Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 11, 1962 · Page 22
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 22

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
Page 22
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The Skillet Club By Uncle Frank Kohler (Chief Skilleteer) GRAPE-GLAZED LEG OP LAMB is festive fare for four to six people. Select a fine leg for this, not less than 5 pounds. We are basting frequently with the grape having this one for Easter this year, for a change. Now you need: Two-thirds cup grape jelly Vi cup red wine vinegar. ] i teaspoon pulverized dried thyme. 1 clove garlic, pressed. 2 teaspoons salt. Vi teaspoon black pepper. Place lamb on rack in roasting pan. Bake 2 hours at 325 degrees. Drain off the drippings. Combine remaining items and mix (veil, and pour over the lamb. Bake 30 minutes or until your meat thermomeler shows dcfie. mixture during the baking. We will make a handsome garnish by filling canned peach halves with mint or grape jelly, or maybe with cranberries. GREEN' PEAS CREOLE have a highly specialized Louisiana touch, and they are very good. For six to eight: 2 packages frozen peas, thawed (or 4 to 5 cups shelled fresh peas). Trick With Curry ··Disappearing Acf 1V4 tablespoons butler. 1 teaspoon sugar. 1 whole white onion, peeled, '/4 teaspoon pulverized dried thyme. 3 or 4 letttuce leaves. 1 teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon white pepper 1 tablespoon flour Place peas in a saucepan wit very little water, the butter anc next four items. Lt simmer, stir ring gently, until peas are jus tender (don't cook frozen pea quite as long as instructions say) Remove and discard the 'onio and lettuce leaves and stir in salt popper and flour blended with ittle butter. Correct seasoning and serve hot. , HOW DOES an artful cook manage when tastes about flavorings are sharply divided? Take curry powder. To add or not to add -- that's often the question. Part of your family or some of your guests may adore the curry flavor, others may object to it. Give each his due, say we. Probably the most popular curry- flavored dish in this country is made with shrimp. Well, we've come on a way around this so you can suit all tastes. Make up the following creamy shrimp dish with its delicately flavored lemon sauce. Cook the usual accompaniment--rice. Serve "as is" to the favorers of bland food. For the others, add curry powder to a portion of the cooked rice along with a good cut of butter. Bring on a tray of chutney and salted peanuts or French- fried onions (the canned ones are convenient and excellent) and let everyone help and suit himself. This shrimp dish has a preparation feature that's persuasive. No pre-cooking of the seafood is necessary. Shells and veins are removed from the raw shrimp, then they're cooked in butter in a big skillet and the sauce is made in the same pan. . Use your fingers or a shrimp peeler to shuck the shrimp. We like fingers, but some cooks swear by the peeler. Cut down the cen ter back of each shrimp with a small sharp knife and hold under slowly running cold water to wash away the dark vein. Drain Uie shrimp and dry on paper toweling before you start cooking. Fruit makes a refreshing con- 'Babka/Dessert From Old Poland For Elegant Eating Babka is a dessert from Old Poland that takes its name from the Polish word commonly usec for "grandmother." It is so namec because, when baked in the traditional fluted ring mold, it is supposed to resemble the skirt of a woman. Whatever it resembles Babka is a truly delicious and beautiful dessert, typical of the fine yeast pastries for which Polish women have