The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 27, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1920
Page 3
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L»ocal (News ! Mrs. W, C. Wallcup of Pinckney ville 4s visiting Mrs. F. E. Hatch, and othsr .friends here. Fowler's ^ open- for' special after- dance luncheon until 1:30. Phone your reservation at once.—Advertisement. f~~ MAURICE. D.' PETERSON (Continued" from Page 1.) Miss Hester Rhen-ard, teacher in the Herrin schools, was the guest last evening 'of Miss Mae Trovilliou o£ the Normal faculty and attended the entertainment at the Auditorium. . 'Telephone 245- for your groceries. "L. & Co.—Advertisement. 1 • Geo. Campbell and sister, Mrs. S. G. Hill.'have returned from Sparta, where . they were -called because o£ the illness of their uncle, B. H. McFarlane. Mrs. Mai-y J. Campbell and daughter, Mrs. A. K. Wilson, wnb were also summoned, remained for an indfienite stay. Dardanella, the laughing saxophone sensation, Pathe record. Opera House Drug Store.—Advertisement. Mrs. Wm. Rushing and daughters have'removed from their farm south o£ town and are residing at 801 South' "Washington avenue'. '..._ , •St. Louis University vs. Normal, basket ball team Saturday evening at Normal gym. Admission 50 cents.— Advertisement. 20 per cent discount at Krysher's the rest of the week.—Advertisement. Verner Kerr,- tie -inspector for 1 the Canadian Pacific, is making an inventory ,tr5)j to Detroit {and other points in Michigan. , Basket Sail, Spartcs College va. Normal Friday, Feb. 27, at Normal gym. Admission 3g cents—Advertisement.. Mrs. -A. J. Robinson, of Oran, Mo., is visiting her daughter, Mrs., Robert Wood. BIRTHS ' A nine pound son was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood. Don't forget the special after dance , luncheon at Fowler's tomorrow eight Phone for reservations.—Advertisement. quence of the recrudescence of-Turkish attacks'. Several. Armenian loeul- -ities-evftuunted- or- besieged. We nrc making.the necessary political representations to the peace conference." CARD Gi-' THANKS We wish to thank the 'friends, and neighbors for their kindness and beau- -tifnl floral offerings and especially do we thank the good neighbors for their many acts, of kindness, during the illness a.nd death of our dear wife and mother. They will ever be remembered. '.. H. C. Dixon and relatives. Advertisement. Mrs. John Bagwill made a business trip to Johnston City today. , Telephone 245 for your groceries. L. Adams & Co.—Advertisement. -Mrs Art Hearn is improving satis- •eactorily, having undergone an operation at. \Holden Hospital yesterday morning."- Mrs. Kearoi has been ill for "several weeks. ' •' Basket ball, Sparks College-vs. Normal 'Friday, Feb. 27, at Normal gym Admission 3g cents-.—Advertisement. EARL NOEL ALWAYS JN THE RUN 1 am giving special attention to night jitney service:' A car for you any hour of the night. Just call 381 or the O. K. Barber shop, where calls are answered any hour of the night. Good cars, careful drivers and twenty-four hours a -day service. Earl Noel. Advertisement. St. Louis University vs. Normal, basket ball team Saturday eveuiing at Normal gym. Admission 50 cents.— Advertisement. •• Special meeting .of SheSinah lodge No. 241 Friday-night, Feb. .27, at 6:30 .o'clock,'.tor work;" ' . T. A. Weaver, W .M. H. C. Mertz, Secretary. . Advertisement. Telephone .245 for your groceries. L. Adams &. Co.—Advertisement. Fowler's open for special after- dance luncheon until 1:30. Phone your reservation' at - once.—Advertisement. ,. Maurice . r Drummond Peterson, new first secretary of the British embassy at Washington, who has just arrived and _ is established at the embassy. Mr. Peferson succeeds Hon. Henry Getty Chllton. . PLACE^r-New York City. TIME—February, 1920. *. Vaudeville Proflram. 