hie 'ministry^ of rhe Interior tliat tho government' would call out the railroad section of the finny, at- taclii'd to the Paris, Lyons. & Meiliter- riir.env.ttt-.'Hisure the vninspoi:tatlon of rivovisfons. " , Air.SfibuldiOwn Homes. '<, Erorii lhe~national standpoint,'It'Is most desirable- that every citize'ri should own 1 his h.ome. The proper 'educatiqii of the .child .needs the: sanctity of the horne and the-future of bur country 'depends upon the. average citizen doing Tils or her duty "to train' up a'child Jn the way. .he should go; and when he Is old he will not depart from It." Building .and loan associations should .be : .formed in all' cities .where they "do not already exist, as: they are most useful In assisting men to acquire a home- through the n'lohtbiy Installment, plan.—Exchange. . .'•'•' For Large and Small Cities. There should be ; a definite park policy and un appropriation sufficient to open up one new small-park or recreation, ground each year" Density of population grows In sections, and, property values rise'accordingly. '' 'A' forehanded sinail park policy will, follow the trail of population density with an eagle's eye.; The toilers aha, their' usually large brood of children should have these city breathing spots- at their doors.—Chicago Journal; . Geddes to Be Ambassador. •-'London, Feb..• 27;—It was. nuthOBi- tively stated in the lobby of the house of coWrJons .ijliat Sir Auckland {Jeddes had lieen sei!ect4d for ambassador to the United States.". .. . . " LAURA'.Jfi. SWARTZ . OSTEOPATrflC PHY»lCIAr» Chrinlc Diseases a Spsclait/ Offlcs In Laudsr-Nlchott Bid*. W.W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phons 'li r ,r Virginia BuHdlr* ., DR.J.W.BAIIROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDING HMirs • to 11 A. M. and 2 to • P. .. PHONE tt I." ECONOMY COAL YARD .-I. B. WOODS, PROP. j Wsshsd Nut, Egi and Lmn»- ! : Phone 14JK. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICES Phone 342 K H. O. HALL &<X). FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRAfcTICfc AND THE .',,: . 'EYE Ey«i T«»t»d Qlaua* Flttatf Virginia Bide. ' : . ' Carbondaffc, 115, F. LvLINGLE, M. D. .Q«n«ral Practice SpMlal attention to Ey«, Ear, and Throat GlasM Fitted r>hon«.j»: Residence 330-2, onto*HAMILTON & BRADLEY : Attorneys at Law Phons 212 K Suits 112-116 New Hamilton Bulltfln* DELIA CALDWE1A,, M. D, McANALLY BLMLDiNtJ 211 Wsit Main 8trw« Dfftas Hours—< ta 1U A.M.; 2 to 4 P.m, CARBONBALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candles 'and les Crsavg Telephone S44 Y "Let's top it off with a smoke" •— Chesterfield Stocking a Cave With Provisions, He Made Himself at Home There. already at. hand, irresistible by reason of his numbers, strength and cunning. And he saw himself, the ruler of a new world which had never heard of the eighth commandment. Next morning he left Baltimore in his motorboat. It was constructed so as to be practically unslnkable, and he had stored it with provisions, gasoline an'd' instruments. He had several weeks' supplies on board. He was dependent on no one. He started northward at once, passod wiUiin a few miles of the P5!5 upon his course, and iTiiclicd Fair Island. When he set foot upon Its rocky, lonely shores, he knew tliut :it last his time had come. His revenge upon the race was ripening, and he meant to exercise it to the full. His first act was to explore the Island. He discovered with,his plummets that Masterman' had.been correct in tracing the prolongation of the south spur of- the continental/shelf. He discovered that Fair island was the peck of a subterranean -range ascending sharply from a great depth. . : At a distance of about three hundred feet beneath the surface there was a sort' of cup or crater in the mountain, teeming wltii nnk'n'own'forms of subr' marine life, . • '•. «*••>• .About ilial moisture -projff •snipper, it keeps Chesterfields from ever becoming too moist or too dry. M OTHING touches the spot Uke a good smbk*>—and nothing can touch Chesterfields for genuinely "satisfying* f body arid flavor.•- ; ••••••' ' ••;••-. In Chesterfields the finest of silky, aromatic Turkish.and of rich j mellow Domestic tobaccos are blended to bring out a new and fuller flavor. Now you know why Chesterfields "safis- fy!"—a.nd because this blend is exclusive and cannot be copied, only Chesterfields can "satisfy" ; Each package is wrapped in moisture- proof, glassine paper* that keeps all of the original flavor intact. Money buck without question if HUNT'S Salve fails in the treatment oflTCH, ECZEMA RINGWORM, TSTTBR ol otheritching skin diseases. Try R 75 cent box at our.risk. HEWITT'S 1,-KOG cT.-CTk~ DR. HI H. ROTH Practice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT / Over Woolworth Store, , " Murphysboro, III. BEnER.llNCnLfllllia 'Thousands Have. Discovered Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Are a Harmless Substitute . 'Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are tbe- Ksult of Dr. Edwarfs' determinatibn not to treat liver and bowel complaints•with calomel. -For 17- years he used these tablets (a vegetable compound railed with olive oil) in his private pc3ctiC6 vnth. £reat success. "They do all the good that caknael does but have TO bad after effects. N»pains, DO gripine, no injury- to the or danger ftom acid foods—yet I' -lW.^" s 'i £v t J nestemela the liver and bowels. Dr.-Edwards' OHve Tablets wben you feel "logy" and "heavy." Note how they clear clouded brain and; perk lip the spirits. 10caad25ca box. CIGARETTES •fero.uia A. Myers, illrotior of the Constitutional league, at 'his.' office in Ne.w. York.- :.The-leagua is to put a copy .of The United States Cpnstltji-. 1 tion in every one of jlie 20,000,000' homes in'America' nnd to'endeavor to explain- fhormighfy the Constitution to-' aJi.'in-tthe crnintry. t.o, prcmote Americanism and better -cii ixonshlb.

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