Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE 4 T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, I960 IDEA REVIVED Juvenile Detention Home At Marana Base Studied By MARGARET KUEHLTHAU i The possibility that Marana A i r ; Base can be used as an inter- i mediate institution for male juve-j nile offenders is being invests: gaied by members of the CITY] Committee (Citizens Interested in Tucson Youth). A preiiminary investigation of the base ha» been made by Wil-i liam A. Mitchell, chairman of j the committee; Lyman Foster, chief juvenile probation officer for i Pima County; and John McFar-l land, superintendent of the Juve-' nile Detention Home. The investigation was for i n - ; formational purposes only. If the idea proves sound, the CITY Com- ] mittee of the Tucson Community j Council will attempt to Interest \ \ the governor and the Legislature, i If the idea proves acceptable, ' it would be necessary to deal with ; the Final County Board of Super-; visors and the Beiser Aviation Corp. which now leases the facilities. During the recent session of the Legislature, the use of Marana Air Base as an intermediate institution was suggested by Slate Sens. H. S, (Hi) Corbett and David S. Wine, and State Reps. John Haugh and Arnold Elias, all of Pima County. The idea was abandoned when it was announced that Pan-American World Airways was negotiating for a lease of the facility. Pan-Am, however has leased space at the Tucson Municipal Airport and the CITY Committee is investigating the Marana base with the idea of reviving the plan to use it is a state juvenile detention center. A n intermediate i n s t i t u t i o n would allow juvenile offender* to j be segregated according to the; severity of offenses. It also would be used as a receiving and a i diagnostic center, and offenders | j could be kept at the intitution { '· until rehabilitated, it was pointed I out. i ! Marana Air Base was built dur- · \ ing World War II at the cost of j ' several million dollars. Its loca- j tion and physical plant ideally recommend it as a detention j i home, the CITY group feels. ! i One section contains 32 cottage- j I type dwelling units, a chape), ad- j ministration building, two large i classroom buildings, a hospital, I dining hall, clubhouse with swim- j ming pool and a hobby building. ! All are permanent concrete block ! buildings. I The other section contains two | i large hangars, a garage, machine j i shop and other similar buildings. UNDER «40,450 GRANT 69 High Schoolers To Do College Research At UA Flour MUls Now Arizona Mffling Co. Arizona Flour Mills will now be known as Arizona Milling Co., according to Joe T. Melczer, chairman of the board. It also was announced that Albert Lent Jr. of Tucson has been appointed vice president of the company and manager of the Tucson unit. Melczer said the name change was made in recognition of the increased volume of the company's production of animal and poultry feeds. Lent has been active in community and civic affairs. He was president of the Tucson Rotary Club last year and is a board member and budget committee chairman of the United Community Campaign, He also serves on the boards of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Sunshine Climate Club and Arizona Poultry Federation. Gordon (Jiggs) Lent has been appointed assistant manager of the Tucson unit. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona, as is Albert Lent, and holds a master's degree from the University of California. Apartment House Zone Designation Study Set The need for a special county designation for apartment house zoning will be discussed by County Planning Director A. M. Faure and Chief Civil Deputy County Atty. Marvin Cohen. They will report recommendations back to tht Planning and Zoning Commission at its June 28 meeting. It is Cohen's opinion that the present designation, CR-5, is not an adequate tool for apartment zoning since the designation also stands for five-homes-to-the-acre. CR-5 is usually used along major thoroughfares surrounding neighborhood units. The commission, however, fears that a small-lot interpretation, may be given in an area that otherwise may have only three-homes-to-the-acre as th» densest zoning. One approach to apartment zoning may be the placing of restrictions as to size, of lot. For example, if apartments were not built, residences would have to be located on 8,000-foot lots instead of 7,000 as presently allowed by CR-5. Or it's possible that a special designation, such as CR-10, might be used which would allow only the use of apartment houses. , LOOK FOR THE GOOD ONE --Citiztn Phott