Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 7
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i !«*, Mif. wrf. amrn, iw ?. |NDEPENDENT-P« 9 « A-7 l! Ik. 1,1..41, il«'« .1 l««« lt«tk DOWNTOWN .4 4TH «i PINE open monday and friday 9:30 to 9:00 great value! save 6.00 * * - . . . . . IRONING COMBINATION GET THE NEW steam or dry iron and your choice of tither laundry cart or Kansas City Area . : - . . - % . - , · · :.'. ", . V .. . Still Digging Out CHURCH WITHSTANDS VIOLENT BLAST A white frame church still stands In t he center of tornado devastation In subur- 1 ban Martin City, one of several Kansa s City suburban communities hit by Monday night's twister. It Is the Martin City Methodist Church.--(AP Photo.) Missouri Tornado Barrage (Continued From Page A-l.) throughout an area extending from A r k a n s a s eastward through Illinois and Indiana and to the western border of Tennessee. ·SUNSHINE returned to tor- nado-tcarred portions of the plains and to parts of Oklahoma where six to seven Inches of rain caused flash floods , Monday night . : Showers that scattered over he Rockies and plateau region. Southern California and the 'adflc Northwest broke the uttern of predomlnentjy clear weather In the west The Kansas City Star citl mated- damage from the twister hat hit Kansas City suburbs ifonday night at between 10 and 20 million dollars. KANSAS Cm era Tuesday night stli) were ' digging Into the slckenln -rubble left by a tornado tha ' killed 37 - persons and tha smashed an estimated 10 to 2C million dollars worth of prop · erty as It struck southern sub urbs .of Kansas City Monday night The search .' for additions bodies' centered In the Rusklr Heights area where the tornad struck Its heaviest blow. Th whirling storm demolished shopping center In the suburb destroyed about 100 homes am damaged hundreds of others. · ·· · · THIRTY-ONE P E R S O N S were killed In the suburban areas of Jackson County, Includ Ing Ruiktn Heights, Hlckman Mill*, Grand'tew and Martin City; four dlnd at Spring Hill, across the state line In Johnson County. Kan, Ottawa. Kan. · · Tho detailed and two at search of the ruins produced early results. The body of Mrs. Paul GuylL 44. school nune, was found turned lockers In a mushed high school building. The, tornado, with one main and several accompanying fun nels, started Its death-dealing at Ottawa. Advance warning'had been given "by the Kansas City Weather Bureau early In the afternoon that tornadoes were likely and when the first twist er formed and began moving northeastward toward Kansas City, the bureau poured out a steady stream of radar tracking reports. .. · · · · THESE BULLETINS were broadcast and telecast by Kansas City radio and TV stations along.with advice on what precautions persons living In the projected path of the storm should take to Insure safety Many of Jhese later rescued from cellars and other shelte credited the warnings with saving them from harm. The main tornado veered crazlly as It twisted out of th rolling eastern Kansas country side. It iwept up a farm houw at Ottawa, Kan, tome 70 mile southwest of Kansas City, kill Ing.two. It dipped Into Sprin Hill, Kan, killing four more - KANSAS CITY (A--Heavy, metml letter* ·polling; oul "Ru*kln Gymnasium" adorned the brick »ldf* of the gym which Ruskln High School dedicated only last November. But utter a tornado ill but demolished the structure Moo. day night, only four letten remained to place. They sp«lled -RUIN.", . , . . ,, . « persons, but swerved to the eas f Olathe. Kan, and th* Naval Mr Station about 40 miles southwest of the downtown ·Cans** City area. It missed the esvily populated southwest uburban area around Fairway crushed beneath * row of over- Then It sped Into Missouri at tfartjn City, 13 miles due south f downtown Kansas City,' at 136th St From there ·* the ·*' twlstei lowed northeast across