Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 12
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P«g« A-I2-INDEPSNDENT LMK tuck. Caw, wi*. AMU «, IKJ Steak Chokes Bishop to Death ( SAf, 1 rnANCISCO OT--The death of the Most Rev. Joseph M. Gilmorc. Catholic bishop of Helena, Mont., was the re suit of choking on a piece of- 'steak, the coroner said Tuesday. Earlier the Monday nigh 1 d e a t h of the 69-year-old bishop at a dinner in the Fairmont Hotel had been attributed to a heart attack. "A piece of steak lodged in his throat causing asphyxiation." sale Coroner Henry \V. Turkcl. ADVENTURE ON THE WATERFRONT The Southland's newest and most elegant waterfront restaurant is located at the foot of Golden and Magnolia Avenue* in.the City of Long Beach. This "Jjenchanting restaurant with an intriguing atmosphere If .luxuriously furnished in decorlpf "The Days of Sail." Kirn .leathers and mahogany- rwlished trass and Rleamini; ships lanterns combine to make n delightful and relxxing atmosphere where dining is truly an adventure in good eating. The Sea Winds view deck dining room with a panoramic view'of the harbor and waterfront features fine foods from "Ports Around the World" as welt fts Choice Eastern Steaks ana-select seafood from "The Seven Seas." Dinners an. served nightly except Monday in the View Deck Dining Uoom Delightful lunches are served d.-iily Tuesday Ihru Friday featuring 'specialties from the Salad liar and unique Sandwich I.iinrhes. From Noon until : 1'.'M. on Sundays, lirunch I:. served with Sunday dinners being served from 1 I'. 51. In the Cocktail Lounge there Is nightly entertainment at the Impressive Piano Rtr which i« shaped like the bow of a gleaming Yacht. Each Tuesday night nt Seven SHIP SHOltK Fashions are shown by Klda Harry's Vogue Model* Truly a delightful and memorable evening of fine dining and friendliness a w a i t you nt f-'I.'A WINDS Corn-met' U.I.'WIMHH H1MM - · - - - FORECAST for "Daytime Wediwtdoy / ' . ' . , · · , figufti Show High Ttmpoolurci ta'pttled --Aiutiatcd r-rm wirrttato Mm RAIN IS EXPECTED Wednesday in extreme northern Pacific coast, the Mississippi valley and upper Lakes. Showers are due in southern Plains. Kain and snow arc forecast in northern Plains. COMPLETE WEATHER tana B*jch »nt Vicinity: CtowJ/ n'shl *M momin.1 hours tod*/ and Thyrv- diy. Becoming partly tunny in afternoons. Littlt th*fi3t In temper** MtvnUtW Art**: Mostly funny with vxn* high doudftttS tsdty and Thur»- di*. Uttlt temperature clianst. latrrw and Dncrt Kffivnt: Wntty lyrtrry wilt: *emt h'oh dowfnm today and ihyrwiav. Liltn lemwraturt thanse. Hen fcday 79 la to vixcr v*t.*vt. t3 to W tower va'Itvt. . . . .raid »«d WtattMf F*rtc«i| |Pf. Ctncwcin It Mdkm Btrdtf): L'ant v*fj*l:* wirvfji btcemrna w«it ts soutttwnt 1} t» 29 tno'i In ·tttmoont todxv ·'·J Thurify, f/attty dowC.' weaker tut parlly sunny ·rternoons. unit tt«w«r*tuft cft*net. SUN, MOON AND TIDES Svftrrtt: S:37 *.n. Svm«t: 4:15 pm. M»*nf|.«: S:J9 « m //ooo\»t; 4:ii om. Tkln: H 0*1- 5 1 tret ·! 1:43 »jn. »nd 5 7 fttt *t 3 pm. 1.9*. --0 J fc?t *t 2:24 ·». md --44 tost «t 2:51 pm. TUESDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS e*M*rn!» M. t. _ . Ltrty Beacn Airport . »J 5J Lot Austin «l 54 Avalon ·! 51 BOrifiHc) n 4i s; 2t 74 31 ~ I 4 54 Frtvw _ -... _ fJrwoort Bract) Pa 1 TM Sormai -- t*at Viiicy LI Cmtro M M 1 i i Aibuouerov* i s:,' mn ,;,ti-- -.