Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 19
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BKVmXY MANOR APARTMENTS. , 1ljif Bunmer And Htt. Xbkoctu la camjHin. 3 bedroom, unfumMi- ··4. .avJHlaW* June lal. 442-4440. E£TM m rurnlibed *putmeiit. No pcu In- U4 Gabbard, or vbai* 531473*. FOR REST ~ Apartment al TERRACE MANOR; AvsJUHe durtoi surmtwr mrtw. pttfie 441-5029, - SS--Mobil. HomM For Sal* 47--«*al btat*--fer Sal* IfcrM MOB1LK ham*. Good 12*85 FUEETWOOO im M*tte iwme for «!*. 13SOO. all-or vaM « 774S. ^NIBLOCK RENTALS i LoaiiraM witfe 1 its B B«droom for- nWwd unit i to aerve your n«ei*. irNBTTUBSifU* AND FAIRGROUNDS X*T., 115M Netllnhlp. QiuIXy wits. all-·Metric wjUi diih^Aer and dta SPACIOUS ,1071 CUSTOM EXECUTIVE 12x70 skirted, carpeted, drap**, mini p*V wu-Scr, dryer, wlr* itlc* 18.WO, {·fere Ul-aWl COVENTRY mobile horn*; 3 bed room*, partly furnishM and carp*i«d. washer aM'dryer, lake trrtr pttym of 1U.Q1. Call 44X5996 or 44.VM6*. '§' 5:1-5X3 or 5J1-3TO or »I-»10. IxTi MOBILE Home. (*n bedroom, lw halh,«*)y carprUd. famished, CH/CA u-ssherdoer, ttMrttd. tied dwn. chiti ink p*n, (7-500.-443-3064 atier I 35--Duplex for Rent mfcNISHED i IWdnwn (tuptox ^ Mudy. Air conditioned, f«w*d yard, Quirt l*3*tl«n off 1« W**. «L35 month. Phone ·W7-32U.' ' . TWO bedrwm dv^t ilVrwMh« M ' ' FlfttNlSHZD two bedroom iupf«t«, i ind vratM- pa4d, iivailabl* now, K. InveBtmeDt Co. 521-9771. _Hous*i For Rent BV THE MONTH, 3 bedronm, !·£ b*tti, . *qripf*d , with «Uwe, «*r1»«r»V«r, . Aain link T«nc«, cio« to school, betw Springdale * Fas'. $190 p" mnnUi p ''ife^mt. RriftmKM required. 442099 k MOBILE: Mm, 3 htdToom. 2 · 5tcri!fM ccmdillfafi, must, MM. In pnscwl*. call 33I-M3) after 5:00.. QUALITY Built 1174. 3 b«4rocro mobile honw, cmn-al air, csrprt, tie eViwrw «nd indwra. porvhee. Phorw SZ1-4H7 ·dt Farm* -- E*»t of UWr .-- O4d*r hone re- , Poultry Ronchfttte Aw*--3 bedroom horn*--L^.OCO esp*- (y--auloiTMirc wwiFwnwH--133,300 Call lildred Guue 442-4344. 20,000 Capacit/ laying Set-Up ) Arm mllfnc t»rrt--Autxxrultc chick' n Houte--Older 4 rorim hou**--Plerrty of Duvk 443-4S7S. MOBILE HOME SITE 1H MIM. Trev «K*rei Paved i Ceolnl water fyAem. Bett a* 443-2465 39--Office Space Buildings For Runt : 3 .BEDROOM unfurnished, private Iwus fer.Oowpfc or woman wanted tor child. ·,3r», and Iwu.*)**!**. Mil* lira on prattiMa. Send inquiry lo P.O. Box MS, STUDENTS -- a · BR - o«U«« in qofet countryside. 14 minutes Co campus. No pe1«, avaU»b.«' May l«t. 441-9283. ·M'ROOX 6 bedroom tonse *WO per nwnlh, tntulr« al Ro*i«- Jewelry. 4 East Center St. No phooe call* pi MM. 37--Mobil* Homes Spaces For Rent i rumlshwJ trailer tor rent ith. Phone 442-2535 *fl*r 3 S13S per mo p,m. ONE bedroom mobile home, furnished, (a one student K7.50, biCi. paid. 442-SBM. 60x40 BUSINESS BUILDING roc Lean, .venial toerifcm, WMtote plnj? omi«r. WrtU lo Bat r-4* e/» Nwthvwt AttUBMi TTMEfi. P.O. Drmim D. Fu«tt«ril]e, AA TIM. 2243 N. COLLEGE · ' . 