US. 71 t Hlckman Mills, barely miss- ng Rlchards-Gebalir Air Force at Grandvlew. Mo. It hit he heavily populated Ruskln "eights area near 110th St at ie southeast edge of Kansas Ity, and then lost Its force. The storm was at Its peak · It smashed full force Into the ickman Mllls-Ruskln Heights re». The storm funnel passed over ansas City's eastern outskirts, lining Independence, Mo., and Isslpated Itself near Liberty, ·jrj Tf** T"f' ' '··"*·"'*' ''"·'j · 'f Iketiitst oreignAia Opponents asBlinc ironing table .at an amazing low price rig. price ilegm or dry Iron ...._ lO r«g. price Ironing table or laundry cart 13» J 5 ' Mai cost --'.-.' 30.90 90 yours for only 24 warehouse clearance of t FAMOUS MAKE FOLDING CHAIR ' Once In a lifetime sals ol these fine chairs. Tilt-proof , construction, buoyant seat padding. reg. 6.95 3»OO 8.95 4«OO FURNITURE FOURTH FLOOR . , , ' HOUSEWARES LOWER FLOOR stainless steel steak knife set reg.6.95 3.99 .Forged stainless steel dagger-shaped blades, mounted with chrome-plated bolsters and butts. Simulated Ivory handles. Set oi 6 gilt boxed kitchen tool set reg.9.95 3.99.., 7-pc. set In stainless steel with black "always cool" handles. Set Includes 2-ttno fork, large spoon, ladle, spatula, slotted turner, cake turner, wall rack. / HOUSEWARES LOWER FLOOR Repeat of a sell-out^ May Sale Value I Venetian style on-a-door mirrors reg. 10.95 made of s e l e c t double- strength glass, seamed edges, no back. Easy to install. Size !B"x60". LOWER FLOOR (Continued From Page A»l) red sofa to the right of th Chief Executive's desk. ' The President seemed lost I ' thought as he awaited a slgna that he wai on the air. , · · · · -·. , . EISENHOWER had been a* slsted In writing the speech b Emmett Hushes, a magniln editor with a reputation fo pungent phrases. Elsenhower's TV-radio tall wan his second appeal of th . day In behalf of'his foreign all! program, already scaled down from the administration's origl nal figure of $4,400.000,000. The first was In a special message to Congress formally requesting S3.863.000.000. for thi fiscal year starting July 1. But the odds appeared again* the President's getting t h a : m u c h . The administration's foreign aid request usually Is trimmed at tint Capitol, and the l a w m a k e r s are In a more economy , minded . mood , than usual . ; · · ' · · , SOUNDING the same theme he did In his message to Congress, Elsenhower pictured the armed forces. sons In uniform. It would mea longer service for them." · · ·* · THE PRESIDENT, In Ml d rcct appeal to the people fo support, repeated what he tol Congre**--that during the las seven years the United State has provided wllles around th world some 17 billion dollars In direct military assistance, H also said anew that during tha same period the defense budget of America's allies have totale some 107,billion dollars. The President, who had vtaua aid charts on hand to Illustrate his talk, then said; "In 1950, the strength of ou allies totaled 1.000 combat ves. sels, 3V4 million men In thel ground forces, and 500 jet aircraft. "Now, In 1937, they have 2.500 combat vessels, 3 million men, and 13.000 jets." . , · · · · T .'· THE PRESIDENT said tha f endangered f r e e countrle hould be thrown b a c k com iletely on their own resources they would have to cut thel j foreign aid "program as "the ( j;V most concrete and practical way V . how collective effort and col Jf' lectlve security « e r v e out ' national good." He added: ' "For our nation to try, completely alone, to counter the h'Communist military t h r e a t %fg- would be not only more hazard' fw-oui strategy; It would also be S'j far more costly. It would de- IK mand many billions of dollars |££ more In defense expenditures, !