The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 1
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Tide Scheijult Mondays-High Bone. Tuesday—High S:11 a.m. and 7:27 p.m.—tow 12:lfl a.m. and <:05 p.m. 1 t RT ThtVoici 0 / <m IndttMrioI Empir«-Brar<wport and Sraiorw County CIS Weather Forecast Partly cloudy and con liny ' warm through Tuesday with fpiv showers. T, ow tonij. : around 78 and high Tuesday around 90. 1957 PRICE" 5 CENTS . '- , : ——• — •--' -• • *- • .^ *• J«.vjLwzi» kJ V/J BP'Area-Wide Sale Starts Something new and big will get its first tryouf. in the Brarosport Business world on Tuesday and Wednesday. / It's an area-wide, two-da*'Shopping ven- lure — the largest ever attempted in Brazos- port and the fjrsi time it has,been done an * roorrtinaled effort of all Brazosport merchant*, from Luke Jack«on -to Frecpor:. During these two days, 'the merchants who are participating will have an array of bargains and merchandise that will outdo any previous special .ihoppin* period, even the Christmas season. ArH if the public responds, to it a< its sponsor _ u,c Merchants Committee of th. Brazosport Chamber of Commerce ._ is convinced that it win, the local merchants will try it af>ain periodically. H has to do with the B. P. B. you've been seeing in The Facts for th* ps«t week. This B. B. B. means Brazosport Better Buys, and is a brainchild of. the Merchants Committee. Merchants participating in th* Tlraros- port Better Buys have those three words' 1 in their advertisements, and also on banners they will have in their store fronts Tuesday and Wednesday. According to T. C. Selman. who heads this activity of the Chamber of Commerce, the promotion has » number of objectives. first, the merchants would lik* to have the public discover that their stores arc open arirf dn business every weekday, not just on weekends: and that bargains ran be « attractive in the early part of the week as on weekends. Another point is a demonstration that Brazosport can get together to form one large business district, with one shopping unit complementing the other. This would fupport the Chamber's contention that the Brazosport business district is bigger and better than cither the Frccport or Lake Jackson business centers. Also, it is felt that there are a great many new people in the area who are not Sc- quainted with the stores and services offered in (heir own communities. So Brazosport Belter Buys , vi |l 8l , o «rve as an incentive for an area-wide get- acquainted session. . Participating merchants have sgrewi that their special bargains will not only b* attiartive in price, but will be their 'regularly featured merchandise. The Brazncpon Better Buys will b« held during rrjular store hours. -LATE BULLETINS. , hat BIRM,NC;HAM, *,„,,„«, _ ri ,,,, „, h o, , 1.000 employes of the Cadburv Brother, rhm-oU,, factory were sent home-,ecause th* chocolate wouldn't harden. Lawyer Soys: Fair Trial Is Impossible HtlNING Unit.d PMH Slili Correspondent TOKYO an _ Raymond N. Bu.'hcll,' first American lawyer ever admitted to the Japan Bar A.