5 2 1 - 1 1 8 0 1JOO SQUARB fMt fw l«RM for prv [wslmai office, abowroon, ot warebotwe. H[gh»-»y 62 Wvt. laqQiTaM m*j b* to P.O. Box SIX Fi^vacvlll*. 40 -- For R*n! or L*aM FOR LEASE -- 40 *crt* p*8tur* J""T^EDHOOW furnished mobile hom« located off , Highway 71 i»xrth of C**rry , a, Rxttlletil location lo factories. (90 , .nyrth plus utilities. Phone **2^5H3. 42-- Wanted ro R«rl or Leas* - UNUSUALLY rac* ftimr*ed two bedroom -- 'good locaUen. ace to £rp¥*«dal£ -married,, coopte or mature adult -- *WO X)im£ wants to rwit nRfumMMd wdroom houve or duplex. Pref«r fenced - but not iMOMMi-y. CtA Ken ** -VALLEY VIEW Mobile Home Park "LARGE LOTS, PATIOS, POOI - 1? BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1840 M. LEVERETT ST. 442-4W7 MOBILE ihame spaw .on 20 acre, rear* from «uare, rough road, IxauilMl *ritw. Bllt. garden ..pot. qvct. Phon« 331 45-- loh For Salt FOR SALE -- L*HHB lev^ 1«U to rk A*tiJon, All ckr W*liti«M avafi- . Call Harrison Dtviai lO 2 ACRES ivfmnt wJUi TTM w ««d u4 b Wo-Jdft' ' " · . 443-2465 COMB SI5B OUR VILLAGE. TTS QUIKr -- SHADY AND FRIENDLY. PRWATE PARKING AND WIDE PAVED STREETS. VERY ATTRACT- · lyk TO RETIRED FOLKS. ' ; ' COUNTRY LANE , ·' ; - MOBILE HOME TOLAGE PHONE 521-4666 ' ' ' N e w Two arvd Three Bedroom Homes / MOBILE HOMES , /Lease With Option ' To Buy. ' Monthly Rent "" Becomes Your . Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday' Inn 46-- Farm* Acreage* 46,000 aAPACITY aWckem. newt; iw eTed home with 40 acrec, mare [1 warrtfd On WMe Rfvw, S n**« ml of Elkim PhOTM 643-3384. P.O. BOK B*, Ellnnft. 30 ACRES niArtr* Laka WAwr City Pirk,', total price *1*,000. PI 531-5172 or 839^290. THE i WOMAN *'A11 right, then -- I'LL say it was the best thing I ever tasted if YOU'LL promise not to cook it again!" 47-tMl Ert.te-ror Sale NEAT Mile 1 bMr-wfii h*^ in r*y- etf.! title wh tvjMlmui tuMntmt. live tn K 6r UM for rtnUI. flO,W). Far Appoint- nxtrt. c»ll Mrry fWnt*«, TW-fflU, Ar- radt RM! E*.ri« Corp. SIMM. LAHGB 3 Bedroom, 2 b*th brie* bwrw, pfa« , large f*iv*rf (Mrkyard . «,«». Call Jor appdnUnmrl. Lair?' KnJm**. 75*- BJ11. Artadt R*at tal« Corp., Ml-WS*. M98 AIL BRICK - BUTTERflELD 3 twknWTM -- ffi btlhi -- Iv rns -- dirv- inf rm -- t.imili' rm with FT. X'.tdMe with hniktaat ana. CH i Air. Doubtt *ar»i«. Call Jdtat BKVM at MI-WOO or 4*U'73Q. FREEMAN ilnjU^a, 521-4300 islllii M "·· M "« FOR 5*1.1 By t*«*r: Tor p.wt and quiet try tN« ratDndcM 3 wdrtxxn, With MTir*te dinrkn in .WUH- iij*M ma . Osnvinlfrt. te Kteola ant atopplng c*n(er«. LoaArt irvrtfc extras. Hurry! Won't la* at tU,30rX 440-»M Nortfamt Arfciineat TIMES. Tim., April 20, 197* 9 11 rATETTrnu.t, ABKAN.U.I Legal Nolle** Can* tMi t*Ji rtty »f Apnt. 137*. Aim* Xollmfffr. Onmciry Cl«rk By 'Joytt Cooksey. D.C. (Seal) 4Tc JO. !f M«y 4. 