long-been celebrated. BABKA U cup milk 1 package or cake yeast, active dry or compressed Vi cup very warm water 4 cup (Ji stick) softened margarine Vt cup sugar 3 eggs 2 and one-third cups sifted flour Vt cup chopped mixed candied fruit li cup light seedless raisins Rum Syrup, below' 1 cup sifted confectioners' sugar 4 teaspoons water ti teaspoon vanilla extract Scald milk; cool to lukewarm. Sprinkle or crumble Yeast Into very warm water in large elec- Iric mixer bowl; stir to dissolve, Add lukewarm milk, margarine, sugar, eggs and flour. Blend at low speed 1 minute; beat 2 minutes at medium speed. Cover; let rise in warm place, free from draft, until bubbly, about 1 hour. Slir in fruits. Turn into greased and floured 2-quart lube pan. Let rise in warm place, free from tiraft, 30 minutes. Bake in mod crate oven (350 degrees F.) 40 minutes, or until done. Immediately prick surface with fork. Pour on Rum Syrup. When syrup Is absorbed, remove from pan; cool Combine confectioners' sugar with water and vanilla; pour over cooled Babka. Makes 1 cake, about :) servings. Rum Syrup: Combine V cuf sugar, one-third cup water nnc 2 teaspoons rum flavoring In « saucepan. Bring to boll; remove from but; cool. ibution after this dish. You can ;e oranges, grapefruit, pineap or bananas or a combination. ssed with French dressing. Or TVC them compote style. CREAMY LEMON SHRIMP 'i cup butter or margarine A pounds fresh or frozen shrimp (shelled and deveined) 3 tablespoons flour teaspoon salt teaspoon while pepper 1 cup boiling water Peel of 1 lemon (removed in 1-inch wide strips) 1 cup light cream Melt butter over moderately w heat in a 10-inch skillet. Adc irimp and cook, turning as nec- ary, until pink. Sprinkle with al. Add boiling water and lemon :cl; stir until sauce is smooth id slightly thickened; cover anc mmer 10 minutes. Add cream; ix well and heat but do not boil; move lemon peel. Makes 4 serv- vein, then dry on paper towel- HEALTH SALAD is from Mrs Frank A. Webber, Chicago Chap ter. Mighty nice thing, too. al though we do like to stuff eacl pitted prune with a walnut o almond. For each portion, arrang 4 or 5 bibb lettuce leaves wit' dd the fruit to salad greens 4 large pitted prunes and 2 table spoons cottage cheese, and sprin kle with 3 tablespoons prune juic as dressing. Chill this and you r like it. ; CHERRY - FRUIT PARFAI for four. 1 No. 303 can pitted dark sweet cherries 4 teaspoons cornstarch 1 tablespoon grated orange rind. 1 can (13Vi ounces) frozen pineapple chunks, thawed. One-third cup flaked coconui Drain the cherries, saving th syrup. Combine syrup, cornstarc and grated rind, and blend. Coo our, salt and pepper and turn to over low heat, stirring constantly until thickened. Let cool. Arrang (lie pineapple and cherries in parfait glasses, pour the sauc over all, and top with the coconu Chill well and serve. Send YOUE favorite recipe an a stamped self - addressed envi gs. . Note: 1 shucked, defrost and shell and a life member of the Skillet Club If shrimp is frozen and lope to this newsaper and bccom We'll send you a membership car to prove it. Blue Cheese Puts Oomph In Meatless Lenten Dish Pungcntly flavored American ·hie cheese in company with del- cate tuna makes a surprisingly ine flavor accent (or a meatless spaghetti sauce. If you are looking for an interesting variation of spaghetti -one that will comply with Lenten meals, loo -- try this budget pleaser. You simply make the spicy tomato sauce, add a can of tuna toward Ihe end of the cooking time, .hen stir in pieces of the creamy, ilue marbled cheese and remove the sauce from the heat. The cheese doesn't need to be cooked. Bcause it