The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1957 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 3
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BrazoBpcrt, and BraBoriaCmtnly, Monday June 17. FA C T S Foreign Mo vie * Making No Vacation By ALINE MOSBY UP Hollywood Wriinr HOLLYWOOD .-.-up..- Movie locations abroad may sound liko sinhtserine tours, but a recent one in Germany that featured a fake kirinapin* brings a wi»ar<. v-.-;«Ei" m Inc tnii?- tach<> of Artolphr Mrnjoit. Ti.s- vclr-rnn .it'fir. < >1 1<he.- horse and purveyor of conservative opininns has vrluinorl from what sotmrlr like (no liveliest movie location in yi'.avs-- Iho film-:'. 4 "[ "IV.,'.s '•' <••'' \" in Munich. A movir company iii a foreign country is like a little Iso- Where Does Money From Crusade Go? (Editor 1 ! Not*: Th:i i« the iourlh «nd linul ipuctal ruport bT the United Pretj on Billy Grghtm'i New York crusade. It tellf iibout the finnncliil iid» of the eruiede — -where ihe money cam«i from, »nd where !t goen.) . By LOU5S CAS3ELS NEW YORK • -W-- tan when lie w,-i< just beginning lii« ctinvr n« an ••v,in«ol- Ist. Billy Oniham ";i« oholo- Rraphcri ruildinK a b;i« nf money which/ hi' sponsors had just rrsentfn to him. The picture (nipcan'J in tin laird world of its own, and this one. orEaimed by Kirk Douglas' Bryna Productions, had more than its sharp of advpn- Had Himself Kidniped nsppd — as a publicity stunt. "Some other fellows in the The truth came out so he was company were having various fired. Fortunnir ly, it vvas ivar romance", and I had to listen the end of the picture and they to afl the complications on !hat." Menjou went on. "Also every day we worked in a ensile with marble halls Daniel Vetoes Cosmetic Act 1 Shaving was originally » orotective measure since long I beards were easy for oppo- •n:nt« in eomliat to sfize. Attorney Files Motion In School Annexation lady White °iets Dressier rrtiild use a double for Hi? re-1. of his scenes. Even the Munich "First of all, there -,vas at-tor newspaper \vrote editorials Tim Carey, an uninhibited against the movie company for charn.-tcr known around here that stunt. We all were blamed that '.vas like an icebox. We si) as "t>ic Wild Man of Holly- for it." Lecture on Mannefi Carey, he continued, caused u< h fi • <-'•'' on .1 , .r »'• dining room trial the elegant, dnppe.r Menjou f;»ve him a ler- lure on manners and made him huy a suit of clothes to repla.-e Crosby losing his .'oice or his casual attire. Mansfield her curve wnd." 'Hr-'s a wonderful actor and 1 think this picture will make :iii» a h:- ; .• bin - -a. - ., we had with li;m!" sighed Mrn- jou. (.)ne day he had this brainstorm nnd had himself kid- cnme down with colds." Then thieves broke into the studio and rtole the lenses rieht off the cameras. But the worst • ;--n;?( j dy came when nil of fa-h- 'on-plHlc Menjnu's clothes v.-<*re .vipcd. a situation (kin to Bins " avne AUSTIN —HP— The Texas Food, drue and cosmetic a*;t passed by the remm LeRi.'Is'ure was vetoed Wednesday by Gov. Price Daniel. , Daniel said h» vetoed the r.ioasnre at the i rnucst of the Texas Departrncnt of Hr.a'th. ivlveh originally prepared the bill. A nrnvision in*cr'"rl by the Legislature which said "wher- "vr the term rorn.mijvionor of • health i? used in this act. that term shall mean and include city health officer as defined herein'' was the reason for health officers the power to He said it would give "city killing the bill. Daniel said, make rules and regulations in conflict with the state commissioner of health, and gives concurrent