11 Bicentennial Visitors May Cause Air Alert WASHINGTON (AP) -- The increased traffic bearing Bicentennial visitors may aggravate the capital's air pollution problems and lead lo air alerts here this summer, the nation's top environmental official iv'arns. "We're going lo have a real prohlem, 1 Ihink, this summer in terms of air pollution in the nation's capital," Environmon lal Protection Agency Administrator Russell E. Train ore dieted Sunday. "I would pxMct some, bad air Long Depressed Beef Market Makes Comeback WASHINGTON (AP) -- Im- torls, of live calle from Ctna- da and Mexico have ^oired recently-- another indicilion hal many U.S. farmers ind eedlot operators are becoming ncrcasingly cojlfidonL (hat th* Drag-depressed beef market is flaking a comeback, according to the Agriculture Department. During February, according to USDA figures, cdlils imports Dialed S2.135 head, » seven-Md increase from the same mbnlh last year when 7.272 head wsr« imported. One official said there is "no reason lo hit the panic button" about the jump In cattle imports. In the past, those totaled 47-- Real Estate--Tor Sale 3 Acres . H3S.OO m MCV nlih 71 R tranttg*. Wood*** *·!* name ben* laxf. Owner an la **U- for furthw d*U«ils MU Mart Stand S31-3W. 200 E. Poplar Foy«rtevill» 47--Real Estate-- For Sal* THIS WON'T LAST LONG (KM) On Lhe niarXvt. we mean. A love- : Manor we Jual lisid. JUwre, DW, vsw, beautiful cAtveU, dr»j«*«, too. »r tnrafe v.1t*i buJl-ln Anrae*. !e%eJ with ^anSei. apot,. Bettor hurry to thit at KW^nO, U'« · buy! I-lated b; nu Cooatok. 321850ft. Ul-ltt? eve*. 40 A. INDUSTRIAL mile road front, water, K«*, sewer .rb)'. l/(rt«lly wooded but tay» v.'d! tor B,WO per aor«. Wi.) cor«'dM- atuW nil or pan. Ucted by L, L. StanLon. 521««. LAZY F1SHER,N\AN? CMS) Like to h b*rt 1«1« the hMda of i« jxwr lx»t. and Amg^nc k tack aller A*rt? Man, tM Ji for JMI. 3 Mem, U4 bath brie* horn* «-*!*" lanca (« tek* (f*^ p hundred IteO 2 c*r EAT.. c«rpetaj drape*, all o evel W with ro'ct ganim retA. usita jy Wiima Corrti*. CaH S21-89W, SJ1-7067 521-3900 BUILT FOR COMFORT! "his DUM bcdroOnx tv,0 b»Ui. * Kory cm* 'haa a formal IhiaJ room w] _imiiy room wKh brt* firoplac*. It it located in the Hj1*nd Pirtc Suhdi^Saton, v.iih th* noM irorsMUat ^«sv In Vwn. Call Venxm Taner S«-«H, nJgWs 5313667 R-230. BRAND NEW! ·e thr«« IvbinM h«v« iut b*4n e«tn- . . bath*. PRICED RIGHT- *i the mtd , Call Vemon Taow an-«m, r.l Lindsey 2 ACRE TRACTS WITH TREES thew' be*utiM locmtlon*, BaU4*r cuMrxn build In thfe DOR*, e-ut a . . . *n hmy *rd ull FTMOM BEAUTY IN THE MASTER BEDROOM Karaiw. lr*M bouM IT i veteran, hcuM hattn for *ppoir»lm«.t U3J197. SOMETHING A 11TTLE SPECIAL An aty-art (or the wat*rfront »tt:fc k only » tow l»*l 4r*ctly to ttw waief. 1 big tot*. 3 bedroom and 1 bad.*, pretty ^f* of Hickory Cr«*k tnd In 8pnnc- d»l« achonl.1. Cn Na4ine (MdKr) YalM ill-7*73 for »o?« Statormatfan. Prioa ta 521-2303 NEAR DOWNTOWN AREA (851) older « room fr»ir.» w*. np a« J ipti,, l-o rm, 1-3 room, both bv* batfi. vay to lOT«i and Univ., 60x120 , partervE. IJiKed fiy WHnia Ooo! 5318500, RM. S1-TW7. M ACRES. nm.raff ew*k, mo*Jy wooded, anull fVnm, owivv flrau..?