Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 11, 1962 · Page 23
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 23

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
Page 23
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD I Wed, April I I , 1962, Page 231 PARADES BAPPED MADRID, Spain --A Spanish Roman .Catholic commission has criticized the commercialization of Holy Week processions of penitential brotherhoods. "Holy Week is primarily to be observed in church through participation in official ecclesiastical liturgy," the commission said, in a jab at Spain's traditional popular processions of hooded penitents . that have been a tourist attraction supported by businessmen. Glenn's Flight Established Man's Role As Vital In Exploration Of Outer Space WASHINGTON (UPI) - If op cration of John H. Glenn Jr.'i Friendship-? spacecraft had been entirely automatic, he might not have come back alive from his three orbits around the earth Feb. 20. As it happened, the 40-year-o: Marine lieutenant colonel was able to take over control and turn what could have been tragic equipment failures into minor nuisances. In so doing, space scientists on 's and engineers reported today, Glenn established beyond question that man's role is vital in the exploration of space. His performance, they said, augurs well for the Gemini twornan ild orbital flights starting next year and the three-man Apollo flights to the moon in the last half of this decade. This was brought out in a de-j tailed, day-long technical report the results of (he first American orbital space flight. The report was packaged in a 204-page book containing 13 papers and four appendices. It was presented at a symposi- to urn to which more than 1,500 sci enlists, engineers, and embassy representatives, Russians included, were invited by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Thanks to Glenn's presence aboard the craft, the flight was there was no gravity effect in thc|was merely bits of the braking] a nearly perfect one. NASA ex- cabin, they stayed perls said. The astronaut himself stowed them away, found his 4'/-i hours of weightlessness a pleasant relief. He adapted it quickly and never experienced any discomfort, despite deliberate efforts to induce it. Glenn even became so nonchalant as to hang such things as a camera and a food tube "in the air" of his pressurized cabin when he wasn't using them. 'Because shield might be disintegrating. H Glenn reported a bad moment or two, particularly when on coming down through the atmosphere at the end of his flight he saw "flaming pieces.. .flying past the spacecraft window." He thought his life-saving heal rocket burning in the heat of air friction and falling away. Because of a failure in his cabin's attitude controls -- hydrogen peroxide jets designed to keep the craft stable and pointed in the proper direction --Glenn had to use backup manual devices during his last two orbits. A faulty switch falsely indicated Friendship-7's heat shield ;ome loose and Glenn had to per- f6rm all the tasks on descent would have been done automatically if everything was well. These necessities kept him from making some 15 of the many scientific observations assigned to his mission, but they brought him back alive. He performed the other assignments well and carried back to earth the assurance that people are better than instru- ·^^^MM RANCH FRESH FOOD MART LARGE GRADE AA #303 CUT GREEN PEAS 6 £303 CREAMED CORN 6 £303 Whole Kernel Corn 6 ° £303 PEAS 6 £303 TOMATOES £303 PINTO BEANS 6 for £303 BLACKEYEPEAS 6 £303 KIDNEY BEANS 6 =303 GARBANZO BEANS 6 £303 TURNIP GREENS £303 SPINACH 6 MUSHROOMS Pieces and Stems. .. £303 APPLE SAUCE 6 FRUIT COCKTAIL 4 No. 2l/ 2 CLING PEACHES 4 £303 PEARS 4 DICED BEETS 7 SALT 26 oz 2 25= For Salads or Slicing TOMATOES SOLID HEADS LETTUCE The Freshest Eggs in Town ^^ EGGS 39w is in Town c BISQUICK 40-01. bat ments, for observing the wonders! that of space. As Glenn put it: · i "This mission would almost certainly not have completed HE. three orbits, and might not have! come back at all, if a man had' not been aboard. ; v · , "Man's adaptability is most evl-' 1 dent in his powers of observation.'i lie can accomplish many more · and varied experiments per mission tlian can be obtained from' an unmanned vehicle." NASA experts reported that the faults which marred the Glenn flight have been corrected and will not menace the next orbil» mission. This will be flown some time in May by M. Scolt Carpenter, who was Glenn's backup pilot. .