-~si « * Boston " '» M : ?S^ : :"- : S % I rS'.'.r 1 ·-:--:::::'»' 2 I DM Woin« 41 ?» ! FiirbrfcV~'ZT."~l-I---- 43 39 K7.."" 1 *..---- -" " yysx"t,H " " Impnu . ---.-~--U » . San Francltco Mnta Baccara VtctorvllH H. L. 74 44 8 S 74 44 41 5J 8 8 « 55 Acnil Hit Natim I. Prc. _!?7 V, frt - '?'r p 'l i: r.}H ;: temtttrVur.) In ttt 41 *tJItcf-it 4 «t fJUrgucttf Ccunry Airport «nd Prllitgn. at i the EXTRA iMOXEY COMES IN " AST whcn y»« advertise « . « u n n p . Kryt.iiirnnt Irwafrii nt th* foot Ifurniturc for sale in Classi nf Coldon nnd Macnnlia A\o*|fied -- classification 73. Dial nurs oxcrlnnkint; Ihp \\atrr- u r · rni-.n «,» nlirr. vnnr id f i n n t in Lnni; IJcach. ' I I E 2-59 oU to place OUf au. HIT LATE THEY RE-GREW HAIR! Mr. N r \ v h u i i « r , (It-It). c-»" nlMint ·in inlnutrt of hit 11 in,- (or tin- llarlmv ln-4^ li:ilr anil M-al|i i-ori-.iilt:itl'in nnd rr* grew hU h:ilr. . Mr%. llatlrr. ( r l c l r l ) . -.hiiu-i her rrMlIN hy llarlmv SCALP SPECIALIST HERE TOMORROW WILL SHOW HOW TO SAVE HAIR AND PREVENT BALDNESS . April ~t. at tin- Hritrl in I^"is: I)r:irh. C.ilifiiini.-i. S I :i 1 f I)in-ctnr C. It. Klnm-is w i l l Kivc f r i o luir n(;J scii!!) p m. anit S:.''.'( p.m. to h.tir worried mi'n .nnil \v»riirii. H n r l o w Il.iir A- Snip ConMiltants, the olili~.t aii'l l.irKCSt orKani/aliim of its kind, mnkr \ i ^ i i s to Ifinx Ilr-irli. (.'nlifoini :\ IhroiiRhout the yoar to ;.·- sum you of MICCOM in ;·. miniminn iK'rio«l nf timo. I«ist year alone, over m- q u a r t e r million K.irlow liomc j-calp lic.-itmcnts U O I P u«ed. Sun'cyi amoni; men anil women in all ualk-i of life ^ll0^v that the worst c-nemi-s of your hair arc ( 1 1 iloiilit nnil !! delay. Many kild- inc jieople v,\\n nn» doiiu; nothing to help themselves an- justifyini; their condition w i t h thinkin? likr- tlm: "I ilon't think nnylxly ran stop hair lo^s"-- or "I'm coinc to M-c an r\[»'rt when I i;et nmnnil to it." Hliat't ^olvp your puiMem. You a r e pointf to keep iij:ht on lo-inir your hair until yon arc t iM . . . u n l e s s you K'-t \oiir sealp In « h c a l t l i y . h i i r - (;ro«-inR i-onilitinn acain. :ss «:.\si:s Kiisri.Ts .\i:i: sci AM.\/.IMi THAT \Ve i-onitantly leccin- l i t t i - i s o f p r a i s e and Knitittidir ftoni our client* \ v i n .i i know in 1I.HI' is thicker . . . I "-;i« savell f rum b a l d n e s s ! " or ··'rh.inks for Ketlini; my Inir Inek." or "I had al- mo-'t eoinpleti 1 |os of rny h.'ur l i c f i » r c rny trcat- mi-nts. and today I have re pa i n e d my original head of hair." or "My hair has not only improved in general condition. Init has ennui thicker." (Ask to sec actual letters fiom clients in your homitinvn.i If .Mm arc lolally li.ilil. tlirrn \\ nnlhlnc !l:trln\v ran do for you. llarlmv or no nthrr treatment knnun \\ of lrnrflt to rtrr««lvr lialr !"«» ilnn In main pattern halil- nnw, Xflthrr tif Ihei |muin« tliimn nlxiir tntfrri-il from rruilft paltrrn I i a l d n r x v Thrrrfiirr, Ilarlnir rnnllmir* ll» ixiller nf rrfn\lnir all hn|f^lr« rav*. lt.ihlne%« U ·Inir »nil, even In Ihn imt«t rmnmnn fnrmv Ttir Itvn tm»«t r t i n i n i f i r t *rt nerjl'-rt anil nili- enU Iriit Ilir luminr^l »rr »lirpllel«ni anil |irorrii«llnalliin. .' .m:\v.