*. 511-6172 M32SC. S ACRES, Un^.oj tnosUy ttrvel, J300 *»m PbrHve 331^5172 nr 839 3 COLONIAL ELEGANCE 5 BR.. 3tt bvlh. tvro^tnJT approximate? 3,000 *q. n. Owtr*! h*Mt *r»d air. 3«ar (4rae« with worfc- hm. Slopin? ntlT rvdncM, r olNtw. 161 ACRE FARM H «taMH), nwMi In gcnd pnainre. Nu- vtuM outtniLdingf. Creek. 4 pondi. 3 xcellent tpevut*. It** of w»t«r. .All ***]. IoeM«l tn Madimn downy. mi« 9C o* Hurrtvs-iUe, Ca Viriinta Bowen 442 -EKC, or pTfiec. WOODED SECLUSION Cm b* fowid. on tUa ITS *»** M no Mt. Swooy^L A MAMOND IN IHE ROUGH for oriy $U.KO.OO. Call Jot Ba*u M24M7. or efftM. 40 ACRES try owner, bMntiftd vrMvy. 521-6500 1985 N. A " ociates S53S X. Cdlexi "Developers of Hyland Park" J.. W. G»be! Vernon Tin-ft B. L. L«4-it Jo Anne SUobin? ~ · Modlin i CniM Hiram Itrooks FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY « hfw!#r rant*. 1 ne ' ' ProliUbfa aii »CT« K»t tn«» *!ck«i |MRI(WL(B or lrall« 20,000 BROILER Farm, *Q a«nB, bvdruocn hotm, food ecw*lwe,. turn. c«ttle and maehloerr fcxi Tern.*, {59,000. 761-3SM. 47-- Real Estate-- For S«U SUNDAYS O4: YOUR OWN DECK Jk jour htHtmad n*lk.i ID *· TM tnxn th« - b**«lM new tt-re* bedroom t«o bath ontentporacy * . oVen'Uviiui »r»a wiili 'ottthedni eeUinc ti.ref*»*, f*y «wp«*«d FAUCXTTB MULTIPIJE IJffTTIWl SERVICE lank, iind all hook- w«U, IM VYll, «ptlc lan »!». l/*at*l on H«-. « Grave and Farrotoflac. Prlea I7C.OOO. r««- accuiM« leims. Call Ron Burns 846-2183 t=-1287 JUST IIKE NEW 1 wi are lootamr for *,)tauM wiLh bedroom* under 50, you imiat toe thia hncne. 1 Jrs« d*n witii vattitMl e^ling bit muter bedroom and *i»-*ral other very nice f««turM. LandMcpM j-«n" Cull Jii1*t K«VM at 5Z1-63IX1 or UJ-72S2. FREEMAN NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION KCWmAL UNDEK OONffTllVC'I WS alert situations,' 1 Train said on But Train said he doubted a ban would be placed on tourists' driving to the "capital by cars, combined \vilh hugh sum- ral workers would be asked not to drive into the city, he said. Some 17 million tourists are expected here durina the Bicentennial, which is 20 per cent more than usual. Train said that the increased number of car*, combined wilh high sum- rry?r temperatures and stagnant air, "could create a hazardous problem." ·' The capital experienced four air pollution alerts last summer, including a record hij?h .·eading of 180 in August on its air quality index. A reading q 100 is considered hazardous and 250 is dangerous to health. There werja seven air alerts In the summer of 1973, Like most of the Ea_sl Coast the capital sweltered in an un Reasonable heat wave Sunday The temperature hit a record breaking 95 drfiree.? : and at on monitoring station the air quali ty index reached 100. Eight oth er stations in the Washingtpt area had lower air quaUt readings.