«sn., believes that U. S. Army specialist William S. dii.Td "cannot possibly get a fair trail in » Japanese court.' Bum-ielf! who has hud * highly . successful ; laW practice 1 In I lornfy Tokyo for the past right yearn,jtendant Sunday called Japanese j u ,j| re j Japanese judge id said "they're back! 1 "' 8 luiHy. is sift-used of killing a Japan***, rath*r than In risk the woman i.n the Camp Weir fir- victloti of on* innortnt injf range «'hll* she wns pick-: 1 " 1 said, in? up scrap metal, hirard was' Bushell gnid hr h»« '• on guard duty at the tim*. M»p»n«# lawyers by Follow Th« Leader (thrrn that no American ' BuMiell said he had not beeni^"' 1 ' »dmit his guilt legally briefed' on the Girarc:' "" fa** but *< * "pract-iiral; Nuptial I3r'' it is ha^ic in Japanese] law that if th* prwoc'ilmir at.' MILWAUKEE — LONDON -i Western porTrn* R,,s,i, , o , l3v how much Ut.tude observers in the .Sn,V« ,,, nuM have »nder the R,i, B ip, an for suspension or n:iC | Mr ,„„ ROGHUnr. Italy - A federal po!i ( , ro Norcra and srhoo , teacher Kran o, rr( , Army Rules Quiet Haiti Alma Barnett Rites Monday for Mrs. •• ho By JAMES CUNNINGHAM [,'mfprf Prefx Staff Corrpsnotidprf ^^^^rJ-.^'^.-irsr. »r^^^K^™»-™ s ; Pirt-au-P thp clash ws< climated 'at'hc- fvren 5Pn ami I.nun. Brie. Gen. Anfonm Kebrppu. provision; I Pivei - aent Daniel Fisnolp frioa- appeareri m b* intent i," nrKjtion In !•" military junta regime quickly ' i Ice. Ujlift!!* court-th* dj-jwHdinz plan* of O-irge M*,' t ItO(iiiIty th«r,g> -''.'snard,,^. and .}>of(»tiK ( ' ' ' '» cori'-incedj". hn a'vhen thfir "a joke" and said "they're back!"«••« luiUy. , ' : ra*n thowwt- «ip in th* rijh! ymi want to"c$rfa*r~ M~C£« In the 19ih Cnnttiry when! "They don't *ven compre- bul!din * b»t I* trw vronsr.a light *eotenc" Charles Dickens castigated th. hend the .re.soning of Amm^i"*" 1 ": ' A'group of American Ian- TaL».,__ f English judicial system forican law which, a« » mitt«r of'._ Jlld »« .Th«ddeu» Pruf P-r- v*r< hftd<-d by Rail J. Carroll **'*iyP§ vOWSC th?ir inhuman methods." public policy, would suffer 'he wrmony Oirard. 21. of Ol'awa. Ill,, see 10 guilty person* *> (r^'chambera ift the .jeivil Bell Giesecke Rites Sunday Bell Gie»ecke, 71, of Angle ton died «t his home at 7 a.m., cou 't&!k«ep !had the b«t man,'Ernest Hi I- |o*rt. retrieved frmn thr > .room — a cell »rbere he was .being held for parole violation. Rev. J. W. Milli, pallor of th* -~- * First Methodist Church of Saturday. He wa.« born in what Angleton officiating. Interment; wai known as Old r-h.mhi. I wl - a '".'"' An «'f ton Cemetery. Tex., on August owned a dry goods i •*ngieion 101 man.\ ^ *.... v . .,.. -1 n. nv; ul o«v*«insiiiw, mmurniii; ; •' i Vore retiring some six years; one granddaughter, Miss Mary "•""***• >Ko. Mean Giesecke of Sacramento; But h* slid his devotion to Funeral service* were held on* brother. Netl Giesecke Sr. 1 ' 1 "*'!"* ''*• not bfen>- «t 4 p.m. Sunday, at the Angle- of Angleton; one niece and »ev- Vned. Miller <s vice president ton Funeral Home Char-I. with eral nephews, of the Mtdw«U Steamship Co. Devotion TJiidMnpenedi,..*7.nd CHICAGO — Wl — John E '••—•—' 16. 1885. He|Mr,.M,ry K.Oie.ieckeof An,:;?^^^*^"^ 'J' ods store inlleton; one son. Kennedr Ql«- „?!•.„ „* C *, p * > J* dl , ",,. ! y years, be- j«ke of Sacramento, California; :™" ld 2i^' P ? ** ' M ' Ch ' « i . - I "*" "i ine j Columbia, survivors ¥ """"!, lawvrrs ther IM Mlmx ttarifri «hon-in? of jgrnm's movie Th * -* Mofl "' 'he casualties of n :,.brrak v. e;f film Tlnirsday. • -hi) rerror of the summer projrsm - ': Brva'i. arnotmrrd H mro Goo< T t «ho'.vn Frida\ Thes „„ p ' lrti ' an " r -^r candidate m the d-f-r.