\iir: TIII:SI: · * HV.1IITOMS · * Once you notice iyniptorrn of executive ilrjncsj or dili- ncOr Itchy c.iln, rxrrsti\c ruttrbl the comtjincs. tender ·rc4Ccome in for »n rxam- in'auon bcfort 1 follicle shrink- ·EC ruins nil hopct for a healthy head nf hair. o;r. s.\Tisrn:» So selix-tive is the Harlovv sjalrm that the orRanuation i\ pmuil of its 'JT'i satisfaction nmoni; thoc ;vrson iiccepled. ritr.i: I;ON.SI'I.TATIOX 'nierc is ah*olu!ely no;e or oMicatlon of any kind for seeini: the llarlmv I«-cialist for ronMillntion. Your only olilii;ation is to yourself tn ran* your mind of hair Homes hy Icaniinn how easily and inexjx-n.siUy \ n - i ran sa\c nnd thicken our hair at home. You will !«· tnld f r a n k l y nnd sincerely w h e t h e r the Hallow Hw.c Treatment ean help. how Ions it will take, nnd the rot. (ir.\ii.\NTi:r.p nr.sri.Ts: Ilarlow's ycicntific treat- rrents arc so phenomenally effective t h a t we offer }0'i. iind t-very one of our clients. the opportunity to enj«iy more vihle hair, a healthier scalp. Von w i l l !«· civen a w r i t t e n Kiiarantee fnim the ln'Kinnins of our lieat- n.ents thion^li its roni|ile- tion on a pro-rated |M»I«. ritr.i: IA'AJIINATION AdrninSten-d in private . . . no ;ipi«iinlment nei-dcd. Ask the ij.-sk rlerk at the I.-.Iajcttc Hotel for (.'. I:. KluwerV morn numl»-r. on 'ITiuridiy, April !, lctwc-en 1 .() p.m. nnd H:."/) rxni. only l/mc Iteach, C.iliforni.r , You will not lie or rmharrnssed In any way. Cnnsultatlnns me fnee «nd Kivcn in private. Not a Relay Firemen Tuesday pave this account of a new twist In reporting fires: A young boy arrived at a service station and handed the attendant a note. It read, "Please call the fire d e p a r t m e n t immediately. My couch caught on fire. Thank you." It was signed, "Mrs. Donnelly. Apt. 4. 1875 Harbor Ave." Firemen said the blaze was out on arrival. Civic l-i-jlit Opera Asks County Subsidy A request by Long Beach Civic Light Opera for a $5,000 Crant of Los Angeles County funds is being studied hy the county's chief administrative officer for |x5;sible liudget consideration. 4 Legal Notice N O N . R E 1 S P O N S I O I L I T Y NOTICE: N"!!*"* l« liTfl'ir eifn by lh«* un'iVMiFnf il J»rk V. IVrry. ttilillne at H3I r r t r r f n n , I-or.c Iach. Call- f n r t i t a . ti.At »M«T th^ dit* (.( Apt!' I..r ir-y (I'M*, liit.illtifs. fr oMlci* t l t . n i itirurrM liy in)* p^rnoni othrr dtctifi'f JACK v. rrnnv r...». Arr -. s. . ifr3 :tt I.H.I. 7*ON.RtSPONilOILITY NOTICE N..UI* f I.Tet.y Eif«-n t-y th iiiKlTricnfil 4'l3fn N. lliucrn. rr'Hinc it U.S A. Hrftur. f / o F l f f l P.O., F*n Kr»nei.«co. California. th»f »HT tt.«- ititn t Arm 2. IMS, i.« w i l l iv t )··· rr.«p«nflM) for any il'-t.tfl. liaKititif.*. rr ^Mirations ln- r«rr*-il ly any i«r.«n* 'th*r than ' ivit^i Mirrh 31. 1?%2 |jlsi"-'l CLAYTON .V. HAtlGKN llih. Apr. 2. .1. 1. 1%2 C;» L.H.I N O N - n C S P O N S I D t L I T Y NOTICE Nntlr* Is lirtrtiy r U t n ty tin Inc at ."47 N. Mar VUt» A»e. \Vitniinctnn. California, that *t(T tl.c .Ul- .f Apr 1 3, 13C: he vlll no r t- r--Ti-Tif!t I- for any (ItM*. llaMl I t l ' *. t-r .Llls»tIon« Incurrr*! li any r*rj«on« t.tliT than hlmx-If. / u t r . t Ami 2. i«. f r i r n H i JOSKIM! UOnKIlSOX PiiK Apr. 3, 4. 5. 