- . · ' Commuters were asked not t drive to work during last sum mer's smog, but they were no forced to leav.e their car around one million head a ytar before drop pins? (o 568,000 in 1974 and to 389,1)00 last year, making the 1975 total the smal- "est in nearly 30 years. When cattle prices were depressed in relation to feed costs in 1374-75, fcpdlots reduced inventories sharply. Thus, since post of ihe imported cattle rom Mexico and Canada ar« feeder" types, the feedlot demand for animals declined. But. with the big corn crop ast fall, along wilh forecasts or improved profit margins for eedlot cattle m the coming months, the surge in imports vas expected. Offtcfals said, lowever, that, even if the re- ent pace continued, it was un- ikely that total 1976 imports vould match the one millibn lead of previous years. In a related report today, th« department's Foreign Agricul- ural Service said that Mexico growing market for U.S. , , , r h«t arid aJt. al! brick. nr«pUc« opttoBaU- $28,500 to $31,200 VA Loan-- No iawn FHA lout-- Low FOR SALE BY OWNER M acre» at taati RJ -- Trmtise «« Zta Boai, «a«m»rt » Ol« Maaxxirt Bd, appnw. V4 mjla «*t e PTW AT* au Mall. Oftll 9Z14789 or m-44n. SALE PRICES) Mar UoM. Extra! ntc* thrM bedroom, 3 baOi, dm, mrptlfA, LUT»* ( levd lot -- piui wwimnmx poA erty J2B.500, Witl FHA or VA. DaUtt Renlty 7S1-72S2, 756-39U. . P** nf stew***, «· buil(-in *p\»nct.. ,, , . Iwwivf linvtocapiJ-S «nd red rater privacy fence in SHmtbnar Addition tor only «7,500. Call '53W256. Here 1 ! Mobil » Home VI 1 lag* on Today m-« 51 ACRES-2 Jlory mitns omth of Prairie Grav* on hankop. Ptwn« 94*2302. M6-WW or WJKXt. rirat Urn* on HM marrhet, 4 bfwndM wooded ICTW **li · fm.Ot9ii« ^-i«w wtth tarf bedroom, 3 Ml bMtw, 30srtn inf AT** wilh flntpflace, bo* aervtat lo front door lo Boot «nd Woodland Jr. Sdboo!i. Call M for ftpP^rW KS-3M. FOR Sal« by Ow«r: IIS KTM vsll«T land all in permiMnt putrm. With Mat* ponds. Ne*r reo«lion Uta. On* milt ColonialArms 1211 N; LEVERETT/521-2HO POOL . LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET' AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heat and Air Ti Go») TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN . PAYMENT WILL HOLD APART. MENT FOR JUNE I. Keri Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 ell HOME WITH ACREAGE.. . · -. m-ertookinj viU«r.'. In Ilmll. BaW ax»« In ' COUNTRYSIDE Hvin* in GrttrH. rk. W« tnvtt.! you M* *e quality 1 ttmrm of Uw 4 bedroom 2 baih at, ftbundafK-s ot ttongt. n|Mf «MB and haj*t MfeineU. TS*» 1MO iq. fttor jtm tia tbe m*t di..«rira!nK- buerr. Son d«cdr, yard. t#rtc4 m rou^tn wfc, 30)T40 wnrfc*op imd 2 CAT iragt?. Cxn Assume · LS.«» not* »1 "e, interest priced *t (29,900. Phex* rfl-TTW or 442-36M. : CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 ' :-.. . UNDER NEW MANAGEMEhfT ' v Efficiency Shag Carpet -'.'-- 1 Bedroom Disposal - i.ffi£ ?^ ,- - Central Gas Furnished or '".'.