*'-'· "It would mean raising the v« · draft calls throughout our land. It would mean more of our] ·They would at once become argets for renewed Communist ressures. We would have to in rease our own military trength--and in the process we would suffer In terms of both cost and security. Elsenhower paid tribute to romer President Truman In aylng that the aid program Is not a new policy nor a par- san policy." He said further: 'This Is a policy for America tat began 10 years ago when a Jsmocratic President (Truman) ind a , Republican Congress, 2% Billion PairedOff Arms Fund WASHINGTON ' UP) -- The House Appropriations Commit- !» said Tuesday It has cut the Mense Department budget by H billion dollars. It voted for ie slash in the face of Presl- ent Elsenhower's . warnings against any substantial cut The committee set the total 1133,341,225,000 in new appro- rlatlons for the Army, Navy nd Air Force In the fiscal year jeginnlng July 1, This was 7 XT cent less than the $36.128,. 00,000 Elsenhower asked, but lUch of the cut was In book- eeplng and similar operations, rather than cash, . '.,- , . ,, WHEN THE N)-miin commit- tee-rtM Democrats and 20 Re- ubllcans--reached the stage of wising the bill along to the ouse only'one member. Rep. anfleld (R-NJ), asked to be corded In opposition to the t. In Its formal report, the committee said the military threat to the West seems "somewhat, abated" even though Russia Is 'closing the gap" between U.S. and Soviet strength. Canfleld said "I think we cut too deeply. We are taking risk we should not take on something like this." WASHINGTON «P -- The House talked loudly and long about economy Tuesday before tentatively voting a token 2.2 per cent cut In Its own funds for the , fiscal year, starting July 1. This compares with an average cut of 7.4 per cent made by the House 'on previous bills financing non-Congressional activities. IT SPECIFICALLY decided It cannot get along without a new 'anlc-proof door for one of Its wo office buildings or without | 8,000 worth of wooden pack-! ng boxes to tote members' files home during a d j o u r n m e n t periods. ,. . The House adjourned before finally deciding whether to proceed with construction of a new 14-mllllon.dolIar office building or Its members and 18 million dollars worth of remodeling to tt« two present office buildings. low, low may sale prices on v NCMAID SHEETS only at walker's in long beach whiter than white '"spring knight" luxury muslin sheets 49 1.89 2.09 59c 42x36 cases..... 2.49 72x108 or twin fitted sheets 2,69 81x108 or double filled sheets "SUMTER"' extra fine muslins 69c 42x36 cases .. 2.98 72x108 or fitted twin shpels.... 3.09 81x108 or double fitted sheels 592.59- 2.79- "SPRINGCALE" super fine percales white 89c 42x38'/2 coses 3.19 72x108 or twin fitted sheets. 3.39 81x108 or double lilted sheets 3.69 90x108--extra wide. 69 : 2.59- 2.79 3.29- united in an historic declara- Ion. They then declared that lie Independence and survival f two countries menaced by 3ommunl«t aggression--Greece nd Turkey--were so Important o the security of America that would give them military nd economic aid, - -.'.n. "That policy saved those na- ons. And It did so without he cost of America lives." ., J WALKER'S . Pine at Fourth Downtown please send mn the following: ' quantity · -·-,· -..." - item '.',-·-·' " , « * . - - - · :·."'..':' " . ' · ' ' color size · nam» ,,,,,,.,,",,,.,, f nrldruss .,,..,,,..., 1 .^...,.^ 1IUI ...^ citv ^ zon0 stcito r 4% State sales tax., ... . total Ilcha? , U cash ' J C.O.D. ' "SPRINGCALE" super fine percales colored 95c 42x381/2 cases 3.69 72x108 or twin fitted sheets. ' ' " · - · · , i 3.99 81x103 or double fitted sheet: t» ·t ' '.4.19 90*108--extra wide ", -. · - BEDDING WALKER'S THIRD FtOOH '. nOWMTOIA/M MMI AT FOURTH DAPs/EDEB AT ANr "IK AMD SHOP LOT CTODC UOIIDC* M«««v «4 rVldey !» to UU Wn IV WM PHONI44I J-74M r AKR rKEE VALIDATION wrm MCHAII ^ IVJKE MUUK5. otwr ooyt-tiao t. i. *' M liIO

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