-d r ff.htina t,> =TM",! of * >pe operation course June Sou.h into; "marls m ,ii.hrd mlo th* •IMS of I., Salinr. B-bir. Portail St. J OS (,f, raki0f jn- The 1,-mpn of xinlcnc* •re.urd at daw,-,, Pven 8S (ilr b^Hs rann to smnmoV n Caiholic faithful to "• Tr.icks i-arr-in« by the do*en to Pnrt- '''^ r ' s !»')»-.. rumbled Sundav noon, thp orjirf. n . nly thai Gt«ird would b!- 1Ilittin « »nd receiving »ets m nr deprived of hit rmwtitt 1..—-- rigfcU ai sn American were h.indj<j over to a nese court. i:MOiial.- eombin »' io n w 'th teletvpewnt- on • if he e equipment. , "*( Oriffli, ... ,. _ . P-" 1 Japi- in .?- r u i .'."'' y. n . »' Mr«. r. A the ran h»« «cheduled fi| ;n « thfir .summer card for 2:t" 3 Crashes In County Daniel Thomas Dies Saturday Bassham, Clute. entered the Army in December tpsg , n d rece.ved ba..jc combat training Slin Data at Part Lewis. Wash Tlie IB-year-old snldier is a Sets today at IS'ifi craduate of Live Oak Un- Rises Tuesday ion Hi»h School.^ Se7< Tuesdav ; Almost A Bachelor \RC.\DlA. i'i'i' •• Kii'anur! W- sy 7^ H W€ .,; thr i)!-o\-inres. miikin? it h,. , , . bl» to olilam first-hand rr ,;•; r>n coridtlmns outside th, ,. : „. ital Wo lai ge -«<ali« vinlencr '••«« reported. nronlirmecf reports 'iia' 'minirjn troops are ma.-sin •ns thp border l»socta ( i' tror.ii-.-. | isiand in prepari- - an m\M Lone Accident Is Reported in BP Cities torning in V:24 Pm at ,1:21 a in. t 7.24 p.m. He '> i Wen 'rst ". i r A' Ann.* The;, ^ed unl- n.'firially l,\?t 12 a . u ) jo a BP Optimist Elect Turner iK'K IIO\\'rested . hut 1' re- Highways 288, 35, and J3J old lane.,. ney was treated for a lacerated ad.iec' several new names over, He | 05t ( . ontrol of the car hand, then released. the weekend to the growing u . . . . . Younc travetinf ea^t nn l,,t of those injured ,„%«,„,; : which tuniwl over. «u«,ni him HJ J~"«; j'/.'^wnSd Sid" traffic i-r«Jhe» this >ear. to receive a mangled left arm. nej ., who WM neaded wesl . On Highway 288. aboui B:30 : He was taken to Dow Hospital, i Young was charged with driv- pni Saturday, David H. Stlnd- then transferred to John Scaly ing on the wrong side of the id i (if C'lute. 43. was headed ' Hospital in Galvecton. noun at a high ra'e of speed," i Texas Highway Patrolmen R. a ( r o i d i n g to investigators, E. Grlmmett and Gilbert Kiel \\II.T. he ran out o' highway • filed speeding charges against ceived a cracked rib in a crash |>,,r- Itr.n. vStindifer in Justice George'at the intersection of farm lie hsd ninip up on the end'Brock's court. ! Road S23 and Highway 332 of the t MI new lane.i nf the The two a bo inva»tigated a: Sunday mbuut 8:30 p.m. His lugnwai, and was going too crash on Highway 35 about I wife, 'a passenger, was onl.i (an i<> in.-,ki- the turn into tne five units west of Angleton, at 'shaken up. about 11:25 pm. ; Only bruises were received It involved c*r» driven by by the family « ho cuiupied the Eugene Young, 41. of Wood- car Bass collided wilh. Tney bridge, Calif., and by Lcroy were Mr. and Mr*. K. C. Uatn- Sidney, 25. of Angleton. c-iwood and >on from Houston, Young received severe nils Bass was reluming to Frce- FunerrJ services were $:'hed- 'ilcd for 2 p m todav for Daniel Edear Thomas, retired Do« i,.. _ T "•nplovee who for 13 years had '• lurner \v» k electeu lei-ern riinrict com cniuni iiei.i lived in the Freeport ^rea. iP rc sident of the Biainspart" < "' e Shamrock Hotel in He died Saturday, June 15. Optimist Club at ineir Ust • t " ust; " 1 . Manning jiaid tliel !he after a short illncsij, at the meehnx. Braiosport Optimistic duo iv- age of 69. n. ,.11 . leucd srvcial ouutamnn^ ret--'• £~CI^ SS-^« S S-r-arsSH!. under the dnertion of the rr^-^Te.