Coanterfeiteller, a display that gives bank patrons a chance to test their ability to recognize counterfeit bills, is now being shown at the Stone and Alameda office of the Bank of Douglas. Miss Jane Garity, bank secretary, makes a choice that the $20 bill above her finger is counterfeit during a demonstration of the display yesterday. Spotting Counterfeit Money Isn't So Easy on a college level. Dr. Henry A. Freiser, head of the UA chemistry department, will direct the summer program, ' running from June 13 to Aug. 19. -lenge to one'* powers of obser-i The high school students will yatipn. vouched for by the num-' come from throughout the state ber of wrong choices customers ] to absorb the spirit of research The National Science Founda-! in that field. Dr. Donild L. Webb tion has given the University of j of the UA mathematics depart- Arizona J40.450 to introduce 69 j ment will work with 20 students, high school students to research Dr. Albert B. Weaver, head of : the UA physics department, will Stephen Golding of Rincon: Jim Robinson of Sunnyside; Boyd, David Grauman Grace David Franklin, John C. Green, Norman By DANNY 0-NEIIX If you're making your money these days, beware. own called Counterfeiteller. were making yesterday. at the university and work in on a ~, . , . . . . science and mathematics The test » taken by pressing j a Mtnf , lnf , level ' lther * «d of black button at the | A similar project involving 20 Fourteen good and bad bills are si(le of «»* five, ten, or twenty! Tucson high school chemistry [arranged in the .display, now lo-- dollar bill, indicating a choice of : students was undertaken by Frei- have 31 high school itudents in-1 Kaderlan, A. D. Mail and Gene | Woon of Tucson High; Lewis Co- terested in his field. In addition to these, the staff for the high school students will burn and James Elliott, Marana High School. include UA graduate students in j Tucson students who- will be chemistry, two high school math j working in mathematics are Mil- teachers in mathematics and one i ton Herbster, Charles Jones and . AJerting the public to be aware cated in the lobby of the bank's counterfeit or legal, respectively i ger of differences and to point out i Stone and Alameda office, a n d ] · ^, M · · A : In ltst the degree of similarity between bank patrons have been encour-' · · A addition to hearing lectures ringing ^ ana a green j i n chem j strVi physics and mathe- - ^ i counterfeit and legal bills, the, aped to test their ability to pick s J1 " snm K indicate the right . matics, the high nchool students Bank of Douglas recently installed j out the phony bills. choice has been made. A buzzer'will work in the laboratories of do-it-yourself tender-tenter Counterfeiteller i* n fair r h a l - ' denotes failure to determine the tlle university. Drs. Roy A. actual character of a bill. high school physics teacher. The students were first nominated by their teachers and then selected by competitive examination held at th« university. Those from the Tucion area interested in chemistry include Doug Fonner, Rudy Grauert, Roger Shelton and Paul Berihelot of Amphitheater High School; John Elliott, Jo« Patterson and j Thomas Copeland of Flowing Keller and John i Wells; Michael Amberge, Eric typc 1 * 5ler Put your car tack into "high Guaranteed Service at Lowest Cost j Frank Slaby of Amphitheater; Emanuel Freiser of Catalina; Donna Gilpin, Joe Lougee, John Mach and Leah Mortenson of Pueblo. Mary Bologna and Barbara Schrader of Salpointe; Tom Goelt- zenleuchter of Sunnyside; Sam Hiller and E. R. Baptiste of Tucson High. The physics program will draw i Tucsonians John Harris, Marcina Killman, Jack Murrieta and Jack Speigner of Pueblo and Loren Zech of Sunnyside. Hearing Set On Charge Of Burglary Juan Camacho Gamez, 23, who was arrested after police said they watched him break into a storage yard, will have a preliminary hearing Wednesday on a charge of second degree burglary. Gamez, of Rt 1, Box 776, Tanque, Verde Rd., was arraigned on the charge in Justice Court yesterday. He was apprehended Wednesday evening by four police officers and a federal agent. The suspect was taken into custody after police saw him leave Supplies for Industries Inc., 1202 N. Main Ave. Gamez was carrying about $40 worth of tools removed from a storage shed at that address, officers said. UA Student Studies Effect Bogus Check ; T. Yoke of the UA chemistry de- j Nyce and Mary Schuyler ef The display is distributed by p a r t m e n t will loach 3 g students | Pueblo, the Continental Bank t Trust Co. j off Illinois of which the Bank, of · Douglas is a correspondent bank, according to Thomas Flem- i ing, bank vice president a n d ! manager of the downtown branch. Couterfeiteller will be In Tucson during June at various local brunches of the bank. It will end j A University of Arizona anthropologist is trying to its itty following the opening of i f j n d out w h a t effect mo dern medicine is having on Tzot-l Elli °" Eugene Ellis, 47, of 1425 +h*' r«i in* ***» f'liiW A ftJ C__.