The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 23, 1978 · Page 4
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 4

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1978
Page 4
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•i-A £>!'• p:ii!u Saturday Morning. September 23. 1978 Jim Bishop: Reporter Goodbye To An Old Friend TERESA CHRISTENSEN AND Bryan Myers rehearse a segment in the adult comedy "You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running," which opened Friday at the Upper Deck Theater at Galveslon College. For reservations call 744-9661. The comedy will play for two weekends, with Sunday matinees until Oct. 1. (See a review of the play on Page 7 A. Stepping Lightly Tumbling Tumbles Mom By ANN BORDELON News Assistant Managing Editor 1 can see the story now: TEXAS CITY-Not-so- famous journalist Ann Bordelon died at a local hospital Tuesday after suffering an attack of hypertension during her 5- year-old daughter's tumbling lesson. An autopsy report indicated that cause of death was "severe maternal anxiety" brought on by watching her daughter's attempts to do a backward roll. An official of the tumbling school said Mrs. Bordelon was a novice parent-observer, having enrolled her child in the class only two weeks prior to her death. Other mothers near Mrs. Bordelon when she suffered her attack said they had noticed nothing unusual until they found her lying on the floor. "We did think it was unusual when she stopped fogging up the viewing window with her usual labored breathing," one mother commented. "I didn't actually see what happened," another mother reported. "I was loo busy watching my daughter doabackbend." County medical officials said it was the third death of this type this year. Other Joyce Balke Becomes Hitchcock City Secretary HITCHCOCK—A new cily secretary took over that position in Hitchcock last week, succeeding former City Secretary Rose Marie Theiler. Joyce Balke, 7510 Matranga Drive in Hitchcock, began her duties as city secretary Sept. 11. Balke is a former employee of a Hitchcock bank. Theiler said she requested the city commission to let her return to her former job as utility clerk with the city because she "liked that better." Theiler resigned as city secretary in June and now is training Balke. victims suffered attacks during a junior high school football scrimmage and a piano recital. ''If this trend proliferates, we may be faced with an epidemic," one medical expert said. He recommended that the county health department consider a screening program to identify mothers with overanxiety tendencies and a program of either restraint or treatment to help them with the problem before it could prove fatal. "We must learn to spot these women before they hurt themselves," he emphasized. "Only mothers who really don't care whether or not their children succeed, only those who have no concern for their children's self- concept or self-esteem, should be allpwed to expose themselves to this type'of punishment, "We may even have to put warning labels on the stadium seats and the viewing windows at dance and tumbling schools warning that watching your child learn may be hazardous to your health," he added. Emergency room personnel noted that Mrs. Bordelon's last words were, "Try to land on your feet, baby." ...And it was the kid's idea to take tumbling. DAYS I THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY ONLY I IN ADDITION TO OUR EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICES, WE ARE GIVING AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF ON ALL MEN'S DRESS SHOES & BOOTS. FILL OUT COUPON BELOW AND HAND TO SALESMAN AND SAY "I CAME FOR MY EXTRA DISCOUNT." ADDRESS PHONE OUR EVERYDAY PRICES ARE LOWEST IN TEXAS JUST A FEW OF OUR BRAND NAMES FOR MEN: WEYENBERG MASSAGIC W. L. DOUGLAS ALLEN EDMOND ROBLEE BRUCEJENNER JUST 3 DAYS DON'T MISS THIS BIG EVENT! OVER sale 250 Priced for this Ladies' BIG Handbag EVENT! HARD TO FIT? LAY " A SEE USi WAYS OPCN9-6 2211 CENTRAL PLAZA DOWNTOWN GALVESTON BANKAMFRICARO master charge | WHERE THE ACTION IS J SUBSCRIBE TOD A Y! 744-3611 On the 18th hole, Sidney Schulman dropped a long putt "You got something on your mind?" he said. "You've been quiet all day." I nodded. "I have to kill my dog tomorrow," I said. Sid seemed stunned. "You putting Charley Chan to sleep?" I didn't want to talk about it. Euphemisms do not help. The big black and gold shepherd would not be put to sleep. He would be killed at my request. Merciful murder. Nor did it ameliorate the crime by reminding myself that Charley Chan would be better off. Dogs, like people, age at varying speeds. Some last 15 or more years. Charley's daddy was over 14 when he crouched on a steel table as a needle moved into his paw. I held his head in my hands and fed him cookies and told him how much I loved him as the eyes filmed over and he relaxed. Rock of Shrewesbury was old when Charley Chan was brought into the house as a fluffy ball of fur. The older dog was the epitome of dignity and confidence. If a stranger approached our door, he stood frozen with one foot in front of the other. The lips drew back from inch and a half fangs and he uttered a basso profundo growl. If Kelly okayed the stranger, Rocky bowed his head low, wagged his long tail, and approached, sniffing trousers or the hem of a skirt. He allowed the new pup to chew on his whiskers, dig into his ears, and climb with impunity over his back. It was he who brought up Charley Chan. Schulman, a graying husky man, shook his head. "You wouln't catch OUie and me doing that to Schultzy." He's their little dog. They vie with each other for Schultzy's approval. When a thundershower occurs in the middle of the night.they help him up into bed with them. Weil-Behaved When our dogs are housebroken, they have a list of never-nevers in their heads. Never get up on the bed. Never get up on furniture. Never approach a candy dish on a table. Don't be afraid to bark a warning if you hear a stranger near the property. If we go out to dine, or the movies, hold everything until we get back. Charley Chan is ten and a half years old. The front half of him is healthful and youthful. His big brown eyes are bright with fun. Throw his yellow rubber cruller, and he will catch it in midair. Place it on his head like a halo, and he will hold an angelic pose. Kelly and I gave him a lot of love. He gave us more. We could have starved and beaten him half to death and he'd have crept to our sides to lick our hands. He was loyal to his toes. Tomorrow is the bad day. 1 am steeped with guilt, but I know it must be. The back half of him is crippled. The doctors call it degenerative myelopathy. The nerves in the bottom 20percent of his spine are dead. He gets up on his front feet happily. The rear legs refuse to work. Charley Chan tries to drag the back half into the kitchen for food. Kelly tells him to sit, she'll bring it to him. He prefers to pretend that nothing is wrong. He who has never soiled the house has lost control. When he sees what he has done, he hangs his head between his front paws. We pet him and murmur: "Okay, Charley Chan. It's okay." But it isn't. He does not whine in pain. Gallantly, he drags 95 pounds on his front legs for an outdoor romp. When he gets out, he collapses and breathes heavily. His glance is apologetic: "Give me a minute and I'll be all right." Memories Help All the minutes have run out for him. We try to think of funny things he did. When he heard thunder, the big brave police dog ran into Kelly's closet. He would get behind a rack of dresses. Only his black nose would show. I would say: "Ninety-five pounds of quivering jelly." He showed signs of weakness in the back legs four months ago. Kelly looked alarmed. She held her head up so the tears wouldn't show. "Let's get something straight," she whispered. "Charley Chan is never going to die." He is. She won't go with him. I'm elected. She will sit alone, wringing her hands and weeping. She will hear the happy yips of Dr. Robert Avedon's German shepherds next door, and she will wonder why humans repose so much affection in animals. When I return, I will go to the bedroom alone and curse and swear loudly never to look at another dog. In a couple of weeks, Kelly will hold a ball of fur in her lap and say: "What should we call him?" Beolls OLD TIME DAYS FASHION TOPS Save up to MO. 12 off on the latest fall styles. 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