The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 23, 1978 · Page 7
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 7

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1978
Page 7
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The Way It Was... SAM HOUSTON Grade School, as it was in 1966, h shown above in a picture used courtesy of F. B. Hart Jr., a former student there. The school, which looks the same in the picture as it did in the early 1900s, was located at 25th Street and Avenue P and was torn down to make way for the Weingarten supermarket which now occupies the space. A Review Saturday Morning, September 23, 1978 JOailq 7-A GC Play Has Something For Nearly Everyone CSnllicBttm CONTACT 744-0222 Questions or comments must relate to local area Issues, situations or conditions. Please follow the simple Instructions you will hear when you call CONTACT at 744-0222. I would like to know the number and address where you call to get a ticket to the Dallas Cowboys games and I would like to know who you can talk to about trying out for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. B.J. You should dial (214) 5551212 and ask the information operator for the Cowboys' phone number. What can I do about furniture that I bought with cash and the couch is falling apart and it hasn't even been two months? They won't refund my money or give me another one. Could you tell me what I can do about it? 0. J. You should call the Better Business Bureau. Call the operator and ask for Enterprise 7-0445. That is their toll-free number. I would like to know how I could find out about conventions that are coming to town, the dates when the conventions will be here and which establishment will hold the convention. Also how can I contact the company that is scheduled to be here? Who would I contact to get this information? D.W.S. of Galveston. The Galveston Convention and Visitors Bureau office in the Moody Civic Center has 'information on conventions scheduled here. I was wondering if the Biron Gymnastic Center on Stewart Road is still in business. I've called there several times and there is no answer. Thank you. We also tried the number and got no answer. You might drive to 5928 Stewart Road and find out. In giving to the United Fund, if you specify a particular organization, do they get any additional benefit out of it, or are the total funds still allocated out on an amount based on what they say they are going to do? L.M. of Galveston. Frank Jackson, executive director for the United Way of Galveston, told us that if you specify a certain organization, they will receive your donation. I'm N.N. of Galveston and I want to know when they are going to spray for mosquitos, because they are really bad out here. What Other Papers Say By DOB1E MEEKS Way, way back when people worried about their "reputations," the expression for describing certain behavior was "fast." Somebody was "fast." And anything touching upon certain areas too sensitive to quite discuss openly was taboo: "funny." It was funny... funny, with all sorts of connotations. To carry the analogy all the way back, the Greeks called it "absurd" and "tragic." The eternal theme. Fast, funny, tragic- absurd variations on the theme. That is what is going on in "You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running" this weekend and next at Galveston College's Upper Deck Theater. A quartet of plays. They will play to a full house ... every night ... a full house. The house will resound. Once upon a time The News sent a little man to cover Civic Music and he came toddling back to write and write and write about eight columns panning Mozart. Nary a word about local talent. Just furious out of his head at Mozart. Never could stand that composer. Everybody was so hacked——! But it's impossible to talk about the guffaws and socks in the stomach and tightness in the throat and all the rest of it without saying, early on, that Robert Anderson writes funny, sad, human, honest plays. He really does ... as pathetic and wildly goofy as a guy in the buff, brushing his teeth, trying to make a very sensitive point over the noise of the faucets. Anybody who gets irate when The News runs a bikini on page one might as well blow it off and stay home and watch the Gong Show. Everybody else will howl... and clutch... and sit in stunned introspection. Bryan Myers is terrific ... manages to push all the buttons. An audience could get hurt, pounding on shoulders and knees, yelping helplessly. Bryan Myers will make you laugh ... and cry. James Glenn trembles and shudders and turns himself inside out in a part that calls for just that ... gives you a stomach ache. Lots of new faces at the Upper Deck ... a couple of familiar ones, having fun. The last of the four plays Harrison's Cave readied for tours BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (UP1) - A team of eight experts in cave lighting, civil engineering, hydrology, geology and the marketing from the National Speleological Foundation of the United States have completed a survey of Harrison's Cave in Barbados. Harrison's Cave's formation — stalagmites, stalactites, streams and waterfalls — are considered unique and among the most beautiful in the world. gave us the shivers. It wasn't just the thermostat, though you might want to take a