^l..._.. i ** r* _ ._ T-*_ i? T^ .. . . _ . . _ i . j _ » . . _ Of Medicine On Tzotzils Writer Wins Probation . S. Public Health Service has given William i perior Court Judge Robert 0. can't be disputed. A question re- R Holland, a graduate student in anthropology, an ad- i R °y'ston after Ellis pleaded guilty v TM · 6 to fin - nce his work - -- ...... ----------------- d n 8 ft check on insufficient State of Chiapas ,. . ' . . , Zmacantan is far away from tne new ' v ' noted that Ellis had no previous criminal record before i his arrest for writing a $500 check "The Tzoteil study is an excep-1 in pavrnent of t deb t while he had any contact with modern medical tional opportunity to show the I on | y $50 in ), is bank accoun t practices. But the people of Cha-' amount of influence modern con- mula have learned something cepts have on primitive con- about modern techniques through j cepts," said Dr. a clinic which has bean located in ' cer, UA anthropologist their town for 10 years. : er to Holland. . (he check lt Myerson , s aNow Holland will compare the "Also the project may furnish | House Department Store way the people in the two towns methods which can be used to j are approaching the problem o f , hasten Indian acceptance of mod! v^'y'ESriid^ y ^ disease, which should tell what *rn medicine." ! probation was ordered. Tears 3 Awarded Contracts By County Low bidders on three county projects, who lubmitted their bids Wednesday, have been awarded contracts by the County Board of Supervisors after a study of the details by the county engineer. They are Johnson Construction Co., $85,787 for building an overpass on the Pima Mine road over the truck haul road of American Smelting c Refining Co.; Irving Rubenstein, $15,414 for remodeling the County Hospital conference room into an X-ray room; and Carl Pistor, $8,894 for drilling wells in Old Ft. Lowell Park, Sherwood Village and at Continental. Boy Paddled; Action DefendedRy^Teaeher A complaint has been received by police that an 11- year-old boy was badly bruised during a paddling at tht Borton Elementary School. . - Principal Mrs. Mary Meredith yesterday defended the paddling action, stating the boy and another youth abused a 12-year-old girl on the way home from school Wednesday afternoon. "Their conduct could not: be overlooked We felt mat we should take care of it here rather than report the boys to juvenile authorities," Mrs. Meredith said. The boy told police he and another boy had asked the girl not to use foul language while walking home Wednesday afternoon. Then the boy said that on the next day the two were called to the principal's office and were told they would be paddled for striking the girl and using foul language in her presence. Thft boy also told police that he received 15 swat* with the paddle while he was being held. Mrs. Meredith said the boy was paddled by Leslie Prentiss Jr., a sixth grade teacher, while held by James Brogden, a fifth grade teacher. She added fiat tht boy was struggling and the teacher held him "so that his hands .would not be struck and injured during the paddling." Mrs. Meredith, who was present during the incident, said t paddle three-quarters of an inch thick and four, inches .wide, was used. . . ·· * Bicyclist Hurt Ramming Truck A M-year-old boy suffered a cut on his forehead yesterday evening when his bicycle crashed into « parked truck on Broadway near Rosemont Blvd. The youngster, Steve Beatty, 5458 E. 8th St., was treated at. Tucson Medical Center and released. Police said the truck, driven by Alvin L. Beckham, 5fi, of 2812 S. Alvernon Way, was itopped at the curb on Broadway. The boy apparently didn't realize the truck had parked and ran into it, officers said. Just completed 1 . BROADWAY VILLAGE APARTMENTS De luxe Furnished 1- and 2-Berlroom Suite* -- Each Individually Heated and Cooled by Refrigeration HEATED POOL Conveniently Located 1 block from bui ft ·hopping center 150 5. Eattbaurnt [4 d-0693 Jos/ touth of Broadway 1 blk. wtsf ef Country C/ufc R«iney attempted to cash filled his eyes. San Manuel 0 ^ , TT i i hteer Caught LJ nder ground \ e iu- ir-n j j In Second Miner Killed ^ , Koundup HOOD · SUMMER TIR j effect that clinic has had. He is interviewing male adults in each town, cataloguing their stories of symptoms and cures. In addition, Holland is collecting | herbs used in native medical prac- ' tice and sending them to the uni- | versity here for analysis. Holland has reported that the j ancient Tzotzil curing prayers, i SAN MANUEL--Francisco Vel- once addressed to tribal gods, | asquez, 37, underground miner have been reinterpreted for use | was fat.lly injured Thursday night, in the OM pueb]o ^ wftek ^ , when struck b y a piece o f ventila- . , , i y a ^ hsu s e r r£! -~ ««- TM ****«««; i U475-foot level of th^San Manuel; ^Sffi?!