--. Air Conditioning Unfurnished p ' Two Swimming Pools 720 Sunset FREEMAN " IN SWEETBRIAR IM 3 new 1 bedro ice, buy BOW aad e IN LINCOLN ,,,,-« wltJi 1 twdroom IraHw h Socd fnce. Ftiod. OUbaUdi.^ Phont Builder GARLAND SMITH 267-3393 Prescription for Pleasure pfui dK »ir ot pri- T*W wi* your own *arei\g«- Tor HI nit- Sued m«« or PoDr MI m-T^a Foyetteville O "EM to End" tW« H roam hnm* hM qUaUity jnd «a in«nj ·xtru to offer for th* prfc* of H7.500. Lo- ext«d · in ttte 9w»*t ttrlw Addition on *p tm-M tamtiy witfe nr«pi.v.ft. fr.rm«4 rflrrn* rooen, Mt-in Irit chen. 3 foil MUw sh*f carp**. «w^m drap«. Bring ' yoor ctecUMokj you'll want W buy at. OiE Pdily BtfU 751-7W3, 200 E. Poplar Fayetteville BUTTERFIELD SCHOOL, DISTRICT WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 . "One thing we could do In ase of an emergency alret is tell the government workers not to drive to work that day. It th^y want to walk or take a bus or something of that sort, that's something else," Train said. But It is not practical to apply n auto ban to tourists "because you don't know in ad- ·ance 1 '"how many wi,l be driv- ng into Washington, he , observed. ireeding animals, including mth calle and hogs. Sales of U,S. cattle to Mexico, for example, rose from 8.275 head in 1970 to 37,204 last year. "Mexico's growing demand for meal and dairy products indicates that continuing import* of breeding animals will be required," the agency said, "Th« United Stales, because ot its geographic proximity, is expected to be the- main supplier." , Although [he report did not say so. another reason lor Mex- iro importing more breeding cattle -T- as indie at d hy th» other statistics -- is that producers fhcre apparently believe U.S. buyers will continue taking more lightweight animals for feedtots. REDUCED-NO* ta,sto. ixw Mi»«. bedroom, centra, air *nd h«al. WaB-46- - ' ' Legal Neliews Weems Writes Book Oul In 60 Days LITTLE ROCK AP) -- For- itier Pros. Ally. Sam A. Weems of D« Arc has written a book entitled. "How to Protect Your selt From Your Lawyer." In 1973, Weems was dis barred and currently Js await ing retrial on arson and con- spiracy charges. He has Insist. ed that his problems are the re-suit of a political vendetta against him. : A number of fliers have 'been circulated publicizing the book. saying first edition copies will be .numbered and autographed by Weems. The book i« di* out n. about 60 days. Weems said Monday the boolt will be published by Michael 0. Pale of Pine Bluff, .who incorporated the Jonathan Publishing Co. on Feb. 19. N-OT1CE N'O. P7S-* 1 . IN THE FHOBATE COURT 07 WASHINGTON COUNTY. A R K A N S A S IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF l^t- Brown McDonald. d*ce«**d Last known »dr1r«s et - !ti«Mn.; Fay«ttcville, Artansai Date of de^lh: Matdi 28, 19TR An inilrumenl d*tM Aucun e, 1774, n i on the 331h day or April, 19TS. admitted lo probiile AS Ihe l«t will ot th* Htxtve turned d*e*rftfit. n n d lh« 521-3900 521-3900 IT YOU WANT A QUALTTY' HOMB-YOU WANT..A 3CELTON HOME!. 175T S9OVX CT. 3 BR, wf«i-»(« dkxnc. carpK«d. ·! tar at yau wmyd WMM. firepl***, ^thed ral eeUtn«i, aunam cflbmttt by Dwr.