is an ideal protein food, in addition to having zesty flavor, you'll find that Ihe blue cheese imparts a satisfying, "stay- with-you" quality needed in any meatless entree. TUNA BLUE CHEESE SPAGHETTI (Six servings) 1 small onion, minced Corn Meal Jacket Adds To Franks Dress frankfurters in corn meal jackets for lunch. Sift % cup of all-purpose flour with 1-3 cup of corn rneal, V-k teaspoons of baking powder and Vt teaspoon of salt. Cut in Vi cup of shortening. Add Vi 'cup of milk, stirring to moisten. Roll into a 14-Inch diameter circle on a lightly floured ward. Cut into 6 pie-shaped wedges. Place 1 frankfurter on the widest edge of each triangle. Roll and place on cookie sheet. Bake 15 minutes in preheated 425-degree oven. Serve hot with chili sauce. Pack Tuna-Pecan Sandwiches Today Pack tuna-pecan sandwiches for the lunchbox set during Lent. Combine 1 (6V4 U 7 ounce) can of tuna, drained, with minced sweet pickles, minced green pepper, and chopped pecans, to taste. Bind with mayonnaise. DASH OF ONION The next time you make tuna sandwiches, add 14 teaspoon instant minced onion, % teaspoon prepared mustard and 1 tablespoon sweet pickle relish to Vz cup mayonnaise with tuna. and combine ALMONDS ADDED When you want sn easy-do dessert, add Vt teaspoon almoil fla- raring to instant vanilla pudding. Chill. Just before serving, stir in A cup sliced unblanched al- nbiids. f POD MAflT EUREKA Harris F ARCATA 7th G McKINLEYVILLE Shopping Center CASK FLASK.. McKinleyville Shopping Center DIRECT FROM OSLO, NORWAY Imported Pilsener BEER way bottles lmporf«d B«or At Low In Pries As Top Brand American Boors '12 clove garlic . 1 12-ounce can tomato juice 1 6-ounce can tomato paste 2 tablespoons chili sauce 1 teaspoon sugar About 2 teaspoons salt Pinch oregano 1'7-oz. can tuna, flaked 1 cup crumbled blue cheese (about 5Vi ounces) 'A Ib. spaghetti, cooked Cook onion in butter until golden in color. Add garlic clove, tomato juice,' lomaty paste,, chili sauce and seasonings. Bring to a boil then simmer.20 minules, stirring occasionally 1 . Remove garlic am discard. Add tuna with oil ^ and continue cooking 10 minules long er. Stir in blue cheese. Remove from heat and serve at once ovei hot, cooked spaghetti. Garnish dist with additional pieces of crumbled LOVE THAT TANG For a laiigy fruit salad, combine Vi cup mayonnaise, 'A cup sour cream and 2 tablespoons fresh grapefruit juice.. Serve over desert grapefruit and orange sections. TRICK WITH HAM Next lime you're frying ham, add some maple syrup and desert grap'efruil sections lo Ihe pan a few seconds before'serving. HVMBOLDT STANDARD Wed., April I I , 1962, Page 22 Cinnamon Apple Sundae Delicious Cinnamon apple sundae is a delicious dessert. To make Vk cups of lopping, mix 214,,cups of canned apple slices with K cup of red cinnamon candies and % cup of sugar Bring to boll, cover and simmer 10 minutes. Chill before serving on vanilla ice cream. EifOODMtflT Think! the Kfilk. yo Vof bread P« and by . Corkers, DOUBLE Thrifty Green Stamps EVERY TUESDAY ,,0'S BAKERY ROCKIN' R Food Mart-Stores IAI1O fISH m WESSON OIL Large Size C ALL 10-LB. BOX $ Giant BREEZE DETERGENT 69 £ BIG DIP ICE MILK Vi-gal. 49* ARMOUR'S STAR Fully Cooked - Ready to Eat HAM WHOLE or SHANK HALF DIITT L§ A i E? $ OC Eastern Grain Fed Pork m f* t DUll HAlt 47 Loin Roast 49' Ib. HILLS' BROS. COFFEE 09 1 |.|b 45c CENTER SLICES 89 CENTER CUT Armour's Star--From Eastern Corn Fed Porkers H^ · ^|B f f\ Fresh Local I Pork Chops 69 sole Armour's Star - 12-oz. Pkg. pq f^ f c Steaks SrV 59 e Ib Old fashioned Wheel f A f ...ib. J7 Cheese Fresh Local Filoti

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