^.^ ^ StrCet ! Copper Corp. mine here. Formerly of Miami. Velasquez' SoaQl Tucso " Police S 8«- Dick : started working at the San M a n - j Wldma y e r Joined three horsemen | ' uel mine last July ' and a Pima Count V Animal Shel- He is sun-ived' by his wife, { t e r crew in corr »''nK *e animal, j Anita; nvo sons, Frank, 11, and! But n °t before it had excited ' SAL Want to know more about the biggesi tir* saving-; of t'hn sumtntr? Then hurry on down to your Hood Tire Deaier whert their annual Summer Sale on Hood Tires « now in progress. Prices «r« cut en every Hood Tire in fhs place. Thii fast-stopping beauty is loaded with safety fearur«i that give you real protection. And it'i made with Tyre* cord ... the same kind used in new car tires. "^"W WP^B^W^WT^T 19T£ (·£· 14* I. 21*, MA 2-2521--527 W. 2fHi, MA 3-04*4 Strife*, H» I, J*ffc ft MA 5-5*32 CA 7-*015 IA J-Slli -MA 2-tJIf "400 S.T. TUBELESS TYREX 7.50x14 8.00x14 8.50x14 6.70x15 7.10x15 7.60x15 BLACK NET PRICE ADD TAX 16.60 18.22 19.76 16.60 18.22 19.76 WHITE NET PRICE ADD TAX 19.91 21.87 23.91 19.91 21.87 23.71 IWf N. * W**, J7M N. Tit A**. Plw Tax aid ftteappable Th-« Shrewsbury S«rvit«, ·37 C*M Grwmi* Hffhwoy MA 2-t9l2 V«lmn*ki Wrvkt 4«S $t. M«rv'« *««* Ytfct $*w«, 103 W, 2W, St. ,, MA 3-1*27 ·*%'· S«r*k. r 332 W. Aj. __. MA j.*^ Atft*n« M*f*r», 1*0 W. F«nwrrvft*« .... MA 2-314T Af* MfftMw S*r**«, 37*1 S. Mission M.... MA 2-3i$A 7*01 N, Alfred, S: and two daughters, Anna Rosa. 12, and Sally, 5, who reside at 108 Douglas Ave., San residents along a I'^-mile route j through South Tucson and into the \ city. The steer was roped at S. Manuel. Park Ave. and E. Ajo Way and | The accident occurred at 8:45 i returned to its owner, the Vern j p.m. as he was driving an under-1 Busby Meat Co., 703 W. 33rd St. ; ground battery locomotive, a com-' T" 6 »nimal broke free about 10 parsy spoksf.rr.2T. said Tht ~s- · * m - and wa« ranturcri »n hour ferial was on a flat car ahead of !ater him. Last Saturday » Brahman calf _ _ _ _ escaped from a South Side stock- 1T J '*rd and after a 2-mile romp Hurt i through the city was captured near the university. By Automobile A Tucson woman received minor injuries yesterday afternoon when she was struck by a car at a downtown intersection. Mrs. Ruby J. Salmon, 2107 Al- His Feet Were Tired DERBY, England -- UPI -- Post- i man Brian Monk told the magistrate he hid 133 pieces of mail because "my feet were tired." bro St., was taken to St. Mary 1 * He was fined $5.60. Hospital and them transferred to i the base hospital at Davis-Mw- j than "where she was treated for abrasions and released. The victim was struck at the j interjection at Pennmgton St and | Scott Ave., poiice stid, by a ear driven by James 1. Rorex Jr., 23, of 903 Calle Antonio. BE SURE , , . BU « HAMMOND ORGAN A H Model* or FREE LESSONS in the CITIZEN- YMC A LEARN-TO-SWIM CAMPAIGN Fr«e beginners' classeJ will be held, June 13 to 17. The classes are open only to boys «nd girls, 9 through 14 years old, who cannot swim. All classes will be taught by qualified lifeguards in one of the Tucson YMCA's fine pools. " Classes at the Central "Y" will be open to boys only, and only girls will be instructed at the Lighthouse "Y," You must register on or before June 8 to take advantage of these free lessons. You must show up on June I I for assignment to your class. Here's how you register: 1-- Fill out registration blank below. 2-- Have one of your parents sign it. 3-Take it to the "Y" before June 8. BOYS MUST REGISTER at the Central YMCA, 516 N. 5th Ave. ,, ftiS r iR t SLM . UST REGISTER ·* *· Lighthouse YMCA, 3706 E. 5th St. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity. SIGN UP NOW! Not This James Fox James Pox, 4237 Oxford Dr., j wawts ft known he w not ftra i Jawes Fox ttsted ter *w*«wness rn th* Oftzen-t ""J-afcfce *ewr.oV CITIZEN-YMCA tEAIN-TO-SWIM CAMPAIGN --A t ......... AMress Schotl .. I hereby ,iv* «, y wh* c«m»*t fwiwi, t* take fr.« My thM ri m f*W h**Wt. YWCA

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