1. Farce,' Tommy s. Wife: : 2. Aesthetic Dances By-Ruby Lam-, "bent, Nelle Thies, Mary Matthews, Altoe'Nettzger, Halene Street/ "'-'; 3. Diving Contest—IJryan Doolin, Edgar Carter, DeWitt Roberson, Chas. Allen, Clyde Brooks, Leslie,; Glenn Ffehel, Marvin Hamilton, Franklin, Mnsgrave, Everett Burroughs/Don-; aid Renfro, Merritt Allen. 4. Pantomime, The Doll Shop. '•• Characters. The Toy Maker Berthel McNei|ly The Toy Maker's Wife '. .., i ; .. Zilpha McKinuey Their Daughter..... .Albyanna Field Janitors—John • Goodall, Egbert Travels'tead. _ '.'.'•. Irish Dolls—Mary Youngblood, Alice. " I Barrow Emilie Kerstine. 'j j -French Baby Dolls—Leona Smith,: Bertie Brooks. ' : Sailor Dolls—William Felts, Chas. Renfro, Hal Hall, Elliott Pearce, Chas. Goodall, Roscoe Schuette, Frank Meister, Loren Carr. Spanish Dolls—'Margaret Hill, Roberta McCracken, Dorothy Furr, Ana Huffman. Colonial Dolls—Gail Boynton, Dorothy Hale, Juliette Hanford, Mary Thielecke. Scotch Dolls—Betty Wilson, Ruth Lambert. French Dolls—Lois Brooks, Blanche MANY v ARMENIANS KILLED Thousan.-'s Are Slain in Cilicia, Ac. ; .cording to Information Received at Washington. Washington, Feb. 27.—The massacre of several thousand Armenians was reported in a cablegram received by Prof. Der Hagoplnn, vice president of the Armenian national detection to tie'peace conference, who Is in Washington on a special mission. The message was from Patriarch Zaven, at Constantinople, and said in part: "Cilicia covered with blood. Sev- Bailey. Penny Dolls: ' Indians—Fount Warren, Fred Finley, John. Louden, Richard Cooper, *Wjm. Peterson. • Dutch—Kathryn Lentz, Elnora Louden, Ralph Swain, Ralph Thompson. Little Girls—Jeanette Evans,' Julia Marvin, Blanche Lentz, Ruby Stey- enson. Darkies—Jane Warren, Betty Purr. Jumping Jacks—Elenor Steele, Dorothy Meffert. Rag Doll—Agnes I.entz. ' 5. Strong Man—Franklin Musgrave. 6. ' Syncopated Interlude—Burnett Sbryock, John Page Wham, Jno. Floyd, Nemo Gaines, Lc-nnie Etherton, Oscar Day, Egbert Travelstead. 7. Boxing—Everett Burroughs.Claude Wright. ., ' ' . * 8. Athletic Pageant—Oren King, Eu- era! thousand Armenians massacred. ene Moseg Loren LanDird ,. Clinton BREWERS PUT ASIDE POLITICS "We're Out of the Field Entirely," Say Delegates to National • Conference. •A Vantic City, N. J., Feb. 27.—Four hundred delegates attending the conference of the United States Brewers' association, speaking for 00 per cent of tlie capital and 05 per cent of the output of beer in the nation, declared in" a statement they .were out of politics. : "Vv r p lire out of politics entirely." explained the statement. "Once we were fotred Into Hie political field, I nut,we.have concluded to avoid entering it again." lar, Carl Brown, Guthrie Harrell, Eobt. Walter, Kelly .Loy, Wm. Fernside, Ulham .Henderson, Max JVIcConnlck, Orbet Sheldon and Ira Derricks. 9. Aesthetic Dances—Ruth Lambert, BettyWilson, Mary Youngblood, Alice Barrow, Mary Matthews, Aline Neftzger. Emilie Kerstine, Halene Street, Ruby Lambert, Nelle Thies. ' Scene—The rear of the Doll Shop. Time—At the close of day. All merchandise is being sold at 20 per- cent discount until the first of March at Krysher's store. • ' WANTED STOCK NEEDS GOOD HOUSING There Are-Two Extremes - Farmer* Should Avoid—Crowded Shed* Are Injurious. "Farmers should use a great deal of care in housing their animals at this time of the year," says Dr. K. W. Stpuder of the agricultural extension ; department of Iowa state college. "There are two extremes in housing that many farmers practice. One extreme is. crowded and tight sheds or barns which have poor ventilation and are too warm at night. When the animals are turned out, in the morning there is. great danger that they will take pneumonia. "The other extreme Is poorly built buildings, aud those built with open! foundations high above the ground.! The cold winds blow into and through such barns at night and cause pneumonia. Many farmers mistake pneumonia for influenza or cholera." •House wiring, door bell installation, electrical repairing, etc. Prices reasonable: Call 493 K.