* CORNER OT SOUX k CHEROKEE 3 RR, cm-erad pon*. e»rpe*«d, ·!! «x iee our homev by CVTming by toxins thi Uy, or CAB builder. MELTON HOMES undtr^fned hai bee ppointed necuWr cDn*M of the proba1« in b« fffscled only by vilhln lh* lime provided (herrunder. of the ' win fiUnR a pt/ill! by !»w. AlJ-p*r»oni tin^ri claims AE[nsl lh« *rt»le miit *sbibit lli«m, duly verified, to Lh« underii.(ned «ilh.n sir monthi [ram lh* d*te ot Ihs ftr-l puHlcaUon of this noiic*. or they ihall b« fflrt\-*r i birred »niS pr»Klud*d from any beaelu i the. eatAt*. TTiii notice first publlihed K d«r of April, 197S. Jim B*ota »»DoftaiI (Ex-wntor »ili wD nwea-sd* re ?earmn fr WoodrufI S« E. CeAter. J"ayelle\ill«, AH T2I01 2tc SO-27 j BEDROOM BRICK, dm, p*H icr*« Mon(« IV« Arnt. fMOO equity i8m.m paymert*, Phoo« S36-WM. TO BE MOVED Ahno*. new orv* h« room hoBM, har*rood Smr «id pwtii :an.rt*d. Priorf to »U. Ptrorw «2«W 442-2826 521-3895 LOVELY FAMILY HOME room, formal didlatf room. W*ry/family room, 4 bedroom*. 3 batltu. Lain* (· ' backyard. M3.000. Call 443-2510 440 ACRES about, 7-i rralra W«M of Wntfltrrw m Bonyanl RcMd. Scene o*d ft****, Mmoe i« *ood«d. Ferx** ar« pridJoally non- £210.00 «t BCTi. Owner will fum'* title irvsurAnoe. OVITKT T-IJ! caM.W.«r Mllin^ th* WM! 80 aerai for w%!y I ITS, On an acra "tiw min( nbUin ov-n fjowwni?. CAU, HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East 4X2-9236 NOTICE NO, P-7I-7S IN THE PROB.XTE COURT WASHINGTON COUNTY. ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF TOBE E., (ANDY) ANDERSON, Lijt kTionn AddreM of (c«t«f.l: App!« Tr*f Inn. F*^ttevi1le. Arkanwis Da(* of d«lh: ^ta^ch 39, 1915 An !T.jtrum*nl dated Au«ul 2 r 1971, VM 01 lh« lilh diy of April. 19.6, Admitted ta probate MS th* lail vill of the At»v* named decedent, and the underpinned tint been appolnled «s«uli thereunder. A cont«»t of th« probi of (ft* will MTI b* «f(*c(rd mily by (ilLnp H petition nl.htn tha (imt provided by law. All wrKini having clalm» «saiirsl fh» estate mint exhibit them, duly veridM. lr«fn lli« ft*U rtf IJi* fir*, publication ot this rwlic*r or they shall b* torevi bamd And precluded from any b*neftt in the . This nofki April. 19I. · EXTRA SPECIAL Buy«r ne«di to »ell. This beautiful hofri* is ideally located in the Washington School Di.trict, Ciry Pork ond Wajhington Regional Hospital Diitrict. Approximately 2,000 iq. fl. of living area and more than average b.ullMni: Carpet, paneling, fireplace, game room, den, itereo clojet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, patio, fenced-in back yord. Attached gorage with builtins. Thi» fl truly an exceptional home and needs fo be seen to be appreciated. Please call us now, and let us show it to you. YANCEY REALTY P.O. Box 281 Hwy. A2 Downtown . Prairie Grove, Ark. erncr TTTOXT; **S3 Mil V»nc»7 S,, Wfhh AUU 0*«« ftnt published 30 day of 3159 Junenfl? Terra rtevlUe, Arltanui J2TOI ~*TARNISn CRDF.R [**«. -*rr««. w«ity i or 1-irry Holmrs. 