^ ?£^^Z^T^^ ^'o ^ Haiuld Ammon, ar , rt Bil|..lohn Malloy of Freepon's .Ir.' to the Optimist Club, it-pre-enird tne Philadelphia. Pa oratoriral i-i ntt-si.: 18 ihruugr. June The ',-,fl -I arm,-I T,) i-f iv.ili'h hi trouble slarlci! at Around Brazosport road in Justice R. F. court. Stale Repr. Sam Bass Jr Funeral Home. Survnors are his wife. Eda Plumme,- we ,e elected P-arl. one „,.„ Doyle E. T!,o- i)O , ld o , direcla *, mas r,f Bayiown: ,, ni - dau^h. r,! Cfi -,bci> heard^ :.-r. M,s Huih Wil.o,, Waldrom , rom Mslvin of New Orleans; three broth-; frf, H. A. (it Fiveporl. R. K.| of On.ird. ar.d Ssm S. nf Su_: Pennmston, Rn-h^rd-. ,!onn- »n, HerU \Vatt» and Tinner. Sdin Bass. r,,-n,- ber .ind sti;B rt-pre't i.tair, e. ?8\e Ine piOiiijin ar,. rn-,. nt- i-<l a tali on the activ i'i*> that >tr«ei lock place during tt, e U s! ^,. No Am.ricani Hurl -•ion of th« Legisi.iuie AI ii-ast t,ne lo.iriM T lie club u i'l •.fi heard a Manni:i< Ulub ii\ the report CHheis attending the riislru; ut'ni-Kl«-i T on the .(invention were Dr. Kennr-th' 311^ noti-1 be repu'-eni^i was stoned by the- n ol;« bu- Jt me N,uion*l CO'Ui-nii, n in; none cf the handful nf Am-rr frum .lt.r,ejc.r« \iMiing Port-au-Piinte i;r, June 23 h.- i»: v.-i-| ,-,.•>. r.Hiirrl. irner and Ri, n- MH AND MHS. KHAM1U JH. "t I'l reoenl \L--itijrs at 1'il in Clcrmont. Fla , en Key West. Thr KHAMK1S plan a Iwo wct'k KloriOJ vi.-it . SANOHA flUAHAM u( l.ul.e Jaclisciii and MAHV A ('INKS I PHESTON of Ki-tepmi jh>ng v.'itrt t\vo ^ii'li ifuni I'tilldilfl pl.Iit, Were :»lht'*tU It'll lu lt'i»\»? -ar.-ille. C.ilif.: three si-tcrs.! Mis. Elite MrPhei-«on and Mrs. --- ..— .-. Kiiiiua F'lclrlier. bnth of Gnne-; and bruises and an injuredipoj't from Gahestun 011 Farm ''». and Mrs. Ollie Corgey. n(, arm. He was treated at Angle- Road $23 when he rsn broad- Corpus Christi; jeven grand- side into the Lealherwuod car, children and four great grand- which wes headed «c*t. chiriren. GKORGE lon Hospital, spent the night me \\ere lhere ' 8n<1 wa » releiued. Sidus Tuwer ' ~ " to Aaf/ier f han Testify .... Scientist Takes Life will vifit C-EC'UJA AI1KNA and her lainilv there. CECIUA aubpcn- ,,„„ her i,,orl«r were v.ri.or. »,„,« I,nil le US l*,l*,nt,..r and, ";. GROV8 - . c * ur - lliant tcientist under 10 appeur betpre a ,, American AcUv,U M : has been • "m-[ AND WILLIAM FLOY and <n all (if Tyler, viiittd «. end MHS. slops in Bra/.touoil ami Phila- iil'/^ule,' ,'ilan teAify." "*" Ih/comiiThteT'said" delphia. lire girls will motor Pc puty f.noner rhrigtoulier iu» ducuss details of back suicide about July M) „,,, Jr ^ ,,tter ptrjorming Uul he confirmed that Shcr- '3erlr«ni Bribes, said Slterwood M)t. AM) Rllth IUMM\ all a , llonsv lt ,ai the wttoMft, wood had i>««a »ubp*n»cd. Heibecame upset aitev learning »n.v (iuclo«uie ui the r«ws-|two d»ys agu that ih« "I will hu in tv\o days a.^sai- sinated by publicity ... I uouid lose to .