—Advertisement. GIVE SHEEP GOOD ATTENTION AFTER-DANCE LUNCHEON AT FOWLER'S Fowlers will be open -to accommodate the after-da'nce parties of the Elks' Leap Year dance Friday night. Twenty-two couples have already engaged tables. Those desirous of reservations please phone requirements at once; . Special Dance Party Luncheon. Clam Bpullion -^ Fresh Shrimp Salad Fancy Sundaes Coffee or Cocoa After Di-nner Mints Cigars J Open until 1:30...* ' -i Advertisement. " Pens Should Be Level and Dry, as Moist or Perm&nting Manure Will Cause Trouble. Keep ilie slu:cp jjens le.vel and dry' —moisl or ferniijnting manure Is sure to cause sminlcs. and t'nutror. After the pens arj; cleaned, dust with piaster and spread do\vu a thin coat of dry clean straw. Just enough j stru\v slioukl be spread to keep the j sheep dry. uncl comfortable. .Have a j wide door 1'iriug on rollers—opening out. into tlic yard. A narrow door .is dangerous—and may cause .the injury ot one or m'ore ewes or' lambs. . Absolute regularity in feeding is to be aimed at, and the flock must'be so divided that the stronger will not get more than their s.lilare of feed. It Is as bad fdr, them as ,for the underlings. The latter have at least a good appetite, the: former often surfeited. and fall off tn condition accordingly; 1 '.-'."" Mrs. C. B. Allen of Valley City,.N. D_.j is visiting friends in Carbondale. She is here while -Dr. Allen., formerly vice president of the Normal here, is in the east attending the department of su- perintendency of National Education at Cleveland, Ohio. He is also visiting many of the Normal schools in the central west and east. Returning, he -expects to make a short visit In Car- .tondale. 1 RESERVATION PASSES SENATE Clause Providing, Congress Must Approve Has Almost Unanimous Support. TREATY GIVEN RIGHT OF WAY TONIGHT .-.:..•• -.: .. ; IN. "THEBUSHER" A rattling good story of the earthy. diamond where men glory: in fame one moment-and are engulfed by the bitter condemnation of:Iriends the 'next. ' A big American love drama, founded. on the riat- - .... lonal sport. ,:< The greatest Base Ball story ever presented. . . '' : ALSO— .',••'• ••'•• . '• .. FATTY ARBUCKLE in "FATTY'S FICKLE WIFE" 6:30-8:15, 11 and 22e SATURDAY AMUSE-U "THE CLOD HOPPER'' 'ADVENTURES OF RUTH League Foes Have Field Day as Broad. side Is Loosed by Reed and France —Colby Is "Assailed by Mis•'*. soiiri Senator. , Washington, Feb. 27.—-By virtually unanimous vote the senate readopted the'Republican pence treaty reserva-. tion relating to .mandates, after Sena-? tor Hitehcock of Nebraska, the Democratic-leader, had announced on\the floor, that the administration forces would not oppose it... The reservation, under which , no mandate could be accepted by this country without action of '' cbagvess, was unopposed on the Democratic side, Senator Hitchcock said, because'it "merely recites the clear meaning of the treaty." .'.''•'' The vote was 68 to 4, Senators Jones of New Mexico, Kendrick of Wyoming, Walsh of Montana and' Williams of Mississippi, all 'Democrats, voting against the reservation. Field Day. For League Foea. Another broadside of denunciation was loosed by irreconcilable opponents of the peace treaty when the senate took up the subject under an agreement to keep It constantly under consideration until disposed of. , Senator, France (Hep.), Maryland, and Reed (Dem.), Missouri, led off for the irreconcllables, the former char-. acteriifng tne"treafy' as 'an' 'instru: ment of "hate and destruction" and the latter culling It a "serpent of treason," ~" / ' . . The debate began after the' senate had voted with only a few scattering"Days" to "pass over article 10 until adtion had been taken on all the other proposed reservations. The motioa was made by Senator Lodge, and although Senator Knox (Rep.), Pennsylvania, .one of the Irreconclbable group, said he could not see the wisdom of delaying o/ decision, no roll call was demanded. Senator Fjance, presenting formally Hie resolution .pffered several days ago for a declaration of peace, declared the reservation discussion had descended to "sophistry" and "mere quibbling over language." Neither the Republican nor Democratic reservations proposei.1, he said, would ma-' terially modiiv'tlie League of Nations. Retd Assails Colby. Senator 'Reed in the cours'e of his address made the first public "refer- ence'in the senate to the' appointment of Bainbridge Colby as secretary of stn^c. • | ————— ' "If -he doesn't know anything more I WANTED—To rent modern house about the League of Nations covenant by May i s j Address "A," care Free now than he did when he was making speeches In Missouri," the senator said, "he has a long and painful course of education before him In as-' WANTED—Two girls of neat ap- suming the duties of,his office, unless "pearance" for work in confectionery. n THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN . :. > Caah In A« One month, per woWf ".T. ..!• One week, per wort' .p *..M One insertion, per wot* ....... .'M Three insertions, per word .......M WAMTBO. WANTED—Energetic man to s»H and, distribute high grade make of tire. Attractive proposition for the right man. Clyde p. Oldham, State Distributor,- Urbana, 111. WANTED—Girl for Housework. John Metcalf, 612 West Sycamore. . WANTED—To take charge of house with, roomers, while the person in charge is away, or anticipates being away during the spring and summer. Address "Q," care Free -Press. •WANTED—To buy a. cash register. "O," care Free Press. WANTED—To trim trees. Experienced. William O'Neill, 611 North Washington. Press. LIQUOR REFERENDUM- ASKED Chicago Councilman Approve Resolution Calling on Legislature to Act ,' Jft Matter. Chicago, Feb. 2T.—With but one dissenting vote the couscil .-judiciary committee, approved a resolution request- ins the legislature to withdraw -the state's indorsement of the Constitutional prohibiion amendment in order that, the question may be submitted to' a referendum of the voters of Chicago and the ™tate^ •-. ' .' -•'.•'-. he can change his opinions as rapidly as he can change his party." ... "I'd like to furnish an antidote for the poison the senator from Missouri, a master of sarcasm, is injecting into the record,'! interrupted Senator Ashurst (Dem.), Arizona. "I think a mistake was made In not appointing a Democrat to this post, but It would b.e difficult to find a man of more wonderful courage and statesmanship than Mr. Colby, has demonstrated." Scoffs at "Holy Oil." "If the senator thinks that it'dem- onstrated courage to leave the Republican party with Roosevelt," Senator Reed retorted, "why some millions -of Americans did it. And if it took, courage to leave the Bull Moose for the Democratic party, why thjen he had more company. But the chief distinction between Mr. Colby and the " others was that he landed in a job the minute he got into Democratic ranks. "The holy oil. of presidential approval, Mr. President, gives no immunity to'public -men" from criticism in this senate." 'Tit is' the purpose of the senator," Senator Ashurst said, "with, the giant flail of his sarcasm to drive Democrats now willing to. accept'the Lodge reservations away from'them, so that this treaty may never be ratified. I concerle the greatness of his fight. I want no ignorance of his purpose." Hope to Vote In Three Weeks. Despite the demand of the irrecon- cllables for ample discussion, debate "will not be allowed to- drag along interminably: On .that point both "majority nml minority alike are agreed. . It, Is believed that not more than three weeks will be consumed .in dis- posing'of amendments to the reserva-' tions adopted at. the last, session of congress ami a final vote on the pact reached. Apply at once. Shop.. Fowler's Chocolate WANTED—To rent or buy property, prefer to rent at present, buy later, between Normal and business part