shawl. It wasn't just the pace. Everybody else seemed to be laughing at Lombard and Bobbye Burke. To not laugh is to feel like a lampshade at a party, getting buffeted around in the general hilarity. But ... but remember Chevalier and Hermione Gingold in the classic refrain: "Ah, Yes, I Remember It Well?" Well, this isn't it. On the other hand, you talk about identifying! It pushes all the buttons. "You Know 1 Can't Hear You..." pushes all the buttons. A little something there for everybody. Well, not the kiddies. Anderson does not write plays for kiddies. But that is discussing Mozart, of course. VAlUABlt C OLDE TIME BARGAIN — *1°° OFF ON ANY »5" Album Or Tape WITH THIS COUPON MELODY RECORD SHOP 509 MOODY 765-9133 g^ Thankyou. The Mosquito Control District for Galveston County says that they will be spraying all this week all over the county. I would like to know why The Galveston Daily News does not give the football scores for the black colleges? Thank you. We use all scores that come over the United Press International wire. On the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 10, I saw a Galveston police car on State Highway 71 between Bastrop and Smithville, 180 miles away from Galveston. What kind of business would take a police car that far out of town? I.F. of Galveston. They possibly were bringing a prisoner back from some other city. I'd like to know if we have to get permission to cut the branches and shrubbery and all the trash hanging over the fence from my neighbors yard? If so, how do we go about it? You might consult the city attorney or your own attorney about it. Chicago Sun-Times: Mohammed Reza Shal Pahlavi of Iran is a despot but, standing as he does between the Soviet Union and the oil that runs the West, he is our despot, for better or worse. So it is understandable that, as the shah tries to put down the worst rebellion of his reign, President Carter would phone him — interrupting his critical deliberations with Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin at Camp David — to express "personaJ support." The mobs in the streets arrayed against the shah range from reactionary Moslems to radical Marxists. The one cause they come closest to having in common is the cause of democratic self-rule. If they don't get it, the shah and our stake in the stability he has up to now provided — will be in peril or total collapse. Columbia, S.C., State: Clearly the public and the President and the Congress have concluded that is time to wake up and shake up the 95-year-old Civil Service system to make it more effective, and more efficient, and more responsive... For the first time, the merit principle has been' given a prominent place in the bureaucracy. Like the original Civil Service Act, this measure attempts to keep politics — the spoils system — out of the bureacracy. The structural changes made in this legislation give real promise of improving on the delivery of government services. But whether they in fact do will depend on implementation. The Quincy (111.) HeraldWhig: The House Assassinations Committee so far has spent two years and $4.5 million investigating the murders of President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is a harsh question, but are we getting our money's worth? The question of whether the millions in public money has been well spent can't reasonably be answered until the committee completes the task it set for itself. But unless the committee has not yet made public some new information or evidence, there is no indication we will learn anything new or startling about either assassination. Newport (R.I.) Daily News: Sometimes it seems that our society is so full of comforts, luxuries and games that its members continually seek new excitements, new thrills, out of sheer boredom. More drinking, more drug abuse, more games, fads and doodads to fill up lives made empty by too much. It almost seems that way in our daily communications, our daily interactions among friends and acquaintances as well. The latest victim of this sort of thing is the commonly-heard admonition, "Have a good day" or "Have a nice day." How cliched, how banal, how ho- hum is that phrase. Suppose that "Have a good day" is banal, what harm is there in it? Is the phrase offensive, is it insulting, is it obscene? Is it any more banal or cliched than "so long" or "goodbye" — whatever their source or meaning? ...At least, the ex- pressional "Have a nice day' 1 is an acknowledgement that our lives are complicated, not always pleasant and subject to ugly surprises...At least it means that "I for one wish that your day is a happy one." What would the purists have us say — "Drop dead"?... This ir^DonnAW ^le Time Bargain Days! IS O'^»Xi Wl II I^i7y At our Budget Shop on Third Floor If you want to take advantage of paying the prices our forefathers had, come to our third floor, Thursday thru Saturday, Sept. 21 to 23 Special Buy Super Mens Vinyl sh °® Jacket 16 • Lightweight casual jacket • Four roomy pockets • Brown, Tan • 'Snap front • S, M, L. XL Mens Wrangler Jeans or ' fl -' 12 - 99 Now... Clearance orig. $4.99 to $15. Now..*** 'Ooffl Mens, Womens, Boys and GirlS. Choice of styles. Womens Dresses 30% t. 50% Pantsu'rts, long dresses, plus 1 and 2 piece styles to choose from.-? 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