1X2 (:;t»--L.II.I. How to Stop Stomach Gas After Meals! Whrn ca« L I o » t « your ovrr-arir! itomnfh «flT ralinr. it frrlt (torn I tn l-urj! Hut *hy w a i t for nature to iti rntirv? /Tur /Turn \aurttll w i t h rr'i T«M*U q u k k l y I'funilrtV riund rrlirvc I tint K«»ine»s. tnp more (mm form* J : l I'fumlrr's / ra« inc! l i o n i n your ulnmarh » mot ft* f i t titty arid., tmothrrt turn- intt aci'l painl l!i| tilts Itlld htit| .Startt to rrhtvo In |ittilt| yrttttt*) that irvliatrition., inatt mil K4 lias! ).-jirtturn tour- * ' rH-tt almmt iftitantfy. CnuLt lining nf a.tnm*ch for ttfAfinui/ij.f frotra- tion. T*lrn At ilirrtttl. "ou ran r*1 dearly without ·wful fai»y an.) pain*. Atlrr nfalt. fust burr ' -- - Tall«t» at All dnif ttorrs. Soviet Demands Atheists' Rights UNITED N A T IONS. N.Y. iPi--The Soviet Union Tuesday demanded that a U.N. document calling for Ku antee of religious rights should also protect atheists. The demand came in the LF.N. Commission of Human! Rights, which is drafting a set of recommendations to governments to govern prin- :iples of freedom and non discrimination in the matter of religious rights and practices. ll.-.irel Justice Silsn W A S H I N G T O N UP) -Charles E. Whittaker retired Supreme Court justice, took a new look Tuesday at the high s Spectator tribunal In action. Whittaker. who retired Sunday, returned to the court's public chamber and sat In a front teat for i spectator's view of an argument session. His eight former colleagues heard arguments on the constitutionality of saying of prayer In public schools. SOMEONE IS WAITINn for the chance to buy your business. SaiMtallc'them with a Classified "Business Opportunity" ad now. Phone HE 2-5959. FEDERAL SAYINGS F I R S T and P I N E EARNINGS PAID A Certificate of Insurance protecting your savings against loss by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Is printed on the inside cover of our passbooks. It explains how each savings account is insured. The United States Government has made positive that your savings are safe. Ctroiet It* Smict Hjrt ol AmtriciiiAM^ti. l The man who won't get off our back. He's called a Flight Dispatcher. His job: to ride herd on all American Airlines planes Hying out of or Into his area. First, it's his responsibility to get each flight off on time. Which means having the airplano and crew all ready to go. Simple? Not always. Uncontrollable (actors (like weather In another area) can delay or even cancel Incoming (lights. Result: he mustcoordinateconncctingschcdules with his own timetable to mako sure ho has a plane whcn he needs It. The next step: ho checks with tho Tower on airport conditions and traffic control. He talks to the meteorologist about the weather outlook. He goes over fuel requirements and passenger and cargo loads with the Captain. Then he and the Captain develop the Flight Plan. It must meet American Airlines regulations on (light conditions, (uel, routing and alternate airports. Whcn tho Flight Plan Is O.K. on every count, the (light can take oil. But he still won't let go. The Dispatcher follows the (light to Its destination. He keeps In constant touch with the Captain by radio, lining him in with any Information thatwillmakethcdightsafeand comfortable. Flight Dispatchers are persistent men. Even after a flight lands, a Dispatcher will debrief the crew and silt out any (acts that may Improve service to our passengers. Next time you (ly with American, remember the man who won't get off our back. See your travel agent or call American at NE 8-0444. AMERICAN.

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