-pcnil tlie IICKI lew years-jn liiboratoriea aud el for I would hate to spend them in could jail." A friend, Oakland attorney ctise, luirn. r the M ii£>. • . - , lum lakillg l)01ion early SuiJ- on* *qr th. subjKna would h*vc i - '' ? to come alter _.. to;monitor* arrive later today. ~ mid day. Sheruoo v\ as lound _. r ,_^ . JIMMY HU1.SER . . . Under- ,| le Hopkins Marine Labor*te»yj T»v.*n»«r sijini Kri-d I.sih.n-.'i pl.ui.-i to by bis wile, FUrrum, just a/t*r idwlh wkl ' have a nuniiiUu't: uau\ tor kid- midiught. He succumbed |n ! Before dy cnuj'tdiruncnt di the annual hour later n Mootcrc.i Hos- tory, Sherwood Dow Engineering Dept. barbe- piul. »aying: cue !«(•! Saturday went slightly Sherwood, a Stanford Un^- "My lite Had wrong and the Irian w;i> li-lt «t voj-«ity rc&earch »eienti>'. vaj «r« tioiv thr»aterud fast, n^t Lik« Jackson.,Kt>«4ui»d to app**r betas*, the Houw '"— his l«(t a letter UM . i»c httnuiji; v. uuld be televised. ,,1 h»M- « fieicc ii-scnlment oi being icleVised." ho said in his letter 19 * col lea jut, Wit. Sherwood said lit «allied, eui, ot tbeir home tayiug 'T going to kill aiywlf.'-' Stxe !''! not believe him. ;iiw»vi>r.. v,hen he old ifot -c .um, ' she boctime alarmed to th* Uburatorj-. t Rra7.o.«port rity strerts were preparg. nearly acrident-frec over the invasion of Haiti I past weekend, .is only one mi- I hv Loirijiican • nor mishap, that Porfirio Pa<or<i. 'Fn.'eport. Tin; Freeport wreck came at 12:58 pm. Sunday and involv- • d John Nelson and Mrs. Lois .loiie-K. both of Freeport. Thr accident took p! ac e on Second street nc;ir thp intersection u'lth Magnolia Street. No iniuries ' resulted and (iainaite \vas around JI50, according to Freeport officers. Nelson uas is.-ued a ticket for .-e-.-eo here. ifo\iii? hands nf following ton close. Fu-noii-is, defying curfev.- i--g- Frceport Police D.-pau.nent u..itioiii, -me.v-j 01.1 nl t,IP had issued a stale-wide look- -lim« 1^> ir( fjie to iiuilrlin?.? out for a boat and trailer which «rn leave huge rocks into me were stolen from the home of W. E. Di-vij late last week. Roth the bost nud trailer w.-re painted blac-k «nrl local rtiid county officers sie .searching favorite boating and fishing spots m this enmity. Lake .lacksnn anri Chile pr>- iitc units repotted no arcio>nu insine their city limits over ihe weekend. d (,/ 1 \(?-v .- UIK.II York arniy was ituu Before d^'.\n. son James Milner •s Graduate Pvi. James M. Miin of Mr. and Mr-. James D. Milner. 1708 W. Ninih. Frceporl, «as graduated June l\ from the liiu'-nian c-uiuj.e at the Arni.v s .Soulhea.-tcrn Signal -il-hool. r'oit GDI don. Ga. The eigiu-ueek i-«;jr.-e train • •i1 Alilner u> mn.sinict and iMdinuin b,,ia ,,pi-n and lead coveieci fieln communication '^iies drui Crtnle.^. He aiu-ndeci Yoakum .School. High KESl'LTS COUNT and it's results jou ran get, tou. if ,\uu fa^t-acting, »>w (.'o»t Biazospon Facts Warn Ads to help \ou >*hen .'on Artut to SELL, KENT. FIND, HIRE. TRADE OR BUY. ec v, ays THIS CAH-BOSNE Wlplan. iuitUs* h»4 «„ r,.id. tt l, wo-id.rinj »» fif.J «l«.e. )u.« wh.t th.y WM. ».«i na . »u| G.or 9 . N, Htuu, c« Oul. h.dn't InvinUa . wmbinaHon car- -'<-,. .b-.i, , m.irfct. ol th. local CAP, hi, P l u . ' B !?'!T * nd1i '"' IU " Ui * 1 luhb "- mouBto * - to <=» J " "»• UiF. "M «o«Slu bom Montana t., th. da»- agtd bodj oi bit BtiUnca. tlire Ad: PHONE 3-tJll or l-Mll VISIT th» Want Ad de 5 k ih« new Brazosport Building, 311 East Park. MAIL your Want Ad »» Bra/.oiport Jacu, Box 1051, Freeport .

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