jurisdir'.ion to state and city health officers when it i? obvious that this was not the intention of the Legislature in enacting the remainder of the hill." Angleton attorney W. D. Evans, who represents the Liverpool and Chocolate Bayou Common Sc.iooi ms-rlcts, said 'hat a molion for rehearing has been filed in the Court of Civil Appeals, in the Angleton school annexation case. F,vans said that the motion was filed more than a w«ek ago. and that it will be possibly three months before any action i = taken on it. If this motion is overruled. Evans added, then th» case will be appealed to the iSunrem** Court. The T-x-Arksna Court of Civil Appeals ruled recently that the action of ilie Brazoria County School Board in annexing the Chocolate Bayou and Liverpool Common School Districts to the Angleon Independent School District was Icgsl. The schools were annexed to the Angleton district in November. 1934. Since that time. public h^arings. hearing? before the Commissioner of Education, before the Stale Board of Education' three suits in Brazoria County District Courts. CHICAGO — W— A new lection of nurses' uniforms • pressing both the softly feir nine and sophisticated mode, was shown by the school of nursing of Passavant hospital recently. one suit in Travis County District Court, and th<* <uit in thft Appellate Court, have bee.rt held. At the Angleton tax valuation, the two districts would me;*n an annual increase in revenue of S210.000. Total worth of the tivo districts is approximately *M million \ ON SALE Tuesday * Wednesday spa p. lit nl-,. Bett&i 4 >•<. Graham actitelv. He resolvi-d then that never a(<Min would he ieopm di/r» his minisiiy by giving poonlc any ground for suspicion that, lit was pelting rich from evangelism. Today the of a Cira- linm crusade are handled with <tn impeccable eare that would do credit to a bank. Every penny taken In and paid out is audited by a firm of certified public accountants. But the association of evan- Rclintn with profiteering is s" strong in the pviblic mind — snd indewtr no well iustified by the record of some itinerant preachers — that Graham still get a few abusii/e letters each day from people who regard him as a kind of racketeer, Hull In Cherge 1 To Roger Htili. who has the responsibility of raising enough money to meet the bill? of the current New York crusade. In Madison Square Garden. It seems increcKfcle thit anyone should consider Grah»m'« meetings a money-making operation. Hull is vice president of the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. He also is chairman of the committee — le^allr Incorporated under the laws of New York State — which is sponsoring the meetings. He opened the booki to » reporter in his office to show that crusading Is a very costly business. One o/ the >maHes< Itenu Is tha allowance of SIS a day which the committee pays to Graham for living expenses. Graham also gets it salary of $1S,000 a year, but thin ii paid entirely b.r the Billy Graham Evangelical Assn. of Minneap- olii. Minn., which sponsors his "Hour of Decision" raiiio brond- ee.sti each Sunday afternoon. The evangelist gets no extra •alary, no "love offering" of any kind, from the funds raised for the New Yurk rrusadn. Rent Big Item Big Items of expense are the rent for Malson S<|u;u« Garden — IS.OOO a night — and Balaricff of 60-r Id t-^herft, Maxe- hand* and other Garden em- ploye* that run to about II,9UU • night Advertising and publicity ex- peiiaeit. including daily radio and nightly tHrviMon pioKrrtin? In tht- New York area, avrtage $40.000 a week. Expenjp* of the cj-usade office at IBS West 4«llTStlret. in- eluding staff nlmles. printing, postage, and rent, total $17,000 a week. MEN'S TROPICAL SUITS! 