of the city. A family of three. Phone 204. . ' • ' WANTED—Young lady to 'do clerical work. One who has some knowledge of typewriting. Salary J6.00 per -week. . Answer in own handwriting; "R," care Free Press. WANTED—To rent five or six room Jiouse, somewhere .near the scftiare, prefer west side. Address "V," care of Free Press. rou HEMT. FOR RENT—Two iront rooms or* Style Shop, for office or Bleeping room*. Apply Mis* Rteth, Normal and Moore* St. •,. • • FOR RENT—Storage lor household goodg. in the one stotr bride bunding, cement floors, en alley back of mew Barth Theatre. Apply Miss Rteth. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 216 West' v Walnut. Phone 370 L. . FOR RENT—Furnished room. Call T 414 X. . . ' • .; FOR SALE—Five room cottage on East Oak street, one block northeast of square. Barn and oth Jr But buildings in good repair. Ses owneit. 206 East Oak St . - For Sale—Good dining room table* solid oak. A bargain. O«U at 819 So. Illinois Ave. For Bale—Set. of Teacher's Home and School Reference Work. As good aa new. A bargain if sold soon. Oall at 819 So. Illinois Ave. LOST LO.ST—Square silver wrist watch between Amuse-TJ and Fowler's. Reward if returned to Mrs. George Albont INDIA BARS OUSTING OF TURK Lloyd George Tells Commons Constantinople Decision Was Favor to Moslems. London. Feb. 27.—^The decision not to ,oust Turkey from Constantinople was reached by the allies' supreme council only after long consideration of the 'difficulties in the Turkish situation, Prime Minister Lloyd George declared in the house of commons when the question of the future of Turkey was brought up. The ' premier referred^ to the "per= fectly deliberate pledge" given by the British government in January, 1918, • iir which it was asserted thiat Great Britain was not fighting to deprive the Turks'Of Constantinople. This pledge, he explained, was made to reassure tie English people and the Mohammedans of India-. . ' The influence wlilch had decided! th« peace conference to retain the;Turks in' Constantinople, the premier continued, had come fronT India. SUGAR CONTROL LAW INVALID United States Judge at St. Louis Rules Amendment to Lever Act In Unconstitutional. St Louis, Feb. 27.—The amendment to the Lever food control act was declared unconstitutional by United States District Judge Faris here when he" sustained a demurrer of the defense and dismissed ; the case of the L. Cohen,Grocer company, charged with making an unjust profit on sugar. The L. Cohen Guocer company wes accused of charging a wholesale price of, 19.8 cents a pound for sugar\sold last November.'•-The court held that the amendment to the Lever food^eontrcl act violated the sixtb-amendment'to the Constitution, which requires that all citizens FOR BENT—5 room cottage, turn-1 shall be^ informed of charges against ished. Lights, water' and gas. Call j them. 354 Y or come to 7(M West Walnut. ASK FOR PUBLIC HANGINGS Illinois Sheriffs in Convention Indorse Action of Sheriff Peters of Chicago. Springfield,.. 111., Feb. ' 27.—Illinois sheriffs.want public hangings, for the jnbral effect nn other prisoners. This was made-clear here when 63 of them in. .convention indorsed the 'action of Sheriff .Peters of .Cook county. They .will ask.the state codemakers to repent the law against public hangings. FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Five room house and large lot, close to town, $1500. Call at 305 3ast T.Iain St. ' FOR. SALE—Pony.. .'• Reasonable. 703 West Pecan. - ' FOR SALE—6 room house, two lots,, with gaSigs aL paved stree,close to cshool, 3 blocks of depot; Call 506 South Washington. /• 'FOR SALE—Five room, cottage on West Sycamore St. All conveniences except heat. Lot 60x230 feet. Has good barn also. Phone:247 K, at 412 West backson St.' THE CHEERFUL CHERU& « ' ' !•. life ofte* puzzle-3 I wont wfc.ste time. I Ktve tKose joyFul " never need expKartirvS

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