731 «li, ~ CVwr., 5Z1.9WS. In Th« CHANCERY Court ot WarfilM- ton Cflnnly. Arkansas William HuBtey Summerl. F]!atiif Vt. MargafriE* K f i K Summer., DffmdARt ·n^ Dvrcndant Mariuerlle Kin7 Summers Is warned Ui appvar h) lhi» Court within thirty di the complaint hlrty days aivl ansvn* o th. ritinHtt In I ha ASBELL SCHOOL Oflty ant Bloc*. TKs thre« h*rtrwen IVM ptn, Pnc« only *2^0000. A MOVE IN Emofd yard with In* tfmibbeTy 442-6640 FARMINGTON A HAl Becraly -- Bncfc and fnnw e " mrprfed. tovrfr Ktdsen. HwiT on del one. Prio. af cnlr *22,S~ FARM N iKrm 0%w hAlf hi Rraw, All fw«d. *'""' "'' ' :°rfn«e. V«ririT" yuwtf f.'ut tr«*«. Two pcnrk. nn. i ne«' Tv^me, ivilh nrural VK plo. bumrntl nrrrtace, all carvHW). anc« o( bailt IM. Pri« only |K\(WI.PA. OWTWT vrfl vr«trr trJMfe ror dry r party jmd mB Mp Cmnnc*. Call Save dollars and make popu lar macrame-and-head hangers Hang two plants or xifi -new macrame planters hav wooden beads for 'added inle est! Use cord. Pattern 583 step-by-step d i r e c t i o n s f o knots, nliolo detail. $1.00 For each pattern. Add i cents each. pattern Eor firs class airmail and handlin Send to: Laura Wheeler. \ T eedlecra(t Dent. 430 \orthwest Arkansas TIMES Box 161. Old Chelsea Sta.. N'e York, NY 10011. Print N'ara Address, Zip, Pattern Number NEW! 200 designs to kn crochet, quilt, sew. plus FREE inside NEW 19 NEEDLECRAFT CATALOi Send 75 cents. Crochet \vilh Squares SI. Crochet a Wardrobe $1. Nifty Fifty Quills tl. Ripple Crochet · ti. Sew plus Knit Book SI. Needlepoint Book SI Flower Crochet 4 . , $1.00 Hairpin Crochet Book ... -51.00 Instant Crochet Book 51.00 321^700 Instant Money Book Instant Macrame Book ....$1.00 Complete Gift Book Sl.OO Complete Afghans No. H · $1.00 U Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cents Book of 16 Quilts No. 1 50 cents Museum Quilt Book No. 2 .. cents 15 Quillj for Today No. S ... 50 I Booli al It Jiffy Rugs ..50 cents SPRING'S SPIRI T !s ej pressed in a How of softnest 'rom flattering neckline to rippling skirt. Choose silken blends, jersey, casual cotton for this I Printed Pattern 4795: Misses' Sizes 8. 10. 12. H, 16. 18. Zlt. Size 12 (bust 31) takes 214 yardl 60-inch fabric. $1.00 for each pattern. Adrl 35 cents lor each pattern for first- class airmail and handling. Send lo: Anne Adam,* Pattern Dcril. 438 Northwest Arkansas TIMES 2« West 17 St. New York, NY 10011. Print NAME. ADDRESS. ZIP. SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. G«t a Sl.OO pattern free -choose it from NEW SPRING- Sl.OO SUMMER CATALOG! Packed wilh hundreds of great sun. sport,'cily. travel styles. Send 15 cents for Catalog Now! Sew plus Knit Book ......,$1.2! Instant Money Crafts .... $1.0« Instant Sewing Book . Instant Fashion Book

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