1OO% OACRON FILLED FAMOUS-NAME COTTONS! smart •nridracl witli Dacron* or. Nylon... j at big savings for you! **%&^""1*i Hfe^v *.t #? . . ..•^Bfjrj £* ./;«•' ••**•! m-s *.. . ,"-. -*at"" ».« >*• -*• i. *i' fi l»niow» packMl 17 ounc«f Kill.. • carry Dwpottt's polity MM(| Fantastic bvyl They're big. plump, packed with 100 ft pure virgin Dacron . . . light, odor- lew, allergy-free, alway* re- I silient. Cord edged. Print *«I tat« ticking*. 77 . The»* I^, to run to more , than one mltlHM dollurs by Ihf tune thf inr'>tui,\:s-f!iit on July 21, art 1 ImiH'fd into «inc burt)M't to be met bv fu.icl* raided by the loc^l I''t* cumtmUt'C The oftcriii^!: tiikt-M up at the Garden curb night will cover only a hlttc more than one third of this figuii- if ihi-.v i-on- tmu(» at (he iiicM-nt r^tr.' The offering uhieh is uuiupdiate- ly placed in the tustoily of, and counted by n'i>i CM-nt-itivt's of the Chase Manhattan hunk — has averaged about $1,100 a night. What • i«UdU«l WK«I twtngtl OaieM erf diefiiicrt** -new paKtnu . . . crisp butcher weaves, airy cords, too ... smartly itylwl in 2 and 3 button models ... tailored breeie-light to Penney's hit{h quality sUnd&rdn! All specially ordered just for this event to give you the biggest possible savings! 1 Group Women'* Faille Bags Imaginative Detailing Black, Navy, Brown Fully Lined Reduced to DAN RIVER! AVONDALE! GALEY & LORDI WAMSUHA! BURLINGTON! EVERFAST! CANNON! Never b«for« at thit lew prict! Con-, ..ui.nesav ton hand-picked cotton beauties! Come find broadcloth*, sailcloth, dacron- »nd<OtUm! Io«y-««r« »im«liei *uth 01 Evergldit, Waih 14 W»«f, Mini-care, Vanforliedt, Cr»ate-rt- MtionH G«t »t*rted on them today .. . stock a •apply {or future. u*e! for $ 1 yard &dfife siuis, iROApcioTHS/MNps! I BABY .CORDSLJIINIMS! Looking Back V IT HAPPENED . . . JUtIK 17 $ yeert ago Mrs. Julia M»v .,P I.."U' Jackion lias mcipUd ihc •- " ' pn'-sideiii'v of ihc DUMIU'.SS ciinl ProfesMonal \Vouien.> l'!ui> uf thai citj'. Nf* uffuxTs IDI HH- c'lub who will lit! in»iHllt-rl in- tluiti- Mis. Cole IJDUgl.i.i. pri--- idem; Mrs. May. \ue piusi- dent; Mrs. Ka>e Mi-ado\\s ^t'c- rulary and Miss Annette Greer, treasurer. 10 yeari *go Dwlght N- Wethercll, Kiet- port, ha^ bocn cm oiled »x a niember of the American Su cioly of Civil Kngim'ti's, It is •imouni'ed today by I'ol. William H. Cavvy, txcculivt secns- taiy of the society, at its national hoaiiuuartcrs. - - —o - Loiter earners' uniforms are a ftO-50 blend of tiie Uniou filu* »nd Confederate Gray. PREMIUM FINE COHON CASUAL SHIRTS... PENNEY TAILORED KM COMFOKT $ | tiiet »m«H. • medium, tarf • Yet, men, combed meih weave lei>«» and new, totorfgl prinrt In imaarii and textured Santoriieclt t«non«l Penney'* coolest, most practical answer to suqimer heat waves. fWon't (brink more than 1%. 5AVI ON LONG-WEARING ^PtAY SHORTS FOR 1OYSI 2 for I St««k up e« y«wr NttU guy'i ptay »h«rt« MW< They're summer's coolest, toughest fabrics. Penney tailored for plenty of rough'n'tumble wear. Easy on caro... fully machine washable. Cilling all Cotton Connoisseurs! BLOUSES! BLOUSES! •Untie loft hrcwdcloth blmists te*wrted from. Japan, slyled, ile*r«V44, young and be«uuful. •ummer jaxtf]i, *lvid«. whitf! (o 38 MISSES TWILL SHORTS Stogie up now on msgod-weai ^gj coil-j.-J Hi** machine «-«*h, drip J" B dry, keep far ^'nld from the • iron. J'i-shioa note: *ip slm» uiies, • vu BOW less, curuns cull. Jt ^ .^

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