-. , CLOROX l/ 2 gallon ** * 40-oz. bo* ^ WISK LIQUID U 29 Pillsbury's 1 O '" 1 00 DETERGENT %fl . L . 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Siicnlifitolly lotmulaltd ploni load, (lean, easy lo use, ler- tiliits thru tods and foliage, for lawns, bulbs, house plnnls, benies, fruit tioes, shiubi, I 4 Oli-i vtgdoblcs ond llowtrs. 1 AT 14.00 In Reusoblt · Eureka HARRIS "F" · Arcata 7th i "G" · McKinleyville SHOPPING CENTER Glenn's discovery that he could control his spacecraft's motions and the way it was heading ,by reference to the earth's horizon-which was visible even by reflected starlight -- cheered scientists aiming at manned flight' to the moon. So did his finding that he could estimate accurately the distance between his cabin and the burned out Atlas missile which followed him in orbit. The future of manned : space flight may involve the coupling of rockets and cabins in orbit. In that event, man's ability to judge distance in space will spell the difference between success and disaster. Today's report did not altogether clear up "the Glenn effect," the thousands of luminous particles through which he rode · on three successive dawns as though through "a field of fireflies." NASA a s t r o n o m e r John .Ai O'Keefe thinks these particles probably were bits of paint flecked from Friendship-7 by the rays of the rising sun. But Glenn, to which they wert "the biggest surprise of the flight," said they are "still subject to debate." . The astronaut said he could, distinguish between forested and cul- " tivated areas and could detect M lines, which he assumed were i'i bridges, across large rivers. He 'i saw dust storms on the Sahara 1 ;'i Desert, and the bright lights of !·! Perth and other Australian com- K munities. He thinks he saw the V-shaped wake of. one of his re-,, ( covery ships in the Atlantic.. - · jii 1 "As I came across the United··" Slates," he reported, "I could also i · see New'Orleans, Charleston, arid sJ Savannah very clearly. I could -4 also see rivers and lakes. . .^ "I think the best view I had of ^ any land area during-the flight* was the clear desert region-around El Paso on the second i pass across the United States. "As 1 passed off the East Coast of the United States I could see across Florida and back along the Gulf Coast." · , After firing the braking rockets off the West Coast which brought him down in the Atlantic he also could see irrigated areas around El Centra, Calif., Glenn said. One of his most uncomfortable moments came when his capsule T banged against the side of thc:dc- ; ; stroyer Noa which was rescuing -l him. : ^ This was "probably the most if solid jolt of the whole trip," .hi ,^ said. But a few minutes later he .·· was out of his cramped and over- ? heated cabin and breathing cool ,. ; Atlantic air. 'i: Glenn devoted some time to a .,· discussion of fear. He said the ., best antidote to fear "is to know all we can about a situation." The · seven Mercury astronauts have spent three years in ceaseless preparation for space flight. They , know all that can be known in . advance about it. "\Ve have not dreaded it: we . have looked forward to it," Glenn said. Bears In Playoff Win Over Bisons By United Press International The Hcrshey Bears arc working overtime in bidding for a berth in the final round of the American Hockey League playoffs. John McKenzie's goal at 5:44 of the second extra session gave the Bears a 3-2 victory over the 'Buffalo Bisons Tuesday night In the opening game of their best-of-fivc semifinal series at Hershey. The learns (radcd goals in the second period. Lcs Duff of the. Bears scored first and Brian Cullen replied for Buffalo. Hcrshey regained the lead on a goal by Pete Conachcr but the Bisons again deadlocked the game on a shot by Barry Cullen. H was the Bears' second straight overtime game. They also needed an extra session before jclimlnating the Providence Reds in the final game of their quarter-final series last Saturday night. The other semifinal scries be- llwccn the defending champion || Springfield Indians and the Cleveland Barons resumes tonight Kl [Cleveland with the Indians holding a 2-1 lead in the besl-of-soven

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